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Great Shock in Prices!
------B Y
W m. Weinstein
( an:in" a gr.:nd rush of business, the password being "The Good
Sl:;ll Noti P'a for the Bad," and that nmyself and Weinstein & Co., of
IIiclna :ire ameong the Lcaviest shippers of Montana, thus enabling me tc
ln.!lt' ;Is low prices as any house.
Slic'il Prices to \Vll0esakle PirdiasersH
Miners' & Carpenters' Tools
Sole A.ge. t for th; Nit ro-Safety Powder and Schlitz's TIil
waiukee Beer.
A New Line of Wall Paper Just Received.
Carpets and Curtains to Arrive this Week. Full Line
of Ladies' and G(nts' Fall and Winter Underwear. Also
a Complete Line of Dress Goods.
All mail orders will receive prompt attention. Respectfully,
Vrnm. Weinstein.
J. K. PA I DEE. P e't and i Gen'l In.'~r. JOELP!I A. HYDE, Treasurer.
A. A. McDONALD, V;ic Pre:,,ident. JOHN C. KING, Seacretary
Pearl Silver Mining Co.
Philpsburg, Deer Lodge Co., MIontana.
Incorporated under the Laws of Mon- 59 ,:X)i~shares, f'!!l-paid and non-assess
tana Territory. able; par value $10.
The nmnes of this com,:pniy are :l;iti'ate in the G(IrANIT, midway tbe
tween the San Francis.-:c :l Gira:1ite 3Iountail;n mines.
The vein is a iree fis-::re.
Present dcvelo,)l)mnt on th]e property consists of a tunnel 300 feet on
the vein, from which worki. .s large s himneaits of high-grade ore have
been made.
In the tunnel 205 feet, a shaft is being raised to the surface, on
which, when done, within thirty days, a steam hoist will be placed, and
sinking will be prosecuted below the tunnel.
For the work done, or development made, the Pearl makes the best
showing cf any mine ever opened in the granite in Flint Creek mining
The original owners took their entire pay for the mines in stock.
A limited amount of Treasury Stock will be sold at 50 cents per
share, applications for which can be made to
Joseph A. Hyde, Banker, Philipsburg, David Pritchard, Granite,
H. L. Rodgers & Co., " B" Buskett Mercantile Co., "
J. W. Dawson, Broker, " Gus Meyers, "
Con Peoples,
Or to J. K. PARDEE,
President and General Manager.
Brick Yard !
Finest Brick in the District
Furnished promptly and at rea
sonable cost.
Kaiser Brothers' Saloonu
[Next door to Kais&lr House. I
A Carload Budwciser Bcs l
Fine Wines, Liquors, Ci(Sars,
always on hand.
Wholesale and Retail
People's Market,
12 W et Broadway,
lFor Choice Trait., Candies, Cigars and To
bacc.ns. Etc.
Ewxards &Williams
Having Opened a General
CarIpMtcr and Cabinit Shop
e now Prepared to
Do Anything in the line of
Jobbing a specialty. Contract Work
attended to. Promptness and superior
work our motto.
Below the K:-i.cr House.
Northern Pacific R. R.
250 Miles the!Shortest
Route to Chicago
and all points
Low Rates ! Quick Time I~
Pullman Palace Cars.
For full information address
F. H. BIRD, Agent, Philipsburg.
S. F. Fee, Gen. Pas. Agent, St.Paul.
Lumber Dealer.
Eastern Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Floor
ing and Ceiling. Fence Pickets,
flat and square.
Bills Cut to Order.
Office and yard one block from the depot.
Mining & Commission Co
Will buy or sell
Caobiiation, Bi tahllc, San Francico
Execute Ord-rs for purchase or sale of stock
and bonds at New York.
Special attention given to the buying and sell
ing of valuable mining property.
Fashionable Tailor,
All work neatly executed and satisfaction
guaranteed. t6 -tt
M. KAISER, Prop'r'.
Everything First Class
Fire proof brick building; all mod
ern improvements.
Special accommodations for commer
cial travelers. All stages stop at this
AM. KAISER, Prop'r.
Iroger's Boewery,
- COrders by mail, or left at the Brewery, will
receive prompt attention.
