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DEAD The Mis -
*^soulian. for ii
is the *oid reliable*
LL the net*?}
every day from
VOL. XLIV. NO. 364.
^ Q rim in Russia, 1 Fight Huns
Report Grand Duke Alexis
Declared Emperor With
Full Powers.
Rumors Current of Intense
Disorders Existing in
/ All Parts.
Stockholm, April 28.—Bv the Asso
ciated Press. — Correspondents of
Swedish newspapers in Finland tele
graph persistent rumors in circulation
there of important happenings In Rus
sia. The most definite rumor declares
that the former Grand Duke Alexis,
son of the former emperor, has been
declared emperor with Grand Duk*
Michael Alcxandroviteh as regent and
that the new government would re
fuse to recognize the Bolshevik peace
treaty with Germany.
Tlie tumors would be disregarded
litre were it not for the fact that a
- report from Vasa, Finland, bust Thurs
day declared that the transportation
of Russian civilian prisoners had to bo
suspended ''because of current dis
orders in Russia."
Finland and Sweden have hud no
telegraphic communication with Rus
sia in more than throe weeks.
An Exchange Telegraph dispatch re
ceived in London from < 'opentuigcn
Saturday reported a counter-revolu
tion had broken oui in Petrograd, it
a.dded there were persistent rumors in
Finland that Grand Duke Alexis had
been proclaimed emperor and that
Grand Duke Michael was the real lead
er in affairs in Petrograd.
No Word Received Here.
Washington, April 28.—No word was
received in official fiuailers here today
to throw light upon the report of a
new revolution proclaimed at Petrograd
with the purpose of restoring the tnon
' archy, and placing little Alexis Niko
. laevitch, son of tin- former czar, up-on
the thron*'. Neither the state depart
ment nor tlie Russian embassy Is in
touch with Petrograd, however, and if
the report were true the news probably
would come from many sources before
confirmation reached hero in official
Lloyd George Says Battle
Means Death to Either
One pf Ideals.
London, April 28.—In a special
Yiefttce to a volume containing ex
tracts from the prime minister's war
s] recliea, Mr. Lloy d George says:
"I never believed the war would be
a short war. or that in some mysteri
ous way, by negotiations or compro
mise. we could free Europe from the
malignant military autocracy, which is
endeavoring to trample it into submis
sion and moral death.
"I always believed that the machin*
whiçh has established its despotic con
t*oi over the minds and bodies of it*-
victims and has then organized and
driven them to slaughter, in order to
extend that control to the rest of the
world, would only be destroyed if free
Pépies proved themselves strong and
steadfast enough to defeat its attempt
in arms. •
"The events of tho last few week,
must have made it plain to every
thinking man there is no longer room
for compromise bete een the ideals
for which we and our infinies stand.
Democracy and autocracy have com>
to the death grip: one or th*- other
will lasten its hohl on mankind.
'It I- - realization on This is
sue, v 11 be our strength in
t * inis to i ottk I have no doubt free
dom will triumph. But whether it
will triumph soon or late, after a final
supreme effort in the next few month,
or long drawn agony, depends on th ■
vigor and self-sacrifice with which th*.
children of liberty, especially thos-
behind th*' lines, dedicate themselves
to the struggle.
"There is no time for ease, delay or
debate. The call is imperative; the
choice is clear.
It I» for each free
citizen to do his part '
Th e Weather I
Forecatt: Fair Monday and
Tuasday, not much change in
Maximum 71 Minimum 24
A^6 a. m. 34 At 6 p. m. 67
Nothing mori' perfect In the way of
weather ever was visited on Missoula
than that bestowed yesterday. Clear
skies, warm sun and little breeze in
vited the Whole population to the great
outdoors. And everybody went, by
auto, by horse and buggy or afoot.
Min. Max.
Duluth ............
Moorhead ......
Wtlllatoh .....
Ht. Paul_ .........
Denver ..........
Havre .......
Helena ........
