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V. A. nOItl'OHD,
Tiiirsila), - - January lW.lt-!
fFroro Friday's Daily J
"Mr. i). V. Kilnir Is jroi.-.g iao tli
rcrtani ant bu-j ms soon.
A. ljrt k tn the IxmI is woi tit two
in the but.
A sli"oiIng scr.jpc is reported from
Vulture. JT- oa: inj-irud. It seem
that 'Mexican tried Uis hand on
Divide 1854 ay four an 1 ym have
ar exact division, therefore the girl
go home Hli the boy ihi year.
Wfi don't har of much mine
fitmnlne on New Tear. The record
of such, jum;a, ud fights c
property is yet to come.
Rarrr "Wood, of the Tombstone
pre's, and lnte candidate- for city re
border of that burs eot his "fo m
j.icd" at the late municipal election
JTews reach town of a stage rob
Urr on the Florence and Globe
rond a few ni'ghs ago. A well dress
ed roan took in the stage and got $40
out of the box.
The BPTVitir at the- Q uij too
will b on the west side of the
mountains where water is had at 85
town mte has been laid off
and lota are eoine rapidly. Logan
fiiv . u on the east side of the
Mr. Vigus showed? us an intf rest
lnr old document to-dav. in the
-o -
cf.rva f uponvof the treaty with
the Polamattamie Indians for thei
reservation on the Tippecanoe river,
Indiana, made in 1834. It is signed
Vy a number of Indian chiefs, head
men, and warriors wnn
"his X mark."
21 In lux Loeattona-
Thc following location hare been
made in the county and mostly cn
rnv Creek Bince December 15 to
the present date:
T.BRt Chance. Silver Chariot, J. M
Aeher, ct als; War Eagle, F. M
Dugas; Cleopatra, J. Itomaud ; Sil
ver Beaut v. D. P. Wright; "Yellow
Jnckot, Ida Mine, Philadelphia
Colorado, Jopcph Mine, Iron Duke
Chas. E. Philes; Julia Mine, Wm
Taplin, ct ale; Ilomeward Bound
J. Chacey; Tenor, Lena and Stella
aiiKtary Order,
nt or)
Aniz"JfA, Whipple Barracks
Fresco it, Dec. 31, issa
Private Frederick Donaldson,
troon C. Sixth Cavalry, is trans
ferred to the general service detach
merit of clerks on duty at these
headquarter?, to date the 8:h inst
Private Milford E. James troop I,
Third Cavalry, is transferred to the
general service detachment of clerks
on duty at thesu headquarter.
Private llitforc: E. Jrn6., general
service detachment at these head
quarters, is discharged the service of
the Uni'ed States. -By
order of
Biticr. Qes. Crook,
J. P. JIarti.t,
Assistant Adjutant General.
fioad the talJotm.
Mr. y. M. Fo.vler is circulating a
pi titiou among our cituteivr-for sub
" rcriptiona to tuild a road from
Maricopa to the Quij to is. and' to
sink the necessary welli. This is a
well timed and much nee led enter-
prise and our merchants and farm
ers can put their money in nothing
that will bring thi'm a greater in
terest on tho amouut expended.
There is no doubt that the Qa Jo toa
ii. in eg wil be o le of the principal
markets of the Territory, and if we
do not help ourselves to get it we
can be aBMired that somebody else
will get it and reap the benefits
A boat $ 310 wore on the list this
morning. About $150 is expected
from Tempe, and Maricopa will d
semt thing; but upward of seven
l.u;:dred dollars will probably be
needed to put the matter through in
good shapf!, so give it a
pood lib-ral lift. The stage com
pany, we understand, will generous
ly as$lft in building the road and
will put a line of stae oa when
From Saturday's Daily.
Rain coming.
More strangers looking up our
The tail of collection Jay is still
coming along.
A new Demoera'ic paper for Phoe
i;"x is under way en It is reported,
the backer needs a long purse.
Billy Vifru ii putting up the
creatine of the new court house to
Cnj. . It odds greatly to the apprar
nr.ee of the towrr.
lr. Geo. D. AVillcot arrived from
Fort McDowell to-day on his way
to Fott Huachuca on a little vaca
tion trip.
The appointment of Mr. Chas.
Vandever as post trader at iluachnra
has arrived. We understand be wil
open there shortly.
Mr. J. T. Priest, of Tempe, paid
cur office a pleasant call this after
noon, lie report? crops looking tine
since the rain and business looking
The Odeon opens up ton:ghtat
Hie old St. Louis Mall wiih Sefiorita
Marie as projector and manager.
Borne of our cotemporaries are
talking of tho kegs of Anheuser and
.b.ixrs of pure banaosa found under
editorial tables on New Year's
morning. Sic itur md a$tta.
El Progrtto Las changed from a
ec liar to a religious paper and hfts
adopted the tie name or "1 Propre
to Catulica It Is novr th? pronr!y
The Baptist service will be held to
morrow at the old Eilis store at 11
o'clock. Beimon to the children.
Afier the service the annual election
of trustees will take place.
' Seven'y-nine miles Is Ihc measur
ed distance from Tucson to the Q i!
j tona and the Tucson p'.pi rs etate
that the road rannot be shortened
tint a mile or two.
