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hiss Who have had cakes ruined by Jarring the
s .slammaing the oven door-.6r a heavy footstep, may
hav odered how the dining car chef: can turn out such
mavlous .biscuits, hot breads adpstry when his oven
is ben ncssnl jarred and jole and shaken by the
eoio 'ftEStan
To get astry to raise nd stay raised bunder these con=
'ditio s, a, bainog powder must be used that continues to _give off
s slammin g as-that sustaens the raise-until the doughf is
Dining Car Chefs have found a caking powder exactly suited
to their needs in K C and you will find it just as well svited 'to
your requirements. K 0is really a blend of two haking powders,
one active as soon as moistened, the other requiring both moes
mnre and heat to start th.generation of leavening gas. No.matter
1iw moist and rich you mnake your cake, K C "Baking Powder will
otstain the raise until a crust is formed and all danger of falling
is past.
K C Baking Powder is pure and healthful. It is guaranteed
ftnder all pure food laws, and is guaranteed to please you, Aed.t
yousold etareasonable price-no baking powder shosldsel.er more.
n acti y a can at our risk andb6 contingebth
Kitcheii $hower;
Thery 'vill be a unique kitchen
shower" Friday *afternoon at the
newly remodeled Lincoln school. All
ladies Who may be interested are
asked tq bring each one a plate, a cup
and a 'peon to present to the school,
to be d at ebmmunlty social gath
erings bnd also for the noon-day
lunches which the teachers expect to
inaugutate for the pupils of the Lin
coln se1)Msl. It is hoped that Iliss
Alma BB` o1 will be present next Fri
day to ist Ii. organizing a parent
teacher assottlatlon.
Congregati -cdiei.
The d dOlty ofie Con
gregatio i6 3ureh will be entertained
by Mrs. H. HL Edson thi after loorn, at
her home, 132 University avenue. All'
friends as well as members of the so
ciety are cordially invited to be pres
Christian Church Ladies.
The East Side o ction of the Ladies'
'Aid society of the Christian church
will meet Thursday afternoon with
Mrs. I. D. Kline at her home, 914 Vine
The Central section will meet with
Mrs. Josiah Shull Thursday afternoon
at her home, 420 East Front street.
The South Side section will meet at
the same time with Mrs. M. W. Bond,
at her home, 526 South Third street.
Lend-a-Hand Society.
The Lend-a-Hand society will meet
in the parlors of the Methodist church
this afternoon. Section No. 4, Mrs. De
Ryke, chairman, will be the hostess
group. Each member of the society is
expected to bring a friend to enjoy the
A telegram received in this city yes
terday stated that Miss Florence Ol
son, last year a teacher in Missoula,
Segain the Iastery
Over Blood Trouble
No Matter How Disheartening
You Can Overcome It.
Blood disorders are quickly checked by
N. S. S., the famous blood purifler. It
rushes into the blood and in three min
utes has traversed the entire circulation.
It penetrates to where the' blood is made,
it washes out those spots and places
where stagnation has settled. it cleanses
the membranes, drives irritation from
the joints, fills the blood stream with
antidotal Influence and from head to toot
creates conditions that make for bWood
healtht. There are people in every com
munity who know this to be true. They
have used S. S. S. for 'severe forws of
rheumatism, for indolent, ulcerated spots,
for eruptive skin diseases, for any and
all those bodily conditions caused by
blood loaded with impurities. Being a
pure product of Nature it can not hurt
the stomach and has therefoce beep the
refuge of a host of people misguided in
their dilemma by first flying to those
dangerous mercurial drugs which lave
claimed so many unfortunates. If the
skin breaks out in a rash, it boils or
other eruptions appear, if there are blood
risings or any other indications of fin
pure blood get a bottle of S. I. S. at
once of any druggist. But beware of
substitutes. If in dpubt as to your trou
ble or you wish competent medical ad
vice free, write to the medical depart
meat, The Swift $peciflc Co., 158 Swift
Bldg., Atlanta, Oa. This dpartment lty
known far snd wide as one' 4( 1u sieat-.
eat of helps to blood sosaelt. Rttt 4n'nt
Ielay to get a bottle of S. 5. 8. today.
and William G. Reid, on of Mr. and
Mrs. William H. Reid of Missoula,
were married at 10 o'clock yeterday
morning in an Episcopal church at
Hoquiam, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. Reid
will visit Pacific coast cities during
their honeymoon and return to reside
in the Hammond block in this city.
