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SiVie pleasantly enter
ot 1eds at herb home,
ore4 n Christmas
, l Ity d)corated Christ
15 & elded pretty giftst
t ts, wtas tene feature o
lte refre.hments wer4
SW I Mrs. 'Cnad of Den
t1 E. Ma eee i Mr e. A hshm an.
Ap pleasat revival of old wedish
.ýChristla. customs was enjoyed byJ
those fifpred with the ho*p$tality of
Mir.,anl 'Mrs- J. A. Swansoy. of West
Lti irvesi4e-on Christmas eve. Refresh
Sments qf old-country natUre were
aseved w.d aiterward the ;alests en
Sjoyed thep4S.afrter. tydiashfin of
m the .Darty i. .ving all the deli.htful
dM1an05e o th fattherland. Mir. and
M er pe 5 gunestse were Mn . and
Mt~. AlitOre r Jdhnson,a Mr. and Mrs.
p. 3oh~isoed, Mr. and Mtrs. A. Venns
ten iMrs. Odhil Tunstill, Mr. and Mrs.
J. eai nson, Mris Davis and Messrs.
S. Laron kand I. Vennsten.
Informal 1'.i s
.Mrs. Alice Macleod, Miss Alma Bin
zel Ci Miss Miu'tyo E monds gave an
initrrhail tea . s.erday zhternoon at
their apartment in Sacajawea lodge.
Mrs. N. Je . Len"ies' and two children.
'Mrs. W. Q. Bateman and two children,
Mrs. rWve a.Kemp and diughter, Mes
iamnes :ti~fItifig Ayer, Langmaid,
Rlichardsofi, Smith, Burleigh and
Draike enjoyed the hospitality offered.
. Dnc ,. O. Chb.
Mrs. J. . Rossenberg will be hos
teI form the O. D. O. club Thursdai
afternoon at her home, 828 Clark
t a e n aet.
Mr..N. tene' ndtw hidrn
Oifrti.day Surprise.
Mrs. A. P. McDonald asked a num- i
ber of friends to her home on Rollins a
streetlast Tuesday afternoon to sur- v
prise her husband in honor of his sev- f
enty.-second birthday. Mesdames r
Scherek,, Siegel, Murphy, Pulliam,
h.Ikier, Lemley and Andrews were of
,the corpanay. . .
Testh Annual Ball.
The Daughters. of . Herin,. have I
their tenth annual ball welL planned to
be.a brilliant social event of, New 4
:Yeari's eve.. They are prepared to give
..ciordial .welcome to all friends.
or, MrsA. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. H W~t Mossman en
tertained at dinner at their home on
DeFoe asteet, S)turday evening, in
oopempliment .to Mrs. (onrad who is
:geteffrom Denver visiting her daugh
TTake a Tablespoopful of
Salts :if Back -Hiurts or
Bladder Bothers.
"We' are a' nation dof meat eaters and
tir blood'i. tfliied with uric acid, says
'a ,r ;*'llk.norn authority, who warns
its .to 'be' constantly' on guard agailst
kidn ey trouiible.~
. e..Lýlneiys do their utmost to free
thse blpod . <:this irritating acid, but
become- wdak from the overwork;
they gat ligh: the eliminative Us
srt ~19.g~Usd 'thus the waste is re
1talled in tie blood to poison the en
;tire sybtteh .
"When: ypur itid.neys ache and feel
.,like lumpsl of .lead, and you have
: tAgiiag pains in the* back or the
Urine. S acloudy, ..full of sediment, or
thee bladder is Irritable, obliging you
to- eek i eltef .lrildg the night;, when
ye 'hae: severe headaches, nervous
and diasy' spells, sleeplessnes,. acid
Sstomach, or rhuniatium In bad weather,
get from yoir pharmacist about four
.ounoe- of . Jad , alts; take a table
spoonful In a gliass of' water before
breakfast eatCh morning and In a f t
dis your kidneys will act fine: TIis
.:moug aie lts i made from the acld Of
,. band lemon Juice, combined with
;4i ·ad has been used for genira
this te' flueh and stimiulate 41q ed
ktdiheys. to .neuralise the '-id " in
urine g It Is no longer a source of
IrrmIona: thus endint uriniary and
adM erdps
.74 0alks Is itanpesisve sad cankot
nfiuse; `makeea.ideghtful etsrve.scnt
lit t i ten r . r i, :d~a no dU ' n
-~I~T~l b" takIg a tittls 0o
"cil to kteelp the kl4yDn Rclean
*si1 e~i " s4f ,tse.owis 'Drug Co,
Our Suits h and Qoer=
coats' inad tar order at
$I5, notemorethan $o20
are t$1 uondkr any sale
the charmingly served table were Mrs.
