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Weekly Phoenix herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896, October 09, 1884, Image 1

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WHOLE NO. 1758.
1!epublicas should sec '.hat tlieir
friind- are properly registered.
The Citizen ta.s Hrad lmd his
wet blen?-el along wiili liim win n
he reached Ttinson.
Db. Joses den't cm to cirutc
any vi! y vondirful irnj n i-sion in
the southern part nf the Territoiy.
Eiaiise's trip tbit ugli Ohio don't
seem to indit ate Hint he has. been
Blain quite yt by C. "W. Curtis and
the Indianapolis Sentinel.
TliI- n.-w( r can oi.ly be, V. V. Bran.
Which of thiso men I. as done the
mo.-l tor ins ov n fc'ij-Ii puip"ss?
Tile nnsKi-r ran only bp, C. I'. Hold.
Paiity bolttrs will not nod them
selves enj. yinc much, of a f blowing
this fall. The indication are that
both parties will vote straight tickets
in the Teiritory in Noven.tier.
The Rt publicans of the various
precincts in the county should see
thai their piecim I tickets arc care
fully filled cut. Got d men will add
to the strcng'.ii of an alitady strong
If the bes-t men for the place are
selected at I lie coming election, C.
C. Bean will be our next Delegate
to Ciiifirist. ai d R. L. Long ilia
next bupcvintei di nt of l'ublic In-strocl'ou.
A uuy 1 1 iend sent to our office
yescrday veiy beautiful boi.quet
of gi owing c-ntton"m various stage
of iiiitTi.riiy, from the biutitiful
white and pink flowers to almo-t
full grown boll, all in a roost pciftci
!nd thrifty conditio:!, showing that
our valby would be the naUiral
home of Ihe cotton plant were i; in
troduced. What little has been ex
perimented i:pon here and there lias
surpiised Hie fi iimisof cotton glow
ing by its luxuriance and unusual
productin ness. Our thanks are due
the lady for theeleeantand interest
ing favor.
TiiE Gazette do.i't seem very en
thusiastic over Head's appearance
here: Evid -i.tly, ft? is th case of
:most of the saloon men. Head failed
r-. "sch" ihe Gazette It must have
had o.i its work in t; clothes
Fouu bits is :i coiisid'-ruble sum
of money fur an 3spi rant for Con
gress to throw around loose at a sa
loon, and yet it is nfflrmed as a fact
that the Head of the Democratic
ticket really opened his sack to that
extent after he had delivered that
remarkable lecture of hi-.
Fawkei) by Mr. Br.rkc the gen
eral B;ang' r of ihe Ifew Orleans
Exposition, as will be teen from
his letter, it isiow the intention of
our Fair Kianiigtinint to collect, so
far as poss.hie, all mere-loi iou- ar
ticles t: cir 7 enitoiial Fair and
have ijicisi f-r .-aided . to the New
Orleaus Expi stiioti.
The diilireice between English
tree trade ms, wliicli Ihe Demo
crats are aitempt'i'g lo introduce in
to the United States, and republizan
titriff wagr., in the iron business, in
rollisg mills, per week, isasfoliows:
Eng. U S.
