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Weekly Phoenix herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896, October 23, 1884, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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planted by commercial interest the I the entire population turned cut l 1 London Saturday
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...V......$ 5.00
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Mftav4aM sal Mil aa acsaaat
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. Oct. X3, 1SS4
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ra Ticb KinBirt:- ;
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Tar Congressional Delegate,
f Yavapai county.
Far Sept. Public Instruction,
f Gils county.
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Tar Jiiim? f --Ciiine-. irnsn
vf i svapai county.
BaellBa t 9ty Ticket-
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Caucil J
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Y. T. Smith
Assembly.. l- Fowler,
tenff Jos. Dbew
Tresiarer.v.-.E. BviKikki.akd
Dittricjly jE&-fJn.i-AT.
Frobf?T4 u3g J- SPj!aiv
case becomes very strong in favor hear Kim, and at Tonitoione, ShefT
of the proposition. J J Jr f h i i i 0' . u hi .'pry bexif a j port Jon
Major Ingails informs us tliat lie j et the crowd i-tiic !i Irotjjered' i;
is already bearing from California Hs;.cn to Ibu eloaiicht sprl-ch -f oir
i ft most premising way, and w-.j,jyTt . DcSi-aM.i t' CobgrfciW.- -s
will probable have quite a Ca ifoi
nla exhibit. '
Thb Prescott Courier gets out its
political pen point, and mukes vari
ous and luudry jabs at the Herald
tor opposing Had and favoring Dr.
Ainsworth, and in general, for being
ft Republican. But then we arc
ure the Courier has scarcely waked
up from the Rip Van Winkle snooze
of its party and its dabs at the 1 1 sk
ald are "away off" from the mark .
Of course we heard Head talk
about railroad lands and all that,
but happened to knew that as a
minian of the Southern Pacific he
opposed the Atlantic & Pacific, and
one a S. P. man always an S. P.
man till the company kicks him out.
.Yas, and we suppoit Dr. Ains
worth who voted aganiht the freight
aud fare bill of tbe "wild ass of tbe
Huachucas" simply because he did
not believe that we should pass a
railroad bill to cinch" railroad com
panies before we had such railroad
lines as the Territory neeited badly,
and still needs, and by which act
the Territory would drive out and
keep off such capital as laiflit be
cassjtieripgf. lht-i" rnaHer of making
1'jree tmpnt in rsilro'ida witinn it
Two years ago we a
tlut Vf rv .. Cortria . upoa
Dr. 1 AfnsivcriHs voted agninipt.. tLc.
freights ai.d fart bill, auti we sup
part him now b-raus! we bclir ve lie
!id right. TliMi we mtp rot in f!Vr
of-IMtUiug cffur.-T w f iiOi'ial uose to
spite fare, even ii'ibt nose litis a
boil cd it.
Then again, the f.'trr, st'i-fikinj:
At si! th.a. u eliiifA t'ol Btun
.'poke i fticti VeJy, u.d in fc , his
tour has been a p rft'rt oTittion. ''
Last night he spoke in Florence',
Hiid as Col. Iltad was there the
night previous, the people hud au
opportunity of comparing the can
didatea directly. The old miners
go for Bean, the Republicans arc
salid for him, the larth'S endorse
him and every man id the Territory
who is in earnest about securing
some substnutiul advantages for this
Territory endorse him . He will be
elected by a handsome majority.
Albany, N. Y., Oct. 21 This city
was thrown into excitement yester.
day motning by the report that
Governor Cleveland had been as
saulted while on his way from the
executive mansion to the capitol.
Some reports had It that he had been
asssrtinated and others that he born
fatally wounded. The reports
spread with marvelous rapidity,
and soon hundreds thronged the
capitol and song-lit cut the Governs
or's n-om to enquire as to the foun
dation f .r the rumors aud the con
dition e.f tin: Cr vernor. As is usu
ally tU; case, 'here was HSi'ght
foundation :r ine ruiDor, ur-c ii
vtiiicK a S'.iu rstrocti -n oi lie k-n
which ! had bail', en pn.-i-iog. iron" uiu'l
ta Li.ou:!,, 5rippoi! or -.1 - ill-h
ir;;.ir"s tr" irf5 t 7 i? - -1 j-i i, i ii I is i- 1
r tbnii ar.v
timo-wAR -the hi-t hun.itr!! vvisr.--.