PmIirPSBaUIe -. MoN'TA':A.
rinliih1)1sbl l I llpii lill
at the highest market price.
A3,gn for Omaha & Grant Sme!ting
and Refining Co., Omaha.
L, S. AUSTIN, Prop'r,
Druggist and
Carries a full line of Family Medicines
and Pure Drugs, Select Toilet Articles
and genuine Patent Medicines. Pres
ogiptions carefully prepared night or day.
Personals and Mining Notes- Stock
Quotations-Granite- Bi-Hetallie
San Francisco-Pearl-West Gran
H. M. Dunbar is taking out some rich
ore from the Fred Burr.
Schardt & Boyle have sold the F,4.Ta
S. claim to the Granite company for
The Pearl mining company have com
menced excavating for a concentrator in
the valley on section 11.
1Meyerdirk & Kelleher are working the
Ethan Allen claim and say it is looking
first-class and promises to become a
J. E. Myer has sold the Black Horse
claim, located at Hasmark, to the Buck
eye company and has taken Buckeye
stock in payment.
J. R. Wilson is working the Black
Horse claim for the Buclieye company.
He has sunk a shaft 15 feet and struck a
2-foot vein of high grade ore.
Although but little has been said of
late regarding the Maroney tunnel, at
Hasmark, work is progressing all the
time, and has found some stratas of
very rich ore.
The prospectors and miners in this dis
trict were never in better courage than at
present. Most all the prospects are
showing up well and many have struck
rich leads of ore.
J. H. and W. H. Stahl, who are work
ing the Hawkeye mine, report very favor
able results from their labors. The ore
is high grade, and they are soon to make
a large shipment.
The Silver Chief is one of the most en
couraging prospects in this vicinity at
present. The ore is very rich and as yet
they have not found either wall, conse
quently they do not know the extent of
the lead.
J. E. Mulford, of the well-known firm
of Switzer & Mulford, mining brokers of
St. Louis, has been making a tour of the
mines in this district during the past
week and says the San Francisco is the
most promising of all.
Closing quotations, Wednesday, Aug
ust 29, furnished by John W. Dawson,
San Francisco Con....... 75 h82"
West Granite.............. ..15 17!i
Hope....................... 4 75 5 50
Mountain Lion........... 30 40
Cottonwood............... 20 25
Pearl...................... - 50
Hatta.................... - 30
('ombination.............. 50 55
Flint ('reek ............... 20 25
Buckeye ................... - 50
The output for the week ending Aug st
29, was 36 bars of bullion, containing
60,627.45 ounces silver and 34.49 ounces
There is not so much activity as usual
at the millsite of the Granite on Fred
Burr the past week. About one-half the
force of men have been laid off, leaving
only about fifty men on the ground. The
railroad is completed out to the millsite,
and the construction will probably be
commenced very soon.
The new hoisting-works are almost
completed; at least, the frame-work once
more covers the scene of the late ruins.
The big pump at the 500-foot level has
been reached and all work is now bcing
done to the best advantage.
At the millsite on Douglas gulch work
is going ahead with great rapidity. The
grading will all be done this week. They
already have three of the stone walls up,
and are now grading out for the ofice.
The lumber and timbers for the construc
tion is arriving daily, and the mill
wrights will in all probability commence
work the first of next week. If progress
continues for six weeks at the present
rate the mill will be completed, and the
early morning will then welcome the echo
of the new Bi-Metallic mill.
This company is very active in adopt
ing everything for rapid and economical
mining. During the week they have
lowered the big pump down to the 400
foot level, and will commence sinking
In the east 400-foot level- they have 3
feet of very rich ore, and in the west 400
foot level they are just coming into the
contact lime and granite. They expect
some good ore on this level very soon.
and from present indications they will
not be disappointed.
They are now shipping ore enough to
defray exkpnse of sinking.
The work at the Pearl is progressing in
the usual satisfactory manner.
The main shaft is now down 90 feet
below the tunnel level, and the 209-foot
station will be reached during the coming
Good ore has been encountered in the
shaft while sinking.
The tunnel is being rapidly pushed
forward and the best ore ever taken from
the mine is now in the header.
