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Weekly Phoenix herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896, February 14, 1884, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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PtittHttttei Evtn Evening, Excapt Sunday.
Tin raaay
a t.
Itrary 14.
LoCftl WB Jf otic,
y-.i il-C! aim Dct-dt,
laraiu and Sain Deeds,
5nd and Montage, and Jus-
irc'a EUnta of all kinds, fr sale at
Owing to the in ss of the Iteavis
- lesi iroi nv ur locals and other in
teresting malier is unavoidably
ciowdej.. out to-dny.
The.IUv. .Winds, formerly B-p-titt
mlniiie r at lb a place, is teach
ing k hoed ii the upper Suit River
cUltment. . -
PAKTrGO, DE las. Vecas, Cuba Se
torSenliu Cot tales tavs: "I win
iuhiI ;f facial fccuralgia of six
aiontlis standing b a few applica
: tiiftirof St. JhcoIs. Oil, the great
Sonera oranges ore the sweetest
and best. Try tLem. At Geo. V.
(iiiE-.wrT. . Abbott and tbiity
niu'e thu5iir.d dollars of greenbacks
anil bonds Lave vanished from the
Union Market National Back, at
Call for Boca beer at the Boon
Reavis at tie Tromli
Bat Don't Want to Drink Ilia
Testimony am to the Una 'a of
Ilia Claim.
r Ic
T!ie Uj. h considers the Bisbce
li.u?deurii decrntd, the evidence
ui.ain.-t Ihcra being overwhelming
hl1 cocrlus-ive.
Goldman v Co have just received
a luro lot of elegant buggies from
a well known and responsible eastern
firm. Take a look at them.
la the Giaeco Roman wrestling
r.iiitehljetwtcn Uyk and V, llson at
Toiubstcue, Rule -won the contest,
the terms being that Wilson wis lo
throw him twice In an hour.
An elegant sliotgun, In good order
and originally coaling ?50, for s:ile
for $20, at our barber shop, between
the l.clipte falcon and Bank Ex-
chat-gt: Hoiel.
Fekdisakd & Tapia.
Patton & Creighton. architects and
builders, hiving successfully cora-j-letcd
two ol the largest contracts
ever let in the county will aitiin
tpen up their shop and do a general
contracting business. Plans and
- specifications specialty. They ship
their own material direct from the
,. mill, and defy competition
Tub Best! The Ujuapkst
The moat detirable Roods in our
rtveral linea to be had at Rosenthal,
Kutner A Godchaa'r. '
We are sorry if any injury has
f-cenrrsd from an error in yeateid.iy's
..sue. The item, as printed, r-ad;
"Th eotto:.woJ tree are assuming
a srrtenii-h tint, and we are on f
lagged edge cf aping," ?tc. The
.cry, es written for the printer, read :
-.The earth has fTnptorns of ague,
."firil Indies hud better cover up
their valuably lk-wers and plants.'
VK., l,,1.ltfL-ir!t r-nTminaiteer' lias
butchercel manuscript trer since the
days tif the sainted Horace Greeley.
Choico Sonora ' and California
ir.-.nn-es at Geo. F. Coats'.
A laree and carefu'ly selected
stock of Ladies. Gentlemen's and
Childicn's dress roods and under-
wear at Rosenthal, Kutner &
Godohou'?; the best place in Phoenix
to make a choice of what yon
Phoenix has organized a Land
League to ccnttnd against the Rea
vis ei at. alleged land grant. A care
" fill peTusal of the ..rticles of faith
ndopUd l.y the association faiis to
dtfclofe any clause relative to tar
and feathers. An action to quiet
title, bused " npen that principle,
might have a salutary effect. Scnti
net. ,
Stock fox Haie Thirteen head
of horses and mules for sale at Dub
lin Corral. The lot is composed of
eix mules and seven horses all
g-ood sized American stock and are
gentle, well broken work amniala.
V. H. Igo.
The condition of the back streets
anu ally's ui me itn, miuuiu oui
gest to the City Fathers the rropri;
cty of an attempt, at least, to have
the detris of the town cleaned up
tind then the localities kept clean by
the residents. The possibilities of
fm Olpox reluming to our city has
not passed and diphtheiia is preva
lent in tome of the neighboring
town, ami no tloubt ill give us a
call unless something is done to I
prevent. Diphtheria i. peculiarly J
the result of filth. It prevails where
filth prevail?, ard is as tteadly when
it brcojies epidemic as smallpox or
typhoid fever. An order enforcing
elranliness would, wcthink, be re
ceived in the proper spirit by most
of the inhabitants of the town, and
its enforcement would be backed up
The members of the M. E. Society
wiah to express their hcartful thanks
to their Choir, to Mrs. J. Alexander,
Mrs. G. W. Drew, Mrs. G. E. Lor
ing, the Misses Ellis, Fi'rpatrick,
Dutkham, Alexander, Mr. Paul Ru
ben and their pastor, for the very
successful rendering of the late cons
cert, for the benefit of said society;
and to tb3 public for their liberal
Out la Arizona.
Hon. A. W. Sheldon, Associate
Justice. Supreme Bench of Aiizona
Territory, writes as follows: " It af
fords me great pleasure to fay, from
tny pcrfonal observation, and jou
It now the scope t f such hns been
very extended, that St. Jacobs Oil is
the great and wonderful conqueror
of pain, the sovereign cure for all
bodily aches and pains, and I clieer
J'iiJv brr.r tliif t'itimonv."
At nine o'clock this morning the
cae of ReuTis on cmp!aint of
Churchill came up before the Clerk
f the Court, for the taking of
Reavis' deposition as to the nature
cf his claim. When our icporler
arrivtd on the scene it appealed that
Reavis wag refusing to-be sworn by
the Clerk and the discusnion was
going on as follows.
Churchill Swear Mr. Reavis
Reavis Do you deny my protest?
C J askea tue clerk to swear Air
Re via as witness.
R I appeal to the clerk for pro
tection. I haye had no time to pre
pare protest .
C I usk the Court to prrceed at
once to sweur witnes.
K Mr. Clerk, I :.k on what
grounds the deposition is taken
C I have a ptrfict right to take
testimony nt the moment mit is in
siituted Mr lieu vis is not here as a
p;;rty in the c.ise, but as a witness,
an.l needs n counsel to tell him how
to swear. (Read law and gave prece
dents.) C I understand that you object to
further piooeedings.
