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Sept. 20.
Lllil. Libel
Week's Round-Up City and
County News.
Early vising is ia order now. Com
et brioirs tliL-m out.
The tow.i ditches received a clean
ing jccUTeiay by the canul men.
Mr. Jloutgomery is the happy man
this time, and it's a son.
Houses and rooms to let should be
advertised in the Herald.
XV. C. Pimm, of Vulture, is fin
ing his rc spects to our to.vn.
"Win. 13. Hooper & Co. "arc agents
for U:tiuiau:i ii tiers.
ScaliDsr wax for ' fruit cans at
Thibodo's Drus Store. s2lf.
Jut arr.ved a fresh lot of E. M
li. I ij;:iis at IUkIiioi k & Cattous
Damiaxa makes the old young and
the weak strong nzil heuilliy.
The Vultun-ile3 stem to have
t;iken the towD for the p:usi few
Guss Eilis & Co. io-.:d d a team
with sr.ppiies for Centennial district
The Kei ublican County Conven
tion brings a number of promin.nt
Republicans to town today.
The comet ia nearing the sun rap
idly, and will before long "be out of
sight. Just before sun-up it m,iy
be seen iu the horizon, about six de
grees above the sua.
Mr. Coais seems to have been
much benefited by his trip "inside."
L s Angeles climate evidently agrees
T.ith him.
Several cases of pig on foot and
: chicken on the wing arc. mournfully
and patiently awaiting at this office
for the advent of tome teamster to
take them to Pie.coit.
The Mexicax ef..medt for dis
eases of the Kidneys aud Bladders is
Duniiana Cillers.
You wrr.L never have n sour stom
ach if iou drink Dainiana Bitters.
Humphrey's Homoeopathic Spc
'cific Medicines at Thibodo's Drag
Store. s2tf.
------Mr. Yaknca came up from Mari
copa yesterday and leaves today f.-r
that lively mining camp, Vulture.
Floreston Cologne is grateful to
invalids, us it is refreshing without
the sicheuiiig effects of most per
For iealth, strength and vigor,
drink jimiana Bitters.
Jiemember t'.at you must leg's'er
lefore yuu can r t3.
Ail i-ospe.-tabl-j dealers keep Da
ud;.na Biitets.
Deer Hall.
Boca Beer,
Tf you want a good appetite, drink
Uuuuana Bitters.
Mr. Xoith Willcox is in town to
day in attendance on the Convention.
James Brokaw a former employee
on the Herald is ag.in at wcrk in
this oftic.-. He returned to Phoenix
this morning.
The members if the Catholij
church will give a dramatice ( nter
tainnv.'ui on next Thur day eveuiag,
for the bei.eSl of the cbuivh.
A fine Moliue sahS p'ow, s'and
ing at Messrs. Goldman's store, is at
tracting the a'teniion of farmers aud
ol'jers interested iu m tehiuery.
The remainder of ths deliberations
e.f the Kepublican County Conven-.
lion will appear iu our Monday eve
ning issue having come to the oltice
to ) bite for this tveuinjis i;sue.
Service for English-speaking peo
ple will be hel l at the Catholic
Church at 8 o'clock on Sun lay
iro.-nin;; to:- Sp n'.sh speaking' pop
ulation at 9:33. tjumlay-srhool at
10:30 a.m. Services at 0:30 in the
The mill whistle, which h :s been
a guide and warning to the hungry
and sleepy for so many days lias
been quirt for a few days on account
of repairs to the mill. A fine eon
nenser is being placed in position
The work will be finished in a few
days when v. orii will startup as
Wat. B. II irper
for Dainiana Bi!Ur.s.
A rostTivK cure for
Dainiana Bitters.
S; Co . arc agents
J.S.Drew, of Vulture, who has
been prospecting Phoenix for a day
. or two, -returned to the m nes today.
Mrs. Davis, whose lusbun I is op
erating at Car.; t-ree,, returned to
Phoenix on Monday fro::i a visit
outside, and passed oti to her horn
The dusty streets of the pat fei
days are teaching us t3 appreciate
. the very excellent Water servjej of
Mr. Herret.
Mr. Hopkins, the efficient black
smith of Mesa City, with his lady
are in town, stopping at- the Bank
lne aunt Kstaurant is navim a
heavy run of cusiom. Cause, splen.
did board at reasonable ra:es and
obliging waiters.
.Sir. .Noyce, ct frew tt, came in
this morning, having in cha:ge ru
insane person, whom he tJ k-s to
Stockton. He left on the 12 o'cloc';
6tage for Maricopa.
The Hofl. Murat Masferson - f the
Aiizona. Demderat lavored us by a
fraternal call to-day. He is o i his
way to San Fian isco, and left by
this afternoon's stage for Maricopa.
Loss of hair and graynes , which
olt.-n mar the prettiest face, are pre
vented by Parker's Hair Ea'sam.
Goldmnn & Co. have received a
whole carload of plows direct from
the Mdine Plow Company's works
at Moline, 111. They propose to sell
them at San Francisco prices.
Farmers know that there is no finer
plow built. s!3-tf.
Mr. Robert Steinegger, the ass.yer
of Vulture, who has been looking
after some vahi ible la: d iiitcrs-s
belonging to him ab nt Gil-i Bend,
came in yesterday ami left today for
liis Lame.
The family of Mr. Erodie, of the
engineering department of the Vul
ture mines, were met by him on their
return home yesterday at Maricopa,
and are now in towu, slopping at the
Bank Exchange.
