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We thrill at the story of "Curfew
shall not ring to-night." Yet it is
melodramatic and commonplace be
S.de the peril every woman runs who
faces motherhood. Women are
strangely self-forgetful. The ex
altation of the fact of motherhood
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the husband who can bear no tithe
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cause it makes the pain of mother
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the risk to its lowest possible point.
"Five years my wife was in an almost
helpless condition, suffering from female
weakness," writes J. S. Everritt, Esq., of
Hagerman, Washington Co., Fla. F Iast
September I decided to have her try Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. She took
several bottles of the medicine and gave
birth to a ten pound son on January 31st,
1899. She is now sound and well and doing
her housework.",
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser aoo8
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Vic "' "' :r. CHEMICAL
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E.stai:. anColcrd.io,.,"56. Samp!es bymailor
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1736-1738 Lawrence St., Denver. Coleo.
Notice of Loss.
Lost-Certificate No. 4,056. dated Jan
uary. 1887, for I,0 shares of stock in the
Granite Mountain Mining Co. in name
of Mrs Adaline D Lampton has been
lost Notice is hereby given that I have
applied to the honve named company for
a new certificate therefor.
15-9t Adenknoph. Olney, Ill.
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It TYas Planned All Right. But It Did Not
There were all kinds of rumors afloat
in this city yesterday concerning divers
and sundry deals in livery stables. The
report was general that the boyd Bros.
and A. D. Gillis had formed a trust
and had bought up all the livery stables
in the city. This, however, proves not to
be the crse. As near as could be learned
Boyd Bros. & Gillis secured a lease on
the Horses' Home stable on Stockton
street, formerly conducted by Robert Mc
Donel. They also made Mr. Degenhart
an offer to purchase his stock and inter
est in the City Livery stables, conducted
by J. J.Carmichael,including a five years'
lease on the building and the real estate.
While Mr. D=genhart was thinking it over
Mr. Carmichael stepped in and made
him an offer that was satisfactory and he
secured the st! ock and a lease on the barn.
The deal was concluded last evening and
there will he no livery stable irnst in
Philipsburg for the present.
Large I)ann on Georgetown Flats.
,The new dam which is being con
structed on Georgetown Flats by the
Flint Creek Electric Power Co. will be a
substantial affair and able to withstand
any amount of pressure. it is built
upon bedrock 30 feet wide and about 101)
feet long at its base and will be about
150 feet long at the top and 30 feet high.
It is being built of solid masonry, noth
ing but huge blocks of granite and cement
entering into its construction. The new
dam will convert a considerable portion
of Georgetown Flats into a large storage
reservoir. Two more dams or break
waters are being built somre distance
above the main dam for the purpose of
relieving it to some extent of the great
strain caused by the immense volume of
water stored. It will require at least
two months longer to complete the
works now under construction. About
fifteen four-horse teams are engaged in
hauling supplies, such as building stone,
sand and timbers, to the scene of oper
ations. The rock and sand is being
hauled from a point about a mile east of
Georgetown and about three miles from
the dam, there being no granite in the
immediate vicinity. Aside from the
teamsters there are about 30 (men stone
masons and helpers, timbermen, e'c.) em
ployed there at present.
Philipsburg, May 17 -The following
is a list of unclaimed letters remaininig
in the postoffice at Philipsburg, Mont.,
for the week ending May 16, 1901. Per
sons calling for any of the letters named
will please say "advertised:"
HIubb, Susie McCabe, W.
Malley, Al
Lawrence Hauck, Postmaster.
For Stile.
Five-room dwelline: pla' erefl thr ougih
out; good teller water etc: modern in eP ery
respect. Also 3 lots all fi,-,c-d; gut d out
buildings. One of the cho'cest residence
properties in Ph ilipsburg. For particu
lars inquire of Mrs. F. D. Sayrs, Philip-
burg, Mont.
The Girls Guild. assisted by much local
talent, are busy arranging for their enter
tainment on May 21.
The meeting of the stockholders of the
Combination Mining Milling Co., which
was to have been held at Combination
yesterday, adjourned until Thursday,
June 20th.
Kroger's beer is made from the choic
est hops and Montana grown barley. It
is a health bestowing beverage, and for
purity is not ex,:elled anywhere. Atrial
of Kroger's new bottled beer will con
vince you that there is none better made.
