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Weekly Phoenix herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896, September 29, 1882, Image 2

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I JiiittDv JltKLD. I ur worthy Democratic ccn-
iciifi.-oi;ii y over me way nas
begun to talk of the prosperity
of ti:e connty aud th6 econom
l-T'.dr.y, .... tirpt. 23.
J, oorx Eii.
G03?HI5 &
:. a. STOKF(ij:r,
Editor ani Man-tirer.
Published every cvrairg except Sundr.
J ubscripiion Rales.
rr;iil lU-Mld. prr nwk. ?"; TV.IIv lit
ah?, - is niiirri-i. J 30; Dillr II era l.-i,
oii ynr. ?:0.(l) Wrrkiy ilm'd,
Ihreo morilh.. SU-'O; VlVrhly
li'"-aid. -i mo-ir-n. : 7.";
Week y llernld, uue
year, f S.i.-o
-jPr titf Orrrci; rut Adv:::.t:sixq
.and Job Kates.
7H 'r-rer on !!p at rII the ' Princip ,I
j";t:-.-3i7.ior Au-n?iu3 in S.m Franci..co
a:l h,ia -1 e.itiv .
-E C. f -riic-.e . MeTcuantV FxrhM,i ocr
fiI"j''ii'Saa Franciso Atenr.
Jr. IJ.iBn'tra.-u i sic Kjtv, v. ill cct :.i our
OF vvr.uc
ir. isiATivr.
Councilman :
Representatives :
TMsirU.t Attorney
Tr('nsur r
Probate Judge..
. ....C. A. TWEE.)
( X. IIKiilffC
J. Y. T. s IT-1
Sheriff ...... I. B. KE f.LE V
Public Ad mi iotrator
Surveyor WSl. ISAAC
Supervisors: -
J udge Porter arrived
Tucson on Friday evening.
Oury's reception in Prescott
was golden to tlio last estreinc
if "Silence is Gold."
Porter is stronger today m
Arizona than he has ever been.
His canvass makes him votes
while Oury loses 'wherever he
goes. .
The Los Angeles Herald is
now ono of the finest papers
on the coast. It has reeently
been enlarged ana put m a
new dress.
ica! administration of its gov
ernment. Let tis Bee. Tho
county owes about $50,000 of a
road debt, about 815.000 school
debt, with probably $10,000 of
a debt in a miscellaneous way;
total, cay $90,000, -and what
has the couii ty got for this debt
and all taxes collected up to the
present time? Xo public build-
tions, no road to speak of;
nothing but tho ' administra
tion of its government.
This is the present condi
tion of a;X;ir.9. Now, a3 to the
supposed economy:
The amount of tares to bo
collected this j-enr, we believe
is about SoO.OOO. pins the fees,
for collection, which is eight
percent. Six years ago, when
tho county was vastly greater
in extent of territory and no
railroad to pay down 820,000
of tho taxes in a single pnj
ment, when there were but
about 815,000 to be collected
altogether, the fee of the col
lector was eight rer cent; it is
the same today; the fee3 and
salaries of our county oillcials
are the same today, ,7'hen fees
and salaries were necessarily
large; but that emergency has
passed by, and they should to
day be as low in proportion as
is the price of everything else.
7 b cannot see where the
economy of tho thing comes in.
7f"e are told 11 tat the debt has
Our devil. insists that we re
ceived the Albuquerque Morn -ing
Poster this morning. The
Journal appeared with two
pages as posters.
Large deposits of copper
have been discovered in the
Pinal coal fields. With coal
in abundance, that region
promises largely for the fu
ture in the mining and smelt
ing bnsiners.
been decreased.
able that it has not been in
creased, for it we read straight
the last Legislature passed an
act limiting tho amount of in
debtedness that the county
could contract and making it
necessary that a portion of it
sluuld be canceled and that
tho county should no loncrer
pay interest on its warrants,
This is probably tho economy
we hear about; but it has been
an enioreod economy, liie
people viil not be deceived in
these things. A tax at the
rate of 81.58, plus eight per
cent, for collection, has awak
ened them to the kind of
"economy" that is being prac
tised.- Our rate is prooably
the highest in the Territory.
In Cochise county. where great
expense has been incurred, in
cident upon the erection of a
new county, the rate of taxa
tion is but 82.75 and collector's
fees but four per cent. J'e
fear our friend has struck the
wrong lead when it begins to
talk of economy.