-Tuddlers $10 50 21 25
Top and boi torn rollers 10 05 27 50
Rail mill rollers., 21 On
3Ieiplintmi'lrol-'ers.. 12 10
M.chirt!i-?s - 8 59
."Eninee;,,. .: 8 47
" 1-aboret s 4 75
Tlron iiioldei? ...... 5 17
j Put tern makers 7 01
40 00
30 83
13 50
15 24
8 58
11 00
14 09
It Is-tw.deisri od hat a movem?nt
is on Ui i tmr.ng a veiy few Dem-
oerats to run Broadway off li e Dem
ocratic ticket. Broadway is a good
-.so' id man who attends to his own
affairs in a quie t w:.y, arid would, if
elected-, ; ubtiess f.!1. nd to Ihe
--affairs of the Uisiifl'B office in the
tan-.e v.oy. It . I ts lots of friends,
:l;ow ever, il as ili M n d by him,
:and the n rin inublc we fie in his
twiiy to gcttii g into i fiiee is that
.ilBur.ch Republic;.!!, .II. t. Drew i
the Republican nomim c for sht-rilT,
C. P, Head's recent visit to 1'kce
nix lost b!rn at least lifiy voles that
he might have received had he never
shown himself As we have heard
numerous gentlemen of his own par
ty reirar', "l.e would make m;c
"voles by slaying at home." His :ir
tstociney is a stnriiblinc: bloc!; that
he fails lo ;;el ovi-r as :i canvasser,
Iris title oi 'Colonel-' which he nev
eaniid, evidently weighs Ii:m
down with its jriorj- and liip knowl
edge nf niiticiii.i linac.ces is so aston
ishing th.it he knocks the wind so
far On! of his In arers ihat they never
recover .i.fiick'iitiv to carry ins bal
lot to Ihe polls.
The Ri pubheans of f itseott hud
a musing rili!:cniion m'tting on
Friday evening last, at which Gov.
Ti itle, Hon. T J. Bulb r, t'tOnnel
Egg.-rs, C. O. 1 cn :ird Hon . E. W .
Wells were spe akeis. '1 he pecchi s
are all spoken i f by ihe local press
as of ihe higln st order. Greal en
thusiam p" evaded am! C I. Bean
got a heavy s-end off. Pass h in
along the lice and let old Maricopa
give liim 'if!. We my Maricopa
bei nose vc know a majoniy of ihe
D. nice! als as well as RLpeblicans
will stsir.ii ii. hi ri C . C. Bean is the
man who want- the vole.
would-be Democratic otein; rary.
When a paper can I ii::tr no oilier
charge against a man than that he
i- a moral niai:, ti Iw-L-ins vel
in the slums ol a driveling wi akin-ss
ar.d picclaims itse lf fnc merest dcin-ogogue.
We are not im lined to tinea: ih
the churai ter of ihe man whom the
sub.-io:zed sheet would bold up ai:tl
recommend as opposed to .! r. Wir
gar. Vi c have some regard for the
family and friends of that man; but
when his mouihpiece t ha lenges an
inves! igalion and ihe pubiic welfare
demands it. we aie prepared lo make
it, and go to the bottom of the busi
ness, ton.
WIm n the pmehased sheet begins
" whi ie about "policy" and tackles
he lead il has, it can only blame lt
fe'if if the locks latilc down upon
its bead.
sition, and one
Jewish element.
representing Ihe
timi wil In- ',1!
Ihe (Jei esee Hon
ti in Ihe par!
Ibis :,flc:i:-
rs of
Clifton, Oct. 3 Tin mas llama
ban. a miner working in the f'oro
nrdo mine, was seriously injured
yestenlny afternoon . He lighted a
snnff in the tunnel in which be was
at vo;k, nnd retiea ed to a s-ife dis
tance, keepiug his eyes on iho si uff.
Supposing it had gone out, he re
turned to the drill hole when the
blast went off, filliug bis yes,.i:d
face full of y ravel, and throwin
him with much violence against one
of the walls. He was brought here
this nv.:ruing and placed in the hos
pital. The nominations of the People's
pa;iy aie coldly rcccivi d hi re. and
odii- are freely offered ajainst the
whole ticket.
Am average of lour carloads of
bl-ick copper aie shipped from CiiN
! ii n daily.