Brady-Shirley Horse Case Will Be
Tried Again.
Hot Springs, S. D., May 14.-The su.
preme court of South Dakota has just
reversed the decision of the circuit
court of Fall River county and re
manded to Hot Springs for another
trial the case of George W. Brady
against Sam Shirley. This case prom
ises to take its place beside the fa
mous calf case of Iowa. The suit was
begun over two years ago in the jus
tice court for the possession of a horse
worth about $50. It was appealed by
Brady to the circuit court, and the
case going against him there it was ta
ken to the supreme court. After the
trial in the circuit court the suit had
cost the litigants about $1,000; $300 or
$400 more costs have been added
since then, and it will require about
as much more before the second trial
in the circuit court is completed.
South Dakota Institution Crippled by
a Loan to a Grain Dealer.
Sioux Falls, S. D., May 14.-The
Canton State bank, at Canton, of
which Fred H. Bacon is president,
and L. H. Larson cashier, closed its
doors Saturday. It is said the failure
is diue to a loan of $10,000, made about
one and a half years ago, to W. B.
Wade, a grain dealer of Lennox. Re
cently Wade filed an application in
voluntary bankruptcy in the United
States court here, thus preventing the
bank collecting the loan. This crip
pled the institution to such an extent
that it was decided to close it for a
The bank had in deposits about $60,
c0--. It is claimed depositors will be
pail in full. Th, closing of the bank's
doors did not create any excitement.
Will Re-Enforce Quarantine.
Vancouver, B. C., May 14.-Dr. M.
A. McKeichnie, Dominion government
quarantine officer at this port, has
been instructed to re-enforce the in
spection of steamers arriving from
Alaskan ports, countermanding the
order recently issued raising the quar
antine inspection.
Shot by a Mob.
Little Rock, Ark., May 14.-A mob
of masked men went to a house oc
cupied by Lee Key, colored, near
Knoxville, Johnson county, and called
him out. Key was found dead in the
yard at daybreak, having been shot.
It is charged he had been terrorizing
other negroes.
Up to Date 111llinery.
On Friday and Saturday, May 10th and
11th, another shipment of ladies and
childrens hetdwear is due at Mrs. E. Mc
Donel's millinery parlors. This lot will
include some of the swellest pattern hats
that could be obtained in New York and
in elegance this line will surpass all pre
vious shipments. l)on't fail to see them.
On Wedneedav and Thursday. May 1.ih
and 16th, Mrs. McD,)onel will be in Gran
ite at the Creighton house with the
grandest assortment of pattern hats ever
seen on the hill.
Tuesday, ,lay 21, 1901.
On the above date
will be given n
and Historical
ENTITLED '-.`--:
"The Old World s the New"
Vocal and Instru= 0
mental Music.
An Orchestra of
Best Local Talent
Ground Floor, 50 cents
Gallery, 25 cents
To Commence at 8:30 p. m.
S s h April 2. 1..)1.
Notice is hereby given that the following.
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before W. E.
Moore, U. 8. Commissioner at Philipsburg,
Montana. on May 13, 1PH)1, viz: Joseph Lunn,
for H. E. No. 10.D0 for the N\VWt Section 8,
Tp. 5 N., R. II West.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
contin..s resid",nce upon and cultivation of
sadl land. viz: Juhu W. Hall. John Emmett
Carer, J. Lewis Dean and Thomas Carey, all of
Philipsburg. :!oataua.
First publication April 5-11-8it.
May 4, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice ot his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before W. E.
Moore, U. S. Commissioner at Philipsburg,
Montana, on June 15, 11501. viz: John W.
McBee for H. E. No. 7090 for the SW!1 BElt,
Sl SWli, NE!i SW!4, Sec. 14, Tp. 6 N.. R. 14
Be names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, viz: Valentine Jacky, Frank E.
Barnes, Addison S. Huffman and Frank Brad
slhaw, of Philipsburg, Montana.
GEORtE D. GREENE, Register.
First publication May 10-16-6t.
To Mt. Olaf Hanskcen, his heirs, executors or as
signs, and successors in interest:
You are hereby notified that the undersigned
has expended during the years 1896, 1897, t108.