The Qmjotoa mines don't seem to
be a vciy good business point just
no-v. One of Tucson's bankers who
has been out examining the situa
tion has returned to Tucson and sei
up anew at the old stand.
The Knights of Phythias ball last
evening was well attended by the
order rnd invited guests; some
tweuty-cight couple bein? in atten
dance, the carpets and platform were
all remov. d from the room and the
floor plained down which made
dancing pleasant Excellent mucic
was furnished by Messrs. McNulty
and Silbee. The supper was pre
pared by Mis. MiLatighin at the
Bank Exchange Restaurant and
nightly spoken of by those who
had the pleasure of partaking- The
meeting was one of the most pleas
ontest of the season.
PostmnEter Mowrcy has received
orders to exchange stamps with the
holdura of three and six cent g'fcmps
who desire other denominations. I
no cise will moiey be paid by th
department for these stamps. II
has also received lnctructions to no
lify persons to whom letters are ad
dressed on which the postage is only
partly paid or he will notify the
sender where his card is on the en
velope. Unless tho requisite addi
tioual postage is furnished either by
the sender or person who is to re
ceive the same it goes to the dead
letter office as other dead letters.
From Monday's Daily.
Town Council in session this even
Board of Supervisors convened
Frefh roll butter, celery cabbage,
fruit, etc., received at Whepley'b to
Hon. Geo. F. Coats left yesterday
for Turn a. to -attend a meeting of
the Prison Commission which
venes to-day.
The proprietors ef St. Jacobs Oi
get out the meat readable ttlmanac
one might stumble upon in a life
time. People who ufTer from dys
pepsia should take it to their meals
with them.
A fine map of the Linville od li
tion to Phoenix is now on the walls
of the Recorder's office. The survey
was made and map drawn by Mr.
Hine, C. E.
A regular meeting of Arizona
Lodge No. 2, F. & A. M.will beheld
Tuesday evening Jan. 8th, at four
o'clock p. m., also a special meeting
Thureiay Jan. lOib, at sevea o'clock
m. Rejourning brethren in good
standing are invited to attend.
The current number of the Over
land Monthly is an improvement in
that rapidy growing and interesting
magazine. It ought t receive
liberal support from the Pacific
const, being as it i, the pioneer, the
leading, rnd the only thoroughly
literary periodiele published this
side cf the Rocky Mountains.
At the annual meeting of the Bapt
ist bcciety a full board of trustees
were elected, to wit: w m . Isrbc
ard L- H. Orme, for the long term
of thtce years: J. M. Greeorv and
L. R Shaw, for two years, and F. C.
Morris and G. W. Ingails for out
year. Their first session is called to
meet at -the court house to-morrow
at 10 o'clock a. m.
Jerry Millay had the effrontery to
fool around the business end of a
mu le, yesterday, nnd to-day he has
a band hung up in a sling with med.
ieal attendance. He tries to make
the boys believe that it was done
pounding down an adobe wall, in
order to lick some ore on the other
side of it.
Volume I, No. 1, of the Arizona
Lire Stock Journal published at
Tucson by Cameron Bros, is at hand.
It is a neat twenty column t-htet
printed at the tmr office and devoted
to the live sioek of the Territory. It
has a good fieht to opernte in and
ought to prosper. We extend the
fraternal hand.
The Enterprite gives the following
details of the ttage robbery between
Florence ' aud Globe, of which we
spoke a day or two since:
"Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock,
the stage 'bound from Florence to
Globe was halted about 12 miles
from Florence by a road agent, who
commanded the driver. Sam Childs,
to throw out Wells, Fargo & Co.'s
box. As the command was given
through the sights of a Winchester,
f?am obeyed it without asking any
questions. After the box had been
torscd out the highwayman ordered
Sam to turn the 6tsge around and
drivo back toward Florence. He
then took a large rock, mat lied the
bi.x into smythereens and appro
priated the contents, consisting of
$40 in silver, some jewelry and a
box of fine cigars. There were four
passengers on the stage, one of
whom was District Attorney Graves,
of Gi;a county. He had $400 in his
pocket, but the robber did not m oles
the passengers."
Qnljotom Road Katlee.
The subscribers of the Quijotoa
road fund are requested to meet at
the court houso this evening at 7
o'clock to elect a Supcriatendent
of the work to bj done and a Treas
Among the various kinds of beads
large ai.d small, which are used to
embellish and add finish to the mo
dern toilet the large Roman pearls
are just now more fashionably worn
for evening decoration than beads
of any description. The newest
strines are exquisitely tinted in
sheeny hues of gold, and silver, pa-
ralitos, CMMr
The Pursuit by Deputy
She iff Daniels of Gra
ham County, A. T.