Spokane .......
Calgary .........
Medicine Hat
Winnipeg ....
N'c\v York, April US.—Juhn Keod,
an American mug» zinc* writer
whose appointment, as Bolshevik
consul general at Xcw York was
withdrawn some time after he left
Itussia was held under surveillance
hy the navy intelliflbnec bureau
for eight hours when lie arrived
here today aboard a Norwegian
steamship and closely examined to
determine whether he ♦possessed
hidden information or writings.
Bater he was allowed to leave
the y offset after special arrange
ments h adheen made fo rthe writ
er's appearance at the federal
building tomorrow morning.
At that time it is expected Herd
will enter a plea to his indictment
for writings for 'The Masses,**
articles alleged by the government
to he seditious. Reed was Indicted
at the same time as Max Kastman
and others associated with him in
the publication of tlo* magazine,
but it is expected he- will b* tried
Springfield. III.. April 28.—Re
plying to attacks made upon him
in ihc l'idled Stales senate by
Senator Lawrence Y. Sherman,
during the discussion last week of
the sedition bill, John J. Walker,
president of the Illinois Federation
of Labor in an address here today
characterized Senator Sherman as
an "arch-hypocrite" and "tile Hun
in the Fnited States senate."
Senator ShernTan in the upper
house mentioned Mr. Walker as
one of the "Socialist" uppolntees
of President Wilson and accused
him of "instigating strikes and the
murder of peaceful men" in the Il
linois coal fields while a member of
a special arbitration board.
Amsterdam. April 28.—The re
port current last week that Ger
many had sent an ultimatum to
Holland, led to a revolt among
Germans interned at the Vapen
veld camp, according to a dispatch
from Hatten, Holland, to the Hot
Volk. The guards are said to have
been overpowered by 1,000 Ger
mans. who n<*d in all directions.
Frontier points were notified im
mediately and mounted police
searched the country-side. Many
Germans succeeded in passing
through Almelo or Hengclo on the
way hack to Germany, hut the po
lie*: rounded up the majority of
them in groups of 2 .'* or 50.
Amsterdam, Saturday, April 27.
Hpeaking !■# fore the main commit
tee of the German reichst« g on Fri
day, according to Yorwaerts, Gen
eral von Rtslierg said that on
March SI, last, the number of Ger
man missing had reached a total
of 661.101. *.tf the number he said.
2.16.676 wer* prisoners in France,
lta.OoO In England, 157,000 in Rus
sia and Rumania and the remainder
could be regarded as dead.
London. April u».—Th* 118 members
of the American labor delegation visit
ing Khgland, was entertained at
luncheon today in the banquet hall of
Whitehall palace, and met represents -
fives of the Brit<«h and for»tgn press.
Processor Batemnn Declares j
Fears of Public Are
Danger; Panic Is Not
PfU'sClV'' *
_ ;
Much Can Be Eaten Without
Announcement made yc&tcsrduy by
Professor \Y. O. Bateman of the Uni
versity of Montana that tin iv i* little
danger of injury from eating ground
uluss will cause much rejoicing to
many Missoula people and othhrs
throughout the country. Ttacent re
ports of dlKC'oveTifs of kIush in Hour
have caused the timid and nervous to
fear that attempts have been made on
their lives by enemies of thin «ountrj*.
Samples of U 0 different Hours liaiv
been submitted to Urofessm* HutciTtftn
for analysis, but he has failed to find
«lass in any of them. Kven if In* had
(Continued on Patre Six)
Yankees Enter Battle
Emitting Loud Cheers
Huns Depressed
Over Losses in
Western Drive
London, Apiil
mi Agency/ - A
orrespoiident a
>. To Iteuter Utl .
