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Weekly Phoenix herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896, October 02, 1884, Image 1

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JL JlJL "-vllJ
That "club" is likely to
BOrncbnilv's Head.
Tiik Democracy hi the cu-:ty
smm to be satisfied with the present
hif-h rule of taxation.. At least tliey
fail tn r o! ice it in their platform.
The Democratic plHtform of this
county proposes by its silence on
Ihn subj'-et to let land thieves rob
the community of its lands, of its
homes, spurious and forced Mexican
laud grants.
't ttf. Maricopa county branch of
the D-niociatic party proposes to
keep the valley shut out from a
market as long as possible, if their
jilatfirm indicates anything' with
rasarc! to railroad facilities by .fail
ing" to say a word about them .
Postmaster Gesehal Gresham
has been appointed Secretary of the
Treasury to fill the vacancy made by
the death, of Secretary Folger. This
leaves the postal department with
out a head, exc pt as it is temporary
filled by the Firt Assistant Post.
master General .
The Democratic "club" seemed
to be a little "off"' last Saturday
night, or rather, we might say, on
the usual lead of the whimpers in of
the party. It seems that it endeav
ored to cram polygamy down the
throats of some of our leading and
(iistinuuishecl citizens, who are
Democrat?, but it was no go, and
the gentlemen withdrew trom the
meeting in pure disgust. We have
always maintained that the whip-,
ping in process in a com in in: it
like ouis will Jnot work in either
party, :nd when the pill is as large
as the Democra ic ticket, which it
is expected that Democrats will
swallow uucomplaininglj', some
kind of an eiuption is sure to follow
and to follow justly .
individual whither this count'
raises 1,000 of taxes at $;!.ii0 per
$100 or $5,000 nt tl.e sit me mle. H
far as the individual !- t-o-iecrncd
he pays just as much in the one
case as he does in the oilier. It is
the rate that affect the individual
and it is the ncedl -.-s MitiamU'i ing
or the economic: use of a count'.
money that make. '.l.e rate high or
low .
According to the Gazette's own
figures, the rate- of Pima, Yavapai,
and MohitVi', which i"1 shows up with
Op course C. P. Head was not a
Yavapai man when Yavapai men
said: "Maricopa enunty is down
now, and, damn her, we'll keep her
down." If he had been, we fail to
see the force of the Gazettes argu
ment against. C. C . Bean, and Ihe
organ is always sound on "argy-ment."
U.S. Marshal Z. L. Tidball has
gone east, ostensibly to. take part in
the "campaign in Ohio," butmore
likely to look for a corner in the
Republic where it is not so warm
for traitors to the party. If we are
net badly mistaken, Ohio hardly
needs send for Arizona's scrub poli
ticians to help her out .
C.C. Bean will honor Arizona
in the session ol the National legis
lature. He has always been a true
frontier Arizonan in whom aristoc
racy and "big dog" round no place.
He has been a man that wrought for
the interests of the people in if and
never built wagon roads around a
portion of it that he hated as has his
Democratic opponent.
Our correspondent, Bickne-11, to
day shows by actu i data taken from
the assessment rolls, that the Repub
lican county ticket pays twice as
much taxes as the Democratic tick
et.' Will
Gazette look around
among its own party for pothouse
and irresponsible political adven
turers, and will it be likely to find
theifl there?
Ol C. P. Ueax. the Democratic
nominee for Congress, has arrived
and is around tryins to fix up mat
ters concerning that Hassayampa
road business. If his money holds
out, he may be able to soothe the
wounded pride and injured business
of several of his Democratic friends
hereabouts; but for nim to induce a
Maricopa, county Democrat to ad
mire him or vote for him would be
trying the camel business on the eye
of a needle.