The development of the Pearl has thus
far been of the most satisfactory nature,
and shipments of fine ore may soon be
hoped for.
The report regarding the suspension of
work on the West Granite is untrue.
Our mining editor visited the Butte
crosscut during the week and found the
usual force of men at work in the header.
1 he rock is hard as ever and work pro
gresses slowly.
The Hatta continues to improve as
usual. They are now down on the shaft
2':0 feet and have struck a 7-foot lead of
good ore. The are soon to make a ship
ment. Mr. Holland, president of the
company, says he is confident that the
Hatta will soon pay her way.
Mitchell & Mussi;t :'dd are sinking an
air-shaft on the Forest Rose mine in the
Dunkleberg district.
A. B. Hower and others, who are work
ing the Little Joe, are getting out some
fine looking ore, and expect to make a
shijpment suon.
Dave i)unkleberg is making good
progress on his property. f is new
steam hoist is doing going good work,
and his mine will undoubtedly be a big
success. He expects to make another
shipment of ore soon.
Messrs. A. M'eyers, E. L. Ligget, Dan
Lanburn, Nat. Vance, Al. Gillis and Dr.
Dixon are the incorporators of what
shall be known as the Dora Thorne min
ing company, consisting of the Old Do
minion, Little Turf, Red Chief and Dora
Thorne claims, adjoining the Sydney
company's property on the north. It
consists of 4,000 shares, par value $5
each; half stock in the treasury. The
treasury stock wii be so'd at 25 cents
The reccnt en.oo.raging reports from the
Sydney will be instrumen:al in the new
company making rapid advancement.
A contract 1h-s been let to a well-known
miner to sink a shaft and work will be
commenced at once.
Lewistown wants a fire department.
Missoula will soon have electric lights
Stevensville is to have a public library.
Butte claims to have sufficient water
The Montana Pioneers met at Helena
A meat market and grocery store were
burned on Lyndale avenue, Helena, Fri
day night.
Corey, stabbed in Butte last week by
Dorothy, is dead.
Missoula will be boomed in the Sep
tember number of the Northwest Maga
Bishop Brondel will dedicate the new
Catholic church at Lewistown, Fergus
county, September 30.
Arrangements are being made at Mis
soula by the Masonic lodge there for the
reception of the grand lodge, which con
venes at that place on October 3.
An old Danish prospector is reported
missing from the Lowland mining dis
trict, near Butte. He is supposed to
have been devoured by wild beasts, as
everything in his cabin is in great con
fusion and the floor bespattered with
The Montana medical associ:atiot met
at HIelem:n last week and elet. ctd S he follw
ine oelleers: D)r. L:,vitt, of Butte, presi
dent. D)rs. rIonroe, ( i > ,zenma:..S~ . ,', vice
presidents. Dr. ýW. P. fktil:rd, of H:elena,
was elected s°c:;etary; I)r. B. id vin. treas
urer. and Dr. B,:rbour, correspoalding see
The line .of the Biliin:s. Clarke's Fork
& Cooke City railway ha- bt:en surveyed
through the Crow reservation, and the
maps are now being prepared to be sent
to Washington. The first of last week
the party commer:eed location and cross
s:ectioning under direction of Mr. Bun
dock.-Gazet e.
Marcus Daly is now having an im
nmense barn constructed on his ranch
above Corvallis for his thorougnhbred
race and draft horses. The gentleman
expects to hbrae them shipped to this
valley about the last of October, and will
have the finest stables in Montana when
complete. In all there will be about 22
carloads of horses. and as Corvallis is
near by, it will re.teivo the benefits of this
huge enterprise.-Tribune.
The IMissoula county denmocrats met
and held their convention Monday and
nominated the foliowinr ticket: Terri
torial council, W. M. M ickford; legisla
ture, Thomas C. Marsh!ll and J. E. Ma
rion; shliriff, P). J. Hi.yfron; assesscor, W.
TM. Berry; county cl rk and recorder, G.