A. riv:il of Knsineer Melville and
Vzr y of the Lost Jcanaetie
Owii.g to the in 1 crest of the public
in the Jeaimeile expedition an.l 'in
tlic returned survivors we give a re
sume of their reception in the E;i t
an i the gos ip connected therewith
V c are indebted to an eastern ex
change for the account hero pre
Xsw YoitK, Sept. 13. Ciii-.-f En
gineer Geo. V. iMeiville, Sjuui:i:i
Vrm. Noims ! Win. 2S" in ieriii i.i,
survivors of 'he Jenu idle Ar. tte. ex
plortns e.vp'orhi; expedition an 1 .f
the p.U'tv lu-.it dise:rerjil t:ie de.d
liodies or Lt. Ie L in;; and his eom
pni:i.'!is, and L Uo!. 51. Cerry of
the bi:r:icd Arctic exploring steumer
Rogers arrived today. Act 113 under
iuslrucl !o..s of the navy department,
U.nnmod ire Upshur prepared to re
ceive the. brave party wr h all hon-
r3. Oa the tur, besides Lieut.
Jacques, were Alexander ilelvllie,
brother of the famous engineer, .Mrs.
Dcr.iare.it, lluir sister, an 1 her two
l.iughters, and many naval officers ;
a'soCipt. J. A. V o-iteii, laiuer-in-law
of th? l:i;ne:i el Lieu . De L-ng.
The s eaais'.iip Runhia. t aring Mel
vilie an 1 party, was met down the
bay a.-ul as Eagineur Se ville's
br.iait and suiiii:! i s -e w is di. over
rd hv tho-c on 'he t'.iir, thep set up a
shout: "There's Melviite, G d bles
him." A party of the t'artiiia'- pe-
senders starletl tlie our, ' Iloni
Agiin,'' and it was taken up all
over the sdiip- Melv'.Ue was s-ioa on
board the United Statce tu and
made liarte to the pilot-houre, where
the ladies of the party were seated.
His sifter and mcees were warmly
embrac i by him and everybody in
the pilot house wept as Melville sob
lied convulsively and hel l his tiUer
to It's breast, lie sat f r a few mo
ments with his relatives and lis'.eued
to their attempts to n'.ler word-- of
welcome. lie patted his stalwart
brother on the bae.k and atl'eclionate-
Same of the
The JIiner urges lov; rates
on the A. & P. railroad on
goods coming into Ai'izona.
Jj"e can say amen right heart-
The iJ.iterprlse informs 113
that the Deer Creek coal fields
are being thoroughly explored, j ib- It now costs four and a
and that great deposits of j cents to get a pound of
bituminous coal have been ! good from San Prancisco to
opened up and will soon be
ly called him
more active of the Panhia's pis
senger hid climbed in the rigging
and were s'aoutinj, "Give 113 Mel
ville." Sever-.i held aloft a b..tt!e
of champagne. Eiginerr 5Ielvi!ie
stepped out of the pilot-house ami
encountered Capt. "iVoot. n, the age 1
fatber-iu law of the la'.c Lieut. D-:
Long. ("apt. Wooteti gra-ped the
engineer's hand and after saying
something in aa undertone wep l.ke
a chi.d. 5Ii-lvi;ic steadied himself
against the pilot-house and c ivering
his face with his bmv.sy hind-,
seemed ihorotuhly cvereome wit't
emotion. Tears filled the eyes ol all
who witnessed thls. ene, and among
the spectators were -.nany rt the Par-
Una's passengers. When they had
dried their eyes some one 0:1 the
iteamship proposed three cheers for
Melville, and the response was en
thusiastic and emtdia.ie. Ninder-
man and Isoros, seamen, who were
with Melville, seemed anxious Jo
escape observation." Whin Xdnder
man stepped into the pi'ot-hou e, he
met his betrothed for the fi:-st time
after a long and terrible absence
The meeting was very aff.cting.
They sat in a coi ner, and as they
wept they whispered to each oth-r.
Lieut. Jaques hid requj.-dc 1 the
naval officers and other person?, not
relatives of Engineer Melville nor
Ninderman, not to disturb the quiet
of the pilo'-ho'.ise at this .imp, and
lieutenant':? request was most chejr
fullv acceded to.
