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Great Shock in Prices!
Wm. Weinstein
Causing a grand rush of business, the password being "The Good
Shall Not Pay for the Bad," and that myself and Weinstein & Co., of
1 [clena are among the heaviest shippers of Montana, thus enabling me to
name as low prices as any house.
Special Prices to Wholesale Purchasers!
Miners' & Carpenters' Tools
Sole Agent for the Nitro-Safety Powder and Schlitz's Mil
waukee Beer.
All mail orders will receive prompt attention.
Wm. Weinstein.
J. K. PARDEE, Pres't and Gen'] Manager. JOSEPH A. HYDE, Treasurer.
A. A. McDONALD, Vice President. JOHN C. KING, Secretary
Pearl Silver Mining Co.
Philipsburg, Deer Lodge Co., Montana.
Incorporated under the Laws or Mon- 509,000shares, full-paid and non-assess
tana Territory. able; par value $10.
The mines of this company are situate in the GRANITE, midway be
tween the San Francisco and Granite Mountain mines.
The vein is a true fissure.
Present development on the property consists of a tunnel 390 feet on
the vein, from which workings large shipments of high-grade ore have
b)een made.
In the tunnel 265 feet, a shaft is being raised to the surface, on
which, when done, within thirty days, a steam hoist will be placed, and
sinking will be prosecuted below the tunnel.
For the work done, or development made, the Pearl makes the best
showing of any mine ever opened in the granite in Flint Creek mining
The original owners took their entire pay for the mines in stock.
A limited amount of Treasury Stock will be sold at 50 cents per
share, applications for which can be made to
Joseph A. Hyde, Banker, Philipsburg, David Pritchard, Granite,
H. L. Rodgers & Co., " " Buskett Mercantile Co.,
J. W. Dawson, Broker, " Gus Meyers, "
Con Peoples, "
Or to J. K. PARDEE,
President and General Manager.
Brick Yard !
Finest Brick in the District
Furnished promptly and at rea
sonable cost.
Kaiser Brothers' Saloon
[Next door to Kaiser House. )
A Carload Budweiser Beer
Fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
always on hand.
Wholesale and Retail
People's Market,
12 West Broadway,
For Choice Fruits, Candies, Cigars and To
baccos. Etc.
Edwards &Williams
Having Opened a General
Carpenter and Cabinet Shop
e now Prepared to
Do Anything in the line of
Jobbing a specialty. Contract Work
attended to. Promptness and superior
work our motto.
Below the Kaiser House.
Philipsburg Samplin Mill
at the highest market price.
Agept for Omaha & Grant Smelting
and Reduction Co., Omaha.
L. S. AUSTIN, Prop'r,
Druggist and
Carres a full line of Family Medicines
and Pure Drugs, Select Toilet Articles
and genuine Patent Medicines. Pree
oriptions carefully prepared night or day.
W. J. Allason
The finest watch repairing a spe.
Bought and sold; money to loan.
Strictly fresh stock of Groceries,
Fruits, Fish, Poultry and Green
Vegetables at bottom prices.
Best Sewing Machine on Earth.
Call and see me, for I am a pleas
ant man to deal with.
44 Main St, Granite, Mont
Lumber Dealer.
Eastern Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Floor
ing and Ceiling. Fence Pickets,
flat and square.
Bills Cut to Order.
Office and yard one block from the depot.
Mining & Commission Co
BUn CITrrr, - - MoNTANA.
Will buy or sell
Combination, Bi-letallic, San Francisco
e Amoa, MouLTox and Gaaxrra Stocks.
Execute Orders for purchase or sale of stock
and bonds at New York.
Special attention given to the buying and sell
ing of valuable mining property.
Fashionable Tailor,
All work neatly executed and satisfaction
guaranteed. 67-ti
M. KAISER, Prop'r.
Everything First Class
Fire proof brick building; all mod
ern improvements.
Special accommodations for commer
cial travelers. All stages stop at this
M. KAISER, Prop'r.
Kroger's Brewery,
Worders br mail. or left at the Brewer will
meeive prompt attention.
Peraonala and MininLg 1etes- Stock
qnetations-Granite-- Bli-etallie
man Frameisce - Sydney Conseli
The Hope company shipped 23 tons of
ore last week.
Thos. Durnell has struck a rich and
promising prospect in Black Pine dis
The Hope company will soon make an
other shipment of ore from the Silver
J. L Campbell shipped a lot of ore re
cently from the Headlight mine through
the sampler.
The Hope company made a shipment
of three bars of bullion, containing 4,794
ounces of silver last week.
John M. Long, one of the prominent
mining men of the district, returned
Tuesday evening from a trip to Butte.