R Please your honor I am here
in dual cnptity us defendant and
witness. Have not lmd time to pro
vide counsel. As defendant in the
ease I refuse to permit witness to go
on the stand (ill I have counsel.
C Keati notice seiv.d on Renvi
to the t tl'ect that he is summoned
as witness.
R ad ord':rof Court Commissioner
Alsap authorizing service of notice
on Kt-avi?. Again read law and an
thori y in cases where witness is a
paity to the nc ion, going to show
the jurisdiction of the clerk of court.
Service of deposition will be to
guard plaintiff aeiiiust absence or
death at time of trial.
The object of the r.ction is to have
a statemen; under oath from Reavis
as to what lie ba'es his action on.
Have no more right" to slander a
man's title than character. Who
does so should be able to hack it.
11 Plea-e Your Honor if on'y in- J
tere-st in the case in onecap icitv, the
speceli ot tl;c learned gertleman
melts down all opposition. There is
no fjuestion in my mind or heart
that I wunt full inves'ir:iiion. But
I am w ithout counsel and chtim the
protection of the cour; until i slmll
have had time to provide coun-el. It
hns been impossible to provide coun
sel. How c:m the court compel me
lo nppear here as witness? I must
havi. counsel. I cannot pvrmit the
c:i.-e to nppear without coun-ul.
Therefore I cannot permit the ease
to io on.
C The Objections of witness are
not tenalde, as he is able to protect
him- elf.
R I rely on the generosity of the
Court; the law si-ys the witness may
be examined.
C The clerk mu t roceivi- deposi
sitions when a case is brought up. .
U I must have counsel.
C. Clerk lo not sie that you cau
not bj examined any more than anv
other witness.
R It would have been courtesy to
have informed me of action.
C It would have been courtesy to
have given notice that you claimed
our Jand. It is not customary to give
uotice in sucb cases as this.
C C I sti.'l see no reason why Mr.
Reavis should not be sworn.
C I alk that wit ess now be
I? Pler.se read tho protest
tnat I miv have it in my mind
C Let Mr. Reavis be sworn, 51r
Id-avis is sworn by the clerk.
C What is your name, fge, occu
nation a -a place or resilience.
R My name is James Addison
Reavis; age, 41; occupation have
iolioweu vuiiiiis o' upatious imsii
say that I am ;i laud owner; my ics-
icei.ee is Jrhnmx, Ar.zoua Icrri
0 How long have you resided
R I have resided within the Ter
1 ritory.of Arizona
C Well; Phoenix
R We'll, for the past four months
C During how many da3's in the
past four months have you bcun iu
R I do not recall; my absence
has been on business.
C When were you first in Phoe
li 1 do not recall tue exiot time.
(: Where do you live in Phoenix?
Describe the house.
R At the Phoenix Ilotel , kept by
-Mr. bill an.
C i)o you claim the land de
scribed by plaintiff's complaint de'
sciibed iu this action advirselyto
the DbuntiH
R I do not know where the land
claimed by plaintiff is located, there
lore cannot say.
C The land described in the com
plaint lies immediately north of and
adjoining the city of 1 noenix, ana
extends one-half mile north bv a
quaiter of a mile in width east and
we. Can you now slats wnelher
j ou claim that land?
K I cannot.
C Did you not state to me yester
day, in the Court-room of this coun
ty, ner the rtoor of the biieiitts
offce. that von did claim this land
described in plaintiff's complaint, in
presence of Depu-y Sheiiff Rogers
and others?
R 1 do not remember.
C If you did then fav that you
claimed the land referred 'o, upon
what ground did you base euch
R Please rend that question
again .
It II 1 at any timo stated lliai l
set up claim or owned any li;ndcd
properly in this section of Arizona,
such clnim or ownership was based
upon a title purporting to emanate
from ti.e crown ot bpaln, in the
name of Miguel de Peralta, through
whom by succession I claim such
C You say your claim was basd
upon a irrant purporting to have
been made by the crown of Spain?
State how it so purported to have
been made
R Please rend
Clerk reads
R Please read that question
Clerk reads.
R Please yonr honor, I have to
answer that question on information.
C Witness can answer from what
ever he knows.
R No; he must answer what he
C He can answer and the judge
R As I cannot answer that ones'.
ion except upon information; 1 de
cline to answer.
C! From whom was that informa
tion derived?
R From various parlies, the
names of all of whom, or even the
greater part, I cannot recall.
C State the manes of all such as
you remember, and residence.
R. Mr. Cumminc, the translator
of the Law Department of the C. P:
R. R. Company, of Sin Francisco;
Air. Ahumaua. an . attorney.now re
siding in San Francisco; Mr. Low
rev, of Guadalajara, Mexico; Mr.
Herachio Garcediego, of Guadala
jara, Mexico. These are the names
of those whose reports cave me
mr.r cortfii'rrre. it is difficult fr
me to recall namer. I hive now bf
fore my mind a number. Please
0 Have you documentary evi
dence or papers which you claim
constitute any tvidei.ee of any grant
naving oeen made to t'eialta?
it Sue ti as 1 Lave under my con
trol are filed in the United Mates
Surveyor General's office at Tucson.
O Descri'ic ecu of those papeis
or documents.
R I here is a folio that rurPotlB
to have been given under the seal ot
the Inquisilii.n ot Mexico, which is
represented to me to contain a histo
ry ol tho concession to Perulta
mere is another lolio that is repre
sented lo me to be what is known to
the Spanish language as a testimo
nial which pui ports to decree to me
the su cession of the concession to
Ptraita in accordance wi.h the rtc
oids and decreee txUtent in the Re-
pub ic of Mexico,
1 here is a transcript and photo
graphic copy taken from the records
of the btate of Jalisco. Cny ol Una
dalbj.iru, which is represented tome
as al.-o appertain ing and rcf rring to
the concession to 1 eraita. lliui is
all I recall at present.
C De scribe the f.,Ho which you
ktute purports to be a history under
the seal i.f the Inquisition.