The n-val officer s ale 1 that Mel
vilie has tho Jeatinetie s log and a
p.ivate lo.', Lieut. De Long's last
written instructions to him, aud, in
fact, is prepared at the proper time
to repeat DeLoug's lust words to
Afterwards Melville said to the
rep li ters he had no intention of be
ing ru le, but he was about to say
when taken from their secreta-,
that he had determined to make no
statement c mcerning Lieut Danen
hower at this li ne. IIj wa; satis
fied he 'iad done his duty.
A file of Mir'nes to s.ihi'.e 5Iel
viile is to be landel on the doek and
escort the arctic voyagers to the ho
RancalioiVi'r's Cxrd.
Washington-, Sjpt. 17. Lieut.
Daneukower issues the following
card :
My attention has been drawn to
several litems and comments refer
rinj to alleged trouble between
Chief Engineer Melvii'.e and myself.
The latest one is in the Washington
ltr of the last evening, copied from
a New Yo k paper, an 1 is the first
that has !a';eu definite shape, stat
ing, under the tit'.e nf "Melville vs
Danenhower," the ; liege 1 charge of
Licet. Duienhower that "if he
(Melville) had not t irucd back from
the first s.-aivh Capt. Do Long and
his companions might have been
Sived." The abjve ilte.cd charge
has never been in.i le by mo. In
the fiist place tho facts would not
a luii; pf such a chatg , for when
Melville turned back the Captain s
party had been dead at least fifteen
(lavs, lu the s-econd place I would
never make such a charge, except to
proper odioial authorities. I have
always avoided adverse and prcmat
u e criticism of my late otnrad
and will simply refer to ivhat I sai 1
when confronted by ha'f a score of
ioarnaliits on board Ihe Cello on
my arrival at Xcn York and pu
blished in the New York Herald,
Mav 29, ISS2, under the captiou
"Vindication of Melville. This was
caused bv my learninir he had been
hastily' aud unfairly eri leised pre
vious to my return. I have made no
charge against anyone. 5'y person
.1 relations wi;h Mr. Melville have
been of a very pleasant chara iter
KegreUing tnat 1 have t appear
in print and hoping tiierc will be no
further necessity for it I am
Jonx W. DASExnowEn.
Atlionrncd 3Ieetins.
Convention was called to order by
J. Y. T. Smith Chairman, S. B.
Krkla;ul Secretary.
The folio a ing members reported
themselves present :
PhcenixV,. A. Tweed, proxy, 51.
W. Kales; Geo. E. Mowry, proxy, J.
II. Isaac; E. Rood, J. T. Dennis, J.
Y. T. Smith, Geo. F. Coats, C. XV.
Stearns, proxy, E. 3. Kirkland ; E.
B. Kirkland,"' F. A. Shaw, F.
51- Fowler; jN. Rosenthal, proxy, N.
Ileniek; U.S. "cott, proxy. F. A.
Shaw; N. Ileniek.
Tempe 3. 51. Garcia, W. R. Lewis,
J. T. Priest, W n. Laughlin.
McDowell N. Wil'cox, A. J.
Donally, proxy, Willcox.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and adopted.
Ihe folh wing -girder of business
was adopted and committee dis
charged :
To the Chairman and 2Tsmlers of the
Republican County Convention :
Your committee appointed to pre
pare the order of busine s for ihe
Conven'iou recommended the foliow-
ng O rder of Business.
1. Nomination of a candidate for
joint Councilman w ith Gila county.
2. The nomination of two Candi
da' es f ir the Legislature.
3. The nomination of a candidate
for District Attorney.
4. The nomination of a candidate
for County Treasurer.
o. The nomination of a candidate
for Probate Judge.
C. The nomination of a candidate
for County Recorder.
7. Ihe nomination of two candi
dates for members of the Board of
S. The nomination o a candidate
tor tiic office of Sheriff.
9. The nomination of a candidate
for Public. Administrator.
10. Tiie nominaticn of a candi
date for County Surveyor.
11. The adoption of a Platform
and Resolutions.
12. The election of a Republican
County Cential Ctnnmit'ce.
Re.-pectf ully submitted.
f W.M. .
1 T.T A
- r . ev. oiiaw,
( Wm. Laugulix.
A. Hancock,
worked extensively.
Arizona has an area of 113,
916 square miles, equal in ex
tent to the who'e of New Eng
land and New York thrown in,
with her 47,000 square miles.
the enteririse that builds rail
roads through a sparsely set
tled and barren country anel
the advantages they bring us
over the old method of trans
porting goods and the en
hancement of the value of
property in the territory in
consequence, for the purposes
The electric light has gone
largely into use on river and
ocean steamers. It should be
available in ell mills, etc., us
in 2 any kind of cower where
by the electricity can be cyen- boonto tIie Peolll
The Stir's Zabriskie revolt
ha3 proved to be not so much
of a revolt after all. In fact,
it pi-ores to be mere wind
work, which Judge Porter's
presence in Tucson ha3 very
effectually shut off.
