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"WHOLE NO. 1793'
(.'. C. Beak and Dr. Ainsworth
were received with gn at enthusiasm
by trie R-iu!1ic nof Mohave coun
ty, which will roll 'up a handsome
majority for them.
Let voters note the fact that the
"administration of our county affairs
in the past lias involved the county
" to- !V.c extent of $90,000, with noth
ing to show for ii-, nd put our rate
of taxation among the highest in
the Territory while it should be
kTioug the lowest.
C. P. Head is an out and out
Southern Pacific Railroad man, and
is 'doubtless today riding ovr their
lines on pas?es fiom the company.
Do the Democrats of the county
m, nn ;o stud such a man t Con
gress? Will they stultify thems- lvcs
to this extent? Ve do not lliink so.
While Jiere, it is said that C. P.
Head actually opened his heart in
one of our saloons-, j icked out of the
ciow.lnhree of the best dressed gen
Ilemen present and spread out four
whole hits on the counter for a treat.
The temainder of the crowd stood
around and looked od in disgusted
astonislrment. This is not a cam
paign lie.
1 .
Tom IIise will be the uext sur
T yorcf Maricopa county. In his
profession he has no superior in the
count-, and as a man we cheerfully
Biy the same of him. The confix
dence of our citizens in his ability
is sufficiently indicated by the fact
tqat he was chosen by the Town
Council to fill the important office of
City Recorder.
What are the interests in this
county that would send Mr. K. B.
Todd to the couucil? He is a man
scarcely two years in the Territory,
whose whole attention has been di
rected to the husimss ot his em
ployers and whose knowledge of the
vanis of Maricopa county, let alone
sine, wants of the Territory, must
from necessity be limited.
(tild-be Democratic organ
is oppos. lo- giving our county fa
railroad, if it S be judged by want
it says.
It pi
DOf8 covertly to
of the val
crush out the iudusirk
ley under the guise of a L'uocia,,c
parly measure. The Dtiuor, ot
this valley means nothing of lat
sort, and when the time comes tor
-their assistance in that mailer they
will be found walking for their
interest to the material welfare of
the valley.
Citosed to a railroad into our
valley is the position of the present
nominees of the Democratic party
in this c-unty.'if their organ ex
pitstes their sentiments. Opposed
- to the only raeaus of relief to our
farmers and merchants from the
prt seiit stagnation of business which
rtust coniiuue till we have facilities
for ship! ini.' our rroducts; let tlie
TOicrs of Maricopa county make a
note of this when they come to cast
their votes at the coming e lection.
"Tin- Re publican candidates ap
pear ashamed, to come before the
public and state what policies
they - ill ;o, " ue iu i nt of e.ei t On.
Of cour-e; latter k isi-ibility tip
pear- 1 id (cut - us n th' ex'reme, but
it is la lie ved il at tlu'fv l;c.-t..iicy is
- attributable im re U- the fact thai
I viije i avc airea-- y imtiie 100 rre;a a
frariety ot premises to different peo
ple. Gazette.
As ii.-u:l, our colempoi ary has
gone off at half cock. When the
De mi cr tit candidates have ci-nnt;d
their policies, if they have :-..,. If
will ! amrde time for the wouhl-be
Deiii'-ciatic oigun lo begin on Ri
publican tJtaiinc-es.
The Gazette is sp- udiiig its time
in 'b'. wing up" Dr. Ainsworih, of
Pres. ot!, Republican caiidiJale for
j dnt cnuia I' m-iti . Ii might ; ossi
bly la- a matter of Kli i'S1 to Ihe
pen; le to know win". Cornwall is,
tint taeii we silt. pose he has failed
t- shake the coin a: the oran and
consequi ntly he will temain in rb
scuii'y; or rossildy the Gazette
rccoi:izs ihe fi.tilily of making
him known ar,d considers the at
tempt so much l;me wasted. Who
is he 'i.iid w l a' i rs he cioi.e, any
way? Wliat Iks he i.Vrr dui.e?