Buffalo, Oct. 3 The train hear
ing Governor Cleveland and pariy
left Utica nearly ten minutes ahead
of lime. The s: eed nearly averaged
fifiy mi!' sun hour, and several miles
were made t.t the rae of filly-five
tccosds a miie. The greelii ii it the
a-seinbled crowd at Utica was par-
AK1ZOKA v ants n man in JUu:,-
gress that is not allogetlur clfi-h;
r. man who has a hearti a man whosf
living. acting, movi: g senti
ment is tei see the people of the Ter
ritory piosper; lo see the vast min
ing, grazing and agricultural inter
ests of the Territory onrn op o the
wo-Id tin ir wealth of riches ; a man
wi.o tilonis in In." n s ei e, "I I I-
neigl.bor, even lh Ugh l.e is not
making :i cent himself. tM.ch a man
is (J. C. H a , and the hardy io-
neersot An, na will not 10
when 'he 4ih of November comes.
Whks ien c nl pn ce slides down
in'.o C P. iji:d's peckel it sings
"Farewell vain world I'm goirg
home," and it mi-:ht a-t have i x
isted at all so far as J.ny further good
it n igiit do Hie public is concerned,
and in this grasping, telfih spirit
C. P. Head will go to Congr-ss, if
he goes at all. Can such a man
possibly "open up Ids heart lo do
Mnylhiug for the people of iho Tei
i'tcry? We my no, a thousand
"times no, unless the ititeresis f liie
public a:e to p. ui coin into U.e
pojket of C. P. Fiend.
Some one of our coi mporarii s
has giveu as a na?c.n for not tup
polling C. C Bran for Deleeate lo
.Congress 'hut be has beu an unsuc
teesful bnsn ess ma". So far as that
s, if we undeis'.i.n'i ti e mallei,
C- ( Bean !is t een sucressful in
mfti jfV.J'il'g en'.ei p.i ises and has
nif.de and lo.-t or loo s in his liber
ality end f'.tc:('f ir', in l is t.t.at d -siie
to !i veil r iht o uiiiiy enil lo
assist liis fr'tiuis i i d i" igl t. is to
jii-t some if the i"i)i '1 I hings wil !i
vh:i h f..i!::ic I i.d I. loved Inn..
All lbs line I i- j i i net I, : P,
llelld, inn glafpi: g IVi l ''ol-
lar and carefully liilh g npon i: for
fear thai s nit I i dy u,i!it tee it.
V.'I.Ich of thin- na n has i!i ne tlie
most for Ihe Tinltory al large?
U. P, Head has never been a
friend lo ai.y laboiing man. He has
never Lei u a fi ieinl of any ( n im r
He has never b-e i a Irieisd of any
miner, t'e lias mv.-i ueen me rrieiid
of any enterprise that attempted to
develop ti e 1cm U ces of his own
county, so h ng iw lie tlioughl he
could sqinize a lei) cenl piece by
opposing tli ill e.-.lcrpn c. lie tm
ever been a mom poiUt of the most
selfish charge:! r, 'jraspin.: :.ll wi:i. in
LU power, lioUling all wit inn Ir.s
power, cisijif:g out ino wca.. cl
one; wliei'V-r K w,;.s vvi i; ! i-
power; this i the li ne fcul.-ry of C.
P, Head a- an Aiizonan and y-l he
has the tffron.ieiy lo a-k for the suf
frages of the people lie has llbllsc.t .
jcularly cordial and though Chve-
l ind made his appeara ce and bow
ed, he made no remarks. He was in
excellent health and spirits and
chatted amicably wilh hi friends
as the train sped through the feriile
valley :f the beautiful .Mohawk.
The tiain was due in Syracuse a!
4:u0p. m., but pulitd into the ciiy
fully fifteen niiniin s ahead ol time.
An immense cvmronise of peo
ple were kt the depot Men,
woium and children jostled each
other in their f.ttempt to i;et a sight
ol Governor Cleveland. Hundreds
of school boys, books and slates in
hand. ia:i for blocks up the track in
the wake df the train At the Si'ras
cuse iron woiks as the irain passed
al slow speed through "ihe ci'y lim
its, the workmen came mi! and
wav. d an enthusiastic greeting. The
et lunr (ljjpot, Hi,,! vicinity were packed, as
wh re the ?treets leading lo it. In i
answer to repeated ca;ls, liovernor
Cleveland appeared on the rear plat
form, when cheer after cheer greeted
him. The Governor lilted ids hat
aid bowed his acknowledgement.