ref.d. tbtenuirk'-t itt 1 o v ' FTiTT! s
tiiaa ieTc r ,' been kn -wn ip't.7 tire
'civil v".r, w.fii s' ri'His ijiso'loniua:
.whether the b d r'ck hs c e-tr ,ov
l.cen rtache-2. - -
COKNKLLSVII.I.E,. Pj) , :1 ; 21 . -:
This n:oi nil K when Rice Oibiu
came down to 'br.akf st at li is
parents' home in Bradford, he d
claiHed in frighirnrd tones. I hud
terrible dream Inst night, I dreamed
I shot a m an while out hunting iast
Thursday." Eis relatives Ifiiight at
the matter, but young Orbin insisted
upon going t the s. ene of the shoot
ing nud finally pir.-unded his
brother-in-law nsmtd Jones, U, ac
company him Unou iiriiving at
the spot, some five mile.- from home,
in a dense thicket of lain vl. svas
found the bt.dy Jabob Kling with a
bullet hale through the brain. Or
bin and companion, horrifieil, return
ta town; Justice Campbell will
hold an inquest to-morrow. Or
biu'g story is received with some rie
grea af incredulity. The general
opinion is that young Orbin shot him
accidentally and was afraid to con
fess. Both men bear trood reputations-
New Yoke, O21. 18 It was 1 :30
this morning wh n Gr vt rncr C leve
land returned ia the Fifth Avenue
Hotel, from Brcoklni He av'once
retired and srose this nyoming at 9
o'clock, break farted with Cult eel
Lsmuant, then received callers until
II o'clock. Chairman Biiri.um,
be-; atorn Jones and Goirii&n, Cii-ir-Bia
mith of the Slate IVinocrmic
Coijimitter iielt gat itn fioWVirgiti'.tt
and a ptr;y 1 f '!it . men in m A:a
b:-.mi. Sciaio! ' Wt.liace of .J'--ui:r V -
j ; I'- ii :'i.e ir l.i r-:-kji-. ' : 'hf "' '""'i
' r.r 1 ; ' ';- , ; - j-i J --t
tnej., rn;- , 1:- S. V. 11 11. v.. i .;.:'
ij'inci t 'y- filni- lifp 'lari.'iw'fiir- x ;, ,
in the. .!.,. uiic-t---i-:- "' ' '
I'o the Hun Beard of Suptrtitm s:
In the miitit-r of ihe piopi m 1 ion
f the S. P. li. R. Company le ?e ile
the judgment against .the isi f.'ol
lecior af Uaricopa, county, I have
to say, fiist.: that ther3 is no i.ubt
but w hat the county rau-t at ;--oi;-.e
time and in some way settle lb is
Claim ; second, that while the way
in which it, is proposed ty the ir. i '.
R. li. Company to settle the same is
perhaps not strictly legal, yel tbe
practical application of ite YTy I
see no abjection ia. The money
went into thedifl'eient funds of the
county; the Supreme Court of "be
Territory say, by their reversal of
the juiigment of your Di.-trict Court,
that the money was not due to the
COnuty ; sow, by accepting the jii'oji
ohition of the S. P. R. i. Co. you
keep the same mrn ot money 'out
this year from the fumls which yon
have used for nearh two ;.t.us. .,1
can see no wrong done, no iuj.i.-rticv
io any pait interested . , I tn of
the opinion that the ' prop- aition
iniicht be accepted bv tbe Board as s
matter of go. d policy 'on the pa:t
ti.e county. I has;- my. opinion on
t'l.c power generally given ! f;.--r's
of i-uj ei viaor to com. ri-mic
ti r Iot ti.err ta'jiity . aral tbeii
e.s to ecntrto tLu- c- : -i;ii b;r
m..tter ot 1 ii.i :r Vi f ; err jv. ,"viir-
v. v.- -
. C-. JiiiL
:e!' tlpr!i t'
loivi : Clovcrnor
stalled ia front of The M?1ni ( 0!-if-tre
tlii-s mornio. iy Sn B-'oiie,
ot Cricautiig cour.ly; v 140 k cjet'
eu from the vxcuiive chn:'!:'C-r T.vt
wf;; - i.-r crer.liLg a c ii!jrr-ai:ce 1
r whi'e veekine
t- trvvfar.a viU; ifi'.e
!.:r Aibntiy -
L'KATlJ Of 'iif.S
Bacj. Alvord,- V. 6.
it- E. LIGHTS U Rt4 E ,. M .D
Ptoys an ad Surge n
ltd R- Mdcncc'i.eai ly opposite-ii-w
Lcii.ini Hotel, "lYasli
1 Iivto.-' -6i 1 cel.
- , - Arizona.
tiuiv ':i!,i.Av.'
Notary fiihiic.
t' . j si.LA
? ttornoys an
At L
and Itf.ai K.
T. V. HE
Co ii Engineer
. vv ,
ham. 'rv. -.i e swr.tu
" Aticri-ej'S at Lavv:
tSOFflCE In Irvine bailiiir, j.
. A, T1VF.KU.
- p 1 T-a i-Z i
J pm - lJ f i f -r :
c. tto rn ys "ii i " Lav.'
