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"WHOLE NO. 1846.
John VV. Dorrikgton, of Yuma, locked h au attempt to do what any
has an ambition to be President of one who will take the trouble to m
the Council. vestigate, knows cannot be done
now. Again we say there is no use
There seems to be but about one of fooling the time away, ana u our
thing that the business men of Phoe- legislators are wise they will ditcard
nix are a unite
that they would
upon, and that is
like to see times
the imbecile and foolish advice of
the Oateite, which is to the effect
advicb op a chcbch PAPER. Sulliran's court room was crowded
Sah Francisco, DfC. 24 The I this morning to hear the opinion
Chronicle's Salt Lake special tays: read in the Sharon divorce case.
A deputy marshal todny went to a The plaintiff was present together
house where it was Mipposed that a with the counsel on both sides, the
lawyer named Min.r, against whom I only ahseiitrea being David Terry,
he had a warrant for polygamy was I one of the plaintiffs attorney, and
hiding. The church organ to-oiglit the difendaut, William Sharon.
judck sullivan 8 DECision. I the Jimpus ana opposed to the
Saw J-'rancibco, Dec. 24 Judge wishes of the people.
Paris, Dec. 26. In u recent en-
gageaunt with the Chine??, near
Chu, the French lost twenty killed I
and ninety-three wounded.
Chicago, Dec. 24 A meeting was
Thk Mining Review very positive
ly af erts that the mining industry
is very rapidly picking up and will
shortly again appear at the iront in
business matters.
The Gazette threatens our legisla
tors with political annihilation and
obscurity should they fail to enters
tain the impossable schemes of its
innocent and beautiful faber thover.
The Hon. Tat. Hamilton will be
a candidate forfu'igeant-at- Arms of
i lie Council, flnd as such would
-make a firs-t-class .ffieer. It is to be
hoped that the Council will make bo
excellent a choice.
that they should undertake to do a refers , the 0fHeer as a burly ruffian The decision took two hours and held here to-night to give exprcs
thing which it is morally certain I Hrj(i a prowling marauder who was thirty-fire roiautis to read. When sion to the sentiments of the city on
cannot be accomplished. The seeking to invuue me privacy or a it nail been remlerea mere was i me suujeci oi juonuoiusm. .cx-
u..,ij i.,n fh- liousf liold, and as standing on the I rush to coneratulate the plaintiff I Senator J. R. Doolittle presided. In I
I same footiner as a burglar who mi nil 1 1 who had ben led from the room to I opening the meeting he reviewed
matter of unjust discriminations , b fln . with bucksuot. It recover from falntness occasioned the hutory of Mormons, touching
againt.1 tue Icrrilory reguialea as a(jvices the people to stand on their by the excitement. On her recovery upon the Missouri troubles, the
ay one in the territory, but it is not rights and fight the devil with lire, she left the eourt accompanied by Danites and Mountain Meadow mas
d ahouest enouch to usk the lecisla- . her couusel. The plaintiff's counsel sucrc. Rev. Mr. McNeice, of Utah,-
I u.. v j. u I .,. ... . . , ... ...... ... VI ..: ,
,,.. ,;m. ... I 1 win inaae an application lor cuuu- i tiairu iuab i:ic iiiviuuna uiajuicu
J 1 o . . T7 . ..,... r.. a I ) A A riii.i I . . . r ., 1 11 f . . 1 1 M T 1 1
... 1 seI n-es una urts tnousana aonars, i wie uuiauce vi power in luaun, anu
ial to the Chronicle from San Ber- amount of allimonv for fourteen I Arizona and thnt in Utah the Gen-
nardino sysi Tha California South- I months, embracing the period since ! tiles wen practically disfranchised
em Pacihc railroad coiopany have thu trjai began. The actual trial
ordered au exteusi n of their road Qf the ea. o...itied eihtv.one davs
through the Cajou Pass to form a I 'J he decision seemed to be gent-rally
connection with the A' Untie Jc ra. I satisfactory to the heople at large
cific at or mar Daggett Station. A At 10 this morninc the Post issued
large force of Chinaman have been I an extra continuing the text of that
ordered to the pass to commence the part of the dicision which showed
work. The force of laborers will that the decision was in favor of the
the people when it knows there
would be nothing gained by it.