The eulhus'asm cou inueu uin-.bal. d
whiie the train remained in the
Wasiiixgton, Oel 3 Total inter
est beari: g d-bt $1,200,470,500. Ma
in ed di b. $19,016 815- Total debl
uiilictiv leret .013,858,957. Tola!
d.-bt if 1,838,052,27:
1 1,540.104. Cash
425 001,321. Debl less cash in ihe
ireasuiy $ i ,425,467,053- Decrease
during September $12.045 089. D -c:ease
since Ji:in- 80th, $24,583,180.
I i;ash b-lai ee available $114,174,749
Cincinnati, O. I. S During lie
whole day the admirers of Blaine
and Logan kept the liurnctt House
and lis neighhoiiiooil as noisy and
crowded as a convention hall Upon
Blaine's n turn fr. in a drive he hail
the usual diflicul y in gtliii g to his
room and when he did get there ho
was not allowed to leinain, for the
people outside were piovmed w iili
a brass band and kept, up a coiibtant
stream of mai tial music and cheek
ing mi I il B air.c and Logan wi re
forced lo sl.o ilnunclve.-- on the
hotel La icon . They fowed and
spoke a fi w wonis of thanks and
then retired amid the at-elainalions
of the crowd. Later, when Logan
left ihe hoiel lo visit the exposiii.ui
he was iigaiti upri.ari..u:ly cheered.
Tikiik Haute, Oct 3 A dispatch
from Siiiiivaii say-: "Some villain
fired into a car in which Gov. S .
John sat on his way from Carlisle
to Terre Haute la-t i.igiil. The bail
passed through ihe window on the
opposite i-ioe, making a clean hole
am I' hull, lag :;i the do on which St.
John sat, a liitie in front of him.
the train wasjns slowing up north
ol Sullivan win n lin s-i.ot was fired.
The ;;..-.vein.r took ihe mat'.cr very
Dexveh, Oct. 2 Jm-eu, Bliss &
Co., harowaid dealers, as-igned ibis
morning Ii is LSI iina ed I lie 1 iabiJ
itieswil! be $100,000 a ml the nomi
nal assets $170,010. Ti e firm was
the best know i.i li.e Slate.
Pakis, Oel . 3 The total number
of deaths licm (huleia in Fin:
iast week wire 177 i ga nsi 210 . :
ihe in e. i tiiinir i-.u li.
St Louis, Oel. 2-Gov. Glyck. of
ICansa-, has issued a proclamation
prohibiting the introduction of cat
tle ii to Kansas from the Stales of
Kmtuei.y, low a, Xtiuaska, ami .Mis
souii, until after they undergo a
quarantine of sixiy da., s at the point
of iutroduei ion , and relea-cd under
a clean In!, of health from a veter
in ry. lie also proliihits the intro-
dtielio!! of Jersey cattle from any-
Male in I tie L nion.
Teial lati rcf!
in Hie treasury
The first shipment of win at lo
Liverpool via Kew Orleans, from
California wa-s m-:de an Oetolier Im,
nccoiding to our dispatchts.
is the b ginning of a long contem
plated scheme an i one which prom
ises important lesul.s to California,
and we cannot sue v.iiy it shou'd no!
be important lo all the BoulhvVi sj-'in
country thi'tiuh which the railrom:
jine runs. The fi:t shipme,:! con
sisls of JO 000 tons, and Ihe company
can handle alj be wheat i-.i Calif, r
uia at Ihe same raict- ilu'V gel for
this shipment . It nicies lo us ltia
our iijiiey might he able m make
such arrangements with ihe railroad
company as to have I he advantage
of lids an anueiiient when ii i;a!l
be neeessary t" do so in ordti to dis
pose of our crops.