..l.!U:t SHI -. in:: .a. 85-j-t IK
f ; ! i t
jj.j Zh-r
1 til
- :tl J--4
ilri;i'iI aril i-yi
Sair Francisco, Cal., Oct. 3, 1884.
Messrs. Dilloii & Kenealr,;1 ; I
Gentlemen : 1 Your bid of 55c on the dollar
for the stock of Alston Brown & Co. has been
accepted: Yours etc.,
James Grant,
, ' ; Assignee.
,'t H1Z
Los Angeles, CaLy Oct, 5, 1884.
James 'Grant l-i ' k --
Assigneie ibr Alston Brown & Co.
Dear Sir : YbursortneSth. instant received.
shall give bur, immediate attention to the
stock of Alston I Br2n:;(Q6i.;;T.lie.-entire stock
will -'bo- shiriried.7rBQih7,6i ' BlioBilrsr. A: T.. via
-::1 ci Tf
icopa. Y6iirs'- etc:'
I-SY 4.:
a l)illbn &"Kenealy.
-irioni I no 1
in i-.roy-n'a
i a'b $yp:tG$j.tg p.axq anpai n.aeds .i expiation, it is
Tti e fetsck' i ti "'quest! on amou nts ,
li ...-ill l::o:i i.,r.: oil .-'nil .
ana-consists ot
Ulv-i'Vilii.. i." 5 i V '-?ltl Wl
I e s v i j
-ft- a y J
ill:-l.:'i aii'Jll'l'
T h .
9.11 lo
lii--: .
f the Texas l'a.iuc lan
and tlie whole crew of
hii i mfc spies U ; ri. .: in i .
cit'ndid iLC suy
fv? 1 it tti R. R. SiVt.. ..tcratii- pcrt.iii cf Concr,
r",rnr isd Hnh 10. A m in istrs'or . .
. .T. W. Hike
... oei atic-1V03;-
7 '
raKnrx prectkct.
- t ( Vt .T. WOOD!
Juaticc of the react Pjack
, . 1 Tho. S. Rutf,
Constable, j M amcel Garcia .
pp-io-tliB preset! ihpmenf Cleve
Unfi hasaot rfared ta ake a denial
t the If aria Hafpin "business.
Tn bojs JH tewn sar they
kava .truck a rich thing on Broad
it. Thiv hare iaduced him ta
put p" rif ht , lively but ihey w ill
vote for Burger all the same.
A. larga and iatelligent vote of the
democratic aarty will be polld for
. S . H . Bmrger far sberifF. The only
diffioaltr ka will eXDcrieaee ia eail-
iag lata tha Hlce wilt be from Drew
Jo CAarPBEU-'s chaaeea to becoate
1 the aazt Prabata Judge of Maricopa
coaaty have frown to be exceeding
ly snail, and will coatinue ta de-
aiaUa q '.If pi ember when they
i J I f i - ' S i '
til 1. . J - . n .i O: n t
Will uccm. ftany 11 .uuu
The Democratic candidates of the
cauaty are a lively set af fellows,
aad they need to be. ,They have
swung around the circle ance and
propose a second trip ovuer tie-fteiij.
The votes they lostbi- 'the" firit trip
will be doubled. Go it "truthful
eight." "j
"The valuation of Grovtrr Cleve
land'J).a:y? fa afl&?a5rthil-rtjr
ia net less lhs-.il tw miihun dollars.
notwithstanding which fact he poses
as a p-yt ta ta .' Bujfalo Expi-as.
How about yoar "campaign lie"
now. Mr. Cotenln.. over tac way
fHaS2y kte'sf JAMilidkiS
or President is, do you?
Tee e;"reitses jts'fidwl''al)bVJ
Eepublieacs favoring Chinese cheap
labor whieh is a sousra
lit; hut suppc?Vii?-?s'4,t'act, is"The
Dvinetrutic pary ur.y be'tc-r ull
whea it proposes too,i.,urj?PW
aud fiod our inartrfervw1tJi'' -h-p
Chinese icauufactures and oblige
our laboring men and citizens to
campVte: lot fthj iwtjhf
Chinese troodsf Not one whit. In
fast ' there will always be. a large
majority of people who will favor
white labor as against the Chi
nese laborer, but commerce will
shove Chlntse -goods everywhere
when once the Jariff is taken ofl
c,r:jc pi
ti'n'g'lltese 1 g'Ip i -.ck i.-i ti
public doasio, hut your psrii'-a
Congress, our nionopol:-: ic Sena'
took good care to keep the mca-u
fiom beiua enacted into it lass
That misrepresenting assertion hhs
been most ably and conelusively an
swered by the Hon Ed. W. Wells
of Prescott, in a recent speech; an
swered in a way that should shut off
Democratic croaking ou that sub
ject for all time 'o come. Wc quote:
"The House if Representativeo at
its last session fooled away nearly
the entire sestion trying to do somn-
ihing with the tariff. It worked up
a tarifl bill mountain high, but it
collapsed like balloon,brintnnii di.
trust upon your party leaders ai d
ruin to the then favorable prospects
of the. Democratic party . this held
the land grant resumption bills buck
until the latter pari cf May and
June before they reached the Senile
wben there they were promptly re
ferred to the appropriate committee
for cont-ideration. Two were speedi
ly reported back from the commit
tees, the Atlantic at Pacific teia-r
one and the Sioux City & St. Paul
being the other. The former pass
ed the Senate with amendments and
was sent back to the House where it
r. ceived no further action .