On December 23, Daniels learned
in BUbcc, from some Mexicans, just
in from Sonora, that two men an
swering the desciiption of "Big
Din" and Billy D lany, were in B.t
vispe, Sonora. Satisfying himself
that the information furnished by
the Mexicans was correct, he com
municated with the sheriff's office,
and after making all n cessary ar
rang'-ments, started on the ruorning
o! December 2$: h for that place.
acoompaktixg the officer
wis a Mexican, named Lucero, on
whom Daniels knew he could rely
as a gui le, and also on his gameness
in case of a fight. On the tiorning
of the Smb., after a ride of about 200
miles, Daniels aad his two compa
nions, he having picked up another
Mexican at Fronteras, reachi d Ba
vispe. Here it was learned that De
laney had separated five daj's pre
viously, the former going, it matters
not where to our rcaderm, and Dowd
remaining in Bavispe, which point
he had left that morning about, an
ho'jr prior to the arrival of Daniels
and posse. Additional inquiry
elicited the information that Dowd
had struck across the Sierra Madre
for Janos, in the state of Chihuanua.
distant about 75 miles. After taking
needed rest and perfecting plans for
the capture of Delaney, the officer
started in pursuit of the other ban
dit. The route of travel led through
by a rocky and precipitous trail, nnd
it was nr.t until the morning of Jan
uary 1st that Daniels reached Janos,
where he learned that, as at Bavtspe,
the bi.d had flown, having left Janos
a few hours ahead of him for Corra-
litos, distant about 27 mies. Pro
curing fresh horse3, the posse start
ed at once for Corralitos, which
place was reached about 8 o'clock
that evcniDg. The town is the ceu-
tcr of a mining country ,-acd is ccm
posed principally of Mexicans, there
being but a half dozen Americans
in the place. Tie whole neighbor
hood as drscribed by Daniels seems
to belong to the Corralitos Mining
Company, of which Mr. Ad. Muen
zenberger is the superintendent
Daniels went at once to him, and
communicating the object of his
visit, learnrd that "Big Dan" had
arrived a short time previously and
was then in wliat was known as the
tn.usc of the Amer cans. The super
intendent having learned the char
acter of Down, was only too willing
to assist
and under cover of the d irkuess he
and Daniels proceeded to the house
Pricr to reaching it, it was agreed
that the superintendent should enter
the room in ndvance of Daniels, in
order to prevent any possible inter
ference by the Americans who were
in the employ, in the capture or
Dowd. As acreed. the superinten
dent en tvred the room first, Daniels
at his heels. Dowd was sitting on a
table faring the fire, and the rest of
the party scattered about the room.
On the table was setting also a
bottle of mescal, which had not
been uncorked. He did not even
look around when the men entered
the room, and his first knowledge
that he was in the merciless clutch
es of the law was when Muenzen
berger, who had reached his side.
caught hold of his arms and throw-
ng them above hid head, said :
Daniels at the same time, with cock
ed pistol in h&nd, made the demand
'surrender." A word fr.im the sup
erintendent to the Americans pres-
ent, showed Dowd who was unarmed
at the time that he was powerless to
cape, and he quietly submited to
being manacled. Daniels remained
until the f dlowing morning, whn
he was furnished with an ambulance
ana escort by the superintendent, and
nd driven to San Jose station on
the Mexican Central railroad, 110
miles distant, and about 90 miles
south of El Paso Del Norte. Here
he telegraphed to Sheriff Ward of
the capture, and putting his prison
r on board the tram started for
home, TJnon nearing Paso Del
Norte, he feared Dowd might raise
the question of of extradition and
pnt him to much trouble, so he
made arrangements with the rail
road officials, and together with his
prisoners was locked in th express
car until reaching the American line,
Nothing of lnlcrist occurred on the
trip worthy of note. The prisoners
seemed completely cowed. At
Bowie station sheriff Ward who left
town ji sterdny morning, met the
party nnd accompanied it to Conten-
ion, where he had previeusly stat
ioned Deputy Sheriffs Bob Hatch
and Fred Worth. The trip into town
and placing in the cell of Dowd was
accomplished without the know
ledge of the commuuity. There is
now but one of the gang at large
Billy Delaney and Daniels assures
the reporter thut his capture or
eath Is certain within the uext ten
ays at furthest. .
A young man in central Illinois
lost six ounces of brain last week
a::d still lives. Brain is a drug on
the market in this state. Chicago
News. Not wholly a drug we Tmi
agine, but badly adulterated. Ptil
adelphia Call.
The Indians who sell hay to the
governmeut out west have been de
tected phicini; lage rocks in the
bales. That comes of teaching the
Indians to read, so they can study
the daily papers and become posted
in the tricks of tho whites. Tcf't
Territirl.-.I Twlcs.
Patrick McAteer, who was; on
December first, 18S3, shot by Chas.
W, Beach, died here yesterday,
after a mo.ith and a days suffering
which was, during his last day's and
nights, very painful. Deceased
breathed his last in his room at the
residence ot -Mr. and Mrs Jos. Elile,
where all that medical skill and
kind attention could do for hiui was
done. We have not time, to-night
to write an obituary that would bj
at all worthy of deceased, and will
mearly say as hundreds have here
tofore said, that Ya.apai county had
no more henorable, honest or truer
citizen than P. McA.te.er.
1S84. by Judge 11. W. Felurv, at
West Pr. sc.itt, D. W. Thome and
Elizabeth Hester.
It is said t iat Ihe attack now be
ing made on Attorney-Genera'.
