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name of an entertainment that will be
given Friday evening- at 8 :o'clock in
Immianr Bl $aptiet church.' Forty chil
dren"of' the "elementary department Of
the . unday ' bihool will be in 'costume
and ea ad program of sinigs and real
~tifoinsa under ,the direction of, Mrs.
&Harold High. There will be no charge
for admission d ad a cordial invftation
is- extended t.n ll fi.iesds who may be
interested in seeing 'the prety tab
leaux and hearing the program.
RHhilton, , Nov. 25.--(Special.)-A
shipngent of creosote blocks from Mis
soulishas beeni received by Fire Chief
James Higgins,' and will be used for
bottoms in the horse stalls at the city
fire halls. Chief Higgins has erperi
enced considerabie, trouble in provid
ing substantial s'tanding room' for the
big fire teinm, and at 'ast has decided
that 'creosote blolks ought to outlast
material used hleretofore for the' stall
floors. -
( 4LTIMEil
-1 HE ,E BUT
You Should Try I
Stomach. Bitters
It tones the stomach
S-brings back the ap- I
petite - assists diges
tion and assimilation
-promotes liver and
bowel activity - pre
vents Bloating, Heart
burn,, Indigestion, Bil
iousness and Malaria.
Get.a Bottle This Very Day'
S-mm ji
Mission Lirary Lamp
For the Long Fot library or
Winter Eings Sitting Room
A sMission Library lamp
ARetailing for $6.00, TO MISSOULIAN SUBSCRIBERS, paying
their subscription one.year in advance only. .5
You might as well have one. Room
}.A .eMsio-ir.Lm
ym an Voe eo tIwo to one, the o{ty
ahouil tertday sutained the action
f ,he chief of tpoice In discharging
illim I.' wepy ha.from the police:
force abot 10 daya ago fo tregtect of
TbheSweeney case 'has bee . dia
cussed at letoth , in these columns.
Oh the hight tof Nvember t1, uppn
gettigPg ord from U. M .Brooks that
Mri. iLulu Venders` haduco me to Mis
soula fromi Butte to locate a man who,
she claimed, owed her oun.a sum of
nmoney and was at thate hour, about 2
a m., i1 a room at the ,Grand Paeifio
botel .cnd had pent for Sweeney to
comet and ee' heron this business, the
officer left' his heat 'and spent about
an hour in the" woman's room. After
being discharged, Sweeney demniated
oan heaing on the charges brought
against' him. The hearing was con
duicted last Fridayt and Saturday.
Sweedey's defense was that he found
Mrsa. Veders hysterifal 4nd 'threaten
ing to eo tithiit siicide and that he re-
mained to. soothe her, considering this
to be his duty under the circum
stances. After the a hearing closed
Saturday, the council took the case
under. advisement until yesterday.
The deciaion of the council was de
livered immediately after the minutes
of the last two meetings had been read
by the clerk. Mayor Getchell moved
that the action of the police chief be
sustained. Councilman Hodson sec
onded the motion. These two voted
'Yes," upon roil call, Councilman
Houston voting "No."
The discharged officer's attorney
did not announce what action, if any,
would be taken by his client.
Get Rid of That Miserabiu Feeling
You may learn something 'from the
experience of Mrs. William 'Troute,
Ilion, N Y., who was sick for a long
time frein a badly disordered stomach.
"I felt miserablb all of the time," she
writes. "l was tired and had no ap
petite. -A friend advised me to take
Chamberlain's Tablets. I did so and
my appetite improved and I gained
rapidly in health." For sale by all
The jury in the case of E. A. Cary
against William Duffield, the trial hav
ing been commenced in department
No. 2 of the district court yesterday,
brought in a verdect in favor of the
defendant this forenoon.
Mr,. arey was.auins.g for . $400 dam
ages for the loss of at bull that was
injured when hit by Duffield's auto
mobile and had to be shot. The jury
held Duffield blameless for the acci
The Associated Stodents of the Uni
versity of Montana met in a special
session yesterday for the consideration
of two proposed' amendments. After
half an hour of fruitless arguing, the
meeting adjourned in order that the
students might have time to eat be
fore they went to the train to send
the team off for Spokane.
City Herder Mercer will receivt pay
for ine' days work during October,
'When red was called to act k a cOity
latrolman 4uring the pei2 of his
annual vcationi when he wae enjoy.
ing:'to-weeks' freedom, fron- his of
ticial duties under full pay.
The question oit Uhe lelalfty of a
city officer's holding two jobs at once
and receiving conm s tt1i foi both,
was raisedat the liast eti0Mhf-t fthe
Council. City Attorney Wallace, to
whom the matter was referred, ren.
dered his opinion yesterday. ,It
was to the effect that a city official
may pdrform the functions of two or
more offices of the city at the same
time when the extra work does not
conflict with his official duties, and
may recover compensation for per
forming both acts of labor. How
ever, a city officer could not work for
the city and for some other corpora
tion or individual at the same time
and receive pay from ,different
Acting upon this opinion the coun
cil ordered the payment of Mr. Mer
cer's claim.
