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Weekly Phoenix herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory [Ariz.]) 1882-1896, April 02, 1885, Image 1

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' ' : ; : t-p,
Atkins has been appointed
Commissioner vice Price.
b Citizen seems to have rc
to its former dignity and dig-
etelaxd wants to make a di
mat cut of Arthur1 who prefers to
el unincumbered in his contem
ed trip to Europe. -
cretart of the Interior Lamar
personally requested the oldest
most able officials of hia office
remain in their positions, and
h saddled them with grealer rc
visibility than they ever had.
he Tucson Star says that Cleve
ll's lipB touched six verses of an
li family bible when he kissed the
i.id book on being inaugurated
fii&i a "gob" the man nnuthaveon
tm, or possibly the Star is inriul
ling in Us usual avocation.
On and after July 1, a ten cent
mp affixed to a leuer win insuie
immediate delivery on arriving
the office of :ts destination any
me between the hours of o'clock
li the morning and midnight. The
idea was suggested by the telegraph
C'ol.C. E. Daily, ex-Receiver at
ue Tucson land office is out iu the
Y'ashington Post in an able article
n the Indian question whicli shows
p the abuses of the system that has
iten followed and the remedy viz:
lake the Indian a responsible citi-,
Bhitox A.Hill one of the lending
attorneys of St. Louis has purchased
the Peralta grant, and is preparing
to call upon the settlers of bait River
valley for a share of the spoils a por
tion of which Reavis has so easily
swindled them out of. He wants an
agent here and the name of Ivy H.
Cox. who so diligently peddled Rea
vis' fraudulent deeds nrouod t lie
country, is suggested.
ing scheme and puts im hontsi man
in his place the sooner he will pre
serve the government from a well
laid plan to rob it.
That bright little paper, the. Tail
tngs, is doing up the Star iu god
shape. Private advices from Tucson
state thai the respectable people of
the town hive become disgusted
with the venal and mendacious
course of "p. h." and are giving their
support and patronage to the honest
manly and outspoken journal con
ducted by Harry Brook. It lis only
a question oi a very short tin e when
Hughes' creditors must throw up
the sponge.
The pressure being brought to
bear on Manning on account of his
former connection with the Boss
Tweed ring in .New York, by which
he made his raise, will ultimately
drive him out of the cabinet. It may
be well tnuugli to hold up Gleves
land's hands, but very few men ca
pable of attfiiulntr.tde office of presi
dent would make the mistake that
he lifts in the appointment of 31an
ning and permitting the appoint
meat of Higjjins.
The general course which the new
ministration seems incliuee to
ursue seem9 to oe ttiat indicated
ly thorough business principles and
actices. If this course is niain-
ined the country will pass from
e tmi to the new regime with very
file friction.
Arizona editor of to-day
j.ue ins coiejuj.'ui ,-ines wnuu uini-
je; he cocks up his ear, erasps
fi "fTiDe-frlU proceeds to annihilate
Ihose who have kicked him where
ie needed it. Weil, there is lots
if fun in a newspaper fight when
1-,-ou can get a good twist in a co-
r.emporary's tail.
Asd now what will happen? It
turns out that Cleveland's sisteis who
manage the social and domestic af
fairs of the White House are solid
Republican and have not abated nn
iota of their faith since Cleveland's
election and their installation as the
fij-vi- ladies of the land. Is this
--treason to the king?"
Under pressure of papular senti
ment the two Tucson papers, the
Star and Citizen, that have so bitter
ly and jealously attacted the busi
ness interests of Phoenix and the
Salt River valley have turnvd their
attention to their own business and
b;gin to talk about building a road
to Calabasas, for a change.
San Francisco tendered the Pa
cific Coast's first prima donna, Emma
Nevada, such an ovation as few
mortals ever receive, on her appear
ance at the'Grand Opera House in
that city on last Monday evening in
her favorite, "La Somnambula." The
daily papers of Tuesday are loaded
down with pen pictures of nn almost
indescribable scene.
