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*m- :A:'r4ttfw ft
flAliatt 4MWI
Caatoa, Macel* Ooiityi D, T.
TBBMS of aVMeuraoit
rftBMlkl.ui.uiii.mii.iti.iiii tad
We tot* tha *Mk la ilmw iy«l—.
tdlarfaf it aMfc Mtar fwtk* yatasea, aad haa*.
ii uiwtw ii*ii» tha
*. L. Mint. e.
A. Pi ft A» M.
Inm hu
Lomi VO.1,1.r.k
tu OannamilsaHite
Southern dally mail arrlvae every day aaaajt Sea
atSiSC M. Departa
«rwy day KMpt Snaday
at« A.M.
Htiikin daiiy ssaet Sat-
iy at
A. K. Oaparta wary
Millinery and Fancy Goods.
raoalTad, a
aa* rtaek
aaw ytapaiad
Uia, ao
i. K. hit-
"f T1T"*-TI*B tr»if-ri
M. OCTHWt, IllUg.
OAKTBB, DUlrlct ittuiw.
W. K.
Ccrrarr, Clark
Diiliut Caart.
Taoat J. TaaKiTAD, Ragiatm af Daada itl la
aAoloCaaato Clark.
Oaa. V. 1UTUI) Traaaarar.
1. Q. FitHMUUk
Jadgaaf Probata.
P. Dixoa, Sharif
A iunoi, Chairman,
W. W.
Pum, Oo. Otaaiiiltun.
MC** Uoa-
4a *at 7 Av
and MUltown adt anivea .Aery Taaeday
Satorday at r. K. Departa every Moaday aad
Tbaraday a' SA. K.
Cauton Richland amS arrlvee every Friday, at
af A a %*.
tw.u. Departa every Thnreday, at S
A. *.
Yermfllion mail departa
atS A. K.
every Thnre-
Arrives awry
fifft- ov«i from
A. M.
7 a. M.
to *. M.
On flnadaye
to a v. M., aad one hour after tha Bail ar
ffoss tha North.
Business Cards.
o. •twoi»
Attorneys &:Counse!ors at Law,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Canton, Lincoln County, Z'. T.
Olaa Waat aad Bdoit Bridfa.
Biloit, Lyon County, I ova.
WlUyraatlaalathaaaaitaaf Iowa Hid
aad Mil
laad, aata arilaatlaM*a^ Bart
af airan.
tka latwt t^laa of
via tar Good*, ikaiiw aap»ly of w»t ftrtauMa
Pattana. Ordwa for Draw aad Cloak WlHag will
Call aadjr, and
ay (ovda laam ay prte**
Mm laavtac ocdtta
-Oaa daar Hortk af tka Paata«aa
Carpenter and Builder,
'o do all Mad of »a*k to
akort aatlaa. Oaa ba fwmd at kla 'arm
tteaa and oaa half atilta a.rtk
af Oaataa.
E. Y. BROWN, M. D.,
tu uui fioKTTti ATtaasaa io, IMIIOI
k«u^} Canton, Lincoln Co., D.T.
Real Estate and Abstract Office.
Will aay taxaa for aon caaldwita. OSaa at tha
Oaart Hoaaa. Caatoo, D. T.
County Treasurer,
Baal Batata aad twp^*^
taadadto. omeaat
bwatoaia yramyU^at-
M. M. CLARK, M. D.»
U. S. Examining Surgaon for P*n«ion«,
aa Howard'.
Itagf i«t«tireaaSloM
Pal aad Poitlaadrina totaut w-ta "an
aad thoaaaolaf north «aa*at»oppar at this How
Salaadid aeaoauaodkUona for all travalMri, aad (oad
StaMaa la aoaaa^na witt t^Hqwb
O. W .HABLAli.
at«aOwap aa Aa ohnr—*•
.^UMada afwotk
(Koon'. old daad.)
and Waalar
lAiviu, «\T.TBBS, cor-Lvaa, ftiniio
KU., ke.