Arizona looks upon Repub
lican Porter as a new kind of
patent medicine a sort of des
perate expedient for a desper
ate emergency. Star.
Which will act upon O iry's
unterrified like a dose of lobe
lia There won't be much left
when that dose gets through
with them.
It is a significant fact that
the Democratic press of the
Territory find nothing so very
objectionable in Judge Porter.
In fact, wherever he has been
he hiis received tha compli
ments of the press of the op
posite party, and we doubt not
would receive their supjiort if
it would not 2ost them such a
tremendous flop.
It is now said that Crocker
'& Co. propose to build a rail
road into northern Arizona, in
whif-h event it will undoubted-
in the rich S.ut Hirer
e hope that the re-
1 icy.
;!! ' founded
V f .; ! v.-.r,
1 wti-lc (ho siamb
industries and wealth of
-hole Territory.
: live
of a more rapid development
of the country wo shall hail a
reduction in rates as a great
at' large,
and believe that the increase
of business coming to the rail
road companies in consequence
would justify that move;.
James G. Blaine is receiving
the compliments -of the better
class of the Democratic press,
which is an evidenco that some
good can csme out of Nazareth.
Republicanism and its leaders
have ever forced such acknowl
edgments from all honest op
ponents. Even here in Arizo
na, wiiero leeling is olten
wrought up to great bitterness
Democrats sometimes see good
in Republicanism
Judge Porter on Thursday
evening addressed the Repub
i p it - -
itcans or xucson at JUasonic
Kail, which was packed to its
utmost capacity, though but
short notice had been given.
The Cit zea gives his speech
in full and we find it in the
Judge's usual happy and elo
quent strain. We hope to be
able to quote from it as Oppor
tunity afiords.
Ye. h?nv but very meagre
sports of the Oury receptions
1 the north. Even our north
ern Democratic contemnora-
2s have very little to say, and
that little seems to require a
Cerent effort to say it. AVe fear
ihs wind has been taken out
Delfmte Oury's smils in
i-h at region of cannery, as it
h'is in this- and the southern
part of ihe Territory.
banquet 1:1 their lienor at Delmoui
Mr. IIr.ll sa:d to 5te: vi'.!.-, -'Come
let us take a drink."
Melvil'e laughed as he replied,
icmiemsn, 1 a 11 sotaewa t 01 a
mis.sion.tr ; ev ry lime I take a
drink of American whiskey I feel I
am Lelniug to puy the nutionid
Some one paid to Melville, "Hew
weli yon look."
"lcs, r. piled the engineer, with
a strangr emphasis on his word;.
"There is nothing the matter with
my eyes."
Melville was introdm el to the
reporter., and when asked whether
he de ire 1 to communicated with
the public upon any point of special
interest, ho said: "N , 1101 at the
present ti. ue. The wh e matter of
the condition of th ; Je.mn .tta and
the result is to l.e i:m stig.ite.l by a
naval court of inquiry, an 1 I am
not allowed to say !in liiin u itil
examined by that court. The i ev
erylhing will be ma le clear."
Here a naval ofti -er int minted
with : "You know, oT course, that
Ccngress h: appoi rel a speciil
committee to investigate the m .1-
"Ye?,"' answerel 51elville, "and"
At this point several of the com
mittee began to shout, "Here, Mel
ville, come here ; tior.'t you say any
thing; you've s ud just enough ;"
and one of the eomniittee seized htm
by the collar nd withdrew him
from the secretary of the represent
atives of the newspaper.;.
Engiaser Slel vllje's Wife .
Philadelphia, Se.it. 17. .Mrs
.Melville of ihe Je inette Artie ex
penditiun, seized with delirium last
night at the close of a demonstration
at the home of tha family, at Sharou
Hill, following, it is said, an inter-
view with her husband. She hatl
been suffering from nervous pros-
triction previous to hi3 arrival. The
excitement of mind appeared to sub
side when hi r husband was out of
h. r presence. Melville left th
house the same uigh! with friends
going to D uby, near by, and has not
returned to-day. Dr. XV. Fisher
Longs trcet and Ur. Jjartlesou were
called ii attendance and held a c on
sultation. They determined to hold
another examination with a view,
of plating Mrs. Melyilie where she
may be permanently restored to
healih. lheauair creates a pro
found feeling of saduess at Sharjn
Hill and in this ci-y.
