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The Philipsburg mail. [volume] (Philipsburg, Mont.) 1887-current, August 30, 1888, Image 2

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H.ýB Y L. Rer,.. E Prczd n!t.
TM M *s E. Bo'CnzIs. (.sL:Qr.
AO GENERAF~L BAijy.ý'.~ LC'-_
. tLLL r :/1 i - "1 ý: TJa-Kri- E::i y',
AD:y-- MA~ -:; GL A -
A.Ic.:' K-Yr ra. ir IJ Urn
Bryan Bros. & Congdon. Propr's.
Issued Every Thursday Evenirg.
THUTsDAY.............---t· ·-i'U.T ·i.1;
!~-FILY.: LIr r:-~ --L
Ti .! I \ _1 .r'- " vtif . __ AL
TV~r '··r-
(1Ai I"~l
V__ . F. F^:.z
1 A wl
va- .I(-:. _ Ta Ure.1 Vj
t"g ' . - a: e-r
ta:ý. ý. : (71'.i , _ .l j;,'' I. '' - I' ' 5T -
111 '--' -
ý"I:~ r t 4ivarc r " - l -r.:; ' I
f::i· a :: _
141i' 'i Ilri -. 1 * ..r . i- . --" _ ý
.a it. CO i:rstI a t ; i : . u '
iMl:.t ·'ion i- th'-re a- rig h i:.
i h ((mnfli~i:aroti (;f Ain:al. live
Wi wk and agrriculture! a- ti:hat iI
whic(h vwe live ' A few` " mar excel
Mroiitana in some o~ne of th>'- eata
`-r- but 1.Ih 1i h'O (( rj1iitali]0) of all
w'e hav-e p!~ to~ hear of it' . -:?r
it mayUI br that o;'!r citizen t1'ink
the Ir+I+,:u týrpcak fior ti;: -m_;eves
anid that they need rio T d I hat
mar be true to a crt_ ( - but
it it evident that all then- 'id'ferenit
xs ihb itii, n '- te n d to g r e adtl y ate cao t r
tjic· tuv?. ceuhiry amid . ((.11iol.~ to, the
ini:nfien~e ;rrierft of all cocnceril.et · .
'Ihe ~ ~ Ju tGl diei jatii'ui~ri~;-;
al.ihtr V1i trOii: fromi- Douz.i( (Ur
bobornr. Iher comre out oif curio~-
lt;-ru-any on ,lieasmmre 1- :'
other ~r etext-, and' when th;-v
jiea-tc.1 nvith the exhibit and_1 -("f"
the suiterioritv and riihneis (f cer
3 aiii articles over vwhat the\- have
l,'e1i a(c( -tomied to. it riatu' aia at
1i'avt- their attiolnl am''i iniviteI
t era to iqmiqury 'flIc tellof ithe
g-O Mill they hav.e tern~f when
nevI -watr" ;i rori, attention i= at
t ra te+l to tic: loci ulity '7+ the 1inal
I-ii :
gration and, the imue--tmnelta of capi
lal in a li'ace whichIi would have
'~thereyi e been in a mneanmire mm
know ii to, them.
At a!n- rate a good (Xhilitinn of
Aiui' kindl would1 do much more
goo1'd for the general communtinity
than byv tiving our '1tizeiS so III,:I1V
Elldim,:tunijties' to, bett (,) a "~thrl'wi'~l
-potiiist ~to "h~wlcir-erace, a's has so frequemutly been
do1ne at the recent mrmeetinamu- _ bult of
(oIIse it wougildi 1mrobJi'-dv not aunur
a.s will fo)r the pocketbook' ')f s,-ein
(+f thme p)*(unm+,ter, toi~l1~~h.
· h(' !'riotic· O)rde )sr 5on ' of
America instituted W ashinf!ton
(-amp at IIelena last week. A large
delegation of m(,nembers fro)n Butte
anod Anaconda lent ,heir a:si:.tance,
and the oc(a-ion was one of. plitas
ure long to be relmemblt)re.l 1,v the
participants. There is ý,mne talk ,f
organiz inI a camp in iPhiii1 'l,lur,.