The protended title which Reavis
jttllsS&x. Jand is worth less than the
paper it Is written on. It gives no
right to water, and land without
water in tns country is worthless.
He reserves the water right for a
future "cinch" should the grant ever
be confirmed, and he succeed in the
contest for possession which is sure
to come with several other claim
ant .
Florence has the right kind of
stud. The people of that valley
propose to invite the land swindler
Reavis to pack his grip sack and
"git" the next time he visits that
valley. He ought to be driven out
of tveiy decent community, and
the time will come, right quickly,
when simtlur action will be taken
in other places than Florence. He
has swindled this valley in a good
round sum, and after all, ;he title to
the lands he has sold is worth
m.rely nothing.
Democratic doctrine sadly misman
aged by the Democratic party. It
appoints both Republicans and De
mocrats to office, a doctrine where at
both parties hold up their hands in
holy honor. Why all this? There
is a new party at the helm. Call it
what we may, paint it white, or
black, or red there is a new house
under the paint whatever the color
'1 he chief executive of this nation,
at the head of thianew party seems
to be just the man for such a place,
for such emergency. He seems to
know what he know and proposes
that lie will not be the tall of the
dog to be wagged at will. He pro
poses to be dcgihimself and the De
mocratic and Republican parties
must be the tail or he will have no
tail. .Now among these two old
parties he has a vast number of ad
mirers who are ready to drop the
old party habilaments as having
served their lime aud to put on the
new drtss as most conductive to the
longevity and health of the nation.
The new party has its haste and followers.
If au editor omits anything, he is
lazy. If he speaks of things as they
are, people are mad. If he smooths
down the rough points, he is bribed.
If he calls things by their proper
names he is unfit for the position of
an editor. Jf he does not furnish
his readers with jokes, he is a mullet
If he does, lie is a raltlehead lack
ing stability. If he condemns the
wrong, he is a good fellow but lacks
discretion. If he lets wrong and
injuries go unmentioned, he is a
coward. If he indulges in personal
ities he Ts a blackguard. If he docs
not his paper is dull ami insipid.
Is it not about lime for the old
Democratic and Republican parties
to tumble to the iact that e new par
ty has control of the government?
To be sure it took the reins of office
under the name of the Democratic
party and would never have got
these but for the socalled portion of
the Republican parly. But the men
who now are at the head of govern
ment affaiis are neither Democrat
nor Republican as those terms have
been known in a party sense for the
past forty years. Old things have
become new, before they knew it.
The party now in power is not a re
juvenated Democratic party. It holds
to-day. as represented by Cleveland,
Phelps and Manning to no single
doctrine of ancient Democracy. It
insists on the civil service method of
doing things, a Republican doctrine
sadly neglected by the Republican
party. It sits down on free trnde. a
It is entirely iu harmony with the
past course of trie Star to see it now
posing as the champion of pue, un
adnKurated and straight laced Dem
ocracy. It must be a source of
infinite amusement to the unteiriflcd
of Arizona when they look back
over the consisteulCOcareer of Hugh
es. Four years ago, when our towns
man Ivy H Cox was on the Demo
cratic ticket for Supt. ot Public In
struction, the Star bolted the nomi
nation aud placed at the head of its
columns the name of M. 11. Sher
man, the Republican nominee- Two
years ago when Judge Porter made
the race against Oury, the Star of
fered, for a consideration, to support
the former and throw Oury over
board. These are samples of Hughes'
Democracy. His paper has been re
pudiated by the leadeis ef the party
ill ' CTrtlTITy
-rrr-ST'jrUis '-nn
out a political friend to support him
or a political principle to animate
him. He is an Ishmaelite, with his
hand against every honest man.
Sordid, mercenary, vaccilating un
principled and unreliable, his course
is more an subject tor pity than crit
icism. Coin is the only aim and
gain the only god that he worships.