A call has been Issued fraSlate
rand National Silver convention to
meet at Denver, Colorado, January
: 28, 1885. The move is in the interest
of retaining silver as circulating
smedium and the continuance of I
rsilvr coninage.
The Question concerning the
freights and fares on the railroads
running into this Territory, and es
pecially on the Southern Pacific, so
lar as it concerns this valluy has
become a matter of vital importance
Every mill in the Salt River Valley
has closed down: not a pound of
fluur or grain is moving except on
contract of feme months standing
What the result will be, we must
acknowledge utter inability to im
Resolutions were passed calling on
Congress to pass an anti-Mormon
bill. They were introduced ly
Senator Cullom.
number five uix hunilfgd.
San Francisco, Dec. 24 The Ex
aminer s .New York special says
A prominent local Democratic polK
tician of Binghamton, this State,
forwaided to President-elect Oleve-
agiue. The railroad company has land a gold hooped fire-gallon keg
Among Chronicl notices of mem
bers of the "Old Board," San Fran
Cisco II in lug Exchange, in its gush
-. we notice the following of an
day. ,
J. N. Vimoi.
ior a snort time . .Hjjp(ess of it,
days, did not make a SeWPf JP
and is now a rmall office-.
bten appeaied to for relief, and
such we are assured has been prom
ised, but it does not pi. em to be
forthcoming. All the people of our
valley &sk is to be put on an equal
fooling with California in the mar
kets of the Territory and the south
west, This would cot interfere
of rum with the lpMers K. R. R. on
its head. It was returned tp the
donor with C'evelands thanks.
plaintiff. The papers published
portrait of both plaintiff and de
fendant. Speaking to an Assoplated
Press reporter, Gen. Barnes, senior
counsel for the defendant said:
"Sullivan's decision is an entire
surprise to the legal profession, both
as to law and fact. This judgment
if it stands will t-it be a serious
pecuniary injury to Mr. Sharon, as
al) his estate is his separate proper
ty, and with its income and profits
is exempt from the decision. I don't
New York, Eec. 27. A dispatch
from Charles Francis Adams, Jr. , to
the directors of the Uninn Pacific
company, has been made public.
He snys all tlojies that the company
is in distress fop rupney, with which
to meet January and February in
terests, are simply preposterous, and
manufuctuied out of the whole
cloth. We made no application for
money anywhere.but our obligations
will be met promptly as they mature
Hineapolis, Minn., Minn., Dec.
27. A five story brick building on
J edge Sullivan of the Superior
Court of San Francisco has render
ed his dicision in the Sharon-Hill
case to the effect that Sarah Alathea
is granted a divorce and a division
of the' common property. What
portion of Sharon's fortune will he
regarded as "common property is
yet to be ascertained .
S it t 1 aw T". 91 T.iit Katn r
j ' . t" . r . I Whiph coald be mide subject to
day morning, at Pi uto, Iron county . : . i
.L , ..: j a I decision."
me two sons oi j-iaTiu iuiiih, agea
uHd 12 years respectively, met with I the shakos divorce case.
fatal accident hile asleep in an sAX Francisco, Dec. 24. The
with the business of the southern old log house, with dirt roof, ad- celebrated Sharon divorce case has
i n.w Ti... ii- j jKiuiuK mcir laiuera laiututc. x uc ueen acciava in lavor or me niainiia
Wltf rg memoer rneUinn- sno'v had saturated the roof Tt, .nit i,,i,i w i, i0;.,iir
... .-.. brlntr Ihe nenlx.l nnrlian rflipf. ' " . " 5"'
uMifs r:p" ' I audits ereat weight broke the csn- Miei s.n.l, Atti. w;n oi.i'miri in
rni.iil.linn nf riilif. a a wnntrl I . ' .. . .. ' ' Si i. J &
be rtrijjfepjsj to the southern part ren, killing both Instantly. was for divorce and division oi com.
of the Jjerntsff in apt spugbt, ksJ Hyrum A, 1 eibaur, aged 17, and niunity property. Judge Sullivan's
aeoi to be the idea of some who rV' i"'uu,i "lo ''" " aecision is very comprehensive
- ' ; i r o . r i 1 iv..;. i . . . .