Cotiad, Mr.e aind Mrs. Kiondkop
Medsrs .5. C. Kelly, D. M. Kelly, J..
Frazler and the host pnd hostess,
Skating Pearty
Captatin w. H. Jordan was host for
a delightfuil : siatning party, Sunday, at
Fort Wisoula. About 30 young in
dies and gentlemen. went out from the
city at 3: 30 o'clock and skated until
6:30 o'clock. "Then a suppera' k
served hot and delicious at the hnme
of Lieutenant and Mrs. von dem
Busache. After supper the evelnrh
was spent witthi music and story tell
Cass- Rock.
The marriage ceremony of Andrew J. a
Rock of Alberton and Miss.. ~ennie M..
Cass eof W~bdter, South Dakiit; was u
solemnietd at the, South I~ethodist
parsonage Tuesday afternbol, 'the, li
cereinony being, performed, by 'Rev. Al. I
Coljmbug Hamilton, pastor . of the -,g
church. The wedding party was t
h peroned by. Mr. and Mrs, J. T. b
Farmnei gf Avery, Idaho. 'Mr. Rock is
cobil*cte 'with tlie Mtfwask ,itsi
road, with headquartersa at' Avery, and
is regarded as an estimable and promt
ising young' man.' Miss :Caw is., an
accomplished and amiable young lady,
whose home has heretofore been in
South Dakota, The party left on the
night train for Avery, where the
young couple will make' their home.
Mrs.! Seith Hostess. .
Min.. Charles I.. 'Smith wds hostess
aat A charming dinner Wpdnesdny it
the Jr. W. d:.,A. homee, entertaianin he
clasq from the Sunday school of the.
Congregational church. TheicQnlpan
included Mrs. Mab~it K: Hall, who ha1
the 'class in partnerkhip with Mrs. I
Smith, 'Misses Dorothy, Marshall,
Florence .Melchior, Laura .aelson,
Nona Clark, Lorna Graven, ay 'Spohi,
May Whiting,. Helen Gallagher, Har
riet Hali, Helen Frisby, Mary Rehder, I
Jessie Virtue, Norma Virtue, Helen
Magee and Bessle Blakely. The table
was trimmed with holly and Christmas
place cards, and a very delicious,
menu was served.~
Sandstrom -Jackson.
Miss Agnes Theresa Sandstrom of
Victor and Clifton S. Jackkon of Ituby
were: married Thursday at noon at
the home of the bride's parents., Mr.
and Mrs. Abel Sandstrom near Victor,.
Rev.' Harold Griffis, pastor of Calvary
Christian clurch of this city, per
fdrmed the ceremony in the presenci
of about 50 relatives and friends. Mi'di
Holmes played the. wedding maich
from Lohengrin. for the entraince of
the bridal party, Miss Olga 'Sand-.d:
strom, sister of the bride, and Cecil;
Jackson, brother of the groom were
the attendants. Both ' bride and
biidesmald wore exquisite gowns'. of
embroidered-white voile and 'the bride
wore a wedding veil. Following the
ceremony, an elaborateluncheon was
served. The bride' graduated from
the Victor high school and was later
a student in the University of Mon
talta. The groom' is a eo~ of Mr. and
Mr., 'Charles Jackson of Hamilton. He
1I as also a student in the university:
SHe has taught school near Hamilt6n
I and is now superintendent 'of sehoool
at Ruby. Mr. and -Mrs. Jackton hih.ve
I gone to their new- honme at Ruby; tol|
i towed by congratulations and gbod
S wishes from a host of' frietids.
