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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, December 20, 1914, Morning, Image 4

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p ~ oy valuble shopping takee Just
F:_,+hre s In makting: bread, cakes, pies :or other baked ds Wearpeaedtfilyoransta
time, of day :in
Bread, Caeindk'e
.. ~Made Firesh Iverry bay.
Special Orders Given Prompt Attention .
SSuccessors to
Phone 354 Black. 734 Locust Street.
Prize W~iners for Chrisbuas
-q p
TheJohn R. Daily Company
av on hibton at the UNION MARKET some PRIZE WINNING
EEF CATTLE at the WESTERN MONTANA FAIR, one of which was
also PRIZE WINNER at the INTERSTATE FAIR at Bozeman and
MONTANA STATE FAIR. Do not fall to see them, as well as our
Phone 117
savUEKI 'acELEpm to t,.
Systematic Saving
Brings Success
A good resolution for the new year.-start to save
money regularly in our Savings Department.
The Banking Corporation
Capital, $500,000.00
A. W. Woods Manager
Make His
Merry With
Box of Our
- Leaders
- .Exquisitos,
-.. Wm. Hooper
' Grass Widow
J. H. Hoyer-Proprietors-A. E. Store"
Makers of
Fine Havana Cigars
Our Products are Home Products
Headquarters for Pipes and Smokers' Articles
I ~uccessful fromu a q
rodin at~iteple. ' t
L The; touinament n t 09 non.
contendrs to a a
viewers or last eiv
engage in battl, 4*I e' o*' a
ftsw weekl i4d.tIer as tl)i qrst
in the style of pl othe etr of
'c . WMcCornUci1 was 'lg malnj c
the evening at;'the. e . s o
Lubrejht was c4n4 ai I t op
iana`ithi 'U . mhes 'ti ,.X id
probablybe continue. on "onda
Sr:. Tel pan of the' tournaiment FI. :"
include all members 'wo d re to en=
,or during the winter. ..~h openingt,
games of last evening are merely a be=
ginning and later handigapj matches
with beginners against newcomers ile.
be .arranged. No handicaps were
played last e'vening.
olowing are the scores made:
Solo-Tabie No. 1 WV. W. McCor
m gk $4 . C. Lubecht, 557; Phil
4.,'2; "Charles H-art, 30. Table
No.;8, 'Arita Koopman'n,.550: R. W.
0oington, 449; .Dr. Bryant, 875; .Wes
;ey Bett,.d, 381.
Billiard s-George Briebach. 100;
Frank C>aupbell, 99; Jack :Helfrich,
t0o; F. C. Murphy, 96; W. G. Fergu
3o.; 100: E. A, Newion, 78; E. L. Free
ainr, 100; F. C. Stoddard, 50
?ool-Frank Campbell, 100; George
Briebach, 84; F. C. Murphy, 100; Jack
Hlelfrlch, 80: W. G. Ferguson, 100: E.
A. Newlon 74; E. L. Freemann 100; F.
. Stoddard, 49.
of last November, Dominick McGuire,,
state organizer 'fore the Foariers' .8-,
ciety of Equity, called on The Mlssou
linn last evening upol.bi, r y.ar.w ,t
Bautte. o L c "
Mr. MicGuire declared that' he. Is ai
favor of s workmen's comrensation act.
which will'not include the, armers. 'li.
said The'Standard quoted- him as say
ing the eqUity organization' Is opposet
to all future compensation acts. 'This,
Mr. McGuire said, is not true." Ie said
he has not met a farmer in his travels
*ho is opposed to a w~orklpep's com
pensatton act which will leave the
farmers out of i~.,
Mr. M~cGuire said that lbe has not the
right to put the farmers' organisation
on record for or against any measure
and tlat was what The Standard
credited him with doing.
"While I cannot say for certain what
the equity organization will or would
do in regard to a workmen's compen
sation act," said Mr. McGuire, "still, I
am convinced in my own mind tliaiT
were a law put before the people which
would benefit the woqrkingme 'of tb
state and not damage the interests i
the farmer, the organization Would .t o
on record in favor. of that measure.
Personally, I would fight to' 4tflnisi
for a workmen's compensatida ac'
framed along the lines I haore men
Mr. McGuire is returning from a trip
through the Jefferson valley, w.here he
organized many locals of the rarmer.d
Society of Equity. He said he had had
a most pleasant time and had seeil .
ter country than he believed to be est
of the Rocky Mountains.
