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Of men from all lines of business
who go home for Christmas, the rail
roads furnish the largest per cent. It
may be because the transportation
cornea more easily to the railroad em
ployes than to the outsiders. At any
rate, the Christmas exodus js on and
railway employes, from section hands
to high officials, are on their way to
some point to spend the holidays.
The railroaders have been on the
move for some time, but yesterday fur
nished the greatest number that has
gone through and from Missoula this
Superintendent F. L. Birdsall left
with his daughter, Frances, for James
town, N. D., where they will spend
Christmas with relatives. Mrs. Bird
sall left some days ago. E. H. Blanch
ard, general manager of the lines for
the Northern Pacific east of Paradise.
went through Missoula yesterday
morning in his private car, attached
to train No. 4. He will go to Minne
apolis for Christmas. T. H. Lantry,
superintendent of the Yellowstone di
vision of the Northern Pacific, passed
through Missoula yesterday morning on
his way west. He is gQing to Spokane
for the holidays. Chief Clerk M. J.
Byrnes, wife and child, leave this
morning for St. Paul, where they will
spend about 10 days.
Of the Rocky Mountain division
trainmen, Gilbert Vicain, brakeman,
left yesterday for Spokane for a few
days; Conductor E. J. Bender is on a
leave of absence during the holidays
and will spend his time at his ranch
near Sandpoint; M. P. Russell, con
ductor, left yesterday afternoon for
Kansas City and will be away until
after Christmas.
Takes Cold Easily.
Have you ever considered why you
should take cold easily? Is it not due
to a sensitive skin? That is the usual
cause. If so. take a cool but not cold
sponge bath every morning before
breakfast and rub with a dry towel
until the skin is dry and warm. Then
when you take a cold get rid of it as
quickly as possible, and to accomplish
this you will find Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy most excellent. Its re
markable cures of bad colds have won
for it a wide reputation and immense
sale. For sale by all dealcrs.-Adv.
Mrs. Edna Ferguson, county super
intendent of schools, acting upon in
structions from State Superintendent
Davee, yesterday set January 20-21
as the dates for eighth-grade exami
rations in the county. The principal
c amination will be given here, but
special exams will be held In IRonan,
itavalil and Potomac, where there are
candidates ermugh to warrant.
The county attorney yesterday
filed a charge of insanity against F.
P. Dupois, picked up at the gas plant
several days ago. Dupois is now in
St. Patrick's hospital. He will be ex
amined as soon as his condition per
Only 3 Christmas Shopping Days Left--
Store Open Evenings
------ A
% °Cet that Boy of
S ours a et of
Let him learn from his play the things that will help him in after life.;
Meccano will prove the best present you ever gave him. With its brass
s and nickeled steel plates, wheels and girders, he can build bridges that can 0
o be raised, derricks that work and Ferris wheels that turn. So fascinating,
absorbing and instructive, you'll take pleasure in it, too.
Look over our book of wonderful things any boy can easily make with
o Meccano. 0
Complete Sets, $1 to $18.
O-O0-o 0 0 000 o 00
Will USE
The Milwaukee will operate the first
electric train over the main line' be
tween Three Forks and Deer Lodge
October 1 next, and if the experimental
runs are successful the system will
be operated by electric power begin
ning January 1, 1916, according to
word received here.
The 12 electric motors to be used
with the first unit are to be of the
latest and largest design. The motors
will weigh 260 tons each and will be in
two parts, which will be permanently
coupled together. These.motors will be
112 feet 8 inches long, with a wheel
base of 103 feet 4 inches. Each of the
two parts of the locomotive will have
a wheel base of 46 feet 7 inches. There
are a few of the new Mallett steam
driven locomotives whidh atre about
the same length as the electric loco- 1
motives to be used on the trains which
will run into Butte, but few will have 1
the speed and power combined.
These motors will have 3,000 horse
power at a continuous rating and as
capacity of 3,400 at a one-hour rating. 1
Each locomotive will have embodied in I
its construction eight motors of 375
horse power, with a pair of driving i
wheels for each motor. In starting the I
motors will have a pull of approx- 1
imately 80,000 pounds.