Brewster, Brewster Camero .loel
Bowen and United States Marshal
Tidbt.ll was inspired by A. 15. Nor
ton, ex-United States Marshal of the
northern district of Texas. It is .-aid
that "it was upon tle report of Cap:.
Tidball and Joel Bowen that Norto i
was r moved, and as h: is nn uncle
of Congressman Hurd. the inference
is that the nephew is trying to re
instate the uncle by an effort to
malign the characters of the two in
vestigators through a congressional
cxparte investigation."
A four mu!e team with all sorts of
a kit was o:i Congress street this
morning. On inquiring as to its
destination, "Quijotoas," was the
Miss Jessio Mtdbcry, a music
teacher in the public schools, has
acquired ten pounds avoirdupois
during a short vacation in Plioeuix
Healthy clima'e that.
Deeds were filed yesterday con
veying the Quijotoa bonanzas from
V. S. Lyle to lour different com
nanies. The Peerless, Shield aud
Good Cheer claims were transferred
to the Peerless Mining Company;
the Combination, Wedge and Josh
Billings claims to the Combination
Mining Company; the Cholla and
Wsidsworth claims to the- Weldon
Mining Compiny, and the Peer,
Wide West, Ibex, Outlet aud inter-,
vener claims to the Peer Mining
Company. About the 6a.ne persons
compose all these companies.
An inquest Is being held this :d
ternoon by Coroi.er Rutherford on
the rt mains of Patrick McAteer,
who died yesterday afternoon. An
autopsy cf the body was made by
Dr. MeCreery, Assistant Surgeon U.
S . A., nnd Acting Midical Director
of this Department, assi.-ted by Dr.
J. N. McGandless r.nd Dr. R. K.
Robinson. The autopsy revealed
the fact that the ball h;:d passed
through the spinal column on a level
with the ninth dorsal veiteb;a3 piss
ing through tl.e spinal cord. Tlie
track of the wound was entirely
healed up. cxc pt where it passed
through the spine. The rest of the
organs were in a healthy condition .
The immediate cause of death was
exhaustion, produced, of course,
from the eff-ct of the wound, file
Ateer was a native of Ireland, aued
52 years and one month. The fiine
ral, anounnced to be held this after
noon, has been postponed until to
morrow at 2 o'clock, and will lake
place from the Cathoiic church.
There is one pood thing- about
leap j ear, and that ia that leap year
jokes can ouly he used once in four
We notice that Hell Gate is to be
brilliantly illuminated. A fellow
won't have to fumble with his de id
lateh key jou know.
With a policeman clubs arc
trumps, with a Polack spades, with
a young lady hearts although many
of our modern young girls prrfer
The Mormon church paper at Salt
Lake an ounces that the "mutual
improvement season has openrd,"
and then proceeds to lell the im
provers that there must be no more
kissing and hugging; no levity.
Mr. Beecher says that his audience
has become a strange one, nnd
that Plymouth church is rather a
spiritual hotel than a church.
People, he says, come to be filled
and go away without any thought
of housekeeping.
The Chinese are badly in need of
gunboats and it is possible .that if
we move quickly wc may be able to
trade our navy for a couple of gen
uine antique vases, whicli will h .Id
water if they wou't float. Philadel
phia- Coll.
A young woman who did not pos
sess a knowledge of the 'Standard"
time wrote him she wish him to call
at 21 o'clock. He was an expert in
multiplication and dropped around
about 4 o'clock in the morning
The dog knows all abo'U the
trousers' leg and what it environed
Ecansville Argnt.
The most fascinating portion of
the business of breeding and train
ing horses nnd trotters, ia the wide
field there is for experiment, and the
constant excitement of hopes of
greater success. There is continual
nbsorbing interest from the time of
the coupling of the parents until
the colt has so far progressed in its
education as to present evidence of
being a success or a failure. More
bniQing, perhaps, the breeding of
trotters than race horses.there being
so much wider divergence in the
powers, and whe.n it conies to train
ing, the problem of ihe best wny to
accomplish the purpose is more in
tricate and theie arc mo.ie features
Prepared from Select Fruits.
That yields the finest Flavor.
Have been it ned ' years. lie
come. The Standard Ft a coring
Extracts. JS'oue of Greater
Strength. Xone of such Per
feet Purity. Always certain to
impart to Cakes, Paddings,
Sauces, the natural Flavor of
the Fruit.
Chicago, 111., and St. Louis, Mo.,
Saken ot Lnpnlfo Yt !, Dr. Prlen Cream Bak
ing Ponder, and lr. Prlee 1'aiqoc Parftiaaea.
McLaughlin & Lavis.
-Bakk Exchange Building
Washington Street
Phcenix, Arizona
FIrtU- la
English and French Cooking
Meals at all Lours served to
Diunor Parlies Served on Short "otU.
Ldiy Waiters one! White Cooks.
Trm Raion&tl.
Boca Beer
Depot !
Jos. TMeiEer, Proprietor.
The finest and bl of Liquors and
Cigars on hand lor our customers.
: AN D :
Washington Street, three doors west
of Montezuma Street
3d door east cf Postofiflce
Single menU. 25 cent
Board hy the week $5.00
Board by the month .-....$20.00
lob't Steineerger,
Vulture, Afizona,
ayer 9
Is tooroiighly acquainted
with Assaying in all
its branches.
