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Weekly Phoenix herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896, January 03, 1884, Image 1

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i.uu'uoi.U:'$ sUtne of Liberty
twllbe erected on Bed loft's U;and. n
N YVrk har'or.
Ti k nuke-up r ti Vay
and Means C'oi.irolttce, ot the ltU"
ha kd to '.lie very general opinion
that a new move will bemad. 1 I the
. Hi-lX uU-i:K"t- The tariff for.-iWe-
nnu-unly prop-i; ion o:ti down
wp.H lnr;; por loa ot th. Jk-ioo-cr.tU?
p-wty, a:J 'Ut aaoiher sijil
larj r pan free trade vi."t do
Tiiere stvim to le bu ou tarifi
propositi m that will h ih-. w- ;
ja.i:y of-!i at p rty saM-iaJ-toa and. :
unfortunately f r that in ij -ri;y, th ;
oral hiipivs-ion ha boon ih A the
muiU t had not yet passed Secretary
Teller's control, lu. on the contrary,
it appears from l.i-s -statement pub-li-ix.l
els.yvittre, that it has Imen !
subject for Consfivssdon-tl action for
a yea , and xo-'t he lut- iv further
ai tiou 10 take in the matter.
It !. not mtire'v char to is v.la
the ssii'iiini'ii he the TVxaPieWl
iiiiiAiiv land- whtoh tliry h d
Art rirtui'Pd In lite- t'ltath by
A coi respondent of the .piVpA,
writes from Phoenix, under date of
Dedmber 3tl, us follows-.
EotTOii Em".in ; A eortvspond-
J j if Uo Tuosou papr., not Ions; I i,0;jr.(11) w uit a
Into the. Salt, about 25 miles from
Phoenix Ilcie it is that the
CVXAI, tniorcHKs,
and for f , up teen mill a tho line is
being opened by a gang of at least
tivo hundred hardy sons of toil.
That your readers may Form soo
lib a of the im:neasity cf the under
inking, I will stale Hint Hie canal is
iai feet wide on lop, 3-i fett at Hie
sir.ee, mi intoned the iiibahitarts of
e.rvet am-d, t
Uh'S -ntht vn. I'neliic
hisru us being
nud y .nr
lfv and slow
f orr!iide I
?oii of (ibou! 1 to
, The v -i'line of w.-,Ur carried ;
I suc'i ; eliansiel l-. n- von t.an ,
Attorneys at Law
fcjy-OFt-'ICE Jn twine bull gtj
0. A, TWKt'n.
Itesir'tjlv endorses the awitlim, Jnsl '
j rmti'tuoiM. 'i tit
nl h-M-fh ,.f ih
eannl is n'tont (ij m'de-. Ooiooer
I jM h.sj w:it. iK-''!y jr
AllUNny op tub
Ai, W, tiAt9
lu'puhiicaa party
liit- around.
hv;i 'v oeettpie-i
Jc"c.f. Gi:pif.s, 'f Ohio, h:i-s )u-
TeKvr from lii-i.iev t-ion n so wbe it- I be t!m fjiopwl nf in lerritusy, (hat
er tt.e
foif,.i,,l be hn Tex -l"iieiilo com- i
p;iey ; ri"ri- it pil;e el-nr f why
C'teujre-is uonl! itve tinytid j; to do jutrn t lump to Inminu'e xm Cinint
1 ri t:t tJ, 1 Ue o-,y
o xs t'le- j f iudebtt duess nj.i yet mSoa no
H...U in .pestion Imd Im-,ii " 1 n,lk1y ,!
(Tice iOt it kite; t T Idjr to be
si-ui v In iv. Hid not s to'.it;ii.v
j next i'.o ruilt s w iil hnvo !;iei eor.. J
pitted, nd the wntu" id tin turned ! .