It i; undoubtedly a grool i-l-a: and
Ve hope the effort wtii crow,.-ei
with .-ce(.,-ss. 'Ti ere i< certainly
lplenty of good material here, and
no reason exists why oe shoutld
inot he organized.
Secretary Whitney has ordered
Admiral Luce to proceed to IIayti
with the man-of-war Galena for the
protection of American interests
there. The indications at present
are that the secretary will have to
dispatch a few of these same articles
to Canada at no very distant (!ate.
"Buffalo BillPs" aunt has "gone
broke" on mining stocks in San
Francisco, having recently lost
i100,000, which she had invested in
Comstock mining shares. The
blood-and-thunder nephew refuses
to assist his destitute aunt.
-'Female rat traps" is what a lady
rocietv writer applies to bustles.
_in~. hj.-.' they are cutting the
- .. -, at:' - . ,, in ,.',.-r to jam
moref h int a sihed or car '
T .. .... . , 1 ·- t r:
19 ill a- to add to our
ex'1a' ',.: li.t Th !ait Lake Times.
i-iIah at that
i1l _ , n * i _ .-.- - _
TLe Sun IIE. r Siu has le.z'u
h -' f.:. ,,.h-. !and 'ur h,1.:
. t.t ' . i a- : B, ,i:- t , prK'-l :'
Tieetin= ef tL.e republiran Central
At a eet .inr ' th Deer L'odge crn in
ty r-pu ican e-.tral exm.' . t el-i at
L' +: L . CU . ' _: r As
SK-r:,:.. pr y rr I. L. Hr-: - H. S.
- . ,r.x f_ T. C. I)vi' - on. and H.
!-. it-a. Es proxy f,.,r JH.hn G. McLej.
It . reed t:at the basis of rpr r
-tat - . r-e d lee'' for _;--ry
t - .r fr :in n L' -r:- f. : x - sthe
Sand se k
c rr ....... - Lon i.:i: .n he........ 1cur
o ......... - L -i :e. : ' k .:.r, . I
1 ..i.... 1
.:: r . at : P . 4r
":-:i·:e; b.. e n,.:--,l fr Noa ._-n:".>, r 6.
1 '_ _.r. - P.. 1 1
(L, . 1 ,.,[ - ::.1,.:.. 1 ,. 1nd o ele.t
: : ,o y :-'. .
-, ,,n E b..... _ 0... ,:e.]-," tLe e,:,m ri~t=
-. Ti or-- re n a--n wi: : as f 1-io .-:
A a.1ia ...... , .in ........ 1
Avon .......... ! L s: Cr-ek"..... 1
Si'-i : a:-ii, ] . - ........ 1
H iL:I, n r- 7: :a ....
anre n '-_. -... 1 it ,
P'rim__n';rs to elect delegates to the
court v con\rtion will be id in the
vL - , re iFer ·' s on bturda.T Sp,:.,-:n
her '. 1 . - b1 twmen the L-' , of r b.
o'ec,)':k P. -*.
Li:w. C.,2::..N., ereta--.
I-air tI gainst thie strike.
Andi a.:., n-; have a b6iM. of .ck -r's
E n li,:. e:<..-, - i: t -e . --. "ou :ai.
't , iiO- .-> (l. O - si"'-: t rt- yo:r
lit',e :.. . or a ,-, . , r co ..:., in- - f'.st
ti' anrd a U,:r di, s a p's'i;'e Cer.. A.1
TLio.tt and LIu:" trule- 11 to its
tre atmu-t. The Fho remedy guarauteed by
... E. DOc & Co.. ....' -: : .
Pr _f. Eli-;i J no:es ,f Mi3.lig:n U i
ver.ty _: d. d.
SW. Se',t M3 n irt ,. a .r: . n t eith- ,..
\~- -1¼ -.
-klbuque ·r-.:,_-, N. 11.. i, deadl.
*' 1'a (n: and Do
,Gluaran:t- A-k".r'r. Blio Mlixr for it has
I' -n fully de--,rih , , r , ]i e i , ,op e of
this country that it is s ,r:or to all
othr pre1r'ins I . , lood dIseas.s.. It
it a poitive 'e" fr sypih ti.r po'snig.