Assayer for the Central Ari
Bona Mining Company.
Bi&rria de la China y del Jap:a,
A I " . 1 "I T1 "
-tiriKuioB ae X' aniasia y para
Ijs oantidiii.
Toda Clase de Zapatos Finos para Sras.
Cabo.leros y hifios.
Te, Tabaco, toda, clase de f ue
gos Artificiales.
Lo Mcjory lo Mas Barato
0U de Washington, frente a la Corte
wanted for The Live
of all the Presidents
of the U. s. Larpeet,
handsomest and heat
book ever sold for less than twice our
j.ncB. laatu-t s-.'lline book tn America.
Immense profits to agents. ll intelligent
people want iu Any one can become a
successful agent. Terms free. UiUErt
Book Co., Portland, Jlaine.
For Rent."
BY JANUABY 1st One adobe honse
of five rooms : also one frame house.
R. E. Farrington,
Eas: Side of Plaza,
One jJoor .North of Fgl lock's Bakery
Miners' Supplies
Including Powder.Fuse.Driil;-, Picks
Ore-Sacks, Etc.
Family Groceries, Etc
Hav and Grain
Fine Lquors A Spe ialty.
Southeast Corner WasblBjrtonend Cente
Pitkin Sl Thomas
46 So. 2d Street. Phiiad a. Pa
l&tes is Standard Armj .!:!:; I'd:
Also a large 1 otof entirely new clothing
of old re ulntion pattern, conl-ting of
Cavairv OvercotsVaiva . -'nckwtb, Frock
Coats. Pleated and plain Blondes In p r
fer.t order and very rhoap. a 1-o - tandard
Army Blanket, Unbtier Bitvnkois, &c.
Opposite Smith's Mill
Phoenix, - - Arizona.
Fine Job-work nnd Furniture
a Specialty."
GEO W. (TRTI( Prn.
Two and and ore-half miles o
tit Prescott, A. T.
Merchantable, Clear,
Surfaced and Rustic
Lumber, Matched Flooring,
t'asing.s, Mouldings,
Panelings and Shmglea
Having now completed and
in full operation, my new Saw
mill, I am prepared to fill or
ders for,
In short everything in my
line for the construc
tion of
First-class Build
ings. TKICWsj. - :sh on UellTerj
All orders sent by mail or
through the merchants promp
Winthrop Sears &, Co
Painters and Glaziers.
Houfe Painting and Grani' c. Glaz
ing. Hard Wood a' d Fur
Paints, Oils Varnishes, etc.
Shop South Side of the Plaza,
at II. W. Ryder's Lumber
Jefferson Street, Phoenix, A. T.
Carpentering pecialtj
Shop Near corner of JJ'&sh-
ington & Cortez Sts, south side
opposite the new
For f $675. L
Krench Burrs. Bolt.Smuttcrs, Elevators &c
Portable Corn Mill and Corn Shelters
For Farmers,
immm a vmi urn,
Send for Pamphlet and Frlco List.
Adjoining the Court House,
Washington street,
The best of
And o her Refreshments.
Including the Finest
The most courteous and gen
tlemanly treatment
which the affable
IB To IHIerzi,
Guarantees every one.
Hay &Feed Yard,
Water furnished at 5 cents per head
or 12f cents per barrel .
Entire Satisfaction
Guara iteed to my patrons.
City Meat Market
Baiz Sc WeilG
And everything kept in
first-class market.
We do not believe in mo
nopolizing any business
Shall spare no pains to
please, and solicit only our
share of the public patron
age. We have come to stay
Stock Pastured
AND FED all the hay
they can eat, at 3.25
per month, or 2 cnts
per day.
E O. Slocum,
Dec. 19, tf
Sisrn, House, Car
riage, Orna
mental Paper Hanging
Carefully Done at Reasonable H .les,
tfhop Corner of Adams nnd Man
ieopa streets, in Gardiner's new
Wiiiron Shop. Prompt and srood
vrork inBured.
E6T iid BBS r RE i RDV
fcr tho ctire of Xrv us
and Phypieal DehiUrr, Vi-
m t
- Tat rneu'rioii v en (cnf?e,
Lofla of Mnhnnrl Vailinrr
Memory a d Kfi-BXd and
E life-bled eondlMont cf
tne deiu o-L n aryr-rfrins
fmpotencp, ar v ,le
CBV. Lo s of Vicrnr. SKMf.
JV AL, M fi KIN SS. ard ll
ine ead rtT.-c:s of yoWhfu'
lollies and nb'is-? )nd tSX
. t permanently prev ntt
O the ayatem. as thoneands
can at'est who have used
uuiier oi a minr w kicn
Z it baa been before the pub
lie i It Is indeed a Wonderfn!
Remedy toning the n-rvet,
ftrpn fithenintf the mupcle.
chfekirethe wasfH, in vis
oratlne the whole gytemftnd rejtorincr
the Bfflicted to HEALTH and JIAPPI-
Th Doctor will a ere a To forfeit SI. 000
for a cco ur.de taken not cured. The i-a-
koii po many cannot tret cured of eak
nes and the above d:6'iap f owine to a
complication ca led PRSTATORKEA,
rich req'Hrps i(.eclti trea'ment.