It is wliis pered about that Col
Head will explain on the plaza be
fore lie leaves, w hy he has ever op
posjcd every enterpri-c coming into
the Territory, and which would
help the Territory out cf its back
woods conditiun. Will he explain
his opposition to the A. & P. rail
road and its every effort to reach
P'escott, in his own county? Will
he explain the Hassayampa road
business? Will he explain why he
's a Southern Pacific Railroad man?
TuKHE is much and earned di si
cussion now taking place nmorig the
parties of all political complexions
in Ihe county, concerning the status
of our county affairs and the soutce
ot our present onerous rate of taxa
tion . Our county is largely agii-
cuituml It contains none of those
elements which lead to -necessarily
great public expenditure. Material
of all kind can be had cheaper here
in Maiicopa county than ic any
other coimty in Arizona. Uur pop
ulation is less turbulent. Our roads
are luilt at a comparatively nomi
nal expense. Our county govern
ment ouglit to be admini-tcied with
iess expeuse than in any other conn
in the Territory. Our rate of tax
ation plight to be lower than in any
other i ounty in the Territory. These
circumstances have attracted the
general attention of the public in
this ccuuty, and the question goes
up from the citizens of all parlies
not merely from Republicans
Why do we pay the highest, or
nearly the highest, rates of taxation
in the Territory?'' The demand fol
lower rates has become imperative,
or it the people are to stand tne
present rale, they want to see some
thing for their money. If the coun
ty was assisting some enterprise
that would add to the value of
properly all over the county, the
public could aflord to wait a year
or two for relief, but w hen we get
nothing at all but "government" for
taxes th:.t ought to build us a rjiil
rosd and bridge over rivers, the peo
ple begin thiuk it time to look after
Iheir per.-onal interest.
such immense attempt at making
a point as having "Republican
Boards," have, every one of them,
iess la e of taxation by 20 to o pe
cent tliar. has Maricopa county. Co
chise county is no :-i iteritm.
J-jVcrvlioiiy m the- enure county
knows that she is jus; geuii-jr out o
one ot the mo.-t fe :i if u ! conuilions
oljanarcLy i.nu lawlessness that eve
eur-eii any country or county, and
the debt incurred by ihat lawlessness
is being paid .
Again wc say the people of a
county feel the rate of taxation, and
mat is Hie criterion by which we
must iiiuce ot a county s govern
ment " Maricopa county would vote
a tax upon herself to-day often
millions of dollars if se -could do
so at the rate of ten cents upon the
hundred dollars and by that act be
rel'ieved of the paltry tax of 34,000
but which causes every man who
holds property of any kind to pay
.o.35on every hundred dollars he
is assessed. In the first ca-e the
individual tax-payers would not feel
the burden r.f tax at all, but we all
k now how much we feel the $3.35
that is forced from the property to
pay exorbitant fees and salaries to
county officials.
We continue to refer our ring
apologist to the tax rates of Pima
and otlie.- counties, which it would
call up. By the way why don't the
organ refer to Graham, Apache and
Gila counties?
gun G -.in: si.-, Odd Fe.l 'Us, (..over nor ; I: i - h !.-,-;,;
Trine ami staff. Chief Jn.-tirc Iio.v ! capacity.
aid. members ni rlr bar. and a large
concourse of citizens v.eie piesent
and took part in the solemn ceremo
Cheyennk, S.-pt. 23 A Leader's
special fiom Port McKinncy. Wyo
ming. R.,y--: The mangled and liie-ie.-s
lio.iy of Gil lie Leigh, : member
of the British Parliamen', wa- found
nt the base of a precipitous cliff in
the Big Ilom moun'uitis. Lc'.zh
was on. here with a small Lnuli.-
plcii -mc parte, anil left camp
the 14t h iust. for a stroll, and va
not heard of a i te-rv. m d til! an eight
days search revealed his dead body
l'lic remains will he shipped back
to England.
r tofoi e ao'cd
i.Maiti -i i;-u;t;L.K
Asii ino-; i:., ,s i
pet t of s i ions
between jcs.de-
i ,i - i i;i
I laborer.-
re :s u
in this
and a
s ang of Ita! tan aid il'ingaiian la
borers bronchi fioin New York by
Taoiiias jicf'niiii, or t hat civ, who
is contractor for AytiO.hOt) ..f .s-lilO.OdO
ii not io i in ibis
mci -
I, i;e. F. T.A-r sa I.E.
