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Used in Millions of Homes-40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle cakes - palatable and wholesome.
NOTE.-Avoid baking powders made from
PRICE CWCER alum. They look like pure powders,
PRICE BAK.NG PCW ER CO. ;undl may raise the cakes, but alum
cnHcAco. is a poisi.n and no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
the r ittts 1 t'1(.t In 1ý UýL n
efricauVQ I':. ý ti t l: liii 1 I
Li.t IUr i i"t. IL ti f V ii I
, '....2.,'., Qn. r ) ' t1 t i.,,-J tt e. r
I th in i o the
Ap'j2 'U Lc "'La
, ýý... I ... V.,.. . .. ' ", : ! :,.
.i .,, I. . ! : .. .. i.: i, , , :. . i r-. , ý. v'r. :, r" i t ?;,n d c h c a tet
, ," he herls,: G o r se
S i d- our otlie and t
-' ont t ,i 1tr 118n , ,t norn of w ,ll
_ f .'reF 1))t' in 1'ilinslhe rg. Such "
ii' p i ;r lti hlerald it 1)O ' shill. *
* i, L(. '. c' d a rtey co Tnim and y extend *
\; Iu l unlarity. Styles dittfer but in
9 /, ; , n dIr work our Troy style has the
E-- ' 1 LJJ s, l R `If ,
t1 )Jcil t, i'Itiliis.iH urg.
- de td a cld for vei y Tueido v and r
* C delivered not later than Saturday.
Ye S allas Cheat as 1nirh rly Prices Cnimpare wilh ielena
g ' iy imr-mJ ý1nratr cr: gn:ýyx mJge ngtr Fr u r:ýrr~ieyr r'i" ixi ''(P ) r --d 94°r
hil: If'tI t lS W ill readily disappear
v niXn \ViDib Hiazel Salve.
, (ilt i( Ur ,11 l erfeits. If you lrt
I.l tts yu'n 'ill get ttor (l1 results. It
- thi q( ijl. t l issitive (ire for piles.
.l1. 1E. I,(. Co.. ('atmpl ell Drug Co.
:ilhl .,l r., i \.WalRer (Conu ereili
(.' . ( ' i .
McKihhbin Hats-Giordon .: Levin. *
Dr. Power office McLeod & Doe
bh.ck *
John Rod:da was in from R:ck creek
Monday on business.
Dr. Gcen. r. Graven was up from
Drumnlloud Tuesday on business.
Order your grass seed, seed cheat and
o.ts of J. W. Morse, upper Broadway. *
Rev. H. G. Walkeflield and Dr. E i".
Conynghanl visited Princeton last Tiues
Krocer's bottlh d beer ý.1.00 per case.
delveretd to any part in Phiiipsburg and
Granite. *
Mrs. Owen McBride and Mrs- Sam
Arthnu of Granite visited in the city lanst
Albert Prank, represnting the Ana
conda Standard, was a visitor in the city
several days this week.
Mrs A. J. McKenna and Miss Lorn
MeKenna of Drunmmond are guests at
he Biinkin.--- Standard.
Dr. Peter S. Mnusigbrod came up from
Garnet Motiday o, business, returning
again the following morning.
Order your ice at Kroger's brewery.
Refrikerators tilled regunlarly. Special
rates to ice consumers for the season. *
Cofinty Treasurer and Mrs. O. F.
Featbieri;an returned Monday froma the
vallah. where I hey had been visiting over
McKibbin Hats-For good dressers. *
J. IB. Featherman of Drununmmond, chair
man of the board of county commissio
uers, was in the city 'Tuesdlay evening on
W. .J. Kelley left Wednesday to do
soime development work on soind of his
Quan'tz claims on Gird creek, near Stone
Sarhdle-horses. plick-horses and work
horses for sale. Also horses brought in
frou-- the ranie for owaners. Leave word
at The Mai'd ollice.
Jack Ward is receiving congratula
tiii upon the birth of a fine 10 pound
boy at his -horme. Everybody concernedt
is doing welL ---Standard.
Part of thIe Dima-tallia mill was shut
down Monday for the purpose of inak
ing somei necessary repairs. The shut
down waill be nuily of short du-ration.
I,'-Kibbijl Hats- Bankrrs wear 'em. *
Mrs. J. D. Kennedy left Tuesday morn
ins for her former home in Amery, Wis.