Dr. L.if.Bio'j In-tIgor tor. No. 2, i the
onlv euro fo- PT.TOR..HB4. By it
Manhooo i6 restored and thi hand of time
moved b c- f om ace to youth.
Price ofeiihfr Inviirorator Jg.
Case of fix b-ti b $10. Sent to sn ad
dreP, cover- d ieetir-jy from observation
r. M-hl? A C o.. treat successful
ly by Hn- eohftthy every foim of Sl'E-
'Ai rKiVATi. or uiiit'jri Lf i a n
wi hnt mnrcnrv or nnseotis drutrn If
Tit.ility i? d' ained rnm th b d i umer-
ori - ,i-eiies follow that batne ordinary
medical trea'ment If allowed to eoniin
ne, tho unnatural caue t onnump-
tion, Diabete-1. Brisrbt'a liea Infoni y
etc.. Curet enar inie-d Di9'a-'S of the
(Je'i o-Hrinajy organs, kidney liver and
bleddej p' cia'ly treated. Dieses-is or
Woken SUbedilt curkd
iua ifi'd n1 ftnpoiiMlh'C Dr.
Lie -ijr fc Oo. from TCuaorK.aie orcanir.fd
in comnlionce niih California Medic 1
Law Diploma pro. tired bj rcular col
lege edn. fliion ai d ar now in their nine
teenth year of special practice.
Vost powerful electric belts free lo pa
tients To Pjove Tho "vTonderful P-wer of the
Invioorator a (2 B 'tPe Given or Sent
KitrE tnnrnUft,i free nd orivnte.
DR. LIEBKi'S Wotjdertcl (frm.x
Jnvioor.to:c i pr"tpctd bi" copyright
'iom i'aJeut oflJe of United Spates Gov
ernmn. Bew.vre ot imiTat:on, Jailor
addr--- LIRIMG iliE.S RY,
400 tie-irv tr.-ct yan Fran foo, Cal
Privale 'ntr inca 405 Mison St .et, fonr
blocks up Garv street irom Kearny.
Vain entrance throug. Dispensary Drug
of pinctical experi-
diS-i?-' m'r: exiiii- ation if the
''C; even, to adattr spect'-clet
which will imme -iftTelv
remedy any cx:sinsr detec of vi lon.
Thousands of peoole have their eyes per.
m-tnentlv inlar.-ri bv ncpleet and l v nnr-
ehainir glaanes from jncompeient and In-
expriciirea persons, wtiicn injuv pma
nally Increases and '-ventnaMy ruins the
sight. The eye, beine he most delic- te
of organsat:bns, needs skill, care and
promot attention to preserve it. and I re.
commend all person not to delay, but -o
call and hv their eves pumined fr o'
charire aa pp-c-acl"p proper .v adiusted
nccsnary. Fine iock of Oo ical Goods,
Cbae. Field Qpera and Spy Glasses.
r. Allen's
26 V, Kearney treet San Francisco. Cal.,
Ksi'ini IPFIEn FOR TUB SctR.titiC AXD
speedy Curb or cm-.Oxic. JSGuvous AMD
' a regular eradnotcd r"hyiinian educa
ted at. Bowdoiu College and UnlrHitT ol
.Michigan, lie ba devoted a lifetime to
the istudy of th trotmcnt and cure 01 1'--
eases within liia .-p.-oiulty,
ADd MIDDLE-AED ME V.wlio are suf
Iriru from the effecin of Youthful Indie
rrt'tions or Excens s in mat rr years,
Xekvoi'b and Physical Dkbilitv, Impo
tkkce, Lost Manhood, eonfu-ion of Ideas
dull ccb, Mernt 11 10 oc ety, despot ilm
cy, pimples .-n the fnce, lo ot tnenry,
ftud memory, froqmncy of n lnntinpr to.
Iittmember ibat by ft ro n bination of iem
oclies of grent enrative power tho Doctor
has no arran rtl h'S ueitra. t th.t it will
not only afford immediate relief but per
manent cn:.
31 3- Hospital xp: true.
l flaring brrn Bnrea in rhfirgp cf two
loading hospital) tDub'4-a m 10 treat all
1riVita troubles with vxcelieitt r-sult.
weh it distinctly undt-rstoi d that I d'i
notc'aimto acrlorm Su o.Hibil.tie. or lo
bav iniraenloaft or ennoruataral powtr. X
clftim oniy te be a ahilltu ! and euceas cl
PbvMr.ian an1 burgroc, THoitOL'SMJLT in
f or iced in my specialty.
llseime of Uaia.
11 aonlvintr to mc wi'l reoeiTe iv hou
est opinion of hclr cotnpliiit o -x-p
rmientintf. I will puarnnto a popitiyc
cire in cvir cuce 1 undertake. t fo feit
SI, 000. Consultation in my dfflce or by
l i'r F' e and stilc:lv p:v4t. :haret
rcafouable. Thorough exa nin&tlon. tn
clndint chemical a d mieroecplcu anal-8i-of
nriua aud advice, (&.00. Call tr
Mm Karav atrtM't. tSuu Krancto. Cl,
Offiec horns t i S dily, j 8 rBiua;.
tfusdayi) 9 to VI only.