F. Scully; county treasd:rer, Thomas
W\illiams; probate. jIudeo. Win. Lande s;
county attorany, .ol n M. E\Ivans: super
intendent of puoi~e schools, A. J. Urlin;
county surveyor, Fr nk Longstalf; coun
tv commnissionr. F. C. Ives; public ad
ministrator, Alfred Cove; coroer, F. S.
A specia o t!-i- "iner fr.'n it hak.
"- to the effect IhLnt arr :'nlg:,.eIets far the
re.tta to take p-ee on f te .reatc Sult
Lakeo. Tlhurslda"- :nd Frid:::, tare about
completed. The . ypense of gettring the
oarsmen there ar-d rturrnning them home
will be about . ,OO). Tevonty men are
coming from Clicago, St. Louis, Moline,
St. Paul, Minneapohs and Grand Rapids.
Excursions will be in from all sides, as
great interest in the event is being
worked up among people along the lines
of roads connecting with Salt Lake. The
oarsmen are chamipions, and it is ex
pected that records will be lowered on
account of the fast water of the lake. It
is stated that the biggest local crowd
ever assembled there will be present on
the days named.
A Collation of Dispatches and O':er
News Items, of Intereot to Our
Readers, Includin-r All the Prin
cipal Events of the 'Wcek.
Trefort, minister of public instruction
at Pesth, Austria, is dead.
The Evening Capital at Atlanta, Ga.,
has suspended pubhcation.
At Patonville. La., Sallie Barnhtll was
killed by a man named Gray.
Fire destroyed the Decar Hill yarn
mill at Philadelphia. Loss $73,0u).
Van Reed's paper-mill near Reading,
Pa., was burned Friday. Loss, .500 , . 0.
Ralph King, aged 10 years has been ar
rested for stealing a horse and w.,on
The Sonthwestern Soldiers andl ý:,tlors'
Reunion is in session at Arkansa.s Ciiy,
The next meeting the American Micro
scolist Society will be held in iuaffalo,
N. .
Four new cases of small-pox were re
ported in Bufflo Friday, and sever:al sus
Jack McAnliffe and Bill Dacy have
been matched to fight to a finish for $1,000
a side.
Four prisoners in the Dekalb County
(Mo.) jail escaped Thursday and are still
at large.
Arno Weiss, wanted in Bremnen for
forging drafts, is held in New York for
Chicago brewers deny a "trust" is
seeking to get control of the beer plant in
that city.
Sixteen cases of yellow fever have been
reported since Wednesdaiy, at Jackson
ville, Fla.
Fire of incendiary origin, Wednesday
burned Weber's lumber mill at D)etroit
Mich., Loss, $10,000.
The E. & G. Brooks Iron Company at
Birdsboro. Pa., has suspended work be
cause of the intense heat.
Ex-Congressnmen J. B. Eberhart of the
Sixth Pennsylvania iDi-.t ri.t, died at West
chester, Thursday, aged 6`3.
At Loland, La., Wednesday, rains flo od
ed the town to a delph of three feet.
Hollandale was also flooded.
The Guion steamer Wisconsin reached
New York Tuesday, two d(ays overdue.
One of her engineers gave out.
A fire in the Type block Anderson,Ind.
burned $50,0t00 worth of merchandise and
damaged the building ),0. 00.
The New Jersey State Republican Con
vention to nominate I'residental Electors
will be held at Trenton, September 27.
Larkin Foreman, who was convicted of
stealing a horse in 186,;, and escaped, has
just been captured at Hannibal, Mo.
At East Prospect. Pa., Wednesday,
John Brubaker, aged 12 playing with a
shotgun, killed Hurry Ferrell, aged 12.
Simmon Wallace, aged 31, and his
mother, aged 55, were buriied to death in
a boardinghouse at Chlarleston, W. Va.
James O'Brien of Kalamazoo choked,
kicked and poiinded his sweetheart, Jen
nie Smith, with a poker. Sho viil die.
The price of coke at Pittslburg is :advanc
ing rapidly, owin:, to a heavy demand. It
has reached '1 23, and .~ is predicted.
At Bismnarck, Dak., J. J. Lamb has
found, at a depth of 33 feet, a petrified
tusk of a mastodon 13 feet 7 inches long.