Into the ran:; I. In ju (;,.ur.-.o the
cui.kI p;iye t'!ii'o-i,h ft;i a body
rf l;iiid s em b; found on I ho cosv-t
f the srretiter p- i ti 'ii i it. hrpi ; unj
Mi tlx a--.i ;ni:i! :V ho-iue'- or wiih
titiv 8-ia-niiet btisioeys nso'O tlin
i, b c'vo-e tiie lands nprn
1 1 ud need a hill to re- stahlisli duty . mi
on wool, ftcd it i it fimsl net tf , cat.es thai the eontr -ct with the
jn!ice V.) the wind growers that the j Te.viPaeirlr comeany lias not ln-en
, - , rr. ii i i provision to pivvtnt the- stranger
i:t when eretnry Telle indis i , i: i
h iMM.l lit ,.o (i, tin in)tiii low
the numet us mantrap, widen, it
plenseil to call Irrigating ditehf?. I
ti:i sh u'.d pass. The wnufaciuri.rs . fu'tUleil and i,-t void. Congress : am no pn phet, nor son d prophet.
,.r. i r.r.,...-...l while L.i L..,.,.,i,i,i,iinni.i livtl vonluiv iho rtsertion that. If,
cf woolen roo ? tire proUc'cd, while
tbo v,,ol growers iro lr outsit
N dinet ci.mrei.tio'a
v.ool irrowhiir resrltss f S;th
tncric!t ftnd AustrJi t. Tae wit
V uner of w.'i U ii frtUi ies rec-tves no
V'leti; firm ti.lA srmmi'tr.osit, wis it
while th wool g-o ver U gre'
v jaiid as.d the business it-clf
n u of cxistoitc- ia tho t idled
d sli for the conveuieaec
of Jrro r.ol manuf.iC'urer. It i-
scarcely meet that one man or claa
of men should be given nil busiuess
advantages urdcr our laws while
nnoihor clays is drivea out of husU
Ctes by the same law.
Tha mountains of tho world'
trade arc full of high peaks and
deep gulches that to American c:ti
aeus can ba preatly leveled tip by
careful legislauon and our manu
facturcra and consumers cfta be
brought nearer each other without
Injustice or iujuiy boittgdone toany
oue, auo; thl? Is what tho tariff diss
cussloa should ultimitely load to;
otherwise, it becomes merely t po
litic! batt in the hands of enrupt
poltticinns for the capture of unsus
pooling rotes.
into : with
Tex I Pie.' tic; U should"! i
the Piiveutcians t v?r expect theeap-
11 d to be loeale-d hero th- V hid bet-
br-.e,a in nb uit elVMv ftio.w f t Va-htnctu St near vuil.f
go.,-esHv,i :.... '!;,,,' . tuP.'ItKXlX. . -VI
.yrico:t i 'tian K. -if at ton, whieh
s occupied by nbov.t li!i lndltitw,
who have never cultivated
than ;ii ne-e- a'l -1 I
that your paper 'Iw ;V
H U Tit"-; i'v:;i!'l.il,
! ask that yo;; -s '.L'ier.t to th Hop.,
Gia vllle du:y.iair ii i-'eseulitive M
tVn-h;ng:o;i, i:n; j,.- i ci.m ,t, j
io iiave in l ;- u:a va
.Ki'or.:-T t'OMIKa, ukp.i:-. ,vim,4V,
PORTJifJ & FUk.UsV j Th Baait ol California, SanFrancis,
At ; Kessrs. Utdaw . Cs, NewYeri
hr-'usiiig doit R'Jtftii Dtfilurjln
Boof, Fori, Veal, Metteii, Ets
rnojix, a., t.
Coi ner of Washington & Center Pts
Tiu, rvrvfiiAsF, (in aju
vanee on g"i l and silver Httl
Ph's5o3an and Surgcen
C entsr StOQt,
Thrr-e Doors North f
, sion .stiei t,,. l tiii-i,i. A T. j det'taKc etiik-ctious and trnnsitct !l
iien. County bonds and warrtmt,
Dis,-ou.-it coninteri-ial paper, rveicve
dt'Jift tvpnyat-la ii dvinand, n
with the gnat j Influenced by no other eo.v-hWa- h ,lut ln ,,u,ir Km ,u,,w in,a ! bond., who now s.y t h . m neb "cf
tint i and el It looks as t ou-j;Ji
Toller, and t'ongr,-
belter fhiipe titan it i: ' i.. An' titer ! pn
i ,
grea and ih j
piili i;t of tin
too. were j tlit:t i" eiti-.J lirte j a tire ap; tun- , coumy r t in-1 !!' t:t soia
Into ncx-mni entirely t siraneoiti 01 '" ,U,H'- 1 " leintr. . nt.tt way, ni n u-,vo tut Jmmenee
, . I wjll never plJRt H archive this : tract ! l unl j.rt-wa open to pre.