.. , I oiiHWMtn; v uncy iui iucji i oi e uDO COIII&IUS hDOUI iio.UiX) WdTU;
w-t-'rwHrt' t f-r. home in Hester Vallev. in a bad Aft-, r-.1,
think he has $10,g0Q of property Heunepln and Washington avenues.
the I oecunitd as offlfes Knrl iilsn thm
. : r i .
room's of the law library of the I
There is a Democrat in the low
er end of the Territory who thinks
Governor Tritle 'should be kicked
out and the place" given to his hon
oriole self.The gentleman's name
is the lion. J. K". Meade, and is suid
to be n good man ; but is our Terris
torv likely tc gel a better, more pop.
ular man for the place tLan Gov
ernor Trille, though she try a hun
dred tiinei? Ya lather think not.
'-Echkr's church
friends jtr deserting, him. on ac
count of his political -"predictions.
They say in substance if he choose
his friends wt will choose ours, and
so it results thai thirty of the weal
thiest men of his church will not
purchase pews this time and Htnry
Ward's salary will be very largely j
reduced. . Beecher has held out
about as long as "he can any way
and hiVcui'apsc is imminent.
testimony, he
Mii!eapoii8 pur association, was
burned this afuinoon. Tha total
loss, 1200,000; total insurance, $150,-
SILVER dollar contention.
Los Angeles, Dec. 27. A com-.
mittea appointed by the board of
trade and others, held a meeting to
day for the purpose of determining
the fcest method of conferring with
those interested ia presenting a
memorial to congress from this state
iuch an dfaee rnlstorm. xiie father arrived pearly conpludes by ffeclarfng tha(, pnder protecting against the contemplated
ri nfpf-Bia as would giye I frozen Jo death, but the boy has not the laws of California the Dlaintiff utH"neu?allOB OI me silver aoitar,
freights to Ca. - e southern j g"t iff and hp is supposed to have is the legal w ife of Sharon, and as At tho meeting to-day it was decided
e-.u a. a - Jllv
I'viuuu ui iiju jerjiiory Why
oe so mucii ii.e worse on.
could not the railroad compi.
Soke of our cotemporaries . sug
gest that it would be a little prema
ture to proceed to revise and codify
the laws of the Territory at present,
arguing that they have already been
twice codified and each time the
business was a mere job to get the
Angers of some needy barrister into
the treasury.
It occurs to us that it is never to
early to have good laws in the pro
per form in any country. As or
laws now stand they art a mere con
tradictory and farcial jumble; and
o tar as their assistance ia litiga
tion is concerned, the result depends
more upon the discretion or inclina
lion of the judges and justices of the
peace than upon any clear cut tin
mistakable law which the territory
It is indeed a most disgraceful
conditiou of affairs, if the territory
cannot get anything done without
V job in it, and still more disgrace
ful if she has not the legal talent
within her borders to put our Jaws
into a consistent, systematic, avula
ble form w ilti such code or codes of
procedure as would make them most
Ocr cotemporary over the way
pitches into the Herald because it
has an opinion on the railroad qucss
tion and dares to make it known. If
the Herald assumed the character
of its cotemporary, it would not dare
to have an opinion of its own, or if
it had, it would be of a mere dish
water consistency. The Herald
has i dvocated a " Freight and Fares"
bill which it now knows it is im
possible ts pass, and we would be
false lo .he interests of the l ommu
nity did we advocate time wasted
and legislation retarded or deads
lower rates fiom Maricopa to cor
respond wlih rates from Los Angeles?
This would not only relieve our
valley but be so much the more
favorable to southern markets. But
then railrui.d companies are not in
the habit of lowering freights ex.
cept on pressure of competition.
