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There seems to be a wing of ou
citizens, out in Neati'e additioc, wb
propose to have b party election regard
less of results.
Register at ouo for tbe special city
election. Tbe city roister wi'l olose
OQ the 13th instanE aod if you are cot
registered you ciinot vote, end the co
oseion is important.
Will the city of Phoenix'issue fi'ty
thousand dollars of bonds, or shall it
not do bo? Toe" question is to be solved
at the coming sppolal eleotion, on the
second day of June.
Protect the munufrioturing an i pro
ductive industries of this country; pro-
teot the laboring man in providing reg
ular occupation "for him acd the matter
of finance most correct i's-lf.
' The citizens meeting for the matter
of discussing city fffirs end agreeing
upon a ticket to be voted for at the
oomiog special election, has been post
poned to the 22ad iD8taot..
TpE House passed the geonril back
ruptcy bill by a vote of 157 to 81.
Whether the bill will hi dispose d of by
the Ssnate at this session 'a not. yet cer
tain. It will depend largely on whether
aa agreement c so be reached to limit
the debate to a given time.
There is a whole lot of kickicg on
the investigation of Cievelacd's bond
issue. Why?
iT'will keep Don M, Dickiceon busy
from now till after the fir&t of Novem
ber to explain bow it all happened. He
has begun early as he probably reoog-
nized the fdor, that be has considerable
of a j ib on hand.
The testimony given by witnesses in
in the preliminary exemioation or ice
murder of Cy Williams at Marioopo
differs so materially that there was evi
deatly aD intended garbled and f &l?e re
port given out to the ne-vspapera at first
to shield tbe slayer. If the seetimoDj
given in tbe prt-1 micary trial be correct
he murder of Cy Williams was a pre
meditated i ff-iir.
The arrangements for tbe cocstruc-
ion of the FIaget6ff fc Grand Canyon
railroad are progref sir g slowly but in
be right direction. That road oould
very refidily be arranged to run by
electricity generated by the power of
he ceaseless flaw of the waters of the
lorai'r .
seventy five miles from the S. F. P. &
P. at Coogreee, which would readily
give this valley another outlet into
California by a route much sbarter than
either of the otheis. Eut the road
should be induced to continue through
thin valley acd od eBt-twaid up the Salt
River into New Mexico and this will be
about wbtt; will happen efcould the
cecee6ity for tbe Cf-w rotd be nssfle by
the sale of tbe A. & P. to some other
company than tbe Santa Fe.
Although democratic Sf-nators have
assured their rpubiieii colleagues that
they would do n.ithiijg to prevent an
earlx adj 'UrrmDt thre is a b-lief in
Boms quarters that tne assurance had a
string tied to it which will become
visible when tbe republicans report a
resolution to" the Senate setting a date
for adjournal ment of Congress.
The eppoic' nicl tf Sir.. Del too as
iperictendeiil of Public liioti uctioo
id one of tbe bfst appointments Gov.
Franklin can a.fcke in Bey cf tbe cfiicet
lie may see tit to change. Mr. Dal ton is
not only a finished scholar but an ex
perienced teacher having been thf
sucsesefu! princ;pel of the public
schools of this ci'y for a let m of year
acd likewise in Tombstone. Tte p!6cr
is an important one and is well tilled by
Mr. DaltOD.
There seeras to be an intended or
mistaken construction cf the position
of the Herald ;g (jha recent contest for
delegates to St. Louis. The Herald
stood and stand? cow.liret for Arizona's
interests, and, Sf c jnj ea a necessity to
attaining that end, an ucicstructed
delegation to St. Liu is composed of
men who have the character to represent
the Territory honorably and the intelli
gence and able to get whatever ad
vantages may be had on ouch an oc
casion tor the people of the Territory.