The robbery of his room in the
Union block was reported to the. slier
Iff's office by. Gus Carlson yesterday
morning. Mr. Carlson stated someone
entered his room about 9:45 o'clock
`Wednesday and stole a purse con
taining $555 in bills, some change in
silver, a gold hunting-case watch and
other articles of lesser value. Up to a
late hour last night no clue to the
robber had been discovered.
Next Friday evening at the First
Methodist Episcopal church, corner of
Washington and Main streets, a con
cert will be given under the auspices
of the choir.
The program will be made up of
solos, neale quartets, readings, selec
tions by the choir and solos on the
pipe organ by Mrs. Carl Holiday.
Watch for the program in Friday's
No charge of admission is made,
but a silver offering is to be taken,
I proceeds of the same to be applied
on the choir fund.
"Chamberlain's Tablets have done
more for me than I ever dared hope
for," writes lMrs. Esther Mae Baker,
Spencerport, N. Y. "I *ed several
bottles of these tablets a few months
ago. They not only cured me of bili
ous attacks, sick headaches and that
tired-out feeling, but toned up my
whole system.' For sale by all deal
Mrs. Edna Ferguson, county super
intendent of schools, announces that
the Missoula County Teachers' insti
tute will be held in Butte November
23, 24 and 25, in conjunction with the
institutes of 11 other western Montana
Torturing eczema spreads
its burning area every day.
Doan's Ointment quickly
stops its spreading, instantly
relieves the 'Itching, cures it
permanently. At any drug
I, what President Craighead char
acterized as one of the best
lipeeches heard from the university ros
fi'um, Lewis Duncan of luene ,n eanes
day inol'ning urged the students of the
4tate -in tution to be loyal to hu
martity. "Loyalty in general Was the
theme of MLr. Duncan's address and
he agherted that the only success.
worth while, the success that really
counted in this world, could be secured
only through fighting for the masses.
Ie likened the battle of life to a
football' game. At the outset one
ineets with many setbacks, if he is
fightisg for the race, Mr. Duncan said,
but when defeat seems almost certain
the tide turns and victory is snatched
from defeat. Early in life everyone
is called upon to make a choice, in fact
life is merely a series of choices, in
aisted the speaker, and whether the
choice be morally right or wrong, if
the chooser is sincere lie should be
loyal to it.
To the Future.
The question of consolidation was
mentioned when Mr. Duncan urged
that petty parochial loyalties should
not stand in the way of loyalty to the
state and the coming generatioti.
;Mere questions of locations should not
enter into the question at all, the
former mayor said, all questions of
this kind should be settled for the
good ,of all concerned. The institu
tions of the state will be powerful ones
if only the voters have loyalty enough
to see that the interests who benefit
by these schools be made to pay their
share of the expense, Mr. Duncan de
Healthy, Wrinkle-Free
Skin Easy to Have
A dull, drab, muddy complexion, or
an over-red, blotchy, pimply or
freckled skin, can by a quite simple,
harmless and inexpensive method, be
changed to one of flower-like radiance
and purity. One ounce of common
meercolised w&xr ald by druggists
generally, will 'einove the most un
sightly complexion in from one to two
weeks. By its remarkable absorptive
power, the withered, faded or discol
ored layer of thin film-skin which
hides the healthier skin underneath,
is gradually flecked off in tiny, al
most invisible particles. This is done
so gently there is no inconvenience,
and no trace is left on the skin ex
cept that of enhanced beauty. The
wax is smeared on like cold cream be
fore retiring, and removed in the
morning with warm water.
If the skin be wrinkled or saggy, a
face bath made by dissolving 1 oz.
powdered saxolite in A pt. witch ha
zel, will be found most effective. Com
bining both astringent and tonic
properties, this tightens the skin and
braces up its supporting muscles.
In the case filed in Justice Gagnon's
court Saturday, in which Charles
Graves was charged with having shot
and injured a bull belonging to a
neighbor, Clyde Maclay, the name of
the defendant, was changed to John
Graves yesterday morning.
The two Graves are father and son.
It is alleged that John Graves told his
son, Charles, to shoot the bull if the
animal came bothering around the
eranch. The boy, it is said, followed
his father's instructions. First he
peppered the animal with a .12-caliber
rifle. This seemed to have little ef
fect, so the lad got down the shotgun
and with this, the owner, claims, in
jured the bull severely.
The father offered to plead guilty or
to pay a fine for his boy under the
first complaint, the officers, say, pro
vided the word "malicious" was not
used In the charge of mischief filed
against him. Not beiig able to reach
an agreement, the new complaint was
filed Wednesday.
It is understood that the owner of
the bull will also file a complaint
against Graves for damages.
