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You men and women who get a and sweeten the stomach, remove the
cold easily-who have headache. coa. 'sour undigested and fermenting food
ed tongue, foul taste and foul breath, a foul gasss;ntal r ocs b
from the liver and carry off the con
dizziness, can't sleep, are nervous and stlpated waste matter and poison from
upset, bothered with a sick, gassy the bowels.
stomach. A .Casciret tonight straightens you
Are you keeping your how; Ia clean out by morning-a 10-cent box keeps
with Cascarets-or merely dosing; your head clear, stomach sweet, lier
yourself every few drys with salts. Raud bowels regular and you feel bully
pills, castor oil and other 1 arsh irri for months. Don't forget the chil
tants? Cascarets immr diate y cleanse 1ren.-Adv.
Heclena, AlontaIua, ( cc t. 1, 1911.
Washingtin J. 2lic nonick,
RI bl ican 'ain 'it.-t for ( ongr'stý,
91issoula, A1(liint a
Dear Sir:
In your reply 1i. reic ist tli:l
you dibate with ii !h titical is
Sci itis iofroniti tli li it. i i
fit to dodge an jic t lisc n sti ion uy ,t
characteristcinlnl c11 n o ill hllnlr 1'or
Whi'Ih you haic lung ;in:ce stablTbeel
an 'viable rItt i latii n. Huii inso t : nit
as the 1o1 tiiii of ac00titna oi t itll
to know the real reousan why yon will
not nliet me on the lphitfori, I desirc
to say that itt you were to detc with
mec the followcin; facts would Inc <i:;
1. That the elmairman of the woulti,
hlcait statp central conini itt Ii. 1.. C.
Scluly, whonm t i toied as yir
guardian ill yaur b litr to 111, voted ::
is shown by- tht roll iall of tie son
ate almost always dillh 1 tniatn ;o l1
ilo orin of itnt:chtH 1 th- ini Iii I i itr :
anltit io ts if the .imi o aIt atd ii a
Pci Comltiaty.
2. That t) e pliltical pa-1i Hioy
Ln( a. ci, ! f'.1' - I ace l , uioaihrn di evi'i detari: siC', S lths. gs a rid : an. u , icetirn. PAID FOR;
fiiiit, stlad'. ;1(!t,d i'i: ,ii'ity full at SIP I irrcniti , w.1ith rottn i~ tI r'n. lier lIai'~ trooms will lMth. pantry
ind iloseti (in lf d lIt liiir an t!.iitilit (it I. tl' tiil Ii i l,,ii l:ie rar' t In t. a I and cIesets, with frill
height relilirtyr. 'fIne !,la has a'. ii ~t ehi j i ia . fixltnres, ltnrt I ,a l 1nd fnrirs, a:rt,:' fir'e.iae~e nhin t ri g dit i ig~ t.
I t is only Ii 1rae tltiittili-t' wa~lk frri t 1e hil t , ii o hri..s irt treitj " an d h:l il:1t l at it elu -od t ttl 'e, n ,orýI!o hr sa ý" in e ltixit i n . it al t :ý eip.'innv wan t
Missouai hi gr-w , iti: Inui ''r t'i increase itijidl;.' iii 'I~t r. Locall d is it is iii a clar.-ia c~rrier', :t i a real
bargain a: S5,80O.
116 West Cedar Street, Missoula, Montana.
Phone 920. MsolMnaa
whuse ticket you are running for
congress has a record that you can
nit defend.
3. If you were to debate with i mt
You would be compelled to explair
what Fletcher Maddox, your running
mate for congress, while chnir man of
the repubtlienn convention. which wai
heil i few weeks ago in Htelena, meant
Whien It:l nlt Wordls inl alddressing
that convenlion to the efftei: that it4
regretted the passing of the ennven
Lion systemr that the primary la is
a fad and a novelty; andt that he hlotici
the time would come when the pri"
mnry 1::\v would he permanently abro
4. It wahl ltd 1isrlose to the people i1
the state thlat ycol are making a loll
poien saiying notIi.ng about one of the
most8 viall i:snsiP, th wl o arkien's com
'esation al t .:.nd elooping from tile
1o+ le guar posit1on with reference I'
the .: le
It would ilisilose to the people of
the :-1to that you are iliaking a conm
1heli lii ierieoly saying nolhin:i
iotAt ito; toying the control yoil are
fully aware.
iln (' i sti 1 1ion leti me 1ay that it is
11;0 duty of every candidate for of
fice io 101t1", stand upon every VitAl
i;l confronting the people and to
let the people kow upon whait prin
ciples 11e stands.