circumstances ;nd nhs'iiitting them , , . , ., w , , . , .. . , , ...
civ bv he pi ii id a t atul taKe I eiopo.-n be waic eiv. -rutils. If
tor mo r-ti jacis mat tiou.i : ihunei-s ,,n a ttinuder Mottii comta
h comddcivd. It is to be hop.-,J ihtit ; up in tll.M,
.Micrnl Isnpresjlon which h-j ; tl'V tit ti tliri ateus to ci ttsiime thofn
; laee i set va' inns can bo enoned
t txttiigtiish any chance ,,,, i s,,iit,m. it : ,., :r,r.j
licen uva' abroad tnat Secretary TeK
ler favois t'nj causu of the people
and that Congress has only now to
derlare the lauds open to settlement
Is fine, but the fast article makes H
nppear that there is a question a
very erimis iptesiloo a to what
ConjrtTBj wi'.l do and that Secretary
Toller will do nothing at all.
rut: homg ox th r. va Hit.
A Few mtk-s above town on Salt
TV; v." i-. In'i'n reservat'ou ocou
pj ing same flfty square ntib s ofas
fi;:o agtietil u'al lands as ll withitt
t'ie cuuty limits, aud tj:U reserva
tion is occupied by r. Indian popu
lation of tset mot-j than la'), old and
young, and vOimW whether there
is ready lO of a population. Thic
Indians actun'ly ncunpv ami use less
thun one section of lan t for farming
purposes while alt the remainder,
tiudy situated for Irrigation au I cul
tivation, lies a waste that the enter
prise of a white mau dates not
These Indians originally belonged
tin the Maiicopa rescrvutioa, the
Cii!a, tvhere there is now, and was
then, Tustly mora land than all the
IuJians on it ctn use. Tho svttiog
aside of a reservation ou the Salt
Kivcrof fifty square miles far this
haudful of Indtuus was either a
miserable and ignorant blunder on
the part of some oje, or it was a
scheme to keep settlers oft" these
lands. Thero could have been no
real necessity for tho formation of
this reservation. So far as tho Ins
dians on it aro concerned it is entire
ly supeiSuous. So far as it s size
compared w ith the number of Ins
diaos occupying 11 is concerned, it !s
.a simple outrace. It should l.e
abolished and opened up to setde
ment by tho present Congress. Tho
Gila reservation has vastly more
land than the Indians ou it and th se
on the Salt River reservation can
use. But if these Indians are to
etay on tho Salt River, then we say
giro each head of a family ICO
acres; giva each young buck over
twentysono years of age lQt) acres
and throw the remaiuder open to
settlement and there will be not less
than thirty-five squaro miles of Und
left for the while seltltr, tint will
Le improved and add to the wealth,
iled commerce, aud white nonulattou
cf ourcounty. We would respectfully
say to the Interloi Department give
the white man a cLance?
According to a statement of the
TVasUington Pvst, which we publish
elsewhere, if the pmiple of the south,
west ar oppased 10 the railroad
companies' semiring the Texas-Pa-ctfic
land grant, it will be necessary
' for them to dako that fact known to
Congress. In the excutpt from tho
Pjs', one wou'd draw the Inference
that it is an Impression of. -ccretary
Teller that tii pooplo who should
be most interested in this land busi
ness, are inditlereut as io the result?,
jsow, the ficts la tho matter aro, if
wo understand it, that the people of!
A correspondent r the 'tfr
Journal wiitos as follows concern
I ijf home in It fa stale Iowa ; and
thero are a few thoughts that should
roach tup citizens of ail stctlous of i
the country. give the entiru
communication :
If there Is any one thing we des
sire aboTo another, in connection
with tha'ngrtoultvral Interest, of our
slate. It is thl we ,va t to sen the
Teal home, as it po-slljle to be on
every farm in Io va , We m-p well
aware, and this too Tom f-eed i
p.u ietn-e, tlm. the farm hoase, the
rural id nl hon.e. t.auuot cute a
day or a year. That tit in Who g.t. s
uptuanewpl.ee of lati ! without
means etioimh so make a small fii-.-t
pnymeiit, and then t laid l hlttJ a
small ai:d rude hon a-, and perhaps
mean enough left to buy his te.-.m
a few farm tools, cannot be ex pool ud
to have, at the start, tha homo that
would aitract tlte eye of the pissing
stranger. Tim'o must be a factor in
evolving that Meal homo. Wo can
not help feeling like taking off our
hut to tho bravt and nobio nature of
such a tlian, who sta'ts out wlt'a
such otlds against him, bit' who,
nevertheless, has in Irs big heart,
and level head, the future home on
that quimcr section of land.
