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Territorial Items. - - -
Prescott Courier:
Tbe Bale of tbe Beloher mioe, Big Bug
district, ia announced. F. CarlieU
and other Kanses City capitalists are
said to be the purchasers. The Belchei
was the property of Judge John A.
Rusb, and many thousands cf dollurt
were taken from the free ores near tbe
surface years ago; at that time the sul
phurets could not be worked With
modern machinery, however, the basf
ores can be worked to s very high per
centage of the assay VRlues.
r Journal-Miner: .
TT Tl i : .1
.Hurry jciiuoii ana resigned as en engi
neer on tbe S. F., P. & P. acd wiil take
abarge of an engine on the Congress
bee line road. Mr. Elliot is one of tbt
best eoginemen in Boy country and has
many friends among all c'bssbs who re-
gret to see him ohange stations. Sane
L indoa is now tbe pioneer eneinemaD
on this road, and like Mr. Elliot, is
racked high in reilrcad ciroles.
In tbe criminal doings of late in and
around Presoott wherein men have been
elain in co'd blood nnd others hve met
their doom tfrjvMjgjTheir own folly,
's r-;iVj8st act
Wiliy SljfScCi
jSea boodeaLias been denied.
Tbe nvoes are famous for tbe Immense
body of ore in sight and tbe only requi
site needed to turn this wealth into coin
is capital. A fortune awaits the mining
man who can handle this property.
The price cf towo lots in Pearce
havp, since the gord news of yeste day
reaobed here, advanced in price 150 ptr
cent, and desirable locations cannot be
bad at that figure. This will be tbe
signal for more buildicg, and several
owners of frame bouses ou the buaiDets
street wiil,as soon as adobes can be had,
build, su bstantfbl stores sod move tbe
buildings now on tbe ground to resi
dence lota.
nty, ac-
a. 1, sdcu d be
is evinced b
iiient irquir"- no
found within th
job, and, rather
tbey have elected
nod have sent to tb
of New Mexico for
lr pobho eoiool.
Teaham coukty.
Graham Bulletin:
Toe new converter at the Dtroi
ompany's works, under tbe supervision
of Mr. James Conway, is being erected
as fast as the machinery arrives. Tbi
plant, which is used to convert th
matte into copper, is the fifth or sixtn
one built in the United States.
Coconino Sun:
About five o'clock last TuesJsy after
coon, while bringing bis train int
Winsiow. Freight Conductor Frank R
Cunningham was run over and fatally
Thousand of oases cf consumption
asmma, oougns, coins nod otoup are
oared every day by Soiloh's Cure. Fo
esle at Keefer's Poarmwcy.
It ia now geoeraliy ondersfood that
whenever the Phoenix Republican
booming any ooa for eecatorehip or nry
other office that it is at the Bm t ni
figuring to put its band upon thai in'!
vidual'a bank scooant or trying to pa a
off some of its worthless stock. Indeed
tbe writer has more than once eesn tbi
fellow Wo!fly with one arm around bi
supposed friend's neck while with tbe
other he was prospecting bis friend's
Docket. Put it down as a rule that
whenever that sheet speaks well of any
one it is proepecticg, and when it cusses
a oit:zr n it is a certain igo the prospect
didn't pan out well. Star.
How to Treat a Wife-
. a a j , . : I
ou, ' a wile, ocijuu u, jr ....... u .
ties ia your business, but do cot there
fore, carry to vour borne a cloudy or
oootraoted brow. I'.iur wife may have
trials whiob, though of less magoituJe,
tony ba hard for ber to bear. A kind
word, a tender lock, will do wonders ir-
ehi.sing from ber brow all clouds of
gloom. To this we would add always
keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Kemtdy in tbe hcu-e. It is the b?s
and is sure to be needed sooner or later
Your wife will then kDow that you
really care for her and wieh to protect
her bealtb. Pacific Health Journal
For'salaby all Drugsts.
Kir fa llover il urn l ea la a Fure cure
for ffeadt-che hcd Nervous D eessef-
N'hing reMoves ei quickly . For eele
at K-f-r'e PharmMcy.
Genets! and Nervous Debility.
" "Wpalines-i of Body and
Mi;.:!, Ktfects of Errors
or Kxcesses in Old or
Youne- Kobust, Noble
Maniiood fully Restored.
How to Enlarpre and
Strenptben Weak. Un-
I developed Portions or
Body. -Absolutely un
failing Home Treatment.
-Jienenta in a day.
Wen testify from 50 States and Foreign
Countries. Send for Descriptive Book, ex
planation and proofs, mailed (sealedl free.
G?obeSp i 1 ' W
ERIE MEDIGAL C0M BuffalSj-inls
A Budget of Interesting News Items"
From tbe Grand Avenue Region.
Glen dale, May 1, 1896.
Strawberries are ripening fast now
and tbe poacher youngster goes about
witB the tell-tale brand of tbe luscious
fruit on his phiz. Humphrey sod
Divison are making large shipments al
most daily, and their enterprising sales
man, O. A. Fransiola, is opening up t
more extensive market. Charley is a
J. C. Mahoney, representing the "oitj
paper," and tbe Child's Aid Aesociatioc
whs here drummicg out business to
iny. About fifteen hundred bead of cattle
from the JTew River ranges are being
herded north of town. J. W. Sullivan
bohas purchased, will arrive Sunday
nnd superintend their shipment. Geo.
Alkire is with the party in charge of
the herd.