And this is the man who assumes
to speak for the Democracy of Ari
zona! We say assumes, for we know
that his barking has about as much
effect as that of a dog baying the
moon. Poor Hughes! His Star
which for some time past has twink
led dimly, is about to touch the hor
izon. When it shall set forever, the
Democratic party will be relieved
of an incumbus they have long tried
to shake off. Every honest and le
gitimate enterprise in southern Ari
zona will be the gainer, and" decent
and honorable journalism can well
exclaim, for this relief,much thanks.
Mormons ImluiKratlnt:.
The Tailing is decidedly oft in
its article on the Maricopa railroad
bill, and its article; is the evidence
that the matter has been misrepre
sented to that journal. There is a
petition in existence to-day, which
contains the names of almost every
business man in the valley, asking
that the railroad bill be mado a law
In the shape in which it became a
law, and without the clause requir
ing a vote. There is no law propos
ing to punish the supervisors if
they fall to issue the bonds, and the
article of the Tailings shows the lie
on the face of it, when after making
such a statement there is added that
a commission is provided for to
issue the bonds. It would tcarcely
require common sense to perceive
the incongruity and inconsistency
cf such a set. of proyisions in the
If we understand the tenor of a
letter receive from Tucson, Royal A.
Jchnson who has been educating of
the people of the Territory up to
that standard of intelligence where
they can understand his wonderful
j decisions in favor of land grabbers
j and home robbers, has concluded
I his examination of the "land robbery
and decides in favor of the thieves.
He says the lands mhi be withdrawn
from market within two weeks "but
not till Secretaiy of the Interior,
Lamar has investigated the matter "
Now does anyone suppose that
Secretary Lamar, a new man in the
offiee, with a thousand new mattus
pressing upon bis time and attention
every day, suppose that he is going
to investigate and decide so impor
tant a matter within two weeks
unless be does upon the shameless
showing of Royal A.Johnson, a man
who is supposed to be here to pro
tect the public interests but who has
shown himself by his talk aud ac
tion to be one of the schemers who
are atteptine to defraud the Govern
ment and the people? The sooner
Secretary Lamar can hoist this fel
low Johnson nut of the office he now
uses to further his own selfish filchs
It is highly probable that Govern
or Tritle will appoint F. W. Gregg
Esq. as County Judge of Pima coun
ty vice John IIyneB,Esq., resigned.
A recent dispatch from Deming
runs as follows: A large Mormon
emigration is passing Separ, forty
miles west of Deming, that point
being in the line of the direct trail
leading from Utah to the grant
which the Mormons bought in Mer- !
TfK Men Cleveland Nemi-
nates. Embarrassing
jr Higglns.
From our Special Correspondent.
Washington, March 26, 1885.
Editor Herald : The new broom
does not sweep rapidly enough for
the throng of office seeking patriots
who raided Washington about three
weeks ago. Disappointed spoilsmen
shake the dust of the city from their
weary feet, and sadly turn their de
jected noses toward their distant
hcihes. The discomfiture of the place
hunters gives some relief to the Cab
inet officers who have been under
hot seige since the fourth of March.
Even the Postmaster-General has
had a perceptible respite from call
ers during the past few days. The
applications for postmasterships do
not, however, fall off. They rather
increase. In the office of the clerk
to the first Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral, with an extra detail of assist
ants, it is difficult to keep up with
the work of briefing and filing ap
plications. President Cleveland evidently likes
for office the quiet men who have
kep comparatively in the back
ground. Those who have advertised
their merits with delegations have
been left out every time. The last
list of nominations sent to the Senate
created more surprise and more dis
appointment than any appointments
j'et made. The names which had
figured on the slates were all absent
from the list. This fact has opera
ted very discouiagiugly upon those
who have been devoting every day
and hour to their claims.
Amonthemost important uomiua
lions were Mi . Hay, of Pittsburg to
be First Assistant Postmaster Gener
al. Mr- Montgomery, of Michigan,
to bo Commissioner of Patents, and
Ex-Representative Durham, of Ken
tucky, for First C'omptroll er of the
Currency. The defeat of Phil
Thompson for Commissioner of In
ternal Revenue, by Mr. Miller, cf
W, Va., was a surprise to many and
a real shuck to his friends, v ho had
strenuously uiged him for the place.