Washington, Sep.. 17. Chief
Engineer 5Ielviiie announcos his
detention at his home in Sharon nill
md that
he will probably not arrive here
still Wednesday. He will be escort
ed from the depot to the li ill where
a public reception will be given
The Committee on Resolu ions re
ported progress ar.d asked for fur
tlier time.
On motion the Committee vfas al
lowed till 2 o'clock P. 51. to report
Moved and cariied that 51
Laughlin bs allowed to CMt the vote
of Mr. W. R. Lewis.
Ou motion the Convention ad
jouined to meet at 2 o'clock P. M.
Convention met pursuant to al
jouinmeet anil was celled to order
by the Chairman.
Roll call showed all ihe members
Committee on Resolutions handed
in their report which was lead and
on motion th repoit was received
and Committee diseharged.
Ou motion the resolutions of the
following report were adonted as
the Platform of the Convention:
Htr et SlsaUe Tr .
Thepas-engsrs on tlo P u thia con
ticted lo shou'. : ' n e want y. etvuie : ; by sickness in his family
hen the engineer appeared tht
repeatedly cheere l him. C tKi;iin
wa3 optaetl 0:1 t'ae de: k of the Par-
thia atid his heil h lr;i:ik m man
bumpers. 5Ielville and frit n Is wer
then transferred I the steam yacht
on board which were m:nv cava!
officers, an 1 where a welcome lunch
eon was spread an i the hospilali
ties of Hie city tc id ere 1 by Alder
man McClave. Tears trickled down
the engineer's face as he listeied to
the alderman's words, aid when lie
attempted to reply he stammere
and hesitated. Then he seemed t
recover courage and said i i a bold
way he was a New York boy, i n
who had b. en brought up in th
public seho ols of this city. He felt
that h h id a riiht t ) say th it be
an lhis companions ha 1 do ;e their
duty. He h id been 111 government
service tweuty-two years and l ad
stood many kicks and hard knocks
Then he pause!, and s ai l with much
feeling, "And I would have stooel
by my friends had they stood by
me." He suddenly checked himself
at this poiut, and Col. Church, on
behalf of the citizens' comrnbtei
welcomed liiin 'in 1 lits com iam ns
to this city an 1 invited them to
Ed. Herald: In 1 ur issue of the
123d instant you r.skcd tha. some c ne
suggest soo'e tree that will 15 urish
h re, to take the place of the ungain
ly and unhealthy cottonwood. I
would suggest the ash as the pretti
est, cleanest and n-.ost dense of
foliage of all trees that have been
tried in Pheenix. Tukc the fsvr ash
trees that are growing within the
city limits and by a stroll through
our streets where they are growing
no one C! u!d 'Isiuk of taking the
stdewalk it will be seen th At they
ar-j all green, healthy and pretty.
Take a look at the benutiful tree
which stands crosswise of the street
from the adobe pigeon roost opposite
the schot lhonse.and I think it i ill be
gerterally concluded that it would be
difflcull to jfind a more handsome
street shade tree, or one that would
give a more dense shade, and yet I
am t dd that tli its tree- h;s received
no training ar.d but little care, be
sides it has beeu out of lurk for
several y.nrs during the time it has
been grow ing in Laving its foli ise
plucked from it to make medical
teas for its5Icxican neighbor.
The willow is bat a small im
provement on the cot'.onwoo.l. It
does not stive as good a shade, its
limbs obstruct the sidewalk, it is
bad for cotton in the snnnflr. its
foliage kcrp dying and being re
placed by new leaves the same as
the coitonwood ; it is subjees to the
ravages of the butterfly more than
the cottonwood as any one can see
by a trip up Castle Crr-ek or the
Agua Fiia, its foliage ("ties early in
the fall as in the c se of the cotton
wood. The a h on the otiicrhand
seems to be free from all of these ob
jections. If the ash is of slow
growth, when compare I with the
cottonwood it is long lived. It may
take it four or five years to become
as good a shade as the coitonwood
will be in two years but when it does
assume the proportions of a tree
there is some style about it and it
will still be a shade tree when our
great irrand daughters will have
iven birth to babes- W. C. C.
English miners have struck for 10
per cent advance in wages.