S. N. Van Eiohelberger expects to
loave for bis home in Brown county,
Kansas, the first of next week.
The Good Templars held their quart
erly eleotioo of cffioers last Tuesday
aigbt and elected officers as follows; C.
V., E. E. Jack; V. T., Jennie Trask;
secretary, T.B Woodward; F S , Harvey
Harper; T., J.W.Mitche'.l; M ,L.sah Byer.
Tbe lodge talk of giving an entertain
ment in tbe near future to raise some
ney to liquidate tbe indebtedness
Vndj.Tjg in rent of hall.
ftifg those who attended the Ter-
iff convection from here were C
N. H.. W. Adams and Judge
X - r r i r R btaq n Holatmta
waB an alternate for tbe
roe, who has been here for
r mou hs. left Tuesdav
iosgo to finish her term
ibere where - he has been
or tbe p.'tst thirty
Pierce will stay here
tbe wet da on bis
vbich keeps him
Pierce expeots to return
of July.
yGad Company has been 1m
road leading-from tbe cro6s
aide track where bay cars are
Four cars of gravel bave been
a it and two more will probably be
5sed. To the enterprise and aid of
Harry Ad ams and C. T. Hirst this im
provement is largely due.
Harry Kiund leaves tomorrow morn
ing for Cripple Creek, Colo., from whiob
place be oame here several months ago
Mrs. Harper of Phoenix visited ber
son Harry bers over Sunday.
w . u ivulwiler nod Dr. Uole were
here on business Wednetday.
Dr. Rudd expects, to leave soon for
Springerville, Ariz., to settle some busi
ness matters there. Tbe doctrr bas
built up a nice little practice bere.
H. Li. B;z has leased his hall to tbe
Odi Fallows, who will furnish it end
lease it to other organizations. Tbe
Odd Fellows will meet Friday eights
and the Masons Saturday nights. The
ball is one of the beet in tbe Territory
for lodge purprses.
Miss Lida Myers vis:ti with relatives
and frierla here Sunday.
- Mr. G. Puteooy. who owns a kiln of
first class lime at R)ck Butte was bere
Toifrauay' and arranged with J. B
Dover, the purchasing agent of tbe Live
Stock Association, fur tbe handling of
his' product in this district.
Shipments last week include four cars
of bay, two cf Jive slock and one of
rolled barley. C. T Hirst, will ship
oar of new hay Saturday and Garicer &
Co. a car of rolled barley.
Judge Bliss took down with him Wed
nesday the ntmes of forty two voters
that be has registered. That is a good
showing for the fi.st month of registra
Glendale wants a large hotel before
the beginnicg of next winter's travel.
and will get it too. Nota Bane.
Kxpectoration a Crime.
Dr. Paul Gibier, a high scientific
authority, eaye: "If this habit of ex
pectoration in public could be stopped
I aji sure that in time tubercultsis
would die out altogether. This seems
a very sweeping statement, but it is not
an ' ill-considered one. Tfcere is no
question in my mind that tbe spread of
tuberculosis is due largely to tbe habit
of spitting. A c refit many people bave
tuberculosis without beirg aware of tbe
f-et. They tio nni Icmn of tbe danger
tht emus from - j c'ir g the sputum
here it becooueb uiy uad pulverized
d then flies bbout in minute partioles
to be inhaled by healthy persons, who
are thus inoculated with tbe disease
This random publio expectoration is a
crime. Ex.
Were Present as
The following is a list tbe of counties
represented acd members present' :o
tbe bolters' convention yesterday, which
we publish in juilioe to these who
would bave nothing to do with the
bolters' convention:
Maricopa J W Benbam, Wade H
Uulirgs, J M Ford, Pierce Evans. A R
McCamley, Webster Street, J J H.3d-
nett, OWPugh, I N Bail, Li B H-iyet-TJ
Wo fly, LiJ Wood, A P Shewman.
J B Woodward, J B Early, R C Lowell,
M H MoCord, A Root, L W Collins.
J W Bolton, Thompson Walker, H C
Pima Charles Weston Wright, W C
Davis, HELiF.cey, Geo Christ, J,
O F Schumacher, J H Perry, J A Blxch.
P Grindell, Thomes A Borton, F
Yavapai W S Head, J S Caller?, R E
Morrison, F P Kel'ey, Grant Carter,
I E Morrison, Tbos Racb, C H Akers,
E F Andrews, F D Meyer, W S Marks
W Wickler.
Yuma Ben C Heyl.
Pinai John Li Knudson, Thomas C
Graham, W L Scbultz.
Altogether there were but five coun
ies of the Territory represented, one cf
chem by one meaibar acd tbe tota
rDortber&hip wee 43, (Tut of 112ds'egtef
orel'itut-ing tbe regular R-pub!'cir
oovection which roe.t on tbe 29:,h in
For Dsp eai and iiiver Complaint
you haven printed i?uuratee on ever;
HriT.fc'tt ra Sirillnh'a Vll'tfl:7jT T t. nave.
to cure. For saJe at Keefer't
Terape Department.
From Thursday's Daily,
Col. Ridley is quite ill at the Tempe
Normal Alumni Association will hold
i meeting next Saturday.
Frank Rapley took a load of freight
to Goldfield today.
Will Melton will open a school for tbe
Leaching of tbe Spanish language next
M. W. Moore, of Pinal county, passed
through to Mesa oo tbe morning tram.