Mr3. Kennedy was called home on ac
count of the seri-ous illness of her mother.
Try the new remedy for costiveness,
Chauiterlain's St: oach and Liver Tab
lets. Every lox guaranteed. Price 25
cents. For sale by M. E. Doe & Co..
Druggists. S
Grading was commenced this week at
thi Granite concentrator, which is to be
considerably enlargedr. nprovements
about the mnill are also being contemula
oe by the company.
Mrs. G. B Ballard and niece MissMaud
Pennell and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hall
were visitors at toe Porter ranch on East
Fork of Rock creek Sunday. Miss Pen
nell remained lthere and will tea h the
Rock creek school.
McKibhin Eits--Correcrt stles. *
3Jopelh A. Hyde has rented the stor -
room in the Hyie block ' Ih is ,ilv to
Butte parties. 1who ill open a stc)k if
clothinig end turni.'- ini' go ils thi're in
the nac r future. The neo store' is to be
a )per'mnelnt midition to o'r city.
You are mic) moire !i.ile to d''ease
',1 ur lin loro :: o 'l i)oweels do n' act
iropery. 1·' l'. Lit.l I E.arl I sers
r' .ov'e thie c ':'...ce I' th 'i as. . Doe
.- . (an pll Driug 0 '. ! i( li harg
amdl V alk r Ce n ni rc i C.., l r' ite. .I'.
c ibi . t e t. - )1 - to 1 no0w.
.1 h1T Judge rt .lr F. Inner his week
',," ht l'h (I r :.it. li-.ryv stn !e , - tl ra
Lnr ?i Bil d & (-ill.. Tohe ,i, se:.ired
r_. anid h(re titn anl will lirat'after
(:r'v the ['il0. Thie new propn tors
t:-nelol h(ugr' eo the businle:sla-t Mon
v. 't hle illi iia t paid was V 1 -it ,.
1 rrn.rt s . n.0 D'rcnt this we.ek that
ftnrin t he .i tlocal iei'irhl woildI again
ui):):_n,' tin)) so as to have it remain over
1,.;i in )ruiurn nd irnstead of Piilips
li'ur r. oAgent iJohnson iinfort ; rs:; that
li 0 i n knowledge ofl suh a c'hange
1oin0e co templated by his compoany and
thbit i'et talk was probably the source
of the 'r'.o)rt.
If p1R1p only knew what r.e kinow
abot.i K)iol Dyspepsia Cure, it iw 'li be
ttsea in nearly every household, as there
arc few teolie who do not sntier from a
feeling 1f fullness after eating, belching,
flatulence. sonr stomach or water-brash.
caused by indigestion or dyspepsia. A
preparation such as Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure, which, with no aid from the stom
ach, will digest your food, certainly can't
help but do you good. M. E. Doe & Co.,
Campbell Drug Co., Philipsbnrg, and
Walker Commercial Go., Granite.
John Gher s of Deer Lodge was a visi
torin the city 'Tuesday. Mr. Gherts is
one of the old timers and substantial citi
zens of Deer Lodge County. He is the
proprietor of the Deer Longe cash gro
cery and recently bonght out the Higgins
wholesale merchantile house at Deer
Lodge which has been doing business in
this vicinity selling Schlitz beer Mr.
Gherts' visit was in connection with this
branch of his business. This was his
first visit to this vicinity in a good many
years and he seemed quite favorably im
pressed with Philipsburg and Granite
and the present outlook of the Flint
Creek district.
Billiousness is is a condition character
ized by a distu hbance of the digestive
organs. The stomach is debilitated, the
liver torpid, the bowels constipated.
There is a loathing of food, pains in the
bowels, dizziness, coated tongue and
vomiting, first of the undigested or part
ly digested food and then of bile. Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
allay the disturbances of the stomach
and create a healthy appetite. They
also tone up the liver to a healthy action
and regulate the bowels. T'ry them and
you are (certain to be much pleased with
the result. For sale by M. E. Doe &
Co., Druggists. *
They Work While You Sleep.
While your mind and bodtly rest Cas
caret's Candy Cathartic repair your
digestion, your liver, your bowels,
put thlr iin ecrfect order. (enuine
tabletn :stamp,:;l C, C. (. Never sold
int bulk. All druggists, roc.
