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e White Feather
By J. E. Harold Terry and Lechmere Worrall.
TN» Htlinj of this story is at a
private hotel in England. Molly,
who l-vos there with her father,
Mr. PollOch, a justice of the peace,
•S engaged to Christopher Brent.
Mrs. Sanderson, proprietor of the
hotel, her son Charles and a ser
vent by the name of Pritz together
with Pràuloin Schroeder, a little
woman of German birth, are all
spies of the German government.
The other occupants of the hotel
are Mrs. Miriam Lee a mysterious
person and Miss Myrtle, a spinster.
Bront, who is in the employ of the
government, acts the part of an Ir
responsible idiot and only Mrs. Lee
knows what his occupation is.
Bront installs a dictaphone in
the house and learns of a plot to
signal a German submarine by
burning the house to the ground
and the occupants with it. The
platters tell Pollock that Brent is
a German spy and as justice of the
peace he ought to arrest him. Mrs.
Leo is welcomed into the little
band of German spies by telling
.them that she is also in the em
ploy of the Teuton government.
(Continued Front VcHtcrdny.)
"1 think you are all terrible." said
Airs. Supdcrson. passing her plump
fingers over her eyes. "Hut i suppose
It must be. Our aims are great and
glorious; we must remember that, and
not notice what dirt there is by the
Miriam wondered whether she re
ferred Ho Alias Myrtle or her own ac
tions as'dirt, but, needless to remark,
did not voice her thought.
"O, enough about all that," said
Charles, pushing the whole subject of
Afiss Myrtle aside as of no importance.
"We mqst come to business."
"Ah. yes. business," repeated fratt- j
lein. "As you say, this little episode is '
purely incidental. The signal is to be >
given nt.l o'clock, is it not so'.'''
"Tes. at 1 o'clock. .1 have the inoen- 1
diary bomb ready. It will only be !
necessary to set It and in a few see- i
onds after the explosion the whole' "
house will be burning. They are pretty j
thorough things, you know. Hut to
make doubly sure i shall spray some
petrol about at the last moment."
Fräulein nodded lier birdlike head
approvingly. "All that is good," she
remarked: "and now for us. out es
cape. Have you planned that out'.'"
"Then, I can help you," broke in
Miriam. "I haven't been working
alone down here. Although I wasn't
told about all of you, l have two men
assistants heart and soul in the cause,
who are staying down in the town.
'They keep a big car in readiness. I
only have to telephone them tonight."
"Ah. that's splendid." exclaimed Airs.
Sanderson. "I cannot tell you how I
want to nyt,away, Luckily tin house
! let
^ "ft
; on
I the
Is so Isolated it will
burned out before many people ar
rive, let alone the file engine. How
long before are we lo start. Charles'.'"
•'Well, I have calculated it out this
way, mother. ]n the excitement of the
lire and the finding of the bodies"
Airs. Sanderson flinched slightly—"it
will, I should Imagine, be quite 1-'
hours before these stupid English rea
lize that we are not amid the ruins. I
have all our passports ready and the
yacht sails tomorrow morning early.
Therefore, if you all get away in this
car of Mrs. Lee's about midnight. I
shall stay just to set tilings going, and
Fritz and I will join you in the two
seater. later. In London. Aon have ail
got everything ready, t suppose'"
"Everything," replied fraulein. "But
•now there is one thing more which is
causing me anxiety. I don't consider
that Brent has yet been fully ex
Miriam's heart gave a great bound
and then seemed to stand still. She
pressed her hands together under the
table In nervous apprehension. Fräu
lein went'on:
"What about the Marconi instru
ment having been tampered with?
That has never been explained. And
the shooting of the pigeon, that was a
queer coincidence, hein?"
'T can explain the pigeon." said
Miriam wearily. «In fact. 1 have al
ready done so. I was teasing Mr.
,'kily the- house
be thoroughl} !
! tu
; and
! and
j a I
1 rub
, ;
Tirent about his shooting and wagered t,
Overworked Women
must learn not to
iÿortontmrg, S.C.—"For nine yean T tnf
teiea from backache, woakneaa, and irregu
UriUeooo I could hardly do nay work. I
tried many remedies bat found no perma
nent relief. After taking Lydia K. I'ink-n
bam's Vegetable Compound I felt a great u
«bange for the better and am now well ami
strong ao I have no trouble in doing my work.
I hope every user of Lydia E. Finkham .«
Vegetable Compound will getae great reliet
as I did from its use."—Mrs. S. D. McAeaa,
132 Dewey Aye., Spartanburg, 8. C.
Chicago, in.— "For about two year« I suf
fered from a female trouble ao I w as unable
to walk or do any of my own work. 1 read
about Lyriia E. Pinkliam'a Vegetable Com
pound in the newapapera and determined to
try it. It brought almost immediate relief.