- While nothing is certain in politic?
until it has been accomplished, tbe im
pression is well uigh general thatGov
McKiniey will be nominated fcr Presi
dent by the St. Lnuis convention. The
origipal McKiniey. men txprees coufi-
Tbe Boston Daily Advertiser of a re
cent date expresfes the eectioect of
the east in no mistaken lacguage on tbe
matter of Btiitehocd under tbe caption
'Rotten Boroughs." After naming sev
eral of what it hopes are cogent reasons
for not adjiitting New Mexico and Ari
zona it uncovers the gist or tne wnoie
opposition in tbe last few lines where it
bewali the fict that we would htve
'four federal senators acd two repres
entatives." from tte two xerritones.
That our readers may more fully under
stand tbe bitterness of this opposition
we give the article in full:
"If there is any legislator who ia still
n favor cf admitting to statehood tb
Territories of New Mexico end Arizona
it mubt be largely for one of two rea
sons. Either be has failed to note tb
prevalence of .the national ssnMmen
against such a grant of statehood or
he has concluded, for reasons of a per
sons! character, to diest-nt frcua the el
most unanimous expression of publi
sentiment. Aa to the widespread char
acter and strength of the eecliraeo
against the statehood bills, the public
press tffords plenty of testimony.
New Mexico has been settled for more
than three centuries, acd has afforded
sustenance to many generatiots of citi
zjee: but today its entire population is
beiow that of many of tbe large cities
of tbe United States, while there are
deserted ruins witbiu its borders at
points where towns stood within the
memory of tbe present generation of
settlers there. It is quite possible that
Little J. Roe Young Jr. Hilled by
ttie Cars at Temps.
This afternoon about 3 o'clcck, when
the train left Mesa City for Phoenix,
little J. Re Young Jr., son of the
Indian 8gent at Sacaton and brother of
Conductor Young cf that train,, was on
the train to ascompany his brother to
Phoenix to aiest his father. When the
train reached Tempe it shopped to con
The Grand Jury is Iippaneled and
the (Docket is Called.
Judge Baker convened D strict Court
this morcirg acd impaneled tbe fol
lowing grai d jury : Walter Talbot, FC
Njrris, Neri Osburr, n H Wiiky, Thos.
COartlpge, HC Rrgere, H J Harper,
Woi. E Ieworth. J A Stewart, W T
Williams, F M Sherman, A V Oooner,
B McCrary, J L Gct, C F Leonard; E
Many Important Resolutions
Presented Today.
pie on to some cattle cars to bring them I T Anderson, W S Pickerell, P W But.er
to Phoenix, aad considerable switching j O J Priddock, Thompson Walker, EJ
was necessary to gat tue cars, ids
little fellow, who is about 8 years old.
was standing in tbe doorway of tbe
baggage car, whioh is simply a box car,
and opposite the passenger co6cb, j k-
in witn some Indians who were stand
W S Pickerell woe chosen as foreman
and D NAmbier, Tom. Eiders and W
MoCiiotock appointed bailiffs.
John K Owen was! appointed Indian
interpreter andiManuel Garcia Spanish
dence that co ballot will be tiiken but New Mexico will repeat in tbe next ten
Ir is believed that when Senator Hill
stated in bis speech, on tbe floor of tbe
Senate, that he didn't believe Mr. Cleve
land would again ba a oacdi&ate for tbe
Democratic nomination, thut the foxy
New Yorker vas trying to smoke Mr.
Cleveland outand get him to make a
definite dolaratiorl of his intentions.
The wordiog of the platform adopted
by the Michigan Ddmocrt;c convention
which was probably prepared by Djh
Diokinson, has inoreaeud the belief
that Mr. Cleveland intscda to capture
that nomination for himself unless tbe
silver Democrats make it impossible by
securing tbe Chicago convention.
tbet 'the nomination will be made by
acclamation. Of course it ia possible
that something may ccjur that will
change matters, and it is largely upon
that sometbiafj that the opponents of
Gov. McKiniey are cow backing, but
from tbe best obtainable information
it looks at this time as if McKiniey was
bound to win.