It is not a law because the House
failed to act on the Senate amend
ments, which were in the nature of
pi elect ion to bonifide settlers on the
railroad lands. The Texas A Pacific
bill, known and commonly calb'd
the baok'-hme land irrant was Lin
ed bv a t st vote in the House ov
which it was laid on the table unrier
the leadership of Mr. Ellis, Demo
crat, from Louisiana."
The-Hon. Ed. Wells has simply
stated the facts lo tbe case a- wo
have quoted them, and if facts "will
not suffic lo convince the Courier it
must be truiy Democratic in its
habi's of thinking.
As ta "winking at polygamy," we
have .to say'to the Courier that the
Republican party so f ir has had n
Jerrv Black to iio the uia-licatin e
id -"thai" iT.c party ohI' swallow th.-!'.
thing wboVfalc, 'ijcba- i'eei'
i ia the party to v.i.e. u t'.e
R-p'i'ol iot.u pnc.y cii-'i (
m.n votes i.T :f i.: Tejri'nry :
I -.vet k or tv!! ilSV. hfr
; J U:";.t:i, Eric ' Lt:! :;-
C"eruir sni-.i thai ! 1.
tot cr.se j'et. E-iH'in-:
t h reritrDin: l eiiiar'rt t:
; li'.' i:e foibiwc-i 'in; O'.Vort.o!' i'.iifk
r.u !o:'i: :h - cs-r.'Uti-.'O mans:- n
" 1 : it'- i.il-.Y Rl.lt (ii". J L' -. I I . ; :-T 1 ',!'-. !
rrot !.t;r,ve iiitil tin g: x pnr.ror, ;
ii 1! r-t -y I a .: :. ;: . t,lou
oay ha n aj-i er.rr:: :r:, bis v i!-.
Mis. lldBiir w. n: in'- ); x- cu- iv'
(lu:: te: vw:i:c le-r iriol'.-tMi re
iiu.iii d in 1 he uuii room. She le -came
'cxited and violent in her
latigitKgc and theG- verr r's alien
an says suddently strueK ut Clevc
iind wtiOfiizid hr arm oefore 'he
blow came and rcqtitsteil the woman
to be siutcd and be cairn. He rose
and she sat down and then screnm
ing fell to the ft. or in violent hys
terics . Two orderlit s then removed
Ler across the street to a house
where the was treated. She has
been hysterical most of the time
since. Boone states that when he
heard hi wife screaming he rushed
into the executive chamber and
found the Goveraor just letting go
oi lier. He was put into the anti
room by the orderlies win. ren oved
the woman. He claims that the
treatment of his wife was so severe
that she is in a dying condition,
and, overcome by his feelinns, he
attacked the Governor. A reporter
of the Albany Jturn:.l wha called
at the house whsre Mrs. Boone is,
saw her and bruises on her were
shown him by her attendants-, where,
it is alleged, the Governor -elzed
htr. She W is in a coma o-e condi
tion and appears;. tly dviiiir. Boone
wns released and went quickly to
his bnnr.ling house on Laneastle
street, win re he ws nrrested s'north
af.erwarda. Dr. Honehion overtook
the Governor and conversed brii fly
with him about the :i-snult. The
Governor procec dct! lo the capitol
and Went to work, atln.lint; only
casnailv to lb.- m.-.tter to llie ktiacloa
of Ihe office. In the 1 olicv ci'uri.
Boone pleade d "not truilty," and
asktd for two di.ys in hich topics
pare his case, as he wanted to :e!c
graph t't Judg! Boar.imitn f-u?i
ot K - ."si, me i'onrt to dcf. n i.iiii.
lire C.1-.1; Hits put down for. 1 T
Jy altcrita 111. B 'on? has i- en
The j i:i'
... . !,- j C:ST! di
..V .. ,
n: r,-";'-i
Ui :-. I:'
;!: oiiii
.!! HT inl -If'
iltl -liOi
;:; it
1 M
iifenaspQ for
lai4haiiDalIari '-;he entire st-toek'
o:.ni.:eial) j f.ri the i q :iv -lo
but 'he ifjri :ii;t 1 o i it n;i ,.-i
bettu; 1I.1 i-.i.ri-o - s ,-lu.vii
thr tf i-tri i ssirn 1. 1 yoo , oi nhcii a
us n w si i m .ill ti, he lit pnlil can
majoniy will l.e l.ilwecn lbl'OO and
19,000. Actuar-tigurcs r,
in a tt w davs .