The electric freight. loconrotives will
be able to pull a 2,500-ton train up a
1 per cent grade at a speed of 16 miles
an hour and two of the gigantic mo
tors will pull 2,500 tons up a 2 per cent
grade. It is planned, however, to util
ize one motor as a puller and one as a j
pusher on the freight trains in the
intermountain country.
Among the features of the motors
will be the control and the system
known as regenerative braking. This
feature will be embodied in these mo
tors for the first time in the United
States, although well known in Europe.
The regenerative braking is to be used
in holding heavy trains on down
grades. It will provide a return of en
ergy from the motors to the trolley
wire while going down grade and will
be of assistance to trains coming up
The locomotives will be flexible to
an extent which will permit their great
length to round curves with safety.
A trip to California, right here in
Missouhl, in the Montana block, at the
Missoula Nursery store. Everything
for Christmas. Come and see. It is
free. Phone 192.-Adv.
Cleveland, Dec. 21.-As far as the
state of Ohio is concerned, the Lake
Shore Railway company will pass out
of existence tomorrow, when its di
rectors will meet to approve the pro
posed consolidation with the New
York Central & Hudson River road.
Simultaneously with the meeting of
the Lake Shore directors in Cleve
land, New York Central directors will
meet in New York to pass on the mer
ger. The combined system will be
known as the New York Central com
pany and will have a capital of $300,
,Chicago, Dec. 21.--Threats that the
enginemen would strike unless cIrtain
features of the efficiency tests in the
railWays' "safety. tirst" campaign
were eliminated were made today be
fore. the wage arbitration board by
Whrren S. Stone and William 8. Car
ter, representing the men.
The witnesses today told generally
of men laid off and promotion de
ferred by the advent of heavy engines,
of long hours and scant pay, the lat
ter impaired by expenses when away
from home. It appeared from the
testimony that on the heaviest en
gines, one fireman' cannot do all the
work required and is asSibted by the
engineer. The men claim that on
such engines an asilstaht fireman
should be provided.
It' appeared also that violations of
the 16-hour law are frequent.
Strike Talk
The strike threat came when Stone
and Carter both declared that they
had been promised time and again
unfair tests would be eliminated, but
that the promises were disregarded.
"'If the courts cannot protect us and
the board cannot, the united strength
of the men will," declared Carter.
"The practices of which we complain
are condemned by the rules of the
railroads themselves, but they con
The men complain that the tests are
made in such a way that they frighten
the engine crew to a degree inimical
to health and sometimes' result in
their leaping from their engines.
For Mrs. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. f. ,Wl Mossman. en
tertained at dinner at their home. on
DeFoe street, Sitturday evening, ,ip
compliment to. Mrs. Conrad Who is
here from Denver visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Jesse Krouskep. Seated at
the charmingly served table were Mrs.
Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. Krouskop,
Messrs .S. C. Kelly, D. M. Kelly, J.
.Frazier and the host and hostess.
Immanuel Chapter
Immanuel chapter, No. 54, Order of
Eastern Star, will hold its annual
election of officers tomorrow evening
at the Masonic temple.
Skating Party
Captain W, IT. Jordan was host for
a delightful skating party, Sunday, at
Fort Missoula. About 30 young la
dies and gentlemen went out from the
city at 3:30 o'clock and skated until
6:30 o'clock. Then a supper was
served hot and delicious at the home
of Lieutenant and Mrs. von dem
Bussche. After supper the. evening
was spent with music and story tell
At the Y. W. C. A.
Thursday, at 9 o'clock, a Christmas
tree will be the center of attraction in
the clubroom of the Young Women's
Christian association home. A,.
young women of Missoula are invited
to be present and to have part in the
good time. Gifts will be limited to a
cost of 10 cents each.
With Mrs. Coffman.
The Y. W. C. A. German conversa
`ion class will meet with Mrs. George
R. Coffmai n Wednesday evening at her
home in the Rozale.
Meetings Deferred.
The meeting of the As You Like It
club, which would come regularly this
afternoon, has been deferred until De
cember 29, on account of holiday
The Bridge club will not meet.this
week. Mrs. C. A. Barnes will bhe
hostess for the club on the afternoon
of December 30.