My weakness has entirely disappeared and 1
never had better health. I weigh I ItiS pounds
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bam's Vegetable Compound."—Mrs. Jos.
O'Bst«, 1755 Newport Ave., Chicago, 1U.
him he couldn't till a sitting gull.
Owing to this system of ignorance we
are all kept in. 1 of course thought
that you were using your pigeons in
the service of the admiralty. I knew
saw one rising that it must be
ni on some message of in,
when I
being !
porianee. The rest you know, t had
my little dummy package prepared
and ntiinuged to change it when we
were all looking at the dead bird after
ward. Keen when I saw what the map
was li did not convey the truth to
me, for of course : only thought jr
was a plan that Mr. Sanderson hud to
get to 11 io admiralty as quickly as
possible. My one aim was to gel It to
tic rmany as quickly as possible, but
all we can do now Is to take il our
''Von hav e it ?" asked Sanderson
Site nodded. "Vos, I still have it."
"That's all right, then; but as you
Say. the tampering with the Marconi
installation remains unexplained."
"1 suppose one of you know." broke
ia .Miriam, speaking quite casually, i
ottng Pennicuik had a course in !
s training? And lie was in and
good deal this morning, yon j
It's no good saying he hasn't
! wirrle
! out a
the brains, franl.in, because that's
what we've each and all thought of
everybody in this House. fronte bod}
obviously had lit,' brains, and it seems
to me that everything points to .Mr.
"Ah.J^pt that putt
on it." exclaimed
Pennicuik has had c
I way. these apparently commonpiac.
I young men. ut getting a lot more don.
than any one would ever suspect."
! "Well, Pennieuik's time is up, any
" 0 know with both the Unowled
11,0 opportunity,
? a different light |
Iraulein, "if Mr.
xperience in wire- j
less, lb' is not, as you say. the lype j
fluit we should use for investigation j
work, but then the English must use ;
what they have, and lie is a very typ
ieal Englishman. They have a curious;
tonight. I think it certainly must i
have been Pennicuik; as you say. Mrs. '
L-oc, lie was the only person as far as r
wily," remarked Charles grimly. "His
Ul er is going to be nipped in the bud
"Goodness knows," said fiuulrin. "a
fuss of any kind is the Iasi tiling we
want tonight, so it will be better to
let Brent alone. Pennicuik, Vi's, that
has certainly thrown a new light on
Mrs. Sanderson glanced at her
watch. "In a few minutes more this
young Pennicuik will be in for tint
whisky and soda." she warned them.
"ft won't be long before he has to go
on guard."
"Everything Is settled, then?" said
fruit lein briskly.* 'You," lo Mrs. Lee.
"will see about the ear and our os
cape. And you. Chartes, wiH see to
the bomb, and your riio'ttier and 1 Will'
. , ' ' ' ,, . ,
ntlena.t^^tttoFiWW'tbVW .tfl^Vj-r,,?"Lies*
'I think it is time vve women appeared
tu go to bed." She rose as she spoke
and the other two tollovved her ex- i
ample. -Miriam with a deeply thankful j
heart. :
She was still very anxious lest some. I
tiling should miscarry, and she knew j
that it would be unsafe to try to com- j
munie» t«» with liront in any way. She
could only do as ho asked her — ko to
Sure Way to Get
Rid of Dandruff
There is one sttr>' way that never
■fails to remove dandruff completely
and that is to dissolve it. This destroys
it entirely. To do this, just get about
four ounces of plain, ordinary liquid
a I von: apply it tit night when retiring;
use enough to moisten the scalp and
rub it in gently with the finger tips.
By morning, most it not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
'four more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy every
single sign and trace of it, no matetr
how much dandruff you may have.
You will find, too, that all itching
ml digging of the scalp will stop in- |
stuntly, and your hair will be fluffy, i
loss}, silky and soit, and |
lusl roiis,
look und
You ci
drug stoi
and soft,
■I a hundred times bettir.
get liquid urvon at an.v
li is inexpensive and four I
t, mil.
is all
This j
roll will need
las never been known {
_ I
, I«'I- room and wait until her share In
, the proceedings began.
J A little later Perdrai Peimiemk,
I quite unconscious of how often his
j name had been taken, though not in
vain, and of the fate which was threat
ening him. sat comfortably In the
largest armchair in the Sandersons'
sitting room, drinking his whisky and
soda. The room looked very cozy and,
j lo Urent's itnaginalïon, si » nied extràor
dinarlly and inanely unaware that It
! nli g h , BO , llR to nt cil , aors
,,e looked round it half «„bellcvlnglv!
ri<i bimsilf th <|lIP „,.
fancy that inanimat,
, 8U1 .,. J} . tlo |j
asked Pennicuik.