BoarOf IS., pei Tlnois.
r lVen
slllli p i U. to
t .-.s a rtriiut
ti.e f.'i-(i I in-
ti 'i ti.e
.11 : clst-
I. r,-tw.i
1 ln bro!her-!i.-Um
) -.' who was
for . ;,i
unct ivit,
in i: a.
"ijOlix' Oil ti i
" wont: !!:'
W ' were ' handed a copy of the
Pmi$C Mural Prt$ this morning, by
Major logslls. which kindly says o
aur Fair," etc "The importance of
the thriving Tenitory "of Arizona as
a market for ?CKfoniftr-prod!uets,
tnerchanical and.-i iadtlsVria shoald
lead jppr . t61iitriaHts-no-take ah
Interest la ; the fir,t annual fair of
tbe Arizona Industrial Exposition,
to be beld ett "Phoenix beginning
Novemfcer 10, 1884 . We should of
coorig Lave a neighborly interest in
Arizona's progress, and this alone
would induce us to exhibit at such
ever irjsuiicd ihe r.utis
reprOHch io 'u- m-iiiier li...t :: -.
ifni' ..T r,:,t r 1 ! I .-. .'ur. i . .-. r " j
a ti-.T.ier ?:.-! er's oir'I. .y i :?-er: io;; ;
liiitHclf in1;." h j,::-; :j h
!)HCk J.y ; oh :ftn;io Vol s. i
So far ! r Cou'i'i .'ireniio.r of j
the sinve business is coie eir.i i!
his been knovtn lo some fxople in
i.oy. ...io.
-i f -- i-iovet :,. r t
itl.elil Visit to
.1 a.-ke.l tor ihe
. 1 1 1 l. over
ver th ma
Offick iiOAi.n Si PK!:' ison.
I'hcenix, O. t. 18. 1884. )
Board met at ten o cIock, a. tn.
pursuant to adjournment, with all
members present.
Minutes of previous meeting were
read, approved and signed.
Ob motion aud by vote f full
Board the petition of tbf residents
on the line of the Arizona canal,
asking that a voting precinct be
established ou the line of said canal,
wis approved and a precinct estab
lished on the said canal, lo be known
as the Anzana Canal precinct.
Pursuant to the lection procla
mation of the Gavrrnor cf this Trr
ritory that an electian bo heid
througboui the Territory on the 4 n
day of Nuvember, 18S4, in the st-v-eral
counties Jheieof . On motion,
and by vote o: full Beard, it N or
dered lht the polis he opened ai d
an eieclton held ' jit-liir -following
named pluces in the difi"ai( Sil pie-cinci-
of ilai ic .-pa c un y. A. T,
and that ihe iclh wing li r-pr-ct. M
and Juuueb i f election he appointed
and are hereby appointed Inspectors
andJudtti in and for..-f.!dp iccinels:
Polls to be hi lei at. the- building
kuown as -the Gtogo Kcberis buiiri-
ing, at-Xo. Wa-hing on street.
Ir.spei.tor, Isaac B. Hand; Judges,
Sinr.on Xoi inrff-r sail Jn-. Suii-on.
j i' .ils !o b.r hei'i sit i lie Kioio bui .'.i
j ing vi't:a..-d -pi-os:'.- L:.w:. ;... 's
i More. Ii:; pi '.;, . S ()-;..;: ;
Jodtc-S .1 I . (.! ,,t ,! J. T. Pi-if-i.
V! :;! 'k. '. .-
ii. Po
... on o.-i- j
y- " " fie Hit
i:rt.i.-d un i .1
c ive the said net
$-i.J4 50. taking
In- ir tax. .- Oi lie pai. 10. i:,e
JSb4, and 1.1 e Boar,', of frll; e V,
ot Maricopa Ccnn ij- 1.-. ing a :v
Si i :i-r.!e:.
tne C i n
fdiuls, i
cIv:our -yy i tij i j 5 . f Q&iut UJ Wl iiiv AUWO
' - :" ; .. .; :.,ii. . rr. b un :i : ! o.. i . -. "
fill, hs affercl for . s.fS.l0-AOmthGi. .people
iff Ion
I hat i hi- m;:n. er of
tiesl f..r all Cviiec rncil
i ei'r.torv and t:.ffi.lc:.t
Jt is
Li .,: i i--.o
. y
i h ,t L. il i
l'a.t C'oiiecior, of Mat icopa V
be ami he is hereby ant ;
this boa id to receipt in fu;i
L-ic Li, S. R.-Ceiver (if Pi
N: 1. A'i'ENT
soi eiauy.
