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Washington, Feb 2n. When Post -
Inaster tur.eso(n annolunced sotile tione
ago that in fiuture he w\iill appoint
as fourtih-hla..ss postliaster t he an(tdi
date niaking the highest gri'nle in ex
mi nlatio n, r'e ardliess o, It p il' , 11th
country apptlauded It .iow dselmtops
that this wIas ibut another hlittle fietion
intendedI for generiail ioinailiption, btil
not as a rule of practice in the Ipostmif
fiee department. Under lthe tresent
adminillistration thlie namels f the three
candidates making tlie highest gralle
have been certified from tihe civil serv
ice commllnissionl. lanti from theise thr'e"
the fourlth-cltss iostsmaster ihas been
selected, but the fortunate ione has tbeen
a de(mocrat. Recent dlevelo.lenlts
lnake it certain that this lr-aclti,'t i:
still being follotwedt, the recent oin
noutncemetnt by the ptostlinsterc gentieti:
to the contrary not. witl tillillng
A Wyoriming aplpointment just ain
nounced proves c'incl'siv\lt that hi-\\ti
it is tnecessar'y in step imter two re
puhlticln.s to reach a dtlemocrat fior pist- I
imaster, Mr. Hurleltson hais no htesitnoly
in doing it. In an examination for the
office of Met'oteetse, Wyo., Mrs. tow
man mt d Ie a grade of i,. Mr. Schaubl
93 and Ir". Price t0. Tl'hose t1Ittking the
twoi highest gradeiis are republininlils, lit
ihr. Price is al ditloilcntrt and has re
ceived the appointment. 1Vhen the
citizens of Mlectectse learnid of the
gradeils made byi the candidates, and
Ibefore lithe appointmenilllllllt \\las made, e
lie\'ing that 3IMr. tlownitn nighlt ih
rejected htcau.ise she wans the wife .f
the former pesttiinlaster. amtd in fear that
Price niight ,he chosen, a\iried the lipst
nitaster general mtt ind itare tntit it
'tchah,. sigtned by tl:tity promintent
idemocraits and per cent of the pa- tt
rIons of the office.
Yet Mr. Pric'e. who tas third in the
race. gets thie lace in spile if tlhe
pOStllasterl general's l' l llt ;t1111ntt111'e
Inent., b icaullc lie t\.is tlh- only dllelml
erat to quali f. IIf nut1 I't° iuSP lthe dt Illlt
cratic hiss of that prtirulilar lo.alily
ordered it st.
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Qualey. 'If he lest 'ires nmt I'I lit nre'
hack," rjplied Bint ,n. "I ha:ve never
made a pnlitisal innve in Mtexico andtl
if be accuses tIe of it havle soime ac'
cusations of my o\vn to iitike."
Benton made tihe request altn his
friends never san I o alilv afti(rw iri.
According to the story Mrs. lHentton
gathjered from c'onsul EIwanrditt 'illaI
declined to grant the Ip r tilt, s:illng
"'Mr. Bentoin. . yoltl hte ti er Ion at
friend of ours ;an I d,lot .\nt11 Ihove
cattle takenil ott i t I te c li n t ('11111 . WV'
'an u 0e thlelli Onlrettv ,.
The Quarrel.
quairrel s;tarted( . , llte' i \i l s Ino ill
s-cord with the ll: d ro re'.olution.
tihi(ch expelled P rll l'irio l Inii z rIlitIl -
!i cxiv,, ;111 i n the h lretign 'lutah t
S'hilh ni b.ug w ans \w,,1t to .xpri .s his
opinin fr'. cly r e''e l iei ro\ lu
tions I ere l l'so criticized by hi ll l to
his frit.nis, hut 11 t ltttier agl'r 'i' d that I
hi' nIe r wI ent fIlrther. 'it'hey alstIr1d
uII tln i tl y iit t heil kep 11(ilt 'if I ili
ties a.11w1l ' 1 ep11111 , hi IIloses withoutl
all) ivert tl tI it le lll 'tel re'prisai l.