r Miss Florence R. Jewett and Oliver
L. Johnson of idvaro were mprried at
s 6' Iclock Thursday afternoon' at' the
parsonage of the- Methodist "dhurPh,
P Rev. "Charl6s D. 'ruch D. ,, beaing
Stihe otfiblatling cai gtiran. 'Uls Ts *-i
b 'alla Jewett had 'Go e O. "Hoyt, iatt
- 'tinsed the' blrde na ;groom. *The
8 brlde was becomingly goiwed t
l t 5lintsist s a'Mn str it 'beouqtit '
4iato srweet pseas. btI#wie
4 aat tlestta Witaesase h' cre1tnp
Mrw dad Mi a. Johniolr will saike thedir
t heaoe at '.Rve.
a KPP.1.GQO - AWifIT 4G.
. ' . ja
.. . e t
a d, a -
S er t
taDln u~ r. . seke ingf
The Assemabry wllba e aole0 of
hmaLntt a e . *na" W
dade t: te M. cu.
aes is tadians lierjoyed tnthte ndiad
rueloaMi d floor utit l " te tri thie ev"th
Mr. aild Mrs. 3. 0 Riead aid daugh
'vitations for aporty at the Ravcan'
a telig!htfsl place for the efioyidest
hof ethelast iours of the old tiar s4
the welcoming of the Neirw yo4ar. "
datfhg prbogram has bngea oiurp
Thae g'itd march will be called at S
Cbt( pall mrastm TTeie.
tiltol enMieds the novelty of its
f ip.uniciphi Christmas tree Thlurse
d e#e. ing A large crowd gathered G
at th b rhliatly lighted tree in the
oityltrl4 rosa fromt the Ravalli ho
tel find aliseted to a splendid miusical
program: rendered by the Hamilton t
chorug and hildrin from the schools, ,~
All stores cloded from 6:30 until 7, 80
o'clock so that all might attend: b
asmiltoan Personls. H
SMrs. H. ,Ferbrache left Wednesday ci
afternoon for Missoula to spend
Christmasa with her daughter, Mis. C.
T. Morrell. " ,u
MisseS Hazel Healy, Louise. Bender
anrg Ada .eabpry left Thursday s4ter
,oon, for Missoula to spend Christmas
witt Miss Healy's relativ s 'there
Mr. and Mrs. Harry GiLha$in and
littie daughter left Saturday, for.i
Brooklyn, N. Y., to visit at ther
former homes. Mr. Gahagin will re
turn to i.Hamilton in about- a ~moant
bt his wife will remain in Brooklyn
,for s r. .'r "
ti" Helen Clark hd io' IS tsh in
in MissgUlIa 9outty, came to* Haniltoi
Sunday to siend thd Christmas vagt-t
tion with her relatives.
Miss Alma Bergland went to )-'is.
soula Thursday to spend Christnmas
with her sister, Mrs. C. A. Barnes
W. L. Shovell left Monday for Spo
kape, where he will viasit for some
time. `q H winl also visit in Wenatcihee
before returning to. Hamilton,
Mrm. HIomer 'toss came here iT,,r
day from Stevensvilll to spnda 0niislt
mainns With her Barents, Mri
Henry GrOver..
Miss. Vera bride, who Va ;*'4t*
the, University of Mont"a' q{rri
home Saturday to spend' ,~lstOaai
with her parents, Mr. and , as. C..
Pride. . .
,Frank .. Stevenp left Mo.iday . o
Seattle to spend Christmas. with hbl
only sister. . . "
0: C. Cooper, president of the CitaI
stnes' State. bank, returned, IondgY
from a short visit in Portl4nd. whetee
his wife,. is spending the Wiwiter:'
Mr. . and' Mrs. J. E. Totian . left
Wednesday for St. 'Ignatius to ispead
Christmas at the home of 'George
Beckwith. `
*Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Spurrier -lft
Saturday for Denver, ,where .they Will
aspend 'the holidays.
. Ms. James' Boucher left Tuesalay
for Dillon to spend the holidays w1ith
her sister, Mrs. James. Murray.
Mrs·t . ,W.. Akin and children left
Thursday, after.toon for Mlssolla 'to
spend Christimas with uMrs, Akii.'s par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. N. Reeves,:
t(r.' and, 3Ns. John '.Burcb'.lf,
Christmas with relative' at 8lateVi
Nora Shetl the pretty ad ac
'i ,.l ht.er of 'r. an ,Mrs.