A ytsit.LC. ?rniiED.
Washington, Qet. 3 I he lii-.e-ary
ii: pur'nn nt is inloimed 'hat
Lieut Luiz. of Ihe rtve ue depart
im ni, In. -elteu the Gcrmaii schoon
er "Adil " while the-erei- were kill
ing seals on St. Paul islands, near
Alaska, and biought the vessel and
a po-tion of her c.iew IoSmj Fian
cusco. Lieut. Luiz has been instruct
ed to lr;i the vi ssel over to ihe
U ih
-tati'S niH'-rl a1 a! San Fran-
cisi o, in d consult wilh Ihe United
Slat c.- d si i id attorney as in future
))! ! ediiiL's .
TllK Gazit'e dtilberf.le'V fil l-i ii !
the facts to IX' ile a lit:!e jn ja
against J. J..Wingar, of i'empe.
is the Republican ciindidati f.-r Vr. . :
hate .!i:(fge. HI,-. Winger is no! a j
minis'cr t pn si nt. He to..-, o-n i , j
and ii is tint lo bis riisciedi1 lion i
such was Ihe Case. Since thai liim :
Air, Wingar has s uilietl nnd p a. - '
ticed law, ns we are inf.ninid.j
CtiiCACp, Oct. 3 A hhU' its d ime
was ci uitnilted i.eic last night,
which is aimo.-t Ueparaled in it
atiociiy. ilih:-.ei Sh y, livieg in a
n.lseiable hi vel at 49, ( lark -Heel,
went homo ! i: : n the night in a
iii:i: ten state and found his wife in
leal with (be be:.!;- of a dead inianl
lo which lin- had viyen iiirtii ii;;iini
lee nii: Fit. He In al his wife !
ilenili. When a: re.-ted, Shay was in
t-oph a so'ioti: condition t: at n.-thing
inli iii-iioje (- old he obtain' d
r: to him.
K. Tli Us I ASM .
i.-ct-nati, (. . 3 Mr Llaine
1 h: a: fa-!ed hi 1 1- Ihis moniitie, (ji:I
lo ir'el'H' he was actessthle the
i !'.-,;cl l a::.; uni c rrd -ts v. ere
crowded w th pen; b' al ract d here
by h:s t ri m-e mid i nt i General
Loean As fi ns Mr. Bl-tine's
r: n s v.. m c.pi n. d callers hcaan to
pro: i
all the
culled in
one of Ihe
.ft ;sll!tf C 11 11:11.
i. S Vi rul dele-ale- 1
pa;. Ihe'r r- s; ic:i
h An e: iean Rc-pn!
Moreover, Mr Wingar is a man who! Hnun !ll-m'' lvi-' presented resolu
. , . , tions ar d as-ur nice of support ; o.-e
can and does rise above icilv or.'-i
- : rei ri sellin g the Itepu! he :ns of
udice, as Ihe Moiui ni el.-m. m f Tenil( g4,. , (,IiC t,., , rjft. Mr.