Relief irom the tlilemma is to be
sought Vy asking ur legislature to
pass a freight and Fares bill. It
is to be hoped that some turn of
events will make it possible to pass
tucli a bill, but at present our faith
in the attempt could bo hidden en
tirely out of sight by the meal from
a sii.gle mustard seed, because there
is sufficient votos against the propo
sition in one of the tranches of the
legislature lo kill it and it is barely
to be pnsumed that 1h railroad
company will be a.-.jeep concerning
the matter, even if Iheie were a ma-
orlty against them. They are not
a crowd to lose a trick under any
circumstances and w ith the prede
iictionji which are weLil known to
be entertained by a numbftr of mem
bers of the legislature, the) attempt
to pass such a VAH will lie a mere
stumbling bloc'u to other legislation.
If uch a b',i was wanted why was
the matter not looked after before
It "would now seem to be the thing
to do to interest the Atchison, Tepes
& & Santa Fe people in this .section
f the Territory. Let our lefc"Ma-
ture mtinerialize Congress and Our
Delegate to Congress push the mut
ter of turning ovr the Texas Pacific
land grant from the mouth of the
bait river to Benson tm the Santa Fe
people if they will put a road
through frem Benson, or some other
point on their line, into this valley
and on north, if desirable, to a junc
tion with the Atlantic & Pacific.
Until seme such matter can be
consumated we shall expect to be
placed just where we are now on
any occasion of outside commercial
pressure. It strikes us that a little
Jtss "party" and a little more self
interest in the people of this Terri
tory might be of benefit to us all.
to open correspondence with prom
inent men in the state for the pur
pose pf helding a silver convention
in this city.
Cleveland's movements.
froyten to .death. All the train aip auph. is entitled to a divorce on the
tediy behind time on account of the ground of wilful deseition and divis-
spfi-, ion mf common property. The latter
ftAfH asp asow m wpiKjHitw. is elira,eJ w fio.ooo.ooo.
The yerdiet is a great surprise to the
ti-- rixriTrt T)pn. 9d Tn the I . ..
r r - . j . - i 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 iL niLinr linen frnneranv nil n I a . .
. oj f.n ,i r ' . ' a T" auiABi.uec. z uot uievetana
r . Psea Irom contradictory te.tl- hM rented tha .. npl! nf ,
eopHBuiy for .ou.Lceu . , . plaintiff v ... ,... ..
iiifi Ihinvan twenty- . .' Wieii sueei, in mis
v ' -f wouia nave Deen non auirea. n is i . . r
-.;:,, J,rt i.rp ." ... . -"J lw" monius irom me nrsi
-ji-n- r--r- i Den even inac nnirau win anneal
Gold Run
hours, and at
four hours. Li
hours and Wheatland
Must, shall and will be sold
These are facts I Come and see.
ight iCrs of Ij pj-fjein; hls'ecljlon Ju4g Sul-
!rtv ruin. The rain lint
j !XCepi ii, :,.. , ,.. , i u
generally all over the State . - . mP -m ,u
south of Mohave. In this eh. f"ed by criminal prosecution for
The fore part rf .this week eight
tramps swooped down upon Tacna
seclion house, stole about $40 worth
of provision, from the Chinamen,
burned a lo. of ties, and made them
selves ge eraliy obnoxious. Upon
the disr.very of their depredations
thesect'.on men started in pursuit,
on a hr.nd car. Thev overtook them
a few miles from the station, when
two t)f them look to the brush. The
section foreman and trackvwalker
followed, aud after exchanging com
pliment in the shape of all hands
drawing their pistols, the tramps
were captured and brought back to
the station. It not being conveni
ent to take l hem to town to have
them incarcerate)! ibe section men,
as our infoiKtaint says, punished
them a little, and) lot them no.
Tuma Repubtioaiu. j
has been falling without cessation
since neon. The indications are
favorable to its continuance. The
rainfall in this city during the storm
is four anil sixty-four one hundred
ths inches.
in sess:on.
Chicago, Dec. 24r The passenger
agents of tl.e eastern trunk lines
held a sessiou te-day, in au effort to
restere eastei n passenger rates. An
agreement was submitted and met
with the approval of a majority of
the lines, but it is necessary to ob
tain the signatures of the gmera.1
passenger agents before it can enter
into force. It is expressed belief,
however, that .the rates will be re
stored to the published tariff, begin
ning the first of January.