And i-illre i u1o have tifused to ucet
tie upon th11 platform I challenge you
to te frank and tell the people of
11ontan11 where col stanid on the
v-Ukmlen1's c'omlpenlsit.tion. not and
xxiere ySo stant with refernce to de
\irovill !llgniull;TI contiIN of Al on.
ttanu politics.
Very truly gour'.;,
\W'1IhlNilTiN 1). TL.\NKIN.
Dlozeman. Oct. 17.-(Speciai.)-Pres
ident Charles It. Bowman, of the state
school of mines at Tintte, has repudi
ated the consolidationists and their
arguments, according to a telegram
received by Watson Boytle, secretary of
the Montana Anti-Consolidation colu
mittee, this afternoon. Mr. Boyle had
Cent the following message to Presi
dent Bowman last night:
TYou have been quoted in the papers
of the state au ieing in favor of initia
tive measure No. 9, for the consolida
tion of three state institutions. Pp
you favor it? You have also beeA
quoted as declaring that one professqr
with the present engineering faculty
nt Ilozeman could carry on the work
of the school of mines. Is that your
opinion? We believe many people will
aprreciate your opinion and we shall
appreciate your answer."
President Bowman's reply was as
follows: "I am opposed to removing r
the school of mines front Butte. I do t
not believe one professor added to the
Bozeman faculty could duplicate the c
school of mines course. The state
mnet referred to was prepared for
IIC years ago fronm catalogs outlining
courses which were not regularly C
Mr. Boyle invites the attention of c
State Superintendent Davee and Pro
fessor W. M. Aber, who have been I
p irtimlerly industrious in circulating
Mr. Bowman's alleged views, and re- C
quests that they give his denial the
same publicity.
ItIt White and wife, New York;
( eorge Kin=, Portland: J. Parker, t
Anaconda; P. W. St'wart. Chicago; I
J. N. Dunn, Kansas City; A. G. Find
may, Chicago; J. It. Carrison, Milwau
kee: .1. R. Liddy, Helena; Mrs. J. H.
Winslow, Stevensville; Miss M. Wins
low, Stevensville; Mrs. Joseph Bows ;
den. Corvallis; Mary Lee Wilson,
.Miles City; G. T. Marton, Feattle; G.
L. t'allp, Billings; N. W. Clayton, t
Spokane: J. M. Fisher, Spokane; F.
1. Field, Spokane; F. Portis, Chicago;
\V. V. Pickeltt, Minneapolis; B. F.
?wain, Minneapolis; J. M. Rilley,
lWashingten, D. C.
No Apparatus, inhalorii, Salves, Lo
tions, Harmful Drugs, Smoke
or Electricity
It is a new way. It is something
absolutely different. No lotions,
sprays or sickly smelling salves or
creams. No atomizer, or any appara
tus of any kind. Nothing to smoke or
inhale. No steaming or rubbing or
injections. No electricity or vibration
or massage. No powder; no plasters;
no keeping in the house. Nothing of
that kind at all. oniethting new and
different, something delightful ant
healthful, something instantly suc
cessful. You do not have to wait,
and linger and puy out a lot of money.
You can stop it overnight--tnd I will
gladly tell you how--FREE. I am not
a doctor and this is not a so-called
doctor's prescription-thot I am cured
and my friends .'re cured, and ; on can
he cured. Your suffering will stol at
once like magic.
[ Am Free-You Can Be Free
"My catarrh was filthy and loath
some. It made me ill.. It dulled my
mind. It underm ned my health and
was weakening in will. The hatiwk
ing, coughing, spitting made me ob
noxious to ail, and my foul breath and
disgusting habifs made even my loved
ones avoid me secrotely. \ly delight
in life was dulled and my faculties
impaired. I Ii civ that in time it
would bring me to an untimely grave.
because every muiument of Itue day and
night It was :tuilwy, yet surely supping
my vitality.
Put I found a cure, i mid I am ready
to tell you fthout it F'tEE. Wr\te me
Send no money. dust your name
and address ,;: a postal card, Say:
"Dear Sam Kate: Please tell me how
you cured your catarrh and how I
can cure min,," That's All you need
to say. I will understantd, and I will
write to you with complete informa
tion, FREt, at once. Do not delay.