Tokio, Oct. 22.-A special from i
Sazebo says the Japanese, in their re
cent raids on the German islands in
the South seas, destroyed the German
military equipment. They seized
$250,000 in gold and ammunition and
Dave Van Blaricom has returned
from a business trip to Ann Arbor,
Mich., made in the interests of the
Torino brining company. Mr. Van
Blaricom reports the business situa
tion most encouraging in eastern cities
as he found it, and he believes the
happy influence is moving westward.
R.~ wa. UL
SER.EARY (iF 1. ft .
R. W. K EM P.
Butte, Oct. 2t.-The grand lodge
of the Independent Ord.; of Odd Fel
lows elected officers for the ensuing
year late this afternoon as follows:
Grand master, Wiley 1liuntjoy of
Three Forks; deputy grand master, W.
H. Goodland of Butte; grand warden,
J. E. Parker of Helena; grand secre
tary, R. W. Kemp of Missoula; grand
treasurer, Philip Dodson of alissoula;
short term, grand reirosentative,
Frank E. Davis, retiring grand mnas
ter, Bozeman.
The state Rehekah a.nsemildy elected
Sophie Anderson. a 16-year-old girl,
who has been living as ith her sister at
sloan, on the rescri otion, was exam
ined for instanity yesterday afternoon.
During the examination the child sat
with bowed head, a box of soda crack
ers in her hand. A wiloln taut-o'shan
ter was drawn over her eyebrows and
her time was spent in peering intently
at the box in her hands. Only once
was her attention distracted from the
box, which seemed so to fascinate her,
and this was when the door to the
courtroom was slammed unusually
The girl's case is a taffling one. Two
years ago the child was as robust and
as active as most girls her age. But
she soon grew moody and silent, until
her mind became a blank and her
body thin and poor.
The child has refusnd to eat, and In
dulges only in the soda crackers
which she guards s, well. She was
sent to the hospital in this city, and
there the physicians tried to make her
eat by leaving fowl beside her and
leaving her to eatl her food alone. But
the child refused all proffers of food
and her case was given up as -being
beyond the reach of tin local doctors,
For several weeks the child hay not
spoken, and no amount of urging cow
force a word from her.
Circumstance prevents her parents
from placing her in al private sani
tarium and so the court ordered her
to be taken to Warm Springs; where
she will be given the attention that
her case demands.
Good-bye sore feet, burning feot, swol
len feet, sweaty feet, smelling fget, tired
Good-bye corns, callouses, bunions and
raw apots. No
more shoe tight
ness, no more limp
lag with pain or
drawing up your
face in agony.
"TIZ" is magical,
acts right off.
"TIZ" draws out
all the poisonous
exudations which
puff up the feet.
Use "TIZ' and for
get your foot
misery. Ahi! how comfortable your feet
feel. Get a 25 cent box of "TIZ" now at
any druggist or department store. Don't
suffer. Have good feet, glad feet, feet
that never swell, never hurt, never get
tired. A year's foot comfort guaranteed
or mcy rgfuZ$ *
the following:
President, Mrs. Mary Bollinger,
Bozeman; vice president, Mrs. A. B.
Dixon, Philipaburg; grand warden,
Mrs. Bennett, Anaconda; grand treas
urer, Mrs. Breden, Butte; grand sec
retary, Nellie W. Neill, Butte; con
ductor, Mrs. Lovely, Great Falls;
marshal, Mrs. James Wilder, fladers
burg; Inside guardian, Mrs. EllaeShoe
miaker, Glasgow; outside guardian,
Mrs. Lillie Beardsley, Boulder.
Both Odd Fellows and the Rebekahe
selected Great Falls as the next meet
ing place.
Mi nc 4a, N. Y., Oct. 21.-('elia Cole
man, a negro maid in the Carman
household, the state's star witness tes
tified today at the trial of Mrs. Flor
ence Conklin Carman, accused of the
murder of Mrs. Louiso Bailey, that
Mrs. Carman appeared, revolver In
hand, a moment after Mrs. Bailey had
been shot, and said: "I shot him."
The next morning Mrs. Carman said
to the witness, "What did I shoot that
woman for."
The witness said that Mrs. Carman
told her to stick by her and, if any
thing happened to the witness, she
would take care of her little boy.
The witness said that Mrs. Carman
left the house on the night of the
murder, dressed In a kimono. A min
ute later, she heard the crash of glass,
the report of a pistol. Mrs. Carman
came.back to the door again. 'I was
standln, In the door," said Celia.
"Mrs. Cehian said to me, s shot him,'
then she showed mte the revolver. I
thean went Into the doctor's office and
saw a dead white woman on the floor.
"The next morning Mrs. Carman
burst into tears at the breakfast table.