Men Give Treat.
The principals of the various build&
ings of the city school system, enter
tained their wives at dinner Saturday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. 1. Williams on South Sixth street,
east. Mirs. Williams and children
went away from home at 3:30 o'clock
in the afternoon and left the cheerful
cooks to their own devices. Messrs.
J. U. Williams, L. E. Sargent, D. A.
Stephenson, W. H. Grenzow, L. C. En
nis, D. P. Lucas and F. B. Bates were
the hosts, cooks, waiters and dish
washers. At 6:30 o'clock the ladies
were seated at an elaborately appointed
table and served a six-course dihner.
The only item on the menu which the
gentlemen had ordered cooked out of
the house, was the plum pudding and
they made the pudding sauce unaided
The decorations were red carnations
for the first course; these were re.
moved and a miniature Christmas tree
used to adorn the course of fried
oysters. With the steak and vege
tables a tin peas can with a bouquet
of celery was used and with t~e salad
course the red carnations re-appeared.
With the dessert, came a basket filled
with gifts, each having a ribbon by
which it was to be drawn by one di
the ladles. At the close of the feast,
the gentlemen appeared flushed ant
triumphant for an evening of con
'Ay Det Jilg j aqtnt the esr-9A
business in Mismoeulf '
C. A; ESIltee sMable. to be out astes
two weeks ot M .il .rl .
Victor Horney. of bixon had busi
ness in Missoula yesterday.
Mrs. Q. +X. Motte of Drummond is a
guest at the ShapaMr hotel.
br. Anna Juame, `steoath. Higgins
block. Phone 288 black.-Adv.
William York of Potomac had busi
ness in Missoula yesterday.
Charles trebs of, Ronan spent the.
day on busihess in=Missoula.
Get it lithographed.
Mrs. T. L. Gentil is here from- Sh
Ignatius for two or three days.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gaiser of Bonitay
were visitors in Missodla yestde.ey.
Dr. Willard, osteopath. 1st Nat. Bk.
Riley bldridge came into the city on
business yesterday from Trout creek.
A son was born 'to Mr. and Mrs.
Lars Nelson at their home in Milltown.
Special Christmas slipper bargains
at Mapes & Masi.-AdV.
Mr. and Mrs l;; eloCuloch of St.
Regis were visitors in i the city yester
A son was born Sunday to Mr. and
Mrs. .Ed Summers at their home on Lo
east street
Marsh, the audertaker, 211 W Ce
dar. Phond *21.--Adi ...
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. ,Miller will leave
today for Pittsburgh to spend the holi
days with relatives,
Christmas ards 'with your namen
bnd thought printed thereon are the
appropriate things, for Christmas.
Missoulian has fine designs.-Adv.
Mr. and Mrs..-J. Jamnison left last
evening for Dayton, -Ohio, where they
will spend the holidays.
J. Rothenberg left yesterday after
noon for Chicago, *dhere he has been
called by illness of relatives.
Brlefs amid tdranscipts printed on
short notice. 'Misoulian. job rooms.
.L. C. Tucker came into the city yes
terday from his randh at Flesher, up
the Blackfoot valley.
Newton H. Schweiker, Optical Spe
cialist. Rooms 12b8-.5 Montana Blk.
Mrs. P. J. White,' Mrs. J. P. Swee
and Miss Oyen azte here from Ronan
visiting and shopping:
The Banking Corporation pays 4
per cent interest on savings deposits.
A son was born Sunday' to Mr.
and Mrs. Eugene R. Wigal at their
home on Poplar street.
Let the Missoulian be your Job
Miss Ida L. Fisher goes Wednesday
to Stevensville to spend Christmas with
her sister, Mrs. Flora Dickinson.
Missoulian for lithokraphing.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Mason have
gone to Bound Brook, N. J., to spend
Christmas with Mr. Mason's parents.
The Missoulian has the best dupli
cating sacond sheets- for letters. 75
per 1,000.-Adv.
Attorney Albert Besancon goes this
morning to Hamilton, where he will
try two cases in the district court.
'Christmas slippers, $1.0.0 pair at
Mapes & Mapes.-Adv.