F, 'h. en becanse -the bride of
r(" n T~a huirday 'evi ing at
tahe oth t church:i., PronIti' at
8 g.,'ltOk, ,. to thhe stralins a .;f gndei
stl4 wed4GihW march, pla.d by
p i Ms njiaLepey, the bridal Srt
approached th. i altar, where, ti geth
, o'ist UEpiscop4 rring sPervie, said by
d . T. Ferris, made the bridal
r oplIe one. The, attendaettsd wr `Miss
t M1idrT0 lopitrot as, ' maid of honor,
e Tiln.an Carson as best min, -.little
t, sei- Bertha Sheldon, ring bearer, and
Wendle rris and Edwit i heiadon
us.)ss. Folloowing the cerenlony, the
brilidl party drove to tho e tiome of, the
Sides .~ ri.ers a wedding' supper :was
t. to 6' r. and. is.
S left , taf4Ut y 'tor pheriton.,
Towa, where the irro ias furnished
4 ° it , grandnrep - t
aiiof r. Franose Mye'rs.
; 4ihitwho partook of ante elaibora e
I*1i is s4 gos dipsner atwhe Tb1ose
of Mr. °and nrs . SIN: Csfain,. Tiie
ea.r*ts san a:naetal atatrit r46 t4isl
' ul. u plies., ; i
divides. Lite
f. request.
AFTER the flat,
be. , fr e m
Insure Wi
ar prtteul .rly ,happy bause
t the p bence of all the relativek
w .h are In the west,
Shome of M..' . .and Mts. M t,
ack wasl the scene of a pleabt
%githertn eon Chrjstmas lay `when
t.mme1bers tof the familynet there
feast andmiiake merry. The guests
wee 0 and' Mrs. Louis Wo ltlr
1es vrgaret Slack, SFam Burk
art, Will and Jasper Slack.
t ihe Corlhis dancing club gave ain
tstnas night, which proved 'o be
% most ple*iant event. Musil . was
to iahed by the lGranket ordietera.
eor. and Mr's. E. E. Scott, Mr. and
). John utl, Misses Lepley, Wuan,
til ges, 'tR well, Benja Lepley, "Ire.
lard,. Nelhti undl Happeler Mbasrs 3.
h uAdams,rW. Young and Rev. 3. H.
14Tunklna ,were dinner guests Sun
Mr. of Mr, and Mrs. T. c. Glass
lr. and Mrs. A. N. Whitesitt on
tet.ained at °a sumptuous go.se din
ner on Christmas day, plates being
latd for 12, all of whom were inem
bers of the Whitesitt family.
The annutal family reunion of the
Hulls was bold this year at the spa
ciores home a dfr. and Mrs. John Hull.
. Youaig, of the Butterfly ranger
station is entertaining from Saturday
until Tuesdky at a delightful house
party. The guests are Mr. and Mrs.
John Hull, Mr. and Mrs, t. R Gless,
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. &Scott, Misses Lois
saild Benja Tpley; Misse Wean, Hap
polq, Ireland and Nelesn; Messrs. 3.
G. Adams and Paul Lqar.
Don't mTiss this. Cut out this slip,
enclose aents to FoIey . & Ce., Chi
cago, Ill., writing your name and ad
dress cleaily. Tod will receive in re
turn a free trial package containing
iholey's honey and Tar Compound, for
oughs, colds aid croup. Foley Kidney
ills, . and Foley Cathartic Tablets.
Por ;ale in yMifr town by Missoula
Drug Co.-Adv.
titttNEt984W.; &l EGE NOTES.
: Constributed,)
Tle ,college, d4iseed school last
Th inray at noon oi'-:the holiday va,
oatl. which will; st until January
4.: usaul.evetyibue felt that he had
s~peft.a,,very pl~. ant, easwell as prof.
its4pnorning, 4$d when school was
di~i~ed at the ,ed ofta little friendly
talkl.4,ith, wishes, of a Merry Christ
mas ;.nd a HapI. New Year to all,
everybody seemed to. catch the spirit,
and .for some tbme the most heartfelt
greetings were .iven. 'the occasion
coufldinot have been qiade a happier
one, evyn if the good old Saint had
been there in person.