It is a rcmaikablo thing that a
child can purchase with perfect con
fidence aDd receive tin; same honest
and fair dealing as the best j id xe, at
the square dealing house of-Unclc
Harris, 21 Kearney, bet. Bush and
Butter Sis.
- Our citizens are anxiously loolc
. ing around for something more
graceful, cleanly ar.d of denser fo
liage to plant in place of the un
healthy Cottonwood. Anynn- sug
gesting something that will flourish
here will confer a public f iver.
Oui townsman, S. D. Lount, Was
put up one of his patent ice mills at
Guaymas, Sonora, with a capacity
of five tons daily. The mill is for
Win. B. Moopr-r & Co., and like the
other mil's of Mr. Lount is a com
pie'ir success. He returned here yesterday.
We take pleasure in presenting a
communication on tlie subject of
btieet Shade Trees," by a well
known citizen. The article referred
to was called forth by our request of
last week for suggestions on that
subject and should have appeared in
yesteru jy s Hehald but was delayed
by press of wcrk iu the oilice.
XVm. B. Hooper & Co , under the
carelui management ot Mr. foiue-
nitis are doing a large jobbing busi
ness in family groceries, in connec
tion witn their liquor business.
They are careful and responsible
men to deal with and their goods
give complete satisfaction.
The Hon. XV. A. Kowe, who has
bcea visiting the Papago country
southeast of Mnrkopn, lefi town
vcsteidav evenii g for Tip-Top. He
reports the mine located by Mr. Mo
reno, in that Bection, asveiyp;om
ising. . Mr. Biddleman, more familiarly
known as Gov. "Wilson, came in yes
terday from the new mining district
of Con Qtiain, in t'.ie Papago coun
try below Maiicopa, wbich ho re
ports as full of mineral an 1 very ac
cessible, a fine crazing co'.iuUy, with
indications of water not far below
the surfa e, as vegetation seems
a'jundant. He repor:s the raises as
prospecting splendidly. He left to
day for Vulture.
A severe acccident lately to a star
performer had a far happi.-r termi
nation than vtas at first ixp-eted
The wife of XV. II. Slowe E-q., man
ager of Dan Mice's gre t show, was
tcriiblv mi ired by be'.ng thrown
from her horse bile performing at
Cadiz, Ohio. St. Jacobs- Oil alone
was used ai.d cured her in four day .
XVn learn that a very worthy lady,
the wife Of a f Ihnv by the name of
Tarbox. who has desert, d her, is iu
very needy circum.-tai.ces and shou'd
have nitentiou ir m or.r citizens.
'The nend, it is s .id, has left her at a
time when she needed the greatest
care asd addition, the is now suf
fering from v. ant and illness. AY'll
not the generous ladies of our town
see that she is properly cared for?
Aud we would dirtvt the attention
of cur beneficiary sncittics in the
same direction. It is their special
province to hel ; the worthy needy,
even though they may be without
the mystic circle. Let the common
instincts of humanity guide i 1 such
cases aa th'.s.
The members of the County Re
publican Central Committee are re
quested to meet at the Court House,
in Phoenix, on Saturday, Sept. SOlh,
1S82, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the pur
pose of organization, and for the
transaction of such business as may
properly be brought before it.
A full attendance is earnestly
solicited. J. Y. T. Smith,
Chairman of the Convention.
The ?Sexieau latioaal Kailnay.
The first passenger train t) Mon
terey, Mexico, on the 31st of August.
The roal is now completed from
Corpus Christi, Texas, to that point,
a distance of 333 milej. Monterey is
one of the business centres of Mexico
and has a population of about 40,000
It is connected by mil with Laredo.
Kegular trains will be run as soon as
the track is baliasted. Between t!'e
2JUi of Align t and the 1st of Sept
ember, a little over three miles of
rails were laid each day by the con
struction part3'. The company have
now 520 miles finished iu Mexico
and Texas and claim tiiey will have
COO miles in October. Monterey i
about 500 miles from Maravatio,
which point it is promised the track
s tall reach from the City of Mexico
next mouth. It is s'atcd lint over
900 miles have been subscribed for.
Here, too, as in the Mexican Central
great commercial and industrial re
sults may ultimately ensue. Mean
while, however, the cost of contract
will be a loss to the stockholders
sub cribing. Mhi'nq H.rod.
Tito Market.
San Francisco, Sept S6. Wheat
Quiet; No. 1, $l.Gj; No. 2, $1.60;
extra choice, $1.6J.
Barlc3" Weaker ; f eed,$ 1 . 24 1.30,
brewing, $1.30 01.C5; chevalier,
1.33(3 1-50; firm.
Oats Lower; exiri choice. $1.C2JU'
1. C5; JSTo. 1, 1.57Jj' ifl CO; No!
2, $1.50(7? I..").
Con: Xouiinal; yellow, $1.70
1 . 75.
liny Steady; $12gi5.
Potatoes 75c( $1.10
Bran Weak; ?J7,' $ IS.
"Wool Unchang d.
Jr-- ham C'nint i y Weniooi-nts
Camp Thomas, A. T. Sept. 2C The
Democratic Coim-m'i.n at S afford
yesterday nominated the followin
ticket: Legislature, 1'. J. Lolan;
blicnll, Geo: ire H. b even-;; Probate
J ud lie, G. II. Hvatt; Treasurer, I. E.
Solomon ; Supervirors, A. E. Jones
A.M. Franklin, S. Sponcrv; District
Attorney, Patterson ; Surveyor, Hoi
liday;. Public administrator, Dan
Ming; Recorder, Salcido.