Ui i"c-rs. Er;uptions and Pii(ples. . It pur-r
":, the iwhle st:(.'ri and thoroug! Iv
Uii ids tip thj'." ',:; st tu:it .n.- -M. .i Doe
.t Co., Drug-ists.
RIe pr'' I-; n.- ll ";. .r Cr -k. ca..
was b'r":-. Th'u'si sy; los .-3'.V 0 .
to !, hatth by a here at Hai.al ,io.
Cannot a' h n ini t ':.-n;t if v:e i,-k on
Aib dark ideT of d '."ry little obsta':e.
Notino ;vilJ s, ,trkn i'f- and ake it a
baurd, n as D' -" ' -,Ia. Act.,"s si.,er
(Iranl itI " tI',r .c'r- itine - aesur.
IcC at 't d ':, l 5:l cents by I E. t i et &
ai 'ter' a t tt'uftae ctri.- (':ty.
It wl, d ul, ar fro], an artid ,( in the
\<< t Sh,,r.i -tag-az:ine. that ortiand.
(r.'._,on. is t1+:- 0?nter ,,f m:,nufacturlrs.
for the great Col.ostia rir-r ra.i ,n. and
posjw:,ses--. advanta.,.os calcukut:.t-d to na ie:
it t,.v gr:af d' rn:ul,:ni. ino g plont of the
Pa,.i t:- coast. The \,est S.:,:r-. pub
lish;ed by L. Sa,;:.uel. Portland. ()r, -,,,n.
i, an illustrated mag'azine, the only one
on t e Pacifl- coast, and makes a spc-,
lin ., of describinag and iillustrating the
west in all its featlares. Ar tistiaed'ly and
typo-zrap]:i'-aiy-. it is the peer of any
publication in the United States. and its
liter-try standard is a hi"h one. As a
family '" magazie it has no lsuperior. and
as ani! e.Xi.'n.h"t of the re1ources of the
west. no rival. Evc'r y one at all inter
ested in Oregon and neighboring states
and te.'ritlori-s should be a constant
reader if its pages.
,- r. - .t Fr--li h f -ii -llr a.,
wrnte.. I ;.-: e c e l' -i- l e;b:;..ur,- in recom
I r in I ' r. -i::' New l)i.- ,ov rv- for
d It . pt n .i i fr oe
mw ir tain rlie'f and e.ticil 'te red e
and I have not .en amitd kince. II ave
also IIsed l'lec.tri Bitters and Dr. Kin-'s
.Nei :il4. b:Ahl of which I can re
lr. King's New Discovery for Con
surrm,-tion. Coughs and Colds, is sold on
a positive guarantee. Trial bottles free
at A. P. lowie's City Drug Store.
George Cook, the Duluth (Msion.) rapist,
whoi hid in an elevator, was caught Wed
no sday. It now seems that he had not
acconiplished his pnrpose.
b% onderful Cures.
V. H. Hoyt & Co., Wholesale and Re
i ,Re Dr yugists of Rome, Ga., say: We
iave been selling Dr. King's New Dis
c"-ry. Electric Bitters and Bucklen's
Sr: : i'- Sve for four years. Have never
hiandi:di remedies that sell as well, or
give such universal satisfaction. There
have been some wonderful cures effected
by these medicines in this city. Several
cases of pronounced Consumption have
been entirely cured by use of a few bot
ties of Dr. King's New Discovery, taken
in connection with Electric Bitters.
We guarantee them always. Sold by A.
P. Bowie's City Drug Store.
The Mythology of India.
In India the great serpent Ahi (whence
ornr word "adder"), and the dragon
Vritra, who caused drought and physical
evils, being therefore mere demons, were
succee:i'd- by tLe demi-devil, Pavana. HE
iS Kei-C.d in :iae Ryiu:ayana as having
tn hsa. s. twerty arms. cop -r colorud
eyes, and t ri ht te--ti like ti:e voung
moon-. He w: a br:-aker of all lawsi es
ir=ciay a r-: ie-r. Like Satan, he is of
Celestial orii:. and Even in his lai!e so
portent, yv r-asn:1 of former sanctity.
that he m-e e.-!ch of the g:.>Js perform
some menial ',fie fo-r lhim. " He bore on
his great form: tl.e cr-- of L'ndi's thun
d -r.-It an-I Vi:iu's ti-us. Iut reigned
on still until VishnLIu became incarnate as
Pama. by wl;irm tile royal devil was
sltin. The Singhalese demons (FRak
sh.asa=_, over whom Ravana reigned, re
maied-i, and are still dreaded (under
name of Bihuts in India), but they had to
wait for a long time f,jr anreii.r ch;ief.
