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Is a pure baking powder
no alum, lime or ammonia.
No acid but that from grapes
-which is pure, pleasant and
healthful--enters into Dr. Price's
Baking Powder.
Fruit acids are accounted by
hygienists the most important of
the elements of the food of man,
and of these the acid of the grape
is most prominent.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking
Powder is not only the most effi
cient and perfect of leavening
agents, but owing to its constitu
ents is likewise promotive of health.
NultA..---NllOWe : i O i cheap baking powders
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO., ade , a; . I.,ihi.L, the "elehated
C H ICAG O, si' tiiha :lah um I lL ,li eind lIC s the
-~ i :t. h ;I.II-· 1 t'----·- .u'idity 1 Itn_ dysepsl~t.
L itlll'. · 1 ',.111\' It.. " \'1 1 1' I. (.]i.:I: ~I I 1111
purli( fn ll,.ýý r ý pýl L. Iln 1,
1(mvl~iý ýnrh( 1 1,ýn ;(t Il~l . 1 . I. I, u
iý (ýýi.. ( ii lli ;1:. I 1ý"ý1 '(ýý . Ii I'i::=jji::;
illlli ýýýý .'. ý' "1' ( ýýIlll l ý ;( ýi , ( 1 .. t. r: "
1,1 I I J I ' II I ti"ýli ': ° -, l luuý VIl":l~ý 1,1 1)
rhtIXi Mn -I II I Itl'1Sl '~ ti11R' )~f T'd
Sa~lsZ-2 ko, L 10
):.:!` ';'!l'z I rl;ii t~' r '. ..~lc·,!l 1i~lt j theC 1'('1-I1
i l ! ir: III% 1ii I:: iu ) ii tI ýi.
1} ik mr ii> m I ui,1?! r
'C. C' P·:u t P C P
+:'*. L . '. /F 1:: 'Kl . ":
rI~ lll:- 1-7, "·
*;r Ii: iiij iiii
cb ' rý : 1 ý ý, , .+ __ , `q ' r,ý ru{ výý ra.ini r.
f - "rý r / c"/rc : 'r: il -· r ra
* 4*
--- r,. i~l~ 'inc r11 ii1r t n :i iith 'a- "
*r rrrlr~ RJ*ci· I
We11el as Chueari as Anilbudi Prices Conipare with }lelena
c d r -e rýý ~rSe qlrý;m a;rý,u'~r~ 6n -ýyr a ruýi-yýrnýcmun u u1pm
Next Sunday-the Grand--chicken
dinn-r-25 cents. *
McKibbin Hats-Hold their shape.*
Dr. Power office MoLeod & Doe
block *
Miss Kate Hynes of Philipsburg has
entered the Butte business college.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Luthje visited
in the city last Saturday.
For Sale-A No. 1 spring wagon and
set of double harness. John Neu. *
M. S. Morrison left Wednesday morn
ing for the Northwest territories, B. C.
McKiobin Hats-Keep their color. *
For embossed stationery place your
order with The Philipsburg Mail. *
L. Winegar was in the city Saturday
from Willow creek.
R. D. McRae was in the city last Sat
nrdav from Stone.
H. T. Cumming of Granite was in the
city Wednesday on business.
Order your grass seed, seed wheat and
oats of J. W. Morse, upper Broadway. "
B. M. Lindgrin of Flint was a visitor
in the city Wednesday.
Alex Wigh', Granite county's leading
wool grower, was a business visitor in
the city Wednesday.
John E. Bourbonia. of St. Marys, Kan
sas, a nephew of C. J. Mees, arrived in
the city Monday on an extended visit to
his lnc]le.
County Cbommissioner H. R. Camp
hell visited Drunniond on business Tues
Johnnic Hickey of The Mail force spent
several days in Butte this week on busi
Attorney (ieorge A. Maywood re
turned Wednesday froimi a visit to
County Treasurer O. F. Feathermian
Lhft yesterday morning to visit the north
ern part of the county on business.
Three hundrred dollars will buy an
acre of -grioind with 55 bearing fruit
trees 5 yolrs old, ill Missoula. Inquire
at this ollti: '.
The (irIlnd bakery ilakes the best
bread. .sk ypic r neigihbors about it.
Three ''inlanders were arrested yester
dlay and lodged in the coulty jail with
clahirges of tenig drunk and disorderly
booked against them.
For rent Brick house and barn in
bist residence portion of the city. Will
be rented at reasonable rates to reliable
parties. Apply to Mrs. W. S. Twohy,
South Sansome street. 14-4t.