4eti. Crook r.t Man Carlos.
Camp Thomas, Sept. 20. General
Crook and staff reached San Cailos
last evening.
Marshal Tidball, with Deputy
Evans is also here, making arrange
ments to remove the Indian prison
ers taken to Tucson for trial. These
are the Indians who committed the
murders on the Apache road djring
the out break last fall. It is Lop-d
the the citizens of that burg will
see that thsse Iadiaus get their just
Oregon Senator.
Sax Fkancisao, Sepr. Salem Or
egon, dispatch says: The Senatorial,
bdlot to-day stood: Mitchell, 41
Prime, 30; W. Carly Johnson, 10;
scat e.ing, 93; Six Democrats v t-;
with the Mitchell men. The second
ballot was the same as the first. Ad
journed till to-m,oriow.
I-'all of a Ci all fry.
PiTTsBCito, Sept. io Last riiuht
the west gallery of the exposition
bi iiding gave way and a number of
pcr.-o;is wiihtha piano and twj or
gans were precipitated to the floor, a
distance of twenty feet. Seven p:-r
sons were injured. Two probably
Yellow I'evpr
WAsriiNGTON-, Sept. 20. The total
cases of yellow fever nt Browusvi
thus far are 1,870; deaths 130. The
cases nt Tensac-ola 344; death 41.
Several new cases ere reported aud
cne death.
The Spanish steamer Rita arrive !
at Newport-News without inspection
by the qu irantine oflieer. The act
ing secretary telegraphs that the
civil authorities should order the
vessel to quarantine. If she refuses,
a war vessel can compel her.
Knsriiieer 3Iel)vlil.
New Youk, Sept. 2G. A Wash
ugton special to the Sun's ays : Chief
Engineer Melville during a call at
the Navy Department ycterd:iy
aid he would be willing to take"
command of another expedition to
the North Pole, provided he could
have full command and could have
a ship built, fitted and eqtiipp. d to
suit him. lie believes the course to
the North Pole is by ihe Franz
Josef L-ir.il route.
Tlie Xorthrra Indians.
Omaha, Se. t. 2(r. Two hundred
icve ns have left Pine Bidge agen-
. Tlie Indians say they have r.o
hostile 'intention, but are goiigon a
probable excursion to Fort Keogh.
file Interior Department instructed
the agent not to interfere.
itian CJeiuenoj.
Cairo, Sept. 20. It is stated t! e
Khedive wi.l shortly L-sue a decree
granting a general amnesty to the
rebels except about six who will be
tried tor their lives, being implicated
in masacres and the conflagration at
Kt-irvins; r'fslierman
Qcebi-x, Sept. The new prefect
appointed by the Pope m ikes an ur
gent appeal for public charity for
settlers and fishermen on the Labra
dor Coast threatened with sur ration
through the idler failure of tri ps
and e f the seal and c jdoheries.
Ira A.. Vail, Esq., an old friend
and correspondent of the Mining Re
view returns a copy of our paper per
forated with a bullet-hole bv mail
robbers iu Arizona. Jlininff lieview
The Si'vcr King mining company
paid their thirty-third monthly
dividend, one of twenty-five cent
per share on the 15th inst., aggregat
ing $25,000. Total ol dividends to
date, 1,050,000.
The Pima county demoe'rats, yes
terday, nominated the following
ticket: For Sheriff, E. D. Shaw
District Attorney, Jos. C. Perry;
Tie isnrcr, It. F. Lesitherwood ; Re
corder, H'". S. Head; Supervisors, R
Harrison, Jos. Goldtree ; Territorial
Council, Col. C. P. Sykes F. G
Hughes; Assembly, Thos. Gorlcs, P.
L. Dowling, SaHno Otero, .Mat. J
Redding, Move AVicks.
Salt Lagoons are met wi:h in sev
eral places in Apache county, Arizo
na. The principal lake or lagoon is
near the line of New Mexico. Abou
1.000,000 pounds are taken yearly
liom tl.is lake, and witn proper
facilities it could be made to produce
an almost unlimited supply. The
salt is precipitated to the bottom cf
the lake, wagons are driven into the
shallow witer, and tlie glistening
cry.-tals shoveled in. Th's is one of
the most valuable sdt springs on
tlie coLtincn, aud besides supplying
c dtlc raisers ia Apache and portions
of Yavapai, furnishes large qua nti
ties for the working o? silver ores.
The commanding officer of com
pany C, Indian scouts, will proceed
to San Carlos, A. T., and there dis
charge, oa the 30th instant, bis com
pany of scouts and turn over the dis
charged Indians to the Indian Agent,
San Carlos Indian Reservation, and
immediately thereafter e di t a new
company ot twenty-five Indians.
Upon the completion of this duty he
will return without delay, with his
compauy, to his station, Fort IIu.i-cliuca.
Our S'le.thcrn exchanges rcpo t
the enthusiastic reception of Judge
Poiter everywhere. Even the Epi
taph orAy indulges in a little slight
A late number of the Sentinel
speaks as follows of that section of
the Teiritory : This coming winter
promises to Le one of great prosper
ity in Yuma county. The different
mining companies operating in tin
section are making preparations to
work the'r properties on an extensive
scale. The Castle Dome company
has alread3' taken steps to engage a
l.i ce force of men. Tho incrchantile
traffic is on a gra lual increase, and
every week large coasign merits of
merchandsare a:o forwarded to the
lower river- On the Gila, the farm
mg interests are thriving, and new
water ditches are being excavate !