o.le nlo I w ,tas itnar eld. The nI I; ni
persons i.f11 kn. hi l v~ i l in i iht
1h1ila I ll'i ill tiltng lt'Ii t I- t l r i I th'l -
i1lg I s 'ni sin tt lt I li I It ow, - 'iirt I I
nOver , 'ani d ; t .\la eI" ,, did I'11.'
hiav o th ills I t i ll t t ltIr n h , N lt to[
.Jlulrez. \'Y i;t iII \\' ,'lrdcn td night,
th lking to ;I reporter' 1tcl'td tlh:at ht
had I. IItoti' six-slo -te.l
"\W at it ., to ll think ,f ;it 11i u I I \i
exclaitnid the r.be! general. .A Mexi
can hvstlurdr replhd: "lie ought It
he shot."
This \i-ns _I hot:u s after the extl
tion or murder ]ltri taken phice.
Vil: (Il' no,0t ,ell the Amlerican on
Ill I a ] ]lnt t a," l Wa;is eni Irtin arti,i h lt,
hili olli, ' ll .]I!,,r,"Z \\.!s ver " hels) In
dah 1iti . h assertions t; tint 'fft' , .
Natil e of th,ose V,11(, ai t s - i t t
w ere , l en . t ,11t f'r 1, lulbl~ iti. ;hll l it
1 .s ltated ) t iii 11 lw . ett, n that Ih it
10n's a.lt rei intSt \X thi t h I- ],rolo -
,rty he turned oi,, t, hi- 'ih.,o'.
Edwtards l.st li-hhlt askel for lho
flver, `It the I leollst Iu io l'ýI" (It'
"'Then, ;,s :a fatvor , ti() a;,,: , 1 toIIix.
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widow, will yOil have the grave
marked?" asked the consul.
This Villa promised. As far as
Americans know. however, the grave
is unmarked.
A Real Courtmartial.
Benton, it is said, was tried on a
charge of "conspiracy against the
rebel governmennt lnd with provoking
and insulting ugeneral Villa." ' Major
Jesus Rodriguez presided; Adrien
Aguirre HBna rides :acted as legal ad- 1
viser to the court and Major Manuel r
Gloria as prosecutlor. B.enton is be- t
lieved to have been held incomrmutni
n'ado lthe while, and it is admitted e
there was none to represent him.
That there was a real courtmartial,
notbody on this side of the river pre- t
lends to believe. The action wa\\s too I
suttniary, piartietultirly its cont'rastml
with the atse of I;ustanve .at:ch, a ,
tGcrmian-Anerican. actsetd of i cinlg i
spy According to the rebels. the case 1
of the ilt ihscilre an i has been ott I
trial for four days. and it was said I
10d;@ th t not decision had bteen
rea 'h ell.
V ll 's smI IIm a ry " i i('a t il i g:a! "tt . B el t i
tonl citmes on11 the heels of .'t'oret
iltel\rview between lthe former anld
S;eneral Scott of the international
lidg't hl-re lst Sattlurday. t;eneral
Sc"t'll. ;t \isek or iimore before, had sent
Villa 1 copy of tile rules governing
civilized w\\arfare tand vwhile the con
filrence last Saturllday concerned the
cstahlishltent of a neutral .t,h. ait
T,,rritn, the American genter it took
Ilccsion ito renew his aidvice I at
Villa ,,hserve the rules of \\tiar id 1
Itreit all prisoners fairly.
Villa accepted tihe caution in :ip9
arintl good lparl. tie pointel as evi
Ilitlce of good faitl to his receipt
galtlranteeing the safety of foreigners
\\ho wished to resume their avented
iit l·ipations in rebel territory aitnd
whi'lh at the time was accepted as in
l citting anl era of hotter things.
No More Confidence in Villa.