The many friends of Robert Voss
will be pleased to learn of his appoint
?ient to a liermanent position of rail
wa' ndcfil clerk. Rob works between
p3ianie iatid Butie on trains Nos. 1
and; on the Northern Pacific. He
took his civil service course while at
tending our school and in less than
a year altogether received his per
'manent appointment.
Miss Bessib "Macrery, who was a
student In our normal department and
who got a certificate to teach at the
October examination. is now teaching
a successful school in~'Park. untity.
Miss Mary Merry, who is a, student
ain bur normal departqentit, preparing
for .a.first-grade certificate, will start
teaoi~lng a term of adhool January 4.
"Miss 'Anpa Warner, who is prepar
ipgTfor a professional 'certificate, went
to her home at Bearmouth for the
Christmas vacation.
Caspar Nicholsonleft for.,Darhy last
Thuisday where .he "will be. a real
Santa. Several others will get off at
I Darby with Caspar.
..n. nes Wimmett, JWill. Thill, Emil
He q'rick.on and others left forFlor
ence in. high expectations of i very
pleasant Christmas.
Joe N4ckay of Stevensville was so
much worked, up by the expeoted
Christmas vacation .that e. could not
walt for It to come to him but he
went to it.' Joe is a grdit "ig-hearted
young man who it is a pleasure to
I Childr n' Coughs and Ceod
Mothers are often worried by the
frequlent colds dontracted4by their 0,l11
di'eo. Mrs.' L. H. Bradley,. Mohawk,
N. Y., states that In t1io Wiater of 1909
an l91to her children all had bad colds
{ .oul hs. an. it watanOt unit she
save thein cha iboratas*oslsgh Raein
eymtahat theby Penato iimprove. Ate
4sg t thi' lEey &ce W4ppealt
STbi only onahe .* iaw ttahfoQ nds
d. ald alebgir-,.
per hour, it gives Quick
Heat, No Odor, Simple to
Operate and Perfectly
Missoula Gas Co.
126 W. Main St.
Plains, Dec. 26.-(Specinl.)-1ir. and a
Mrs; John Flynn and baby, of Mis
soala, are visiting Mr. Flynn's familyI
during the holidays.
,craonk Hammons of Ilot Siirings mo
tore4 into town Thursday.
Sipank Simpson left Tuesday for 1
1iorthfield, Minn., where he will at- i
tend to business matters.
.Mrs. C. J. Dougherty and family 1
Came in from Camas Prairie Thurs- t
day and left on No. 3 for Kootenal, s
where they will spend the holidays a
with Mrs. Bonner. c
H.- J. Morrison left Thursday for a
Missoula, where he will join his faim
ily and spend Chfistmas.
Mr, and Mrs. G. A. Foulmin came to t
Plains Wednesday. P
R. E. Esselstyn, former state treas- .
urer, of Helena, was a Zaslness vis- t
itor in Plains Wednesday.
'13, F. Clifton of Perma was in town
Wednesday. I
W. L. Cutz, Arthur laIrrivee and I
Joe Morjleau motored in from C'anm as
/ (Continued from Page Five)
tural college made talks on the subject
and a motion was made and carried
that the .executive committee be in
structed to proceed with the plans.
This was done and as a result, Mr.
Charles Hansen, a man of real prac
tical experience as well us theoretical
knowledge, has been assigned to this
field. Mr. HInsen was given quarters
with the chamber of commerce offices
and is already beginning his work with
the farmers, although on account of
the season he can at present do little
:ore than lays the foundation for the
camlaign which will be on in earnest
when the spring work opens up.
Western Montana Fair.
A resume of the year's work would
not be complete without some refer
ence to the Western Montana fair. Al
though the chamber of commerce
claims no credit for any direct hand in
the success of this fair, its members
assisted to the beat of their ability and
the commercial organization assisted
by giving its moral support and se
I cured the closing of the stores for the
big afternoon of the fair. Too much
credit cannot be given the fair board
and its secretary, F. M, Lawrence, for
t .the effic'ent manner in which the first
real "Wlestern Montana fair was con
t ducted. To cap the climax, Mr. IAw
rence has just returned from Bozeman
where' he drew down 19 prizes at the
t annual seed show against the strong
Sesat kind of competition. This shows
what Western Montana land can do
t and is one of the strongest arguments
I toward inducing the farmer looking
t for' a new location to select this sec
tion of the state.