Kansas City, S.-pt. 2o An im
imrtaut land transfer in Xew Mexic
lias been made to New York partic
throug't the Department of Immi
gration of the Santa Fe railroad
The grant comprises 20.000 acres, a
porticn under cultivation, in San
Miguel e.nintv, near Las Vegas Hot
Springs, and situated in a beautiful
mountain park. The purpose is to
form an Episcopal colony of Eastern
people, iu connection with an edu
calional lastittil ion
London, Sept. 25 A Shanghai
dispatch to the Tunes jcate- that a
Franco-Russian alliance means the
disintegration r.f China and its par
tition between those two countiies,
France taking: the three southern
provir.ces anil uuss-m liaving China
as a recruiting ground for her aimy,
the two countiies being connected
by railways. The alliance would
also cause a Franco Uussian p'-c
pondera ce in Europe, and therefore
was fiaiighl with danger to Ger
many. It also means the extinction
Of China's trade and imperils all
Fngiish possessions iu the Eat.
YE3, we have said the Republican
candidates have "ever worked for
the interests of the cntiio county."
We-meant to spue our astute cotein
porary and allow it to draw "the in
ference. It has proved itsilf entire
I ly unable to do so and we are obliged
' to say to it that a poition of its par
ty has been able to thwart the. en
deavors of not only the present Re
publican candidates, but of all b..' u
est men in the county to belter the
condition of Hie county's finances,
and the taxes con'Inue at as heavy
a rate as ever, while the assessed
valuation lises higher with each
year. -
We could pay our . Republican
candidates no higher compliment
than to show that they have been on
the side of the people and against
extravagance and ring rule. Such a
compliment, we know, would damn
an honest Democrat 'in the eyesof
the so-called Di mocr. tic party of
the county, and hence there is no
astonishment th it our subsidized
cotemporary can't appree'ate that
kind of talk .
If Maricopa county wishes to
elect ir.cn w ho will represent her in
the lcgi-h'.ture this fail, men who
are of her, men whose eaithly all is
inveslce iu hei lar ds, her herds, ami
her mines, men whose sole i teres t
is for the advancement of her every
enterprise and the careful, economic
administration of her government.
she will necessarily h ok to the Re
publican nominees for the legisla
ture. Mi ssrs. F. L. Brill, cf V.'ick-
enburg and L. Fowler, of Phoenix.
Both of these gentlemen are old
residents of the county and know n
throughout its length and breadth.
Mr. Brill is well known as a success
ful business man, and a man against
whom no voice of reproach can be
raised. His large stock and mining
interests-about Wiekenburg and his
handsome farm here in the valley
make him one ?f our leading prop
erty holders and deeply interest him
in Ihe welfare of our -cninty's affairs.
Mr. L. Fowler is a young, ener
getic, conservative gentleman of the
best of ability, a cleai head, a thor-
aygli knowledge of the needs of the
County, a courage that needs no out
side backing when a duty is to be
done. He is also a large pi ope; ty
owner and was peculiarly the nomi
nee of what are known as the "water
men" or those interested in the va
rious schemes of irrigation in the
valley, and among whom no one is
more interested than Mr. Fowler
himself. Both of the gentlemen arc
liberal, thorough-going and respect
ed citizens of '.he county and, as we
hive already saici, if the county
wants men who wii! rcpmxeiit
the lower house of
she can do t o h
gentieuiCu naiiiT
.... .
the ' .f
The "facts" and figgers" inf
which the Gazette waded last even
ing, hove evidently been too much
for it; or, possibly, wiJi its u ual
presumption it calculates oh an 'ig
norant community upon which it
can impose its fallacies. It will
fall to find such It did a
good thing win n il sa d, just after
all those figure.-, "thia is a go, d
showing for Maricopa county ;" no
one would have imagined I if not
A county government is the to.
rect thing when it makes expenses
on the individual the lightest pos
sible antl secures his privileges the
best. It makes no difference to ihe
ispeciai t ihe Herald.