Tim Smith has recently taken a lease
on one of the Black Pine company's
claims and is taking out some very rich
It is understood upon good authority
that work in the Butte crosscut at the
West Granite has been entirely sus
pended for the present.
* Closing quotations, Wednesday, Aug
ust 22, furnished by John W. Dawson,
San Francisco Con....... 90 95
West Granite.............. 15 17
Hope ...... .............. 4 75 550
Mountain Lion........... 90 40
Cottonwood.............. 20 25
Pearl..................... - 50
Hatta.................... - 0
Combination........... 50 55
Flint Creek .......... ..... s 25
Buckeye ................. - 50
The output for the week ending August
15, was 35 bars of bullion, containing
60,925.04 ounces silver and 31.47 ounces
Work at the millsite is making good
progress, though the hard nature of the
country rock makes progress a little slbw
at times. About 175 men are now em
ployed and it is expected that a number
more will be put to work soon. The rail
road right-of-way has not been definitely
settled for the entire distance yet. In
one case the 'ontractors, foremen and
each and every one of the workmen were
arrested as trespassers. This case was
carried to Deer Lodge after having been
tried in the justice's court here. It is to
be hoped that matters can be brought to
some sort of an amiable understanding
so that progress on the mill can be con
tinued and the railroad branch com
pleted. The rails are already laid a dis
tance of three miles from Philipsburg,
and trains are now running to the end of
the track with lumber and other sup
plies necessary in extending the branch.
The new hoisting-works at the mine
are being pushed ahead with great en
ergy, and will probably be completed in
about twenty days. They will soon em
ploy as many men as before the fire, and
expect to resume operations and take
out ore in about six weeks. The big
pump at the 500-foot level will be
reached this week.
Work at the new millsite is going
ahead with great rapidity. The water
ditch was completed a few days ago, and
the millwrights will commence work in a
few days.
About all that can be said of this mini
has been mentioned in these columns is
previous issues. The stockholders fron
St. Louis who were here last week to at
tend the meeting returned last Friday
and all expressed themselves as being en
tirely satisfied with the mine and its
They will commence shipping ore agai,
this week through Austin's sampler. The
big pump will be moved down to the 400
foot level, where most of the men are
now at work.
Reports from this property continue
favorable. Supt. Gable says that sinking
is going on as usual, and the indications
are as favorable as could be desired
The new pump works to perfection, and
all work is being done to good advantage.
They expect to strike the vein in the
early part of September. Mr. Gable
went out to the mine yesterday morning.
The annual meeting of the company
will be held at the office in Philipsburg,
on Friday, September 7, at 12 o'clock x.,
for the purpose of electing nine trustees
for the ensuing year.
Reports from this mine are favorable
as ever, work going ahead with good re
sults They are still sinking the shaft
and are now down 110 feet. The ore at
present is not htugh gra e, but as soon as
the crosscut is made to the main vein it
will probably develop rapidly.
The Kalamazoo (Mich.) Telegraph was
sold yesterday, Ex-Gov. and Congressman
Dingley of Maine and hiseon, E. N. Ding.
ley, being the purchasere.
The ball game l.st Sunday between
the Granite and Philipsburg nines was
won easily by the latter, the Hill boys
failing to find the ball after the first in
ning, when they got two runs. The
home boys scored one in the the third
and two in the fifth innings, which won
the g.ime. If the club had some backing
they would play the Granites at any
time, but the fact is they are financially
embarrassed and are obliged to take all
the challenges and say nothing, but
will surprise them some day in the near
Among a number of fishing parties
which went out last Sunday may be men
tioned one composed of Messrs. John
Duty and Charles A. Wilson and Miss
May Murphy. We are not advised as to
the amount of the catch, but suppose it
must have been a large one, as the par
ties returned considerably sun-burned.
THE MAnL would like to know why a
fusilade of questions is required to be
answered at the central office before tele
phonic connection can be had with
any one.
McL od & Harris are rapidly gaining
prominence in the boot and shoe busi
ness, and is is about time, for they have
a very neat stock of the popular manu
In an inquiry as to the cause of John
Harding's gayety yesterday he answered
that it is a bouncing boy. The mother
and child are doing well.
The telephone office is becoming about
as big a nuisance instead of an accommo
dation as the Western Union Telegraph
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Ider died last Monday of inflamation of
the bowels.
An Entertainaent to be Given which
Promises to be a Credit to the
A school exhibition will be given in
the hall at Drummond, Saturday even
ing, September 1. The programme will
be as follows:
1. March des Captives...... Mrs. Chene
2. Entrance of pupils. Patriotic song,
"Uncle Sam is Brave and Free," lableau.