I don't think they have decided at
present. Sanderson seems inclined to
hush the mallei up. Very awkward,
you know, a woman and ell lhat sort
of thing." And Mr. Poll ick wagged
his head sagely.
"That's all very well." replied Pen
"ieuik. with the uncompromising vir
tue of youth, "but if she's let off.
What's to prevent her playing exactly
(the same game anywhere else'.' Sun
del-son's all right. lie's got his papers
back, she can't do any more damage
down here, but there, are others to be
thought of. One can't afford to be loo
chivalrous in a ease of this sort:
there's to much at stake; for the sake
ring one woman you might sac
the lives of a thousand men."
He spoke Willi, for him. unusual
tluency. Percy belonged to the inar
f Englishman--a class
majority—but lie, too.
bdt something of the quickening
effect of the day's events. This cap
ture.of. the spy was the nearest to real
' var *'•' had yet come; the thought of
it gave quite a tang of excitement, to
ills dull vigil on the cliff.
"Dear me. 1. think you are putting it
a little strongly. Pennicuik. by boy. At
the same time it must be admitted
there is a lot in what you say. Evi
dently von are not the one to bo car
ried away by a pretty face and a
pleasant manner. He's Ihe sort of
man we want, eh, Urcnl?"
"Ho on, rub it in, as though l weren't
feeling quite enough of a bally ass
without that," lamented Chris.
"Well. well. Brent," said Mr. Pol
lock. "I'm very glad lo find il was only
foolishness on your pari and timt I
was mistaken about the other thing,
you know. 1 Hi glanced at his ag
gressively handsome watch as he spoke.
tieulule class i
hirgvly in the
past I
ss my soul," he went on. "it's half
Past 11 ! I must be off. Early to bed.
,q cetera, that's always been my mot
to. Can't say I'm particularly wealthy,
Put T think f can claim the healthy and
wise. Yes. I think I can claim that
much. The Sandersons were jolly glad
to have me to advise them, t can tell
you." All this in an almost boisterous
note of cheeriness as he shook hands.
"Hood night, Percy, my boy. Hope you
have a good thick cout with you.
You'll find it a hit chilly on the clll'f,
mind you."
"Oh, i shall be all right, sir, thanks,"
said Pennicuik, shaking hands. "Hood
Mr. Pollock proceeded to shake
hands solemnly with Brent as an
amende honorable anil bade him also
good night more or less amiably.
(Continued on This Page Tomorrow.)
San Francisco, Dec, 10.-—Time in
which the. western states may obtain
their quota of the national war camp
recreation-fund has been extended to
include the month of Januatv, it was
announced here today. More than 150
ilies and towns, including the larger
columnnilies In the west, have corn
I'h'ted their drive, but a few have la
held bock.
objects should
some prescience of an
>■} nl so near and devastating. Out
wardly he himself looked the image of
errs! fallen rutnity. Mr. Pollock,
the contrary, who was also imbibing
whisky and soda, beamed vvilh im
portance and gratification.
"So Brent's had a lessen not to
Host in a pi ten ranees," he finished,
i hav ing told Pennicuik the tale of the
j unmasking of Mis. Lee.
I 'She had you all right. Brent. Very
clever the wav she played volt up, very
; "i say. you know." said Chris, -"il
j lias bow led me out. I never felt such
an almighty ass in my lit,
"What are you going to do with
Extend Time for Raising
War Camp Recreation Fund
Tyler B. Thompson Elected
Head of State Wholesalers
5 "
~ *
l' mi. Oil'll illlsS
Great Falls, Dee. In. The Montana
Wholesale. Grocers' convention met in
tills city today for its annual session
with about 25 attending, all the Com
panies of the state'being represented.
Election of officers resulted:
Tyl.tr B. Thompson of Missoula,
president; F. J. Hies. Great Falls, vice
president; Fred Keil, Billings, secre
tary; Charles E. Hetsey, Great Falls,
treasurer and T. J. McDonough. Bil
lings, F. G. (ties, Great Falls, Paul AY.
Taber. Lewtslovvn, ('. E. Yoilldi n.
Butte and Waiter Munson, Billings,
■xeeutive committee. The associai ion
Northwestern Grain Men
Want Change in Standard
Spokane, 'Dee. 10. — Farmers, millers
and grain buyers of the four north
western states conferred here today
with representatives of the federal
grain Inspection division at a meeting
for the submission of suggestions for
changes in grain grading standards.
A proposal to make No. " wheat Ihe
basis for prices was submitted by buy
ers present and was hotly contest) d by
some of the farmers. It was suggest
ed that a convention be held here next
year to make preparations for - bulk
handling of grain anil Ihe plan was
given general approval.