R A se mew '.i at ancient npp;aripg
document containing what appears
to be a title page, followed by a
statement of what, I am told, it re
lutes to. I recognize three distinci
doeuuients fol.owinir successively.
the conten s t f which have been :
First, the orlcina! order of the Kinjr
relating lo the concession lo Peralta;
then a report of the Inquisition to
the Viceiov of Mexico respecting
the mutter, followed by the order of
loc ation and survey, all of which is
represented to me to be a transcript
or copy of the original, sign.d liy
the secretanes and notary of the In
quisition of Mexico, and under the
seal of the Inquisition, which Beal is
there upon mid correspo..d to all ap
pearances with such as 1 have seen
n Mexico. I hen follows a letter
which is represented to me to be a
riquost by Peralta to the king of
Spain fr a revalidation or confirm
aiion of the roncesxion before made
lo him and located by the order of
the Viceroy, which request is signed
by Miguel de f-eralta, Caballe ro de
los Colorados, with -tome marks.
This is followed bv what is repre
sented to me to be an cndorseiucdt
of the fo.cgoing claim as appear te
be o itii.ied in the document which
s signed bv Yo El Rev, iib geme
other signature's aud marks I dou't
re-member. There is a!se a seal
which Mr Beltran, former cu.tf.dian
of archive- in the City of Mexico
told me was the private seal of the
king of .-pain, as I une'erstand him.
I hen follows what is lepresented
to me to be a letter or commu
nication from Santa Anna to Miguel
Peralta the sou of the Baron of
the Colorados respecting the claims
as set fo:th in fie foregoing, signed
by Santa Ana, Lataqual and Quor
nel, who appear to be officials. That
is all I remember distinctly as the
leading features of the flrt named
C Then by the word flio you
mean a book ?
R Yes, sir.
C State how this book is bound,
if it is bound at all .
R Bound like a pamphlet. Please
read the ques'ion.
C The different papers that you
have meiil lontd are sewed together
decree of the concession to Peralta
which is a part of the records and a
transcript copy of the order of the
V'Cen.y of Mexico locating the con
cession lo Peralta together with a
copy of the survey and map or topo
graphical sketch of the lands cen
laiced in the le cation and ihose ad
jacent, before de-scribed; also it con
tains a transcript copy of awilioi
bequest having the lands of this
concession to his son Miguel Peial
ta, as I i m informe d, signed by the
custodian of archives under seal and
certificate, hi d verified by gejvernor
of the btate ol Jalisco and the secre
taries of ihe cabinet ol (lie President
f Aicx'co ai.rt verified by the secre
tary of legation of the United Slates
in Mi xieo. I have omitted to iiciie
ttiat this folio al-o contains a tran
script ce-py of the decree of said
ceiurt, as 1 am inioimid. 'that is all
I recall.
C Who prepared the photograph
copy from the bocks iu Guitduia-
jar ?
uo vou mean wr.o photograph
C Who prepared the photograph
ic copies or the records which you
say art in Ouadalaj ara?
J 1 hey were photoiriaphcel bv
De.La Me era, a phoiogutpher in the
city of Guadalajara.
C Were you here at the lime?
Is I wa-.
C Were those papers arranged by
ye u in the crder in which thev np
pear to be photogi iipln d, before the
phetoi:ri.phic copy was taken?
It JSo sir.
C Who prepared them for the
pholeifjraphei ?
li l do not Know .
(' Did .-ome one?
R I don 'I understand the purpoit
of j ov.r question.
C State whither the rory nude
by the photographer is not in a long
rill ot scroll one de:cume-nt pur
porting to f' How the other in suc
cession, being united te geiher in one
fUete.'Sive shce i, having I lie nppear-
tnie e of having been paetcd together?
K It is.
V Do you kiiow who put those
papers togetliej m ttiat way? j
It Allow me to l wont subscribe
io Will vou re ad that one slum
For the information of the court I
will s'nte all that 1 know relative to
th preparation of tins photogiaphic
ci'pv and transcript copy, if so de
sired by eoun-el.
C That is the question.
It Read the question.
Clerk aeain read it.
R And with n view of answering
the question lo the best of my under-
stanaii s, l state thai i made uppli
cation to the then goven oi ot the
state of J tlisco i. r a lian cript copy
of the documents as aforesaid that
appealed in ihe archives cf the state
t Jalisco, and that, us 1 was in
fotmed, the governor Instructed the
custodian of archives of the state of
Jalisco, to prepare a transcript copy
and a photograph copy ol such rtc
oids, and to certily iheir correct
ness ai.d lo deliver the s me to me
that the photogiaphic copies were
taken and appeared upon a pitce of
canvass in the consecutive lorm in
which they now are or were when
filed in ihe Surveyor General's office
by me, that is, we. e shown to me by
the custedien ef archives before his
ccitihcaic was thereto attached, and
he attached to this canvass w hat was
represented to me to be his certifi
cate, in my prcei-nce, and in Alex
ito please erase ' in Mexico" aud
1 as he had not time to prepare the
pad vaiious
of either ef
That is all l
on one side as tl.ough fastened with ! transcript ccmple'e, as he slated,
a needle and thread?
R They ate bound together some
way. Yes, they have the foim cf u
book w ithout ceiver.
C Do you know who bouud that
hoe k ?
R I do not.
C Where was it wben you first
saw it?
R Among pr.pers of Dr. Willing.
I don't remember the first lima I
saw it, distinctly, beeau.se I km w
nothing of its contents and took
ve.y little inte rest :n it.
(J State where that was-
R In Si. Louis, st-ite of Missouri.
C Abont hew long ago?
R More than ten years.
(J Are the papers which are con
tained in that folio the only papi-rs
which you have any knowle dge of,
and which you :laim constitute any
evidence f a grant to Peralta.
B In which folio?
C The o..e you have just been
des ribing.
R Please lead questien again.
Clerk reads again.
R No.
C State what other papers there
R Such as I have recited in my
C Please describe them and
state where they are now.
R A transcript and photographic
copy of lecords in the ota.c oi Ja
lisco, uity ol Cjruaaaiajari, aiexico,
which is represented t'j me to be a
copy of the order of the Vict roy of
Mexico, relating to trie concession oi
Peralta, and a report of ihe survey
and location of the concession in
accordance with the order which is
accompanied by a topographical
sketch or map of the land ard 1
streams inclueled in the concession
to Peralta, a .d those lying adjacent;
also, represented to me to con ain a
will from Feral a. Baron ot the Col-
oraeios to his son Miguel Peralta, re-
sDic:inir the land included in this
concession, mere are vaiious sig
natures represented on this docu
ment which I do not at present re
call. Thi document, or transcript
ana pm.tQicrapbic copy is signeil ami
sealed urnler what is represented to
me to be certificate of Herachio
Garcedieiro, the former custodian of
archives in the State of Jalisco, City
of Guadalajara, Mexico, aud veri
fied by the then Governor of the
State of Jalisco; also, by the secre
taries of the President's Cabinet of
Mexico, and verified by the then
Secretary of Legation of the United
States in Mexico.