A business house of 1G0 feet front
was burnid in S cramento oa Satur.
ay last. Several men injured by
falling walls.
New York, New Jersey and the
East -were visited by terrific rain and
.vied oa Saturday.
To the Chairman end Members nf the
31aritopa County Hi-pulUcan Con
lention :
Your Commit tee appointed to pre
pare a Platform and Resolutions of
fer the following :
liefolccd. That the Ecpubliee.DS of
JIaricopa County hereby renew their
allesiance to the National Republi
can Perty, md the principles which
it lias ever i-us'ained.
That we are opposcel to all monop
oiies ami in lavor or equal rights
equal burdens Jtnd equal benefits to
ill, with specials privileges to none
and 1. old that the best government
is that wherein an injury to one is
the concern of all.
That we are opposed to the mon-
opo'y of lands, aud demand that all
public lands, including those for
feited by non-compliance with law.
shall be restored to the public do
main, anil that there shall never 1 e
any land grants or land subsidies
hereafter pioinoted by the Government.
Tiiat the legislature should again
earnestly petition Congress tc return
to the public domniu al! la ds in
this Territory, heretofore granted to
railroads that have been forfeit d by
non compliance with the term of
he grant, and that our delegate in
Congress be requested to urge upon
Congress the passage of such a 1 w
Ttiat the welfare and interest of
our county demands that its local
government li.nild be managed by
reliable, rapahle Mid economical
men, and that, it be represented in
the leg's ature by men of undoubted
ability and integrity, to the end thu.
the enactment of such laws may be
urged upon the Legislature as will
lead to a more economical admin
istration cf county governments.
That we are in favor of increasing
the county ion 1 fund to such an ex
tent as to enable the Board of Super
visors to maintain our public high
ways in good c mlith n.
That our public schools should be
maintaine I and encouraged by liber
al legislation.
That all corporations ere it d by
law should be g verned by law int
tho interest of the people and tha
all the proptrty of corporations
Moved and cariied that the 110m
ination of the District Attorney be
left vacant subject to the ac ion of
the Central Committee.
Jlr. F. A. Shaw was th 1 only one
named for the ollce of County
Treasurer and on motiou was nom
inated by acclamation.
Moved end carried that the nom
ination of Probate Judge be passed.
Mr. R. F. Kirkland being the only
one named for County Recorder was
011 motion nominated by acclama
tion. 5fovcd that the nomination of a
candidate for Sheriff be pulsed. Lost.
5Ir. Garcia of Tempe then named
J. B. Kelly for Sheriff. On motion
5Ir. Xelly was uomiuated by accla
mation. On motion the nomination of
Public Admit istrator was passed
subject to the aitlonof the Cintral
5Ir. Wm. Isaac being the on'y one
named was, on montion, nominated
by acclamation for the office of
County Surveyor.
Nominations for Supei visors were
declared in order nomination for
that office having been ovei lot keel
in I he regular order of business and
Messrs. J. Y. T. Smith, N. Herriel;
and J. D. Monihon were named.
The ballot was as follows: N. lie
rick 17: J. Y. T. Smith, 15; J. D.
5Ioni!ion, 3.
5Ies-rs. Herrick and Smith were
declare 1 the nominees. '
Mo' ion was made and carried to
return to the nomination of Probate
Judge and C. A. Tweed beim: the
only one named for that office was
uominated by acclamation.
The Republican Central Commit
tee for 5Iarieopa county was then
apportioned and selected as follows:
Thcenix E. Rood, J. Y. T. Smith
E. IL Kirkland, C. A. Luke, J. B
Creancer and D. H. Knapp, C.
YuUure J. S. Drew and E E.
Kirkland, 2.
Me.ta Samuel B.ngley, 1.
Tanpe n. R. Lewis and J. 51.
Garcia, 2.
McDowell A. J. Donally, 1.
Movetl and carried that the Cen
tra! 'Jommtttec be empowered to fill
any vacancies in the ticket, and in
its membership, and to add to its
membership if the-y deem it neces
Adjourned sine die.
f I 'i & pa
ilia I iUl
11 aw
nn n m f m n r tn man
I did Hill! Wi liilBi dlUuEl tit
1 Pa
pay its just proportion of
Respt ctfully submitted.
Wm. A. Hancock, 1
N. Derrick, - Committee.
North: Wilcox, J
Moved aud carried that election be
by ballot, anel that a majority vo'e
be required t elect.