?ut what w o want to say l a word
of encouragement and persuasion to
all such men, aud to tlio-e win h ivs
got on some years from- that rude
beninnluj. Yo want to whisper in
their ears, to keep that dear homo
ever In mind. Resist an 1 repu) tho
temptation to seek to get more acres
at the expense of the good home,
and intelligent, cultured children.
Do not be afraid to uso any spare
motley In making improvements and
brturtil !ng the homo and its sur
oudine,s. It does seem to us there
Is no st 'i to w here, in -o few year,'
such grand, beautiful, homelike
homes can be made as right here in
Iowa. Plant orchards; put out
trees for sha le and ornament ; get
these growing as soon as possible.
Think well and long before you
build your new bouse, and plan it
well, so as to make it convenient,
cosy and Inviting. Pian so as to
save steps f r lu queen of that
very homo where you are to live and
reign freer, prouder, happier and
nobler than any king on earth. Oht
the thousand of possible, happy,
lovely homes I can see in Iowa.
One cf tho main, yes, the prlnci
pal reason why wo are so partial to
the dairy and s:ouk interest, Is bo
cause, in our Judgment thjre Is uo
other lino of Tinning that I; a Is so
surely to tho re ilizat ou of the ical
home, tho true farm home as dairy,
lug and stocK raising.
This for several r aisons: In the
first place tho income is almost ab
solutely sure. 2nd, it is ah-o, if
wisely folio. veil, better paying as a
rule. 3rd, it always increases the
intelligence of those engaged in it.
till, it leads to tidy and tnsty habiu
and regularity and system in busis
ness. It cultivates honesty and a
regard for the rights ot others. I
wish I could place upon paper the
home I have in my tnii.d, that is
possible to be made on almost every
quarter section of land in Iowa.
Tile eitv is governed as are mast Al
Uona cPU-n, by a mayor aid com
mon council; the latter, in mo t ins
stances common entniah, 0vl knows.
In !,dditlo!i, governing power is
vestnl In tho Ua-ids id Mr, Henry
Gurfias the Chief of Police, who is
a holy icrrror to evil doer of all
kinds. Phoei.is is fairly swarming
OfJVM p.r.Mi,
check guerrilla-1, tin-horn gatublets,
and soiled doves. How they all
manage to exist Is, as Iundi'cary
would say, "one of those things no
fellah can find out." A very ered
itali! variety theater is run hero by
Toby Olsson, who Is w, 11 up In his
business, and furnishes the tamp
with Its share of giddy pica lira.
Saloons ti'O plentiful, almost as
much so as the mud and irrigating
ditches. Among them tho Senate,
coM'tteted by that old time Ari
xoran and prince of good fel.ows.
Hub Arch r (r). is pre t nnueut .
.1 2F.V oritTlli:SK,
the fac simile of tie one in Cochl.-v
I coiu.iy, is v ''! t'-inr.-o cf eon -
triu ii ai, a !e next court toi m
j will Le u-ndy f? his hot. or, JuV.ge
: Piasiey to dispense Justice in. The
jour;a!istie want of this commit-
upy are Mipplied by the Vfii'ttJ and
: flt ;;t ii and a weekly publication
I printed la Spanish A couple of
free advertising sheets miuht tils
be classed among the newspapurs
.Four hot. Is stand nauly to receive
the guest. Of these thw U ink Kxs
change, conduced by Air. E. Man.,
seeing to hnvi tho preference from
the traveling public, and is really a
very eood hostcliy. Tha lion. A.
D Lemon is erecting a lirst class
hotel building which will soon be
ready to receive travelers. It is a
spl-ndid structure and a credit, not
only to the town, but also to the
enterprise of its builder. '1 he Hon.