C Describe what others you
claim relate to the grant.
R I have described two; please
write as I dictate. There ore three
photographs of books and pages
thereof which were- represented to
me to be of tho archives or records
of the San Xivier, Calabasas and
Tumocacori churches of the Terri
tory, which I did not recall in my
answer to a similarquestion. Tlicse
photegraphs are from pages of one
of these books which relate in some
way to ihe concession to Peralta and
as I have never had a translation
made of them I am not fully in
formed as to iheir contents. There
is. also a folio to which
reference has before been made by
ne in this deposition which is rep
resents d to me to be what is kmiwn
n the Spanish language as a testi-
reonio, relating to the concession of
Peralta, which 1 am informed ac
cording to the laws and usages of
Mexico and Spain decrees title to
the legal successors of"T Peralta,
w hich v as set up by me in the
Courts of Mexico by my counsel.
Said decree was signed and made a
part of the records of the State of
ualisco, in the city of Guadalajara,
in the month of November, 1883, aB
am informed, and by the said
Court an order was issued so com
manding and directing the custodian
of archives of the state of Jalisco
to make a full and complete tran
script of all the records in the office
of archives. In the State of Jali-co,
relating to the concession to Peral-
a, and that the same be made and
properly certified and delivered to me
as the legal successor of Peralta,
as prayed ty me. as I am informed .
The folio contains, as appears, first,
a title page, then follows, as I am
nforrned, n transcript of rbf ongin2
j proposed thai I lake the photograph-,
ic copies wiui proper verincalion
and proceed to the city of Mexico, as
my time was so Iimiit:d that 1 could
not remain in Gnadalnjarn longer
x nai me transcript, ci'pv was pie
pared and certified to by him and
verined by the then governor ai d
, lorwarded to me in ihe City of Mex
ico, in aue nme; however, l had, in
the mean time, e btained the veiiflea
ttein referred to in my deposition, to
; the pliotogr.iphio ci'pie-s, eae h official
I attaching a slip e 1 paper to the in
st. umeLt or paper as needed in order
to enter ihe cernhc te of v rifica
tion, aud w he n I received the tran
script copy- as stand. 1 attached it
to the photographic copy in aiivance
or at the top or above" the photo
graphs and cut a strip of mu.-Iin and
attached it upon the back of Ihe
document, excepling only such part
as was uireiieiy Hacked by canvass
Thai is all I recall -concerning the
preparaiion and delivery to me of
tins doc-umi'nt.
C Ihe originals then were not
attached' at all?
R No.
O Ihe ouginals, then, were not
attached together.
R They" were not attached to
irether, as I have bevfore stated in
the photographic copy.
C How did you get possession of
the lolio which you have described
ana which you say you erst taw
among Dr. Willing's pnpers?
R The last time I found them
amoog Dr. Willing's effects in Pres-
C When?
It borne three years, or more,
J JJo you know how that docu
ment came into Dr. Willing's pos
session ?
R I do not.
C Do you know whether any of
the instruments foiminr that lolio
purport lo be original documents or
are ihey ail copies?
R h lease read that question
Glerk reads.
R I do not know.
V Who hied the documents or
folio in the Surveyor General's
office ?
R I did.
C State whether you filed all the
other papeis which you say are now
there pertaining to this matter?
R All that I nave lecittd were
filed by me or by my instructions
R vi ill you excuse me for a mo
ment? I wish to recall a question
respecting the folio.
C Cannot change answer in the
deposition, but can amend it at any
C Have you any other evidence
or anything which you claim to be
evidence of the alleged grant to
Peralta, except what you have
stated and referred to as being on
file in the Surveyor General's office?
R rot that 1 now recall.
t' Have- you ever had any of
these papers recorded in the Record
er's office of this county?
R Not that have relercnce to the
original de cree, nor any other mat
ter which only existed In the Span
i h language, appertaining in any
way to the concession to Peralta or
to my succession thereto.
C--Ye:u claim to have purchased
from Peralta?
R 1 purchased from Peralta's
successor, as I believe.-
C What was his name?
R George M. Willing, Jr , by
hi3 power of attorney aud Mary
Ann Willing, his wife.
C Did you pay anything for It?
R I did.
C How much?
R A valid consideration.
V Was it in money?
R Yes: in part.
C How much money?
R In money paid and to be paid
C I ask" how much money you
have paid?
R How much I have already
C Yes, sir.
R I cannot reca'l.
C-- Did you pay any money ?
R. I did ; as I have answered. j
O. What amount ot money have j
you already paid ?
R. I cannot recall.
C: To whom did you pay it?
li. To Willing, in part.
C. To what Willing?
R. To-Geo. M. Willing, Jr., in
part, and to Mary Ann Willing, his
wife. -
C. Where was this money paid?
In various places.
State them.
St. Louis.
How a.uch paid then?
I do not recall the amount.
Name all other places.
Louisville-, Ploverport, Ky
and I have lemiiled other iiiuounts,
the cx:-ct of winch 1 d..n'l rem eit
her from' San Francisco and various
other places that I do not recall.
C. Can you sia-e the amount that
vou have paid the m in any one of
i hose- places.
R xot w ith exactness by memory.
C Gun you state i-pproximatel,) ?
1. I reuicrebcr at one lime u
have paid in Louisville, Ky., some
thin more than sue bundled dol
lars and having paid several amounts
at Cloverdale, 1 cannot recall even
an appioximale, At difl rent t.me s
my attnl in San Frai.cisco h s i e
nutttd amounts approximating 500
each, the cxiict numlcrand aicouuls
I do liOt recall. 1 have a.so paid dif
ferent slius in St. Louis ut cl.fli.-ri ut
limes, ihe ixi.ct amount of cither of
vviiicn l do not recall, iky auetil in
Si. Louis has al-o
amounts, :he exct
vvli.ch I do not recall.
unit in tier at present.