5Ioved and cat l ied that the nom
ination of Councilman be passed and
left to the Central Committee to fill
Chair appointed 5rcs.-rs. Shaw
and Priest to act as tellers.
On nominations for the Assembly
being calied for Messrs. J. Stinsou,
51. H. Calderwood and W. A. Ilan
caek were nameel.
The ballot was cast with the fol
lowing lesults: J Stinson, 16; 51.
II. Caleierwood, 13 '; W. A. Hancock,
2. 5Icssrs. Stinson and Calderwood
were -dared the nominees of the
Ed. Herald: It has 1 een cold
enough for the last, few days here to
freeze. A cold wave has struck us,
no doubt, and the Ilassayampa is on
the rait page onee more. This Ara
bian desert received a great and glo
rious rain S turday noon and eve
Saturdiry last was observed as a
holiday by our friends the Mexicans,
in commemoration of their indepen
dence from the Spanish government.
They hatl speeches, processions,
flags, fireworks, giant powder and
forty-rod whir-key, and a general
"hip, hip, hurrah," all day long.
At night there was the jollies!,
gayest and best d-inr-e ol the seaso 1
if not the be.-t dane ever held 1
thetevn. The city hall was full of
Americans an.l 5Icxi eans, the cream
of the cilv and the surrounding
country, and al! had a way-up and
'sta bueno" time. Everyone came
out in their finest and best attire,
dressed in g sod taste and the height
of the latest fashion. The music
was good and the dancing excellent.
The supper was prepared at ilr
Drew's hotel, and tney tell me it was
the best supper ever prepared iu the
ily, and you know when he goes iu
to tin a thing he eloes it. All went
on well until towards morning, when
the foity-rod whiskey coaaniencttl to
have i s effect and two or three sot.
to (inarreling. It was all a 5Ie.ican
flair and one of them cut another
with a small knife, across the fare
md a little cut on the breast. Ex
cept that, everything went, lovely
The jamboree is over now, anil most
11 are down to hard work again.
5Ir. Tom Brown, of Phoenix, is in
t.;e City. He looks whole find hearty,
and thinks that Judge Porter will be
lected by a large auel overwhelming
majority. Good for iota.
Our friend, William Church, lias
gone to Jiarieona 10 meet 111s ui neie
and 110 doubt they will be murrie
at Phoenix. 5Ir. Ed. we wish you
10 give them a good reception and
attend the wedding, and when they
come home wo shail taml by them.
5Ir. Brill and wife from the Has
savanma were in attendance at the
dance; also Sirs. Grant of W'icken
burg, and several others from abroad
that I did noi know.
5Ir. Dulton is refurnishing his
house on Green Point. No doubt
he also .contemplates a change for
the better. Now is your time old
boy.and it is an excellent idea, boys,
to prepare the cage before the bird
I am sorry that I eliel not see the
poiut in my younger thus, but I
shall try and profit by these lessons
for my next.
Mr. McClelland has put up a
liberty pole in front of his new resi
lience and the American flag went
up early on Saturday morning, and
out of the third story window I can
see two small 5texican flags.
Brother 51c. is one of the most pa
triotic gentlemen of Vulture.
Several freigl t teams came in to
day with goods for cur me: chants.
It is just after pay-da3 you know.
Tom Corwin.
Writing iditorials, supervising the
press room, m iking rollers, attend
ngto business in the business office,
keeping a lot of renegade pigs out
of the e: tablisbment, feeding the
chickens anel keeping the devil at
work with the btooni, constitute a
portion of our morning devotions
which, being all conducted at the
same time, have a tendency to make
life a happy dream and future glo
ries a somewhat problematic busi
Eff&nd Openiqg in a Few Daijft
Geo. D. Clark
!!D Of
Opposite the Plaza,
PIE?.leV, - - AT.
Repairing fine watches made a
Speciality. -
r. K
Xext to Telegraph Office,
Phoenix, A. -T.
El Gl
Board, Per Week, $6.00
Three Meals For $1-00
Single Heals- 50 Cts,
Jos TMnSimer, Proprietor.
Cor. Trashington & Iilontezu
ma Streets, -PHOENIX,
A. T. .
ine .Mi.M wm tie urst class in
every respect. Into help only.
L indies, consisting of Swiss
Cheese, Pickled Pig's Feet, Herring
atid 5Ieal Sausage at all hcuis.