Ii'ki.'iin from Reuter m
A itiht. rdain says :
nerv ousnCHM and <J o -
in* salon prevail in Germany owing to
the louse» in flu: Wentern offensive, re
vealed wttli remarkable frankness in
an article by Captain von Halzmann In
the Vosslscho Zeitung, in which he en
deavors to restore their lost confi
dence to th* Germans by emphasizing
the importance of the capture of Kem
mel hill
Captain von Halzmann enumerates
few of the Seri*« of rumors current
In Germany. All theae stories an
prefaced by the remark "In the reich
st a g It Is said," amt go on to say:
"Our losses have been enormous.
The offensive In the west lias arrive*!
al a deadlock. The enemy Is much
stronger limn the supreme command
assumed. We are unable to continue
the offensive owing to lack of horses.
The region before Y pres it* a great
lak*» and, therefore, Impassable. The
! j
whole country between our Amiens
front and Paris is mined and wilt be 1
blown up."
'The people," continues Halzmann,
"have begun to lose their nerve. Re
plying In tile Reichstag the minister
of war said something like this:
" 'It goes without saying that there
are bjg losses tu such a struggle. Our
losses in one part of the front have
been heavy. Two thirds of tho com- {
pony leaders in many regiments have
fsj | lcn . I
•U is said a ce, tain deputy there. !
ui on told his elector» ,n a north Gcr- ;
man town- ' j
• The minister of war has openly I
declared our losses to be so heavy |
Inst the offensive must be uban- !
d*.ned "• I
- __!
Railroad Head Arrested
on Charge of Espionage \
New Orleans. April 28.—William
Ed* n born, president of the Louisiana
Railway and Navigation company and
•* naturalized cltiz* n of German birth
va* a nested by department of Justice
agents tonight at Stir* wshury. Is*., on
i' affidavit charging violation *.f the
espionage act.
Edenbom, wtio I« 70 year» old and
n puted to be many times a millionaire.
wag taken into custody as he stepped
from a train of the road of which he
Is president. He wa«* removed to a
place, the location of which the f*d
• al agents refused to divulge
Lisbon, April . v ~Dr. Sidomo f a*--.
l' ,r 'T r n JT- wa * *°
day elected pr«»t*lent of the republic
by direct universal suffrage,
British Now
Expect Loss
| of Big Ports
'London Papers Prepare for
Abandonment of Dunkirk.
C ■aliiis and Boulogne if
Huns Keep Coming.
* **
* London, April 28.—Some oi
j newspapers appear to be prcpnrlt
j publie for the loss of the channel
j ports. The Times toihiy says
* There Is no denying thut the loss of
I Kciiunel hill i M considerable Indien I
; success for the enemy and It will be
"'ell, therefore, to prepare for the re.
' '>•' Kemmel we may be compelled to j
I I'vnennto Y pres. Hit'll evacuation i
.would not Inevitably entail the abati- !
Jonment of Dunkirk, Calais and Ron- '
logue, but It Is well to realize that j
th*.s< eonseiilienees might ensue. Wo'
must remember that the Germans !
cannot win the war by th*. occupation
vl Vpres and the channel ports.
The Evening News said last night:
The capture of Kemmel hill un
doubtedly is a useful st. a in the dlreo
tinn of Calais and Boulogne an,| It Is
frankly admitted its loss gravely tili
n' Hl» Vpres. We hop* and believe
tin channel ports will lie saved. Vet
Ve must face the fact that tli.-lr loss
''"•lies within tin* rang*' of contlngen
lies to be reckoned with, and vve
have already in,ole up our minds that
even if ui*' worst Should come to tIll
worst it will make no (liference to our
V 'goroiis prosecution Of the war
Wounded Soldiers Return to
l .S. Br aging Stories
of American Valor.
Vllaiilir Fort. April /c Fifty
American soldiers, must of whom
have been wounded or gassed have
bleu ImoiiKht to lids port from France,
b order of I'reshb nl Wilson to take
P J, rl lu I in* Liberty loan campaign,
according to an announcement made I
by th* military authorities Ini*, today.