Misses L. and M. Daddow, L. P. Owsley,
Belle Thomas, Gracie Chene, Josie
French, M. Hanna, Masters E. Owsley,
A. and G. Lyons, Ira Daddow, John
French, Arthur Chene, E. Dell, H. Morse,
I. and F. Warbellinger.
3. Recitation, "Sewing on a Button,"
....................Edward Owsley
4. "Happy Wanderers," Gracie Chene,
Belle Thomas, Laura Daddow, Mrs.
5. Reading, "Popping the Question,"
........................Ira Daddow
B. Solo, "Nobody's Darling.".......
................. ..... Belle Thomas
7. Recitation, "Over the Hills to the
Poor House,"............Ida Owaley
8. Song, "I'll Give You a Paper of
Pins,"..... Gracie Chene, H. Morse
9. Reading, "Woman's Rights,"....
..................Mrs. G. H. Chene
re -
1 10. Kindergarten, "Clap, Clap, Hur
in rah !".................. Infant Class
to 11. Reading, "The Initialed Tramp,"
o ......................Arthur Lyons
12. olo, "I'm Shy Young Girl,"
................. Gracie Chene
1 13. Recitation, "Curfew Shall Not
a- Ring To-Night........ Belle Thomas
14. Solo and Chorus, "The Little Travel
ers," Eddie Dell, Traveling Dude; John
French. a laborer; Arther Chene, a sol
if dier; Herbert Morse, a negro; B. Thom
- as, Gracie Chene, Mande Daddow, Pearl
Owsley, Josie French, George Lyons, F.
and I. Werbellinger, vilgrime.
15. Double Trio, "Good-Night," Misses
L Owsley, B. Thomas, M. Hanna, L.
Le Daddow, G. Chene and Mrs. Cheae.
A telegram telegram from the City of
" Mexico says that the Mexican Telegraph
d Company is making arrangements to lay
:e a new cable, in order to meet the demands
of its increased business.
e' Toe Baseless Fabric of lIreams.
SWhen a lady begins to dream dreams
g and see visions, look out for her, for
,r there is no knowing what she will do. I
know a young lady who is troubled with
a husband and a year-old baby, with
a curly, golden hair. The other night she
had a dream. She dreamt that she was
dressing before the looking glass in the
back parlor. Looking into the front
e parlor through the folding doors she tbe
held her husband in much too earnest
conversation with two young ladies. One
of the young ladies seemed greatly in
terested in what he was saying and their
, chairs gradually drew closer and closer
together till it came to pass that the
watcher on the other side of the folding
doors observed her husband's arm steal
round the waist of the young lady.
This was more than the indignant wife
.e iEold stand, and she crept quietly behind
I me preoccupied couple and aimed a slap
e at the girl which would probably have
lifted her head from her shoulders. So
powerful was it that it knocked the
whole scene completely out. The
dreamer awoke, and so did her husband,
3 and likewise the baby. The gas was
i turned up and revealed a very surprised
looking group. The baby was the most
surprised of all The slap intended for
the dreamer's rival had alighted full on
I the curly, golden head of her son.
Brooklyn Eagle.
Russian Taste In Colors.
While our steamer was lying at the
landing at Kazan I noted a chocolate
brown house with yellow window shut
ters and a green roof; a lavender house
with a shining tin roof; a crimson house
with an emerald roof; a sky blue house
with a red roof; an orange house with i
an olive roof; a house painted a bright
metallic green all over; a housediversified I
with dark blue, light blue, red green
and chocolate brown, and. finally, a
most extraordinary building which dis
played the whole chromatic scale withi i
the compass of three stories and an attic.
What permanent effect, if any, is pro
duced upon the optic nerves of the in- t
habitants by the habitual contemplation I
of their brilliantly colored and sharply
contrasted dwellings I am unable to say;
but I no longer wonder that "prekrasni,"
the Russian word for "'beautiful," means t
literally "very red."--eorge Kennan in
TheON OuIy.
A Cellatin oet DIspatehes pad Other
News Items, of Interest to Our
Readers, Ineluding All the Pria
elpal Events of the Week.
Robert Garrett continues to improve in
Hampton, N. H. celebrated its 250th
birthday Wednesday.
There were thirty-sewen deaths in Sao
ramento, CaL, in July.
Hoffman, the German poet and editr of
the "Gartenlaube is dead.
There are 35,000 trees on the public
streets of San Diego, Cal.
San Francisco raised $1,000 for the
Leon flood sufferers in Mexico.
The death is announced of M. Burson
Billault, the French advocate.
There were one day this week 37 ocean
steamers in Tacoma (W. T.) harbor.