t ;0!!:'cc.
f - r' Jivc
i ne
'U CLAIM .Vtil Vi
rw. am t: s: r.-e
i'. ii. i:ox 14. I Lie-on-. i-ro-i'iK uuuer
U. S. Land bans a .-,eeial;y.
' I j and A't.'iii
said S. P. R. R. Cocpany
taxes due by the sa;d coiuparry for
the year 1864, allowing the . said
company credit for the sab! .-nm or
2,2il4.50 and that in ti." seoiciro-nt
of the said L. ii. Ortii", Tax C.d-ecl-or,
itii ti, is Board of bis Tax Koil
as charged against him for the year
18S4,he bt credited with hut .-aid
sum, as. set forth herein, ami' ihe
Tiea-nrer is hereby oieieicd io tnii-r
a ci (lit in favor of the ...said L.l".
Orrae, Tax t oJlecior aforesaid fi r
the sum of S0.294 50, as ucaiast the
1'ax Roll for the. year lS8t.
O i mo'io.a and by vole of tii'l
i.o - til the io-h.wiuj iii :13 w.-ro ai-
lowed :
-No. 284. Bill of L. D. C't.-.aiid
for s.eivieta reoiicieki on ac.c. uht of
eoi.ri l:o use oiock as pvr cooii io. ' ,
i.i-.j sli' iv. i; for $100.
2o. r.85, Biii i O, A-.T-weeti .i.oi
ai.ioiney fees iu a.-sisticg -iu iha mn -ire
f the a.-.-essn cm o! a :,. Ai izi &a
canal was a!it.vM-d for $50
On in- lion iiic jio.iL.i n-.ij :.u i :n ti
till 2 o'i ioi.ii p. in. -
H'.i-JMr't -i t,...-i
.'()!;(). M. D
reri'ii;ni;ry. Brushes, etc.
' OPPoitp' the I'listoliice.
7 ri t
'- '. '
it, B3-
V s shin ;jt on. . St r .
: I ovi' t e. . P.o ta ffl c-': , -PHCENiX
- - ARiZCNA.
POi'iitfi' A- ; ei i. r - i i r . 1 At 1 - a
inturiii O ttiilr.. -
. rs . ut 1 ai.j, niic- , n.aeij. s. J , I
to in.il-, s'kti.-.Ks, rrir!piir.:rt.,c-J---1-
i ""!-. j 7 C i-i'-' --." -. I
Se-r'-At'cU.-iirSs.--; fj."j
:.o- i-i.-iit.i Lr: . ' -! o.
tOmtet-ipciapie- or-Fhoenix and
! ie yrat'f? hi tth'slifc v:ii.!,iTII ng on cr aaut
its n T csea
2 'd Xios Angeles, Cal.
S S Th If t Z
L. e m o n Hotel.
Haviijg soJ. out his interest
iu the Sin nko nl shop,. has
moved bi'.ck to the old ' ' '
:. . .r - ill -l. .-.!.). .. . . Oil
GUS. SCHAMp; - Prep.
Meals served -front 6 a.' m,
to 9 'p. in. ' ,;
DA Yr HO A R l). ( per1 week ) J . -j .-if 700
5.U. pen's,
ivm r i T,-. i a
' 1 - : ... I. . 1,1 1 J a I . . .. . ......
: .-. : .,- t .. -i r.i -- 1 " .
Pnj-f "3 Afreet
Ea: Side Cuttfio-um Plim, ,
Where 1 e is jirepnreJ to do all
kinds of hcii-ye-shoeiug ut
rc-'asiwijilifo rates. . . ....
ook for the sign
ot tne
upoers Served for' B2!s arid
Banquets at re'ascnabli ftalcs,
I -...7 r ! oca oil in .'oi i
iooP"Di'ninL,-roHmi-'?y o " .Flli'A't-
: tun live'' IV. hfe tattiirs-..''"1 ""
Thr prop.rje.ior.,is hp .(, liitif ,Cio)
ml cater st; jet y u. the w ants of
, : his custoiners.
p : K. ll l G K E Y
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Beef, Port, Teal, Mutton,
Corner ot Washington ix, Centei Sts
! v " fs e--
f 5
'3 f
! oiavy , i
seas Estatei ., ,...,,. (:,.-
. .. . . jrirjes, i .i-..-t.: ,
We niaJiufacture the FINK -'i IHl-i'l
!!'' '-' ' in the Term. ' y
' OrAern rrnma 1 1 I'll o.l-
r' ' JOf. LUKE.
' t
Everyfii-r.o Now and s lean.