Patrick Hamilton, author of the
is here, and busily engaged in malN
ing coplt s of his woik to all p.tts
of the United States and Europe. A
great mistake made by the legisla
ture was in not order lug a larger
editiou than lO.QW. I learn, how
ever, that Mr. Hamilton contem
plates issuing an edition on his no
count, when the present supply is
exhausted, which, at ihn ra1 e that
they are now going, will lie iu a
very short time. There is a wonder
ful demand for this work from all
quart rs, which n fleets much cretll!
ou tho book and its author. Two
banks are located hero, each of
which will furnish money on good
collateral at J'a' per cent per month.
This information, I will state, came
incidentally to my kn iwdedue.not in
the way of any monetary transact ion
between either of I he institutions
aud myself. There aro t wo questions
at present. One is the pretended
claim of J. Addi-on Reavis, which
embraces pretty much all tho coun
ty from Phoenix, and Including it,
to Solomon vllle, In Graham county;
and the other, the building of a rail
road. This latter scheme meets
with much, opposition in some quar
ters, for the reason that there is at
present no law icgulating fares and
frcb'lilQ in Ihf. firi-ttnrv
1 snail now tuin to a subject
which is of espeftial interest to the
whole territory, from the grand re
sults which wid follow its complc
Hon. I tefer to the
the truth to s:a'e that by th.. begin,
ing of the next century the Sa'i
river valley vi!J contain a popula
tion of 100,000 souls, Mark you I
do not favor w cstlr-g this lan I from
lio tit by fr old or force, but if neeces.
sary purchase it from them, and
thea declare it government domain.
The possibilities of this great valley
as an agricultural section are le.i
O'.ensc, and should be utilised. More
anon. Plebeian,
The Prince of Bulgaria, the most
iitsigniilcant of European sovereigns
a young man of twenty-six, who
never commanded u regiment in the
field, possesses lhii ty-sevcu decora
tions, a great many ot them of a
i.:,.a. -,).,!. .,...? n.i..:.,.n i.j
I it i ,ti '.. , . nil, I "i 'Lilian v imciiucu
tho s lUt'nwest have not thoroughly i on I v for those who h;vd dhtincuish
''id (';; -fl i
which had its origin at a meeting
held in this city about a year since,
and which resulted in the organiza
tion of the Arizona Canal Co., of
which Hon. Clark Churchill was
elected president, and Alessr... D. Y.
Kales and V. A. Hancock directors.
The capital stock of the company
was fixed at $500,003. In .May of
this year, Mr. Murphy, president of
the new Link of Phoenix, and a
large stockholder in the canal,began
breaking ground, and the work has
been prosecuted vigorously ever
since. One day last week, by invi
tation of Messrs. Churchill and
Murphy, your correspondent accom
panied them on a tour of inspection
of the caual. Our objective point
w-ss w here ll' Verdo river empties
I t AN..
Wasiunoton, Dec. 2d. The wifo
of tlei.eral lloseetait died yester.
day of cerebral hemorrhage, from
which disease she h is su tie red for a
year past. Thy funeral wdl take
place at ,t. Aloysln's eu.uvU to
morrow, from tvh eh tin? remains
v. ill be tt.ken to Mount Olivet eenie,
tery, The following . gentlemen,
personal tVitn is of the Cineral,
will art as pa l bearers: Senator
.IohnF.Miller.Oeaer.il Pil'.li!) 11
Sheridan, lloa. John K. Olassoock ,
C il-.w.yo 1. V. iiUs.
drones S Barbour, Colonel Gilbert,
S. Kni!i n. Genital IJetny J. H-.itit
and Jud,:o Thomas A. Hartley.
t'Kt.U AS . ta-KsSOUY.
TomusTunk, Dm: 23 The ex:,mls
nation of Joitn lleatu for complicity
in tho Bisbee murders closed this
evening aud resulted la the defeu I
ant's ue'ug held as a i aeue-sary JK
admt'ted imiinate ivssol-1 itions w ith
the parties com nitting 1 114 dal, es
pecially with Tot Howard, up to
within a few h aiirs b.Tire the mur
ders were committed.
TlfK I'I'Ml'S.
Tombstone, Deo. 30, Tho pumps
In the Contention aid Grand ('an
tral miaes are handling the water
easily, and tho work of sin, lag It
the main shaft Is progrissing rapid
ly. Everybody Is juul! nit and tho
town is evideutly on t io evo of a
r.isT house sot.o.