This was Mara. originally the Hiniido Cu
pi,. who. when E-:'d,; l:a p're:,ched the
c ril of exis'ence, nCtur'!.aL the god Cf
re',rs-. uctin ,=c le t!e lQ :..;:r yr .
Budidha b-l-iev.:d in no deity vr devil;
the universe he dc-lared wi:whout be_-in
ning. d.-=ied to be without end: it was
entirelyr bad, and the onl. sl vation of
man was to (csca0 n- -e 1: i"-, the
earth. but from e:: --l.e ;etIer.
On ti+ purely ne-:i f udtin Bid
him --a= uilt u , Ill t. in t- i . 1'i_
H~~ ----x .
ful or trich-e'.',s. r"ijra it _ I
ani Bu"ddi: its CI::"::. -Tra.:a. cow
ever, st il reins f._r a i- r:portion
of Budhist' its o:'igna- --;f._ nce--a
rc in of un:,C--i,-ru::e~- --confcious ir
mortaiit Z ing f or the bad. who wi be
,ur.i' :-. ,v al :.'tie to-rturers formed
from ther" own evil d, :-r . The Budd
hi-t solu-tion f te . r . --.: =of evil is
purely -e.:-ie. .aur is es=ernt:l:,y
bad; anr ar',earrance or '-} in it is an
iýu.n1 11+:h_, if pur=u=d, leads from
bad to wSC, .-.3 i: .;cre D. Conway in
Tile Cc mo, _i.an .
M-ecani im cf the Heart.
In the ,'an s'j-t the avcrr.e
ra :l;'ity Cf T _,_ ca '. L =riisad'n of an
adult le; is n ,_ t ~~l-nty .eats ner
;_ _-. T _--. e } : ,-: ti-,re frequent
a a rte in ol-- ._.-. 1 i': 1:'I in 1 WOrnen.
hnd there.re vcaiatio.ns wi i,,in c:,'fi
,a itr in ,ri ':i r pe :_o:s 5 chg to ,.cu
i:ues of organiz ti:. It w. :Id not
.-:e -ril}r - an ...n ,t.a- .-.n to find
in -a:e [particular i '. -vIduas :t e -abit
,u ' f '-equcr: y -cf te ii-art's action fr;m
sixty t, sixty-five r f, .n s .er.: -,ve
t, <-hty p-r inute . L_\s a r-r. tat
ir ar:i c.n i - -.v-r -zi' mre i_ : r
ful i: f; y dv .i 'r.,. :u-c r.::r r
nz tu.s. an ..:. rai, and ,t '- :l'.- -r
hi ti. , of siiz---er .. :, hi: a--:.---
.e raztge i_ fr,, n tw,:::_--?v, to f;r.
;fl Tt i.n t :" c'::l' .I_": e.a- 1 , 'fty u, i "
in te :ann !i <-d, ar-i':- . ex --.rt in
the -e of a hirse, :.Icn Las a very
sl-,w _eart iit. onlyv frt: str,.es a in
ut--. Tit lj'gt Cn: of men a:., all acti
mals differ with the sea level ahMo. The
work of a healthy human he-art has ben
shown to ,'-ual tie frat of Cr.-i:.g f--e
t: ; foar L i, , re, .- .: -t or: fo t r--r
h..ur. or 123 to in twety-four hou .
Tite ex,: - of work uer o in
var.-- uztiti s is ofn ve-ry gTeat.