- - ~ t
N 115,*
This photo was takeni during the bom~bardnent- bt4*t.e [email protected]" city of Mloat, near Antwerp. The city, while
not entirely destroyed, 3uffered great lboa by tire from the et0CtN of burst lng German shells. Note wreckage au
raltway tracks tin tksa £orgpcWQ
A oman
4at Do Things Well
Is susaly the Woman Well Corsetted
She is oomff able in mind and body. Now here is a
Redfern, .od1 8089, of the fashionable sort for the
woman who is by no means slender or large. She is just
the average size, who looks after her
figure by keeping it well corsetted.
She has quite a little flesh to be
taken care of in the corset skirt,
and she likes to feel her corset
and she pulls it in. For this
type this model is excellent. It
has rubber straps back and front. See
them in this illustration. The corset skirt
lays down as closely over the hips as
you like, pulling as snug as the uncom
fortable rubber bandages some women
wear, and this Model 8089 has the added advantage
of adjustment through th a laces. A unique fea
ture of this model is the o pen side seam which is
backed by rubber bands, with "Security" hose sup
porters to pull It down ov er the band. The corset
may be laced very closely to the figure and the rub
ber bands are perfectly a mooth, but have easy play
back of the open seam, the edges of the cloth being held taut by the
hose supporter. It is a beautiful model with a low top, but, so adroitly
designed that the base of the bust is well supported.
You ought to wear with this model, as with any low-topped corset, a
brassiere-and we have a Warner Brassiere htich is designed particu
larly to go with this corset. While it keeps the figure soft looking, it
milds it firmly and conceals the upper line pf the carMet.
Price: $3.50 to $10.00
r -
Later she came to me and teld me to
forget that I had seen her the night
Next day Mrs. Carmlan's attorney
saw her, the witness said, and con
tinued: "Mrs. Carman winked at me
when the attorney asked me what I
knew. 1 said I didn't know anything.
Later I signed a statement, which Mrs.
Carman wrote. That statement was
not true. She had me call her father
in from the barn, so that he could get
the revolver out of the house. I did
not tell the truth at the coroner's in
Frank Farrell, an unemployed sta
tionary engineer, excitable and prodi
gal with slang and mannerisms, typi
cal of the lower East Side of New
York, was also a witness.
What Farrell Saw.
Farrell said ho was on his way to
the rear of the Carman house to teg
food when he heard a crash of glass
and a shot. Looking up, he saw a
women, dressed in a dark garment,
that extended from her shoulders to
'the ground, standing by the window in
Dr. Carman's office with one hand
holding a wire screen above her head
Helena, Oct. 21.--(Special.)-After
considering two hours an application
of Tim Driscoll, deposed sheriff of Sil
ver Bow county, for a writ of super
visory control, the supreme court to
day denied it.. The writ was asked
for to requitre the court that tried
Sheriff Driscoll, Judge Roy E. Ayres
of Lewistown presiding, to show
cause why the judgment against the
petitioner should not be set aside. J.
E. Healey and Walker & Walker ap
peared for Driscoll.
and the other hlnd thrust into the
Farrell said he was frightened and
ran away. lie looked back once and
saw a flash of white, as "if the women
had raised her petticoat to move
On Farrell's cross-examination,
which will he continued tomorrow
morning, he contradieted himself in a
few minor details. t1n the whole,
however, his story remained un
If Farrell stumbled and apparently
grew excited at times under cross-ex
uminttion, Cella Coleman did not.
Not once did she raise her voice, de
spite the fact that she was on the
stand more than four hours.
Defendant Amused.
Mrs. taeman seemed to be amused
by Farrell and the odd picturesque
way he had ot' saying things and an
swering ruestions. But when Celia
Coleman was testifying, the defendapt
leaned far back in her chair and
stared constantly at the witness.
While the direct examination was In
progress and during the cross-exam
ination of the negress, Mrs. Carman
tried to catch her eye. Once while
questioning the maid, the attorney for
the defense moved to a point directly
behind his client. Celia then allowed
her eyes to shift from one side of the
room to the other.
After she was excused from the
witness stand, however, Celia looked
at Mrs. Carman for the first time.
Tears, it appears, came into the col
ored girl's eyes, for she placed her
handkerchief over them and sat down.
out of sight.
Mrs. Carman was radiant when her
12-year-old daughter was brought
into court today and allowed to wit
behind her mother.
When your food does not digest wgl$
and you feel "blue," tired and discour.
aged, you should use a little HERB.
INN at bedtime. It opens the bowels
purifies the system and restores a flpe
feeling of health and energy. Price
60c. Sold by Geo. Flelshelmer..-,Adv.

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