General preparations are being
made for the planting of a heavy
crop next season. llie boat mat
left here this week, carried a cargo
of nearly 250 tons of assorted freight
which speaks well for the busines
of the upper river. In fact, every
thing considered, the outlo'ik for
Yuma county iu a commercial poiiit
of view, is fiattennjr, and our people
have every reason to eqpect a season
of continued prospciiiy.
We are glad to seethe Gazette take
up the cudgel at last on the railroad
question. We have been hammer
ing away at it for some time and re
gard the response of the Gazette as a
favorable indication that our urging
has not been entirely in vain. We
are not going to quarrel as to where
a railroad should come from. The
point is to have it come from any
where, so it conr. e might sit iu
tnese valleys of A lona for time
without end and the mountains
would never come dovn to us and
pour their wealth into our laps. We
must be the active, aggressive p:
ties in this matter of railroads, as in
the matler of mines, if we would
have them come where we. most
need them. As we have already
said, no trunk line of rail would
swerve out three mil s ot its way to
come 'o Phoenix. San Bernardino is
iin example. We must do some
thin; to bring it to us.
Folger, the Republican candidate
for Governor of New York, is the
present Secretary of the Trea-ury
Grover Cleveland is the Demo.
cratic nominee of the Syracuse con
vention for Governor of New York.
He. is the present M.yor of Buffalo.
forty years of age, a lawyer by pro
fession and a bachelor.
The Democracy of the Territory
must be ashamed of their platform,
adopted by the Territorial Conven
tion. After a hunt of half an hour
this morning among our Democratic
exchanges we failed to find it.
Our government is far from un-
gra.eful or forgetful of her defend
ers. Iho total number ot- pension
ers on the roll is 2S5.097, and the
imount of pension pai I them in the
last year, with costs of disburse
ment. 54,290,280.5-1.
The Democratic party of tha coun
ty congratulates itself on the "re
markable increase of schools." Well,
that is a Democratic privilege in
this country to be sure, bet this is
the first lime we ever heard of a po
litical party assuming the entire re
SDonsib 1 it v m that direction.
ireditinsr IIcIIm.
On yesterday (Sunday) evening, at
the residence of Mr. II. A. Wilson
was collected a very pleasant little
gathering on the happy occasion of
the -marriage of Mi.--s Jennie Lay
man to Mr. Alvin Richeson. Prof.
Frambes officiated in ' tying the con
nubial knot. The Herald office,
from the devil to the editor, reveled
in wedding cake today and sighed
iheir thanks and for many returns of
s:;ch happy occasions. The bride
and groom have ths bon- voyage of
Cowboys Quarrel.
DravEti. Col., Sept. 23 The par
ticulars of a duel between cawboys
have just reached here. Geo. How
ard, owner of a herd of 3000 cattle,
aud John Keliy, owner of a herd of
4000, weie driving in company frcm
Arizona East. North of Trinidad,
on the plains, the two herds were
separate, Howard to follow the
Santa Fc train to Kansas City and
Kelly to irive north to Denver. On
the riute accidental exchanges had
been made, and Howard insisted iu
having his stock out, but was unwil
ling to deliver Kelly's, and it was
finally agreed to settle the mater by
a battle, between six picked men of
each party. Accordingly eleven
men ranged themselves on horse
back on two sides fifty feet apart,
and at a signal from' the employers
the fight began. At the first fire
four men were instantly killed. Geo
Weber, of Kelly's parti', was shot
through the breast. One of How
ard's men fell with a ball through
the head and two others of the same
party were shot through the heart
The dismayed Howard party, with
ths exception of the em loyer, fled
to camp. Kelly then rode up to
Howard and proposed th it the fight
it out. Howard declined i-aying
that he understood the matter settled
according to Ihe terms of battle
made beforehand. They then ex
changed the mixed cattle buried the
dead of both and separated lor dif.
crcnt routes.
Russian Duel.
Nrcw York, Sept- 32. Friday's
Herald's special from the Petersburg
say3 Lieut. Stalehene was killed
yesterday in a duel with pistol at
fifteen puce3 by Capt. Prince Bkok
owskoi. Skokowskoi fell at first
shot slightly wounded in the side,
but the ball which he fired in fal
ling, mortally wounded Sta'.chene.
T'ic persons responsible lor the
railroad disaster in a tunnel at 98. h
street. New York City, have been ar
retted, they are a telegraph operator,
conductor an.l a brakeman.
Jolt-niis from Terope.
Tempi-:, Sept. 27th, !$.
Ed. Hehald : Another cutlin
iflriy took place at Tempo todaj',
among the Mexican population. One
of the perpetrators of the deed has
been arretted. Officers arc in pur
suit ot the other.
The play of the Spanish amateur
troupe entitled, "The Return of tiie
Spanish Crusade," as rendered by
our home talc:;t on Saturday night
was qui;e a success on the part of
the actors; but financially it was a
failure, as t lie receipts did not cover
the expenditures. One hundred per
cent reduction of the price of tickets
would greatly swell th.; purses as
well as add to the number of our
imateurs' audience. They deserve
X large accession from Utah is ex
pected t sweli thy number of Tempe
citizens this fall.