C- How many agents have you for
the impose oi" payinj momy at
thesw various poim? -
K I .have u ni'mi er of agents and
toriievs at various pl.ic.es, the exact
of which 1 do not recall.
C. What is the name and bis
place of business cf jour agent in
bun t rai Cisco?
li. 1 buv.! more than one agent.
and moie than one attorney iu Shu
V. Please eive name and place of
businc.-s of each miu of inem.
R. Judge ilarvy S.Brown, Law
Dipartni. ut C. 1. R. R. Cem, ai:y;
Judge Geo. W. Tyier, Dearth ' ft' si..
near Pine; Wallace, Greathoiise &
Blandiug, lJiue stiett, und others 1
no not ucull.
C. Just name them
R I can prcduce ihem in Court.
1 have mea for each particular
C. Do these persons whom you
have named consiitute your aec-nt.-for
paying mo-.ey in r-un Francisco?
R. They eio w hen so insti tided.
U. J'ld either one ot these per
sons pay money for you to Go. M.
VV iliing or his w fe?
R. They u'.d not, directly.
C. Did they or either ot them in
R. Tes.
(I. Which one of them, and how?
R. Judge Harvey S. Biown, by
my instructions directed, or cau-ed
lo be: directed, that uiy aeeni, who
was iheu residing in ban Fiaucisco,
pny several t mounts, at several dif
ferent tiu.es, as 1 am ii-fomied.
C. State il.e name of that agent
of yeiurs who was dneu.ed by Mr.
Brown io pay, ai.d who did pay,
money to Geo. M. Willing and wife
or eithe r t f them.
R. I have tried to recall and be
lieve it is Doughty; I do not recall
his first nme, nor am I suie that Is
the correct spi Ding
Q. Are you sure that it was
Doughty who raid the monev?
A I am sure that I insiruc'cd
one Doughty, or a name or a person
whose name, to my recedlcctiein was
that, such sums of monev In m time
to time as I might myself. Dr through
my attorneys instruct him to pay by
a spicinc and certain form of trans
misMon to Mary Ann Willing.
C What is the. place of business
or resident;; of Daughty iirSaa Fran
cisco or iu what business is he en-gsged?
R Mr. Uouehtv, the gentleman
to whom I refer, has filfed and may
be filling now the i fficc e;r offices e"f
of treasurer to several corporations,
the exact name and nature of which
lam not specifically informed, nor
do 1 recall sufficiently to stale, as I
um informed, and h::d his busine.s
office at or near Fourth and Town
send, San Francisco,
C t rom what source did tins
agent derive the funds which he
paid o-it for yott?
R 1 do not know.
(' From what source did vour
other agents fle-rive the f units which
they paid out for you, as you have
stated, in other parts of the counlry?
A. borne Si me from b ime
from direct remittances or deposits
fiom my hand ; others on acttouut.
IX. Whe'ii diet you first pay money
to George M. Willing and wife, or
either of them ?
A. I do rot recall being more
than ten years.
Q. When did you first get the
deed from him ?
A. The first dr-ed to me bv Geo.
M. Willing's power of attorney was
made in May, or thereabouts, in
1867, as I recall. The deed made
to nee by Mary Ann Willing, his
wife, was made in the mnnth of
May, or thereabouts, in 1883, as well
as I recall
C. In what bu iness were you
engaged in 18G7, and where?
It. In the wholesale dry goods
trade of St. Louis, as well as I re
V. Where was vour store; on
what street? Si. lie if you had any
partners and their nnmes.
H. 1 was engaged in the capacity
of talesman or drummer in the house
of John G. Allen & Sons situated
upon Main street, near Vine, in the
city of St. Louis, on or about that
C. State what business you have-
been engaged in from that time on
until now.
R. I continued in this enpaeity.
but not continually in this house,
until about 1872 or 1873, having also
an interest in a real estate firm in
the city of St. Louis, after which
I commenced to travel in view of
reinstating my health which bad
beet me so bad Hint I could not pros
ecute business. During tho time
subsequent I engaged, in various
speculations, the exact nature and
form of which I do not r call. About
the year 1874 or 1875, I came to the
Fuci he coast and during the time
subsequent occupied myself at such
times as my health would p rem it in
various avocations, the exact nature
and times of occupancy I do not re
call. In 1876 or 1877 I engaged in
some measuic in the newspaper bus
iness in conneciion with other eu
gagements. Following, I published
a newspaper in the city of Sacra
mento, Cal., about the year 1S79 and
1880. About the year 1883 ami 1881
I sold all the interests that I had in
tliu vanous kinds of business before
under my control and management,
and devoted my time to traveling
and corresponding for various joui
nals; such times as I found iu my
travels at my command outside of
the demand of the investigation and
and search for existing evidences re
lating to the concession to Peralta.
1 hat's all.
C. You now claim that you
owned this grant as early as 1867?
R. I claimed that a deed was
made of this grant from George M.
Willing to me in tne year 1867.
C. When did you first visit or
come to this part of Arizona?
It. In the year 1880 or 1881, or
C How long did you then re
in ain in Arizona?
R. I do not recall, exact; have
been coming and going continually
ever since that date or thereabout.
C. You stated that you placed
certain instrument relating to this
1 grant on record in this county.
When did vou fitst do that?
R. About the year 1882 or 188?,
or thereabouts.
C. Have you made sales of any
lands of your alleged grant in this
valley here to settlers?
R. I have, as I am informed bj
my attorney.
C biate now many conveyences
you have made to different persons
ami in w horn ?
R. I do i ot know.
C. Have you rcce Ived any money
in pav m nt lor sales thus made.
K. 1 have as I am informed ty
my attorney
'. Iio you know how much? ,
R. 1 do not.
C. How much has been reported?
R. I tlo i:ot te call.
C. Did yem make any sale in
conv13ar.ee to the S. P, R. R. Co?
R. I did.
C S ate how much money you
received troru the S. P. R. It. Co., for
thai ?
The exact amount I do not re-
V. It.
Was it as much as $10(1?
Yes sir.
AVas It as much as $200?
And 11 ore.
Wa- it $1000?
Aud more.
Was it $5000?
And mure.
In accounting I should count
much more. The specific amount I
have he t estimated or approximate d.