Tempe and ilesa will lnfeirm o -r lilaine to visit the L ulsvilln expo-
Buffalo, Oei. 3 -It has rained
sleadily since aybreak with no in
dications of a cessation. Should It
clear off. however, there will be wit
m ssed cue ei the ginndcst parades
ever held in the city Ihe Demo
cratic lines have be. n hard nt oi k,
and subscriptions have becu more
than Visually lil.cinl. Canneis and
transparencies w ithout number have
been prepared for a loyal reception
of tl e Gi viim r. A column of six
liirue divisions will he formed, with
binds and dtum corps as follows:
P. isl division wiil con-ist of a ward
phalanx of about a thousand men
iiom the Governor's In me ward, to
be. f'jilov.ed by ihe Kaiional Vet
eian Associatioif ei-ghiy men nnd
the Demon atic legion of eight
bundled; these w il 1 be followed by
Ihe Governor and the reception com
Ulillee in catiiaies. SeVilal nun
i-Cjuads will be iatioi id nt difier
ent parts of the c:ly along ILie route
and as the grand pscsiston pass s
will salute at intervals. Visiting
clubs i.i be provided ith refresh
ments and :.cc ii. nt. i aliens in sev
eial lar-e hulls, us nesls of the dil
fen ul ( leve.i.nd eiuhs or the city,
i'.nuy business Louses along the
loine wiil be dtC'.iaini and illunii
r.altd. A laige cumbei of the prin
i ipal business i'.itn will meet Ihe
Governor ecu friends al Ilaiavia,
and will reach in m tiiu:30. The
boy. leer wil: rev.ew ;li or : .o-sion '
from the bale, ny of the Genessse
Ili.-nse, whi r.- he Aiil riiinain oetr
i tght. Is is col ... (initely ar.anged
who will spi-i.k io-night except the
Coven. or, nnd ihe manager slates
hat he -Jill probably make but a
shor; : ihlrtr.-s.
ovations to ulaim-:.
Xkmi.OIi ii, Oel. 4 -.r Blaine
and party left Cincinnati this mm. -i:m
O!! il spt-eial trale oa t lie Li '.
Miami road. The crowd tit ihe de
pot and ti t' wi rhn.en in Hie shops
a! im the 1 1 acl. tie eied Mr. Illaine
as liie 'rain in veil out. The lirst
stop war- nt a sialic. :. w here there
wus a jraod sizii! nueliig. JMr.
Dlaine was warmly received and
Sm ke a f-. w words of thanks. At
.Morrow, in Warren county, where
ihete was a fine i.einoiislriilion, the
party left the rain and Mr. Blaine's
cariiaue v. a- .-c it oil by a local
c lt.i!:? tee of i'lu i. oil Knights lo a
pic! lire tU'- spot ott:.iide the iotvn,
b I. ie sever-i :hoti-..nd j eople v. ere
as i lul led. Mr. Lia'.ne was receiv
. i wilh clo ei ing. lie ihanked the
i-eorde lor ll,tir kind reception and
I'linitnied tin in thai Thomas Cowan,
one of ihe- givat champions of the
prnteci i'.' j sy.-lein, had rtpreseiited
Wairer. i oun y in Congress, and ex
pressed liie hope thai the eainest
i.'i st and ardor"; the pe pie in rela
tion to ih 1 o ::C.-'. ion W"iihi be as
great in iS;jt as (' rwm bait ;ilaiie II
ni WOO. '! he pleesuie o! Ih ucejt
tier, a! M is j oim was niarn d by n
sad aceidi nl. A cannon wilh which
ihci-alu'.e was find, i xpiodi d pre
. aiuitly, hilling one man and sei i
onslc injnring . nother.
Bi'KK.vt.i . IV'. 4 Governor Clev.-
1 s; en! :h!s n...i;.inf in receiving
old lime frier lU. Many Iniledeu-di-nt
H: pub. leans were among the
calh is. A huge nuiiii:t-r of indies
wee pr sen! -ii tohiiii. 'liie city is
sti .1. th: oiiLti d will, vi-ii.r-. The
Goverin r-p aves tomorrow for Al
bany on the 11 ;30 I aid A reCep-
' I
cot,', watri: co.oati:i..tio.ns. !
LcNDuN, Oc: 4 - A coni.ni"ee of l
the Uni-cd Kingdom Alliance Tern- j
per.mce oiganiz :;ion lias adopt e i a j
resolution ol congratulation to Ki-al
Dow and the Slate nf Maine upon
having at tin- recent election secured
such a majority hir Ibf mcasute ir.
coi I'.o! at ing iol . iho Stale oonstiui
tion a pTOh'biti-in amendment.