' intfli' meals v.") cents
J'lO'd-d by the week t i o'i
brtiiir.l I-'v the m 'ith 1 .('d
N.xt 5orf Cattnn Vros-
rashii!i:ton pt... Mincrix
' 'j Hrttiiri aitd-UiUJ-Boiivf-.'SoMrTrcu -J'
; ' an.i.-i-ii-no: roit; .Vfr.-i -r-l- .i -. .l.-l
' si nr-f! i -J ... ' . . .... " i
r S jl j-U :ne Hftija. ;io.u;:,iu ,wi-iar ( . - j,.lv.
I Hit !i!l:'l " i,,- . iu.ci . a., t-i'er )
Assignees' fieri
TV .
iiaee'.rk Med f :
.1- or-
i 1 sucanee F5r
the lounlry that slavr ry is dead and
;he war over for the past twenty
years; we had supposed tha' llie
news had found their way to the
Courier office. Tumble to the limes.
Bro. Marion; wake up.
IK ti
C it'On he.
From all we can learn, the cam
paign in Arizon , so far as Col.
Bean is concerted, is a triumnhant
succiss. Prom the meeting held
here on the 13tb Col. Bean went to
Yuma to begin his eastward tour.
At Maricopa he was enthusiastical
ly' i received and made a telling
speech. At .Yuma t!i couithotise
was parked by an enthusiastic
crowd, among which were many
ladies; in fact at ell the meetings
of Republicans the ladies have been
present in large numbeis.
At Tucson Col. Bean addressed a
crowd of about 8,000 persons on Ihe
nbM MMlWMsat to sup- I plaza with great effect. Atnson
pLMIii'.N. Y., Oct 21. A ex
plosion h s morniiii: at the t hem
ung Canal bank created greal exeiie
ii.tni. 1 he gas had c-vitli ntiy bei n
left turned on in llie vault since Sa
turday niiiht, and had smothered it
eelfout. Job. i Amos, n conirress
man and a cashier of the bank who
attempted to enter Ihe t auli with a
liijht lamp w as the c.iusi cf ihe ex
plosion, which blew him acr ss the
room against a counter' burning his
face and ha nds. Every wiidiow in
the bank wa- shattered and a door
also and the locks torn off. A ttreat
crowd was attracted by the explo
sion . Amos' Injuries while ualnful.
are not serious.
Washington, Oct. 21. The Po-t
"Master General and Mixicun .Minis
ter today concluded a po.-t ll CoiiVell
lion providing for the exchange of
mail matter between the United
Stales ai d Mexico, at ! mettic rates
of postar.
New Yokk Oct. 21 I he (Jomer
cial Bulletin Bays t Wheat sold in
.inz. -iis ..i i i n
'l-ti V thee. i i. - .p.r.. '; ,....!-
l.r, : !.; Judg- -. U. M . -. -. . . :
IE li. Kiiklan.i.
sEYMOlH pur CI NOT -oi
s to be hi Id ill ( '..j -n: 's l,ou-, .
Iuspec ii', Tho j.- Fini ,. ; julues.
illi.-.iii Gai n aid D ie ( on. ar.
Polls lo be held ai llie hoiel. In
spector, N. Ilarringlon ; Judges,
G. W. Webb and Henry Davenport.
Polls to be hi id ut Red Rover
mine. Inspector, John 'junto
Judttes, George Siarlar juul .Marcel
1 i Dugas.
Polls to be held ut I lie cilice of the
Golden Fleece Mining Co Inspec
tor, W. S. Alack; Judges, W. II.
Thomas and A. J. Hoskins.
Polls to be held at Wilcox'; store
Inspector, James McCahn ; 'Judges
Judges, Ben Belitsco, North Wilcox
PolU to be held at Nenhr's sloie.
Inspector, G. W C meron ;- Jutlyes,
Wm. Ncuhr and Mat Caveness.
Pol hi to I e held at George, Hali'.i
house, i inspector;5 NiyUIudson;
Judges, Eylar and George Hall.
Polls to be held at Murphy's store,
new c
.itid.e in. lo i - t 1J i te
i. ali il by Ho- Cm i,Mnl ( I'nn,
Sal io (ht i t ; akv t be I laev
i I-. R ill w 1;. se lii :iir!S
e;lliit I iio to jii.vel olij.f i
i c t-lrrl. "d"-"' Tlie d. TeJaK;
ibis pret.ii-ct al-O riCniii.,
Justices of (be P-, ,-.ci- W T. Wood
Mid 111 Place and fo: ( 'on-t a I ic"
Manu-1 Gil re'-a and T. S. linii.
at h ti in
er. - yr
.!! . Oi!
: Of Si r.
A'iii :
a ,':(. (.. e
fr. an
'oil for
lef-, Tuf G"..".T , -..tj 5
I H ' i -F- " w r f."ii a W
37s 0 -J.P'.C'. 'JZ 1:.'