C. How can vou then say it is
more ihan f 51)00?
R. Because I iindily recall vari
ous amounts that in the ng-iregate
exceed that amount veiy much.
C Who elid you mak. the bar
gain with to sell to tin- bouthcrn Pa
cific railroad company originally;
what individual?
It. Charles Ciocker.
i'. State the u-rms of the bargain.
R. They arc so ce mpiicated thut
I do not recall tin m.
G. Can jou state what you sold
by that bargain to the railroad 1:0m
panj R. I sold the right cf way of the
S.-uthern pacific laili-.ad oot.pHny
or Hack us now loe-at d w ithin the
bounds of the Perulta grant by a
width i f a00 lc;e t, as well as I recall,
together with right of way for such
earth woiks as may prove necessary
i : oider to protect the line of rail
way from floods; also the lands re
quited tor swiiches.tanks, at.d depot
purpose s; al.-o the lands described
an.t plain d hi ei i f record io the
conn y of Maricopa and known as
the ion site of Muritopa. That is
all 1 recall.
C. W i,iit ii divided paid you
any mont-3' in behalf of ihe Smithein
Pacific railroad?
R. Various parties, the names of
all eif whom I no not recall.
C. Did ihe treasurer of the com
pany pay yob any money, or the
it. He did not.
G . Can you sti.tR the name of any
individual who paid vou any money
in behalf ot the S. P. R. R. Co. at
aiij' time?
It I can, as I think
C blate the name of the person
and the amount paid by him.
It. The man Doughty, to whom
I huve referred.
C. Slate the amount.
It. 1 do tot recall any specific,
amount .
G. Did you receive any money
from James M. Barney?
of that dot-urn- nt Iru ties.-ly, und
tlieie existing in the archives a pho
tograph of it, which was taken at
the same time of that I have before
referred to, and such difficulties
having been communical d to tne
by my Counsel to the
Court before referred to, an order
was ia-ued making the photograph
copy of the map before referred to,
which had never passed ouisidfe th
office of archives, a part thereof,
ant decreed that 6uch photograph
should stand and he as the original,
until such time as the original shall
have be en dircvered.
C. State wheiher that original
map which you claim you had pho
tographed was bound into the book
you have do-cribed at the time the
photograph was taken?
R I do ii"t remember, as I gave
veiy little attention to the records
on my first visit to Mexico, not. un
derstanding an.vthing of tLe Span
ish language, tnd being ret eiveti in
a very formal way by all of the
O. That is all.
R. 1 wou'ti like lo read it over,
though 1 feel thoroughly satisfied,
as I have been very careful .
Clerk One mistake in date Mr.
Reaves ni: de.
". The dste of the decree.
R. Just read it through . as you
can read it readily.
Clerk rend.
The mi-take was in using 18S4 for
1883, aud was the only correction
1 did, by a draft signed by
j(ti!;!r,i!KHUinraDrffliBiii '
Ijjljj Jjlf I
fjj wjntnnnuinfw!
li rfoir jam.
ReliTci aad enrei
Sciatica, Lumbago,
Sonnen, Cuts, Braiiw,
And all therhodil; achw
nrrr cists 1 bottii.
sold bv all Drnfzlfta anil
Drain-.'. Iliracltoa. ili 11
The CharK-j L Togaler Co.
SewMr, U A V.j.Ur Oo.)
BaltlBitra, l.H.A.
"Will be received by Prof
Geo. W. Drew, in the
English branches, hig-her
mathematics, or the Clas
tK5?Book -keeping and
Commercial instruction a
Hpscialty .
Notice For Publication.
Sta'e the amount of that draft.
The unvuiit of that draft, I
to, wa- $5,000, which amount
was paid by the bank.
C. W hat was it paid for?
It. The mt ney was in part pay
ment for a deed from me le the
property claimed by the Silver King
Miamg Company i.s a part of the
proper y the y h-.ve been operating
and working upon, which dee d w as
executed and to the Silver King
C-.mpauy, and in consideration in
part of needs from me.io Benjamin
Barney, the Presielenl ot the Silver
King Mining Coin puny, to ceitain
e.thei p.t pei ties lying aojactnt and
joining the Silver King, the names
of which I do not recall.
C State the Lcundaries of this
grant .
It. I cannot.
C. Do you claim that any part of
that alleged giant extends north of
Salt riveir?
R. As I cm informed, I claim
that u does.
C. Do you claim that it extends
noith of and including the city of
R. As I am informed, I claim
that it does.
C. Do you claim that it extends
noith of and includes the entire vat
ley of the Salt river which lies
north of the Sail river, and abe.ve
the juncture of the Salt river with
ihe Giln?
R. I do not .
C How much north of the city
of Phoenix do y-tu claim that it ex
tends ?
It. Upon the Information that
have I cannol determine.
C. Have you not stated, during
the summer mat has passed, nere in
Phoenix, to numerous people, that
the boundaries of this gram extend
ed fur enough north of the city cf
Phoenix to include at least the base
of the range of mountains extend
ing frcm east to west, along the
north tide of the valley?
R. Please read the"question.
Clerk reads.
R. If I did, such statement was
based upon the information given
me as to the location of the base of
mountains referred to, since 1
have no definite knowledge of their
V. Do you now claim upon ms
formation derived from other cause
that the northern boundary of your
alleged grant extends far en eugh,
north to include the base of that
range of mountains?
R. I do not recall information
given me from whatever source,
that would justify me m an opinion
wiib reference to the exact where
abouts of the base of mountains re
ferred to .
C. I have not asked you for your
opinion but for what you claim.
Please state answer lo question.
R. Please read question agnia
Clerk reads.
R. Having no opinion I cannot
base a judgment for a claim for that
which I know nothing of.
C State when you first went to
the State of California.
R. About 1874.
V. How many trips have you,
made into the Republic of Mexico
in making up your claim?
It. During ihe time I have made
thre ; trips as I recall.
C. W hen did you make the last
R. In November and December
of 1883.
C By whom were you accom
panied during that trip?
It. By my attorney, Andrew
C. AVas any one cbc along in the
party ? I
R. There was.
C. State whom.
R. R. C. Hopkins and son who
were comniissioneet and sent by the
then Burveyor General of Arizona,
as I was informed.