They say thai by reason of this vote
thy anticipated great r. suits to the
rest of the world.
a r or. navy.
Pakis. Oct. 4--The Journal Des-b-rs
puhli-hes in srlicle on the
French navy, charging il-. ineflici
e: cy nnd stating iis de.unts of iis
inability lo sust iin war wiili China.
Pakis, Oct. 4 The ministry deny
that the French government 'has
ashed the United S ates lo act as
mediator in Chinese nfFiirs.
New York, Oct. 4 The u idres-
oi ihe K-phtilice.n national comini:-
tee lo the soui., dated a; Nashville,
h is been .-ued. It i cclarcs tliat
the lit pti i i i' itr. iiaiional eniiimtt ee
opens iis heao'ipi irtei'i at NashviiL
It.e eeniin! city of the souii, nn
October hr.s!, ani .iij.i:ils io the.in- j
te.iij-'. nee, cub rprtse, iionorahlc ami
auibiiions American instincts and
inspirations of ihe southern people i
to support the Ri pul lii an caitC.:-
elatrs. Il corc'udis by sayinir ti
Keptiblicnti p-.rlv under Ihe ieader-
Itiji i f Blaiire is cer.ai'7 to make Ike
south ihe nicsl aitraetive legion for
capital ill the cotintty, and make the I
Mexicans and other people south of
us our friends end custcmers and to
ma he . at iliil a: d labor sccute in the j
ii by l'i. lecti g Miflri. e.
:':. XG Ilt.AlNi: To t ONVICT UIMSEI.K.
I r NAPOL1S, 0:t . 4 III IlieU.
t- '.ri the HMm-fientinfl libel
suit, ihe atlcrniy.- for the Sentinel
n.eii an amended uill nt discovery
wilh iweive d.iitiot.sl inlerroga-
lories. the bill begins by stating
that liitiine pretends to have been
.- .crctly married to Harriet Sinn-
wood ai Mil eisburg. Ken., on-June
30, 1850, w hit h claim is wholly de
nied b.v defeiidattls. The bi.i fur
ther alleges that P.laiiie wns lawful
ly n.arried for ihe fi:s' and only
time to Hairiel Slanwood in Piils-
hurg, on Ihe 21st of March, 1S5J.
and that said marriage v. ns not one
of love and afl. c i n on the part of
Blaine, but as chargid in the amend
ed bill. Il linn liaUs that full in-
f"i niation concerning this e mal'er:
:s in p.'isission oi' lilalne, and the
discovery ol such evidence is neces
t-ary to enalic ilefcii.iacts to make
good the issu-. s upon their part, nnd
the M t:i.i oi (he bill is Ihat Blaine
be olden d io answer positively on
his oath and without evasion, the
inlet rogatories in the amended bill.
I lie . i lenOan s asK II a! :! these In
tel roga ones are. not answered fully
and 1 1 uly thai further proceedings in
this ease he perpetually reMiained.
Lonlon, Oct. 4 Intelliei ncc has
just been received of a terribly dis-
ast'oiis hutrieane in Iceland on the
lltli of September. Accoutils thus
far received show niuetaen trading
ve-rfls acd sixty ri: h ing boats lost,
and 32 v. ssels iiisabled The most
appalling feature of the hu rricane
was the loss of life. The exact num
ber of those who perished is not jret
a-cei tawied, bin it is known to be
very large.
Clkv eland, Oct. 4 Win I.ce !
How, a Chinese laundry man, rc-cent-
1',' matried a while worn n and
shortly afterwards applied for fills
Zen s papers, li living taken t'itlciai
pers n year ago. The question
wns ai-ed whether under the act of
O-unless i f 1SS2, he could become I
i.aturaiizi il, and the case was cons
li'.ind. Pii baie Jude Tiidi n, to-
dav heard ihe iiit.iinsnits end issued
'itizctiV papers to Wah Lee How,
who exhibited Cclsti.il delight'
when in aie to tiniers.te.ni that he
w ns "iillce amc-e '''eitcan man."