Mrs. J. C. Dowdell and little daugh
ter are here from Kalispell, guests in
the home of Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Hurl
Money to loan on ranch and city
property. H. D. Fisher, 111 E. Main.
J. L. McComb has come to estab
lish an office in Missoula representing
the Bankers' Casualty company of
Minneapolis, selling health and acci
dent insurance. Mrs. McComb will
Musterole Works Easier, Quicker and
Without the Blister.
There's no sense in mixing up a mess
of mustard, flour and water when you
can so easily relieve pain, soreness or
stiffness with a little clean, white
,MUSTEROLE is made of pure oil of
mustard and other helpful ingredients,
combined in the form of a pleasant
white ointment. It takes Vhe place of
the out-of-date mustard plaster, and
will not blister!
MUSTEROLE gives prqmpt relief
from Sore .Throat, Bronchitis,. Ton
silitis, Croup, Stiff Neck. Asthma,
Neuralgia, Headache, Congestion,
Pleurisy, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains
and Aches of the Back or Joiits,
Sprains, Sore Muscles, Bruisesa, Chil
blains, Frosted Feet, Colds of the Chest
(it often prevents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's in 25c and 50c
jars, and a special large hospital size
for $2.50,
Be sure you get the genuine MUS
TEROLE. Refuse imitations-get
what you ask for. The M'usterole
Company, Cleveland, Ohio.-Adv.
You may have noticed that the lad
who talks about the blese4lness 'of
poverty is always a fellow who owns
half the real estate in town.
SOpe EveningUntil Christmas
The Leader is essentially a Christae tore at this time. `Our stocks are replete
with dainty and serviceable articles which will please and satisfy. Choose the
gift for the woman, miss or girl from t he Leader displays.
Everything for Christmas and. You
RS, Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts Waists,
Undersdkirts, Underwear, Corsets, Flannelette
.Gowns and Skirts, Kimonos, Gloves, Hosiery,
Muslin Uderwear, Handkerchiefs, in Novel Christ
mas' Boxes; Fancy Goods, Neckwear, Phoenix
Hosiery---Every Article of Women's Wear.
The spirit of Christmas lurks in every section of this great
economy store of the women of Missoula. Our store is at
your disposal; we are eager to serve you. Come and see
the displays.
join her husband here before Christ
mas day.
Dr. Louise Smith, osteopath. Ma
sonic temple. Phone 613; res.,. 58 red.
Dr. Matthews and Charles Wolken
stein came in yesterday from St Igna
tius to look after matters of business
in Missoula.
For Christmas wines and liquors call
on J. E. Power, 129 W. Cedar.-Adv.
Mrs. W. M. Lancaster and daughter,
Miss Gertrude Lancaster, came into the
city from Arlee yesterday to visit
friends and shop.
Red and green paper for the holiday
Work at the Missoulian job room.
Get it lithographed.
Missoulian for lithographing.
.W. B. Shaeffer went yesterday to
Thompson Falls to be for a few
days looking after business for the
Hoyt-Dickinson Piano company.
Insure with Wheeldon, Rossl Co.,
Ins. specialists, basement Mont. Bldg.
Hay, fresh baled, only 600 per 100
lbs. Ford Garage, 106 W. Spruce.
Miss Gusta Furst, of the Milwau
kee superintendent's office, left last
night to spend the Christmas holidays
with her parents at Lake City, Minn.
Hockey shoes a1 cost. Mapes &
Hlow about that holiday printing?
The Missoulian has a complete line of
supplies. Prices right.-Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Trostle have come
from their ranch near Arlee to visit
Mr. and Mrs. N. V. Lillie in this city.
Mrs. Trostle and Mrs. Lillie are sis
Taxicabs and touring cars for hire;
day and night service. Phone Bell 43.
'Attorney William L. Murphy has re- !
turned from Hamilton, where he has
been for the last five days engaged ini
trying two cases before the district
These are lithographing days. See
The Missoulian.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Turner have
come from their home at Seattle to
spend Christmas with Mrs. Turner's
father, Dr. G. T. McCullough, and her
brother, Massey McCullough.