They say they will not suggest his
tame for any other place now since
his ability and claims are not appre
ciated by the new powers.
The aoing Commissioner of Pat
ents, Mr. Dyrenforth, did not hesii
IMe. in ipii;s Mirnx.se iit thfa.ofuui.
im?ion oi jiia ei.cct'-oi", siiiec lie
clu.mcd that the Commissionership
hud been offered to himself by both
the President and Secretary La
mar. Through the dilatoriness of
he patent examiners the work o
he office is shamefully in arrears,
and Mr. Dyrenforth itcently began
reform by requiring night work in
the offices that are behind with the
business of the Department. This
will now be kept up until the work
is brought up to date, which, from
the present energy displayed, wil
be in about three months. This
fact will be gratifying to inventors
whose patience has been severely
tritd by the delays in the issuance
of their patents.
Wednesday of last week was Presi
dent Cleveland's forty-eighth birth
day, and he varied his daily pro
gramme by taking a two hours drive
with Col. Lauiout, behind a pair of
ex-Presi dent Arthur's horses. The
retiring President kept ten horses of
his own at the Executive stables, all
of which he- left for the use ot Mr.
Cleveland until the latter should
make other provision. Mr. Arthur
has called socially on President
Cleveland duricg the w eek and at
tended his official reception. Since
his retirement from effice he has
been the guest of ex-Secretary Frey
linghuysen, and a recipient of con
stant attention from society people
without regard to party. President
Cleveland will giv6 an entertain
ment in his honor next week. Sec
retary Whitney has begun an inves
tigation of the accounts of the Xavy
Department, and Secretary Endicott
proposes to turn things over in the
War Department. He has requested
the Adjutant General of the Army to
Kantern IVeatlier,
A correspondent cf a Michigan pa
per, writing fromjMnnesota, (hue
describes the late ild weather at
Twenty-eight to (Mrty degrees be
low. Bah! that's ice cream and mint
julip weather up iu this country.
Mercury frozen i lid and the
spirit hasn't had spirit enough
to crawl up out of the bulb
of our j.hermometers since the mid'
dleofDecember.except once. A week
or so ago the wind goi around into
the sou'east by sou' three quarter
sou' and the spi . 't did get up enough
spunk to crawl ut to thirty degrees
below. And, oh my what a time!
All the old oinon :& oie city went
fo cleaning house, all the boys were
out playing marbles and the river
was so full of bathers that naviga-.
tiou was impeded for several hours.
The linen duster, straw hat and palm
leaf fan trade was simply immense.
Fifteen cases of sunstroke within
sight of my office window and the
tin roof melted off the court house.
But a more serious disaster than all
caused by this sudden freak, was
averted by the prompt action of our
firemen. During the cold weather
and on Christmas day the Academy
of Music was burned. The flames
leapt into the air fifty feet, a gust of
wind struck one of them, broke it
into fragments, the fragments frozo
solid and fell onto the roofs of adja
cent buildings. When this sou' east
by sou' three quarter sou' wind
struck them they thawed out and set
the roofs all on fire. I tell you it
looked dark for Minneapolis about
that time. Why it was so cold on
Chiistmus that a regular old fash
ioned Jonathan Edwards orthodox
sermon, two hours and forty minutes
long, didn't make the least Impress
ion on the frost on the windows ot
our Presbyterian church here. If we
could only have had that place here,
about which we hear so much and
know so little, on that day, we could
all have put ou our fur overcoats
and gone skating on solid brimstone,
The Insolvent Act.
Northwest Corner, of Plaza,
"Best, Finest and
Cheapest Stock
Goldberg's Cash Store.
i finnicli lit hi a nnmnlata llc-t
.Last winter the Mormon elders 1 , , . ,.