( "Icaoo, Sept. 4 Wheat steady,
tsss a
j-J Pi a ei si e u L .
1 ni r5 pec tf fs fc
Must, shall and will be sold
Sir jLS
These are facts ! Gome and se
Sales commencing
$S, -i Q& Ha U fci B
oca beer
Corner Washington and Montezuma sts.
eDot&Gerfflania Beer Hal)
n i s
YfllD I flUH
Miev ai d clioici
ho; ;s;iir;wery
or, 7.000 loot a
For the Celebrated Moca n-.-Pr.,
the most wholes'iimvieiicious
beer in Amer.ca. brewed frdrn
bet Culifornia Ohvitlier ha? -
lev ai d choice Uu-sia river
on Truckee iv
above sea ieve!.
with best water in A n erica 1
Special Hates on Bottled Beer to Saloons,
1st. J
vr, . - i
p N n I mm m m
Phoenix, A. T.,
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, Im
porters and Jobbers of
Fine fines Lipors and Cigars.
i-AMILiES suppnedvuhBottted o,d8 aDd HEAS0NABLE PRICES
Fine " Vinos, Liquors and Cigars Choice Kentucy Sour Maa't
vv msKies a fepecialty.
The Valley
c ; '...ui'.oi' ou;ti niti;Bi xno-
(..;,2--n,l,,n,h. CAPITAL - $50,000
veiv.b: . 43'4'.
Livn.iipu ;., Oct. 3 Wheat,
uisuin winter, steady at Cs
' orii new mixed -1- lid.
W-M. CllUISTY., . .
E. J. Bennett. .
- President.
.A. Cashier
?!. Ii. SlTEUMAM. Sam'L. A. IlIDrtPHV
W.M. I Illi.oTit, E J.
Gly Bennett.
ii. v. IvALES
!tT; Z . v5
The 'dur.k Bi O.i.'ifciriiia, San Francisio
Messrs. La?.. law & Co. T.'ew York
TT ILL PL rt(.'!3 A!?E
ld :uid silver Piil
? r-' r'. . "tic-i
Absolutely Pure.
Thlc powiler i.t-v-r van. a. A inm vel o
trencrth. pu iiy ami wh..l s. mii. s
Move ecoiioill'-r.al 111 in rl.i' ordinary kinds
and ciiiino; b - 8 Id in couip ii luu ui;h
the mu.titnile ol I"w ti-s . sli-ni Riivbt
alum or pii"5vhii: P wa rs. Sold . nly in
p5-1 y w 1 Ull Wl I S i . . vv Yen k .
Heeeive dcjOt-its m-ike collect ii
huy and sell exohimse, discount
coiiinicieia! paper uioi do n geneui!
himkini; husiness.
3-Offlrc hours from 3 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Ceo. D. Clark
At Dr. Rosfon'e offlct.unu ihe postoffloe
Sepalrinir flue wivtehes ihbiH
y vim.
lion, County ! winds iJ Vnrrimts,
UiscoiiM rr iTi;-.:( i 'lii! puper, reeievi
depci'-iis rep:i)tthe .:. di tnand, nn
dertiike . i.iloe.tio. s and transact n
Sole Acrents for the
A. A. A. Old VaSley Whisky.
Anheuser-Busch Beer,
Fredrick? burg Brewery Go.
Et7 OiThip Im.irK. !
.-ol r . 3
Opposite PostofSce.
Agency of John L. Bowman" &
Co., San Francisco, Gal.,
and Straiten & Storm,
New "York, . Cigars.
The Largest Establishment of
the kind in Arizona.
; - CT- , .1 ...
Berkohire and Poland-China Ptg:s
I have some Fine Short-Horn or Durham
Bulls for sale. , . f v
W"Circulai s nnd Price List sent on application.
Ltia Angeles, Cal .

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