1 A committee selected by President
- Coffee took charge of the annual
v Fourth of July celebration and put on
an entertainment which brought many
o western Montana people to the city
d during the two jays. The G. A. R.
t e1tOampment was assisted by the
e chamber of commerce in raising the
d neoessary .funds and entertaining the
o visitors. It was a successful conven
tion in every sense of the word.
Indultrial Survey.
Chairmian SBllox. of the ways and
e means comnmittee early in the year
l- brached the subject of an iidustrial
k, surevy of western Montana. Upon
9 «aesideraatlon, the committee decided
ia t' limit this to an industrial survey
is from two standpointd: That of dairy
I.- Ing snd timber-using industries. It
sir =d beeaI'eariy demonstrated during
it he.*t itwo years that it is not prac
4. tijjl to consider Missoula as a general
.s manufacturing center at the present
I- t.e., This condition arises from our
d 6it sh [email protected]'d the centers' of
Spopla , witn h nmakes general man
St u i k .ut; of the question on ac
M E: " } 1.: tW
11 'l A
ý_.: -;.?at* i w w ý+: "i, ýla»s: : ý ,..s. .. .. ý
ds het ýi tha :hh cost of labor and
the d.tanc from markets. However, I
'its only a m attr of time until our
t4ber resources will bring this country
before the eyes of, the manufac
ture'as employing timber in their fin
is'ied produ.o ..t W leh the cost of timnt
her in the east has' reached a point
where it will offset the cost of trans
poietaitbn and labor Missoula will be
in a positioit to bid for ananufacturies.
It i1 on this account that it was decid.
qd to make a. survey of our timber
using industries and it is believed that
when we are in a position to place act
ual figures instead of generalities be
for the manufacturers that we will be
rewarded for the time and money put
into the industrial survey.
The committee has not overlooked
the fact that there are possibilities in
the pea and fruit-canning industries,
and it is proposed to push this during
the coming year.
During the past year a creamery has
been erected and will be in operation
shortly' after the first of the year. The
dairy herds of western Montana are
on the increase and before Fong we will
be known on account of our dairy
products. The co-operative creamery
at Stevensville has demonstrated what
a few dairy cows mean to the farmer,
and it is nowa,i certainty that western
{Montana will be in the van alont this
line befor.i.any years have elapsed.
' Fort Missoula.
1lealising that sort Missoult was the
proper location for the federal troops
pent to this state, the chamber of com
merce took this matter up with our
representatives in Washington and
they have succeded in having the
troops removed from Helena to Mis
soula, where they could be given some
accommodations. Owing to the Mexi
can trouble it is not possible to state
at this time just when troops will be
brought here permanently. However,
soldiers have been in the city for over
two months and are likely to remain
for some time longer. Many import
ant matters have been brought before
the executive committee for action.
This has been particularly true since
our affiliation with the United States
Chamber of Commerce, which has
played an active part in determining
the sentiment of the country toward
various measures and has undoubtedly
been of considerable value in its rec
ommendations to congress.
It was decided that a road from the
BUtter Root valley through into the
Big Hole country would be of benefit
to the residents of the Bitter Root and
the chamber of commerce subscribed
$250 toward its construction.
The soil survey of western Montana,
for which the chamber of commerce
has been working for some time, has
been completed na far nas the Bitter
Root valley is concerned and a report
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J - - 4,.4 ..._ vs'~
on this work will be I* I
short time.
A CEnip4h.