If wioi want n ice,. pure drinlk of beer
call for (:Gardeni City Brewery beer, mian
tfacitnred in 3lissoulla-the best in the
state. Stri tlyý unin product. Forsale
by C1amedlill `& ,ielnialdt *
Arkn u.as ha:is pica d a law requiriny a
IiI to take oulit a license before he c(n1
t:. a drink. W hought KIansas tookl
tlhi cake, uti; Arkl-lanss goes her one
hpe news froi S,outh Africal is that
tie .i;riti hiave rnusdi(i soinebody's
r. e n't lame the_. C',int
tlh r' i t Ing -: 'o ll . .
If tri iiti ' i l l a ii - l dig. 'stion, lo::;
I ir '-: . of (',;' i: ), i' i ' Il ilt (' I i !ii'.-t
Li.' i i i i-i it 'ii, 'v ry iii. .I'irant 1.
F r ":l' su , 7. . l) D ' <: ('.. Dr ,g-,
hi iets :ii:
Kir,,>er's bel'r i;; iaie V r om,i the choic
, eilils b iil 'Ii' 1 l:t g1 i iriW it'i. It
i i", 11 1hal h 11. 5i, il. i' ' aC 'e, l0 fori
S Orily i-; tl, . .'1'11 T ylrvt'here. ; lrial
nif I I'i, i.>- : 1', : t:,. ' 1,', t irtr'i'v t I ll (',t!l -
S, . .re. i.7ll ". t i ,l i .1. 10' l tl te }.: t ir: 1 (wn
~i i H 1 :l y l"". pi c;'e m U it oii
, i'"', '.i tl ell i' _1 , 11 1 1, l 'i i', , 17 , 't''
I t' iii s .' 1, '.t I I'. .
i f 1111i - i ; r. - ,1 r r, i ii i!l : .':,d
' .,n ".i i ilv ; i},i 0 : ii i 'l.i
• 'list Xri? t,.i I Xas ci.( flr.i to n;'." bed
'ith :, v,,ry aid tchlt[ or the lungs.
Nethiiiru, ci 'ire r,.ihef. tmill', LO
\loi i iui, ht :I iottle o f ';( l -.lii inlte
(tion. The r il that tffeetd a sedy U, re.
I ot o loction alnktoo highly of lat ewitxcel
lln; renIedv." TT. K. H-lous,,man. Ma
na is ln. Tha. 1. E. Do & a Ceo., pintep
nhel Bruk toe. erhiylocation notd Walker
fol dimnectcis how to, Granite. loca
Evrtion.y prospector shouiri faone liar
wi tee for hanges uiance by the last legis
lature in the law governing mining loca
tionylins. The Mail s juilst turned out a
lot of location blanks which conform with
this law. The law as amended is printed
on the back of every location notice, also
fall directions how to make a valid loca
tion. Any prospector desiring one of
these for his guidance can have one free
by appyling at The Mail office.
McKibbm Hats-Universal favorites.*
"A neighbor ran in with a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoeo Remedy when my son was suffer
ing with severe cramps and was given
up as beyond hope by my regular phy
sician, who stands high in his profession.
After administering three doses of it my
son regained conlsciousness and recovered
entirely within twenty-four hours," says
Mrs. Mary Haller, of Mt. Crawford, Va.
This Remedy is for sale by M. E. Doe &
Co., Druggists.
Get What You Ask For !
When you ask for Cascarets Candy
Cathartic be sure you get them.
Genuine tablets stamped C. C. C.
Never sold in bulk. A substitutor is
always a cheat and a fraud. Beware!
All druggists, ioc.
McKibbin Bate-Business men.
Bet'iWalters was in from Rock creek
Sunday-the Grand--chicken dinner
25 cents. *
Mrs. E. McDonel, the milliner, spent
Wednesday and Thursday in Granite on
John Bray, one of the substantial ran
chers of lower Willow creek, was a visi
tor in the city Monday.
Mrs. John Conn of lower Willow creek
and nephew, Mr. Arnold, were visitors
in the city last Saturday.
Albert Frank was in the city several
days this week from Missoula, looking
after the interest of the Anaconda Stand
M. Wright of Granite received a num
ber of fine looking game cocks by express
last Tuesday. The chicken industry is
> okrng up in this district.
