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Comfort Committee of Forest
Service to Push Knit
ting for Soldiers.
JO: * . ..........
Money Furnished by Lumber
and Forest Relief Has
Been Inadequate.
War knitting' of the Women's Com
fort committee of the district forest
service will continue more rapidly now
because of a new arrangement for
raising funds for buying yarn, accord
ing to members of the committee.
Heretofore money has been furnished
by the Lumber and Forest Kelief com
mittee at Washington.
Because the funds supplied were in
adequate for the work the Comfort
committee is doing, a meeting was
held to work out a remedy. It was de
cided that a personal monthly con
tribution by the members should make
up the deficit. This action will Insure
the committee J4o a month for mater
Rad Cross Supplies Deficit.
Previously the Comfort committee
has been working directly as an
auxiliary to the National Bed Cross at
Washington. Socks, sweaters and
mittens knitted by the committee were
sent direct to the headquarters of the
forest service at Washington, where
they were delivered to men in tho serv
ice. The foresters in Washington
work in co-operation with the Rod
Cross In delivering the material, if
the supply held by the forestry depart
ment is insufficient Tor the fitting out
of a regiment of forest engineers leav
ing for France, tho Red Cross fur
nishes enough to do so. Ail articles
knitted by the forestry Comfort com
mittee are used for the loth anil 20th
5,900 Sweaters to Engineers.
A recent report showed that tiw Red
Cross lias furnished the 10th and 20th
engineers with 4,r,U0 sweaters and the
United States department of agricul
ture. through which the forestry Com
fort committee operate, furnished
1,400 sweaters.
By furnishing their own yarn the
Missoula forest service Comfort com
mittee is privileged to send knitted
articles directly to mon in the servier.
—-, Tho work of the local commute"
will continue the entire summer, ac
cording to a report of the committee.
Principally socks will be knitted dur
ing tho summer. The next' regular
meeting will be held tomorrow night at
the home of Mrs. Charles Vealcy, 101
Hammond block
Declares Government Will
Not Limit Price of Wool
Washington, Feb. 23—Special.—"The
government will not fix a price on
wool,'' said Secretary McClure of the
National Wool Growers' association,
who came to Washington to investi
gate the situation in order to relieve
apprehension of western wool growers.
"I can find no disposition among of
ficials or departments here to lix a
wool price. There is no legislation
pending and no department now con
templates such action," declared the
The idea of making butter—yes, ta
ble butter to spread on bread—from
the white meat of cocoanuts, may seem
like a revolutionary idea. Rut this Is
exact I % what is being done by progres
sive American manufacturers, in an ef
fort to provide American people with
an appetizing, wholesome butter that
will take the place of the creamery
butter, which is every day growing
scarcer and- more high-priced. For
European scientists have discovered
Salts, Calomel, Pills Act on
Bowels Like Pepper Acts
in Nostrils.
Enjoy Life! Don't Stay Bil
ious, Sick, Headachy
and Constipated.
Get a i0-cent box now.
Most old people must give to the
bowels some regular help, else they
suffer from constipation. The condition
la perfectly natural. It Is just as nat
ural as It is for old people to walk
slowly. For age is never so active as
youth. The muscles are less clastic.
And the bowels are muscles.
So all oldAeople need Cascarets. One
might aa well refuse to aid weak eyes
with glasses as to neglect this gentle
aid to weak bowels. The bowels must
be kept active. Tills is important at
all ages, but never so much as at fifty.
Age is not a time for harsh physics,
youth may occasionally whip the bow -
els into activity. But a lash can t be j
used every day. What the bowels of j
the old need is a gentle and natural j
tonic. One that can be constantly used j
without harm. The only such tonic is j
Cascarets, and they cost only 10 cents
par box at any drug store. They work
whils you sleep.—Adv.
'that "butter fat6" may be extracted
-from th? cocoanut meat and churned
just as successfully as the' old-fash
toned fat skimmed from miik.
This new nut butter is snow white,
absolutely wholesome, absolutely pure.
Churned with pasteurized milk it is
11-cal butter-butter that can't he told
(from the usual creamery kind, except
'that in most cases It is even crisper
and more delicately flatored.