" cu'' ,us cacltio:n h1. been made
by L:. I c.ard , giving the work of
tihe l,,art i:n -,:i ý.ge . Presmingt that
the 1 ".: :r= thro; ,;ut of the heart ,t
each ion n te lri,'tion f 9
tr, es .-r n' :in' . a d at 1 -e a 1 .
force of 1 fe; r. ,h' r-!;-:.p _f ti:_ Ll,.d
t h r o u g h ,. , ,iý , ni z i t b e t a : : : : - _t 2 '7
cards per inut.. 7 ,-.il ,r n2__ - . 1;8
miles per du:y.-, 1. ruiif i-r ye:ar, or
a.150:ý ::.il- 7 in a if'ti-e ,-f -4 y c-rI
The 1um?: ..", of =_::.:. of the L._._rn in the
c.LZ l,:" hf,: . !u1, reach tie grand
total of 2,Z6,77;,0w,.--3'ical World.
Cat:-irel and Bon Vivaints.
The 1Lte Lt- : Eard, c of the ZmcSt
--lr-:ed n :iv:ts ar_ r-rcurrs. i:s
-aid to ha-- origi.atd several no(,vel
forms of co,.k';.-" d.Bierent tacts and
vegetabiesl wi,ihi he kept a profounl
eert t, ' i h Eiath. The most noted
Shef- of t?. l;:' '---- t day, boti m Eur' ,pe
and A-r:c-. ae a.s ind:efiA:,t le in
their ex ,,vrieln-i.s as are sciertit-,. As a
result necri cv err r'ne of thei:u nr;,'-,s a
di-o-r, of s-,ine kind in the u'iay
line whi.h hlie is went to -u:.- ti ;_-.st
iublid,:i . t., :u-l as d x- t' , ,
Crim i.. l in_ ,. " :-- ...:: , atii- :.
In a ,; e:Xl way c'I-r. g among the
aritc-ratic a;nd weal:hr, has und:ergo--e
many nmanifr=-t ch.angcrs during t la::st
two ce':turi . Our arost pIopuir Ct-.r
ers w'or I1 e like!- to stan- d _,_ l if
ti, cr-uil ,e fuor a 1r.:f , in .d
into the ` :." . :,,t h ceL:: r: a, ii. . ... ',.e
of the --,i: --. _. cz f ,:t
Tl-en l'ri:.eey t,:s .,e "o, ar:r
an d.,e a- i tl , si.,:r: .. x: : -
stainding ti;::. t eyv ,se. to iha . : t.i,, a.
thi'-gs to eat. .rcoreover, tIr t..e
manuers ( f that age lu-t ave I,- n
isuperior to ours in rmany rC-l:ects. for
one was re.iurxii to Igsr- a .--rt of in
tui'tive kn;:l-. rie of tihe many d-i--es
prea;ed .i:- f .r sh:On's s.ke---to Lbe
bell, Lua ',i. . -e YurLk 1i'r":s.
A Cr;ihire-d Prisoner in Florida.
T:ie maver:Ie negro sees no terror in the
jail. It affords him a great deal of fun,
n:!les it be in w-atermrelon time. It is to
hima what gC:irl t; the sea shore is to the
Caue- in-, a re-f f,- "::i toil. and a season
of r--7t ho, thoroughly enjoyt-d. \Vhcn
Sam',o e -:-es f:troi this forced, but no
lets g:'---e' s::ietr:ation of the jail,
he loc't-onies - r,-.j - ._t - f interest to his.
"rien.is .f t'e -o r-:,se of iHam.
' .t:.,l ico 'tet out, Bil?'" -__id one
of thJei to a f ilJ'ow who had ju-t kith
drawn from. a ten days' engageiment n ith
the cy
--'}lout h .lf an hour ago."
"\ilhat s',r ter tie like e d'e have?"
"'-t iraie: !!entyj to eat. rice room to
' lp ini--n, one 'itre to bother me. so I
i-ep' nigh all er tii.e. 1i d a winte I::an
to wait on m, to-o. Y- s. sir, had a first
class wi-ite an-' ter I r'ing me water, an'
kerry out ,m'y s.ps: ' gw-ir:e in again
pretty soon.'
f[! seenwii e-.ecially proud :' tn- fact
that he i:hai a white man to v::,t -
and Ihis fact greatly amused nis hea:-er-;.
-Hamilton Jay in Detroit f"ee Press.
A new definition of Ame:rca is givera
by 31. Renan. it is: "America is a
wor.nderful country, an immense caldron
open to all races."