Thos. C. Congdon is in the city from
Minneapolis, Minn., looking after pro
perly interests. Mr. Condgon was for
many years connected with The Philips
burg Mail and has many warm friends
here who are glad to see him.
Stewart Hill, a nephew of Sam Arthur,
died in Granite last Saturday morning of
pneumonia. Mr. Hill came to Granite
from Havana, Ohio, about 6 months ago.
He was only 19 years of age. The fune
ral took place Sunday afternoon and the
remains were intered in the Philipsburg
You cannot enjoy perfect health, rcsy
cheeks, and sparkling eyes if your liver
is sluggish and your bowels clogged
DeWitt's Little Early Risers cleanse
the whole system. They never gripe.
M. E. Doe & Co., Campbell Drug Co.,
Philipsburg, and Walker Commercial
Co., Granite.
Mrs. Henry Parfett has been very ill
this week with erysipelas and for several
lays was very low and in a critical con
dition. A change for the better took
place yesterday and the attending phy
sician now has hopes for her recovery.
Everything possible is being done to re
store the lady back to health and her
many friends hope that her recovery may
be speedy.
A series of new postege sltamps will
soni appear, namely, the Buffalo Ex
position series. The 1-cent stamp, of
green color, will have a picture of a lake
steamer to represent the great trans
portation industry of the inland seas in
xhitch Buffalo is so :much interested;
the 2-cent stamp, printed in red, will
have a railroad train; the 4-ceut stamp,
in red and brown, an automobile; the
u-cent stamp, in blue, n picture of the
bridge at Niagara Fails; the 8-cent
stamp, lilac, a picture of the lock at
Sault Ste Marie, and the 10-cent, of
light brown, an ocean steamer.
The Mail has just turned out a supply
of the new uniform quartz location
blanks. amended to conf' rm to the
change in the law by the seveith legis
al ure. The new blanks will be found
oerr diesirlhilo by prospectors anid loat
ors of ninin. claims generally, as the
aw (overnilg li.ctttotis :it antenided is
lrinted ol the btack of every notice. All
,tationers in the city have been suipplied
with tht' no.,, blanks. Whoein buyingt call
ort the nmini' uniforin qu!!artz tIuition
ank. ii: yourt de:ler d.',..s not. harve
ih' im coime to the Mail tolice'.
The city was g'rated Ihis w.i k by the
reSen a'c of a co(p)l]),e;' i)1"] ; ;'.e 1 tour
ist wiho iilettsed to 'vieh, l'nms'lves
champion featherwn ibhtsof th e nor h
west. ,tet.. Thlu a(vetili-n,.l a boxingl ex
hibition for eved(solay evnin:, bn
ihey did not exhiibi. It was nott be
au(,e the oflihers of the law interfered,
inot bter(.n- tbh g;ol people of P.'hilips
but' failed to lturn iut to icit-tess ni
A L ii:,i ;, qto nt t, I ihii r t ot, i!ists w- i 'et t
11 .'ilit ei i 'i .' ii - tit,,i ttlk-ihi
itt "'c, ',' ', ' , t ,'ty('tcii ·, )-( n,'g ' l,,, l i i::+it )
..,:!.~i ,- i , ii .
I iii
I)i :. I ,x`..... " : .iir71 1 i( n I. , r
h 1 r ii i ti
h'll n, .; u is o, t a oIl;'l"lw]oi" o u l 'h e
i! m in^,; e d . I ,^?t.e.1. ." of, ' th'i lt i, r Ian , 1 (
pli].: i..:] 11 , ,. ulim e.
I" olIr I ilic olu i the 'nl
l(e 1 w; Iý ,. ' 1.. ;i 1i; .,s well.: f(,r r-ciry
lp ,t i:, ,, 1( jhei i.,, , im . oii i .
1(l if ·: -a("i.i^," hint (it .jnitr. ['cr
1,anr o itrus ltees ad iloa odoub if hisu
SI., lli, id l ilt II ti(( :-;0 it th'e IM'! 11 1 itd
iql i" . 1ii itr I iho1ii ii( 1W ti ex;ilsidlr
tilts ia' tr.
t(i i r U t' blic ichool? 'j"lli g( ilc.lei t11
'cii1S i - I i i li1iu {i }ver'liioke].d in the
1iru utf trustees and no dotii, I if his at
tientlon were celled to it he would turn
his pockets inside out.
Now don't everybody volunteer to
teach for nothing because there is only
,room for eight teachers.
Good Templars OrganlZe.