Tb*' party, comprising enlisted men
representing all branches of the nrniv
ami commanded by regimental color
Sergeant. John .1. Ilefternati. arrived
lu re on a transport last nlghL
Six of the men wear French war
crosses awarded for gallantry In action
an.1 all wear the gold "V" tor foreign
s* rvk'c. Many show by insignia on
1 heir right arms that they hav
wounded. Americans go Into battle :
cheering atul waving their bats, said
Heffertian, In describing condition: at
the Franco-American front.
Anxioua to Battle.
"The Idea was to put us on a uuiet
sector when we went over first," h*'
said, "but the sector didn't remain
quiet long with the Americans in
They began fighting the first minute
• hey * ouhl and they have been fighting
ever since.
"1 remember one detail that was
hauling ammunition to th* front. We
came to a road w here we were told wo
could not pass, as the Germans wer*
shelling it.
•'•'Voll, boys, do vve want to go over
that road'" I asked.
Di.r.gard Bullst«
AJ1 thy men driving the ammunition
î™ ck! * lj ' Kn, ' to chcvr and " aVo »»elr
h ^» !, " " ': 'Jai*h. d up the hill and over
,1 ' e forbidden road. The French pco
1 ' 0 *" ,h,; below wtrn *" dug
IIeffernttn " ai ' 1 °" r ' !rl,-k "> which
Hi« Germans have resorted was land-
Hi i' h Lt.hinH th«: F'ranco-Arritrican
lint*« )>y airplane«. The h*
<lon Fr* n*!. uniform« on
alighting and would then stroll about
among th*< Americans.
"One day an order was given that
j every man in our vicinity had to hav«
j a hc
; Treat Boche« Well.
: "Tlie Americans had always s;*l*l
j that when they got the hoches they
• would glv* them «ad treatment," he
! said. "But as a matter of fact, when
. ever vve capture«] STcrmans, wo treated
; them with the greatest kindness. We
j even stole chow-chow to fed th* m
| and gave them tobacco anil the b* st
' ,,rl j
iieen I
of everything we had.
"The officers w< captur'd, wire al
ways bull-headed and would not give
Information, but the German privat* -
were slrk of war and told us they
wished they weren't In it. They look
for Jt to end in revolution in Germany
after America gels Jnto the war. but
■ don't believe we are in it yet.'
t HcffemanW a gloomy picture of
(ContYTiucd on rage ntz)
WouM Have Power Over All I
...... ... ,, „
11 ■ I ill'. Eg juMaws. . W
Military Forces
to Siberia.
Articles Include Financial
and Educational Charge
in Empire.
Shanghai, Wednesday, April :t, — lly
til*'' Associated Press.*—Thu statement
is made In tho first Issue of the
Shanghai Gazette, which tins made Ils
a pp* a ranee under the editorship of Eu
g"iie *'h*. n. that (lie t'hlhe*-*: govtuti
iio iiI has agreed tu new (liilinilds made
i'V Japan which are of suelt a nature
Rial the euuiiti'V lias vlltuaily been
turned over to Japan. The Gazette
asserts It has been inform* <1 bv a tilgti
Official at Rekln that tho Japanese de
mands are tin more serious than those
In group V *d the famous 21 ilcttiands
mode hv Japan In 11H6.
Nul vv Itlo tainting the fact that tli<
utmost Hecrerv is b* ing eliset". < d." »n.v»
•he Gazette, 'll m:,v I*, stated tile fu|.
levying Is not fat from the tine terms
Of 1 ll*' agreement :
Would Command Force*. »
• iilnese *'X) ie*l it tons I v fun.'S sent
tu Siberia shall be eomiuaiideil l*y a
I hiiU'Mi' piiliii ."liait !" organized
bv Japan* w*' officers,
"japan shall control all of China'«
arsenals and do* k * ,»yi»
Japan slmll liav*' He iilvllig,. of
working minis In all pan . *,( China.
"Hpeelnl privileges shall be granted
lu Japan In outer and Inner Mongolia
and III*) whole of Manchuria.