Members of the House are diepoFed
to resent the action of the Senate in re
ducing the.nunaber of battleships pro
vided for in the Nval Appropriation
hill from 1 to 2, and the Houee will
probably refuse to agree to the Senate
amendment. Tbe House often refuses
to agree to Senate amendments, but
somehow or other the Senate nearly al
ways succeeds in having its way, and 89
members of the -House are much more
anxious to get home some of them
have got to fight for reoominatioc than
the Senators, this will probably be an
excaptionto tbe rule, if the SanBte re
refuses to recede.. But the vote in
favor of the amecrmtct ss clcee, 31
to 27, aad upon a fuller attendance of
the Sjaate, enough votes may be ob
tained to recede from the tmecdmect.
It is to b9 hoped the efforts of our
Democratic administration to extricate
itself from tbe present financial slougb
of despond may result iD again putting
the Territory on its feet acd restoring
the credit which it bs bad in eomp
degree at least for many years. Just
now the situation is disastrous in the
extreme as Territorial warrants are cot
wanted at any price and as a result tbe
tsrrttory pays enormously foreverytbicg
it is obliged to buy and then tbe laborer
tbe official or tbe dealer is fleeced out of
a good portion of his wags. Relief
should come 60on and is is to be hoped
permanently. The bocda Rre now beicg
negotiated bat when the businees will
years, the o ireer of desolate atd desert
ed Nevada. What patriotic American
cares to add another "rotten borough
to the list of Amerioaa States?
Arizona is even less thickly settled
then NdW Mexico. Counting the satire
population of the. Territory the aggre
gate would equal abont one-seventh of
tbe population of Boston. There are
p'enty of cities soattered all over tte
country that, so far as population goes,
heve as much right to statehood as Art
zona has. One might as well out any of
the Eastern States into twenty or thirty
smaller Scales as to confer statehood
upon tbe broad alkali desert cf Arizona
where the coyote and the tarantula own
CO p. o. of the territory. .
It is bad enough that these oom
unities are saddled with a per capita
debt ranging from three to eight times
that of Massachusetts. It is bud euougb
that in N?w Mexico is is considered
disgraceful to be educated in an Ameri
can public Echool where the English
laogoege is taught. It is bad enough
tbeta people, alien in everything except
their residence, ehou'd be represented
as demanding 6tt(-bood when tbe de
aoand comes from ooly a fe w politicians
It is even worse, howt-ver, that the pro
position sbcu'd be made to grant four
ffdorcl senators end two represecta-
be clored out no one can tell. Tbe in
jury to tbe business of tbe Territory i tives to a section whose total popula
under the present cocditiors is iccal
cuable and the administration has a I
graver doty to perform than finding
tioc is not half as large as that of tnis
places for hungry office-hunters.
Bcckey 10'Keil,l, in a Jocg-wicded
article in his paper todey httacks Col.
Cbristy and the Improvement Company
es though they were the only Repub
lican proposition io the whois
Territory. Such attacks come
wita m-gnty little sincerity in
the purported principles they ere
made to appear to represent, from such
men as Buokey O'Neill, himself one of
the chief promoters of an enormous
oanal scht-roe, which baa proved a snare
an.J a ongion to almost every man
who Las fver touched it, either as a
locator of lands or an investor in the
canal sobeice itse'f . Oo the other band
it is a fact, that the irrigation busiceea
in which Col. Christy is concerned has
the merit of honest enterprise and a
genuine attempt to develop the splen
did country oovered now the wealthi
est, the most eoterprieicsr and attrac
tive rpgion, not ooly in Arizona' but in
tbe southwest. Euc'key O'Nnill'a bowl
is merely. a matter of the racket dem
agogy by which he, the promoter of onp
of the moit doubtful of irneatiot
schemes io tbe Territory, "idpes to foi
enough of the people to end bid v
Oongrass what f,;r, God onlyknows;
do man koowios Buokey oi'ild ever
pretend to say, unites it bjf to nee
thoea deluded people koown ris popu
list to draw a salary. f
There is considerable proeptct cf
another railroad across the Territory.