18it9 and 10100 in labor and improvements fifteen
hundred dollars upon the Pan Metallic. Puritan
and Hidden 'I'reasure quartz lode mining cl:ims,
situated in Boulder (uuorganized) mining dlis
trict, county of Granite, state of Montana, 'f
which the location certificate is found of record
in the office of the recorder of the county of
Granite, state of Montana, in order to hold said
claims under the provisions of Section 2324 of
the Revised Statutes of the United Stales and
the amendment thereto approved Janua:y 22,
18a0, concerning annual labor uponl mining
claims, being the amount required to hohl said
lode claims mr the periods ending on the flat,
day of )ecemberl . 18196, 18,97, 1898. 5i89) and 141,).
And if, within ninety clays after this notice by
publication, yon fail or refuse to contribute
your proporlt ioa of said expenditures, amount
ing to $2:10.00, is co-owner. v ,or ono-sixth in
terest in said claims will become the property
of the undersigned, your co-owner, who has
made the required expenditure by the terms of
said Section 2321.
First nublication Feb. 8--14t.
RissOuit.A. Montana, March 29, 1I01.
Notice is hereby given that David .Jaiukoiwer,
by William F. Moore, his attorney-in-fact,
whose postoflice address is Philipsburg. Granite
county, 1Montana, ihas this day fileld tlrt applica
tion for Ipatent for 40.71 acres of pliaccr mining
grl'nd, known as tithe Star placer Inoitllea of
which, together with a copy of the olticial plat
and survey thereof was posted thereon on the
18eth day of Mtarch. li01 , sinhote in Rock ('reck
[unorgai.I mining dilstrict, (hanit (Co., Mo:
tuna, in I[unsurveredi Township No. 1 nort lh.
h1iane li west, principal meridlian of Mllontaia,
and designateid by the field notes and official
,lat thereof on file in thid otice as -urvey No.
1il1li anti particularly described auc follow,,,
Slar Pla.er-Survey No. ilT5(i.
)Beginning at Localion ('crne' No i3 i post 5
incheu slquare, 5 feet long, muarkid 1-1115ti for
('orner No 1, from which U. S. L. . 1. No. fil,
Townshilp 6 north, Range 16 west [nnsurveyedIi.
hears north 46i degrees, 10 minutes west 1071 fit,
and running thence north 20 degrees, 123 rin
utes west 807 feet: thence north 314 degrees, 1I
minutes west 41!) feet; thence north 7 degrees,
.04 minutes east 702.5 f,.,t: thence north 33 de..
grees, .08 minutes east 11:i feet; thence north 50
degrees, .04 minutes east 753 feet; thence north
51 degrees, 21 minutes west 472.5 fee+t; thence
north 50 degrees, 42 minutes east '2(1i feet; t hence
south 43 degrees. .s minutes east 527 fret; thence
southl 17 degrees, )0 tinultes west 100 fee'; thltnee
south -14 degrees, 15 minutes west 78)1 feet; theunce
soth I33 deirees. .0Ii min itea west 71 fteet; thence
southIi 11 ideirees, .02 mllllltes est 1i! fooet; thlenIe,
south i1 degrees, 35 minutes east 3lt feet: th nitce
south 10 degrees, 15 minuites east 3i71 feet;: th1,111'
south 2:2 degrees, 22 minites east 107ci.5 f, et:
thence south 29 degerese, 15 minutes we-'t 602 1et:
thence south 11 degrees. 5B minuti.ts ea:st 1'i79
feet; thence north 4I decurees, 17 minulte \west
1475 feet; thence north 17 degrees. 17 tinutel.
east 14230 f.el, to ('orner No. 1, the mlace ofr be
ginning, containing an area of 40.71 aicre. all
clitimed b the above-named applicant.
Masnetic variation of all courses in thi u <sr
ve., 20 degrees and 30 mlinutee, east.
There are no known claims in conflict with
this survey.
The adjoining clnims are: On the north Sur
vey No. 0135-, Ruby placer, David Jankower, ap
The location notice of this mine is recorded
in Book 1 of Placers. on Page 555, recordls of
Granite county, state of M ontana.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
placer mining ground and premises or any per
tion thereof so described, surveyed, platted and
applied for, are hereby notified that unless their
adverse claims are duly filed as according to
law and the regulations thereunder within the
time prescribed by law with the register of the
United States land office at Missoula, in the
state of Montana, they will be barred in virtue
of the provisions of said statute.