"other Milicien Include provisions for
financial control and * durational as
8 i Kl HIMU."
Control of Finance*.
*11 »patch filed In Rekln April I.
I It vvan reported there Japgn had
noW H*'lil": of (Jem» lids I'l
' hin.*. Including complete control *d
'hlnu's flniinei'H, the puretias* *,f !,ri
P* * * * n* *>f china's ammunition in
Japun, t*i intilon of C'liims* iron 'mines
and dockyards und* r .!>• | ;in>--* control
»•"i r*«'ogniti«»n of s| « , 1*1 Japanese in
i' rests In Mongolia »» in Mani hnrlH,
• Eugene «'hen, an Anglicized China
man. formerly was edllor of the Ri-kin
Gazette, in which he carried on u cum.
puign against Japan*»»** influence in
hl na, dvivouneint the f hlneso gov*rn
tnent. on the ground that ii was ■ vlelil
leg to Jut ancse tnflueneo and «oiling
out Chlpn." A year ago, lie was rin»
• <hi*'* l In Pekin after his paper had
published nn article to th® effect that j
the premier had been carrying *>n ho
ch t negotiations with the Japanese
for a loan.
A dispatch received Saturday from
Pekin, said that the diplomatic Hllna
tlon as between Japan and China, tlie
government Iin.l a*#thorlze*l tlie state,
ment that the negotiations in propre »
between tin Chinese and Japane«*; gov.
ernments were Intended to refer solely
to co-operation ag^rist the enemy, and
that the agreement would lapse as soon
as the European war terminated with
out Infringing on the political or ter
ritorial Integrity of China. It was
»did the agreement would be placed
before the Chinese foreign office for
final examination tri a few days.
Enemy Fails to Reach
F. S. Lines in Attack
With the American Artny in Franc«,
Fa til rdaj . April 27.—-By the Associated
1'iess, The • iii'iny laid down 1 heavy
barrage In front of the American
In riches in the Tout sector at 2 o'clock
this morning, the bombardment last
irg an hour. After an interval of sl
!• m i: he repeated the performance at
» o'eloek and haif an )i**ur inter tiio
G* rmfin infantry r,iuiie*i ior the
Am*ri*a ii ii fies. Ho inten«: was the
Ami ri'HI counti-r uttacl: that th® * lie
ft. y was repulsed without getting iIuho
« nough to be engaged by the Ameri
can Infantry.
< ivand*.
; using.
April 28.— Spécial. Ii. J'.
i farinei living near Ovando,
ordered to appear at Deer
I-odge *.n May t uad answer to a
mu g*) of sedition preferred by his
o n sons. Igrasing is alleged to have
^ntadc seditious utterances against the
jicvornmeut recently, _____ _____ ,,
Will Huns Discouraged by
Bitter Resistance of
Entente in Flanders
General Foch Stops Enemy in North
Without Being Forced to Place
Reserves in Battle Line.
With the French Army in France, Saturday, April 27.—*
By the Associated Press.—The stern opposition encount
ered by the Germans in their attacks in the region of the
Somme and in Flanders, near Kemmel hill, has prevented
them thus far from developing their renewed offensive on
the great scale which they undoubtedly intended. Each
of their attacks may be regarded as an effort to prepare
the way for a more extended action in the event of an
important initial success at either point, but the resistance
offered at both places apparently discouraging the German,
commanders front launching more serious attempts to
break through.