The killing of Ioentin hals wiped out
\\th:ltever confidence \\ its felt in
Villt' i promises.
Villa was acting lnder no mistaken
imlression that Henton was plotting
against him, declare 3Benton's friends.
tietnton's very courage, sitde from his
high reputation for integrity and so
briety, in speaking his minid to Villa
in the center of tile rebecl ca'mp wais
proof enolugh that his nmethods were
nit tlhos of the Iackstairis.
(Hi rge '. I'trot tiers, who repre
sntlls the sltate (ldeparlItlellt in many
of its deailillngs with the rebels and
i \\l will bic present at the hattle of
Torr'Ioni in the interests of the for
,ignl0trs was piromised ai report of the
:ililte d IcoulrtI l't rtlial. VW hether he
1 ouhl get it tonight or liter lihe was
nut certain.
News ' li t lhe governmentl ait WaVsh
ington had ordered .11 Investigaltion
va;s reci\led Iby the refl'ullges \\ith in
diffi'rin'e or wilth sn'rsi. 'Tih' were
Sitoi a'xiil lii tlake calm virew of Ithe
I.enton cillnps of :In excellent. ('otchh
fillily. Ills I l 'lr al granlll father,
I oloinel lily, is said to huve partici
";il 'l ias in o fitcer it ithe fitnltils
,'harns of Ihe light br'igad, at Ralak
:I;ti. T ousins iteo ill til British
;Irlmy,. ,ine, c'llaptain SNornmain Bentonll,
is willth fli' engineer corps at East
hourne, England. Thle other. Lieu
e ltnant livn Ienton, is an artillery
r officer it presenti on loi\e in Swits
;ninel ru1 pertson b l'( into the
0nsNs 4-ass in whihh MaIdmitle .ihrr's,
a lol:;l urrsitiort- keeps the choicest.
te tnlbher if her collecti ilo , ;nld ciarriled
aw;ay corqset afld forln. \hile not
joyious ver t the disatppet:ancc of the
u- c rseol. 1:ulu;ii e .lilrv H ris innol it'es that
the thief may keeplci the porltilon of his
Iit if - \\'ill rot iirni tilhe formll. -'or
ithe li fit of a;lltatur detect'ives she
I;i?1 the corset was yellow Iand will
Sti tnd'uhtedly shiw throtugh n light
i w\'ist. She 8iells to suspect ia w\oma
lan, "hut," as P'at Ial Ilseud ti say, "'I
nell a inice. 'ThoIse college hoys
h:Ive Ibeen out ag.iin."
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucra
- i ou( ty-sa,
Frank .1. Chetney makes oath that he II
Se io"r partner of the firm of F. J.
, l'henry & C'o., doing husiness in the oily
of Toledo, county and state aforesaid,
land that said firnl will pay t-eo sum of
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t rlled by the use of HALL'S CA'TAl ll I
S\. ern to before me and subscribed In
otnly presence this 6th day of December,
I. . 1886.
I(Sltl) A. W. GLEABON,
, INotary Public.
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I0 iitrcc er ;nnloltlllii Io . A hi-p(ir
t- li-li l h-l ' mallin t lilt let fivc will fritam
;t lilt to I, ittllhittitteil to tlhe ilres.itpitt
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under lake spr.eading to a width of 15
miles and extending nearly 20 miles
to Los Angeles.
PIlaya del .ey---Pleasure pier weak
ened by rain floods, partially wrecked
by ocean swells raised by high wind.
Long enach--Railroad traffic sus
pended, hack country inundated; ocean
front lashed by heavy tides.
The storm confined its furious rain
fall today to the citrus country. In
the city but little rain fell, hut cloud
bursts in the mountains sent down)
torrents which swept arroyos leading
into the city and flooded streets in
varlious suburbs, ,sides \weeping
\w'y several bungalows.