'•F! f un* â ^ §■'*
.wrY * jSt-"'
ft 0
Ivory Py-ra-lin
Ranks High With Givers
Becuune of our great jr p.iration.-., via
domestic ivory. Thousand* of articles
Py-ra-lin. the American made Ivor}, pn
in workmanship. \\'< Amcrlcanx have
iiiivv have full stocks In the
I via 11 your choosing. Ivory
feet in design and wonderful
it.(inly made great progress
In tills exquisite art. A leiv sugge lions front our showing:
Hair Brushes
Hut Brush«-*
Clothes Brushes
Mamcuie Sets
Military Brushes
Shoe Horns
Puff Boxes
Han Receivers
Pm Cushions
Pholo Frames
Hatpin Holders "
Dottle Holders
Trinket and Jewol Boxes
Sets have been formed, at prices up to 125.00. or, if }ou prefer, they
will be made up from pieces of your own choosing. These acts avo
packed in very il.ainlv boxes for giving.
l' mi. Oil'll illlsS
voted to employ a paid secretary to
look alter its matters, the selection to
be left to the commit Id'.
To Keep Skin Healthy,
Youthful, Wrinkleless
Now lhat the social season Is here,
I" especially careful to keep your skill
in fine eondlton. A'eii know how con
spicuous complexion defects appear
under th, bright light of the drawing
or ball room. Also how very evident
ate some makeups when similarly Il
luminated. I have myself discarded
cosmetics entirely, using a process
which gives far belter results, and
which leaves no trace on (he akin. AI
night I smear on a thin coat of ordl
n;, 1 } mereolizcd wax, washing it off
next morning. This gradually absorbs
Ihe devitalized particles of surface
skin; just as gradually the more
} out li fill skin beneath comes forth,
providing a complexion as clear,
smooth ami delicately tinted as a young
! id's Get an ounce of mereolizcd wax
at your druggist's and try this remark
aI'h t ri atment.
Remember, too, that wrinkles, even
the finer lines, are not easily concealed
In a bri! lia ni ly lighted room. You cum
quickly obliterate these hateful marks
h.v bathing your face In a solution of
I mi de red saxolile, one ounce, dissolved
In wileli hazel, om -ha!'' pint. And your
face won't look sticky, as after using
pastes. Aunt Surah in VVoman'a
h aim.
J Happy Mixer at M. H. Church
This Evening.
! Bor will inert non at the First
MetliuUi.u church- tonight, not with a
shingle In his hand ami a lecture on
Ids tongue, tiut as a fellow human.
Just good fellows met together will sit
nt dinner in the church parlors at li :tt»
o'clock, precisely, tills.; evening.
Vives and mothers are providing a
menu including chicken and "the trim- j
I min's." produced in war gardens ilur- |
j lug 1 Im summer, for Ihe nu n and !>o}s|
I of the church.
I The Men's Brotherhood class of the
] church Bunday school lias planned the J
! affair to stimulate a larger eomradshlp !
among the men and boys of the church. ■
ts vvis M. Sillies will preside as toast - i
master, and Charles Pueldcr of Bill- j
ings. stall secretary of the Y. M. •'. \ .
will be the prinelpat speaker. V few
other speeches will lie made and musi
cal numbers w ill be given.
"The dinner will begin not one min
ute Inter fban 6:XU." said Dr. C. X ». I
Crouch, the pastor. Iasi night. \ ,
Woman Asks Subscriptions
for Mythical Institution!
A woman win* claims to 1 >♦ * tvpiv
smiting th*' "Protestant Childrens
Horn** of Helena," is falsely solicit mu
contributions in Missoula, according t * »
l\ S. Lusk, president of the First Na
tional hank, who In ventilated the case
yesterday. No such institution exists,
and officials at Ihe lu-arcness' home
in Helena say that no one here is au
thorized to seek subscriptions, says
Mr. Lusk.
Men delight in fine things to wear, «ind
although every man doc» not buy the
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Kremcntr Jewelry
A Fine Hat or Cap
A Silk Muffler
Mark Gros» Leather Goods
A House Coat
A Lounging Robe
V \ Pass The Word
To Santa Claus
AH Santa Claus needs is a little
tip from you this Christmas and
he will produce from his capacious
sack beautiful electrical gifts that
will delight' the heart of any
Home Needs
If you wish for some particular
''Universal" Electrical Appliance
let Santa Claus know about it or
ask a friend to tell him. Sav yon
are tired cf doing your work the
fid way. Just whisper "Univer
sal." He will understand.

diain Veatogram
Something new—«omething difereni—■
with individuality (hat will at once
appeal lo men ot good laue io mottete
of dieu.
The initial Chain Veftogrem ü the one
thing that you may give • mao with
the full anuiaace that ha will tppee«
date it and prize it alwaya.
A beautilul anoitment lo ehooae from,
ottreAire design« and finely wrought
chain« with attachment« for watch and
opposite pocket (««lener. Packed in
Holiday bo«ej.
Priced $1.50 and $2.00
tyis sou la M ercantile @

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