CaMtaatly oa a «ood aiaoitmcat of
Oomb», floUMa, *a W«
Oatia, Oot. n. **tf-
IL L. SYVT5«rD,'
CfocV^i. Jewelry, ic..
«t Oi!*erCt 8toro, C«*tm, D.
'Sir* -.v
ia my
Una «ttwa*dta
taajhart aottaa.
^kwmei-IT WOB*.
f«Mhf «k*n«wfei
pUdkf th#Pk
Land For Sale'
fUKD. t- ©BAN, TtptM. I«w».
aMMw, umm «, n-u,
•••h ». w,
f» Mb
W -aH«^te
ip «N
Band Concert.
N«twith*Und(nf the rain that fell oa
Taaaday tTeaing, Kellrr's Hall wa« crowd
ed before the time for the concert. The
audimce wa* well oaid for its attendance,
aa tha programme was carried out iu full.
Caaton can congratulate itself upon its
Band. It is composed of gentlemen who
have spared no effort in preparing them
selves with the latest and select pieces. It
requires mora than ordinary patience and
labor to acquire the accomplishment the
members have attained since tbeir organi
tatlon. It is difficult to discriminate among
so many instruments, and particular/
whan played in concert but two great es
•eotiais in band playing wero evidenced
aa having baea adliared to in the rehears
als, that la, time and harmony. It is not
an unusual occurrence and particularly
with amateurs to pay more attention to
getting aloud blast from their instrument,
regardless of melody or time or relation
to other associate instruments but for the
brief practice thfy have had together, this
defect seems to have been guarded against,
The solo played by the leader, Mr. uda,
would have done credit to some profession
al it is tha execution of such pieces that
show the skill and prove the musician.
-'Sarah neighed," "Dame Darden" and
"Character Song," were well rendered,
and the American, Irishman, and Dutch
man, were admirably peisonated. If Me
nor had added the peculiar corporosity
that follows lager, his personation would
have been complete. The whole entertain
ment was attractive and interesting we
trust sufficient encouragement will be given
the members ot the Canton Cornet Rand
that will enable it to be maintained, and
to receive the appreciation their due.
select party of dancers took possession
of the Hall at the clcse of the Concert, and
went their merry round until an early hour
of this morning.
On Thursday, the 15th iast, we were
slightly "shuk up," to use the language
of Pete Jones. We was engaged in con
versation with a gentleman in our office,
in the upper floor of the Court House,
when the building commenced oscillating.
The vibration lasted for the period of
half a minute, and to the extent that the
stove rattled loudly the book case that
rested against the wall tottered as if about
te fall, and the ceiling cracked so that we
expected the building waa yielding to a tre
mendous wind pressure. Alter the mo
tion ceased we looked into the street ex
pecting to see cloud* of dust and a high
wind prevailing, but it was as calm as
any summer day, and no sign of clouds or
storm. The iard of county commission
era. wbo were in session in ilia room im
mediately under us, did not observe any
thing nnusual to disturb their equanimity
beyond the ordinary shock that the pre
sentation of some bill for auditing somt
times occasioned but the county Treasurer
llr. Nay
lor, and Oscar Rea, wbo were ia
the lower room, occupied by the Treasurer,
felt the jar so plainly as l~ break for the
hall, not through tear, of course not, but
simply to see what was going on. Several
people in Canton and Beloit also felt the
aad souie people who were coin
ing into town heard a .rumbling noise
above that of their wagon, and felt the
tremble of the earth, while many both in
and ont of doors "perceived nothing of the
shock. The Sioux City urnal contaius
quite a ludicrous account of its effect
there. Court was in session, but a suddeu
suspension of proceedings followed, with
out formality of an adjournment. Law
yers, suitors, Jurors, and the Judge, for
got their diguity and performed some
lively pedestrian feats in their exodus to
the street. At Ft. Kandal several shocks
#ere experienced that shook buildings
vioeuily, aud tumbled over laiiaa tepees
also at Yankton Agency a number of
shocks occured that eaused goods to fall
from the shelves of the traders store, cre
ating considerable excitement among the
whites and Indians. Council Bluffs, Iowa
City, Worthlngton, Luverne and Omaha,
also were all more or less jarred. At
North Piatte, Nebr., cases in the printing
office were overturned,-and at Columbus,
the belle in the public buildings struck.