The Pima cotiniy Democrat are
on their ear. C. P. Hea;l made a
brief call at Tiic.-ciri, failed 10 recog-
nize manj- old fiiends, and o hers
thai he had kn wn for years liu
n ver called on ; but what sec ms to
h most resented is the fact thst he
failed to leave a cent with the
County Central Committee of that
county, to tiefray eve n his own por
tion of the campaign. He evident
ly not only bad his wet blanket
along, but bad his pocket full of
icicles am! Southern Pucifif. railroad
pusses, which were of no piiiticulur
value to the '.m;t coiiii'y Drmo.'rncv.
Dr. AiNswohrn has ever proved
the friend of I lit- mining, stock rais
ing, and agricultural tntircsts ol the
Territory. "When in the legislature
two years p.gn, he favored every
more that would be of benefit to
then: . Wi.nl has Cornwall ever
done? V hut record has he? Who
dares say he is not with C. P. Head
e ptt of the Southern Pacific Rail
roa.; company ?
If the people of .Maricopa county
vote for men who have the greatest
mateiial Intel e.-ts in the coui:'yi
men who have been longest resis
dctits of the county, men who can
best fill the offices of the coun ty,
men whose principles are fully ai d
clearly exi r- ssit! in the platform
upon which they s and as candi
dates, mm whose election means
reform m county affairs, less taxes
to pay, more materia! progress, the
development of our sources, trans
poriation for our products and gen
eral prosperity, they will vote for
the Republican nominees for ccunty
fHK Gazette seems anxious to
know how the Republicans would
build a railroad .-nil reduce the rate
of taxation i:i the county. Eisy
enough, neighbor. Simply reduce
exorbitant tees, cut e'ff i lie ch-inees
to make lug "perquisites, and the
late of taxation will be reduced and
inti nst on railroad lamds paid also
A little less tquiodeiii.g of the
public moneys in the past would
have left our county without a debt
of $90,0C0 for which we have noth
ing whatever to show, and would
have given the i eople ef the valley
some heart to take hold of a- y rail
road project that might come along
that pn n-i i d to lenciir them
The Gazetts's histeiry of iV V.
Morris is that he is a chronic office
seeker. That he had been an
office-seeker in California before
coming to Arizona and we ktuw he
has been since he was eligible to
office here. We were no, so far
wrong when we said he hail di pend
ed e n the pickings of office for a
living al:.:Ost ever since lie has been
in the county. He had evident ly h-rg
depended on the pickings of offl(;e
fot a living be fore he came hcre,a:;d
-ajn y-e su;- that he today is don.g
the sa
0. J' ! ri" lo'an- cciiaii;
that tim
c-ect'v'li'an Jj;s not held
office as lc.tJ as ;e w:ld Calif.. r
nia and then s:ghi new pnsitires
where he thought iis cL.taces f,
some office were bettor, after the
manner of other colla; se .' politi
cians. The "Young .Men's Republican
Club of Brooklyn," about whic.iV
much was said at the opening ot the"
eampuign and which was te investi
gate the charges against Blaine and
thereby determine i;s course, has de
cided by a large majority to supp'.-rt
Biainc. So s:ns George Wiiiiaui
Curtis hinii-elf, and George- William
laid great .-tress at one time on wliai
this club'would do by wuy of endorsi
in-; his own action in P'ir.'vi lo
Blaine, but somehow the club coaid
not find the evidence o su.-tain the
charges after long and patient inves
tigation ami now come eiithu-iastic-ally
to the front for Blaine and Lo
gan . Tammany also has declared
that it will not support Cleveland, a
fact which iei ti e dispatc hes a few
days since was so garbjeii and dis
torted that there was evidence that
an attemi t had been made to con
ceal the actual fac's in the ca-e so
far as possible. Cleveland will hard
ly recover the 211,000 voles lost of
last year on the 4th of November
While ihe Pireo:t Covrtrr fires
a Wdd of its top heavy ammunition
at the Herald and says it has more