The Manatock cotton mills storage
room and 300 bales of cotton, at Danville,
Va., were burned Wednesday. Loss, 813,
Prosser's saw-mill boiler at Blooming
Valley. Mich., exploded Thursday, killed
C. L. Dodge, Orson Body and Delos Pros
John Defienbaugh of Wichita, Kas.,
has been sued for 341),0iU0 damages for de
famation of charactor by a young lady of
the city.
Van Voorbis has withdrawn from the
Congressional race in the iocihester IN.
Y. district, iosuring the return of C. S.
One thousand houses have been
burned at Orientsbcrg, : Ihssia. Ten
thousand factory operatives are made
M atilda P. Ellison. book-keeper at Kirk
trides Insane Asylum, Phil:Alphi.l, was
killed while crossing a railroad track in
that city.
The fast vestibule train on the B. & O.
was run from Baltimore to ).eer Park,
MId., 'ihursday, rtnurning Friday. T'he
move was successful.
Upon evidence adduced in the Con
gresssional inquiry in New 1Yrk, Joseph
and John Lees of Philadeilphia haT o been
sued for importing laborers.
Frizee Lee. a rich old Ihernit of Plain
field, N. J.. left his . ;a, ut' fortune to the
Scotch Plains Baptist (Chirch. His rela
tives will contest.
During a qurrol on a Missouri Paiic:
train in ianniba)l, Mo., I negro slashed
Jeff -Brown, son al aj;. I:Er,.cn, with a
razor, inlicting seri:.. n:u ij:us.
Thonws 7yj;Ta'. b'j y h,. he 1 ri
near Jlter':vi., iP ., 1 t
Saturday. wl:,en he was i,,t:n ai,. s. -n I
row. an-ants are oc. ;or ti" :s t:'its.
Jnd.,e Ellison was entertai.n:, v ii: b
serenade uoon his r'.turn to his h:::ae in
Kirksville " o., in honor of his nomination
for Judge of Kansas City court of Appeals.
The National Association of Fire En
gineers at Minneapolis has voted to meet
at Kansas City Scptemi Lr 2 and elected
the following oflce ls: fresident, F. L.
Stetson, Minneapolis; secretary, Henry A.
Hills, Cincinnati; treasurer A. C. Hen
drick, New Haven, Conn.
John Creagan, aged 25, of New York,
killed himself last week while crazed
with grier at the death of father, mother
and brother in rapid succession.
The deal between Manitoba and the
Northern Pacific to complete the Red
Iii -er road is off. Either the government
or the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba
will finish it.
At Plattsburg, N. Y., Thursday, in a
speech. Gov. Hill said: "The Democracy
does not propose anything radical about
the tariff. They propose a revision of
some of the duties.
W. A. Nicholas. charged with attempted
rape on his 13-year-old sister-in-law in
1881,at Birmingham,Ala,eluded arrest un
til yesterday, when he was caught in Fay
ette County, Mississippi and taken back
in lorns.
The Nation-l Commander-in-Chief of
the Sons of Vet"rans, in se(::sion at Wheel
ing. WV. Va., adjour:icd after electing Geo.
B. Abbott of Illi.mois copmmu:mder-of-chief.
hudollh Lee i:hrntcein of St. Joseph. Mo.,
wa:is closen a mi: ber of the Council-in
Finishes at the lBrookln Jockey Club
track are to be i an 1 !naeo:lslvy photo
,grapl'hed hereafter to avoid mistakes.
A counterfeit 81 bl l bearing the large
fi, aire in the right hand corner is in circu
lation. Look out for it.
Henry Fisher has brought suit at Hele
na against John Briscoe for the payment
of two notes of 83,thX) each. Both are
prominent mining mou.
Schwab & Zimmerman have brought
suit against the Winscot mining company
for 381 -,0ft said to be due them for money
advanced to that company.
The indications are that almost every
body in the Bitter Root valley wants the
nomination for some offico at one or the
other of the conventions soon to be held.