Prom a summary of the reports, it was
telt as far east as the Mississippi, aid west
to Denver, soulh into Kansaa. The hpavl
est and nuwt numerous shocks were ap
pareoiij in the isfUmri Valley, and in
ih Vicinity of the agencies. Ou the whole
ii wa, ccHJWiJerable of a jar. and sets one
to thiuKinjg that we .-re only living upon
crust, beneath which at no great distance,
rage intaasa sad ww^eaing fires. These
pbenomenas are usually followed by_ ex
treme cold weather to Intrude* where
cold prevails in »Ww.
den. Moward'l Grieft
have had much to *e," eaid
Howard, the Uwr* glistening in his
eves as he spoke
government has
Men 41 to rob »e of large sum of money
and I haw been too poor to proseeute mr
.bin gad my countrymen have seen at
to heap nothing but abuee^n mr They
•MI to have piled mo ap BOWSE the
country ae some sort of a politician. ^Ti»o
only politics I have la tojo loyal to my
government. I have been blamed fof
writing for the newspapers. I have new
written a line for
laudation or fur BO-
toriety. 4 bare written articles far moiujr
ia order**! might pot ihoto npoo the
feat °r
ia order I might pi
ehaold be so abased aad malijrned, bat I
suppose it will ba kept up untQIam 4Md,
1 am gone I hope that myohUd
i*a, nt toast, if aobod* alaa does, will ba
•bio la sea what
don1t know why I
Government Postal
A bill has been introduced in Congress
that provides for the establishment of a
savings bank by the government with ev
ery P. U. whose income from the post
office reaches $1,000 a year, provided ap
iication is made for that purpose. Any
individual depositing, Is to receive per
cent interest wiien his deposits reach |23,
when placed subject to 90 days notice be
fore ohecking it out. It also provides for
the issuing of 3.05 bond in denominations
of f25, |30, $100 and $200, which would
not only prove convenient, but safe invest
ment for the savings of persons of moder
ate means.
This bill has really many commendable
features, and should it become a law, would
doubtless become a measure of relief, from
the hardships that have heretofore occur
red from the failure of the savings institu
lions that have become so numerous of
late. Security is the main thing demand
ed, and could the government be made the
custodian of the small earnings or saving*
of the industrious and prudeut, a sense of
security would prevail greater than the
present btnk system now causes.
One objection arises as to the policy of
the government becoming involved in the
increased responsibility that the institu
tion of many banks would occcasion.
But Secretary Chase when necessity re
quired, made the government a banker,
and proved to the. world, any promise to
pay, even was as effective for
th major business transactions, as if there
was a gold dollar re sting in the vault to
redeem it, and this was theTesult of confi
It is impossible in the varied and enor
mom money transactions that arise in a
nation of such vast resources and wealth
to conveniently and appropriately conduct
its business without some head center,
some place of trust, some depository other
than that of the owners own person, not
only for the safety ot person and life, but
for aiding in accumulations in saving. It
is human nature to yield more readily
to the temptation to buy what might be
dispensed with, if one carries his money
about his person, and this fact is what has
induced the thousands of individuals to
patronize ban King institutions.
From the ten cents to the dollar deposit
many a person has laid the foundation for
a fortune. The necessity for exchange and
accomodation to borrowers also has, and
will cause the maintenance of at least
banks for exchange and deposit, should
banks of Issue be abolished.
Confidence must and will be placed
somewhere, but could the above mentioned
bill or its equivalent be framed into a law,
and Uncle Sam to be made the banker for
those of small means, it would not only
prove a secure and safe medium, but it
would foster and cncourage a disposition
to save the dimes that are more often spent
foolishly than through necessity.
Proceedings of the Board of Co.
12th, 1877.
The special session of the Board of Co.