W. E. Moonb Attorneys for Applicant.
First publication March 29-10-I0t.
This is the Smallest
Made also
in four
larger sizes. If your dea!er
Sold I does not have
everywhere. them-write to
the nearest
agency of
'T II. T. Wharton, his heirs, executors or as
signs, and successors in interest:
You are hereby notified that the undersigned
has expended during the year 1il00l in labor and
Iinlprovements one hundred dollar, upon the
S.uth View quartz lode mining claim. situated
in Flint Creek (unorganized) mining district.
county of (Granite. state of Montana, of which
the location certificate is found of record in the
office of the recorder of the county of (-iranite,
state of Montana, in order to told said claim
under the provisions of Section 2324 of the Re
vised Statutes of the United States and the
amendment thereto approved January 22. los;,
concerning annual labor upon mining claims,
ieing the amount required to hold said lode
claim for the period ending on the 31st day of
December, 1900. Anti if, within ninety dlays
after this notice by publication, you fall or re
fuse to contribute ycur proportion of saiul ex
loeaditure, amounting to $25, as co.owner, your
one-fourth interest in said claim will become
the Iroperty of the undersigned, your co-owner,
who has made the required expenditure by the
terms of said Section 2324.
First publication Feb. 1-2- lit.
To Alex Boyd and Dave Boyd:
You are hereby notified that the undersigned
has expended during the year 1ll)0 in labor and
improvements one hundred dollars upon the
tHlne Bird quartz lode mining claim, situated in
Flint Creek (nnorga' ized) tmining district.
county of Granite, state of Montana. of which
the location certificate is found of record in the
oethce of the recorder of the county of Granite,
s'ate of Montana, in order to hold said claim
undter the provisions of Section 2324 of the Re
vised Statutes of the United States and the
amendment thereto approved January 22. 1S0.
concerning annual labor upon mining claias.
being the amount required to hold said lode
claim for the period ending on the 31st day of
December, 1000. Anti if. within ninety days
after this notice by publication, you fail or re
fuse to contribute your pronortion of said ex
penditures, amounting to $50.00, as co-owner,
your one-half interest in said claim will be
come the property of the undersigned, your co
owner, who has made the required expenditures
by the terms of said Section 2324.
First publication Jan. 11-51-1st.
HELENA, Montana. March 2t1, 1101..
Notice is hereby given that George Fernie,
whose postoffice address is Deer Lodge, Deer
Lodge county, Montana; Nathan Smith, whose
postoftice address is Garrisn. Deer Lodtlge
county. Montana, anti Charles A. Wilson, whose
postottice address is Philipshnrg, Granite coun.
ty, Mlntana, have this day tiled an applicat ion
for patent for 400 linear feet, embraing tlis
cowvery claim anti Claim No. 1, north of the
Ilowie lode mining claim [utIpn which a notice
of intention to apply for a patent, together with
an official plat anti survey thereolf. was posted
on the 2:id day of October, A. i). 19I0l , situate int
Flint Creek lunorganized] mining district,
Granite counuty, state of Montana. and doeg.
natedi as Survey No. 5I15,, in I nnsut rvoydl] "'T,swn
ship 7 north, fRange 13 west, and being mlore
particularly described as fiollows, to-wit:
Begintinning at Corner No. I a tpoint in the
seccond cours of Survey No. 2:132 a limestone'
20xgx7 inches, 14 inches deep, rmarked 1-59i5 for
Corner No. 1, from which t! u" quarter section
corner on the east abontdary of Section 25, Town
ship7 nort:i, Range ll west. I ure south i tide
grees, 19 minutes west 5li32.7 feet, and running
thence north 6i l degrees, 3i0 minutes west 10ti.7
feet: thence north :1 degrees cast 4i0O feett: thonec
south 6(ii degrees, 30 minitoa east 100.7 feot;
thence south ; tl degres west ii0i feet, to C('ornlter
No. 1, the place of beginning. containing an
area of 0.912 acres, all clailmtd by t(b albove
namted acnlicants, of which 0.07 acres are inl
conflict with Survey No. 2237.
The location notice of this mine is reordedi
on Page 1.!t in Book A of Quartz tI-cords of
Granite county, Moi,tana.