Since tl e action of the Republican
Convention at Phoenix has been
puo;i?iieit, matters, politically, are
merging into their wanted channel,
f he merits an.l demerits of our can
didates for delegate are being eager
I)r discussed, and Porter stock is
rising. If Mr. Oury can do nothing
for his constituents, to scad him
back to Washington is use'es. If
he lack ability or interest we do not
desire his return; con-'equenlly the
chances are in our favor by permit
ting hini to return home and sending
another wl.o may succeed. Ia this
many of the citizens of Arizona are
a unit determined to riseabovo party
adherence when our be t iutercsts
are at issue. No people ever suc
ceeded iu arriving at the climax of
greatness, who were mei-3 supporters
non-aggressive. Our wants must be
made known in Washington, and
our demands for relief felt. Suffer
ers from Indian depredations should
be redressed. Public highway
should be constructed over now im
passable mountains. Capital should
be direct.'d to Arizona hy able
statesmanship. We havo not pro
mised Mr. Oury two tonus at Wash
ington, and we wrong him not by
sending another.
Active preparations are going on
for the ball to be giveu in honor of
Miss Davis, who leaves ucxt week
for her Eastern home. Also, for a
Suuday school picnic, on the 7th of
The Pimas left here yesterday in
large numbers, in full holiday dress.
It is believed they are to have a
Tesgain party. Many of them were
painted m a manner t j rival Com
anches. They are making rapid
progress in civilization, for when on
a "big drunk" they tell us they spend
their own money, and their whisky
drinking and getting drunk is no
bqdy's business. Does the white
man furnish any belter argument?
A few cases of fever are here, and
more looked for.
. Everybody speaks well of the pre
sent management of the Hekald.
Has any one man on the Republi
can county ticket a reputation of be
ing extravagant and reckless"? The
people of the county who know the
men on our ticket, and almost every
body knows them, understand them
to be careful, cons :ii tijin business
men. We t-iink iho tacit statement
of the Gaze'Je, that any but the
Democratic nominees are likely to
be extravagant and reckless officials,
is itself extravagant and reckless.
Though the fees and salaries of
officials in Maricopa County are
"regulated by the Legislature," and
for the present time arc too large, we
have never heard of Democratic
economists making any move what
ever to have the Legislature reduce
them. If "cconoii.y" is to ' be the
si gan of our Democra'ic friends, a
a move iu the relujtioa of salaries
would figure very gracefully therein.
We do not doubt that the present
Dcmccrut officials have done what
they toil 1 for the county so
far as it- did not touch their own
pocket?, but we speak more particu
lar'y of the influence the parly has
lent to measures economic;. Who
were inteies el hi fixing high fees
and salaries by legislation enact
mi ut? Who weie prime movers in
stopping extravagant outlay in the
county by legislative enactment and
providing for the rcducticn of the
county debt? We think the answer
to these questions will indicate the
p.:riy tendency in question.
The coming November elections
fill our exchanges from both ea t
and west with politics. Wheie the
interest of the people is so thorough
ly awakened as it seems to be this
fall, State and Territorial govern
ment can scarcely fail to bs Im
proved in many direction-. Anieri
cans are a nation of politicians, and
n large m .jority of our citizens hope
toehold office at some time, cither
large or small, as ambition miv dic
tate. And such a desire is not tc be
discountenanced when it is pure in
purpose; but when it i engendered
by a desire for spoils, by avarice, by
the baser eb-mcnts of manhood, it is
to be watched and turned back at
every point Such politics, such
ambition, unfortunately, oiten pre
vail and are the curse of our govern
ment. Indeed, wo have heard it
openly asserted tint one party hail
stolen long enough, "give us a
chance." Nothing could -be more
base, more degrading and degrad-d
than such a spirit, an.l the individ
ual or party who hope to succeed by
working on such a principle will be
watched and cheeked at every turn.
There i3 less honor, !e-;3 manhood
in them than In the freeoooter who
bravely steps up and demands your
coin. Our political battles are too
Tlie MepfleBfs !
Convention Called for Sat
urday, Sept. 30.
We, the undei signed, believing
there exists a necessity for an Inde
pendent mouement of the peopla of
Maricopa county in the matter of
filling our local county offices and
sending suitable men to represent
our county in the Legislature of the
rerii';ory, do hereby call an Inde
pendent Convention of ihe people, to
meet in the city of Phoenix, Septem
ber 30, 1833, for the purpose of plac
ing iu nomination candidates for the
several cflices to be filled.
Each precinct in tiiis county feel
ing an interest in this Independent
movement wilt send such number of
deleaatc-s as the' shall deem proper.
General Merchandise
our old
on u
you wish to vots
Must Register.
Read tha Following Ter
ritorial Lav.
Vy an Act of the Eleven Legislative
Assembly of the Territory of Ariz
ona, duly approved jlarcu 1, lbtsl,
it is provided :
Fiksj- That in the year 1882, and
every two years thereafter, there
shall be an entire new registration.
Section I, Po.ragrack G.
t-ECosD That no registering of
ficer shall be permilltd to place any
name upon the leg sler after twenty
(20) days before an election. Section
1, Parngragh o.
In accordance therewith every
voter must be registered before the
13th of October, 1SS2, or theywil!
not be enlitleci to a vote at the en
suing general election.
Following is a list of the various
voting precincts, and the registering
officers therein, for Maricopa County,
to wit :
Phoenix R. F. Kirkland
Tempe A.J. HulDeit, J. T. Pn. st
Mesa F. M. I'omeroy
McDowell North Willcox
Verde Jas Eatoureltc
Cave Creek A. J. iiosiuns
Agua Fria Wilson Campbell
Vulture J. II. Gifiord
W ickenburg Dave Wright
la Bend Frank Welcome
Agua Calicnte II. Neahr
Registering officers, under the law.
must make monthly returns to the
undersigned in order to facilitate
printing. R. F. Likkiasd,
County Recorder.