Mr. Zuck, of Holbrook, came up this
afternoon to visit with friends and re
Phoenix is headquarters for all kind
of politics these days and a goodly
number of Tempe politicians are down
there laying in a supply to suit their
diversified tastes.
Mr. Sboof of tbe O&ce Cafe was
visitor to Phoenix this afternoon.
Tempe Hotel Register: H. Holman,
Pinal, Ariz ; Jno. Wald'e, Eddie, N. M ,
Prof. Joclyn, Jerome.
Andrew Xailsen will leave in a few
days on an important business mission
to Milwaukee and will be absent about
two months.
Tbe military drama will be repeated
in Mesa Friday nigbt closing with a
Those desiring the best brands of
josfcice always come to Tempe after it.
We may be a little bit slow in buaicese,
little bit modest in society matters
and play second fiddle in politics, but
when it oomes to olean cut steel plated
justice, administered without' bias and
in doses to suit the oase invalids always
prefer treatment by south side methods
A oouple of Phoenix people bad a little
legal difficulty to adjust and after sizing
up tbe court facilities of the Capital
city decided the Icoal expounders of the
law were not oompetent to adjust
tbe matter properly so they sent over
for Justice mith who went d wn this
morning and posed successfully in his
magisterial oapacity acd to the satis
faction cf all.
Fr"m Friday's Dily.
Tbe Zstetio Sooiety meeting will be
more than usually entertaining tonight.
There should be a good turnout.
Dive Tseters bas purchased his part
ner's interest in tbe Office Cafe and will
hereafter be sole proprietor.
Prof. Jocelyn, of Jerome, editor of the
Educator, was a Tempe visitor yester
TSow that we are getting new build
ings on Mill avenue and fair prospeots
for more, what's the matter of agitatirg
tbe waterworks question a little. Ef
forts have been made two or three times
to figure out a profitable scheme for
conducting this enterprise, and some
day it will surely be found. Property
owners and those who bave anytbmg
left to burn should see it some means
of protection sgaiost fire as well as
providing a good water supply oannot
be found.
From Saturday a's Daily.
A mummy is on exhibition at tbe
Tempe museum.
Messrs. Aikns, Campbell acd Dobie
of Mesa, passed through to Phoenix
this morning.
The dance at Ms-i last nigbt wss
wall attended, over seveDty members
being present.
This is excellent weather for the pro-
soution of Maud Mu'ler's agricultural
A special train of oattle will probably
be shipped by Messrs. Hogan and Pat
terson tomorrow.
A or of local merchandise and a car
of sugar were received for Tempe mer
chants today.
Tempe Hotel register: Thomas C
Graham, Florence; H. F. Westbeimer,
St. Joe: John Jones, Phoenix; J. B. Sel
man, Pnoenix.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. R9ppy, who bave
been visiting C. J. Ulmer and wife, re
turned home to Florence today.
Wm. Girffitbe, of Dripping Springs,
returned borne yeeterdey.
Li. W. Ji man's has a severe oold and
talks like be bad a horse fiddle in hie
Owing to May day festivities John
Young and Ei Coffee are unusually
bright and chipper today.
Prof. A. E. Joscelyo, editor of tbe
Arizona Educator, and Principal of
Jarome schools, acd Mr II. E. Bright,
of Prescott, visited the Normal today.
A Mesa picn'c party, among whom
are Li Salter, Miss Flo Sirrine aad Mise
Kimball, left for tbe Arizona canal
head this morning and will return to
Mrs. A. M. Frahklin returned from
Los Angeles yesterdi-y morning. M
Franklin arriving from Globe this
morning, where be bas been on a bust
ness trip.
The Mayday party at tbe KiDgsbury
residanoe yesterday was a very pleasant
ffair, ebout sixty couples being pres
ent to acjiy an old fashioned basket
tinner. Tbe lawn is one of tbe pret
tiest places in the valley and j jet tbe
place for a party of that kind.
Tbe express office has been reeurveyed
and now occupies tbe nw. of the e.
md tbe n.
of the w i of J. L.
Richard's store, township Tempe, in
range between tbe front and back door,
Gila base and meridian, with the Chap-
tin still employed r.s initial monu
Toe .Normal audience room was
crowded last nigbt with not only tbe
trouth and beauty of tbe Soutbside but
xrith a liberal representation of tbe
ilder generations, toer joy the May day
arogramme prepared b7 the Ztetic
ociety, and published in these columns
in Wednesday last Every number was
leserviog of praise and gave evidence
hat tbe members of tbe society take a
leep icterest in their literary work.
Tbe baliada rendered by Mrs. Liiilian
Rice, with Mrs O. W. Miller ss tccom-
anist, and representative of May dxy
"estivities iu the lG .b and 17 ih centuries
vera novel and entertaining. Each
se'eci.ioo on tbe programme was appro
priate to the occasion and err j :yed by
those i resent. The last number was a
ablaaux representing the May pole
Tbey "Raise the Koof " I-iast
The Ancient Arabio Nobles of El
Zribab Temple of the Mystic Shrine
ia this city held an important meeting
last night at their Temple in the Moni
hon building. Some tea car-d;dite
were admitted to tbe gorgeousness of
the inner eanotuary of tbe Temple and
instructed as to their orienthl duties to
wards themselves and their fellowman
and as to due affection and respect for
tbe faithful Arabio steed that carried
them safely over the difficult paths of
their pilgrimage and to be bumbly
thankfel for a bountiful supply of des
ert refreshments and interesting speci
mens of ancient pottery gathered on the
way. When the ceremonies of tbe
sanctury bad been completed the as
sembled Nobles withdrew to the ban
quet room where the inner man was
fully aad f uasptuous'y fed. The new
Nobles are Dr C D Belden, Phoenix;
Hon Wm M Griffith, Dipping Springs;
Hon F K Nichols, Wiloox; C O Sutter,
J G Hilzinger and H C Underwood,
Tucson; Col C W Johnston, Phoenix;
Hon Tbos Davis, San Francisco; Hon
Tbos C Graham, Florence and Mr J V
Owens, Phoenix.