It looks very rrucb as though theSiota
Fe people would refuse to give the
figure fixed by the A. & P. people for
their property. A diepaieb cf a day or
two since from Lrs Acgeles reads as
foilcw': "President Ripley cf the Saota
Fe eystem is at El Psfo today ard is
expected to reach Los Angeles Sun
day. The Santa Fe is projfCticg an
entirely new lice from Victor id Sn
Bernardino county to Sliver City, N.
M , and it is understood Mr. Ripley ia
coming hereto look over the ground
and hear the report of Engineer Vaughn
who returned a few days ago from the
desert with a survey party. Tbe Atlan
tic & Z Pac'fio .stcckfcolders several
months since effered to sell tbe read for
S16.O0O.COO. The cfficicls of the former,
however, in view of cbepper railway
coLetructioc, declined to give rr. re than
S9,000,COO for the property. It the deal
between the two roads csrcot b ef
fected, it cbd be very leadily teen th'it.
it will be come ceceFS-ry for tbe S inta
Fe to build a oonnentirg lice or.d it is
for this that the survey ia beicg mi-.de."
His bee ltf-publl cane.
The Republicans of the live mining
camp of B.sbee have organized them
selves into a body to be koown aa the
"B.sbee Republican Club." It started
with a membership of thirty-five tried
atid true Republicans and the roll is
rapidly growing, so that by the next
aseetU'g it is anticipated that the mem
bership n il number not lees than
seventy-five. Bisbee has some earnest
cuen in tbe Republican party acd with
their KSsistarice old Cocoiee will fl 8t
the banner of Republican victory this
Thousand of oass of consumption,
asthma, coughs, colds and croup are
oured every day by Sbiloh's Cure. For
sale at Kaefei's Pharmacy.
F. W. Chamberlain Crushed to
JJeairi In a M?ne.
Globe. Ariz , May, 12, 1893.
Frank W Chamberlain was killed in
the Boosier mice in Globs on tbe 8th
met , while in the employ of the United
Globe micicg company.
Tbe deceased acd a companion bad
set i f a tlast and as they were return
ing to their place of work acd near
where tha blast, had been set off they
were passing under the reck and dirt
that hi.d been loosened by tbe blast and
a large quautity of the loose matter
fell on the citcess?d while immediately
uiderit ard it killed him instantly and
his companion beirg a few fuel in ad
vanoe of deceased escaped without
beicg serious'y ir jured. The deceased
was a man about thirty-three years of
ae aod a native cf Richmond, Virginia,
ar.d formerly wc.ibed in the Bisbee
m i n s
The verdict cf the coroner's jury was
to tbe iffrct that he came to his death
by accident. He was buried in - tbe
Globe cemetery. Observer.
Niiiery lJ-r C-rit.
Of all the people ned to take a course
of Hood'ri S irsaparilla at this set s in to
prevent that run-down ai.rl -it-bilitnted
condition which iuvits iis(.s. The
ojonpy invented in half a cii-zo bottles
of JLIood's SiireapariHa v. ill come back
with large returne in ' t"j, 'health 8od
lines and its licee in Nw Mexico. That uuu' l u"rveB'
road if built should be inducrd tocjme Hood's Pills are essy tu buy, f-asy to
through this valley . If it crtssea the take, easy to operet;,. Cure all liver
Colorado at Parker it wilf ue but about ,lIs- 2o oen,s- ' I
ing about the car on the side of the interpreter.
track. HouId not see th cattle car The following cases were dispesod of:
which was coroioe down the track in 1 Canavan vs San Franoisco Bridge
the rear. Whm the cattle car struck Company; dismissed tor want or prose
tbe train it dd so with a creht deal of tion.
force, there being no brake on it. The Bufort- vs W arrec; dismissed at cost
shock threw the boy backward and of plaintiff.
hen forward out of the doorway and O Li Sturtevart vs Mary Green; dis
between the basgage car and the coach, missed at cost of plaintiff.
j falling his bead struck tbe rail and Root vs McLaughlin et el; dismissed
before he could move the two forward without prf judice.
wheels pp.sssd over his head, killing Man vs Gray dismissed at cost of
bim instantly. plaintiff
The train men who saw the accident Busch vs Gray; dismissed at cost or
picked him up as aoon cs they could plaintiff
reach tbe spot and carried bim to the Carey vs Woodmansee; dismissed at
depot but nothing oould be done as he cost of plaintiff.
was dead before tbey reached him. Hurley vs Sheridan; dismissed at coBt
Mr. John Young, the cocduotor and ' plaict ff.