San Fuancisco Die. . IT. J,
Calrne Simpson bus sold the fust
four-ycttr-old horse Antecs to a
Santa Rosa stock company f.rl),
New Vohk, Dl-c. 27. 'Jen. Gra it,
on leaving his homo to.lav, slip;!0 1
upon the lee and fell, receiving a
severe shock aad seriously injuria.;
iiis thigh, Frederick Gra it, his boa,
says he saw the surgeon who utiemi
ed his father, bat l.e was unable to
tletermine whether tho injuries v '!'e
dangerous. They say, ho vjve.r, ih
limb will ba parals.d for tiie tiaie
Tt!E INVtN lnt.KS.
Xkw Voi.k, Dec. 27. It has been
ascert lined that tiie liu.'t do Iivii
ctblcs propose to b ow up tue Can i
dian g ivjrum-J it b iildi igi. filler
views wiih pro uiuent Irl-h le 1 1 -rs
disclosed tiie objaots of tha o.'j; m
iZ'Uion. James G. duld un, a lav.
yer, ad nilted ho was president " f
tho local branch, an I said : " iVa wdi
try to capture the G ivoi n r Go i r I
of Canada, lie used to bj ,.n Irish
landlord, aud Is a tit subject far us
to wreak our reugean.ee upon. vVe
have selected nlna in n swra to do
their duty wlieu tiie order is givu."
T11I5 CUUI'4,
V.7AstUMiT)N, Dec. 27. T. R
Dodge, statistician of the agricu -tural
department lias just c jinpleted
the preliminary estimates of tha
principal crops for It show
potatoes and nil roots of unusual
luxuriance. Of corn, llu professo
says tho yield per acre the present
year is ntar-y 23 bu-liels, which is
12 per cent less than the average
yield for a series of years o 1,,31,
O0S,S3j bushels as the w;i Ij corn
crop grown iu 1833; Michigan, Wis
consin, Minnesota a id DikoU, aid
ed to ha'f that grown ia Old , In lis
ana, Illinois, low i and Nebraska,
would m ike 400.000,')00 bush -Is,
only a fourth of the whole cop, s
tiiat a possible doprcc ati m of forty
per cant oa all of it woul i bo cqm V
alent to ten per cent reduction. The
value of tho entire crop of wheat i
slightly in excess of 400.000.000
bushels, and tho cotton prod ict is
about six million bales, Tho pres.
5?sc r;5.'t!9 vHl be given later.
! OFFICE Irvine's Block, Room I
Pii;:siv. AtzoN
S. O. niOFCRD,
V l -
(IS!M Bsis'St! tleslSK'S
ilsTOiSrij tanr. fiom v A, , --o 4 r.
Lumbar and
5 u i Id I fsl at e r i a I
Of all kinds constatttly on hand,
Elme, plaster, Halr.TvrU'k.Cenu'iit,
Riiildets' Hardware, and everything
pertaining to the building business,
at the lowet rates lor cash,
Shop Wotk a Specialty,
Ynvil atul Shop SotttU Siilo
of rinan, Phwuis, A, T,
Account of Removal;
cure agaia an si
ill ii or
Meroanliie kb Printers,
J, E. WHARTON, i. D.,
U, S. Ejtiminlng Surgeon,
Burgeon ,
Ailaiiis 8t,, noar Sfoi-ii opa St.,
Physician uvA
Piiir.Nts, .Arizona
a iii.-talty f.iv oi-U'atliun r-tuhteun
Voaf, iniil will eotuome Io lank ttii
lioii.uh of lie nrofiMia It specialty, toil
ii" tu th o,;iniion of a goiuit I'riotjou
t Metticinti ttud survry ,
S.tMf.. A. Mt'itJ'itv. . .
, J. Mvui'ii v, , , . , ,
V.t. CiinisvY.,.,..,,
E, J. Bknnktt.
, ,,,,, President
V, Tres't
, ,..A Casdtter
J. P,1. RUIZ & GO.
WarhtrgUai st., next i5er to Tin Shi p,
jiKAI.Ks tx
General Merchandise,
Respect fully solicit a share of
Fresh Goods Prices
SU, 217 ana 21V) BUSH BTHEKT,
fiTTriTntt 0 n
MftS. E. A.lNSALUS.a.D.