After giving its decision in the
Sweeney case, which appears in an
other cblumrn the coMlcil took up
routine matters.
Alley to Be Vacated.
An ordinance to vactte the alley in
block 80, Knowles addition No. 2, in
South Missoula, was placed on its
first reading. By'the city's vacating
this alley, it will revert to the prop
erty owners, George H. Pew and G. F.
Brooks, who deeded it to the city some
time ago upon condition that it would
be used as an alley. The property
has never been opened ror such pur
For the Horses.
Mayor Getchell reported that he had
been requested by the humane society
to ask for an ordinance to be passed
which would reduce the time horses
are allowed to stand about the streets
from six hours to four. At the sug
gestion of the city attorney the council
voted to request the humane society to
present such an ordinance and that it
would then be given full consideration.
Helps Relief Work.
Captain Bryant of the Salvation
The leading doctors of France have
for years used a prescription of vege
table oils for chronic stomach trouble
and constipation that acts like a
charm. One dose will convince you.
Severe cases of years' standing are
often greatly benefited within 24
hours, So many people are getting
surprising results that we feel all per
sons suffering from constipation, lower
bowel, liver and stomach troubles
should try Mayr's Wonderful Stomach
Remedy. It is now sold here by Mis
soula Drug Co.-Adv.
Darketi eautifully and Re
staores Thickness and
Lust e a 'Once.
SCom on gadeensage brewed into a
heav t.wilh sulphur and alcohol
added, will ten gray, streaked and
tadded hair beautifully dark and lur
urlant; ~enmov every bit of dandruff,
stop, scalp, tcing and falling hair.
Mixing tihe ,.e Tea and Sulphur re
cipe.at home, bough, is troublesome.
An easier ay" to get the ready-to.
'use tonic, Cto g about 50 cents a
large' bbttle, at drug stores, known as
"Wyeth".g Sh' an( Sulphur Com
pound," thus avoiding a lot of muss.
While wlspiy, ray, faded hair is not
sinful, w' all desire to retain our
youthful appearance and attractive
ness. By darkening' your. hair with
Wyeth'se $ ge aid Sulphur, no one cAn
tell, because it does it so naturally, so
evenly. You Jlst dampen a sponge or
soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time; by morning all gray
hairs have , d.uappeared. After an
other application or two your hair be
comes beautifully dark, glossy, soft
and luxuriant and you appear years
younger.-Missoula Drug Co.-Adv.
Army, having failed to secure a regu
lar monthly allowance from the coun
cil to assist his ,organization in carry
ing on its campaign 'of relief work,
asked for $50, l1glf of which is to be
used to buy a Supply. of potatoes for
the Army's soup kitchen and the bal
ance to be applied to furnishing bed
clothes for. some- sleeping quarters
which had, been donated for the
Army's use this winter, where men
in distress may be given a place to
sleep. The request was granted.
The bond of the Demers .Elec'rical
company, which is no longer doing
business in the city, was ordered rem
leased. The amount. of the bond was
Wants Extra Pay.
L. E, Stone, called as a witness in
the Sweeney trial, but who was not
called to the stand, presented a bill
to the council for three days' witness
fees. The hearing lasted but two
days. Mr. Stone claimed that he had
not been officially discharged. The
council allowed the fees for the two
days the hearing was in progress.
The council Aheard the regular
monthly reports' of city officers for
October and adjourned.
Following is the financial report of
City Clerk Harris for the month of
October, warrants for the disburse
ment of expenses having been issued:
Account general government
Executive .............$ 666.66
City clerk .............. 253.05
City treasurer ........ (357.50
City engineer .......... 392.49
City attorney ............ 136.60
General expense ...... 124.20
Protection of life
and property
Police department...$ 967.82
Police court .......... 118.33
Fire department .,...2,007.41
• -'t $3,093.56
Health and sanitat~on
Salaries, health offi
cer and inspectors $ 100.00
City dump ............ 75.00
Miscellaneous ex
pense .................. 8.40
Street cleaning and
sprinkling ............. 667.25
$ 845.65
Parks and play
grounds ...........-... 230.25
Street lighting ........$1,580.00
Care of streets ........ 506.00
Miscellaneous ex
pense .................. 64.42
Public worke
New sidewalks .......$2,722.34
Water department.._ 69.00
Maintenance accounts-
.Maintenance dis
tricts .................... 92.60
Total ..a... .... .. ..$11,134.32
In damp, chilly weather there Is al
ways a ltrge demand for BALLARD'S
SNOW LINIMENT because many peo
ple who know by experience its 'great
relieving power in rheumatio aches
and pains, prepare to apply it at the
first twinge. Price 250, 500 and $1.00
per bottle. Sold ba (Geo. Frelshelmer.