Phescott, bept. 2G Mr. William
Ilickard died at an early hour this
morning from w hat is found to have
bee an overdose of morphine.
Special to the Mehjild.
Phescott, Sept. 27 The Hon. F.
P. Dann, junior member of the law
firm ot Churchill and Dann com
mitted suicide here this morning at
six o'clock by shooting hiiself
through the bran. At. present the
enuse or the rash act is unknown,
but general depression is thought U
have ied to the deed. It looks as
though the place had caught the
epidemic and was unable to put on
th- brakes.
Speeia! lo the HfKald
Prescott, Ariz , Sept. 20 About
seven o'clock vest ei day evening, a
fire broke out in the Chinese Joss
house on Granite street, and spread
rapidly to the pTjoining buildings.
Its course was not arrested until it
had reached the Prescott ice factory
which was saved by the most stren
uous 11' its of our citizens In the
enSeavor to keep the flames from
spreading three separate blasts of
powder .verc used, flinging the burn
ing fragments high into the air, but
the";ightness and extreme diyness
of the buildings prevented even
this .usually effective method from
wholly urrjsttti g the spread of
Ihe flames. We aie l.ol advised tha
the buildings binned were covered
by any insurance. It is a matter of
congratulation that the ice factory
erectt d al a cost of several Ihousaiul
dollars was not included in the gcu
cr il de.-lruction. Tl.e fire owes its
oiigiu to the xplosion of a ceal oil
lamp. Before 'the fire was wholly
subdued another coal oil lamp c;-plod.-d
in t;tv ;. ,,f -;am nill.
and 2 um'm'Vr Jrlimelv action of
y'ho broke open the
ilh difficulty succccd-
the flames we shouhl
-t B been called upon to
iieh another appalling
fir'; . as Ihat which some months ago
destroyed all the buildings on the
so. ilh side cf the plaza. Charles
Dickinson and Sue Waw, a r stau
ranl keeper, arc said to have In en
piincipil owner:, of the property 'li st
toyed which was woith in the
neighbori o ld of eight thou-and five
hundred d dla-s.
fl'xi.i: J. ok h r. D N.v
Special to lIiu.lltHAl.IJ.)
I'ki scott y'Srpt 20 The funt-ial
Pa;. n who committed sui
of l P
Ji snle on s-ii'ii liny, tool; place ves'er-
day under the ausp'u cs of ihe Odd
i I-Vdows and K n i h I - of pyi bias, and
Aasone.'l .in: laige I ever se n in
lav cult. Ihe ' hip le Barracks
band, Ihe Piescclt Piitics, the Mllli-
Paius, Sept. 25. Lord Lyons,
British Ambassodor to Fiance, rec
ently made an appeal to Prime
Minister Ferry to open the govern
ment shipbuilding yards in order to
provide work for starving laborers.
Ferry, in response to the appeal,
infoimed Loid Lyons that he had
no juisoietion over the mailer, lut
would refer the matt .r to Y aldeck,
KussiiA Minister of the Interior.
It is stated that thousands of work
men are cut of employment and
serious rioting is feared.
the co '.Oil ado convention.