Commissioners convened at the county
Clerks office, November 12th, A. D., 1877,
ia the forenoon pursuant to published no
All members of the Board present. The
minutes of the proceeding session of the
Board were read and on motion amended
so that all the bills and accounts contain
ed in a certain report of Hon. W. M. Cup
ped which report was accepted and ap
proved by the Board of County Commis
sioners, Oct 2d 1877, without allowing the
said bills and accounts therein contain ed,
shall now be allowed aad audited under
the date ot Oct. 80th 1877 as intended by
the said board at the time and the same
arc hereby ordered, drawn* on the County
fund, and minutes thus amended are on
motion hereby approved.
On motion P. J. Norman, of Brooklyn
Township is hereby released of his assess
ment for the year 1876, to the amount of
$35.00 as the Board are satisfied 'that the
said Norman was wrongfully assessed to
that amount, and the Clerk is hereby au
thorized to change the tax lists accordingly
On motion the Board then adjourned at
noon till Wednesday, Noy. 14th, 1877, at 9
o'clock a. m.
KOV. 14th.
The Board convened in the morning
according to adjournment, and all mem
ben ot trie Board present.
Official boud of Helleck O. Strand ap
pointed Road Supervisor with M. Hanson
and John Falde as sureties, on motion ap
SPECIAL session, IOT 1877.
G. P. Bennett of
Elk Point, D. T^ has through mistake,
paid School poll tax to this county for
the year 1875 and 1870, and a tax for the
year 1876 paid district School tax to said
county erroneously aggregating in all to tha
sum of$m Therefore on Biotion it is
heretp-arderCd that the County Treasurer
be aul^ortgedHo credit the aaid Q. P. Ben
nett on his taxee jar 1877, to the said
arnooat, vis: 13.80, aadthe said credit al
tered him aaly when he eh«U .pay the
other taxes assessed to him far iast usba*
turned year.
On motion tha Board a^lotMgLfor din
ner one hour.
Re-convened ia tha ajtsiaaoa, all mem
bers of the Board presets
Tha balance of the day coosamed by ex
amiaiag aad eaacalliag rsdssmsd County
Warrants, which warrants had bpa it-
Evil News Rides Fast While Good News Baits!
deemed by Bonds under special act of
Legislature. Adjourned at 10 o'clock p.
H., until 8 o'clock A. M., next day.
Nov. 15th.
Convened in the morning pursuant to
adjournment and all members of the Board
Examining and cancelling warrants con
tinued during the whole day.
Adjourned in the evening until 0 o'clock
next day.
Nov. 10th.
Re-convened in the moraing. All mem'
bers of the Board present.
Examining and cancelling warrants con
tinued till noon, and the after
noon the Board, upon motion, com
menced to examine about the delinquent
taxes and on motion appointed O. E. Rea
to assist them.
On motion official Bond of A. O. Hub
bard Coroner elect, with O. H. Gilford, A.
P. Dixon and O. E. Rea as sureties approv
On motion Bard then adjourned at
night until next day at 9 o'clock a. m.
Nov. 17th.
Re-convened in the morning. Commis
sioners Arneson and Rolfe and the Clerk
The entire day consumed in looking ap
delinquent taxes. On motion adjourned
till Monday, Nov. 19, 1877, at 10 o'clock
n. m.
Nor. 19th.
The Board convened in the moraing
pursuant to adjonrnment. Commissioners
Arneson and Rolfe and the Clerk present.
The examination at the delinquent tax
list continued till noon, adjonrned for
Re-convened after dinner. All members
of the board present.
The work at delinquent tax list contin
ued the balance of the day. On motion
the Board adjourned at 10 o'clock p. m.
till next dav at 9 o'clock a. m.
Township Officers.
It wil be wsll for all
elected to any of the Township offices to
inform themse lyes as far as possible ss to
the provisions of the law relative to their
qualifying. Some portions of the Law are
as clear as mud, and so much so that a
person can choose the manner in which
he desires to follow in qualifying, provid
ed he is willing to.chance it either way as
to which course would be legal One pro
vision required the canvassing board, after
the completion of the canvass to make an
additional abstract of the vote cast for
township officers and file it with the town
clerk. This has not been done in several
instances as we are informed by gentlemen
who were on the board of election, and in
the new townships of course there waa no
clerk with whom to tile the abstract.—
Again one section provides that persons
elected shall file oath and Bond with a
certain County officer, and to be approved
by the county Board. Another section re
quires that bonds shall be approved by the
chairman ot town board which would be
proper and legal inust be ascertained by
the parties interested and some embarrass
ment might be saved by a prompt attend
ance to the matter.