A letter from Democrat of Mes1
City to the Citizen says the Mormon
Democrats are going for Porter-
The Herald is in possession of like
:iforn.ation through private note
flnvie.g befn in business in Flue
nix for the p.-if.t ten years, wc extern
a cordial invitation to ail
t'rieeiis and customers to c-i
at our new stand. Oiir goods will
always be t'oui. . v- iir.--i-cl.iss and
always as represented.
Old Stand.
atdeh Ferry Hotel
J. hi, GARCIA, Proprietor.
Good Accommodations, Firs
Class Tables, Xicc Rooms
Under a Thorough Hotel Plan
Mr Garcia wishes to announce
that he will oren this House on the
4ih of July, and solids ti public
p;n rou age.
First-ClasH Wises, Lipors and
at tie Ea;
Sat isfaclioii Tor'pon.
in our lamily ot ten for over two
ears Parkers Ginger Ionic Jias
cured headache, mal u ia and other
complaints so satisfactorily that we
ire ia excellent health aud no ex
pense for doctors cr other medicine
A Caiid To all who arc puttering
from the errors and discretions of
youth, nervous weakness, early decay
loss of manhood etc , I will send a re
cipe Ihfit will cure you, '-free of
charge." This great remedy was
discovered by a missionary in boutli
America. Send a self-addresse.l en
vclope to the Rev. JoskpuT. I.vmas
Station D New York City.
0. . THIBODO, Ef. D.
into power and to i
the spoils, an 1 of
keep them out.
ct their hands on
honest men to
New York, Sept. 25. The steam.
ers Eepanto and E lorn collided at
sea and he latter foundered, blow
ing up as she sank.
New York, Sept. 25. Sells' circus
train was wrecked in east Tennessee
this afternoon, with gnat loss of lile
and property,
FitEDRtntsruno, Sept. 25. Four
mills on the lower Rappahannock
have been washed away. Great de
struction of crops.
New YoitK, Sept. 25. Jay Gould
is preparing to take a two years'
CUMrjERT,AjrD, Md., Sept. 25. A
fall of coal in the Kinglaud mine, at
Long Coning, crushed four men.
Philadelphia, Sept. 25. The
Franklin sugar refinery partly des
troyed by fire. Loss, halt a millloa
Alkyasdrta, Egypt, Bopt. 25.
The Ke'dive has left for C'dro.
Dcblin, Sept. 25. Dillon leaves
Parliament on accout of ill health,
Druggist 1 Apothecary
. AND DEALER IX. . . .
Perfumery. Brushes. Etc.
T0MW SMITH, Propriety.
The rooms of this new Hotel are
all newly fitted uy, snd furnished
with entirely new lurniture
Everything is ftsat and Clean.
let bo the D:i3T, Week or
iVashinston street opposite tlie
This new hotel is now open for th
accommodation of the traveling
The rooms are well ventilated and
handsomely furnished in suits and
single. Superior accommodations
for families. The aim ofthepropri
etorwiil be the comfort and welfare
of his guests.
I'.onras Reserved hy by Telccrali
Oiniarcl Table and Car
Connectcti with the House.
All the
Liquors & Cigars
The principal Eastern, California an J
Arizona papers kept on file.
A share of the public patronag
I. Ruben,
z.d. Oattl
Langshans, Bn-.hmas, Cochins, Leghorns, Hov.di.n, Plymouth Rocks,
XV. F. Black Spanish. Guinea Foals, A vie bury. How n and IVk.n Du-:ks,
Bronze and White Holland Turkey. PeacoeUv Etc. Eirtr for ITatc.uug.
Dish-Faced Berkshire Pigs, Polarrd China Pigs,
Jersey Cattle, Etc
Pacific Coast Poultry and Slock Hook.
New Edition, over 100 pages, HatxUoniely Illustrated, I'iico by
Mail", 51) cents. ,
Stock or Estcs for Hatching guaranteed to name, and to arrive safe v.
For further information please write, enclosing stamp. Ciivul ir mid
price libt sent on application. Address
Lcs Anolcs, Ce.l.
The eKprrie-rrp t f ilic lai-t Tour V-nrSi li"!- in;vcd tliat 1be 1 irnvil Piwd'-r in
(safer to hmidie: inure ln-e ft-csa n:iEi lameii; KUWMri-r unit Biora
uuiforiu in lis uoiioii uu any ei me e-iner nuro styce-rmu iiuuui-r.
The C'oinpary main fjicturc
Tfc in in n ftrnl-'i'flivo involvinsr new mfneipi'-' and recently Pfi.rnted. It f tha
StronsrNt iow!er eve pluretl cn th SJarkr, in r umr or ibroHi.
iL is the Mnient pitroiiK rowr - v-r ;auuu. -'jf
-OWucr is LUt; Eiott economical in mc niuru..
TMp Powdor is Stronsfp tli-.n the II.Khest tJr;tlrH of I-Sorccleu or
Giant. It is only si pastd by Dctop.itu. ' U is tunable lor iiurd rock.
Fnr fr-netil work th:s Powder h:ia no superior. It h the advantage over Ciaiit
Hercules or Vulcan iu safety and froodom from n. siou fumes.
vicoriy, r.'o. 2.
Equal To any corn spondinR tirade in the alsrltet.
XwOTTeT" 'POWd.21.