C. State Whether Mr. Hopkins
visited the office in the city of
G uadalajara where the papers were
kept which you have stated you had
photographed? -
R. He did.
G. Do you know . whether he
found all those papers there which
appear iu your photograph ?
R. He did, with the probable ex.
caption of the map or topographical
sketch , as above referred to, as there
was much time ?pent in the search
Prkbsipt'.on Xo. 950.
Land Office h Tot-son. Abizov-, )
Febru rv7ih-18s'4. f
"VTOTICE is h-ret given that the fol-
1 win-namcd seitlei h s filed n tice
ot his ntentmn to inaKe final proof
inppirt of his claim, and that i-aiel proof
wi t be mane Dclore Ron D. It. Pmnev,
Jiidc of the 2nd District court, at his
chambers id Phoen-x, Ma icopa County,
Ari.ana. on t'ac a na eiay or .March. 18S4.
Simeoa V. Siie'i-h. o' Phoonix, Marico
pa ounty, Arizona, for the re u of sec 1,
tnln.rSc. G & -. R. R & M. and names
the following n ht witnesses, viz: Jeeho
Jsa e, ' eter rlson. William L Osboro
anil Thomas Biacfcmjn, all of Phoenix,
Arizo. a.
BUN. at Thojms
H-fl ter.
First publication February Mih,lS8
Damiana makes the old youug and
the weak strong and healthy.
All wine merchants, druggists and
grocers sell Dimiana Bitters.
Vou will never have a sour stori
ache'if you drink Damlana Bitters.
The sale of an article Is the criter- j
ion of its merits. Damiana Bitters
have large sales
For a good, appetite drinr Dami
ana Bitters.
Damiana Bitters regulate the
stomach and is the best tonic.
A positive cure for dyspepsia
Damiana Bitters.
For health, strength and vigor
drink Damiana Bittern.
Ot Maricopa County, for the Year
Brown, Thos W, Lots 8, 10, 12,
block 63, Phoenix, and per- .
tonal property taxes $ 39 42;
delinquent penalty $3 69;
total $ 43 11
Brown, Mrs Geo E, personal
property; tax $13 55; del
penalty $1 60; total 14 15
Binkley, John, 111 shares in
Gila Kiver cana: ; tax ?7 S9,
del penalty $1 38; total....
Bega, Juan, personal property.
tux f 41; del penalty $1 W
Beach, W ilson, corral at Gila
Bend and persona property;
tax $60 62; del penalty
$5 17: total 71
Baucrline, Julius, lot 9, block
13, Phoenix; tax S3 60; del
penalty 1 17; total
Brechl, Fred G, mortgage tin
lot 13, block 1J, Ftoemx,
against C A Luke aud wife;
tax $73 03; del penalty
4 43; total
Burris, J M, personal proper
ty; lax $ iu 4W; uei penalty
SI 00; total 11 89
Buker, E K, N E if Sec 3. T
1K.H3E: tax 30 98 : del
penalty $3 00; total
Brown, Samuel, house and lot
at 1 em pc and personal prop
erty; tax $14 US ; del penal
ty $2 70; total
Azbill, John, personal proper-
!'; lax f W TJ; del penalty
1 51; total 13 30
Aiken, Geo W, lot on Sec 21,
T 1 JN, It 5 E, 10 acres and
personal properiy;tax $3 50;
del penalty $1 17; total-
Cash, J A, personal property;
tax $33 43; del penalty
$2 55; total
Conger, D B, station house at
bcymour and personal prop
erty; tax $10 50; del penal
ty S3 50: total
Church, Charles, N W Jf Sec
36, T 1 N, It 4 E, S VV M
Sec 25 T 1 N, R 4 E. and
personal propert3';tax$59 44
del penalty f4 83; total
Wanton, M E, personal prop
erty; tax f:i02 28; del pen
alty $6 87; total 109
Liukeland, M, personal proper
erty; tax $34 58; del penal
ty $3 65; total 37 28
Downard, W H, N of S E
U and S'j'NE Sec 19, T
1 N, R 2 E, and personal
property; tax $20 98; del
penalty 3 00; total 23 98
Dunn, C V, lot S, block 7,
Ncahr's add. to Phoenix;
tat .71 del penalty 03 to-
9 37
6 67
4 77
76 48
12 98 I
17 38
4 67
34 97
. .. 13 00
64 27
lal I
Escalan'a, hou'e and lot in
Temper tax $3 50: del pen
alty $1 17; tola! 4 07
Gardner, Sirs J J, mortage? on
lots 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ana 2, 4,
6, 8, block 19, Phoenix,
against J J Gardiner; tax
$180 03; del penalty i'j 53;
t..t il .- 139 C6
Gardner, J J,' Int. in lets 1,8,
5, 7, 9, 11, ami 2, 4, C, 8, and
W H lot 10. block 19, PLoe
nix, and persona) propertv ;
tax $118 85; del pcnaliy
7 C6: total 126 51
Gowet. J S, petsonal propertv :
t -x $13 31; del $1 66; total 14 93
(j'tinrd, J H, hous- and I- t at
Vulture and personal prop
erty; tax $8 75; del renalty
$3 42; totil.... 11 1
Garear, Ramon, hou-e and lot
at Vulture; tax $5 25 del
penalty $1 25; total 6 50
Garcia, Manuel, house and lot
at Vulture; tax $5 25: del
penalty $1 25; total.' 6 50
Hall, I R, 110 share s in Gil i
River Canal; tax $8 29: del
$1 40; total 9 69
Herrington, C S, house and lot
at Gila Bend ard personal
propertv; te.x 12 97: del
taxl 74;del penaltv 1 08: "
penalty $3 62; total 15 59
Hardy, Mis Charles, personal
property, tax $10 80; del
penalty $1 51; total 12 31
Hughe", Oeore, . ranch On
Grand Can: 1 and personal
propertj';tax $9 09: del pen-
ally $2 43; total 11 52
How 11, Wm, Est. of. personal
propertv; tax $41 9G: del
penalty $3 00, tout 44 96
Holm. sly. J , N E '. Sec 26,
T 1 N. R 4 E, N VV 1 Be c
25, T 1 N, R 4 E. and per
sonal property; tax $37 06;
del penalty $3 76; total 48 82
Jonas. J J, lot 12 and W of
lot 10, block 68, Phoeutx;
tax $3 60 ;del penalty $1 17;
total 47
Jackson, M M, lot on SW V
Sec 8, T 1 N, It 3 E, 1 acie,
and pere inal pn-purty; tax
$16 20; delinquent penalty
$2 77; total 13 97
Johnson, B J, lot at Tt-mpe
and personal rropcriy; tix
$2 27; del pena ty 1 II; to.