The conflicting claimis are: )On the north
Survey No. 2237, Silver Star lode. E. h). Holland
et il, applicants.
The adjoining claim: The ontly, nidjining
claim is Survey No. 2332, Lot No. 17I. Saunde:s
lode. Angus A. McDonald et al. applllican:, ol
the south.
''The, magnetic variation of all course., in this
survey is 23 degreeus, h0 li)inltites asot.
Anyand all toeuts,,is claiming adiver.-arly the
mining groundlli. v-.i . lle., rolllises, or ay
ltortion thereof so, escriled, sttvceied, pltled
nd lapllted for, ar.- h.rt.Ihy nlotifi.d that ul,ess
their adverse elii m ait tre duly til-lI as tccot'rling
to law and Ithe regtulation-, thllnliroln~l
within tithe timli prescribedl by law wvih
the register of the 1nited t ai1t ,::
la!td oedict at }ll,.ua. ill t he state of l ia as,
they will ite barred in virtue t:' the ittvi:, -lott
of said statute.
(iFOlIa E D. GitE ENE. lut gister.
tJoirsAt S3ulLtL, Attorney for Aptlicat:,
First publication Mlarch 20- lio ilt.
Application for l'a:nr.
MIssotUL.\. Montana. Marcih 21, 101. "
Ntice is hereby givetn that. David Janker.ver,
by William E. Sloo,ti, his attorney-inr-facl,
rhse postoallce alddlress ii hi liipsihrg, t anto
county, Montana, has this clay tiled anr applica
tion for Iattent for St3i.52 .cres of placer mining
grollnd knowlu as the IHuby placer l Iotlice of
Which, togthetIr w ith a copy of the I 1ci al jplat
anti slturvey. was Is.ted telTlreon on the lnth Ii5
of March, 19011, sitnatre in Itocik (ireek (nnitr
ganized) mining district, (iratit. co.toiy, Mon
tita in ';tnsirveyed) 'Towunship No. i; north.
]HaOuge ii vtiet, principal meridian of 51on. i,
and d.csignatened by the field notes and ti of
ficil ,int tiler-,of on file in this othicer a5s ''rve.
No. 0151, as follows, to-wit:
Sirvey No. 1 154-Rituby PI'iIcer.
Iteginning att ( orner No. 1, a blazed lpine Itre
7 incihes in diamtuter.marked i-;Sta ftor ('orner
No. 1, fromt which U. S. L. 1. No. tilStl, lo wn
ship ti north, Hitange 10 west itnsurveytid), biari
south 39 degrees and 10 minnuts west 2002.5 feet,
and running thence north 11 degrees, 5t Iminutes
west 285.5 feet; thence north 12 deIgrIes, .0:3 min
utes west 1102 feet; thence north Ii!t degrees, 3.
minutes west 31i feet; thenca north 4 degrees,
25 minutes east 2.i7 feet: thence south 75 de
grees, 23 minutes east 136 feet; thencoe north 32
degrees, .(l minutes east li12 feet; thence north
t1 degrees, 51 minutes west ti39 feet; thencP
north 8 degrees, 42 minutes east 338 feet; thence
north ti9 degrees. 11 minutes west 852 feet; thence
north 13 degrees. 12 minutes east 471.5 feet:
thence south 50 degrees, 53 minutes east 10561
feet; thence south 9 degrees, .05 minutes east 333
feet; thence south 65 degrees, 28 minutes east 473
feet; thence north 32 degrees, .06 minutes east
288 feet; thence north 9 degrees, 25 minutes west
190 feet; thence north 46 degrees, 16 minutes
west 855 feet; thence north 30 decrees 48 min
utes west 1357 feet- thence north 55 degrees. 39
minutes east 355 feet; thence south 26 degrees,
10 minntes east 1898 feet; thence n rth 30 de
grees. 30 minutes east 991 feet; thence north 9
degrees, 58 minutes west 289 feet; thence north
P Ill i s h e d
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no-dly andl Fri
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S fine, fresh,
very-ot her- day
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days of issne. and
coverling n.ews of
the other three
It contains all
ilmportant for
Pign cable news
YORK w"h' ' ... a '"e i
sanle (late, also)
I)Domestic and
Foreign ('orres
pondence, Ele
gant iHalf-tone
Illus trat i ons.