History of a Grft Discovery.
The attention of tbe medical profes
sion was brst called to tbe fact that
habitual aloobolio drunkenness "was a
disease by Dr. Maneus Hues, of Stock
holm, Sweden, in 1819. Soon after the
publication of the extensive and very
exhaustive researches of Dr. Mangus
Hues, some of the most progressive,
advanced thinkers in tbe medioal pro
fession in this country and in Europe
uaoame vigorous advocates of the new
From that time to the present almost
innumerable investigators bave been
engaged, constantly extending ou
knowledge in every direction in tb
vast field, and fully confirming the cor
reotness of tbe opinions of Dr. Mangu
Hues. There is no fact in tbe medics
scienoe more clearly established than
this, tbat habitual drunkenness or in
ebriety is a desease, the . earliest en
most characteristic eymtoms of which
is an intecss, morbid craving for tb
intoxicating, soothing effects Df alcobo
lio drinks or other narcotio'agents
For more than forty years this faot
bas oeeo gradually gaining recognition
But even now it isdiffioolt for a large
mnjority of people of average inteli
gecce to divest themselves of tbe ide
that drunkenness is scything but an
aot of folly," a sin, a vice or a crime. Th
finger of eoorn bas been pointed at tb
sot as an object of ridiouie and coo
tempt. .The drunkard has been etig
mat'zd as a gocd-for-notbing scape
grace, who loves excess for its own eakp,
who lives but to gratify his vitiate
tastes, who from his inherent depravity
knowingly and unblushiogly prefers
v!08 to virtue, drunkenness to sobriety
It bas been tbe habit of the tbeologia
to denounce tbe intemperate as willing
!y guilty of heinous sin; and the judge
upon tbe bench to punish tbe riotio
drunKard as a criminal offender. .Few
seem to bave given bis condition of
body or mind a thought. Faw seem
have even suspeotad that be was
sufferer from both physical and menta
disease, and so only contumely acd ap
proach, pains and penalties bave bee
employed in the treatment of thesa piti
able subj-ots of albobo'io mtnia. fl-is
this treatment of the inebriate beeu
humane and j idioious? Is tbe in
abriate but a fooi? Ii he but a ano
and wicked sinner? Are all bis out
breaks of drinking but the fruit of an
evil, perverse disposition?
To all these questions medical sciance
answers emphatically No, and plainly
does common sense echo the denial
Men and women of the highest culture,
the purest life, tbe most ex halted aims,
have beoome rtcileje drunkards. Tbe
dearest minds, tbe kaenest intellects.
the most aocurate reasocers, bave fallen
victims to the fell destroyer. The
warmest hearts, the kindest souls, tbe
most unsalfish spirits have been trsns
formed by th9 "trioky spirit" into the
coldest, mast selfish votaries at Jthe
shrine of Baocbus.
we nave rnese and a great oompacy
of such fallen so low? Not from a de
sire to fall, cot from wicked and vain
imaginings, not from a determination
to become drunk, not from any innate
love of inebriating drink, bub from a
want of power to resist tb.- overwhelm
ing weight of a weil-nigh irresistable
impulee withia tham, which when fully
awakened hurls them aw.-iy in spite of
their vain efforts to etoape, into a whirl
wiud of exoaasiva iadulganca and da
bauchery .
Ij drunkenness tbe affect of disease'
EIow any one who has witnessed the
oaraer of a confirmed drunkard ever
bad any doubt on that subject is beyond
ordinary human comprehension. Yt
there are some who deoy tbat in
ebriety is ever a disease, or tbe effects of
disease, and insist tbat it is only a moral
vioe. But this antiquated idea bas
been slowly giving away for many years
past, foroid bok bafora tha enl gnten-
ment of modern scientific icqjiry
Moral obliqaity and vioious tastea may
sometimes b3 tha o luie of iasempsr
ance, and wa f.-eely concede tbat there
is a m iral and rahgioos asp-) of in
temperance, and that it there is in
ebriety tbe disease, there is drunken
ness, tbe vioe and crime. But many
sad experiences have shown us that
there are inebriates more sinned against
than sinning.
To impute immorality, vica and eio t,
tha inebriate for bis physical inability
to resist tbe intense involuntary, mor
bid crave toat 03raes over him at times
is as ur j jot as it would be to impute
immorality, vice and sin to the idiot for
bis idiocy, or the hereditary epileptic
for bis epilepsy.
Mr. D. P. Davie, a prominent livery
man and merchant of Goshec, Va , hue
this to s7 on the sut jct oC rheum
atism: I take pleasure in recommecd-
cg Chamberlain's Paim Blm for rheu
matism as I know from personal exper-
ecce tbat it will do all tbat is chinned
for it. A year ago this epring roy
brother "b laid up in bed wit h itfl3-
matory rheumatism and suffered in
tensely. The first appl e ition of
Chamberlain's Palm
pain and tbe use of
pletely cured him.
Balm eased tbe
one bottle com
For sale by all
Interesting Paragraphs.