Dinver, Scpi 2.j The Demo
cratic ttate convention met at 11
o clock yesterday morning The
commi'tees appointed and the eons
vtntiou a'ijoui ned tiii -1 o'clock in
the afternoon. At that hour the
coiTveiition i eassi mbled and received
the repent of the committee on cre
dentials and order of hii-ines
-viva -vuanis, el fuelno. Was nomi
nated for gcverr.T.r. The c-tnvention
then arjourncd until 10 o'clock to
day. Governor Giant neciiio-.l the
unanimous vole of the conveiiiioi
Jor rein ininalioii. ilie iioceriiings
weie enlirelv harmonious. n all
probability an entile ticket was pre
pared in caucus to he nominated bv
acclamation without eppositb n.
the railway pool.
Chicago, Sept. 2-1 The Tian
contiiu nlal I!aihiiy Association
met to-day. The principal subject
of discussion was ihe apportionment
of tcrmory among the various lines.
The Jsorthern Pacific was conceeded
ali the territory north of Portland,
Oregon, but whether ihe road is to
be admit led as competitor on Call
forr.ia business nt oper was not de
cided. The cutting of pa sc-nger
rates by the Sunset route w as rel'er
ud to the committee of general
passenger i.gi nts, wi-h instructions
to report to-day. 1 he relative
position of t: e panics in the great
struggle was sharply iii fined yester
day by slntinii nts from both sides.
General Manager Robinson, of the
A-.T. & S. F., taid he had not
changed his position regarding the
tripartite alliance, and will enter
into no Hgieement regaining Colo
rado and Utah business so long as
the tripartite compact Is enforced.
General Manager Cable says the
directors of the Hock Island have
voted thai" the tripartite aliianee
must stand, and that he inten ls to
see it carried out .
Lake Mohawk, JNT . Y., Sept. 25
A confl uence of prominent Phila-
iluij.'ltisiis :;.;c:si' d in the Indian
question opened this morning and
wili continue for three days. Gen.
Clinton B. Ftsk, of New York is
presidi n', and Herbert Welsh, of
Philadelphia, secretary.' The coli
fciei.ee will consider the question of
citizenship as a solution of the
Indian problem, including the ca
pacity of Indians for progress in
education and the l-enc-fil of grant
ing lands in severalty.
Paris, Sept. 2( I he reported s ls
pensii n of i reiuh operations in
China is due to German mediation.
A dm n-al P yi on, M inister c f Marine,
has it fust d to n quest both General
Bi n re de Lisle, in Tonquin and Ad
lnitnl Courbet, in China, to rc-eom-mei
ce warlike oper.il ions with a
v.ew 1 hasTening a Ciisis. General
Bride de Li -!e is sanguine ol suc
cess, even without rein fo: cements
ASH l Mi ton, Sept. 20 The Pres
ident has designate d A-si-laut Sec
retaiy Coon to act as ' Secretary of
i.f r.:e Treasuiy during the absence
or sickness a i.ny time of Secielary
Gie-hain. Ats't. Secretary French
w o: ! ii . f-Sc v. er o
disil lei. The o.i (
jutjiy- c iioMii me
ccivieg -vh-'O p r
the impo.le.l tiiia
7.3 oetiis taxi l0
gang of 2vi(i f.,rciy
1 : '!
U h SBe
and :
p. r .
arc (:,
; aid
just outside the ci.y itiiii!- al; i (in
ployed on the hoinniaty s. w, r. The
tVilsiiitiglon liii.iTj.. is are very indig
nant over Ihe importation of foreign
laborers, and are m iking threats.
t i.
r, fz
U V H a S
i:ijp.i. hpihts.
Dallas. I'i .:--, ,-i-pt. 2.5
gers reaching in re fioin C,
1 1) Is irioi n ;ng l cp.or! that
P ss.
i i! in U. r
Maisli, of the Pullman sleeper "St.
C lair, allowed a i cgro ma n to oc
cupy a berth and equal accommo
dations with white people in the
car. When remonstrated with by
lire passengers the conductor is re
ported to have said, he was "a pretty
good looking coon, and his money
was as good a any body's."