Huilorous Itemni
fTRl 1 ggKl7 T[Y\ Industrioa info..
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Market reports.
RIegular cab.
lPlBUNH. terilltion price,
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Send all ordersto THE MAIL, Philipsburg, Mont.
42 degrees. .08 minutes west 714 feet; thence
north 78 degrees, .07 minutes west 467 fee:;
thence south 85 degrees, 19 minutes west 15.,8
feet: thence north 1lt dl'grees, 21 minutes west
791 feet.: thence north 1il degrees, 42 minutes east
1]t8 feet; thence outh 22 degrees, .02 minutes
east ti13 feet; thence north 87 degrees, 81 min
utes east 12461 feet; thence south 77 degrees, 55
minutes east 675 feet; thence south 55 ,egrees,
14 minutes east 71i feet; thence south 15 degrees,
13 mtinutes east 572 feet; thence sout l,.l degrees,
1t minutes west 8163: feet; thence south 7 degrees,
51 Illnutes east 757 feet; thence south 31 degrees.
18 minultes west 6l.t3.5 feet: thence south 10 tie
grees, 5 minuites east ;27 fe'tt; thence south 31
Idegree , .0i) minuts east lit;i feet; thence south
fO degrees· 12 mtinutes west 200( feet, to ('orner
Nil,. 1, the place of beginning, containing an
irea of 51i."12 acres, ttll ctaimer) 1y the a1)'ve
itned t lainilant.
The magnetic variation of all courses of this
srvcey is 20 degreor , t3 :ninntoit eastt.
The adjoining clatims a'e: On the so,etht the
Htar placer, srvey No..i5 5i, l)tvi I Jackower.
claimant; on the w,,st adjoining courses 10r and
1s the (,seen anl lack t li Birtd plters iunsnr
'eyeAi), respectiv y, I )vid Jan kower,cl etailant
'I'hire are no known clait.: in conflict with
tils slurrey.
'1'he location nottice of thit mine is recorded
n illil1: 7 or Qutoriz ltealitliIs at tt plaoer clain
Any aind all ptersonls claimin) g adversely ie i i
tlacer n ill jug groundii anti cr osIs or any oitr
tion theroof s1 described, surveyed, platted "alu
alited for, are heorby notiti.l that unles. I heir
atlver.se claimns are lunly tiled its accorrling to Iaw
trll the r g ;lllttlions therelunlt'. ' within the time
lreserihbedl by law with te r,'gist er of the
United ,States laud office at .1issoila, in the
stabt of lllilana, they will be Ibarredl in virtue
of the prmvisions of said staist,.
JOSt tr int:Ls barl
V. E. , s tl;e. Attorne;,s for A plicant.
First tltl:htc itlon, iarer, 22---ti-10t.
U.:r:aTD HTArs':s LAND () e:FFI(,
Mlfs,Ă˝"us\, Montna, ,larl h :G. !191.
Notie ishre bygiven thit lavidi ,Jlnkowlr,
hy Willitl i5. t oorsi , his attior1 i y-in-flvt,
,'hose postloli'o adhires is P'hili.fllurg, (;craunl,
r tilllty, M t a, :is this day fitit. an auplir
fr'tll , k)n tsn +s the Ana('ntlda plter (ntotic.t
,f w licl,, It;g;ht ,r vithl a copy of t-- oultici !
title It' M ,r . l ]tl). sit itil i e 'rl k i 'reek I Un
't,.cor il nI No. e 1. fri ltii wl ridiat . f 1mt .; Nt
i erlm stim d7 Itinies eth '1 notes ahrlci ntrth
itial plai t h.r eotf tI n tl l ill this o1ietic Its hl c sirry
N .l aI nd, ;urtitularly tdte:,:ribed as f' llOwi ,
A dneresu , hit i'h. r'e-s trvey No. tl iti5.