After spending Christmas at home
with his family in Hamilton, Mi. M.c
Quire will go back to the Jefferson
valley and then make a trip into the
Madison valley. Mr. tZeGiuire leaves
for Hamilton this morning.
You know eroup is dangerous. eAnd
you ought to know, too, the gese of
security that comes from having, Po
ly's Honey and Tar Comippund. in the
house. It cuts the thick mueus and
clears away the phlegm, stops the
strangling cough, aid gives easy
breathing and quIet sleep. Every user
is a friend. Misula :Dtru "C. - v.
Gore, Ga., P. A. 3torgabii bA ocea
BIp 'recently to ulse a liver 'i
Hid says of Foley Catba 1 e,
"They thoroughly .cleaahe e it
pAt `00
. `.
.h H. to s
dhe h ris ern
satending ] .achy0
. t it It tl >ýOgri phe
fl1Is Ve a r tsrde +
as:endren te. dhol n s frd
hoime, in H . Sdlton..
Th.*lyp ttot _en d #i
tgeedi r$n l for; t foror etho to
~the' 7 ''""' I.: . r.
daughter, 'Mrs aclme ' in
roea. . t ihe 11.st
.i.d'sr ar go s in Missoula.
-A,. .G
eteaY lvst he . arro
eateilng Wit s .ue
Mil n shene. m;t chd r
her~o uhta* dforithe wei ln rii.
Moneytos. onar "chin he ane' ito:
dauoghter, Mrs. Lik. 11 . .
ha wit ge tsresn o i.sso.o,
lors. Fr lt sh , .l
Mr.. 4nd Ne. ~tA S a)etls
Mestdame T ,
ghefr, Ms Theyill be
awayI serai thPre r o wie i
-spendng vsth hinday vaaina e
• Pa Otriw. , v'
eingli firn ano t
a~ Chssuarlies Scinler t far'' g~one ato
ilen, to spend t a
daughter, Mrs. d i
MRedand Dirs.R , ,.I he lft as
Ad,. -
nMhfr. Fargd Di`' The cityb
daughte, Miss
in Misoulw a ao tii - e:brea
Fo: ' '";frshu cll0
plb s. PFr rid a Ws ` . ".
Albert Joniviaoeeqneq
Mrs. Towe N s ett fromWint o na, it
yesterday from ; bo a ºa> fit her
daughter, Mirs. T rb
work ahit the *ss4 ,tl d liqur ao l
Ad,. ae,, C .,A%
Alerdt Tohonsonif Braen nteed Br
los. Twere in the roi fqtro: Wirona
Min. ow about that ,holiday printingr
dagtera Mrom a ihit fri;Cads aikd
Redlanide green paps aw oi
A "Copy, R 4. Q
Hrl's pore
of th Ye ,
every orde$ lh s
received dt ve
till out '
The Tw
Prices, ,
,o ch
for. a '. .:. a t.
wmvZilt A* her. te Ott
spend thend h..
ea s. '. • ,l te
lng for' A~te1lhil, E g me
llas trhat lo,. t o
iTeya exla*. NE t a
Miss# Irene scott 4 i
yeaterday, gdomng isto
br oples at Thremnied
o. ,.astings Otmte a
fohrsbeen ent G.o miths
athe lan deperti ofr it .
will sjtheila Ci. hria(wit os ~ 4i
.trien: oa. reatlr. Ha
n dentally look a fteri
)rs C. ergle.e a t et
mother and ea istelr 3 dr
M..ir ekoe, to r aoidinil to
retur journey from a t
east.fr cs, , O
Mtkes ha. naudsomaee
olssuadoes. lcii d
Ee. . FinWtlea , 's4 selhe
of ,thse Aaone t Copit
l.ft least nigh for h M
They expent S to ret in ,bout 10
days accompanying fromai whra
Wormer, wio recently neweto ano
ton,.l co leg, to spend wit
Skates sharpened at S aker a
A. B. Hastings of the fores s
has heen sent fro O h
Deer Lodge forest, w
assditant supervl or wit h , ers qfters
st Anaconda. -4r. aIg expects
togo to Massachusetts. in J~ni siryº
"SQpga of a Year,'ilMae t*
iAoy Hall. At .ppiroDprtI *ia it
01 iase at Price'q, to tiin issou -
Id Mlencantlhe Utdre 5114 uontheie
Drug sto.--Adv.