Comparing the chainerr t oet
as it Is today with lat y -a
couleran situation is di..e I ,
past year has bees ont of gm "
nancial depression and ttlto I
conditions, which Were l 7y du to
the Islbor diffleulties oa t¶M teir
months ago. In spiteo is tte
chamber gf commerce h taad`
record and4 occupies a ttonoer Disc o i
the community than it 'hs ever ' ete .
held. Our membership fhaI s N wn a dan
increase of 30 over last y ,par's roll;. tte
executive committee 4~ch not belipne
that this is as good a as.ilslng as ought
to be made. It is, however, a splendid
record ift general conditions are eoqn
sidered. It was hoped to end this
year with at least 300 members, The
mark has been missed, ibut we are rot
.through shooting. The chamber of
commerce has amply Justified its ex
istence during the past year, and dAr
ing the coming season is sure to bet
ter is record. This brings us to a
short discussion of the plans which
are already under way for next yqar.
Next Yei".
The coming year ahould mean a
reat deal to Missoula. Referripit
again for a moment to the early pages
of the report I would live to impress
upon the members of the chamber of
commerce that there is much to be
done and that there must be something
with which to do. One of the first
events on the 1815 calendar as it ap
pears at present, is the Red Apple ban
quet. Practically everyone in Missoula
is familiar with this event and itt suO
cess in the past. The ohamber of botr
merce hls already extended Invitatl0s
to six special trains to make MI.soult
a stopping point on their way to the
San Francisco exposition. It requir~e
work and money to entertain these vis
itors. The executtive cpmmittee re
cently authprized Professor A. L. Stone
and the secretary to niure on 4 Mis
soula folder to be distrib.utnl at the
uan Francisco exposition next year.
This also cannot be dohe on promniaes
to pay. WO should overlook no opp r
lunity during the co0nlig season of i
ducing the easterdter to. stop oft aUd
inspect western Montanb. This Ve r
will bring through our cite a, host tf
tourists anxious to learn somethinmg of
the country through which they,atr
passing. If we can interest these peno
ple before hand, they will know some
thing of Missoula. We would like to
reach many of them, particularly the
farmers, and must do this through ad
vertisinig. Advertising coats money.
It must also be remembered tiJat
this is one of the most critlcal years
in the history of the unlversity ,and
that the full co-operation of the btti
ness interests is vitally necessary.
Fiftieth Birthdsy.
The chamber of commerce has al
ready cinched what will undoubtedly
prove one of the greatest attractions in
the northwest in 1915.' On July 4 the
city celebrates Its fiftieth anniversary.
In connection with this event it has
I been arranged to stage a frontier cele
bration which will be even better than
the Pendleton roundup, which has
given that city publicity In all parts
· of the country. Arrangements have
a been completed with the Drumhellers
a of Walla Walla, Wash., to stage this
show, or stampede, as the committee
i has decided to call it. These men are
familiar with every detail of staging a
wild-west day and realize that during
the coming season they will have an
r opportunity torbreak all records in the
matter of attendance and much east
ern travel should be attracted here by
the opportunity of seeing the world's
champions in their various lines. Both
Northern Pacific and Milwaukee rail
roads have given their approval of the
scheme and have signified their will
ingness to advertise this through thO
east. It will be a means of divqrting
travel over the northern route and will
give Missoula a chance such as she
has never had before. The advertis
ing will be pushed at San Francisco,
and it is hoped to interest many who
at present imagine Montana to be
nothing but a land of blizzards, Indians
and range cattle. This also takes
money, but it is in the nature of an in
vestmseht. That it will return several
fold there can be no' doubt, but the
L diflculty is to bring this fact home.
e, Ou ur New Quarser
g We are beglhning a new year in new
n quarters, which we believe will add
Sgreatly to our efficiency. A small read.
a ing .room hha been fitted up where
te visitors and farmers who come to the
et city can spend a few leisure moments.
The move has cost money, but has met
*e with gederal approval and will In
2h crease the value of the commercial or
1- ganisation immensely. The response
to the repeated demands for assistance
ve has been excellent, but during the corn
a- Ing season we will need more money
8' and even more than tlfat we will need
the help and co-operation of every
SMlssoula citizen, whether in or out of
the organization. If every member of
the chamber of comnlerce woui ghake
off his apathy and get into the gnme
I with all the enthusiasm at his com
mand, it would prove an Immeaatruie
help in making the.coming yeer Wtat
it ought to be--the most saeosl
and prosperous tlat western ) +eet*
has ever experienoed.
'WsILA) 0.

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