I'liysicUm nnl Oeu'ist,
(ilVr's s.ie.'lrt! r.iienitoit 'o t;e- i
X fries :n il OtwM...sortV m(n i
Jic-t t.au e 3t in.' t.r jfO -y It'll;: e, V:(sll- j
liiji'eui -aie-'t, I ..ocnii . Anzoua..
S.wt'i, A, Mt iii'iiv, W, J, Mftirnv.
W.M, ClIliiSTV, U. ,T, Bl l .SKTT,
YV5i. D Fl'LWIl liH.
Receive depo-lts, m ike collections
buy and sell exchange, discount
commercial paper and do a general
tianlilllg business
ei Offl'.-s he; 'i fnasi ft a. ni. ta 1 p, m
(On tha Europeah Flan)
Wvtt kido of Plain, nva d-iors saiuU " f
tiosfaurial vt Katnef's sunt),
Heals Cooked to Qidsr at
Any Tim?
ViHGSIA f?l AHQNE Y, U, D, j Si
vt iu ituut
at the
Phoenix D.ug Zio o,
AVaNtititstou Street,
Oilico honras I ; to H a m.;3!ui, ni.
Ceo. O. Clark.
nix; .; ..;
. loo.l . I ri. c
1!15 S V. i
SiN r.-.M-s- .
riuilt iu th
rs-,L-T!HN i :
Cii-oulliea-r ,.f
in tho Iwniai
al.lii itirtns fa- i
TOTS i. .1 Si
Jon V :.. i
t iiot.ads. t ' r.-.
L-KCTtfN tt.
OfllC", Vi
iriT!; WKST V,
'. T .
i ' lioe-Ciaad
i 7. T.I J4.Tt.SR,
ix. nie . t.&OO.
-V ! S.. V. . ;
-. - . i -. v.'"i. v,,i..r
: :e . ::i.oo,
; T: ; jriile
. - . ': t . -r --iuiiis
'i .. i -:.i en fuvor
:ve . t
7. sit i' ate n
- " ia tin) ciiy oj
:-: if. l u. : N-w
fif jfA rtz.iy!
At t)r. Ito?ouS uttlr, near tliy pot--.tr!;-'j
I'iMKXIS. - . ,: T
Repairing fine watches made a
flew Jewelry Store !
J. T. MOrvD,
Practical Wa;chmaker and Joweler.
i'Urou Doorf West of tlu Hank Exchang
V.'ntches, (.Mocks and Jewelry re
paired ot cleaned oa short notice.
AM work Waiuled.
Liver?, FGBfl &Sale
Cor. Jsfferccn & Gsnter Sts-
Unpoj;to Uerrtck l.ulr.-a Ulactcaautti
Prcemx, Arizona.
Good Hoi'seu jind l'irt
Cla.ss Carriages.
Careful attention given to
Ilegp.lpv Ti uner from 1 to 8 jia
Sjst5r3 is ssjjis a Spshltj!
Ail Kimt of FUh and (t.rine i t their
tn?an,from both eautern anil
l.mu !i coaiitur an d priv.'.tc rtir.tnj? iitoms
pniiiiblo for biiiuiioitf tlvne t. i-eiu ctitbli
;,.ivao linu ti,-. Mis, llll will be iu at
leii.iatii iluriiiji tlinaur linura,
B. V. HAU,
J u m pers, B ewa re.
rtoe not to pur haso iroiw uno J. C
linllnril any intiacsl part or parent at th-!clleV,-hi!iiHiiii:isolaiiiii..!tiiateil
tn Yniaa
cuiitit.-, in tin iiae;::ivor jiiounia'iia, -.uiir
Col'ina' Wt-H, Arijsoim, to-wtu fc'.mporor
tteaeni. King, OtiB-n and Hrineo nones,
Tii.- said ,1, C, iiuUoiil pwna no litiei-e.t
in tli s-.lil jeini-s and tite uniler.-ijfuea
are Um tthtututu owuum of iho saiao,
0 it KUM.
V,B tUlit.Ks,
U, K. JlcbHATlI.
ran - h fh
O'jS d , p
o rtiM to
h ? S ' 60S? w
p M I63 1
to I 3 r s .