Tl i is a Powder pnitablo for K5?iiE. Ift5atiii. I.or l:litt?7iT or the orle rr
erally i: wbich Black Powder can be used, it is Til AN SLCiC POW.
lit, hiiViotr fiOin twice t liinej mv cii'i. iv Htruimin. ut'pcau nj on renrMHiice.
It is Snnerior to JTuason Povdtr, in b-Jicg more siiiaiiive to ihe cap aud muro
convenient in haudiin.
Best Malities of Pl'SE and
ENGLISH & WRIGHT, Gn'l Agent3,
327 Pine Street, bau i runei&co.
Cigars, Tobacco, Yankee
iSToticris, Smok3r3' Ar
ticles, Stationery,
Cutlery, Can
dies, Xuts,
N eT.vs.parers, Etc.
Washinirtvi St., opposite t!p Pbiz.a.
I Piles!
Board can
be obtained in ths
At the Bar can always be found
Wines.Liguors & Cisrars
Transfer and. Parcel MiYey
AO. & POST ST3I323:T,
San Fuaxcisco, Cal.
Biinpc transferred. Shipping prompt
y aUrndcd to. Pavce Is called for and de
jveied for twenty five cent a:i:i-ly
Sure Cure Found at
Last! Ko One Keed
A euro cure for Blind, Biceilinrr,
ftcbiri!! and Ulcerated Piles has been
liscoveri-ei liy Dr. Wil'iriu), (in Ju
lian remidv,) called Dr. William's
Indian Ointment A single hi.x lias
mireii the worst. -i r .nit: acs or o
or 30 vears it unci in-.;. No one need
i-n Her five niinulfj after npp'vinir
this wonderful eitliir; niciK me
Lotions, instruments and electuaries
more harm than srood. "Wiiliani's
Ointnient iibsoibs the tumor?, allays
the intense itehinsr, (part icolarly ut
niirlit niter jreltinar warm in l-;-il) acts
us a pouliii c, irives insmiit and pain
ti'ss relief, and prepared only for piles
lir liinsr of tlie private parts, anei for
-1 liinj eise.
Be -ad what tiie ITon. .T. Coffin
bcrrv of Cleveland savs about Dr.
Wiliiam'o Indian I'ile Ointment: "I
havi- usetl scon-s of pile cures and it
affords me pleasureio say that 1 have
never found anything which gave
such immediate " and permanent re
lief as Dr. William's Indian Oint
ment. For sale by all drmrfists or mailed
on receipt of price, 1.00.
IVTcCarUiy & 0sbor.-e. Viholesaie flijcnt
Denver, Col'j'slo.
Kenry & Co., Prep.
Cures Epileptic Fits, Spasms, convul
sions. St. Vitus Dance, vertigo, Hysterics
msaititv, Aponlcvv, Paralysie. Klienma-
tism, N'-nralsria and nil Nervous T.)i senses
The Infallible lvniedy ;iu positively
eradicate every speeics of Xcrvou I'o
raup:iiiviit, anl ririvo them away froip
wle iic ethev eanie. rn-verio return ai ain.
It utterlv lestrovH the prerms of disease
by neutralizing the herertitery t int or
noison in tlie m-sIppi and thoroughly
eradicates the disease, aud utterly uca-
troys tue cause.
Cures Female Weaknoss. General Ddil
itv. Leucorrn3ft or "Whites. IV infill Men
struation, Ulceration or" ihe I'teru. In
ternal heat. Grave!, Inflammation oft lie
madder. Jrrilabiiitv ot the I'dadder.
For Wakefulness at XUrb th- ve is no
better rmedv. During; Tiie cliaiiire or
lile. no Feiiial'i sliould be without it. If
qnrots the nei voiic ey.st.m and trives rest
conifoit and nature's twuet Bieevv,
Samaritan Mervina
Cnres Alcoholism, DinDkennc? nnd the
habit of opium E;.t nix- Thes deri ikHu
habit! iire hy fur tne worst eviN fhut liave
ever befallen PUTVenn humanity. Thnu
panda dio annually 1 rem tiieso noiouf
tlru-s. The drunkard drinks litpior, not
because he likes it, but f.r tho ideasure ot
drinking and trrcutiag his frieiuld. little
thiiiksnir tnat he is on his way to ruin.
Like the Opium Ka'er. he lirac iisch the
dm;; in sraa'i qcantilics as a harmless n
tidote. The suothtn intlneiice of the drui;
takee etrorier hold upon its victim, leading
hi in on to hi own destruction. The hab
its of Opium Eatinff and Liquor Drinkiu?
sre precisely what cat i air is to aliniei the
ness, as over-eft in tr. lirst inflames t ht
etomacii, which rt'douhles its cravings un
til it pai alvzcs both stouiuch and apptditc
So every drink of liquor or dose of opium
instead of FrttiyfyiuL. only odds to its fierci
fires, nntil it consum's the vital force and
then itself. Like the gluttonous tapeworm
it cric3 Oi . e ! giv rive' " but never
enough until its own rapac.ty devours
it sell. Samaritan ?s urvino ,aves invfanl
elicf in ail siioh cases. It produces nlnep,
quiets the nerves, builds up the n rvuuf
system ar.d restores b: dy and mind to r
healthy condition.