left, we slill tail lo sue wherein its
hero has t ecu any '. h i o o; more lhan
a cold bath on a chi ly morninsr to
the Territory,especially the northern
part where his principal interests
lie. Did C. P. Head threaten to at
tach the A. & P. road whe n building
in order to embariass it os much as
possible? Did CP. Head oppose the
A. & P. road from its very incep
tion and throw evety possible obsta
cle in Its way and lo suen an extent
-hat Prescolt lost the road? Did he
oppose it as a minion of the South
ern Pacific peopit ? ili.sC.P. Head
squeezed the life c utof every citizen
of Yavapai or any other county who
fell info his hand-? These are ques
tions that reach for facts. Only a
day or two since we heard a citizen
of Yavapai ccunty swear th-.t He ad
had "robbed the pooplu of Yavapai
ever since he ba been iu the coun
j ty." U'lu n Yavapai people Yva
I -,o i t mtioi lit-
une to Hie people
of tin- Terri oty with Mich a-s ito.r.s
the stock in C. P. Head's congress
ional interests gets down' to a point
where the public don't care t in
vest. We have no persona! feeling
against Mr. W. R. Morris, the Dem
ocrats nominee for County Record
er, and would willingly avoid per
sonal mention of candidate", but if
it is supposed thai the Herald will
quietly submit to have Republican
nominees raked over the coals with
out retaliating there is a bail mis
take somewhere.
W. R. Carey comes lo the front iu
tiie quasi Democratic organ last
evening with a vituperative card
which he evidently thinks a crusher,
but merely shows thai he is a will
ing to make asseitious he cannot
sii.-iain as he thinks the editor of
til" HlUALl) is.
We possibly were wrong in saying
i hat. .Mr Morris had depended on
the pickings of office a majority of
the time he has been in the county,
but we are not wrong, if our County
Register means anything, when we
say that Mr. Morris lias depended
ou olliee for a living a majority of
the time he has b en a citizen of
this couuty Mr. Morris' name does
not appear on the great register of
this couuty for 1880 and not till the
year 1882 and he has either been a
candidate for or been holdrig office
ever since to our personal knowl
edge. I
Dover, N. 1J ., Oct. 10 A conven
tion of the supporters of the New
Hampshire National Equal Rights
party met to-day and made the fol
lowing nominations: President
Beiva o. I.ockwood ; electors Mani
la M. Kicker, Charles M. Smilh,
Oi ve A. Coperly, Deiver. Mrs.
Rif ker slated that an aggressive
campaign would be at once opeiied
in evety State and Territory. She
expressed confidence that Mrs.
Lockwood will poll a large vote, be
cause of the dissatisfaction among
Ihe voters of other parties. Mrs.
Kicker makes her headquarters here
during the campaign.
Clifton, A. T Oct. 10 A Clarion
srjecial from Duncan says thai Win.
Wilson shot Samuel Ringold this
morning with a Winchester rifle, on
U ilson's ranch, near Richmond, N.
M. Rittgold was shot in the abdo
me n, near the naval, ai d fell from
his horse. He is stiljalive but in a
critical condition. Kingold was
working for John Tioffcr, a cattle
man, and weut to Wilson's ranch
with Trofler to get so me cattle which
Wilson had taken up, they being in
his cornfields, and he was holding
them for damages.
Chicago, Oct. 10 The life saving
crew 7iaving succeeded n saving
cur persons, it is now known that
ten of those on the frail pier were
drowned. The storm was one of
the greatest fury. It blew sip viry
suddenly and the work of destroy
ing the frail structure was quick
and complete. The men had one
small boat which is supposed to
have gone adrifi, when the storm
first struck the pier. A number of
uufortun lie men were carried into
ib-' Jake with the wreckage of their
building and were compelled to
battle for their lives with nothing
t atil ihcni beyond stray pieces of
floating limber, in the darkness of
night. But few. facts are obtaina
ble at this hour.