i (iin il n att L ,L2 o Idoi ( ornertr No. 1 t) at lazedt
,ine trt e te inches it diall- ter, marked 1-i 1'3
,yed' , Iearts north rJ dtcuro,.. m ;iniutes asst
, itinut's tweIst 137 feet; tilelcr nort 1l 27 dIlt
r 3 int s : i ni t s west 11,!5 fotc ; Ihitnce north 19
C1ogrel',, l I5ltihis east' 1 fett; thence north
iltt d gri s's, is i n tll's teast 4t92tlt f t helne norlIt
It degret s, 57 i minstes ot 21.t feet; ihti'ne C nrtli
1. degreesr, 2lc minutes si i'lSest . e: te Ilenrth
0 degrnc s, 12O itnul el s I ,egre,t 421 feet; thence nor t
7uth degrees, 52 miInutes weltt l.t. feetl tlhence
outllh 17 degrees, . 30 minutes east 13l0 feet;
thence, north '1 degrees. 23 miniutes we. .t 231
feet; tthence north 17 dlegreos. 19 minutes eaet,
:4' feet: thence nouth t 5 dtlgreeos, 10 minuites
wrst 771.5 feet; thence south 231 degrees, 21 Ithin
lte,-east.: 12- ft+ t: theni c e north I' degrees, 116
inutes wes wt 302 feet; thence nsou rth 7 degree s,
9minutes west 2 feet: thence sounorth 1 degrees,
Ires, .minuete e ast 3 i ffeet t; thence south 1te
legroos, 31 m nites west li" feet; thence sotnlh
degrees, 1 minu utt ast 1117 feet ftoot; thence
ontlh i degr.s, IS nli mutes east 14xl feet, thoulce
oath .12 d";ries, 19 minutes w.est 411 ft et; thence
'oath 19 dear es, 13 minu tes east :15 feet: t hence
south 31 degrees, it mninuites west 3a:3 feet:
thence south bit degrees east 554 feet; thence
.7th 31 dres, l 27 minutmed s est abofeet; thence
south 51 degrees, 30 minutes east 200 feet:
hence orth 32 noegrees, non clai minutes conest 2.with
feet; thence south 17 degrees. 17 minutes east
The fdool thence claot 15 degrees, 4A minutes
west 739 feet: thence south 55 degrees, 40 min
utes west 377 feet; thence south 41 degrees, :,
minutes west 469 feet; thence south 14 degrees,
II minutes east 862 feet; thence south 23 de
crees, 34 minutes east 1317 feet, to Corner No. 1,
the place of beginning, containing an area of
1.57 acres, all claimed by the above-named ap
Magnetic variation of all courses in this sur
hi erse are no known claims in conflict with
The adjoining claims are: Adjoining course
Pnllished on
Thursday, and
known for near
ly sixty years in
N every part of the
.w United States as
a National Fam
ily Newspaper of
the highest class
for farmers and
villagers. Itcon.
tainsall themost
important gen
oral news of
YORK to the hour of
going to press.
an Agricultural
Department of
the highest or.
der, has enter
taining reading
for every mem
EEKLY .her of the Lam
ily, old and
II E L j young, lMarket
reports which
are accepted as
anthority by
farmers a n d
country mer
chants, and is
clean, up to (late
TRIBUNE s intere. iiegttl
scription price,
Sl.ttu per year.
We fnrnish it
for $3 per year.
27 on the east the May placer [unsurveyAd] , J.
ll. JIamieson et l. locators; adjoining courses
21 andi 22 on ths east the IBlack Pine placer I an
surveyed J. I)David Jankower. locator! adjoining
courses i19 and 20 on the east the Mink placer
Slnsurveyedl, )David Jankower, locator; ad
joining course 14 on the southwest the Forget
Me-Not placer I unsurveyed 1. J. M. Jamieson et
al, locators; adjoining course 1: on the west the
Half Moo, pi1ceri unsarveyedJ, J. M. Jamieson
et al, locators. "
lhe location not ice of this amine is recorded in
Book I of Placer RIecords at Page 551, records of
(iranite county, state of Montana.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
placer iminig ground and premises or any por
tion tlhereof so described, surveyed, platted and
appllied for, are hereby notilie i that unless their
adverse claims are duly biled as accordingto law
and the regunltions thereundler within the time
pIrescribed by law with the register of thie United
States land l:tice at Missoula. in tile state of
Montana, they will I1w barred in virtue of the
provisions of sahiid si.,te.
ELI MlLt E. IIElISIIEY, Register.
W. 1. oiols: and
.lus oii SIUii, Alttorneys for A pplicant.
First publication 21 arch 22 9-10t.
Colmbination Minii- and Milling Comnpany,
li:iction of principail Ipace oft business and
works, 'oiilbiniition (Philipsburg P'. ().).
t ranite ( 'ounty, S1otaniia.