Purity Lodge No. 4, I. O. G. T., was
instituted in this city last Friday even
ing, April 19th, and the following of
ficers were elected and ins'ailed:
Mrs. Eva M. Herring, Chief Templar;
Miss Irene Achanire, Vice Templar.
Rollie Plumley, Secretary.
Mrs. J. A. Smith, Chaplain.
W. M. Loring, Financial Secretary.
M. C. Coohrane, Treasurer.
Malcolm McDonald, Marshal.
Miss Cleo Schoonover, Deputy Marshal.
Miss Bessie Westphal, Inner Guard.
Alex Murray, Sentinel.
Miss Clara D. McDonel, Past Chief
A. A. Fairbairn, Lodge Deputy.
You will waste time if you try to cure
indigestion or dyspepsia by starving
yourself. That only makes it worse
when you do eat heartily. You always
need plenty of good food properly di
gested. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is the
result of years of scientific research for
some thing that would digest not only
some elements of food but every kind.
And it is the one remedy that will do it.
M. E. Doe & Co., Campbell Drug Co.,
Philipsburg, and Walker Commercial
Co., Granite. *
Educate Your Bowels With Casearets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever,
10c, 25c. It C0C.C0, fail, druggists refund money.
Catholle Church.
Sunday-school at 2 o'clock Sunday
Methodist Church.
Evangelist W. H. Wallace is holding
services at the Methodist church this
week We respectfully ask and urge all
to come. Preaching Sunday morning
and evening.
Episcopal Church.
St. Andrew's church, Philipsburg.
morning prayer and sermon every Sun
day at 11 o'clock. except on third Sunday
in the month, then service will be at 8
p. m. Holy Communion the first Tues
day in the month. Sunday-school at 10
a. m.
St. Peter's church, Granite. evenang
prayer and sermon every Sunday at 7:30.
o'clock except on third Sunday in the
month, when there will be holy com
munion at 11 a. m. Sunday-school at
3. p. m.
Presbyterian Church.
Philipsburg-Services every Sunday
morning and evening, except the even
ing of the third Sunday of the month.
Hours, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Y. P. S.
C. E. every Sunday evening at 6:30
o'clock. Sunday-school every Sunday at
10 a. m. Prayer meeting and bible
study on Wednesday evening at 7:30.
Granite-Preaching on the first and
third Sundays of each month at 3:30 p.
m. and 8 p. m., respectively. Sunday
school every Sunday at 2:30 p. m.
James B. Butter, Pastor.
"I had piles so bad I could get no rest
nor find a cure until I tried DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. After using it once
I forgot I ever had anything like piles."'
E. C. Boice, Somers Point, N. Y. Look
out for imitations. Be sure you ask for
DeWitt's. M. E. Doe & Co., Campbell
Drug Co., Philipsburg, and Walker Com
mercial Co., Granite. "
For Sale--Furniture.
Consisting of parlor, bed-room and
kitchen set. Inquire at the Boston Store.
For Renlt.
First-class furnished rooms. Inquire
at Orr's residence.
For Sale Cheap.
Lot and three-room house, with bath
and water, and fine cellar; good barn and
chicken-honso; also one cow. Apply to
Mrs. Minnie Perkins, Philipsburg, Mont.
For Sale.
One span of heavy work horses, 7
years old; will weigh 1400 pounds each:
gentle and well broke; also set of good
wheel harness and 39 wagon; chains,
rough locks, etc. Will be sold cheap for
cash. Inquire at the postoflice.
Ranch for Sale.
100 acres, (01 miles from Ph:lipsburg,
,i Dr int(Il(oud road; SO (ores of buttofl
land, all f(enced; good buildings: also
Wagon, mower, rake and otlher imlle
nments- all in f irst-cl]se repair. Will sell
at a U1)1r.tmin. For particulars inquire at
the ranch or aIddIress.
'atric:k Ts1 lonhrin,
Afloter trying several ' rslcriplioti:; andi
rheonmtic ('urs, I deT cided to usrie Chmn
bortain's ]Pain a1mm, whic(h I had s,.o.n
adverttisedo inl th Heonth Jel eyan.
Af.t'ter two a!pplie.tions oft this rt-ueldly t
\vas llu(h etfler. and ftr It usin;; cmote
b ttle to was entirely cure.Il.---- alli, Horrin-',
I.N ., . Fo r ie m I . .. . e. ) ,o
S('. r uggi't.