TmiTi All ( hhonic lm brmclAl.
the effos of yomhrul follies or in
dincretlau will do we 11 to avail tin inspires
ot llii h, the (rreatrst bvm ever laid at the
the al'nr of stitt'-rin? humanity. Dr.
B'.'INXEY will puarautee to forfi'tt $:ao
for eveiy ca.c of Bem'nal Weaknei or
private diPOHoe of any kind or character
which lift undertakes find iail to cure.
The pare many at the age of thirty to
sixty who f.re troubled with too frequent
evacuations of the hladfier, often accom
panied by a slight martin? or burning
feeueaiit.-n and a weakening of the system
ir. i miinner th't naticnt cannot account
for. in exsmiiiine the urinary depoeit
a ropy fOdiment wnl ortu De louiut sna
som"times small particlca of albumen will
appear, or the color win oe oi a nun n ik
icb hue, again chani?ine to a dark nnd or
pid appearance . There are many men
die of this difflcaltv. liraoranr, of tht cat
which is the ascon ata c of a -mlnal we
nQ Dr.'Spinney will enarantee a perl t
core in all uch canei, and a healthy r
torn r ion tt the trenito-nrinarT ortrrr..
Office Hour 10 to 4 and 6 to 8. Sundayt
from 10 w 11 a. x. Consultation lies
Thorou?!i examination and adric,$5.
Calfor addrr. s
K 11 Kearny street ban Kranoisco.
ycuts of pract
cal experience
ana con a with
rAiKTT Nervou
and Phy ilea ;
Aieointy, gem
nal wf&knen.
Sperm atorrhoa.PrORt at orrJia. Em tailors.
Impotfney Xxhanfted vitalftr. "Preraatnr !
Decline, and I.ONN OF .MAlIUf
mm whatoTer caiine prodnced. It v.n
richea and nnrifle the BJ'-od, Strengthen
i ii B i t?rv. nrnin, JiurcieB, Ui 2
f ion. Reprodnctive Orrantand Ph
and dental -acn(tieP. it etope any
natural debil.taT.nir drain npon the fy-t
previ-nrinp involijntarv Ion" debilf tJiAr
drcama, pmnal Jonpea with the nrine. wt
po dltmcttve to mind and bodv. It ip
sn-e eliminator of all Kidney and Bladde
t:omnia'nt4. it contain no injurious in-
ffr-'dientg. To thope PuflVrine from the
veil eiTectfl of vouthful lndiacretiona or ex-
ccpsep. a apeedy. thoronrh and permanent
. nre ia Gnaranteea. Price $2.50 per bottle
or Ave bottles in cape, with full direction
and advice, $10. Sent secure from ohae-
vMon to any address upon receipt of brica
ori:. f. it. io ne naa onjy oi dt.kj. L.
8ALFIELT). 21fi Kearney St.. San Francii-
co. Cal. Conpn'tations strictly conflden-
tlal. by Ietteroraf office, FRttE. Forth?
c onvenience of patl nta, and in order to in
hure perfect Mcrecs I have adonted a nri
vate address, undet which all packages are
NOTICE I will send a tiial bottle of the
KBJU VEA'l'UK sumcient to show
merit free ofcharge, t anyone afflicted
auplying by letter, stating his symptoms
ana see. communications etrictly con
nuin ii
la a ncvei-ia.linr
?cnre for Xerons
.z Dbiiitv,Exhauat
aunorrnoea. Liost
m Manhood. Imuo-
tency, 4araiy u.
r o e i aiorrnaa
a nil the tcrrl-
SifeW; at elf-abnae. yonth-
fei1 M fnUie ftnd
-Ki;-;::? ceppee in mature
effects of
5eari huch aaionp or memory. Lassitude,
c itarual Emiepion, aversion to societv.
DijiiHBP of via'.on. notPes in the he J. the
vital tiaia parsing nnobaerved in the TJrln
ana many omer aiseases tnat lead to
sanity and death.
Dr. Mintie will agree to forfeit FItc Hnn-
irea ulnars ior a caee or tnis kind the
Vital Kestorative (nnder his special advice
and treatment) will not cure, or for a ny-
inintr inipuru or injnnons tonnn id it. ur.
Mintie treats all private Diseapea enccesa-
fully without mermry. Conpnltation free.
A thorough examination and advice. In-
clndinff analysis or urine, g5. Price ot
Vital Kfstoratlve. S3 a bottle, or four times
the quantity, $10; sent to any address
upou receipt of price, or CO. D. secure
from observation ana in private nam ,i
deired hy A E. Mintie, M D., No. Kearny
ny t Pan rrancieco.
"Sample bottle pent free oo application by
ininr MaiiuK Bjiupwnns, sex ana age.
Communications strictlv ConfidV tial.
Dr Mintie'p Kipnkt Kemidt Nicpiirkti-
cum. cures ail Kinds of Kidneyan bladder
Complaints, Gonorrhoea. tleet. I eucorrhoa
For sale vy all arnggiete; Slabotle; Six
Dr Min'ie'p DavTEi.ion PrLLB re the
bent and cheapei-t DyMt paia and biMons
ij the xaarkat. For sale by all drnpgists.