Two valuable Oregon mines have been
sold to St. Louis men for $1,500,000.
Baron Matteville has been imprisoned
for bribing troops at Mourtle, France.
The date set for the completion of the
Mexican National Railroad is September
The fire engineers at Minneapolis Wed
nesday voted to favor shorter hours for
Gold mining in Queensland is now
taking the lead in the gold production
of Australia.
The mortuary chaple to be erecled for
the remains of the late General Logan
will cost $6,000.
The Sacred Heart co-vent of New York
was burned last week. Loss half million;
insurance, $200,030.
Gallant Phil. Sheridan sleeps at Ar
lington surrounded by a corps of 16,000
"boys in blue."
The weekly bank statement shows the
banks hold $21,936,250 in excess of the
legal requirement.
Russia joins in the protest of the Porte
against the Italian claims to Massowah
on the Red sea.
The Japanese government has decided
to spend £10,000,000 in five years, pur
chasing men-of-war.
At Parins, Mdie. Peloumse, a sister of M.
Wilson, has been declared a bankrupt to
the amount of $600,000.
The United States Galena left Newport,
R. I., Saturday night for Hayti, to look
after American interests.
The fund raised in the City of Mexico
for the Leon flood sufferers had reached
on the 30th of July $204,508.
Michigans Unon labor party nominated
a State ticket headed by D. W. Mills and
Paul Marvin. They refuse to fuse.
Dr. Flores, the newly-elected President
of Ecuador, is en route home from this
I country to assume his new position.
The governor, in opening the Australian
p rliament, announced that he would
support the Canadian Pacific cable.
David Davis, the clerk who recently
absconded after embezzeling $30,000, was
arrested Friday at Prescott, Canada
- The first page of ElPorvenirofCartha
gena, Colombia, is printed in English lan
guage. E. W. P. Smith is the editor.
At Cleveland, O., the fourth annual
meeting of Kreiger-Bund North America
began Monday with a large attendance.
A public school exhibition was recently
given in the City of Mexico in which all
the exercises were in the English language.
Charles Crocker, second vice president
of the Southern Pacific Railroad Com
pany, died at Monterey, Cal., on August,
The first kindergarten in the City of
Mexico was opened August 2 by Mrs. Bes
sie Files, an American lady from Houston,
At Vernon, Mo., August 18, Frank
Linneburg fatally shot his wife and then
suicided. They had quarreled over prop
In the New York Yacht Club race at
Cottage City, Mass., Wednesday the Pur
itan won, the Mayflower mistaking the
At Indianapolis, August 18, Dr. A. K.
Fisher, the well-known German writer
and politician, committed suicide by
taking opium.
GenWalker, secretary of the American
Legation at Bogota, has gone to the cap
ital of Ecuador on a special mission for
this government.
Miss Opp, of New York, won the gold
medal, and T. M. McGuerran of Salt Lake,
the silver medal, on Toronto, in the type
writing contest.
The principal streets of Mexico
are to be lighted with electric lights after
September 16. They are to take the place
of the old gas lamps.
The Barings will issue in October,
stock of a company with a capital of £10.
000,M0 ) to work a concession to supply
Buenos Ayres with water.
Resolutions of the conference Pt Syd- i
ney in regard to Chinese immigration i
congratulate the government for the
progress which has been made.
An American contractor is putting
down Nicholson pavements on the prin
cipal streets of the capital of Mexico and
is to. recieve $480,000 for the work.
Reports from Freetown, N. T., indicate I
that more than twenty negroes were
killed Thursday by the regulators, and j
several others were severely wounded. s
Dick Perry, who is in jail at Los An- t
geles, Cal., on the charge of attempt to r
murder, boasts of killing nine persons- h
eight men and one weoan. He is 73 n
years old. 3
A military conspiracy has been die
covered at Madrid and several sergeants
and privates arrested. A strict watch is
being kept upon the suspected men in
the garrison at Saragossa and Lerida.
August Johnson, a Dane from the lep
rous portion of Cook county, IlL, but
who has been in America for eighteen
years, has just developed that loathsome
disease. The authorities have isolated
The telegraph service for the Mexican
press has been materially improved since
the establishment of the Lee Cook agency.
The Two Republics now receive reports
daily from the principal cities of the re
The eleventh conference of the Young
Men's Christian association of the world
convened in Stockholm, Sweden, on the
15th, and was formally opened in a brief
address by Count Burnstof of Berlin,
president of the conventioil held four
years ago in Berlin.
Castle has a bank and a smelter.
Burlington now has a six-day mail
from Butte.
The public schools of Butte will open
on September 10.