For fine old table wines, Port, Sher
ries, Angelica, Muscatel and Old Cedar
Run whiskey. Best for family use.
Call on J. B. Power.-Adv.
'Paul Neal of Philipsburg, connected
with the Granite BI-Metallic Mining
oompany, spent a few hours in Mis
a.ula yesterday on his way to Portland
to spend Christmas with relatives.
Coal! Coal! Coal! $5.50 per ton. Call
phone 1167.-Adv.
A letter received yesterday from
Mid. James Cummings states that
Mr. Cummings is now getting well,
at.r undergoing a serious operation
anii being 17 days ill In a hospital at
ftochestes, Min. They expect to come
home soon after Christmas. Mr. Cum
mings is foreman on a paint car of the
Northern Pacific.
Have his name stamped in gold
letters on that pocketbook, wallet,
bag. cigar case, or other leather cases.
Makes handsome appearance. The
Missoullan does gold stamping.-Adv.
Arthur Dubie of Butte applied yes
terday for homestead entry on 160
acres, the northeast quarter of sec
tion 28, township 19 north, range 20
west. The application was suspended.
Baled hay; bargain price while it
lasts; only 60c per'100 lbs. Ford Gar
age, 106 W. Spruce.-Adv.
Beautiful silk stockings. Ideal
Christmas presents, 50c to $2.50.
Mapes & Mapes.-Adv.
Mrs. Hugh Galusha and little daugh
ter are guests in the home of Dr. and
Mrs. M.. J. Elrod for a day or two.
They will go soon to spend Christmas
with Mr. Galusha's people at Sheri
"Smart Set" chocolates, 50c lb.; taste
like a dollar. Nonpareil.-Adv.
Miss Frances Wayne left yesterday
for Spokane, where she will be for
Christmas, and then go to her home in
Tacoma. Miss Wayne has been visit
ing her brother, Attorney, William
Wayne, in this city.
Dr. W. H. Harrison, practice limited
to diseases and surgery of the eye,
ear, nose and throat and fitting of
gl"rses. Office, Higgins block.-Adv.
Skates sharpened at Shoemaker ga
Mrs. Ralph Gilham and small son
have come from Townsend to spend
the holidays with Mrs. Gilham's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Hardgnburgh.
Mr. Gilham will come Thursday to be
here over Christmas.
"Songs of a Year," by Mabel Kin
ney Hall. An appropriate holiday gift.
On sale at Price's, Bateman's Mlssou
la Mercantile store and South Side
Drug store.-Adv,
Minnie Dissett of Philipsburg ap
plied Saturday for homestead entry on
320 acres, including the west half of
the southwest quarter of the north
east quarter of the bouthwest quarter
of section 23, township 15 west; also
the west half of the northeast quarter,
the southeast quarter of the northeast
quarter, and the east half of the
southeast quarter of section 22, town
ship 7 north, range 15 ,west.
If coffee don't agree, use
'Ther.'s a Reason"
116 Higglne Avenue
Bell Phone $7
T.ie est of Iverything In the Market
Short Mill Woo4
and Kindling
The most heat for the money
Dry, per load ........ ....
Green, per load .-- -. ..._ .75
Three loads green for.. ......10.50
Get our dry kindling for, per,
load .».... .... ..... » . S5
Phone 414
W. B. Mclaughlin
For Blight, Rust, Scale, Scab, Cod
lin Moth and All Aphis
To the number of about 1200 spe
cies stand ready to attack your or
chards; some of them may be busy
already, working day and night and
costing you hundreds of dollars.
MUSTONIA will destroy them and
prevent them coming again.
Especially on apple trees, aphis are
very destructive. MUSTONIA will
remove the apple aphis,` rosy apple
aphis, European grain aphis and
the clover aphis, and' keep your
trees clean and free from rust,
bcle and scab.
Birds, bees and insects carry blight
from tree to tree. Prevent Its ray.
ages with MUSTONIA.
Spray with MUSTONIA three to
four times a year and your trees
will be healthy and vigorous. Get
your order in early for spring de
livery. Write for literature on
spraying and tree planting.
E. LEECH, F. R. H. S.

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