Send postal card or write me a let
ter today. Don't think of turning this
page until you uave asked for this
wonderful treatment. that can do for
you what it has done Tor me.
SAM KATZ, Room B 925.
1325 Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill.
A miirriage license was issued yes
terdaiv to Ferdimtnnd unminel and
Martha \ienda, both residents of this
A machitn has appeared in the
market by which a person, holding a
single pen in the hand, may sign 20
i'l -tat tr other documents at once,
each signature being produced by a
fountain pen on an arm connected
with the master pen.
"" " " ` F""I In invention, it nothing more.
According to reports emanating
from London and Amsterdam, Count
Hieimnuth von Moltke, chief of German
general staff, has been superseded by
Philadelphia, Oct. 17.-Philander C.
Knox, former United States senator
and as secretary of state, in a political
address at a meeting of lawyers in the
interest of the republican ticket in this
state, made caustic criticism of the
present administration and its policy,
especially with reference to Mexico.
"The democrats prattle anouf peace,"
said Mr. Knox, "yet they have the dis
tinction of beginning a war upon a
famished neighboring people. William
11. Taft, barring only the notable work
of Theodore Roosevelt, in bringing
about the termination of the Russo.
Japanese war, did more for world
peace in the four year of his admin
istration than any man of his genera
Mr. Wilson's Error.
He stated that all bloodshed in
Mexico within the last 18 months was
due to the failure to recognize the
Iluerta government and the removal
of the Taft embargo on the sale of war
materials to Mexican bandits.
"But it is concerning the 'mainten
ance of our neutrality during the pres
ent European conflict," said Mr. Knox,
"that the administration registers the
loftiest heights of self-satisfacion. In
deed, here they seem to surprise them
selves with their own prowess and ut
terances which they make regarding
this neutrality ring with the thought,
'We did not think we could do it.'
No Chance to Get In.
"Of course, the fact is, there is no
conceivable way, short of our gross
misconduct, by which we could have
injected ourselves into the present
conflict, is overlooked in these self
satisfying contemplations in which
.the administration indulges."
Householders on the south side have
been approached with more or less
success this week, by a man who of
fers plausible reasons why the lady
of the house should let him have 25
cents. The man appeared to be of
medium height, his hair and a heavy
mustache were very white. He was
heavily built. To one lady he showed
a pocket full of brushes, claiming to
be an artist, is temporary straits. To
another lady he related a tale of de
ciding to establish a dye and cleaning
shop in Missoula, needing a quarter
to pay for a telegram to his wife, who
would come at 'once from 'Butte after
a trip through Yellowstone park. The
man hunted up one of the city school
teachers and insisted that she was of
his family connection. It is a study
in invention, if nothing more.
General Voigts-Rhetz. While von
Moltke is a well known military fig
ure, Voigts-Rhetz may be described as
a dark horse. Almost nothing is
known of him4
Jte~i~ afd Happiness at #
Man and
:z>H Wife R e6
stored to
Health by
Mr. John B. Blackwood, Lockhart, S. C., writes: 1'My wife
and I take Peruna occasionally, and we think it is the best medicine
in the world. We keep it in the house. I also have a bottle of it
in my tool chest, when I am away from home. I am a stone
mason, and travel extensively over the country. I have caused
the sale of many bottles of Peruna to my fellow workmen.
Years ago I was a great sufferer from nervous indigestion, caused
by catarrh. Tried everything in the way of medicine. No relief.
I grew despondent. A friend told me to try Peruna. I began. It
helped me at once, and finally cured me. I am a well man today."
as syJu AAC AL UIIL C, aIIu Illly Cu
Cured My Wife.
In a later letter Mr. Blackwood
writes: "Over a year ago my wife
had a spell of sickness. The doctor
said It was kidney trouble and a bad
stomach disease. I had two doctors.
One of them visited her every day
for several weeks. They finally de
cided that she could not live. In de
spair, I began to give her Peruna, in
small doses. In three days I could
see she was getting a little stronger.
In three weeks she was walking
around the house. In two months
she was strong and well. In all, she
took five bottles of Peruna. It cured
her sound. After quitting the doctor
she never took a thing but Peruna. It
certainly saved her life."