The "Smokehouse settlement" in Butte
has ended in smoke.
Boulder, Jefferson county, will expend
over $100,000 in new buildings this year.
A new electric light company has been
formed in Helena. The old one is not
giving satisfaction.
Bielenberg's slaughter house, near
Butte, was burned last week, through
the carelessness of an employe.
A gold nugget worth $800 was taken
from Confederate gulch recently. It is
the largest found in the territory.
Colored troops in the territory are re
ported as cutting hay and selling it in
competition with some of our farmers.
Butte is to have a free delivery system
as soon as the office there is prepared for
it and the city numbered, which is about
to be done.
E. J. Newton, of Butte, was arrested,
tried and fined $100 and costs for allow
ing minors to gamble at his place on
Main street.
The Coeur d'Alene company's concen
trator at Burke, Idaho, owned principally
by Butte people, started up last Satur
day morning.
The game of baseball played at Butte
between the Salt Lake and Helena nines
last week is pronounced a fake and a
fizzle by the Butte papers.
The Jefferson County Sentinel has just
celebrated its third anniversary. We
don't know which celebrated the hardest,
Brother Robertson or his paper.
Arrangements are being made for a
game of baseball between the printers
and clerks of Helena, Sunday, the pro
ceeds to be given to St. Peter's hospital.
Alexander Woods, the colored barber
L of Pocatello, was hanged at Blackfoot,
o Idaho, at 2 o'clock last Friday afternoon,
for the murder of his wife on May 15,
t, A Chinaman was robbed by his fellow
k countrymen in Helena, last week, of a
bag of gold dust. By appealing to the
leading mandarin he got it back without
recourse to the law.
The big mill belonging to the Alice
company is now running at full blast,
a but the small one is undergoing repairs.
d The mine is not as yet running full
handed.-Butte Miner.
E. H. Becker, formerly connected with
Mt iles City journalism, and for the last
four years owner and editor of the Big
Horn Sentinel, of Buffalo, Wyonming, has
bought the Billings Gazette.
The Cumberland company last week
shipped from Castle 74,100 tons or ore.
The net receipts for the month of July
r amount to $4,600. The number of tons
a shipped for the month is 175.-Townsend
At Fort Conrad m Northern Montana
the large gray wolves are now more
numerous than they have ever been, and
are commiting serious and frequent dep
I redations upon the range cattle and
i other stock in that section.
Ranchmen in Dawson county are rams
Ring the best crops ever known west of
the Mississippi. Dawson county is get
ting to the front on assessments this year.
The county assessor reports the assess
a ment at nearly $2.000,000, a gain of at
least $500,000 over last year's assessment.
¶The Missoula & Bifter Root Valley
railroad company are fencing their road
the entire distance from Grantsdale to
Missoula. They have at present about
fifteen miles completed from the former
place. The posts are set every eight feet
with three strands of wire and two eight
inch planks, making it a substantial
barrier to stock, which has caused them
no little trouble alreadv.-Tribune.
Already the effect of the construction
of the smelter is being felt by the citizens
of Castle. in the firm holding of prices of
real estate and in the contemplated im
provements in building, etc. $30,000 per
month, the larger part of which will un
doubtedly change hands in Castle, will
be the means of circulating money freely
and also pave the way to the establish
ment of other enterprises here.-Castle
Last Saturday night, at about mid
night, a frightful affay occurred in one
of Butte's numerous Galena-street dives,
in which one man was killed, one mor
tally wounded, and another slightly
wounded. Corey, proprietor of the dive,
rushed after a man named Dougherty
with a gun and fired three shots at him
into the crowd of spectators, one ball
taking slight effect. Dougherty, being
cornered, defended himself with a knife
and cut his opponent up terribly. A
man named Harrington was pressed upon
the combatants by the crowd and was
stabbed several times, apparently unin
tentionally, by Dougherty. Harrington
died, Corey will, and Dougherty won't.
Cause, an old row.
Hon. T J. Demers of Frenchtown was
in the city on Thursday. A few days ago
in company with a quartz expert, Mr.
Demers made a trip into the mountains
east and north of Flathead lake. to ex
amine some quartz locations in that sec
tion, and investigate the deposits of coal
in that region. They succeeded in find
ing some very rich galena ore, and also
found some strong veins of coal. Mr.
Demers is of the opinion that the deposits
of galena ore and rich beds of coal will
justify the building of a branch road from
some point on the NorthernPacific to this
rich but undeveloped country in a short
time. In addition to being a a country
rich in mineral and coal,the country at the
head of the lake is one of the richest and
most extensive agricultural regions iu
Montana.-Mieesoula Gazette,

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