TI' Fl".'}l l t I rttiv rly x.1 t ni ,ltatlt ,i n
in ':-r- will i h.int m ..u t'rit.a
l l t . ht uib
li.' tbnly at i t . mi . t i pll ti'nnts will
l. f ',e ak n11.i ofi ih e (":.t ;. !Re n tin l lrn..
i:Vi' the' lthii ' t a thit i ttail t:;y.
htat makels nk altetl saroal. l 'at , i n
t n.d advice 1,t REt . Atl rol ss 't i.tt :I N
v,, l, u nt.1 +,, in:ut 'ar ne t l: u+l , on1(
yowr. 'l tis r' ely' ( is- : , , ,i you
t:houln!l inlko y,'ort-s('l' x; hift nroubl:,l]w with
EDiarrh CO.. ricsaorNew by M. 43. n &
Co., Dru -'ciss.
•--Your Lfeaway!
You can be cured of any form of tobacco usiug
easily, be made well, stroHEg, magnetic, fll fER
Youew life and vior byOrder taking Kee-T
that makes weak men strong. IMany gayin
ten pounds in ten days. Over 500 O..
cured. All druggists. Cure guaranteed. Book
let and advice FREE. Address TE"i'I',RLING
REMEDY CO., Chica o or New York. 437
You Must Have It In Order to Keep I
-ee.ed TIns eota rt
No Bolls Nor Carbuncles Now--A
Cood Blood Medlcine.
,, I became convinced of the merit
of Hood's Sarsaparilla when I took it
myself as a blood purifier. So, when
my husband had boils and carbuncles I
urged him to take Hood's and the re
sult was that when he had used but
one bottle the boils had nearly all dis
appeared. He continued the use of
the medicine and after taking two
bottles he was completely cured, and,
as he expressed it, felt as if he was on
earth for the second time. He has
never had any boils since. We take
Hood's as a spring medicine and gladly
recommend it." MRs. A. E. STAYSA,
Yonkers, N. Y.
Scrofula from Birth.
"I have found Hood's to be the
greatest blood purifier I ever took,
and I have tried many medicines. I
was a sufferer with scrofula from
birth. My eyes were so badly affected
I would be almost blind for a week
at a time. My neck began to swell
so that I could not breathe freely.
Medicines failed to do me any good
until I began taking Hood's Sarsa
parilla. Today I have excellent health
and my eyes give me very little
trouble. I owe it all to Hood's, which
I recommend to all suffering from any
disease of the blood." Miss KETTIE
McGUIRE, Silver Creek, Ky.
That Tired Feeling.
" I cannot say too much for IIood's
sarsaparilla as a remedy for that tired
and worn out feeling one has in the
spring. As a strength builder and
appetite creator it has no equal."
MuIs. L. B. WOODARD, 285 Ballou
Street, Woonsocket, R. I.
Hood's is Peculiar to Itself.
A Valuable Medie!lne for Coughns and Colds
In Child iren.
"I have not the slightest hesitancy in
recommending Clialmberlain's Cough
Remedy to all who are snfeoring froam
coughs or colds," says Chas. M. Cramer,
Esq., a well known watch maker of
Colombo, Ceylon. "It has been some
two years since the City Dispensary
first called my attention to this valuable
medicine and I have repeatedly used it
and it has always been brinficial. It
has cured me quickly of all chest colds.
It is especially effective for children and
soldom takes more than one bottle to
cure them of hoarseness. .I have per
snuded many to try this valuable rem
edly, and they are .all as well pleased as
iyself over the resules. For sale by M.
E. Doe & Co., Drn,:gists.
HAY AN) F.i.)
50-lb Blocks Sulphur Sahlt, Coarse Stock
Salt Liverpool and Table Sal ..4N,
:. Pastry.' ........ ....... 2 c p
( 1t)1 ust ......... .. . .. 2 20
S( 'li lt " ................... ..... . . ,.
B(l al d a,: ..............P. p b 25
O qe:al to ain 7tc Tc.'
Candl e crr. Ai .,.c: fcf quCaliiy
and' p.iceXmParcd C.'c n. c}qfoe, a
fine treekft c sMt l'A F.lcs srd
Or.anges and Lemons ..Parsnips,
Roots and Potatoes ,....o!
Our goods are all first class; they
are guaranteed or money Vre-e'ed
Broadway, Philipsburg.
The Only First Class Short
Order House in the City,
Rear of L. N. Van Vranken,
Campbell & Mc- .
Donald's, 'Burg Proprietor.
•sted. Look Up Our Premium Offer.

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