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. . :' THE A HE3 OUr
If it's a big pile, you've got a 'fuel eater' in your
* kitchen instead of a range. Your stove keeps you busy "feeding" coal and
then doesn't burn it all up. It's good money wasted. There are dollars in that
* big pile. If it's a little pile, you are no doubt using a "
The one range you can depend upon to burn all
of the fuel and give the most cooking and baking
* heat per hod. Here are the three features ex
clusive to the MONARCH that are saving money
for thousands of housewives.
* DUPLEX DRAFT admits air intobutli etnls of the firehox
insuring an even Ilre and evening bankingR heat besides buraiin
* II the coal, so that onte is shaken down and carried out with .
the ashes. And the
TRIPLE WALL. consisting of a sheet of asbestos beteen -
two sheets of steel so insulates every 11te that it req i iieS but a
little fuel to bring the oven to a haking teat and retains the
bumts without waste. And the
HOT BLAST FIRE BOX is so arraniied that every bit of t
heat possible is obtained from every ontte o fuel, and even
the gases from the tire are passed over the coals tand bussed
before going throthrbl the flues.
If you will step in we will be glad to demonstrate all of
these features.
H. A. JOHNSON, Publisher.
HEntered in the post office at Malta. Montana, as
Thsend Class Mail Matter
.?ublished every Thursday in theyeur
Wealth from Calamity.
Yea, just that, wealth from calamity.
The war in Europe is a calamity-a
*.orld calamity-but from it will
came great wealth for the American
lie will reap the greatest benefit of
When the war is over Europe will
:;waken to the fact that it is destitute
of foodstuffs.
Fields will be untilled except by
teed men, women and young boys.
iiad the little produced by them will
supply but a fraction of the demand.
it is then that the American farmer
3ill step into the breach with his
.urndreds of millions of dollars worth
of farm products.
The demand will be great and
prices will be correspondingly high,
znd the farmer will reap a golden
tarvest such as he has never known
And the farmer will spend liberally
is turn, and the merchant, and the
oefessional man, and the mechanic,
-!ad all of the people, even unto the
humble editor, will share in the
Princess Theatre
Dancing every Saturday Night, hardwood
maple floor.
Come and enjoy a pleasant evening.
We intend to give the people a good run for
their money.
0* 0 0* * 0 0 6O 06 0 06 0 06
newly-accumulated wealth that is to
come to us from across the seas.
Tremendous crops are reported, the
government estimating corn at 2,676,
000,000 bushels, wheat at 802,000,000,
oats at 1,187,000,000 bushels, and
other crops in proportion.
When the great surplus of this crop
is marketed in Europe at war prices
it will pour so much wealth into the
pockets of the farmers that our
country will be flooded with gold,
and the liberality of the farmer in his
own prosperity will radiate to all
branches of trade.
Patience is the watchword today,
but tomorrow a different story will
be told.
And with patience we should com
bine enough common sense to keep
us free from all entanglements in the
present counlict.
Let's Stop and Think.
If we stop and think we can readily
see that the community that pulls
together will do more and accomplish
better results than the one that is
always divided.
By working together and producing
the greatest amount of marketable
products, and marketing them to the
best advantage and at the least
expense, we will have greater profits
in the community than we would
otherwise receive.
And by buying our goods from our
local merchants and from one another
instead of sending away for them we
are constantly increasing the wealth
of the community and the resultant
prosperity of each individual.
When much money comes into the
community and only a portion of it
goes out again the surplus at home
will grow, and grow, and grow, until
it becomes a veritable Eden of wealth.
Let's do a little thinking,
That "Nigger in the Woodpile."
The Valley County News which
professes itself to be a noni-partisan
newspaper and yet vigorously sup
ports the Bull-Moosers, let out a long
loud wail in its last issue over the
defeat of its pet candidates. Among
its wails, the News wants to know
why Dr. G. W. Clay polled so much
heavier i a vote than did other candi
dates in this section. That's easy.
Because ii all business and public
deals of every description, Clay has
always proven that he is scripulously
honest, and that the people will get
a strictly square from him. Further
more, he always keeps his promises,
which can not be said of most candi
dates for oflice. Bull-Moose platforms
have proven to be fine things to orate
from, but after election the planks
are usually split into kindling to
burn up pre-election pledges: The
News also comes along with the
piratical suggestion that many of the
votes coming from the vicinity of
Malta should be thrown out, as they
charge-without attempting to bring
proof-that the election returns from
outlying districts were tampered
with. Evidently the Sherlock Holmes
of the News has deducted a mystery
from his fevered imagination that
will explain the Bull-moosers' defeat.
These are grave charges to bring
against election officials, and without
proof, they look mighty thin. Trying
to discredit appointees for public
othice by throwing mud after election
because their own favorites fell by
the wayside should merit very little
attention from fair-minded people.