—EDITOR ADVOCATE: Allow me space
in your columns to return my most sincere
thanks to our friends, for the various and
valuable gift3, both in money and goods,
donated to us at the Court House oa the
15th inst.
These gifts, besides being material helps,
are particularly valuable as expressions of
confidence and friendship, as well aa being
very encouraging in frontier work. May
the Lord amply repay them for their gen
who wers
Just Received!
Qenta and Ladies Arctic overshoes
Oents Beaver Foxed Boots, veal calf, and
kip Boots, also an assorsment of Ladies
shoes which will be sold VBBT CHEAP for
cash, at
I have decided to remain in Canton
about thirty days longer before going to
LuYerne. I shall be again ready to com
mence business on Monday, Nov. 19th.
•ho Younger Brothers.
I am often asked if|we saw the Yonnger
brothers. Yes, we saw them. By the
courtesy of Mr. Reed and his associate in
office we had liberty to see and converse
with aay and all of the prisoners. Really,
1 had no acquaintances and had but little
to say. I used my ears and ayes more
than my tongue. Our Sheriff talked a
long time with the Younger boys, as they
are called. We found them puttying pails
in a
large unfinished room. They
doing work that any boy 10 or 19
yean old could do just as fast and just aa
well. They talked freely of their former
life, of the kufferwg they had ia the big
woods of Minnesota. They showed the
wounds aad scars they had received i*
the many raids and bfttlea through which
they had passed. On the whola they made
favorable impression on all their visitors.
They talked freely with Xr.Lodwigofold
times before the war in MiiHoarL They
eaid the man lately hiUod in the fkr West
ae an express robber was oae of teeir num.
bar. They knew him weH—F«ea« B+
Local Items.
—OLD papers for sale at this office.
—FOB SALB.—A new Sewing Machine.
Enquire at this office.
—HIGHEST market price paid in cash
or trade for wheat at
ROWLBY'S, Beloit, Iowa.
—MSSSRS Harlan and Cuppett have
gone to Yankton to attend the U. S. Dis
trict Court, Mr. Cuppett as a juror.
—RET. MB. NBWBLL held services in
the School House, on Sunday evening
—THE Donation parly held at the Court
House on Thursday evening proved quite
remunerative, 05 dollars being realized.
BCTTER, and CORN taken on subscription
at this effice.
—ON Saturday the streets were fnll of
teams, and as soon as the frost puts an em
bargo on ploughing, more will be visible.
—SNOW fell on Sunday and was clinch
ed beyond the power of a blizzard, by a
heavy coating of sleet, but ploughing is
still progressing, notwithstanding the
threats of cold weather,
—EVERY person indebted to me must
call and settle before the first day of Dec
Wheat, Oats, Barley, or Corn will be taken
in payment.
—MK. JUDB has just completed his work
upon the building of J. S. Benedict, in
such a manner as to demonstrate the fact
that he is an experienced and rapid plas
—THE District School commenced on
Monday the 19th inst, with Homer Tupper
as principal. The first days atteadance
waa large, indicating that a erowded
school house is liable to be the rule for
the winter.
—WASH PBRCITAL is in town interview
ing his numerous friends. He smiles
broadly at the mult of his twin brother
Oscar's success as a republican. Wash is
in the office of Capt. Hughes at Elk Point
where he has proven himself a faithful
and efficient clerk.
—LEWIS LTBARGER ttew past the office
up Main street Friday afternoon behind
his team sawing them down to a reason
able and safe gait. The horses were unin
clined to moderate until they had their
run out. Lewis kept them in the road,
and finally brought them into a walk in
the outskirts of town.