:rs. William Cob1ati b a; the. eie
ter, Mrs. Carpenter, w;H e ýs Ale
letnpard hotel yesteray `Min
their home at Corns to Van,
Christmas witho res. underwens an
Professor William Coblot.~ o
Have his name stamped servgo
letters' on that pocetodk alt
bag. cigar case, .or othrlete css
Makes handsomep .ppernelh
Missoublan does fomd stamisto, dhe
Dimer 4. Findell, who ws c e
with the splackfvor wito adquarters
o. the Anaconda. Copper Mining pocns
pany., leaves this m norningory ric
ton gs Mian., to gpend ChrisMas "ith
his Meople. This i o M ' fire
visit home asice he Came to soit '
in 1911. tw
* riends in Missoula have recelVO,
cards announcing the birth of a da4 -
ter to Mr. and Mtrs. ,L H. Farqub.i.r it
Cambridge. Mass. Mr'. Faulhr it of
the local offices of the forest service
and is this winter taking a post-gtad
uote course in forestry at HahItVard
Pr. Charles Pixler will leeve this
evening for an extended trip through
the south. Dr. Pixlry expedts to go
direatly to Texas and travel leisurely
'bhrough the Gulf states, visiting the
Bermuda islands and possibly north
a. far' as New York, returging to ,lis
sopla 'next spri, g,
M iAss Helen i'oleanb0,, who has
*l for the easo tht tritiner it the.
millinery department .f the, iresola
Moreanitile companiareft last night feo
h.icago. g ite wil later to be homee
in Mio igau, Friends beae areb hblfig
to have We.' ilpl eeltecl return to
MiaoUa ztext season.
Children'Cough. and Coids
Mothers aioften Ww b by the
frequent cids ,oett4. by their'chil
dren. Mrs. L: % ers . )ob*.*k.
N. Y, states ths the t of 909
and 1910 Tier c)lhe
satd eughs, an .1t ws t lt
.4g that ley : _t I °0:v* ,Ater
svsthiu;g 11 tmse4ic b#,R't~h
ebs e "t ;MI~ ende: ;1 ""sale by
Jvaa 48t
1914 1914
Wer Pteped to Serve
e at This Yuletide
ry is the recognized gift for the"
g nd semi-growni up person of to
, A of siver e or .gold
19 :W N . 19
vyle wlrt is uletine
ba~rs ad `ll be t costai t spring .oin
4 I _ s emory 'o he{ ir nds1hip land `love
wvhiph ropts tethe 'sele~t~on `of the gif;
y Qu1: stok `of 1014 ,Christmas Jey.'elrj
ets. Your:t bit "n s invit
Str( e.WsoAND Jeweler
East M.ain Street. Missoula, Mont.
Dr. J. Ft. UnderWood of the. deputrt
moent of eecc~ogotptc oft the U. .versity
of Montana left yesterday afternoon on
a, 'trip ,thatWl 'v41take himn to_ Denver,
Chicago t, New Yoirk .>nd toP 1'ieo..
Tyr. ýUnderwood` pvJF~ a per be
fore' the -I I it mi nas oci
tioni at Prtnbeton on 4*v&r "aaton :6f
the ;stook exchange.
Thle mqeetin before. wtioh `Dr.' Un
der food will*) aer teA ~of the
h~to Dri'. X $ tt the Uie
comfhetale ' e oiith.
e wr - Cd
Thiw Capa Alpha Theta sorority
yesterday aftternoon .receiveda me.,
sage conveying Rhe std inforation of
the death of A. 14. Uline, whi oc
purred at Relf Rapisd s. D.. yesterday
t' oon: Mr. Uline was the faher of
aiss Diana Uline, a member of-Kappa
Alpha Theta and one of the most
prominent woman students of the uni
Mis. UTine received the first inti
matfili of 'iter tl*s .t-lless ons
Thrwsiay :a'n# left for her home that
.lt - gon, arrivi g there two hours
.b rpre.the .demise.
ie rleads of Miss Uline among the
ta wiW ad towfkspeople extend to
her the r sincere syhipatby.
Th Vian to hoost the prolnof eotton
seema to 'be u1factory 1 aun
eeeptteg te the consumer.. le sal
ways the one who gets it where Mame
wore the heads.

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