J. A. Gillis was in the city Tuesday on I
L. F. Fleischer, firstclass pain'er and
paper hanger. Sutter street. *_
Mr. and Mrs. John Bray of lower \il
low creek were visitor. in the city Jlon
Horses pastured. $1..0) per month.
Five miles ,outh of Philipsburg. John
1W. McBee.
Mrs. WV. S. Campbell went to Stone
Monday to visit her mother, Mrs. D.
Bryne, for several days.
Arthur P'ugh. representing the Mont
ana Marble Works. of Helena, :pent a
few days in the city in the interest of his
If you want to buy a saddle-horse,
pack-horse or a work-horee, or want
horses brought in from the range, call a;
The Mail office. *
Thos. Dyar, financial secretary of the
Granite Miners' Union. was in the city
Monday afternoon on business pertain
ing to his office.
Robert Blum, a son of Brewmaster
George Blnm, arrived Saturday from
Salt Lake City, Utah, and has accepted
a position at Kroger's brewery.
Hans Lnthje and bride arrived last
Saturday from Omaha, where they had
been visiting for several weeks past. On
Monday Mr. Luthje took his bride to her
future home on Willow creek.
Arthur Crowlev. youngest son of Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Crowlev, stepped upon a
nail last Monday while playing in their
backyard. The nail punct:l:red the shoe
and penetrated the foot, making a very
painful wound.
The Granite Miners' Union is com
mencing to make prepara' ions for their
annual celebration on June 13th. The
festiveties will probably again be held at
the Granite pleasure gronnds, but the
exact program has not yet been decided
The advertising car of the Campbell
Bros. circus was here over Sunday and a
crew of expert bill posters were engaged
in billing this city and Granite. Eviden
ces of their skill may be seen on every old
building or fence in this vicinity. The
circus will be here Monday, June 3d.
Mr. W. J. Baxter of North Brook, N.
C., says he suffered with piles for fifteen
years. He tried many remedies with no
results until he used DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve and that quickly cored him.
M. E. Doe & Co.. Campbell Drug Co..
Philinsburg, and Walker Commercial
Co.. Granite.
James Jennings of Granite left Wed
nesday morning for Helena. where he
will visit several days. On Monday next
he will be joined by Mrs Wm. Will
onhby and family and Henry Lewnev of
Granite and the party will thein leave
together or atrip toEngl'.nd. Mr. Lew
ney goes to his old home on the Isle of
"Our little "irl was unconscious from
strangulaltion during a sudden and ter
rible attack of croup. I quickly secured
i bottle of One Minute Cough Cure, giv
ing her three does. The croup was con
quered and our little darling speedily re
covered." So writes A. L. Spatford,
Chester, M'ich. M E. Doe & Co., Camp
bheil Dru Co.. Phil psburg. and Walker
Commercial Co, (ranite. r
The Granite publi school closed today.
An interestine program has been arrang
ed for the conmercement and the exer
cises will be held this evening. Miss M.
(. Ryan, Conln y Snperiitendent of
schools, will present the diplaoins. The
graduates are Sarah Thomes, Harry Kent,
Annie \Wiegerstein. Henry Wie enstein,
Hattle Divel, Leila Shearer and WVillie
Sarch was minde last Friliv on George
town f!ats or th, remains of the ian who
is snllpos,'d o have 1eein m ordered there
last sun mmer. Fior deputy sheriffs ealne
over L'imi Anaonda and thev were join
I eI on tie :Lat:; ,v Underebt:riff Kennedy'
fromi thi;ý ,ity. They lookl the f-!it; lndl
w',ods ir, r in the vic>ini:v where the out
fit :utl bo,,n cms'p'l but the .sareh prll or
ed uit snlic-esfil. Thi' effort to lindl the
remain:; will p ir:.lhly e rueicvad.
Every prosii.'ctr shlould he famili:tr
with the chante:;s eadi hvby the left lecis
lature in the law go'verning mining lioa
tions. Thi- \llil hats just tnurned out a
lot of I'e'tion lainks which conform with
this law. Tihe law as amiended is printed
on the back of every localion notice, also
full direetioin how to make a valid loca
tion. .\ ny prospector desiring one of
these for his guidance can have one free
by appylin at The Mail office.
Alf., . ,Jose and family of Granite left
llMonda:y for Soittlie, \l'ash. Mr. Jose
will leave his family there during the
sumnmer while he goes to Cape Nome.