—WE are pleased to received the Com
mercial Adftate, published at San Fran
cisco Cal. It is an ably edited Journal
and from its extended display of "ads" ap
pears to be well appreciated. To us its
columcf) Chinese business cards is a cur
osity. Among the many names are King
lai A Co., Tie Woo & Co., Eong On &
Co. Yee Wo & Co., Hip Wo & Co., and
finally "Quon Eat Chong A. Co., which
possibly may mean that Quongeats Chong
Wo Fat and all the other Co's.
THORE J. THONSTAD and lady will
leave for Europe next week. Mr. Thon
stad's parents are anxious for him to visit
them, aad he feels it a duty to gratify their
wish, as they have attained that age when
lifes thread is liable to bs severed without
warning. The faithful manner in which
thie gentleman has executed the duties of
the office of County Clerk and Register of
Deeds, has placed him in the confidence
of the community, who wish him a pleas
ant journey and safe return to his post of
Notice to Tax Payers.
Under the-present law the taxes levied
for the year 1877, are now due, and will
become delinquent on the first day et Jan
uary, 1878.
Co. Treasurer.
Best Prints,
18 yds for $1.00
—Frank Lttlie't Popular Magatine, ed.
ited by the Rev. Dr. Deems, Pastor of the
Church of the Strangers, New York, is
now ready for Decemcer. It is a splendid
number, containing 138 pages, profusely
illustrated, and teeming with articles of
rare merit aad brilliancy. This magazine
has become so general a favorite, aad is
receiving such wide-spread support that it
will doubtless soon be found in every
household in the land. It numbers
amongst its contributors such men as Wil
liam Cullen Bryant, Rev. Bishop Wright
man, Rev. Dr. Potter, Rev. William M.
Baker, Rev. Dr. Rankin, Col. Thomas W.
Knox, Hon. A. i. Reqnier, Mrs. Dickin
son, Mrs. Barr, Miss Brock, Col. Wm. P.
Johason, Rev. Lyman Abbott, Sidney
Lanier, Rev. Dr. Brandy, and others. Each
number is handsomely^ illustrated with
100 engravings, and has music and a rich
fiwntspieco. With the January copy which
will be aa excelleat holiday number,
are promised a finely engraved portrait of
Dr. Deems, its distinguished editor.—
Beautiful and substantial Blading Ossaa
an ready for sale at the cloea of each ist
^ume, price 75 cents. Now is the time to
tfabscribe to this valuable Magaaino, siagle
copies, 95 eeate aaaual subscription, FS.
by mail, poet paid. Addnm, Frank Laa
lie's Publishing Hone* Stt Psari Street,
New York. 4.::-:
-^A woman ia Rochotts
lo splta hlrhnsbaad, stolen pair af
ao that aha weald bt seal JalL lb*
—TheHeath of tha Pope is hourly ox
—"Be chests and you will be happy" Is
contradicted point blank by a Black Hills
man who was chased ten miles by Indians
—When is a bald-headed man apt to be
reminded of his youthful days When he
thinks of his top.
—The horse distemper that is proving
fatal among horses, is spreading rapidly
in Lowell, Mass.
—Persies Tycoon, the Shah, is to visit
Europs next season hia private secretary
is now en-route to arrange for his visit
The Republican majority in Wisconsin,
is running up into the neighborhood of
—An Irish miser was found dead in his
bed in Dublin- Gold and Railway shares
to the amount of £17,735 were found about
—A St Louis paper is discussing the
question, "Doss it hurt a man to hang
him? Of course it does It ruins him
—Minnesota has suffered greatly during
the past year on the account of timber
thieves, who have stolen to the amount of
300,000 dollars worth of white pine.
The Russian press calls upon the pat
riots to send the broken spoons and oth
er silver ware to the mint to.be coined, to
aid the government in paying up its for
eign debt.
Twenty years ago InGr't Britian there
was one million more acres of land
sown to wheatthan now, which partialy
accounts for the falling off of wheat crop
in that country.
—Senator Allison appears to be agentle
man that will succeed himself in the Sen
ate from Iowa, at least such is the opinion
of the great portion of the press in that
—The wheat crip of the United States
now estimated at 335,000,000 buahls.