, , . . , . i uii me oiucers on amy in vvasnin-
, , . .. " , ion.
lanu ueiween me Luiauiios ami Lata
Grande id Chihuahua, and they are
now moving their people in and taking-
possession. It dots not mean a
geuc-r;-.l exodus from Arizona or
Utah settlements, but simply a new
colony started and .1 further spread
of Mormonism- All the families !
aud over one hundred have passed
have betu well equippf-u with late
improved farming implr-menU, good
wagons aud stock.
Individual tmigiauit cio not know
how many arc alund of them or how
man) um: to follow ; they are obey
ing the order of the church and are
apparently contented and happy.
One or two expressed themselves by
saying that if they didn't like the
new country they might return.
Herald Job Office.
Bill Heads,
Note Htads,
Letter Heads,
Visiting Cards, .
Bills of Lading,
Funeral Notices,
Justice's Blanks.
And everything in the line of
printed matterlone at San Francisco
prices and in unequaled style. Sat
isfaction guaranteed.
He asks what duty each one is
performing, if such duty is authors
ized by law, and the exact time each
has been on duty here.
The Higgtns appointment has
proved to be very embarassing to
the administration. Besides die
odoious scandals that hcccmpanied
his appointment, one charge is that
he stuffed the ballot box in the may
orally contest of 1875; another is
that he imported voters into Hamard
1 county in 1S7U, and another is that
i he is actively engaged us a lobbyist
at Annapolis. A certain "Southern
Senator says that Higgles owes it to
his party to resign, but a Baltimore
an, who knows the Iligginses, re
marked thai "though they may die
they never resign. " The Baltimore
Civil Service Reform Association is
expected to come here to-day and
petition Secretary Manning to re
move Higirins. If he does not con
sent, they will probably appeal di
rtctly to the President. O.
Cheaper Postage.
The following reductions in post-,
age are announced fo take effect on
July 1st: Letters weighing an
ounce may be fent for two cents,
the rate now applied to halfrounce
letters. Newspapers mailed from
the publication office to be taxed
but half as much as at present. The
prepayment of ten cents additional
postage will secure the immediate
delivery of a letter in any town hay
ing 4,000 or mora inhabitants.
Following is a digest of the Insol
vent Act, now lu effect in Arizona:
Every insolvent debtor may, upon
compliance with the provisions of
this Act, be, discharged from his
debts and liabilities to any amount
exceeding 300, by surrending all
his effects for the benefit of his
Upoii.lHiuaJ's. application, under
JiiiB, uie -aU,
claring the insolvency, end directing
the Sheriff to tafe possesion of all
effects personal and real, except
such as may be by law excempt
from execution, and retain the same
until the appointment of assignees
It provides for a meeting of ere
ditors to prove their debts and the
cnoosing ef one or more assignees.
It provides for involuntary insol
vencyon the petition of three or
more creditors, residents of the Ter
ritory; but it must appear that such
insolvent is about to depart from
the Territorv with intent to defraud,
or being absent, remains away with
such intent. It provides against
preferred creditors, all to share alike
pro rata. In voluntary insolvency,
but one assignee is provided for.
A oartner in business, can throw
his concern into Insolvency. When
copartners become insolvent, a dis
charge is prohibited ; in individual
or copartnership cases, it is other
wise. It is very stringent against
fraudulent preferences and transfers.
Tree naming.
The Rural Californi&n has the fol
lowing under the above heading:
On receipt of trees unpack at once,
and heel them in separately, covering
the roots carefully. Before planting
cut off all bruised roots with a sharp
knife and spread out the roots in a
natural shape in the hole with the
hand while the fine, top soil is care
fully shoveled in by auother. If
trees are plauted in the early spring 1 pHQENIX
(as they should always be), they
should be planted about the same
depth as they stood in .the nursery;
for the rains will cause them to set
tle an inch or more. After the trees
are set cut all the current session's
growth to three or four buds, and it
is best to shade the trunk by placing
a shade on (no west side . 1'Jant
apples 30x30 feet apart ; pears, 24x
24; plums, peaches, apricots, etc.