From Thuieday's Dally.
The Herald offic had a pleasant call
from Mr Harvey Hubbs of Kingman,
one of tbe substantial Democrats of
Mohave county, this morning.
Among the outgoing passengers cn
the traio for the north this moroirg
were F E Bsupre.Li Juntu; Miss Lirg
jvortby, Omge Uaj, KnnsiiP; D B H?-nd
nd family, Chicago; W H Rjana, I.j
dianopolie; W E. D-fty, Lijs Acgelec;
W. S. Williams, San Francisco; Mrs. E.
B. Stone and two children, Chicago.
Mpj.fr R Allyn Lwie, coanciimat
from tbe 2;.d Ward acd tcting Mayor,
ienies that be hos been served wi'bn
notica to quit by tha Citizens' Associa
tion. Ha is e ck abed acd the chance
are tbat he will decide to remove per
manently from the ward, thus resigning
voluntarily fcs ha said ha wcuid iuei
Mr. E. M. Simmons, a prominent
merchant and land owner from Cripple
Creek, has taken up bis residence ir
Phoenix, and wise'y subscribed for tbe
Daily Herald, and this fall will invest
in city property. Two months ago be
arrived bere completely broken down in
health, during tbe stay be has gained
35 pounds and one would think he bed
never seen a sick day.
General Agent Ira P. Son it hot the S.
F. P. & P. railroad company today
resigned his position and will go to
California. Mr. Smith bas been with
t his company sinos it was completed to
Phoenix and has by his close attention
no business and affable and obliging
disposition gained tbe good will and
esteem of tbe business community of
Phoenix, who are sorry to note bis de
termination to leave tbe city. -
From Friday's Daily
Bu'caer Touvre sh'pped a oarload of
beef oattle to Congress this morning.
Among tbe outgoing passengers on
tbe morning train from tbe north were
W E Hall, Daover; Mrs W L Vail
Jerome; R G Sterasbury, Wuohita, Ks;
G A Brannen, Minneapolis; R H GUI,
Cheyenne, Wyomicg.
Milt Brawley, for whom a warrant
was issued on the 25th of last December
on a obarge of disturbing tbe meetings
of tbe Salvation Army, retured to tbe
city last nigbt acd was promptly ar
rested on the old warrant. He will
bave a hearing before Justice Morris
Mr. Joe Stein received tbe glad intel
ligaoce this afternoon tbat bis wife and
children who for tbe past year have
been visiting relatives and friends in
Gsrmany, had r6rc'aed Naw York in
safety and would leave this evening tor
home. The dsys will seem like weeks
to Mr. Stein until be welcomes bis fam
ily to his borne again.
A yoaaz ootopus was received at The
Saore by express this morning. Toe
tentao'.es are from three to five feet long
and one can form some idea of tbe enor
mous power of this monster of tbe deep
when grown to full size with tentacles
fifty or sixty feet in length. It is with
out exoaption the most terrible of at
sea fish. It is being viewed today by
numbers of the people who are aocus
toned only to dry land. An enormous
skata was also reoeived and both are tbe
first animals of tbe kind in Phoenix.
It is rumored that an elopement took
place from Phoenix Wednesday nigbt
whioh was nicely planned ard nicely car
ried out. For some time gast the singer
at the Acheuser saloon and the night
bartender bave been notioed by tbe fre-
queuters of that resort to very partial
to one another. Wednesday afternoon
the bartender hired a livery rig and
with the singar drove to Tempe, and
bave not b-ea saen sinca. The cext
morning word was brought to tbe livery
stable tbat the team was at Tempe sub
j-ct to oall and that the couple had
taken tbs tr i'a 'or the sou ill the even
ing before.
Some time ago tbe Citizens Commit
tee presented a latter to tbe Board of
Supervisors etating tbat they consider
ed the payment of 335 a month to A. J,
Portene as court interpreter and $15 to
tbe District Attorney for' office rent
were illegal payments and should be
discontinued. The Board took up tbe
matter at their meeting of yesterday
and instructed the olerk to notify the
committee th-.t they were willing to re
ceive advice a:d suggesting from aoy
oitiz90 of the county in the manner of
oonduotiog the business of the county
but that in ths t wo instances citfd tbey
were doing xt--t'i was best for the tf.s
p&yers of the c:unty and saving the
county much more than they would by
disscntinuirg t bo payments.
Ei Sherirl J. K. Murphy is in the
oify from h s mining properties about
twelve miles north of Wickenburg,
where be his been working steadily for
the past ooupla of months. He bos de
veloped the mine pretty thoroughly and
fcas laid bare n vain of ore wbichgoes
sixty dollars to tbe ton on assay and a
great deal higher in concentrates. Mr.
Murphy has r-!Caivod bo offer of $100,-
000 for the ol iim, provided it goes down
i certain dptb nnd be is now engaged
o sinking for th.t deptb, when be will
turn it over to 1-ba purchaser, tie nas
no doubts that the mine will go down
as at tbe present- time it is so iwing up
better as depth attained.
From Satnrdny.B Daily.
Mr. Jarrv SjllivaD. the large cattle
buyer arrived yesJerday afternoon from
Kansas City, wo&ra be went with a
large shipment of oattle about a month
Hon. J. M. W. Moore, delegate from
Yavapai couu'y to tbe Republican con
vention that tnt oo the29h ult , ra-
urued today from a visit fo his fine
property in the v cicity oC Mesa uity.