New Orleans, Dec. 24 Thre
hundmd feet of the iron frame work
of a large hotel, which was baing
erected west of the main exposition
building, fell with a terrible crash
crash to-elay. Frani Green, a col
ored man from Nashville, was in
stantly killed; Albert Freeze, of
Michigan, was xnortaUy injured and
James Carroll, of Chxcage, was se
verely injured internally. . Riter &
Connelly, of Pittsbnr , were the
London, Dec. 24 The investigas
tio n of the scene of the explosion al
the .London bridge continues. Div
ers fc ur.d some more fragments otf
the gr. mite broken from, the bloclts
composing the pier-by the force of
the expl.sioit. Several larga "blocks
of ti.'nber which had been ifirmly
bolted .'-o the masonary of the bi idge
w?re brok'en away- An. cxaminai ion
shows the explosion to have been
terrific. The" bed of the river was
very much disi'url ed lor a eousidery
able space abov 'e the pier.
Chicago, Dec. .24 The weather
throughout the wes t and southwest,
which has been st ?aciily growing
milder since last w 'eeir, is again
growing much colder. Omaha reg
isters 17 decrees below zero this
mo.ning; Kansas City, at zero; St.
Paul, 3 below; Dubuciue, 5 below ;
1-argo, 32 below ; Winnepeg, 47 be
low. The temperature here is 14
above, but It is steadily falling, with
a prospect of much colder weather.
Heavy snows are reported in Colo
rado, aud in northern Montana and
Portland, Dec. 24 The second
snow storm commenced al noon to
day, raging with great violence, and
the trains on the Oregon Kailway
and Navigation company's road are
still impeded. A train load of pas
sengers are snowed up between
Dallas aud Escades. Six engines.
with live hundred men and provi
sions, have beeu sent to their relief.
The blockade in the Ilocky Moun
tains prevent the trains from run
ning on tho Northern Pacific.
of January. After his resignation
.... at . T . . .
nnHniir-fl t ' i pu me bixm oi January, jeveiana,
coniinuea ii. . i.ti, n.n..Ai nn nf tn I
ei)t f wui attend a charity hall in Jiunalo.
&icpi I nl&fntift's hjia hifii Roiitrlit to he oh- I ., , ....
;iven ior ine oenent oi an institu
tion ot which he laid the corner
stope while he was mayor of that
city. Jle wiji retujn to Albany and
reside in the Towers house until
March 1st, when he will go to Wash-
ingto, accompanied by his tister
Miss Cleveland, who will be the
Perjury, forgery and ponspirpcy.
asp hue been disgusting beyond
yond encw
has devclopeu
rarely, if ever p
tloa sod lirctouie almost be-
Hlw, Ue testimony
' au a in. u Li l ut perjury
i)tled in the juris.
Xn Irvintr In I i ... . . ..
prudence of this state " s may oi the white tiouse. During
perjury in which the sase b0uds.
I have sought so far as possible, ta
find some writing of one party oi
the other, where genuineness was
admitted, or established to my satis
faction and to subordinate the result
of all the oral evidence to effect such
written testimony. The first paper
of importance as evidence is a Jetter
written in ink addressed "My dear
wif." The defendant claims that
this papr as far as it bears the word
"wife," is orgery, but from all
the evidence a Jhe subject it is my
opinion that the a,tire letter is in
the handwriting of th defendant,
as are all other exhibit similarly
addressed." Judge Sullivau then
proceeds to review the collateral
facts in the case, and pronounces
them all in favor of the Talidity of
the secret marriage contract. He un
hesitatingly gives i t as his opinion
that the contract is genuine and
written as the planliff testified it
uailboad talk.
Santa Fe, Dec. 26 At a meeting
of the stockholders of the Texas,
Santa Fe & Northern Railway Com
pany to-day, atl differences which
have prevented the completion of
the road between Santa Fe aud Ks
paoola, the termiuus of the Denver
& Rio Grande, for the past two years,
was amicably settled. New direc
tors were elected and resolutions
adopted to reduce the bonded debt
to a much less figure per mile than
Heretofore existed. Steel aud rolling
stock for this line has been twice
contracted for, but a split in the di
rectory prevented carrying eut the
contract each time. Now the road
will be built at once.