tal 3 38
Johnson, F G, lot nt T mpe
and personal property; tx
$10 49; del penalty $2 50;
total 12-99
Junes. F P, 2 lots at Tempe;
total 2 82
Jones, E E, lot at Mesa City;
lots on :-ec 1, T1K.R5E,
60 acres, and personal prop
ertv ; lax $27 97; del penalty
$3 33; total 31 0
Kline, James , lot 3, block 37,
Phoenix; tax $7 20: del
penalty $1 84; total 8 54
Kimball, S F, lots at Mesa
City and pe-rsonal pioperiy;
t-x $17 S3; del eaa.ty
$2 85; total 20 C8
Liggett, Wm M. house and lot
at Vulture and personil
property; lax $34 08: del
penalty $3 62: total 37 70
Mason, , lot 9, bltvk 1, Pl.ce
mx; tax $1 80; delinquent
$1 09; toial 3 69
Morgan, Heury. Morgan's up
per station on the Gila and
personal property; tax
$34 22; del penally 3 63;
t..tul 37 83
Mendos-, Juan, personal prop
erty; inx is 98; del pen
altv $1 66; total 15 84
Moreno, Wm, house anti lot
at Vulture; tax $13 98; del
penalty $1 66: total 15 64
Molt, Charles. 40 acres in Sec
25, T 1 N, R 5 E and per
sonal proDertv; tax $8 04;'.
del penaltv $2 38: total 10 42
Muncv, W M, NW of SW
H Sec 7. T 1 N It 3 E, 40
acres and personal proper y;
tax $44 40; del penal'ty
$4 11; total 48 01
Noreago, Juan, personal prop
eriy; tax $10 80; del pen
alty $1 51; total 13 31
Noreago, Jose A, personal-'
propertv; tax $9 00; del
penalty"$l 42; total 10 42
Oliver, W M, lot 6, block 28.
and lot 5, block 10. In
Neahr's add to Phoenix; 1
1 .I'H
gage oir T
22; del i
V.x $1 0o; del pti ftity
1 Ci; loliil
d is, T, house and lot nt Vul
. ture and personal property;
tax $9 10; del penalty
$2 44; total.. v. Ill
Pit n y, AX- x, nuirigaee e n lot
7, block 8, 'In Pht enix,
agrinst Mrs GeoE Brown;
tax $27 00; Ue penalty
9-j v; total.
Powers, It perunl jrep
ertv ; tax $ i;5 03 ,
a.'ty 2 19: total.
Price, ,SV U Sec.1
R 3 E; tax i3 3fl;
nlty $1 17; total. ..
rnshy. Minor J, pTs'
property; tax $31 70;-
penalty $3 51; total.....
Pinching, Bun house and
at Villi Uro and persor
property; tax $31 47t'de
penaltv S3 50: total. ...
Park, Wm, lot at Timpe and
personal propertv ; tax $7 17;
de l penaltv $2 34; lotal
Riescough ei Edwards, lot 4,
block 74, Phownix; tax
$1 80; del penalty $1 09;
. toul
Richards, James, mortgage
mock io. Phoenix, a
Peter Dunnee. nnd persoi
property; x ?43 Ti
penaltv 3 06. total.
Rhinehart. Cass. NWVwc 4,
i i n, n v i. and personal
pioperty: tax $25 87; dej
penaltv if 3 45; total
Ruse, Lew K NV if Sec
T 2 N, R 8 E ard peisori
pioperty; tax $18 18; d'
penalty $2 86; total
Strlngbat k, , SE i -ec 1
1 1 JS, K 2 E; tax $10 49
del penalty $1 50; total....
Sanies, Juan, house aed 1 t in
Tempe; tax $7 00; del pen
airy sti a! total
Selaya, J, hrui and lot at
Tempe; tux $3 50; del pen
alty $1 17; total
Selaya, A, house and lot In
1 empe; tax $3 50; del pen
alty $1 17; total
Sclnj'a. Con, I'er-on il prop-
ty; tax $3147; del pen
alty $2 50; toial 83 '
Spooncr, Geo D, lot at Tenne
anti personal piooeriy; tax
$6 47; del penal y $1 8:;
total 7 7
Turnbow, Wm M, pTsonal
propertv: tax $3 60; del
penalty $1 17; total 4 6
Tompkinson, F,. 8 of SW
Sec 20, T 2 , It 3 E and
per-onal piopertv ; tax
$23 73: del Denaltv 33 08:
total 28 8ff
Wilson. II A, lot in the SW
cor of the SW V of Sec 5.
T 1 N. R 3 E; tax $14 40:
del penalty $1 68; total 18 OS
Webb, G W, improve ments on
claim near Gi'i, vv 4 of
Sec 16, T 2 S.R5 W ;w i of
Se v. 9, T 2 S, R 5 Vt ; 56 .
shares in Gila River Canal,
and personal propertv; tax
$70 22: del penalty $5 34:
total 75 501
Wilson, D S, 10 lots at Tempe
nnd personal property; tax
$33 40; del penalty $3 59f
total ....
88 OP;
Office of the Siiehiff asp Tax
Collector, County f Ma icopa,
Territory of Arizona.
Lnder and by virtue of an acq
amendatory of an act entitled An
Act to Provide Re-venue for the Ter-I
ritory of Arizona and the Several
Conniie- Thereof, approved March
10th, 188', I have this duv m de the
above publication, as by said act
r quired, and legal notice is hereby
given that unless the taxe s and de
linquent penalties, as specified
above, are paid on or before that
date, I will, on Friday, the 29tli day
t Fe bruary, 1884, at the hour f 11
lock a m.. of that day, sell at
public aucti' n. in front of the Court
House in Phoenix, so much of the
hove described real estate as will
atisfy the taxes and cots still in-
paid at that daic, tor cash In lawful
money of the United States.
L. H. UltMB,
Sheriff and ex-offlcio Tax Collector,
County of Maricopa, A. T.
Dated February 4tfi, 1864.
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