Mr. Fiunk Fi'qua has a force of men
at work erecting -n elegant brics livery
stable on his property on the corner of
Adams and Fi.unh Avenue. He will
remove from hn present quarters on
Centre street a r. i t the first of next
rifonth .
Mr. Vic li.nry yesterday resigned
manager i.f i Globe store and
erased to b connected wan tbe h'rcu of
Goldberg B rot t't-is, with whom he has
eon connected for tbe past six and one-
half vears. Mr. Hanny is a number
one salesman acd bas a host of friends
in this city. He expects to go to Colo- j
rad.o to locate in s month or two.
Mr. Ben. Williums, Superintendent of
tbe great Bisbee copper mines pasted
through tha city this morning on his
way east. Ho was accompanied by bis
niece and children who will stop at
Prescott. The train for the north was
held a short time for the party which
cuiie in on the train from the south.
Judge R jusa will adj mm c;urt here
Saturday rsnd go to Pnoenix, where an
a-1j turned t-?rm of t he- Supreme Court
will convene Dei t Monday. The Juc'ge
expects to return here tbe. latter part cf
next week aijd will remsio uctil tbe
Craham docket is cleared. It is now
expected tbnt the United Sr.ntes court
will convene here ou tbe 25-h cay cf
May. Graham ('ounty Bulb tin.
A circular has been received at the
office of the S. F. P. & P. railroad com
pany in Ib's city todhy giving notice of
the appointment of Mr. R. W. Gillette
ks Acting General Agent of tbht ccm
pHoy , vica Mr. I-a P. Smith reaianed.
Mr. Gillette bas fi led tbe c ffi-je of 1( cal
ticket agent for that company for seme
time and is an able and progressive
railroad man, wbo will do everything in
b'B power to maintain the popularity i f
bis road at the point to which bis vre"
decessor bas brought it.
For every quarter in a man's pocket
there are a dozan uses; and to ut;e esch
oje in such way as to deriva the great
est benefit is a question every one must
solve for himself. Wa believe, however,
that no better use could ba made of one
one of these quarters than to exchange
it for a bottle of Chambarlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, a medi
cine tbat every family should be pro
vided with. For sale by all D.-uggists.
Mr. W. C. Davis, who owns some
valuable mining properties at Goidao,
near Harqua Hla, arrived this morn
Ina from Tucson. Mr. Uavis has a
twenty-five ton cynnida outfit in this
oity, whioh has jast arrived from the
east, and which fce will ship and erect
upon his mining properties in a few
days. Tha ore of bis properties is very
rich and he expects to eav.e all tbe min
eral through tbe new prooess which be
will use.
The enrollment of pupils in the Pbce-
nix city schools for the eighth month,
whioh closed Ifi6t week, is as follows
East End, 152; West End, 170; Five
Points, 82; Central School (grammer
grades,) 341; Union High School, 97,
making a total enrollment of 8-13. This
is not quite as large as previous months
but many of those who have spent the
winter ia the oity bave already re
turned to their northern or eastern
homes, taking with them their children
who have been attending the sohoola
during the winter. But three weeks of
tbe term cow remain and pupils and
teachers are all bard at work putting
the finishing touches to a very success
ful year of school work.
The "Liife of tbe fl-sb is the. blood
therc-of;" pure blood means healthy
functional activity and this bears with
it the oertainty of quick reetor.ttio
from sicknes9 or accident. Dr. J. H
McLean's Strengthening Cordial and
Purifier gives pure rich blood, and vita
;z9 and strengthens tbe wboie boAy
SI 00 per battle. For sale at Kaefer'i
PharmHOy .
Special Election Called for the Pur
pose of Voting Bond.
There was a special meet-iug of tb
City Council Inst evening at which
was ordered that a special election b
held in tbis city on June 2 next for th
purpose of sllowicg the people to say
by their votes whether or not bond
shall be issued to pny tb 10,000
bonds which will fall due on Ootooer SO
next, and 6leo whether tbe fljating in
debtedness of the city amounting to
$30,500 shall ba bonded.
Ibeo-iilfor tbe election also state
that a Mayor and Councilman from the
Seoond ward shall be chosen by the
people Mayor Rosson having resigned
some time ago and tbe resignation cf
Councilman Iiawis of the Saoond ward
being presented and accepted last even
ing. The resignation of Mr. Lewis doeB
not take effect until bis successor is
elected and qualified.
The next regular meeting of the
Counoil will be held on next Monday
evening when olaims will be audited
and other business transacted.
Current prices
Corrected daily by Phoenix
Whole Barley, per 100 pounds J
ss a
Rolled Barley, per 100 ponnds
Grain Hay, buli-d, per ton
Alfalfa, per ton
7 7
7 25
. 1 SO
2 50
Alfalfa Seed
Whtat, per 1''0 poranda
Plonr, per 100 ponads
Bnttor, per poond ;
Cheese, per pound
Snuar, cabe, per 100 pounds
S gar, prannlatpd, per lOOpoaiida
Coffee, green, per Doncd
6 7X7 00
6 5u6 0
Rice, per 100 ponnda 5 7"g B 25
Beans. Lady Washington, per 100 lbe. 2 5 )ig8 00
Limas. per 100 poands
4 OUft.4 50
2 0
Pink, per 100 poande
Sam. Kansas ity, per pound. ...