New York. Feb. 20.-Seven and a
half years of total abstinence of liquor
instead of seven and a half years in
jail was the sentence imposed by Su
Irenme Cotlrt Justice )avis today upon
t Joseph A. Sheridan, president of the
5 Indetlendent Ice Dealers' association,
I convicted of attempting to extort
1 $1,000 from the Knickerbocker Ice
company by threats to institute a
newspaper canpaign against the com
"lt is apparent," Justice Davis said,
"that you are a victim of drink and
it would bc a good thing to send you
away to get liquor out of your system.
I will suspend sentence with the un
derstanding that if you drink you will
be brought before this court and sen
Seven and a half years was the
maximunm tpenalty for the crime.
Chicago, Febn . 20.-The interstate
commerce commnission has no right to
t for(ce suchl enterprises as private re
frigerator lines to disclose details of
e their business, it was argued today in
Stlle fight by the Armoulr Car Lines
company, is making to avoid testifying
h ill the commnlission hearing. In closing
" the argument on behalf of the Armour
(ar conmpalny hefore Judge Landis in
s the IUnited States district court here,
I- rank Kellogg of St. Pattil asserted
h that a private refrigerator car line is
1. not a0 cOtlniun carrier; that the com
mission has no right to qulestion it as
to cost of cars or ice.
y Patrick J. Farrell, solicitor for the
- onmmission, presented the claims of
the commission that its questions are
pertinent and necessary. It has been
announced that tile ease w\ill he ap
roleted no matter which side is upheld.
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C Washington. Febl 2. . ---President
SWilson shook hands tonight with 1,700
it Knights of Pythias who ire here at
tending tile tannual coilvention and
celebrating the order's gultden jubilee.
SThi s was I.lace day for the supremen
collncil. 'rllomnas J. Carling of Macon,
t(la.. suplrieiime chancellor, pIledged the
Ssuppolrt of iO,000 "blrotihers" and (16,
Is nI1 "sisters" to Secretary liryanl'
i. peace policy.
Seattle. 1'eh. 20. -The city council
tlot toltigl4t to canvass the vote east
il last Tuesday'a primary as officially
counted in the city comptroller's office.
The result of the count fýor mayoralty
andtlidates showed: Hiram C. Gill,
23,52'; James 1). Trenholme, 11,897;
lilchard Winsor, t1,513; Austin E. Grif
liths, 3,058. 'IThe two socialist cnndi
dates for mnayor last Tuesday polled
12,206 votes, as comlnpared with 10,841
for a single c;tndidate in 1912.
\lao or (George F. Cotterill announced
today that hie would take the stump
against Gilt. Ex-Mayor George W.
Iilling, who defeated ('ill in the recall
election of 1911, is working for Tren
holme. Ex-Mayor \\illiam It. Moore is
claimed by the 111ill forces.
Claim Agent Ray Webb of the Mil
waiukee tuft yesterday for Itttte for
a brief btusiness visit
W'. A. lhtrrsltl, route ;ioent of the
Woells-Flargo Express colmpany, left
yesterday for Ituttho, where he will be
for a d'aV or twio on buIsiness.
The family of (1. 1. 'ooper, district
lit ggiage agent for the Milwaukee here,
rri veid from their former tihome at
Seattle yesterday. The family will re
side at 529 Cloveland street.
W. 11. Lanning, chief canrpenter of
the Milwaukee, with headquarters at
Motbridge, is making a short visit here
I with his family.
-It. A. Bradt, general agent for the
I C. B. & 9., with headquarters in
top a ~Thbk f Ttids
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No Voting No Canvassing No Selling
Butte, is in thei city calling on his
friends and prospective customers.
William .1. IHear, traveling freight
agent of the I'.insylvania lines, spent
yesterday in the city in connection
with his coinli:ny's business.
G. 11. t(illinin, master car builder
of tle Nor(llTr Pacific, with head
quarters in St 'aul, stopped in Mis
soula yesterd;i and will be here to
inspect local ,ionditions for a day or
two. lie is Ion a general inspection
trip over the t stem.