Wheeling, Se, t.2G Gen Logan,
Gen. Powell Clayton, of Arkansas,
and lion. V. )). Kei'cy arrived in
this city at 11:43 vcsierdav after
noon over the JJal imore oc Ohio
road, in the private car Youngstown.
The party left Akion nt nine o'clock
in the morning, and General Logan
made seventeen spiechcs en route.
At M-uisfie'U, Mount Vernon, L'tica,
nud Barnesville, espi eialiy enthu-i-
iistic ovations were tendered, though
t many places a heavy rain was
falling. At Bel la ire a Republican
committee invaded the cur at 8:15
o'clock and catricd Gen. Logan
bodily to a meeting of 10,000 pcopl
where Alexander Suilivnn, cx-pics
eul of the Irish Land League,
irioiu.ced to speak, but he failed
lo appear. A rousing reception was
ndered Gt n. Logan , ami he made
a brief spi cch. Gen. Logan will be
the guest of John Frew, of the In
telligencer, a candidate for Elector-
at-Large. This afternoon he ami
Powell Clayton speak at the Stat
Fair Grounds. In the evening Hon
Y. II. Ivelliy speak- nt the Opera
House. A grand ilcnionst i ation will
also be made in ihe evening l v
marching clubs. Lgau leaves hete
Friday evi mug for Cleveland, where
he join- Blaine. He is badly .vol n
o::t by co'-.: lant sjieaiiiug.
Ci.iptox, Any. , Sej t. 20 A Clar
ion special from Seleiiienvtile sins
the l.ciip t raiie county cunver Hon
which me; i.iiv vesti r-lav nominated
the follow iLg I i i. i : For Council
man, W. C. lit ni v. 1 11, ol 'Pima ; As
iOT-a fV 1 j f"N
Must, shall
These are facts ! Come ai
'"It ye.rtc:-..
Sales eommencine
er 1st.
or Art.ajui
I a't, 1 Sal'
vfovd. of Clif
alii Vldcil, of
', i I- Ai i i.ipa ;
,.!: of Solo
l ii-.s J Xeere
;ri. i Atloi'ut y,
seiiihlvma::, G Wet
Probate Judge, O
ler.i ; . Su i iii B M (
loll ; Slipt I Vl.-ei's.
Pima, -ind Be. i 1 ;:i
K; eor.ier, Geo. ii
men vil le ; Tre as '. : i
of Cm;) Tio ii,,::. ; 1 .- :r:
1 .1 ii-. 'hill , of Solon, ot. V
Ad n, in ist tap r and Corone., C. A.
r";. i r, of Sol: ,ni. i, viile.
Tltii N.-.'lIeNAL -J UK tClthlt
Wa.-IIINc-TON. Sept 20.- o udgo
C.resiii.m in t.vi'il a telegram fioin
the i'lcsident informing htm of his
apioin'ment as Secretary of the
Treasury. lie immediately quali
fied and sent in his resignation as
Postmaster General . At 10 o'clock
Ihisnioiui: g- Gresham went to the
I'reusury wiiji Si er.. i.-.ry Chandler,
where his commission from the
President was given him by O. L.
Prudcn. The two Assistant Secre
taries Fieich and Coon v. ere
pre.-ait, and ti tidercii their c, ngiat-
iii ions, 'ihe new Secretary" will
ive iiere this afternoon to consuit
the President. Under the law, First
Assistant Post master Genera: II at
ion becomes acting general lor ten
Stw Vouk, Sept. 20 l'hc Norlh
rn I'acilic directors will not meet
o-day, owing to the absence o!
several members of the board. A
meeting will be held on Thursday
nexl. Fred 11. K nurse, of Boston,
ias been eiecbd assistant secretary
f the Origon l'ivei Navigation Co.
Test Yonr Ming Powder To-Ilay !