Captain Truett who Gas prospect1,
ed for mines aud railroad lines
throu.gh California and Arizona for
years jn the interest of C P. Hunt
ington .and other speculators, is now
nuking- au examination of the re-
'cea ot tue country soout inis
d toward the north as far us
Colorado. . This fact is
that Huntington
hegjines and resour-
city ai.
construed to
has an eye on t
ces of this region.
Boston, xec. 25.- -The Calum
and Hecla Mining co fpttny to-day
declared a dividend of fa.UU
share, payable Februarjr 2. Figure
dividends will be declared as th
best financial interests ai the com-
paiiy wa.rrant.
Berlin, Dec. 26. A lajge meet
of National Liberals toMiay adopted
resoluti ons ot approval ofBismark's
foreign policy, and declaring the
action 0 I the Reichstai; unworthy of
the last days ef January or the first
of February, Cleveland will visit
New York and remain there pioba-
hlyawaok. He has been anxious
to fxcept the invitation of the Iro
quois club to visit Chicago before
inauguration day, but has concluded
not to do so. A conclusion to which
he has been forced by the circum
stances of his position and al which
he arrived with leret.
Madrid, Dec. 27 The gevern
ty .....
ment, it u said, will authorize Min- -pine Wines, Liquors and Cigars Choice Kentucy Sour Mash
ister Vairia, at Washington, lo give j Whiskies a Specialty.
JOS. THALHEIH3ER, Proprietor.
ascut to the modification of the
Spanish-American treaty, if such
action will assure the adoption of
the treaty by the American Senate.
It would suffice for Spain if only
sugars to class thirteen are admitted
free inU the United States.
Madrid, Dec. 27 Several shocks
of earthquake were felt at Gibralta
and sevely in the southern provinces.
They caused great alarm among the
people of Granada. At Malaga two
persons were killed by a falling wall.
Pioche, Nev,, Deo. 27. Albright
and (iua Deksy quarreled about a
grain transaction , Albright attack
ed Dekay, but se-ious injury was
prevented by the Interference of a
man named Stauder. On Saturday
Albright came from his ranch to
take away grain, when Dekay shot
and killed him. An inquei.t was
held Tuesday and Albright was
buried. Dekay was allowed logo
on hi- ow n rccogui zance lo be exam
ined. Since the 15th there has been a
very severe storm of snow, wind and
rain. The most remarkable snow
storm came from the south and west.
One to two leellof snow are reported
from places where heretofore snow
was alii-oet unknown. During the
last two weeks the sun has been in
visible nearly all the time.
8ockton, Dec. 27. The heavy
rains created a flood which caused
the river to rise a foot higher than
last spring, during the floods, and
broke the levee in a dozen places on
Moss Tract west of this cily. The
i'ss will he fifty thousand dolllais.
Part of tbis tract is owned by state
Senators Baldwin Langford and
John D. McDougall, and part by the
heirs of the Moss estate.
San Josk, Dec. 27. A reception
was given this evening to Mr. J. J.
Owen, who has just retired from the
editorial chair of the Bau Jose Mer
cury and about to visit the eastern
as S
t"Best, Finest and
Cheapest Stock
Goldberg's Cash Store.
Wahine;ton Street, Phoenix, Arizona.
A Large and Varied Stock of New
Goods Just Received.
Only supply of fine Stationery, Blank Books, Ledgers, etc., in the
cily. Elegant Toilet materials of all kinds. Finest brands of Cigars
wholesale and retail.
Perfectly Pure Wines and Whiskies
for Medicical Purposes.
The Acme Pulverizer,
For atl the purposes of :arr ow
is nneiceled
Agent for Maricspa C'oontr
i Fiimisliii Gills,
Hats, Caps, Etc., Etc.
Phoenix, A. T.,
TT-moaooQfljQous, in
The Largest Establishment ol
the kind in Arizona.
y j ,m' V-'g'
Berkshire and Poland-China Pis
I have some Fine Short-Horn or Durham
Bulls for sale.
tCirculars and Price List sent on application.
Los Angeles, Cal,

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