East Side of Piaza. Phoenix, A. T.
or the use and ar.coiuinndal.ion of
Pure Drugs And -Medicines, To.'le! Arti
cles, Perfumery, Fine Cigars.
ESPrcs n iptions carefully cm
pounded day or night. Orders bv
mail promptly attended to. nHf '
Washington Steeet, -
FTcm Brown's Old SianfLgga
Phoenix, Arizona.
W. A Rowe & Co
General F.iercnanflise
The attention of buyers
aDd consumers is c;iV
to our two fine stor'S-
fit the
Every thing needed by
Miners and
Day Board, per week,
Meal Tickets. 3 for -Single
Meals - - -
50 cts H E
JVeuralffi'i, Sciatica. Lttmbaqo,
Backache, Sorenes of the Chc.-t. Goiitt
ljuinsy, ore i inoat, Swellings
and iSpraiiis, Bums and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Ihadache, Frosted
Jteet and Ears, and (ill other
Pains and Achus.
No preparation ou earth equals St.
Jacobs Oil as a safe, sure, simple:
and cheap external remetlv. A trial
entails but the comparatively trifling
outlay ot 5U cents, ami every one suf-
sering with pain can have cheap and
positive proof ot Us claims.
Directions iu Eleven Languages.
Baltimore. C S.
Having the management of this
new Restaurant, I can assure al! tnv
friends, aud the public generally, that
(hey wili be well and "promtuly at-
linuect to by lavormg me with thei
r at
i fit s
ITavinrj moved onr mill live miles west o
Prescott, on Willow Cicck, Near Thutut
Mutte. at a pnint within two mites of the
Miller rond. i, ear Iron bsrin in hnvuti
compliitod an excellent load an I to Prescoi
we arc now prepared to furuib any auiotin
or quality of
Li UmbE
lOlll-NULltb, JJ OOltS, OASU-
Lathes. Etc. at Bedrock Prices.
nkep in Kxclinnue for i.nmhcr
pitorrtiETon of Tiia
Piicenix, Arizona.
Beer, Soda SarsapariHa
Mill en
A. Specialtj'.
219 lontpmery Street,
Under the Rugs House,
importer, Manufacturer and Dealer In
FnraislM Goods.
White and Colored Goods r.f evcrv
elescription constantly kejit on hand
and made to order: also Underwear
of all grades, ready made and made
to order. In fact, winking to Older is
a specialty with this house.
Large stock of latest styles and at
lowest prices of Neckties. Collars.
Cull's, Trunks, Valises, Satchels.
.Blankets, Straps, etc., Scarf Pins and
Sleeve Buttons in endless variety.
Blanks for self measurement and
samples sent free on application.
219 Montgomery Street,
Sax Fhaxcisto, Cat..
Wasted.-About 10,000 cash to
be placed against suitable real estate
for hotel purposes, in cite of the
growing cities of Arizona. Address
his office for particulars au2Sl
That terrible ffonr frvprntia pno. nti I
its e-fnguner, nuioitt m-eraii tte-nt, besides
am-C'loijs oi in Momncu. over and bitv
elH, produced l)y Ditatniatis air and tvatfr.
are both c-adicated aud prpvented bv the
use .01 Host-tier s btomttch Hitter, a
tiroly vegetable e lixir.indorsed by phyti -ciiuie,
-and more executively ns.-tl as a
remeuy ior the ahnve cias of tiisor.iers.
unwell as ior many oiucrs, thau any medi
cine of the age.
ior sale by all Bmgrists antl Dealers
generally. .
Orders from the coMntry solicited acd
Satisfaction Guaranteed toal.
Peter Brix,
A RiLuoLE Remedy j S vsS- - '
0I8CA8E8 OF THE "r?'-T-''. -.J: ANQ HCALHta
SKIN, A: ;'V' ra""
Suc Tetters, '.-X -it SwAYwrS'
pi"pie. sore, . v' rvmrrrv
Blotche, ;A Q'TIV,rNT
Rash, .-vv..-, . ok account or al-
Erysipelas, 'V. ' r J latinthc braNc
Ringworm, tT -v--' .' f t ; rrctt asd mmwim
Barbers -c.-v;1 w- V1- y swcct ncpoatt. it i
ITCH, V. t-i'--5 ' Known -Rednesso
A iV'ta .'.' . Ths GrtEAT CulfB
Nose . . ..lfJt..' -y I roR Itcmim Pum."
a. A' :ix$f V Dr. Swayne Son.
b-v, V
Cuts ' ?vX ' 7

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