Brands advertised as absolutely pure
Plarc a ran top down on a lioft itp utt'E!
lie.'i U il, thn i'L'nio v the covi-rami iniU. A ci.i :r-it-tiviil
not Lo requiivd to Uct-jct Uiu prtacuco of
il n
ii y
n nil ii n-
1 h H t h l; -s-;i iu tO
uoea Beer iimmofdmie! eerHi
mm "
Corner Washington and Montezuma sts.
I For the Celebraieil Preil T.. ov.-o, -rw
t jpth.; most whol
'Hit., leu
Sl YlH-er in Ami'-i-cn. brewed Vruin g S fl fl fl I fl T5
I I bestCaJir.-rniu liM.-ilier leu- Exg M iS m J j J
IS ley a. l eiio'ice Kufsia river g Qf it A IMif (
i 9 S liOjis;!ir.-H-erv on Trnekeo iv-SSt55 etiltll
u b-- s.---. ic-yv.jj y y tl y y j
with ber w.it ir in . ucrica
Special Halas on Bottled Bear lo Saloons.
Fine "Wines, Liquors and Cigars Choice Kentuey Sour Mitsli
Whiskies a bpecialtj".
The "Valley
'ICY OF Tl! i:
."4 S I I HI. -
M H. SirEitMAN
WM. CllllISTY.. . .
- President.
.-V CilslliM-
Its lkahl!fulncij,s lias. JiCVEf? U-- iesliol.
Inn rniinn home: for n iu:'tcr or" a cviiiury it
has jjtonu lite I'Oiisui'U'i 's i-ii:it.:i- Wt.
Price liiilvhig Powder Co-?
Dr. Price's Special Flavoring Extracts,
The ktmuge-t; niot dciiio'iP and natural
jluvur known., luiU
Dr. Price's LupuEht Ysast Gs:ns
rorUrht,Ilcr.Ithy j:rpnd,Thpl;ct Jrj Hop
VeaC in tlio woj-id.
M. H. Shehmam. .'sam'l . riTt;ii-i:y
vi'MCliKisTV, J. IJc.n-si:-! r
lleceivc ileposits, liuiUc collecti 'ii
buy iiiul s-cl! excliim get iliscmini
ciuniiiercial paper ami. do a iieiii-i
liauking business.
jfcSOxrirc hours IVoiu y a . m. to ! ji.'m.
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soi.. i.;; wis.
. i 'i. i !
6an Francise 0
ticvj York
Il fl H wii 111 fl P
-iii.-. VSL L3SB S.sjV tJ il t !' i i (i--
Wholesale Liiquoi
porters and Jo
Fine fines Lidirs and Cigars.
A. A.
i'l ll
ilec Il il
A !'.
I anil
0 11 AD
sitver Gul
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i;i!i.i r -!::J -.a jii-r, re'ejeve
unbli' ut eleuiaml, un
- ;;ul transart a
A . H.lot P. M
Sole Agents for the
k- Old Valley Whisky,
Anheuser-Busch Beer,
Fred ricks burg Brewery Co.
Balz Sl Son,
-. - n e -, ffe jv-- , r
.'. fl i; It E ". f. 6: S. e- "Xi
5, L
i i r 1 1 y
i (lUti A
'A. I .
f.C PIMM, Proprietcr.
Agency of John L.Eowman er
Co., San Francisco, CaL,
and Straiton & Storm,
New York, Cigars.
The -Largest Establishmentf1
the kind in Arizon
F3 f ifS ? '
-V St. s ,
K ii'll el C ii
e-;UJ H'.atn..!
(jocd r onis
week, or nson' !i
e -ii b c.l'tai: i-i!
let by the i'ay,
Fir-t- I-i -s beard
i l.e mi i! .! ir.LT.
And everything kept in a CllOlCS WiiieLipOfS & CigETS
fj r.-t-pl n t"1 n'"!' 'f -
Berkshire and Foland
I have .some Fiue Short-IL
Bulls for sale
C-Uirrulars and PriccList. sci.f'
Address, .WlT

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