Yesterday the board of county
commissioners formally accepted the
new concrete bridge across the Rattle
snake on Cedar street. The board
made an official inspection of the new
crossing and found it satisfactory in
every detail. The commissioners ex
pressed themselves as much pleased
with the outcome of their plans and
now are more than glad that they
were able to build the concrete bridge
instead of a steel or combination
structure. The Cedar street crossing
of the Rattlesnake is the eastern gate
The boilermakers of the Northern
Pacific railway, local No. 111 *of the
international organization, are to give
their first annual ball on nexZ Tuesday
evening. The maiden effort of the
mechanics promises to be a big sur
prise. Although the boilermakers do
not boast of any special qualifications
in building" dances, they have se
lected from their numbers several
commithced, the members of which
know exactly what is needed to make
tn affair of this kind a success.
These committees have been handed
the local's strong box with the injunc
tion to go ahead and spend as much
as they need.
The affair is to he at the Elite hall
and the decorations are to be unusu
illy brilliant and effective. The Mis
soula Club orchestra will furnish the
inmue. The boilermakers expect to
have as guests for the evening, In ad
dition to the local crowd, large dele
gaions from Wallace, Paradise, Hel
ena, Butte and Deer Lodge. The
boilerimaker;' dance has been heralded
along the whole mength of the Rocky
Mountain division.
Miss Claribell Corbin has started
her fall dancing class for children.
On the opening evening about 50 chil
dren and their parents were present
ant the young folks were given in
itial instruction in the old as well as
the new dances. First came the old
standby, the two-step. Then fol
loiwed the late dances, the one-step,
Douglas Crane hesitation waltz and
the "lame duck" dance. The music
was good and the class gained much
enjoyment as well as splendid instruc
tion during the evening.
A Prize Baby.
In other letters from Mr. Black
wood we glean the following: "I am
going to send you a picture of my
baby that took the prize at the baby
show. I told the judges her name
was Ruth Manalin Blackwood. She
has taken several bottles of your
remedy, Manalin, and is the finest
baby in this country. I believe your
medicine saved the life of my little
two-year-old boy. The doctors said
he had a bad stomach, but did not
help him. We gave him Manalin
and it cured him. ie0 also took Pe
runa at the same time. Is now sound
and well. He is the picture of health
and ta fine a looking boy as there is
in this country."
way to the city of Missoula.
The crossing was constructed tJ
Contractor Charles G. Huber of Seat
tie. He commenced work July 15 an
the crossing was open for traffi
shortly after the first of Septembe
However, the railings and finishin
touches have just been complete
The structure was made in a singl
span 120 feet long. Its roadway is .3
feet wide between curbs, the same a
the Higgins avenue bridge, and th
sidewalks on each side are six fee
wide. The bridge cost $8,747.
George L. Flabcrty, the "restless an
sleepless" jeweler, has an announce
ment in this morning's Missoulia
which will be of interest to all in thi
community who are in need of opti
cal service. Mr. Flaherty has installe
a complete optical department witl
I)r. A. F. Roach, a competent special
ist in charge. The department in
eludes a complete grinding plant fo
making at home duplicates of broke
lenses and for fitting glasses to th
needs of customers. The departmen
is sure to he popular here.
How to Stop The
Liquor Habit Secretl
By a Specialist.
That the liquor habit can be treate
secretly at home at very little expens
is the claim of a wetl known special
ist who has treated thousands o
cases. In a recent interview, he made
the following statement: "The cost o
the drugs used to treat the liquor
habit in the high-priced sanitarium
amounts to very little. Here is a sim
pie, inexpensive prescription that ca
be given secretly in coffee, tea, milk
water, or in the food, as it has n
taste, oolor or odor: . To 3 oz. o
water add 20 grains of muriate of am
monia, a small box of Varlex Com
pound and 10 grains of pepsin. Put
into coffee or food a teaspoonful three
times a day. This prescription is per
fectly harmless, can be obtained at
any drug store, and will be found very
effective in the treatment of the
liquor habit.-Adv.
Stop Those Early Bronchial Coughs
They hang on all winter it not
checked, and pave the way for serious
throat and lung diseases. Get a bottle
of Foley's Honey and Tar Compound,
and take it freely. Stops coughs an(;
colds, heals raw inflamed throat, loon
ens the phlegm and is mildly laxative.
Beat for children and grown persons.
No olateas-Missoula Drug Co.-Adv,

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