Notice of Sale.
"VT"OTiCE IS hereby cien tr!Bt fn pnr- I
i suance oi ti aci oi rue juvguiative
s-emoiy oi ine leniiorvor Arizona, en-
tilled l,an act anthonzi"g the County of I
niiiric pa to ibuc d nos to raipe wony
tor tle purpose of building1 a court house
ana iaii ana icncinff ana run shin? the
pame.,, approved Jannarv 27th. 18S3, the
iv iru in i7iitri v !-iire ui i'i"iic"nd uounlv
Arizona will st-ll at public auction, to th
nine-T ana nst. m-m- r r r cin in go'd
c in ui ur uncu t-ii'te ui J int'T CVL. On
r riday tne lirs d-y f Februa'Tr A. D. 1WU
nt 12 o'clock m., in front nf thp present
court hou e door, in the citv of Ph.-eni-r
Maricopa c-Hiniy, tnat certain Jot, piece or
arm i-i i;ihu win me1 improTements
teron situated, lying and being in paia
city of Phoenix. Maricopa Cnnnt ,Arirona
i erruory, ana Don- acd nddRBcr b d
follow- to wir : Lot number Fifteen (15)
The Board of Snpervisn-s ot Maricopa
v i'umj reM-ne iuh rigniL' rejeci any and
al bid- for paid property.
Th' paid Boad of Supervisor reserve
tn lurtner npiir to remain in possession
of th said property until the Is' dar of
April iJu ir pssepsion can he given
sooner notice will be given on the day of
en f .
Ihe fixtures, fnrnitureiron cells and 7,
000 br'cku on aid property are not em-
ur'ceu in luip paie.
by ordor or Board of Supervl. rs of
aiaricopa county, mio on iNnv 13th, 1B83.
9 FfiANlt OX, Clerk
Tlie old thoiv iffhbred
saddler, D. TV. Jones will
run a saddler shop for
short season at Tempe
1 1 A U I the leeitimate
JevsPaj-S .Ywat, result of t
conimencimig in about two
Desirable : Piopeiiy.
Well Improved and a good Stand
Selling Hay and Grain
To Teaiastora. Reference:. W. A
Hancock or inquire at this plfioe.
jjvERYf&) Feed
Ertkt Wah ritoa St , adjoining iu
Phoenix Uolel
I wish to inform of my friraria
and the public generally, that I bare
opencl a firKl class L'.TarT aad Teri
St!il! In Phoenix, and aliit a
share of their p ttronaga.
Anything in th hirer y
Stable Lins can b found
By the day, weak or aaontk, taj -gt
enGarefnl A.tteniioo.
Livery and Feed
Wabkikotox Strhet, Bblow jr
PoaTorrica, 'J
L. B. ALEXANDER, frep.
Joa. Dmmw, Managar.
First-Cljws Teams and Riga of
all Kinds Supplied to Ordtr.
tTlia TerT Bt Itiaallaa
9'n to
Boarding and Tramal at Block-
rnicw uiioiabui. v
Washington Streot, oo door waat f
Baak Exchange Hotel.
Brandias that are UnsurpastaJ.
Best Brands of Eastra
Lager Beer.
The Best Brands of Cigar to
be had ia the market, .alwaya oa
hand. Call aro:ind and eee u.g
T. OLSSON, Prop.
P. BRIX, Manager.
bank mm.
WaahtngrtOB ntrrt, opposite tbe
This new hotel ia now open for
tha accommodation of the trarellng
Uomoxm Reserved by Tslearrapb.
Connected wuu tne House.
Boaad p r month f 23.00
" week 6.00
Singla meals 00
All the Finest Liquors A Cigar
TreesI TreesII
A LARGE Btoek of Apricot, Ptaca
and Nectarine treea, etc., raised
EMirely wittont Irrinatica !
Clean and Healthy.
One year from the bud ; 4 to 7 foot
live win oe csrciuuy aug ana
well baled put oa taa
cars at Colton,
Without Extra Charge.
By-Liberal discount to dealara, aad
on laree ardera.
Bend for Price List, ete.
an Bernardino, San Bemardiao
Oct.County, California.
Oct. 1.
flj hi.icTie irfLKNCii. W will land
ou thirty da . trial to MEH, TOUKO )
ulu,wd,i are auuerioc irom scrora aa
biiit.. Lost Vitality, and tooie dlacaaei of
a pcri-nnal noro ri'iuHlag from aba
una other onuses, i-peudr rull'f and coa
ple restoration to Hcalih, Vigor, a
JUaDhood Unaxanieed. Seod at one lar
Illuoirated tomnhtet toe. AddrMt
voltaic Belt Co., Mia t&
rs tie. Jail
2 4 3.
X, .S3! KK-S l
--LiPt SH1J11
" r jt j --r - -
if Fa her Sloise. ' i 1
in-u;t -.d see gr-cn.
t o com ider Spi rttvinn.
Jnosir. r.f
C. .. TWEED.
weeks from dntc.
X. IAX.VAK Optician.
Sll Kcamy St., an Francisro, Ca!.

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