........ I In Picardy, % here tho Ootnui nt
........ I
Official War
BERLIN, Saturday, April 27 Via Lou
don, April 28 ,- Tho tlritlsh have made
a Ii tlremnnt on the Flanders front
before Y pres, it was niinouncod offi
cially Ibis evening. Th® ntulemunt
says the Germans have advanced
their line, from a lu'lnt southwest of
1 Jingemritck Mts iiilles norihesHt *>f
Vpres) in Verltii'T nhoek (two nil!* s t• >
Hi* northeast of the city) ,t longe,
(two lullen to the east) and y.lllllicke
(two mlhs to the southeast.',
LONDON, April v To Reuter f >ttn
wa A gen* \. Tin * 'anatlia UH luiv
<"*riit"! oui (lire*. sueeesHfol raids o|
poatte L* ns, taking 60 prisoners and
four machine gun« nnd killing man
Ge* maus, "a v h a *1 is pa t e Ii from Iteiil
« Rh roi respondent at British head
*1 ii.-« rters in France,
LONDON, A|*i 11 28, Til*, fighting I*
day along the Biilisli Iront In Friin* .
was largely confined to minor Opel -
a I Inns, a** ordins to Field Marahul
llaig'« mpurt tonight. Tho Urltln'i
POMltlon» In the Ypre» seelor xv <• i ■
lioavily bombarded.
PARIS, April 28. violent flglilluz
eurreil last night north of the a vie
(Southeast of Amiens) and In 111* i*
felon between taisslguy and NUyo i
(on the Kouthern side of tlie Plcaril
battle front) the war offl* •• tcporli i
this iiftertinon, 1 -Tench troops r<
pulscil fterman ntlaeks northvvi'st * f
Rheims and In tlie sectors <>! S
Mlhtel ffu ar which an station* t lie
Americans troops, wtiieli wire » 1 -
la.ekeil by the Germans » vv* ok u:*n
Lunevli!« (in the vicinily of wiii*
there has been an American foi *■ ■
anil L" Pilin' wood
made an all:
(ill Hie north*
salient and
VoormcZis l* .
Y I r* s, but vv*
Pit 2 v. — Til' * e i ma o ,
*'k vi ti iday nfleriiu'ii
rn side of the FJaudi r *
ruptured tho tovv.i *.f
two miles s**iiHi of
■re driven »»it last nigh!
by a counter an»
announces. fail*
mans »gain ail»*:)
. till war Offl*'
t night !h*i * i* *
I *m H i.s front
Both Men 1 lad Large Amount
of Militarv Data.

I Diego, Cal, A p * 1 1 in ! lie
capture of Albert Knffl and L ewi»
• Iriibi r. botli Austrian*, v ho wer*
taken Intd custody shortly after day
break today .*1 th* lnt* i ! 11 ion Ii boun
dary near T1 Juana t*v *■» ■ »in offh:ialv,
federal «gents Ik-11*v- they t, *v* round
ed two nl tho most Important of Ger
many'«'agents In this coui.tr
Loth meii are »«1*1 by the federal an.
thorith « to have h«*t on their persons
a large «mount of data cone*
naval nnd mllitaiy activité* .of the
l'nib»! Htates.
According to the federal authoritl* s,
K*-m, who is a former .sergeant in tiie
Fifth field artillery, r. H. A_ had Ju»l
completed o tour of eastern and soutli
ern army concentration camp
filing th*
liait loin'll Grut>er in Han Diego
Turned hack at T1 Juana l.fcnuso of
improper pogsports. the pair, u*e ofii
cere said, intended t*. go to Calexico,
thence by ship to South America and
flrudl, to Berlin to turn over the in
formation Uicy had coU«ct«d,
In Picardy, % here tho Ootnui nt
tempted in divide th*- French from tho
British around Villerx-Uretuuneux and
llnngii r*l, I he lin*, remained today Very
mueli the :.1111 <• :r* it vv»« before tho at.
lack vv « h begun Ihren days «go. Thero
h«s been no i"siini|itlon of Infantry
fighting Him»* last night. The only
result oi Hu German'« onslaught In
which they utilized eight division» la
Hie lows of » large number of men,
without imy! advance and certainly
HitliuiK obtaining a Jumping off plaça
I » the hoped im real attack they had
l'kinniil to iimko If successful. Tho
iililiil * iiniiiianitcr-ln-chtcf decided,
Win n tin: Gi imaus occupleil Vlllers
lTi tenui ox iii»i Hangard, that ttielr
:' iniflnui'il I inisi xMlon by tlie enemy
«»uld < ndang* r tlie security of tho
Hue In front of Amiens «rut Immedl
«fel.v sent for* * a with orders to reoap
turc Hi* ui. The attacks at those
P'diiis win executed vvltli tli*' greatest
riiuriiKo nnd suecoss.