12 H
12' i
10& 20
4 . 5
2 75
8 Ou
6 Ot
10 3 SO
Baoon, per ponad
Lard, leaf, per ponnd
Dried Apples, per pound
Dried Peaches, per ponnd
Dried Apricots, per ponnd
I ried Prunes, pe pound
Dried Grapes, per ponnd ..
Dried Bailing, per pouztd .... ...
Honey, straiued, per pound....
Peaches, per can ... ..
Apple, per can
Pears, per can
Berries, per can
Tomatoes, per'oan
String Beans, per can
Corn, per can
Je ly end Jam per can
25ttgs..per dosen
Beef on foot; per hundred
Huge, live,per huudred
Sheep, dressed, per hundred
Turkeys, live, per pound
Chickens, perdozen
Boef, Round, per pound
Si loin, per pound
' Porter tlousa, per pound.
Pork, per pound
Mutton, per pound
Lemons, per dozen
Oi-anKfte. per doan
Apples- per ponnd
Pears, per pound
Onions, per pound
12 V,
2Ug 35
radishes, beets,
beana and aii
Potat os,per ponnd
wweet Potatoes, i er pound
Cabha?e perpound
Families are supplied with.
turnip. onious, peap. e-rip?
small vegetih'eR hy vsetah'a .nv-nons
. oiore thRn half
the ills f t
Tea is a p
For Bale?
rl's Olovar Root
lor ootiBtipation.
lleported t r (he Herald ry the V.I-
ley AllstMci Company.
April 29.
Wm H Srnpley and wife to Thornae
Jensen deed n J t li G se ?4 seo29
1 n 5 e; SKK30.
Harriet C arid G S Lsmb to H W
Brizee j - dsed purl, of lot, 1 I lls "25 Mess;
John T D-rr-nie aud wif- to Wm J
Kingsbury dd 50xl37J- tl te oor o!i!
57 Teaipe; SHOO.
II H Giliispie, J-iau8 L Puttraon and
E W Wilbur locn!e Ni-.iety-six ruining
ulairn Ft McDowell district..
X .tf.ri.il bor.d t.f C P Siicms $1C00
Li B Ohr s y and J tmr-E. T Simojs sure
B.ind of A J H'-.lsina, live etocU in
spr cor, 500, eui'fties Cbae and Ln-o
April 30.
R H Campbell to sd-iie R Campbell,
de"d, ss I4 acd tj ew 14 f ee e"e
14, 1 p 4 e, except 1 acre ic ee corner; SI
W D Falvviler t.nd wife to Eiln il
Robinsor, derd, nw lj of nw sec IS, 2
o 2 e; 82000.
Avis P il jlmes to Mandela L:nds'eyj
quit claim di?ed, lot 13, Wiliowdale; SI
Register and Receiver to Victor E
Meesstsger, receipt, desert land entry
lots 3 and 4 and s J- of dw J4 and sw ,!f
see 4, 1 n 1 w ; $80.
J W Fo&ter, affidavit that Frederick
Foster was the owopr of und interest
in sw of sw sec 21, 1 n 5 e; that
Baid Frank Fester died intestate; that
he is tbe father and Nancy A Foster the
mother of said dtcssstd and the only
beir at lav.
O G Anderson acd wife end J W
Foster and wife to Maricopa Lean end
Trust Co, quit oiaim deed, tw 4 of sw
sec 21, 1 p 5 e, SI.
Li W Pinney and B 10k of Xn
agreement extending moitgigs ciu'ed
May 11, '91, for $456 95 cn lot 10 h;i 98,
Phoenix, from the period of 1 year from
May 11, '96. ' .
Rio Verde Canal Co to Mior anpol'.s
Tr-jei Co, amending tbe residuary fund
clause of trust deed dated lit or" Jug,
'95, and providing for exe'er g-? of wat.r
M..y 1, ISCb"
R E Ii Linville to Mrtry E Ny!or
deed lots 6 and 8 blk 4, Iota 1, 3, 5, blk
5, and lots 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, blk 7 Lin
ville Addition; $1000.
Emma H Bdugb aiid M Baugb, to Ida
E Holliogsworfch deed w of ne see
11 2 n 1 e; 32500.
Geo T Brosius by a' torney to Pr ccee
E Hamilton bond for deed iot2Mk4
and lot 2 blk 5 Central Place; 8333,2
years X per cant.
E M'Bal'tiacb looas R-driver, Hope
and Muscotb mioii g oinltuii, White Pica
oto d'et.
A Li Slve of G'inda'e, butrher's
bond fl000,C T Hurst and H A Ham
Black well's Durham Tobacco company.
to-day. Yours very truly,
tobacco coaPAr.
If you havt any difficulty in procuring your
soap, cut out this notice end tend it witii
your order to your wholesale dealer.
Rancii-:-120 km.
Near head of canal with small
S 1 ,8 DO Two good Tem
pe town properties cheap,
Rent for $25 per month.
Fine Alfa'a Ranch, 24 miles fromR.
J?., orchard, vineyard and never failing
veil of yood waler,with 2'empe CanalKaler.
No Agent's Commissions.
Call on or address :
Notary Public Temse. Arizona.
Farmers' - Merchants'
Capital SfSO.OOf ,
NEILS PETERSON.... Vice President
CBAS. N. TAYLOR.. Cashier
General Banking Business
Uank of Nw York, S. B. A Ne- Yori
glo-Califoruian Hank San Franeipei
National Bsnk of ('aliforui . ..Ixs Angelas, Ca
Consoliriaiod National Bank Tncson, Arit
Vftlly Psnk ... AHb
s a
and is the result of colds and
sudden climatic changes.