Brakeman IDallon of the Northern
Pacific left iýo.iierday for Edmonton,
Canada, wh\ere lie will spend several
weeks looking ,cr the country.
R. D. 'oiultlr, chief carpenter of the
coast divisions of the Milwaukee,
passed through .\lssoula yesterday on
train No. 17, lihmeward bound after
a trip cast.
President llannaford of the North
ern Pacific, E:rst Vice President
Slade and (;cneral Superintendent
Rapeljo of the , ontral district passed
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through Missoula yesterday on their
way to the western coast. The offi
cials, who are traveling in the private
car, "Yellowstone," were met at Hel
ena by Superintendent Birdsall and
he accompanied them over this di
vision. -L. E. W.
Butte, Feb. 20.-Two men were
caught in a cave-in at the Southern
Cross mine in Georgetown late this aft
ernoon and are believed 'to be dead.
Rescue crews are at wor,, but it may
be some time before the caved ground
can be cleared away. The victims are
James Sullivan and another miner
named Hart. The cave-in occurred in
a stope above the 100 level, which
caved to the surface. Of the four men
employed there at the time, two made
their escape, Sullivan and" Hart being
caught, and the authorities at the mine
believe they have been killed.
Anaconda, Feb. 20.-(Special.)
Joseph Ervath died this morning of in.
juries received at Brown's quarry yes
terdaY. Ervath was engaged in shov
eling rock from the foot of the quarry.
He was in a stooping position when
a stone bounded down the slope and
struck him on the side of the head.
Butte, Feb. 20.--(epecial.)-The re
mains of the late Daniel Crowley, the
veteran miner who had worked for
66 years under gound, were laid 'away
to the final rest today in the family
plot in the old Catholic cemetery and
his six stalwart sons were the pall
LaGrippe Leaves Its Victims Prostrate.
Some' victims of la grippe never fully
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Helena, I'eb. 20.-(Special.)-Provid
ing the Masons of Helena can erect a
temple costing not less than $250,000,
work on which shall begin not later
than next year, Richard Lockey of
this city, offers to give a building site
on Seventh and Warren streets. The
sight is valued at $15,000.
The Masonic bodies of Helena for
some time have been agitating the
erection of a new temple and funds
toward that end have already been
raised. It is expected the offer of
the site will lead to some definite ac
tion in' the future.
Butte, Feb. 20.-(Special.)--Frank
Newhouse of Denver has been named
as an umpire in the Union association
this season by President Ed F. Mur
phy of Butte, the deal having just been
closed. Newhouse has handled the in
dicator in several leagues, being with
the Western for a couple of seasons,
and then went to the federal league,
where he made quite a re utation for
Annapolis, Md., Feb. 20.--. state
wide prohibition bill was introduced
in the legislature today. It provides
for the submission to the voters of a
constitutional amendment prohibiting
the sale or mantifacture of intoxi
cating liquors for beverage purposes.
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out good results. That is because
Foley Kidney Pills give to the kidneys
and bladder just what nature calls for
to heal these weakened and inactive
organs. Missoula Drug Co.-Adv.
P~IL ..e curable. All kimla
mean utterin an emd
I ls ,always tntrnsl
Dr. Leoahanst's
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NCO.. DhflN.Y. (frebeki
baa ll *M u sl Dtuu O. & iU UuW.
W. B. M'LaugI lin
IHyt-Dickinoii Pino Co.
A modern school
meeting modern
deu n .~ a.,
courses taught
either' day p
Ca" i .eU 416.,
For a mild, easy actiodn-of
the bowels, a single dose of
Doan's Regulets is enough.
Treatment cures, habituag
constipation. 25 cents'a box.
Ask your druggist for.theu.
Use Bassett'a. the.Oadfl N ve
~erbs, for constipation an, eun
tilm; ,50 tablets cost d85c at all

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