And the resemblance of this new nut
butter to cow's butter does not slop
with taste and appearance. Nut fats
are just as digestible as butter fats,
and equally nutritious. We all know
the value of nuts as energy and fuel
foods—well, this food value is offered
In nut butter. Added to the fact that
nut fats melt at as low and even lower
temperature than butter fat. easy as
similation and digestibility is insured.
Therefore. Instead of paying exorbi
tant prices for butter, try tho new but
ter made from the white meat of Hie
cocoa nut.
Tie- Troon Nut Butter Co., with
plants at Milwaukee and Chicago is
among the first to discover nature's
gift and apply scientific methods to the
feet ion of a process w hich offers ns
this wholesome, hygienic, digestible,
sweet flavored, appetizing food.
Senator Defends View
of La Follette on War
Madison. Wis.. Feb. 23.—A defense
of tile war attitude of Senator La Fol
lette, by State Senator Henry A. Huber
>f La Follette'« home county resulted
in the holding up of the business of
the special session of tile estate legis
lature tonight. It is expected that the
session will continue until Monday eve
in Washinglon.
Oil Is a Necessity
Supply Is Short
Production Must Be Encouraged
To make money in oil we must bring in oil. To secure oil we must drill. The Quadrangle Oil company offers
you a chance for good returns in one of the best produc ing districts of Wyoming.
We control many hundrèds of acres of valuable oil land adjacent to Greybull and Basin, Wyoming.
The Quadrangle Oil company has a great property, but needs more money for development.
With the proper development a great future is assured, for oil we must have.
To Encourage Production Oil May Soon Reach $3.50 Per Barrel
This Is One of the Big Chances of the Year
Quadrangle Oil Stock Is Good From Every Angle
This company owns outright 138 acres of proved oil land near Greybull, Wyoming, and eontrolls 2,880 acres in
the Elk Divide and Big Muddy sections in Wyoming, and 1,280 acres in the Laurel field, Montana.
Buy oil shares today. A small investment now may be worth a life-time of effort. What's a hundred dollars
when you make thousands? Others are doing it. Why shouldn't we?
Stock for
$ 10
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$ 20
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$ 25
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$ 50
Stock lor
Make Your Dollars Win You a Fortune
Be governed by the millions of men and women who are making millions of dollars in oil.
in by investing. They bought stock and they doubled on their investment many times.
Everyone started
What Others
Have Done
You Can Do
i hereby subscribe for..........
Quadrangle Oil Stock, for which
herewith enclose
the sum of . ......,............
Name .........................
Address .......................
224 North Higgins-Avenue Missoula, Montana
Rumor Says Government Is
to Control Com, Barley
and Oat Prices.
Reports So Near Authentic
That Action Soon Will
Be No Surprise.
A well-defined rumor readied Mis
soula yesterday afternoon that the
prii e of oats, barley and corn is soon
to b" fixed by the government under
the food administration, just us the
price of wheat has hecil fixed.
This means, according'to the food
manufacturing and food selling run,
of Missoula, that substitutes for flour
will soon be within reach of everyone;
that corn meal, which has been olf the
market for some time, will be avail
able. and that oats for feed will lie
down to somewhere near a reasonable
No official information regarding |
this contemplated action of the gov
ernment could be secured yesterday,
but the rumor had come through so
direct and is so well defined, that the
S=S? ~~
It is probable that the government
will give ample time for the actual
taking effect of the order to protect
those who have in transit substitutes
for flour and wheat. However, when
the price is fixed it is expected that
it will be lower than tho present and
contemplated price of oats, barley and
corn. It Is expected that the fixing of
the price of the flour substitutes will
result in the releasing of thousands of
bushels of oats, barley and corn now
in the central and southern states.
British Columbia Buys
Big Railway Interests
Seattle, Feb. 23 Kora consideration
of Jl.100.00i> tin Pacific Great Kantern
railway in British Columbia was taken
over tonight hy the British Colum
bia provincial government, the agree
ment being signed lu re by .lohn Oliver,
minister of railways in Columbia
and railway repi, sentatives in Victoria
and Vancouver, who made a special
trip to Seattle to close the deal. Tho
provincial government. It is understood,
will extend the line a distance of »00
miles into the Peace river district.