,,.,viuii;t:Kit oy,,.,
Vineyard, Ceixaiik and Dwtiu.wiv:
Pen ! orders to CIJARLKS KRt'G, X Helena.
Or J.J. DICKIN SON, Traveling A gent.
No. 5, llydo 1st,, San Fratad-co,
At tho o'd stand, nest door to the
Rank Exchange Hotel,
Finest Liquors in Ar&oatt
Crnor Vt,!ilBton aud Cmter5tn.
Of the Best Quality,
Familv Supplies fvEade a Specialty.
Alst) a Avcli'.dectfd stock of lry Goods, JJiKts
nd Slioe, Ilats, Furnishing Goods, Zv:e.
Goods )tdivned Free of Charge.
Herrick Luhrs.
M::.z.'r.a's Jcvvder's
At P.othrocic cv- Cstt.-.n's store, near
The hiS cIK;.-, ',V:.l.h-:.'i1i:(,ii tu
T::ozi:z-x, Aitizo:,'A.
Ail wo'k arnmri.'d
y and Fee
Washliigtoit istreel, Tv. o Doors East
"of tho Court House,
Best Eating House ia Ymm
Hoard, Per Month..
Isoard, Pur Wee';
Three Veal Tiel.cis
Single Meals
,.$2.1 00
0 0t
1 00
tVholosatC aud Hetail
Dealers in
Ironware, I
Pumps, Plot-titling and
WIN DM ILLS A specialty.
. AjjttiUfi.r
ALTlitCM-. WINr-MIi.li
b.J t: a . SVi.-.i.:
Promptly Ocno.
l 1st Wtthtti;,'toil fifet, Nlttt
the PI ftuis Mute.! .
x YF.n rim .va fibs r- class!
WAsiirsisxo:-. fsTKj:s:T,
Postoi i it..
l!i:t.ov Tim
Jos, Diiew, Manager.
First-Clnss Tenms and Ei.s of
nil Kinds Supplied to Order.
BSTha -vary Host Attantton GIvo
Boarding midTruacl lit Muck-
J-ri'tif It Purrs. liU.iiiuU;'!, K levators it
rorti-ble C:ai &MU e.i-J Ccm Shelter
; 1 t I
.SomI for i':i.:Ki!ilt- acd Plit-a List.
1 1t K sl.Ml'aON & OAl'l T Ml'G, CM.
S-tabliiihed 1311 , UINC1NNA IT.
O Tr
Berkshire and & 01 aiii chir.t. iriius
I have soma Fiuo Short-Horn or Durham
Bulls for
wan- efl fur 1 h l.lv
iofali llu rosido t
w 1: -.ini-..iiioat tel h St
ooi-k e-.t-r e.iht tnr i. -s tii.i.i tr.'iC'' cu
t.rici'. Fas't) t 8 ii.Ji.r ur.oic la intt -let.
liun:enB prultis on- M. int(.-lii.'uiit
leopJa wan' it. An,- oae can beciie a
t-ui-ci's-fal ai-nt i;.:. lieu, j v
i 003 Co . I or:iand, .Uiai.
)Y JAM--UY J '
fSrChcuIatii and Price I! Kent on applivstton.
Addrcs, .AV 1LLIAN NILI-F,
Lot AricUi,-5, Cat.
i?,-3 - kA v-i..3
nviuiiviiiii- it .-" - "Tin. ! A o. -v7rrw:x.- J
Tins Tit: vr its' Vrtw. t? t
sued Muii'll tllld tivpt., each
Iveur: SltJ tm."i.i. tlx-H-1-
Flnch.a, with over Ji,:?OJ
llh-tritt'v-" vhole pic.
turofiallerv. C:vcs v hnln-
eale priecdiroct t enjill r,'"11
for personal or faiiiily i.e.- Tel'.i l-.o
to order, and gives etm l t-.ft of every,
tlilnjr vou use, cut. drink, vuttr, or liavo
fun with. Tlioso invahmhlo hoolta con
tain information gleaned (Vora V'ft Mi.f
kits of t!i worM. Vi'tjwill ! nil a cepv
I 'rco to iiny addm ttpen r c'pt of th s
pystuijii 7 cents, U't us hvttr Jwu J .
I I-lestteetOil'y,

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