The Jose brothers have some good pro
perty up there and look forward to a
remunerative season. Thos. Jose. l:he
younger brother, has been to Nome for
several seasons and has their ground up
there well prospected and in shape for
mining, and the boys expect to make
their work count this summer.
You'll Laugh 'Till Your Sides Ache.
When you see those twelve funny
clowns of every nationality in their latest
songs and performances. They are with
Campbell Bros. this season and will be
in Philipsburg on Monday June 3d.
Decoration Day will be observed in
New Uhicago on May 30th at 2 p. r.
Miss Perro, Miss Dingwall and Miss
Williams, with their pupils, will render
an appropriate program in MoPhail's
hall. Everybody come.
Rev. A. H. Morton.
No Loss of Time.
I have sold Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Cure for years, and
would rather be out of coffee and sugar
than it. I sold five bottles of it yester
day to th: eshers that cold go no farther,
and they are at work again this morning.
--H. R. Phelps. Plymouth, Oklahoma.
As will be seen by the above, the thresh
ers were able to keep on with their work
without losing a single day's time. You
should keep a bottle of this remedy in
your home. For sale by M. E. Doe &
Co., Druggists.
To the Traveling Public.
The McDonald Steamboat Co. have
placed the new steamer, "The Spokane,"
in service between Coeur d'Alene City
and St. J. River points. boat will make
round trips, leaving Coeur d'Alene City'
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and
returning on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, Connect with Spokane train
bouh ways. Hates: Coeur d 'Alene to St.
Mary's $1.50. round trip 82.50; Coeur
d'Alene to Ferrell's $.75 round trip 3.C0
Sunday excnrions figured on.
C S.Fee, G. P. A.
Catholic Church.
Sunday-school at 2 o'clock Sunday
Methotdist Church.
Sunday is Memori i1 Day. A serm' n
at thde sorning service appropriate for
the day will be delivered. You are cord
ially invited.
Granite-Preaching service in the
J. A. Smith, Pastor.
Eplacopa. Church.
St. Andrew's church, Philipsburg,
mornlnu prayer and sermon every Sun
day at 11 o'clock, except on third Sunday
in the month, then service will be at 8
p. m. Holy Communion the first Sun.
day in the month. Sunday-school at 10
a. nl.
St. Peter's church, Granite. even ng
prayer and sermon every Sunday at 8
o'clock except on third Sunday in the
month, when there will be Holy Com
munion at 11 a. m. Sunday-school at
3. p. m.
Presbyterian Church.
Preaching every Sunday morning at 11
o'clock and every alternate Sunday even
ing at 8 o'clock. Y. P. S. O. E. every
Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. Sunday
school every Sunday morning at 10
o'clock. Prayer meeting and bible study
on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Granite-Preach ng every alternate
Sunday at 8 o'clock. Sunday-school
every Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
James B. Butter, Pastor.
Artistic oil painting. Call at the resi
c.ence of L. F. Fleischer, Sutter street. *
MIcKibbin Hats--Boston Store. *
Ice! Ice!! Ice!!!
The purest and best icein Philipsburg.
Kroger's brewery.
For Rent.
First-class furnished rooms. Inquire
at Orr's residence.
For Rent.
A good cabin in rear of Boyd's meat
market: $4.00 per month. Inquire at
postoffice. *
Lots for Sale.
In Rosalind addition to Philipshurg,
S25 to t40 each. For information ad
dress J. C. Stahlmau, Philipsbure, in care
of Mail office. .
For Sale or Trade.
A wall-bred, two-year-old stallion; dark
iron grey; fifteen and a half hands high;
weight, a thousand pounds or more.
For particulars, call on or address
Thomas C. Irvine,
Philipsburg, Montana.
For S.le.
Five-room dwelling; plastered throngh-.
oat; good celler water eto; modern in ci ery
respect. Three lots all fenced; good out -
buildings. One of the choicest resideice
properties in Plhilipsburg. For particu
lars inquire of Mrs. F. D. Sayrs, Philip:
burg, Mont.
Notlee of Loss.
Lost-Certiticate No. 4,056. dated Jan
nary. 1887. for 50 shares of stock in the
itranite Mountain Mining Co. in ntat me
of Mrs. Adaline D. Lamtpton has been
lost Not ice is hereby given that I have
applied to the above naitoed company for
a new certificate therefor.