To JEREmf nn E]'VAS:
You are hereby notified that I, Ta'z Siteprlens.
your co-own-r, has in accerd.a-n:uc witi,
Section '2,'21. of the revi. ,d ' :tatuti.:
of the Unite-d States, expr nded in
lahrr and improv-mrnts upon t! - P.n,
quartz lot. claim, wtich is iheat!-i in the FI:t
(reek minin~ di-: nct, Deer Lode- c.,nt-. 3; -:
tana territor-, frr rIh year endilng D'-c--ier.
1-b,, the sum of one hundred i(1>,l dollars; and
you are hereby further notified that unless you
contribute your proportion of such expendi
tures, together with interest and costs, within
ninety days after the complete service of this
notice by publication, all your right, title, in
terest and claim in and to the above described
quartz lode mining claim will become the prop
erty of the pndersigned, your co owner, who
has performed the work and madethe required
expenditures thereon.
PHILIPSBURG, JULY 26, 1888, 27.
{ T { R L
Machinery is now working
and sinking is rapidly going on.
In the shaft there is already a fine
showing. Since last issue a body
of ore containing wire silver 12
inches wide has been struck in the
shaft. Sales are still being made
at 50 cents. Call on or address,
JOHN W. DAWsoN, Broker.
B Ž Iliiiil & Tilling Coummiv.
The property of this company is
located in Dirty Dick gulch, just
south of Philipsburg, and at pres
ent has a splendid showing. It is
stocked for five hundred thousand
shares. par value 85. The sale is
at present limited to 1,500 for this
district at 50c per share. Call on
or address, JOHN W. DAWSON,
Brokur, Phuii-iu.,r. M ,..
•"Dawson b,'at me out of the sale of a lot; but I iiavedl even on Joe
'Ca t le b :- latin himn l out of tie gale of a t lami to W. S. Tw -v.
A go l time to buy "Frieo."-D.wsx.
.Y.o u n e. - n-t te.i meI it's hot; I know it. "-II:. I, Kr -ER..
-The Butte a.. l. : Iena races were a wind. -A . W
Of all kinds is in demiand. should
you want a lot either for business
or residence, before )purchasing
dlon't fail to call and look over
what I have in the old townsite,
as well as the following additions:
einst ein's, Schnepel's, Parker's,
Wilson's and Pardee & Me Don
Second-hand hotel range,
Nine yoke oxen.
A specialty made of buying and
selling mining stocks in St. Louis
daily quotationlS.
Boarding and lodging house at
Kirkville, with 40 boarders.
Finest Line of Stationery
Call and. See Hirn.
Offers for sale lotsin
These Lots are Desirably Locatea b
tween the Depot of the Philipsburg &Dr
mond Railroad and the Old Townsite c
Philipsburg. Plats can be seen at the
of J K. PARDEE, Broadway.
First Come, First Serve
Sparey's Hotel Restauran
Weinstein Block. Philiphi .
European----American Plar
T1he Best Furni Ihed Rooms in the Town.
0-st1, aitfii Fi! 1.i' .als at all Hou's, i
Gamer & JackNI
: t.facture rs ar ] :. r , ,i
Soda Water. Sarsaparilla
Siill and Champagne Cider,
AIi!ts fi.0 the C'ENTENIMAL BEE;
Are the Leading It mple:ent Dealers of Montana. and are sole arents fcr :tl-=
baker sorin_ an:i frm i-; on.. _iiller. iail .,,ck and Studebaker Bros. i.,"
gies an eCarrias. rr.zier road carts. Crown mowers. Hou:::zs
av.,rth r:.l: -. hsterl. wine biniers. Keystone hay loaders.
a a fu.ll and, compl-te stock of Concord and St.
Loui.s harness. barb end baling wire, at
prices to suit and delivery niade
at all railroad points.
I :Ve Or i `d ' 1 ith k i\T lATThFE
ror any of the above ar':elks. T'clc-ihune No. 7.
McIntyre & Matthews,
STORE: Opposite Caplice & Smith's. PIHILIPSBU-RG. M0NT'.
BROADWAY, Philipsburg. Below Phiiipsburz Meat iar
H. Jewell,
Green Grocer,
Jonfectionery, Tobacco and Cigars, Fruits, Butter. Eggs
poultry, Game, Etc., Constantly on Hand. ,o

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