Wants to Consolidate With the
Methodist, as Do Also the
German Weslejans.
7 R A O E
wm m mm
Tyrell vsArizona Soap Cc; dismissed
at cost of defendant.
McKeozie vs McKeczie; dismissed for
want cf prosecution.
Averish vs Averisb; dismissed for
brother of the unfortunate boy was
oompletely prostrated and hissuffering?
were terrible to witness when he saw
the lifeless body of his little brother:
Word was at once telegraphed Mr.
Young at this city, who was handed the want of prosecution
telegram on the street. The father Valley tsanK vs Newman en si; dis
broke oompletely down when he read missed at cost of pla.ntiff.
the terrible news and was taken by laliy vs JiUly; dismissed at ccst ot
.: j. i plaintiff.
Liawlor vs Fowler Co; dismissed with'
pieLeijr proobrateu. ouj. Drf,, (ceii
The many frieDds of the stricken
femily in this valley where they are
most favorablv known, will learn of the Over a Thousand H'ad ' of Cattle
sad accident with grief and many ex- Shipped this week
pressiocs of sympathy are heard in Gle-s-dale, May 8.
this city for the bereaved family. Railroad business has been unusually
This is tbe ssme car from whioh brisk this week. Besides tbe regular
O.iver Bewley fell and was killed one shipments of hay, strawberries, etc.,
over 1,000 head of cattle have been
shipped to points in Kansas. Sullivan
night about four years ago.
Report of the Coroner's Jury at
We, the coroner's jury, being duly
sworn, after viewing tbe remains and
hearing the evidence, hud as follows,
That J. Roe Young, Jr., of Sacaton,
Pima County, Arizona, nbout 11 years
and Mills shipped 17 oara Thursday,
principally from the Alkire herds. Sev
eral more train loads will be shipped
next week acd we understand that
about 3,000 head from the other New
River ranges have been purchased and
will be shipped from here soon. Jerry
Sullivan is here superintending the
obipments. A great many of the cat
tle are so poor they oould be packed
of age, came to his death May II," 1896,
at Tempe, Marioopa County, by falling iibe lne proverbial sardine, acd speak
Detween a passenger coacti ana Dos car eloquently than words cf the
marked M. &. P. No. 105, attached to
traio No. 6 of the M. & P. and S. R. V.
R. R , cd by having bia head crushed
by the wheels of car No. 103 at about
2:30 o'clock p. m.
poverty of the Isew River ranges. These
ranges have been overstocked and the
extensive shipments now ia progress
will allow them to recuperate.
Considerable hay has b?en shippfd
That he fell cut ot the end dcor of the past week, though a greht d?al
the box car CBed by the M. P. & 3. R. j mora would have irons out but for tte
V. R. R Co. for tbe purpose of carry- I oarcity of cars. Orders have accumu
rg passengers, buggBge acd exprese Sated for half a d' zn carsfor imrre
matter. dlate shipment. To a disinterested
That said fall was ciuaed by the observer it looks as though tbe railroad
striking of a disabled cattle c ir ngaicet needed more rolling stock
said box cur used as a passenger cur. The Improvement Company is pref a--
Tbat said cattle car was sect dowr ir,K begin shipment cf apricots next
the track by the conductor. wek. A car of box material will ar
That the egect of said company and rive ia ew d-iys and workrceo are
the conductor of said train , were cogni buy erecting sheds for the packers
zant of tbe fact that said cattle C3r. was boxmakers. The fruit promises to
disabled ard out. of repair. be of a better quality than last year
Toatsaid conductor upon seeing that aod a conservative estimate plaoes tbe
aid oattle cor was oomicg down the I amount to be snipped at abont twelve
main trnek at a greater velocity than carp, though it will probably exceed
was consistent with the safety of hip that. Mr. Eistwood, from Fresno,
pafcsengers and the property of Cal., will superintend the paokiog end
aid company did climb thereon shipping of tbe fruit. The grr-pe men
nd did use his utmost endeavors have not yet decided to ship any green
to stop the train by applying the brakes grapes and whether they do or not
but owing to the non-working of said probably depends upon bow the apri-
brakes said car got beyond his oontrol pot shipments pan out
aod did crcsh against said box car, used Mrs. id. W. Adams left luesday
as a passenger car. That said compecy I norning for herold home in Peonsyl
s guiltv of ffross neeliifer.ee in running I vania, where she will speed the
and maintaining over its road a box oar I summer.-
I in . m n, j i. , . l -
9 a naeaeDw-er nr. that has no nlatfnrrr -1 wu ua rts m roiinu oariey were Buip-
Prevails and War Between the
Two Nations May
Cleveland, May 9 When B.shcp
Niode called the Methodist Episoopal
conference to order this morning, but
few delegates were in their seats.