15 9t Adenknoph, 01ney, Ill.
hlatch for 'Sale.
160 acres, (i't miles from Philipsb'urn,
on Drunnlinllod r'oa: 80 . C;re of bot'tonl
laund, all fenced; good buildings: also
wagonll, mowerl', rake anlld other ilniple
ments-all in t:rst-class repair. -Will sell
at a bargain. For particeulrs otquire at
the ranch or ath ross.
lat rick Longhrlin,
Phili--sbrue. Montana.
,elstic [Riteinatismt Cii1ted At'ter F.l" urt n.-, i
Years of tufl'erin.
"I have been afflicted with scia ie
rheurnatisnt for fourteen years," sa s
Josh Edgar, of (4ermantown, 'al. "I
was able to be around but constantly
suffered. I tri,,d everythinig I coaldt
think of and at las" wa. t lld to try
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which I did
and was immediately reiheved ind in a
short time cured, and I am happy to say
it has not since returned." Why not use
this liniment and get well? It is for sale
by M. E. Doe & Co., Druegists.
Educate Your Bowels With Ciascarets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever
1Oc, 25c. If C. . C., fail, druggists refund money
Your Lifeawayl
Pon can be cured of any form of tobacco usingg
asily, be made well, strong, magnetic, full of
tew life and vigor by taking NO-TO-BAO,
hat makes weak men strong. Many gala
en pounds in ten days. Over 500,000
ured. All druggists. Cure guaranteed. Book
et and advice FREE. Address STERLING
EEMEDY CO.. Chicago or New York. 437
'4441 44 4 4 44l,
You Must Have It In Order to Keep Posted. Look Up Our Premium Offer.
From Washington
How a Little Boy Was Saved.
Washington, D. C.-" When our
boy was about 16 months old he broke
out with a rash which was thought to
be measles. In a few days he had a
swelling on the left side of his neck
and it was decided to be mumps. He
was given medical attendance for
about three weeks when the doctor
said it was scrofula and ordered a
salve. He wanted to lance the sore,
but I would not let him and continued
giving him medicine for about four
months when the hunch broke in two
places and became a running sore.
Three doctors said it was scrofula and
each ordered a blood medicine. A
neighbor told me of a case somewhat
like our baby's which was cured by
Hood's Sarsaparilla. I decided to
give it to my boy and in a short while
his health improved and his neck
healed so nicely that I stopped giving
him the medicine. The sore broke
out again, however, whereupon I again
gave him Hood's Sarsaparilla and its
persistent use has accomplished a com
plete cure. I do not think there will be
even a scar left. I cannot speak too
highly of Hood's Sarsaparilla and I rec
ommend it everywhere I get a chance."
MaR. NETTIE CHASE, 47 K St., N. E.
Like Magic.
"A complication of troubles, dys
pepsia, chronic catarrh and inflam
mation of the stomach, rheumatism,
etc., made me miserable. Had no
appetite until I took Hood's Sarsapa
rilla, which acted like magic. I am
thoroughly cured." N. B. SEELEY,
t874 West 14th Ave., Denver, Col.
If you have failed to get relief from
other remedies try Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. It cures when all others fail,
because it is Peculiar to Itself.
Whooping Co igh.
A woman who has had experience
with this disease. tells how to prevent
any dangerous consequencees from it.
She says: Our three children took
whooping cough last summer, our baby
boy being only three a.onths old. and
owing to our giving them Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, they lost none of their
plumpness and came out in much better
health than other children whose parents
did not use this remedy. Our oldest
little girl would call lustily for cough
syrup between whoops.--Jessie Pinkey
Hall, Springville, Ala. This Remedy is
for sale by M. E. Doe & Co., Druggists.
For embossed stationery place yous
order with The Philipsburg Mail. *
Buy your
" OF o a1.
Chas. A. Wilson
Flour $2.00 to $3.25
Buckwheat and
Whole Wheat Flour
il ti it l l s,
Teans 50U to it,
Coffee 15e to -4e,
Oranges and ,Lemr ons,
Bananas and Apples,
Seeds and Vegetables,
Rope (Manila and isal)
A share of
your trade solicited.
The Only First Class Short
Order House in the City,
Rear of L. N. Van Vranken,
Campbell & Mc
Uonaid's, 'Burg Proprietor.

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