22x22. Rule to And the number of
trees to an acre: Multiply the dis
tance iu feel between the rows by
the distance the plants are apart in
the rows, and the product will be
he numbt-r of square feet for each
plant; which, divided into the num
ber of feet iu nn acre (53,500), wil
give the number ot trees in an acre.
p. rjaiEo
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Shingles, Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings, and
."it Reasonable Rates..
Lumber Yard at Corner Adams & Montezuma Streets
One Block North of the Plaza.
Must, shall and will be sold;
These are facts ! Come and sec
Hats, Caps, Etc., Etc.
J'eeuliar Accident.
On Saturday evening about five
o'clock, as Mr. Josslyu, the soda fac
tory proprietor, was driving his line
team down Washington street ac-
companied by a Mr. Cunningham,
the horses took fright at a dog fight
somewhere opposite the Hooper
building and das-hed furiously dewn
to the middle of the next block and
nearly opposite to Jacobs & Co.,
came in contact with a wagon lead
ed with wood. By some means a
hind foot of the near horse on the
runaway team caught in the wheel
of the loaded wagon and quick as a
flash the hoof was jerked complete
ly off and the animal was thrown a
summersault while the other animal
fell and the soda wagon was over
turned and considerably broken and
the soda bottjes fiew in all directi-jim
Mr. Josslyn and his companion eg
caped without much injury. The
horse which lost the hoof was given
to a gentleman who tbizfcs he
keep hint until acDlher grotrtb.
comes eut. L
m ;
Kentucky Sour Mash Whiskies
JOS. THALHEIIV3ER, Proprietor.
The Valley
CAPITAL - $50,000
M H. Sherman '
Wm. Christy
. . .Cashier
E. J. Bennett A. Cashier
Kales & Lewis
The Bank ol alitornia, San F rancUcv,
Messri. Laid law & Co, New Vork
M. H. Shsbmah. Sam'l A.. iltmPHY
Wm. Christ?, E .T. Bnnett
Oct Bennett.
Receive deposits, irr.ke collections
buy and sell exchange, discount
commercial paper and do genera)
banking business.
J-Offlce hours from Ha. m. to 4 p. ra.
Contracts Carefully Executed.
Shop East Side Gregory's Lumber Yard,
Phoenix, Arizona.
Appraus, Mate-iiale, and Accessorise ior
Manuiacturinfi, Dispeusing and Uot
tiiiiii witn full instructions.
Catalogue Sen on Application.
TbeiiiS 'fiMiiX 31ATTHEWS
First Ave. 8Ma(ii Street. Kew V
5U1I n M , , -
vance on gold and silver Bul
lion, County bonds aud warrants,
Discount commercial paper, recieve
deposits repayable on demand, un
dertake collections and transact a
tyOiBce hours. flora 9 A. v.to 4 !- w
O. J. TH1BODO, M. D.
:ce TO-iaoJ
&3r Where You Can Find a
mm . r'
run Line oi tveryr
V Las U
R. B. TODD, Proprietor,
Wahineton Street, Phoenix, Arir
A Large and varied
Goods Just R
Only supply of fine Stationery, Blanl
city. JKlegant Toilet materials or all kin
wnoiesate ana retail.
Perfectly Pure Wine
for Medicinal F,
Wholesale and Yk
Tinware, Graniti
ft iy
Perfumery, Brushes, etc.
Opposite the Postoffice.
Mineral Water, Sparkling Wines ESTRAY NOTICE.
AND ALL I Cauwao my ranch Smites sonthwent ot
1 npin-nii:!.-1 PLoenix, on JMequite road to toe una,
CARbU.vl. JIKVhBAbfcSH-l February 15, one small bay borse, bald
fnr.t1. nlack o00"0" b"
bundle dim. on lt-U tbl$k,
marked. Ow ner wilt coiut' ! ol
properly, pay euftrae and tak
wav, or it will be disposed ofiv
to law. o, r-
V ' V..-
W. W. Vf

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