Shanghi, Oct. 1C The French
cruisers have stopped anel boarded
an .English merchant steamer ply
ing between Amoy and the island of
CUBAN troops.
SIadrid, Oct. 10 Havana official
papers s'ate the following: The
situation of the nn. y, owing to tiie
suspension of its monthly pay, is
really pitiable and must have an
early solution. Six months have
passed since they received any
money. Some of Ihem have received
none for a much longer time. Offi
cers have been the mercy of usurers
iu obtaining the necessaries of life.
In several interior towns H e troops
are said to have taken food bv force.
Mansfield, Oct. 10 Short stops
were made at fchreve and Perrys
ville. Mr. Biaine spoke a few
words at each place, thanking the
people for the kind reception they
gave him, and presenting ihe tariff
as tue great issue. At 1 :i!0 the train
arrived at Mansfield the home of
Senator Sherman.
Brussels, Oct. 10 A duel was
fought yesterday between M. (Jardie
tditor of the Indt pcreTtnce Beige,
and M. Volders, e ditor of the Na
tional Beige. Neither were hurt,
salt lake news'.
San Fracisco, Cal., Oct. 10 A
dispttch fr:un Salt Lake says: "The
anti-Mormon Territorial Convent Ion
was held hi re today. Capt. Ransfoid
Smith, of Ogdi-n, who was v dele
gate to the Democratic, national con
vention, and whose anti-polygainy
- ' resolution was smolhcred iu tli. -
b..ciy, w.ns nominated for delegate
connrer.e. A s1 r u u, loyal platform ir iislimid del .
tt lis e nlhu-ias jeaily aciop.hd. 1 n s. i. e ( t t o ei Stales are to be
Jud-e Jos. ..liiler, a Korty-niner, : I'mnui men who have such an estab
and county Judge of Siskijou coun- i Ulu d charactei tied tl.ey have held
ty In 1,"8, died on Tli tir.-elay at j oilicial position;, for many years,
Oh nejive, from the effects of an j regardless of the varying politics of
overdose of morphine taken acci- j the country Moral character was
Toledo, Oc. 10 (Jen. Btille r ar
rived here this afternoon, and was
ann. unced to speak at White's hail
this even.ng, but tne hall proving
iu..ih quale to accoa; inodale the
1 irge cre wel tthicli had a-seinbled
to hear him, the nn etinir was held
in ihe open air. Ceii..Eut!i r spoke
lor iwo hours on !hu j on ical ls-ues I
of t'ne day. The ntldre was de
voted miinl3' to the eiie u siem of
tlie cuiri'D: y and laiiu questions
and a vigori us ui laignment of mon
eijiolisls anel Si'iteulator? in the prod
ucts of Ihe farm and iKCet-Saries of
Rome, Oct. 10 The harrowing dt.
tails of the- eye lone wh ch prevailed
on Cataria island, Sicily, yesterday
have bet 'i reccivid. Twenty-e-iht
persons were ki.leu and abotit l.OOi!
injured. Creat eiitress exi ts among
the poor. Hundred.- of houses were
demolished In Brongs Tondo and
tiie ge.ci.i quarters at Cieali tenei
Oquiuna, the supu.b- of the eity,
many sun-.me r mansions ; m; in ruins.
The damage amiUnts to two mil
lion lite. Later rep. lis from Catan
ina state that 4l'0 ir-i 1.5 wc re in-
ju ed by a cyclone, and damages
will amount to four million lire.
stage robbers.
Whitesboro, Cal , Oct. 10 The
Clovcrdale and Mendocino City
stage was stopp d by two men about
three o'cloc k, this morning, w ithin
about three miles of Boorieville.
They took tiie treasure' bo'X and mail
bag. Ihe stage was loath d with
passengers, but oniy two were re
lieved of money and valuables.