Itch! Itch! Itch - Scratch
Scratch! Scratchl The more
you scratch, the worse the
itch. Try Doin's Ointment.
It cures piles, eczema, any
skin itching.. Add druggists
8sell it.-Adv.
Store Closed All Day Today•
HE PRESIDENT of the nation and the governors of this and all the states
of this great union have called upon the whole people to pause for a day of
THANKSGIVING, and throughout the land there is glad response. It
will be a day of RETURNING THANKS UNTO GOD for the blessings
He has vouchsafed to us the twele-month just passed, and it will be a day of feast.
ing-and upon this day, at least, everyone in this land shall have PLENTY.
That we are at PEACE with all the world and enjoy the good will of all nations
is, we believe, our GREATEST BLESSING, and we believe, as we hope, that this
condition shall continue; that this nation shall stand as an example to the world,
of political, industrial, educational and'moral progress.
In the business world, the signs of a greater general prosperity are unmistak
able, and we are THANKFUL for the prospect of a great commercial and indus
trial expansion such as this cotintry has never experienced; and we have every
reason to believe that these prospects will shortly be fully realized.
For ourselves:--This has been a prosperous year for THIS STORE, and we
RETURN THANKS to the loyal friends who have made it possible to chronicle
this information. Our gratification is the more complete because of our sincere
belief that our customers have received at our hands full and overflowing return in
intrinsic VALUE AND SERVICE in all their transactions with us.
TOMORROW Christmas shopping should begin in earnest. "THE GREAT
CHRISTMAS STORE," as usual, will be ready to lend its assistance in solving
your every gift problem.
Missoula is having her first expe
rience with religious fanaticism. Per
haps fanaticism is too broad a term.
A few fanatics probably covers the
case more explicitly. A night or two
ago Philip Nordeman, who has been
working about Salvation Army head
quarters, with a great "Bloo-Blloo
Bloo," interrupted the meeting iri the
Salvation Army hall to announce that
he was possessed with the gift of
tongues, and that he was able to con
verse and was then conversing direct
ly with God. lie declared that he has
several followers, among them a
woman, who meet every night In a
store room at 50t Toolo avenue.
Woman Talks, Too.
Mr. Nordeman brought a communi
cation to the newspaper office yester
day from this lady convert, addressed
to the editor and the public in general.
The letter reads, in part, as follows:
"Having read the article entitled,
'Speaks to God,' I, as the woman who
is branded as one of the fanatic be
lievers, deem it good in the eyes of
God and man to reply.
"Yes, I talk with God, always In
prayer which is without ceasing. I
am baptized with the Holy Ghost of
promise of which all Christians read
in the book of Acts. There are eight
of us sane citzens live in Missoula who
speak in unknown tongues. Come to
the meetings and see if we are not
simply God's little ones."
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Mrs. Levi Franklin, of Booneville,
N. Y., says, "I am pleased to say that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy was
used by my son about two years ago
and it proved to be very beneficial in
relieving hoarseness and curing a cold.
It has also been used by other mem
bers of my family and we have a very
high opinion of it." For sale by all
Berlin, via The Hague and Londor
Nov. 95.--Emperor William has con.
ferred the iron -cross of the first ar4
second class on Archduke Charles'
Francis of Austria, -commander 14
chief of the Austrian army and heti
apparent to the Austro-Hung.riaq'
throne, fir the part he has tamen I
military operatonsa
Mrs. Richardson and Orville Albert, Props.
307 North Higgins Avenue.
We are prepared to supply you with an excellent
variety of candies, bon-bons, etc.-our own products.
Our candies are freshly made and will please you.
That is our guarantee.
At our parlors we serve hot drinks of all concep
tions - Tomato and clam bouillorts, cocktails,
chocolate-all popular cold months' beverages.
City Agency for Garden City Bakery Line
of Baked Goods.
, S · OF THE
Anaconda Copper Mining Co.
Big Blackfoot Lumber Co.
Western Pine and Larch Lumber
Mills Located at HAMILTON, MONTANA.
Our mills have constantly on hand large and complete ausortments of
yard items in Western Pine and Montana Larch. Our tacilitir 3*
mit of getting out bill and special items with the least delay.
ments made over N. '. and C., M. & St. P. railways. A large and com
plete factory in connection, which makes anything needed in Sash,
Doors, Window and Door Frames, Mouldings and Interior Finish.
Large factory for the manufacture of
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
A palhatble, nourishing
tintlng Glatnl.-I.owmst rt
Contra~t Dt.
Simoln Paint and Per
Wllamr 'Kidae waaUirPs
Have ,you ovesworkd your
and canued trouble with you. k
liver? Rave you pains i ta.,
back? Hav you a
For sale by a
For sane by G

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