San Francisco, l-Yh. 23.—The white
bum crop of California, amounting to
approximately 30.000,000 pounds, has
been commandeered by the United
States army and will be pugpndcr mil
itary guard, according to an announce
ment here today by H. Clay Miller,
Pacific coast representative of the di
vision of co-ordination of purchase,
United States food administration.
Despite Requè st for Sprjcd
Representatives Would
Tide Bill Over.
- à
Urge Taking Over t'f Minor
Companies Because Urey
Are Important.
Washington, Feb. 23.—Altlmtl gli the
house today adopted several amend
ments to tho administration b'ltl regu
lating govornmifcu control of t ho rall
roads, including one empowe ring tho
president to take over all sh Jrt lines
competing with the trunk rcÿuls. in
dications tonight were thnt tt le meas
ure might not bo passed befo bo Tues
District of Columbia c omnittteo
measures have lho right of' way In
the house Monday and there w*is u dis
IKisition on the pjtrt of son He moin
htrs to let the railroad bill go over
until Tuesday. However, Ohairman
Rims of the house interstate com
merce committeo in charge of tho
measure, will make eyjery effort to sc
final vote Is had.
,, ............... over snort
lines competing \t Ith th* trunk tines
was offered by «lepresfcntative Esoh.
of Wisconsin, who urg.« ,hat it would
Hit them on tho sa-*«, basis as tho
larger roads am! wo aid stabilize them
during tho war. .The original section
of the bill draw A* by Representative
" tibl > "f North Carolina and urged hy
Director General McAdoo, provldcd-for
taking over onl: f such short lines as
were necessary in thp opereUon ot
tlie entitle tran tportatlon system, hut
prov i<le«l comp tnsation for diversion
of war traffic from roads not taken
over by routing over those lines freight
not Important t n the conduct of tho
1 he short 1 Jnc amendment adopted
hy the house differs from that In the
bill passed I'* the senate yesterdny in
that it excl «ides any line not acting
as a commo 1, carrier and Includes only
those that the president might deem
necessary to win tho war. Advocates
of the nnjendnrient said today In argu
ing für Its passage that any small
railroads thift carried food, fuel or any
thing going Into the manufacture of
any \var supply, was aiding war work,
nmt thnt Virtually all of them would
l>q taken over.
The hfiuse defeated, as did tho sen
ate yesterday, amendments to limit
com (sensation.
R lit lacke. lice. 23.—The federal gov
ern ment will «lot fix the price of wool,
»( > tirding to Information received here
«"'light from R. \v. McClure, secretary
ot the National Wool Growers' ussoci
111 ion, who Is in Washinglon.
[_ _ m ^
Now O
Penwell Hotel Block.
Where Food is Cooked
People Who Know How.
Our Merchants
Lunch a 1
"Try our Old-Fashioned
Pan-Fried Steak."
Missoula, Montana.
fAPITAI..........-............ «200.000
SURPLUS FUND_________ 50,000
G. a. WOLF ----------------President
JOHN e. LKHSOU....Vice President
J. H. T. RYMAN____________ Cashier
G. A. Wolf. M. A. Fish, John C.
Lehsou, Gaspard Deschampa,
J. H. T. Ryman.
Ron or on
MW East Cedar Street
A 1 « M«oke and Sell 3fi|y
Nt'l Cash Registers and Credit Files
i-owuNt prlut'ci iStnuIi
monthly payments
No int«*r»*at chargea
Written guarantee
Old r t'KlMtt'i s repaired,
'•»•built, nought, «old
tnd exchanged.
Thomas Whalen
Agent the National
Oaah Ueglater Co., 1 20
K. limadway. Butte.
Mont Uhorte It
Form the Habit ot Letting Ui
Press and Repair
Your Clothes
You'll appreciate the aervlc« we'll
give you—it's superior. We serve
you without delays.
Phone 500 Red
Butte Cleaners
Telephon» *«l J and 1 will «nil. or
leave orders at Smoke House,
Taxidermist and Furr far.
Stove-Length Mill Weod
At Polleys Lumber Co.
(City Saw Mill)
Partly Dry_
Dry Planer Trim ___
When we hare It.
Qu.ck Delivery.
*«-50 Cash
-1* 75 Cash
.14.00 Cash
Phone 414
Hoyt-Dickinson PtetaC*.
•hoot Mnete

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