U. S. Sl'l'ltEME COURT.
Wasiiigton, Ot. 10 The Su
picme Court will meet next Monday
for the October leim. Six justices
are in the city ami all v. lil be pres
ent. The number of casts on the
docket is 1,015, or 510 les than h.M
St. John, Oct. 10 Orange dis
turbances are aain developing at
Harbor Grace. The gales of the
convent were torn down and filing
into the si a. One Kiverhead man
was beaten aimcst to ileaiii bv the
I'i'ubate Juliiisih-i;.
Ed. Herald: As a "looker on in
Venice," possibly to become a set
tler in your rich valley to enjoy
your magnificent climate, I may be
pardoned a wend regarding your
local politics.
As to persons of property and
good moral Cham cter, tiie chances
are largely in their favor lint iioy
will never be in litigation, and the
question as te w ho fil.s ltie various
county oliicers is not m ctsariiy a
vital one. Bui ail such persons, in
common with eyeiy c i izen who has
any property, have a special and
personal inteusl in m e office, and
the ciiaracti r of he man w;.e lilis it
the vital cjus id.i, and not his
poiit.es. 1 refer
Probu.te J udi' e . ii
to the niliee of
iirry man or w o
o j; i ty is as 1 :ab; e
man who has j
to die as !ho-e w ho have ore?, and
at once their property 1.. c .m. s u. -ject
to the control id tii Pri b.ite
Court. If a judge is tricky and n-es
his office for pe.s. nal iiiii b. yn.ni!
his ligit'iui.ie ices, or .-o uses his or
porluni' ies a-i to vastly u:ciVM-e his
iig'ii imate fees, he a once becomes
the direct robb. r of widows, orphans
and credilois of the eslnle. ibis
cannot be prevented by the making
of a will, because lhat very wid
must itself CMt before the Probate
Judge, if he is impure, his harpy
talons will fasten upon the e-tate
whether the dead man or
dead woman has sought to protect
that estate by niasioi; a "ill or not.
The writer has known the office of
Probate Judge lo be filled by a lmm
who was s.) constant iy partial in his
rulings and decisions to cue or two
attorneys that soon nearly nli the
orobate practice was done bv those
attorneys. The public was forced i
to believe thai those attorneys were ;
the favorites of Ihe ec.urt because ;
they divided their numerous and
litavy fees n ith the Probate J ude.
Collusion between a corrupt Probate
Jueie and the administrator or exec
utor of an t-tate is almost ulways
practiced, so lhat the fees are swelled
far beyond their rtghtful amounts,
while the acituinistraUr is allowed
to keep and Use the funds of the
eslalo to the hiutieiance of hens and
creditors much longer than he
would do under a Judge of spoLless
A corrupt Probate Judge, lor his
own gain, also throws every estate
po.s-ible into the hand - e I ihe I id
iic At'ii'inlsltaeor, it he finds lie c,iu
make a ce l.taai.e in crime out of
him. And thus n:ai y an estate e f
very respect.ioje proportions has nol
sufficed to pav the wronir'v accumu
lated fees uniii r -ii h a pn eefS. ;
Sow I lie vast hoc!., know n a- ' creel- j
ilors" (that i - siiiv and evety person j
to whom iibv estate mat owe anv
thing.) and thu widtiW and or
and othe r heirs, nave notilie soi
interest in the qu stioi as to whether
the Probate Judge who controls the
estate is a Republican, Demticral,
Pi . t ettoi.isi or a Ben Bailer man.