Samaritan Nervine
Cures Nervous Dyspepsia Palpitation of :
tl.e Heart. As. thin a, i'.ronciiiti&, ocrottna,
Syplniis, diseases of the Kidneys, and all ,
ist-ases 01 tne u inarv orjra'-is, nervous
debility, caused bv the imiiscretions ot
yon'h, permanently cared by the use of
this valuable remetiv. lo iou. younir.
middlc-nr d and old men wiio are coveruu
your sunVt ms as v itli a mam le by si imee
look an. vou can m saved bv timclv et'nrts
na ma ne oriiaiu-ji is to bocieii ,
Ia in tue crown of your maner. it vou win
io not ket this a secret lunger until it
sar.s vour vitals, c iiU at-strovs tjotii uony
and soul. If vou are thus afilktd, take
Dr. Ilicnraond's Samaritan IScrviue. IT
will restore year shattered nerves, arrest
premature decay, impiiit tone and oueriry
to me w noie sysiem.
enred my liitle eirl of fits. She was a.Po
deaf and dumb, but it cured her. She tan
now talk and hear as well as anybody.
lt-ss, Springa:er, Wis.
has been the means of cuiing my wife o
C- PS solrt at Lowest It ttrs.
WM. H. nOOI'K-K A CO.. AnU for
Arizona, tionora and Chihuahua. 31 er.
4. ruS.
L 1103 SIX,
iilZON A.
The Bank cf California, San Franctei
Messrs. LaiLlaw & Co- NcwY"1'.
y 00 Gold and Silver liullion. Coiinif
bonds and Warrants, Discount Comme;!' hit
patter, receive Oepocits repaj-able on de
mand, undertake colJer-toiiM, mid tranHi't
(tenkrat. Banking Uusisks
T Oflire hnjr?, fro-n P A. w. to 4 p. M.
. Alexander J. Porterfe
lining Engineer
J . B. Fletcher, Ft. Coldns
Cured me ef
eiht 3-carc.
WILTj do a g-jneral tmnsfor busi
ness, calling for and delivering
parcels, packages etc. to any part of
the city.
5 Orders promptly P-t'ondert ,
237 Eeabsy Steeet keae Bush
Business Suits,
Dress Suits,
$25 to $30
$40 to $50
NO shoddy Trimmings or Chinese
labor employed a few fuets to
bfi taken into consideration.
pit Warranted cr no Salg
made a sure cvre of a ease of fits for my
sun. Ja. 1. iJ:attsvii:c, tk.an.
cured me of verrt'iro, neuralgia and sick
headache, i'ma. Wai. IIcnso.n. Aurora, II
was the meai f ot enrina: wife of spftpm
lliuy. J. A. Elie, Beaver, F
cured me of a?thr,.a. after speadiug ovt
Jo.iA-'OWiin oilier doctors.
S. b'.HLBdox, New Albany, Ind.
effectually cured me of ppasms.
7-i'J West Van iJ a-. n St., Chicago, 111.
Cnrod our child of fit? after criven up to
diebyourfuiuiJy.it having over 10U in 21
hours. JIknpt Knek.
Vcrvilla, Wairen Co.,
ecrofala after sntierins foi
Vvoria. lil.
Cn cd my pen of fits al'te spending S0,-!00
with other doctors, d. . i hojimon,
Chii-bjrn, Ziiss.
Cured me permanently of epileptic fitso
a stubborn character. 'Rev. Wm Maktin .
iiechauicstown, Aid.
Tnred my eon of fits after bavin? had
in eighteen mouthe. Mns. E. Fomks,
West I'oteidam, N. V.
Cured me o epilepsy of nine years stand,
injr. Altj-s Ui'.i.kna y aksiiai.l,
Orawbi", Newton C.. .
lias permanently cured me ofepiepy o
many j ear duration. Jacoii Si'te;:.
fet. Joseph, Ho.
Cored me of bronchitis, asthma and gen
era! debility. Oi.ivk Myeu
Iroutou, Ohio.
lias cured me of asthma; also scrofula of
many years sta)dii;. Isaac J elm..
Covington. Ky.
Cured me of fits. Have been wrll for over
lour years. Chat.!. 113 E.i)u::tis,
Okakis, Douglass Co., Aiian.
Is for sale by dnifijistp everywhere, or
may be had direct l'im u. Thote who
wish to obudn further e idenee of 1 lie
uraive p:oierties of aihari au Ne vi-.l, 1
will please enclose a -i com no.-:.; -re t-nnt:.-
lor a copy oi oar 111;; Pirated oi:rn:il i f
Ilea :ih, niviui? liundred oi' u-.iiim i.
of cure from poo on 3 wo l:;o u.-; d
in.'dicine, and also thir picture-?. plMu
raphed tifier their luttoruiiyu 10 priect
heakh. Adilres-i
A?s.ivis; (loao in n?I its braiirhcp.
Kopoits made on mines at niodcr.ito
GeH, Silver ani Copper, $5.00
Gold gnfl Silver, $2.50
And Builders,
Plans and specifications
furnished anl estimates
carefully made on all
classes of buildings.
Dealers in all kinds of
California Lumber.
Doors, Sash,
GSinds and Alouldlngs.
Oflice anil T.iimbf r Yard oo S. E
LoiutT of Ail:im.3 ami Maricopa Sts
North of Hauli Exchange Hotel
Small Profits for Cash.
3 -s
CoTiiriisaia.i fvlorc'iats,
JIAIUCOrA, a.t. .
J.)elivered twice a day
Moruin and Eveuing.
Three bits a e;iilen. lOcp.nts a fim.rt.
WoilJ's Epileptic Institute
to 000 irro3 l---i'ci fcS 3
it C. ..;-"- I'll. T - l P-i C j
rt..t.elV..v,Ufi..---.: V3&.V
- "k

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