In 1874 the yield of wheat, 300,102,700
bushels, and the corn crop of this is but a
trifle less than that of the year of 1875 & 6
-The wholesale establishment of Field
Loiter ft Co. of Chicago was destroysd by
fire, at a lorn of near a Million of dollars.
The fire took in an unoccupied room in
the fifth story, and is unaccounted for.
•The President was interviewed by a
delegation of Senators, who visited him
relative to the appointment of so msny
Democrats to office. Some came away sat
isfied, and others indignaat and pronounc
ing his explanation far from satisfactory.
—Chicago's first families, or some of
them, have Leon victimised by an educated
young womaa, who engages hsrself as a
servant, and while serving in that capacity
has within the past six months stolen $11,
000 worth of jewelry from the households.
—Seventy million bushels of grain are
annually used in the United States ia the
manufacture of liquor, which would make
1,050,000 four-pound loaves of bread. Great
Britian uses yearly 80,000,000 bnshels for
the same puorpose, and has to impirt for
food $400,000,000.
An old, paralyzed Indian walks about
the streets of Austin, Nov., between two
poles that are fastened at his side aad
drag on the ground behind him. Without
them he would fall backward, but with
their bracing from behind, he is able to
get along very well.—Ex.
Bismarck was really a live town last
season, judging from the arrival and de
parture of the Steamboats as reported in
the Tribune. Between April 18th, and
Nov. 5th, 41 different steamers arrived at
the landing, and they was always loaded,
arriving and departing.
—The Deadwood Tmei gives us this
item. It serves to show the rapid advance
ment our Black Hills cousins are making
in metropolitan airs: "In abou) tea days
Mr. W. F. Hosford will open the Bonanza,
on Lee street, as a skating parlor, with 150
pairs of roller skates."—Preu.
—A new plan of advertising" has been
adopted by a restaurant keeper in Now
York, who places a man in front of his es
tablishmont who has a splendid dinner be
fore him which he eats in the presence of
the crowd, and the temptation is too strong
for many cannot resist going inside and
trying one.
—The much talked of Yellowstone di
vision of the Northern Pacific railroad,
905 miles long, seems actually to have
been started. Preparations are in progress
for spring campaign, along the whole
route, and squatters are building shanties
along the lino aad laying oot paper citiea.
—Fraacis 1MB was a witness tor tha
defendant in a caao tried ia New Jersey,
whereia Nilson, former publisher of the
Train Liqno, was triad for fsigiag Rail
road passes Train became so voluble that
they ordered him ta he withdrawn from
tha stand. Ttaia called a
that eveaiag to dioenss the right of Coort
to close the mouth of a witness.
—Sitting Bull gives a graphic daaerty
tioa of General Custer's last fight B*
says that the soldiers wan an stiff sad
sore from loag aad aetata riding that
they oouM barfly walk, aad ao
that they conid ^ot shoot straight That
Caster kfflsd aabpiiaa with Ida pistol, aad
•wmitoi Oaa y«er
One-half ooiaina.. 'MM
Oaa-foarthoolttma 9M MM
Baataaaa Ovda of ilzttaaaoclsa., (M(|U
er «aah addittoaal Uaa, |LSS.
Lagal advartie«maata laawtad at lagal raM.
arAlladVwWdag aaaaaataaatttad maaUdy.
UeBiS from all parta af
aaanty, on My utalWS irartHal— to loaal a«w». A'l
mrfrt ba
aUSiaiai lil by thawsit
at1 aam.f set aaaaaaarfly Hfrjehfaatlna, bataa
itaaef |»ifl*an
Ofdaw far all Made af Jab P»lnHa "%fffg
7: *1
Kars Captured.
Telegram to the Sioux (Sty Jaurn-il.