But the only vital qiustii.n which
connects creditors, w idows, orphaus
and other beiis is as to whether
is riiOi
!ly upright,
r bought, : T :
to not to be
Ihe lare: ticni-n! in their popu
larly. Tiie wrilet does t ot advocate nor
discourage Iheclaims of any aspirant
for the oil e in your county, and
only a lodes to tout local polities to
call a itcntion of vole s o ,-ti parties
lo tin vast iir.por.anee e f the office,
a i d of havr g it fill- d- by a man of
tried mora! i-haraeter. An l onest
Probate Judge wcu'd be faithful
and (Mojnpi m his ui'iigs and de-
j c isie i s e e.i ci in ii.g an c .-laie which
had I i in lelt b fiieni1. or f f, eijual-
ly ks well to a f ri ijiiit r or a native
! on ii '2er-. All eXMiiince
! loves that a coirupt man in any
po ition can never be t ru.-lecl even
by his own polity, his friends nor
his ft lleagues. Such a one would
nol be honest . w i: h the wid..w, or-pli-ins
heirs or enditom of his own
brother. Yours, Junius
( OUST -.IL :XkAi
Ortober Term. ISH-i
FMFottlcr vs EW Biyantand
T J Br ard ; tweed, Hancock e&
Crenshaw for plaintiff and Alsap &
Baker and A D Eemon for defend
Henry (Jartias, Executor Will of
l!t nglo Bull, deceased, vs J J Oar
i.iim r and Elizabe h Gardiner; Alsap
Baker and ('ox & Campbell for
plaintiff; Lemon & McCabe and
Tweed, Hancock & Ctenshaw for
d ftndatit.
E P church vs L H Orme, Sheriff;
Porter & Miilay for plaintiff, Alsap
& Baker for iicoei.dant.
Babz & Wells vs F M Fowler;
Cox & Campbell lor plaintiff, Alsap
liaker i-r defenaaui .
A A Ward vs David Balsz; Alsap
tfc Baker lor plaintiff, II N Alexan
der for defendant
Clark Cbuichi!l vs J A Reavis; C
Churchill for plaintiff; Alexander &
Summers for defendant.
Mux Ordensiein vs W T Gray ;
Tweed, Hancock tt Crenshaw for
plaintiff, Alsap e Baker for defend
ant. P.J MeCoruiick vs W J Murphy;
Alsap & Baker for plaintiff, DeFor
rest P. rter ai d Chirk Churchill for
Win. Christy vs L H Orme; De
Forest Porter and Clark Churchill
for dt fi c. hint, Al-ap & Baker and
Tweed, ii uncock & Crenshaw -lor
F. 11 Alfoicl vs R B Todd ; Tweed,
Hancock & Crenshaw for plaintiff,
Ais'i, ii & Baker for defendant.
Grand Canal Co. vsChas ( rismon;
Tweedy Hancock & Crenshaw for
plaintiff, for defendant.
Goldman & Co. vs Jos Drew;
Tweed, Hancock & Crenshaw for
pla.ntilT, U N. Alexander for de
fendant. S 11 Park iuson vs Belle Parkinson ;
Al-ap & Bal er for plaintiff, for
Rosenthal & Ktitner vs D C Kling;
A!, ap eS: Bake r for plaintiff, for
She: man, CI :;. e.t Co. vs Nellie St.
lair ; Aisap &, Baker lor plaintiff,
for i-r & Mi lay for defi-udant.
David J 1 ! eierson vs C T Ilayden
a d . nUieD Ilayden, his wife; Al
sap efc Maker for plaintiff, for
Lord, Stonte-iit.uig t Cel. vs A J
i acdoiiiihi; 'i tv-e-ed, Hancock &
t ie. shaw for jlainiitl', Lemon &
., c i1 1 is for elel eneli lit.
ii R lo g. is and his wife C A
K. lm svsF G We in w onh ; 1 weed,
ii .neock efc licnshaw for plaintiff",
Cox it Oainpb'. I for defendant.
R ii Todd vs Florence V Te del ;
AS-p & Baker for plaintiff, for
( has Salari vs Y L Slater; Tweed,
Hancock & Cicnshaw for plaintiff,
A!np fc B iker for deft ndmit.
Wm l'uff vs -V W Ci sner; At.-ap
it K il.er for plaintiff, for de
fendant .