I: .la-.
-re-.i. M I .la-. Me . th..
'1 h b o'r- ii 0 a- c-. -T.j,
tw- I ll il !.. i .- !,.! .Is
t.noi i. i' v ill se l e
r-i r ill v in (. I1..I wolii- H i
ao.-I. ti. c-ii. il .llji.-i- liu oo -s
. J S. ti.'t'All 1 11 V
I'lia-iiix, VcV. 7, i'isi.
line ai
i . rr :roin
Jiliil niii
:i il i.o .i
,l f itfl !!.
iiini;, d.
wma - - - .
. . ev cnr si -
J?uti Athaux Street.
-ler l. l.i.
i tin
i ;
' MS
PIHM, Proprietcr.
cu i? " n
Rheumailsm. Neuraiyio, Sc:alica,
ttirribngo, BacUfccho. Kerririac'ie. To ,.th-:iChe.
.ore Thr.iiit. . lli.,UI. - pi ui::-. itriiint-fc
li.irn-. Si-.i.l-. I--r..t liiii.
AKI Al l. '.Il licit ll lllli.v IMINS M1 t( lir-a. .
3ilci b.v l)ru-i;iu.-ii .i H.-;!li-r..:.i ia--J -Ji; rn Fill'. Oenci1
Ik.i'It. riiV.-.-i7.in in"f 1 I.!it.ni,ii.-.
-THE HI VHL1S A. voi:lck CO.
u. A. vui. bus L UU.1 IblUnure, 14. ti. S.
Re-fittcd and Re-furnished.
r.'T.r iirv-i. r(iv.
Everything fJeV, W
LlS li.
" tiood r'oiiis 10 let by.. I he .day
w.ek, or month Fti-t-' lass boti'i
can li; oblained in the liTii i 1 . fiii -
(imn Vii7
'ithl !t j
Ken! at thn F?fV-
;"tki-" v nomas
46 So 2U -Stroet. Phiiarl'a. Pa
fll..." V pl.J.. 1 !.ll.
u.ii in. A7mv Limns, wzi
il-.. n t i- r.. l iv-if .Mitir-tv niw clothtne
iti.td ror il ti iiitiiitti.rn. funi-t ing of
'iivaii-..- '-ii-pmi I'sriiios. Jtickuls, Frock
"it's. P'tuitiHliiiia nlitiu Blouses -ir p.r
eei onler ind wrv rln-nn. Also -tuniiitrd
liny lilitn; ets. Kubber Hlankeis. Jic.
?w indd:8t-w
ater H srhts tb tet: t
--1! lh.0 li.ni
el- a:
r- r
ill in
if to !H
: . SI.I.R i! 'i
1 1 ni.ilt
f -m?. T i
i. in. ni tle iir
1'l.q.iii. 3-.. Oct
- Va,li- C'nal Comij,' nv ;o re.i't- Ap.
piy to u., , OtO, M'l 'ClifRCWlbti
- - i SayUti.vtfe ti.;;pt ;
PlioenisVAHr.'Oc'tr.'iS, iJJ
p tvlTlp' iv
ewt g Airicnme cenie-, an kh-iis.
p'.r d Z'-n .vc
Shu'tler tor Kaiuilv Sin? r. each l
Sh'HtlPS to mb Machine each 1 50
1 anl H efi Sinns - ? Urn
W I- m hAVf iii mit:ts. v wi 1 1 ret nil
I MKChilift d -eoily f otn nnr Tuc-nii r-itch.
: :..rr spiu.aei crt soiKiitea ru in pHrut-B
wishing t purchase.
lvem2mhei it i? n exneriment to buy a
Genuine tfincer. Adobes
Tucson, A. T .
Ofiop ami o'ce oor. .Montezu
ma and Jefferson streets,
(Oi,0jte Stnith's Mill)
Sh.. "t..' ,
Notice . of Dissolution.
The flrnsr-of -Roerrflar,-'Ktitm' 'IS-
Co. liasiithls' dny--"bceri rtissolv'cd by
mrilnal : oo n'sr-iit. M-frtil Godrhaux"
miring i-lt .Hmihe 'rm. Rusiiicrs'1!
will be carried on heTeatter under
the firm iiarme:of Rosenthal & Kut-
ner, ' IykT1iJ GoncHAtX,' '
- N. RosEKTtlAL, ";
' A. ICi-tnKk. ' '
Phoenix, Sept . "22. 1884'. ' ; "'"
. V t a
. J I i
North Sider of-' '"Wkshf Ugfn'n" glWrt
' Above tho PlazH. -r ; :
Fine Liquors A Spe ialty.
9oatbuaal CorncrVVaptitriirtnDiind Celite
,1 1
-B I tv
f Se!
jr n: xocsle"
Finest -Liquors iu Arizon;

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