I('oMINArTION, MONT., May 16, 11101.
Notice is hereby given that at a special meet
ing of tie Hoard of Directors or Trustees of the
Combinatlon Mining and Milling Compinany,
heild at l till ulice of tihe ('iiompainy in the town of
('<lob!ination, ('olinty of (;ranite, State of Nion
lana, on the 24th day of Fblruiry. A. D.. D..1901;an
Iasioesnlent of ten ( I1i) cents per :share was levied
I on tI e I apital Stock of said C(orporatilon,
Iaahble oil or before J'cuesday. April 2, 1101, andi
for failure to imakllec said payment was madle de
linqu ent on tihe lth iday of April, 1901, and all
delinulnt tock was advlrtised for sale to be
soild, Monlay, ith( 22nd day of April, 19101, and on
said day of sale Ilie 1said dielintl(nllt stock was
not isoi or iplr.illased by the cllpany, and
nuticec is herel, fllrter givn, that at a special
s,!e ingl of rlhe tl .rd of 'Jltlrutecs or Directors of
said ('oltlliny, iheld at tie lllice of the Company.
in the town oif ( 1m bination, C ounty of iranlt.,
State of Mlontalna, on thie 1ith day of May, 191101,
thei followi:i 2 o;Id, r was IImid, viz:
\ilFtAlE.1i , its aiirs Iithat certain shares of
thi capital ,tlock of tis colip:tly airedelinailuent
f,r ith as.e,rlltet of i n rcents per share hereto
fore'ii til Itrb di, If Vlbrtlry, i;,it, ordiredl
and h(sied by t6(, Board of Truats of this com
paniy. aid that strch stock was not sold as ad
vertised to 1 e sold on thei 22nd day of April,
ii1 l4 r purichir d I by this comnlany.
It is t ierefor herenby l.Ill)ERlItE that said as
seIllni liof ten cents liper shliare, u1pon each and
liery share of isaid stock 111on which said as
s.rssment, ordered an d lvi~ d February 28. 1901,
hals lnot ,lrn aid, shall be due and payable to
Jesse 1. Metilr, secretary of this company, at
ltim office of tie colpanyl at room No. 600, in the
Swcurity iluilding, in the city of St. Louis, Mis
sriri, or to Werner Ziegler. assistant secretary,
iit I-Jl-tit llij , hannr I'hllu tipstazrr.
(ranit, County, Montana, on or before Tuesday,
the 10thi diy of June. 1:01, andi that till of such
stock on which said assessment, so ordered
tntd leviedl, on 10e1ruiry 2sarth, lit,1, renlmains un
Hrll)d o1 tie 20th lday of June. 11101, shall be Il,
liniquent, and shall be advertised for sale by the
se-'cretary of this cmpallny, and shall be by him1
s illh at public unct ion on Mlonday, the 8th day of
,JIlly, 11i01, at the front door of the court house,
at Philipshirg, Montana, to pay the said assess
mInt so ordered and, levied as aforesaid, andt
till saidi l!ecretary is hereby ordered and directed
t, give dhii antd legal notice of this order by
lublication and mailing.
And notice is hereby further given that said
iccu-i-sellrnlt of tetn I 10) cents 1er share, upon each
and every share of said stock upon which said
a"sessment, sit ordered and levied February 28,
1901, has not beeni paidl, shall be payable on or
before' 'ueTsday, tlhe 10th 'ay of June, 1901, in
lawful money of tilhe United States, to Jesse B.
Mollor. Secretalry of said C(ompany at its office
in the City of St. Louis, Missouri, in room No.
608, Security Building, or to Werner Ziegler, As
sistant Secretary of said Company, at BI
Motallic,, nenr Phililpstburg, Granite
County, Montana.
Any stock upon which said assessment shall re
main unpaid on the 20th day of June, 1901, will
be delinquent and advertised for sale at public
auction, and unless payment is made before,
will be sold on Monday, the 8th day of July,
1901, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the front door of the
Court House in the town of Philipburg, Gran.
ite County, Montana to pay the delinquent as
sessment, together with cost of advertising and
expenses of sale.
By order of the Board of Trustees.
rst publcaton Ma1retar.
First publication May 17--17.51t

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