Employ Nine Divisions.
I 'ui'th* I' north, win ro the German»
ip * ini'il Kemmel Lilt by (he employ
ment of nine divisions, th^ allied com
Irlande, In-Chief ngai'iled It ns un
"cce—s.'iry to make, the sacrifice which
'viuild tmvi* been i ntallcd In cgatnlng
• lie lost territory .--tui. It I« not cescn
b"l t" inalnten.'in* ■■ of Hie aided jiosi
In thi» way the allied rcsirvos
1 1 >'* * 1 Intact I nr ful ure use,
Meanwhile Hu G' lrnuns are using up
large number«, of tii. lr effectives wlth
mil I'lilnlnliig Hu: lin|ii)rt(int objective*
»I wlil.ii tin j a lined, Tlie.in Is confl
• I• m i' among tin- allli's in tip* ability lo
bold tiio Gi riiuin«, wherever they
choose to make a stand.
Br b'*h Resist Attacks.
Hull tin lirlii:sli Army iu Fiance,
'I'ril By the Associated Pros*.—
Hnid ilghtiiii/ *"i.'itinucd about Locro
in -1 (oi* ii niezi » I**. but elsewhere thus
l ir b.'lay In » n a. day of rent for
•b" I n ! A lit i » whole. The battlo
ior i.oi-re and t'oonnezeelc has been
m*va itesjicrnii. Both places have
hanged band: several times In tho
"*• "1 hours, and at th.- latent report*
M a«» an "ev * n ioeak" for the British
'.'i'- in i »roi of Voormezeelep
" the enemy seem» to have suc
'" ' ' U ly i n the day in getting a
fool hold In Li-cre again.
An engagement north of tho Ypree
•''"nine' canal wo« in progrosa
IhroiigtiouI the night with the British
. ddln,: ijiiggeitty and Inflicting heavy
*•*) 1 > on the attacking troops. Tho
• rinaii casualties in this part of tho
•font have been very never«,
Loi re has changed hand« at least
■*'<' tiim-s sire*' Friday. Tlie Gcr*
: u. hi • - ■ r * » d their way Into tho village
I ft* : a ii'giiltnry battle Friday, but
••" *.• thrust ou* bv a French counter
ait» -k that night. Yesterday In the
: hurii""?: H» enemy again attacked
heavily ami recovered th® village, only
1 1,1 '■ it v. * H» French countered
in the afternoon.
; This morning's assault w»B delivered
• * o'* I » and vvldlc the G* rnmns
i : 'I* idly liad gamed an entrance to
i'l' l'i"i'*e tin ir tenure of It was bring
tly contested by the pollua.
War Summary
Th" I'htiifi rilled line In Franco and
''burners Mill stands firmly. Nowhere
btiv* the G* ritians been able to make IS
I'urt* ir r deni iu it. |l ;ir d fighting has
, ,), en i!l I-Togrvsa on tho Vpres sector
' "tmnrt Voormczeeie and to the south
* f Loi re. Doth j lnc* s have several
'• 'ut: cl,angf-d hands, but at last re
ports Voormczeeie had been recaptured
oy Hie British, but the Germans liad
obtained . t ilth* r foothold in Leer®.
Voormczeeie was txtten by the Cer
I mans Saturday, but the BriCbh in m
nigtit i.ttack won It back and «Ino»
lmYC H- infllcttns b«avy cusugltlè«
° n tllc t: ' lll ' i4riB in wnewed effort* to
ti>0 , r,ac '* ; '
1 (,ctmns have tti«d at several
puints a!on S thc trout held by th«
[ ®n P°q

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