Why cry over spilt milk? Rather,
be a game loser, than a sour-grapes
For once we have a good word to
say for John D. Rockefeller. He is
to devote some of his millions to
feeding the starving people of Bel
gium, and we hope his act of Chirstian
charity will lift him at least to the
entrance of the Pearly Gates.- It
will require a cart load of them to
pull him through.
The grass-doctor has made his
appearance and is called an agrosto
logist. And will some learned pro
fessor kindly step forward and tell
us just what that is? We want to
brace hin for an ad.
The government says .140,000 people
dodged the income tax. lielig expert
dodgers ought to qualify them for
front rank position in the next war.
"Let us put good men in office,"
says Vice President Marshall. Good!
Our feet would just comfortably till
the vice presidential shoes,
Touring the ruins will be in vogue
when the war is ended.
What to Buy for XMAS.
Let us help you. We consider it a pleasure, and you can be assured that
our stock is the largest and most varied. See our new
Onyx, Black Enamel and lINamond JeWelry
Our New Toilet Se;s in Ivory with your monogram esgraved in any color:
Get the benefit of our experience in the
Largest stores in the Northwest . . .
S Leon Reed & Co., "Reliable Jewelers."
Thanksgiving Proclamation.
President Wilson today iisned a
proclamation designating Thursday,
November 26, as Thanksgiving day.
Tue proclamation follows:
"It has long been the honored
custom of our people to turn in the
fruitful autumn of the year in praise
aid thanksgiving to Almighty God
for Ills many blessings and mercy to
us as a nation. The year is now
drawing to a close since we last
observed our day of national thanks
trivirg, while a year of discipline
because of the mighty forces of war
and changes which have disturbed
the world, also a year of special
blessing for us."
"It has been vouchsafed to us
to remain at peace with honor, and
to succor the need of those who are
in want. We have been privileged
by our own peace and self control in
some degree to steady the conselsand
shape the hopes and purposes of a
day of fear and distress. Our people
have looked upon their own life as a
nation with deeper comprehension, a
fuller realization of their responsi
bilities as well as of their blessings
a keener sense of the moral and
practical significance of what their
part among the nations of the world
may come to be.
"The hurtful effects of the foreign
war in their own industrial and
commercial affairs have made them
feel the more fully and see the more
clearly their mutual interdependence
upon one another and has stirred
Winter Clothing
For your Horses.
We have just received a large shipment of
Stable and Storm
Look them over before
buying elsewhere.
Malta Merc. Co.
them to a hopeful co-operation such
as they have seldom practiced before.
They have been quickened by a great
moral stimnilatlon. Their unmistak
able ardor of peace, their fitness, pity
and disinterested sympathy for those
who are suffering, their readiness to
help and to think of the needs of
others, has revealed them to them.
selves as well as to theworld.
"Our crops will feed all who need
food; the self possessiouu of our
people amidst the most serious
anxiety and difilcnlties and the
steadiness and resources of our
business men will serve other nations
as well as our own.
"The business of the country has
been supplied with instrumentalities
and the commerce of the world with
new channels of trade and intercourse.
The Panama canal has been opened
to the commerce of the nations.
The two continents of America have
been bound in closer ties of friend
ship. New instrumentalities of
international trade have been created
which will also be a new instrumen
tality of acquaintance, intercourse
and mutual service. Never before
have the people of the United States
been so situated for their own
advantage or the advantage of their
neighbors, or so equipped to serve
themselves and mankind.
"Now, therefore, I. Woodrow Wil
son, President of the United States,
do hereby designate Thursday, the
twenty-sixth day of November next,
as a day of thanksgiving and prayer,
and invite people throughout the
land to cease from their wonted
occupations and in their several
homes s5id plIces of worship, renler
thanks to Almighty God.
"In witness whereof, I have here
unto set my ,hand and caused the
seal of the United States to be fixed.
"Done at the city of Washington,
this tweet v-eighth day of October in
the year ,t oar Lord, 1o14.
(Sigeti) "Woioudruw Wilson,
"Robert Lansing,
"Acting S cretary of state."
How to Prevent Foot and Mouth
Segregate cattle from infected
Keep cattle, sheep, hogs, and horses
from ranging on land or highways
traversed by infected cattle.
Spray creosote and bichloride of
lime on infected areas.
Slay infected animals and bury
them in quick lime.
Do not allow persons from farms
where disease exists to visit your
farm. The germs may be carried
twenty miles on the sole of the shoe.
Kill all rats in infected areas.
Quarantine all cattle which Lave
come in contact with infected cattle
and bind hoofs with bandages soaked
in bichloride of lime. The disease
Wyill run through a whole herd.
Glasgow Courier.
Attend the "Spinster's Convention,"
Dec. 4th, at the Princess. tf2w8i

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