LONDON, NOV. 19.—An Ahora~KaIehr •,
special says Kars was captured by about
100,000 Russians who climbed steep rocke
ramparts and walls and sfcrmed aa equal
number ih desperately fighting Turks ia a
headlong fight oyer their ditches and para'
pets, compelling them to fight or surren
der. The escalade had been originally fix
ed for the 13th, but it was postponed ow'
ing to bsd weather. The principal attack
was made upon the southern forts. Gen*
Lazareff^ who commanded the right wing'
consisting of the fortieth division, assauli*
ed Haflz Pasha's fort, crowning a- steep
rocky height, ancLGen. Count Grabbe, with
a regiment of Moiscow grenadiers and a
regimont of the thirty-ninth division at
tacked Hafiz Pasha in the center, the
Khaulic Tabia Sauyarri Tabia, the threw
towns aad the citadel. The Ardahan bri
gade and another regiment of Moscow
grenadiers undsr Gens. Roop and Komraff,
forming the left wing, assanltad Ft. Inglia
on the north. The attack began in the
center at 8:80 Saturday evening wkcar
Count Grabbe led hia brigade against
Khaulic redoubt aad himself fell dnd af
the first onset, pierced by a bullet Capt
Kvademicke of the Thirty-ninth regJraaat
was first to enter the redoubt at 11 at night
His sword was cut clear out of his hand
and his clothes pierced. Tha redoubt
surrendered early pi the morning and tiint
the three towers almost slmottaaeoriv
with the capture of Khanlia redoubt Ther
Russian seldiers made but triflidg booty,
and spared peacfhl citizens, written and
children. Gen. Lorris Melikoff directed
during tha day. Grand Dnke Mfeharl wan
present also, and formed and-^sptorsd the
city at 1:10 Sunday morning.
—Iagersoll writes aa Indiania papcf^,
Issues from! fSfll
that "from tha time alcohol
the coiled and poisoned worm of the lis.|
tillery, until it empties into the hell of
crime, dishonor and death, It demoralizes
every body that touches it from its source ,"",*(/•
to its end. I d»
not wonder that every thoughtful roan is as&ita
prejudiced against that damned stuff call
sd alcohol."
—Charly Doming has put new first class'
coaches on the lino from Yankton to Sioux
Fells, and with all the other equipment in
first rate style, now presents unequalled I
inducements to travelers. Fine coaches,
fine stock and qaick time, goodaccommo.
dations along the line, with a delightful
route and through in 12 hours, are the .'i
features of the Yankton and Bioux Fails
stage line.
—The death of Mr. Coolbongh, Ibe
Bank President in Chicago, has given rise
to different theories as to the cause. Some
claim that it was domsstic trouble, others
that it was caused by drink, and some of
his warmest friends think or intimate that
he did seek death by his own hands, but
the prevalent theory that it was trouble of
mind, occassioned by domestic infleiclty,
that will remain a mistsiy or a secret
with the family forever.
—Now is the time to subscribe to Frank
Leslies Popular Monthly. The December
number is ready. It contains a vary da
tailsd and entertaining account of the
venerable Peter Coopei, founder ol the
Cooper Institute, New York. The article
is illustrated with a large number of very
appropriate engravings, and will prove of
special interest to the people. Another
elaborate article, entitled. -'V'olcaaoes, an
cient and modem," is illustrated with over
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exceedingly well written and liberally il
lustrated. In addition there is a large
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The Popular Monthly has worked its way
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Address, Frank Lsslie's Publishing Hncsev
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Mortgage Sale.
MHI of the anew aaeataS by
Mactgaea baarfas data tha IStk day af AamaK'
im.madaaad azaentadlvBaary Wanar, af thr
aoanty of Lincoln and Tmiltoj af Dakota, a*
Mortaacor to William O. Ssrikft af MinaahaM
laaafa aad leiiltoi of BafcaCa, wMsS will KM*.
aagaaaa waordad latna adtoa af IHIIIH OT
Sa«de of uaaota eonnty, la Beak MP* of MOT*.
gaeaa, atnaeaa tie, S71 aad Sll, ea tha Uth ear
aTiwrNMSl*at*trtloakp.2. Aad
Wharm«. tha aaid Marina—wee tftmawda. to
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at tha data af tha ant yabH*a few af

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