It can be cured bv a pleasant
9 HAY-rl
remedv which isamilied di
rectly into the nostril a. Be- E
nig-quickly absorbed it gives
relief at once.
Ely's Orsam Mm
is acknowledged to be the most thoronjrh c no ior
Nasal Cutarrh, Cold in Head and Hay l ever of l-ii
roiaedies. It opens and clt-aiwea the n 'sal psissisp--.
al!.-vB nam and inflammation, hrsls tlieaorcs. f
iects the membrane fro. j colds, restores the
3f tnpte and smell. Price fi'le. at Drncmste or by r.t- :.
ELY BitOTHKES. b6 W arren Street. Kw Vo:
FstabVh? In Colorado, 1S66. Samolrs Sivma'I or
FTp-i: "S witt receive prompt and eurefal itiiteution
Bold a Silvar Buiiioa RiflA-tilelBh"i5!
idd.-MJ, 1736 V38 l'"wl5' BsaTflf , Cob-
j . I
"Who are nervous, weak, worn out
with local troubles iiitd pure blood,
nerve gtreniith, and perfect health in
Hood's Sarsiiparilla.
We do not say the above to raise
false hope. It lias beeu the experi
ence of many, very many women in
those intensely trying; periods which
demand and consume so much
forec those special physical trials we
delicately indicate by merely using the
Words Maid, Mother, Matron.
Like a confidential friend we suggest
the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla, a reli
able Mood purifier and tonic; it. has
helped many others and will help you.
" I was in poor health five years, broken
down in strength, and appetite all gone.
Local troubles and other weaknesses in
tensified my misery. Nervous sick
dizziness, heartburn and pains in my
back made me think I should never be
well again. A friend prevailed upon me
to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. I noon began
to improve and in six months it restored
me to better health than ' for years. I
have found Hood's Sarsaparilla a grand
medicine for all troubles peculiar to
I am now strong and healthy and can do
a good day's work. I stand by Hood's
Sarsaparilla, for it cured "me after other
medicines failed." MRS. Lue DlER,
Carlinville, Illinois.
This and many similar cures prove that
c?l U El IA 11 61 1:
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $1.
Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co.. Lowell, Mass..
ww rll are purely vecetable, care--
HOOd S PlllS fully prepared. 25 ceuta. .
Cripple Creek Destroyed.
Mr. 33 M. Simmons,of Cripple Creek,
Colo , who is an exteneive property own
er of tbat place and who came to Phoe
n;x n oouple of months ago - for tbe ben
eh't of his health, received tbe following
telegram tbis morning:
Cripple Creek, Colo., April 30. El.
M. Simmons, Pnoenix: Residences all
burned with tbe rest of the towo yee
day. Rev. W. T. Hunt.
The loss to Mr. Simmons through the
fire will aggregate in tbe neighborhood
of 810.000.
Dear Sir:
You are entitled to receive
FREE from your wholesale dealer,
Blackwell's Genuine
Durham Smoking
Tobacco you buy. One bar
of soap Free with each pound,
whether 16 02., 8 oz., 4 oz., or
a oz., packages.
We have notified every whole
sale dealer in the United States
that we wi:l supp-y them with soap
to give you FPEF. Order a good
supply of OSNUiME .DURHAM at
once, and insist on getting your
soap. One bar of Soap FREE with
each pound you buy. Soap is
offered for a ii.niteJ lime, so order
r" a
Chichester's 3
.ih liiomond Brand,
Origi;ul s:;t Only Gen nine.
safe:, at a.j ri'liabie. laoics auk ,
lriii.-f;-;st lur Ciih:t.ra Fiftith Via t
morid lirftrri in fit d ait J Uvld mrtllic
lKxes. s--aisJ wi h hints ribbon. Tukn
'no oihcr. He fuse tiannrryu mbattttf
t ions and mii At Druirrima. or send In.
in 3T.imr.ri f.T particulars, tatimoDiali and
'ltolief l,aile. in Utter, hr return
VmSI. 1 (. rstimoninU. AVm- -
Sold hj ail uocui DruKijU. I'hlUMlav. im
ELY'S PINEOLA BALSAM is s sure Kerned
L for coughs, colds, eorc turoat and for asthma, it
abates the coneh,
and renders especfe.
oration easy.
will invariably derive
benefit from its use,
jVlany who suppose
their caecs to be con
sumption are onlv
suHering from a
chronic cold or deep
seated coagh, of tea, .
aggravated oj ca
tarrh. For catarrh use Ely'a Cream Balm. Botu
remedies are pleasant to use. Cream Bairn, 50 eta,
per bottle; Pineola Balsam. 25c, Sld by Drnpeista.
LX" BIiOTHiiS 66 Warren St., ew Yurie.
cl- PfH ':-'r'1 rT"- !
i2!?-S$&-n' ' -- "l.-'iC PC''
v-:; And v -
ii lYtL
i ii't' i or
( rcinUnicce ; ? r'.
(-iiiins; Mors LiK-tT. -
n, rica
; J i
A T;r
Fnily ii
'i': i
i f
: year.
IliEMX Li Till CiSrs'
i :1j
$jgi;es you'lei tie's JSIonth'y and
the; Fhacnin: if'eflly Hen hi.
-t ;
'Send to t-'i-n f.t i I' .ttt;s'ni.nj J. -t;:..-, A. . .
for new lltnxTruh'ri t-rfimutu 3,u.;ii .
.ii j. i.

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