EDITon MAIL--Your local correspon
dence over the signature of M. S. Ca
plico in last issue hints in a remote lnan
ner at what he might say ware it not for
"ladies." Now, this is the first time in
my memory that I have regretted the ex
istence of the fair sex, but I would so
like to hea r Mike when he is without re
straint. His peroration on "Truth" at
10 cents a inc is a trifle high, and it does
not take. nimch o an "endeavor" to make
his word as d , m od as his note. There is
I ot a mn in town who would not be
i atisfied with second choic'. His article
on "f'ruth" looks a little butchered. as a
result of traing to palm it off as original.
Who ever ]hard of "the lance of virtue
ringing on the shield of vice ? " My ex
perience has been just the contrary.
Why did Mr. Caplice, after saying to
John Datffy tihet Mr. Clark might have
his interest in the Silver Peak for noth
ing, hesitate so long about signing deed
and see every lawy,,r in town to get his
advice as to h:ner her or not 1e ctluhi
make te he Bi- \'etaliie company pay "ren
tage" yearly for the occupation of his
undivided one-eighth interest ? Echo
answers, Whiy ? .J. W. DAwsoN
Moxie at the Sideboard.
Nerve food at the Sideboard.
Blue Ribbon beer at the Sideboard.
Spring chicken at the Grand restau
The best bread in town at the Grand
restaurant and bakery.
MeBrayer & Cutter whisky at the
Sid eboar d.
St. Paul ready-taixed paints, Doe &
Co., sole agents.
New and i mnense stook of boots and
shoes at Featherman's.
If you want a clock or watch, or both,
repaired, call on Simvson-with Dawson.
Feigenbanm & Co., of San Francisco,
have plt ed with Dawson one dozen
Peraminulators, to be sold regardless of
price; some are beauties.
Bid.; will be received at the office of
the l'i- Ietallic mining company, at
( 'ran , on or before September 10th,
i 1`. at _'`2 o'c,·ck noon, for tih delivery
of M.0lM) c r<'s of good. soundi. four-foot
I ,oo)d, f, r f el, at t he mill of the said iHi
Setdli. l M'i:inili companyV, at Clark, near
Philipsn!r' Th1. o,. ort;n r'serves the
ri.1ht , r:o . t ,n` el A;l ids. Full
I,..,Iti''i - uripon appli
c'tiion at the cn:iany ';1 s oitie in (ran ite,
J. I . F .. Superintendent.
No.li -e i: 're'.e ;iven that the part
cerslhip heretlfr.'r e\i 'ing between D. B.
1' rtz and Til..:O,.s L,. ,ma'ns, .s tinsmiths,
is this day di s.-s:,ved. saii business having
l),-ln sold to J. C. (,-oii'rey, wliho is aut~h
o rl,;d to collect all bills, and all out
stanlingt accounts to be presenrted to him
for payment. I). B. Hi..fTz,
'l'lioS. L. JONES,
J. C. (otDFREY.
(DEANITS, ,iontana, August 8, 1885.
A Weddtng in Gnatem-la.
Even among the Indians the govern
1n- nt has made a civil marriage neces
s:ry, and by law this must be performed
tbefor the priest can perform the relig
Eous cerellony. After both forms have
been complied with the guests repair to
the bride's Iontle, each bringing a basket
to cairry home a share of the wedding
sunlper. The brid'egroom supplies the
whisky, and a viifainous compound it is.
Connoisseurs iav it conti:ns more "head"
than any alcoholic drink in existence.
The bride is dressed in bright colors, the
finery of her entire family being loaned
to her for the day for her adornment.
Over her head, as a marriage veil, she
wears a white coarse muslin poncho. .A
large table is set, and the plntes are filled
with sweet tlhings and other eatables con
sid,,red appropriate for a weddmng feast;
i:is expense is borne by the bridle's fam
ily. After congr:'t:atuig, the happy
pair the guests asmbile arotind the tabll
and drink whisl;y "straight," but by
customn they are lnot pe-ritted to eat a
mouthful, though to lhpicks aresupplied,
and they content themstelves by picking
their teeth between drinks. The del;auch
continues until there is no more wihtl:y,
when each family emlll iCs its plates of
food into its own basket to lie trten on
arriving at home, but the pIla*s are re
Flaced on the table, and the b:ride's
mother carefully counts them Lefore she
allows any guests to depart. - Guatemala
Cor. New York Times.

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