M Ashcr it Bro vs John Demar
bitlx and Jos Gox ; II N Alexander
it A C Bake r for plaintiff, for
tlefeiid nl.
M A-her mid A A-her, earners
I with M 1 1 ie Godchaux, J LB Alex-
; der, B ruani Goldman and Jos.
I) Mi iiilion. vsJohn !) rlmix iinii
Jo- Gox; A 0 K.i: cr nti-i H N Alex-
nndi r lor plaint .fi'-, lor d fend
ar.i .
Absolutely Pure-
This powder never varies. A ln-n vel o
Htrt'll'jth. llliriiy ana w llnl s llli-ll.-6s
Mre ee-onomie'-iil th'ia the ovebiiarv kimts
and ciinnot b a ltl in eoinp 'i ioir with
tt.e muitituete ol l'-w te-s . hni weieht
atuin or phosphate p wd rs. Sold nly in
j5-Jyw 08 Wall Bt.. New York.
A 9
Boca Beer Denot&Geimania
Corner Vrasliihcrton
Sole Api
For the Celebrated i'oca Deer,i
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beer in Amcrca. brewed from
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hojiS ; brt wery on 'i rnckee iv
er. 7.U0O teet abovt' sealevt-1.
with beet
Special Bates on bottled Beer to Saloons
E"AfJj!J iTQ Supplied with Bottle el Goods niid n C A Q f - A C ! T -""'-1 i
r AWIiLitlO 1 int; Liquor's at It n-rt OU:1 AOL L t t:l,f.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars
W hiskies a
The Valley
CAPITAL - - $50,000
M II. Sherman -
Wm. Christy
E. J. Bennett. . . .
- President.
. . . .Cashier
.A. Casbier
M. II. Shermam. Sam'l A.. IilDltPHY
Wm. CiiKisTY, E J. Bknkktt
Got Bennett.
Receive deposits, make collections
buy and sell exchange, discount
commercial paper and do a general
banking business.
O-Office hours from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Geo. D. Clark
At Dr. Iiosson'e otlics, uear tli poetofflce
S'UiKMX.. - AT
Repairing fine watchet muett
Spe'eiiulity .
3 S
n si2"B
s, - . frii B
IU1 Ai-lil
and Montezuma sts.
water in A u erica
Choice Kentucy Sour 3Iush
Aj hot or i-eii-. i
BANK OF AKiZOfv-' . !
Vi.v.". liAi.Efc
- !
K i ,
The Bank ol Caiiiernia, San Fran cisi o
Messrs. Laitiiaw & Co. fifcw York
? v;i;ic-i; . .1 sjiilfl iind silver Eul-
iion, Coutiiy Imnds and warrants,
Discount foTntiierc-ial p.iper, recieve
deposits i f;nr. able oil deiuantl, tin
dertakc collections and transact a
It ti.i i.tAi. ::as-;:'.3 Businss
51gOffice hours, fiom n A. m. to 4 p. m
mm bajiee
Opposite Postoffi:e,
mm yppii
ylllsylliiill fei wu u
Must, shall and will be sold
These are facts
Sales commencing
v i
Wkmm b
Phoenix, A. T.,
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, Im
porters and Jobbers of
Fine fiiies Limiors ai Cigars
Sole Agents for the
A. Old Valley Whisky,
Anheuser-Busch Beer,
Fred ricks burg Brewery Co.
Agency of John L. Bowman &
Co., San Francisco, Cal.,
and Straiten & Storm,
New ITork, Cigars.
The Largest Establishment ol
the kind in Arizona.
some Fir. 9
IsftMrcuJars and Price- List sent
j Berkshir
! I- have
Address, "WILLI AiJ NlLI-fc5,
' Los Angeles, Cal.
! Come and see.
s 1st.
olarsd-China isfzs
Short - IIovn or Durham
for sale.
em np.plii atte n.

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