Li.uther of Southwestern Kansas con- J Russians Tflkft PoSSeSSlOIl Of
terence introouca a resolution reuuiu i Tlfitisll Tprritftrv
mendins that members oractice abeol- iiiuuu iciuiuij,
ute acsbinenoe, acd that ail Sunday
sohool euperiutecdents and E$ worth
Laague presidents be forbidden to use
tobaoco. It was referred to the com
mittee on state of the ohu;c'a. A re
solution was introduced which provided
that as Bishop Hurst said tbe hrst dol
lar grven the American University was
from a colored man, the colored rsoe
should always ba represented on tbe
board. A resolution was introduced
by Merritt Hurlburt of tbe Wilmington
conference recommending that the con
stitution be amended to recogniz s the
diety by inserting in the preamble the
words "Trusting in God." It wfs re
ferred to the committee on state ot the
church. Secretary Monroe read a com
munication from the M. I. Church
South regarding the federation of the
two bodies.
Tbis movement may result in the con
solidation of the two great Methodist
bodies of the country. Dr. Broadbeck
explained that tbe German Weslyans
also desired to operate with the Metho
diet Episcopal ohuroh. The Weslyac
had property worth S200.000 whioh
would be brought into the Methodist
church. Thay would saorifloe thei
lifelong connections with tbe Eoglis
Weelyans society. Tha speaker asked
the conference to tie action tha
would open the doors to the Methodist
ohuroh to the Weslyan brothers acd i
so a union be consumated next year.
resolution to this end was unanimous
A resolution of sympathy for Cub
was adopted. The Conference adopted
a resolution condemning the recent en
aotment by the Florida legislature
whereby it was made illegal ia tha
state for colored children and white
children to receive instructions in the
same echool. The convention adjsurned
for one week.
American Planters Dema
Heavy Damages.
. Fbom ail the movements of railrosd
men acd newspaper talk row being hud
it looke very mticii as though a third
overland road might ere locg bfgin to
wend its way aerots Arizona. At prpE
pot there is co pcenibility cf thf- Sir, la
Pe people making a purchase of tbe A.
P. properly at ti e figures f-ked r cd
f arjy be dy elte ge' s that rond the San ta
Fe will be cncrellfd Jo protect its
connections io California, v z , tte Cali
fornia Southern, by the speedy con
struction of a eoocect irg lick W twrcD !
some point on ita Southern California!
psd froai the warehouse last week. The
oa w crop will soon be ready to head.
Messrs. Potter and Gonzales, of Apa-
ohe county, delegates to the Territorial
Rspublicin convention, visited with
their their old friend Dr. Rudd iast
The Stock Association had a well at
tended meeting Monday. Interest in
tbe association is increasing, tbe consti
tution aod by-laws have been printed
ai d new members are constantly being
Old added to the rolls
J. H. Holmes, the agent of the Sag-
Hekmosillo, Son., Mex., May 11. man Lumber Co., at Phoenix, rode up
John Lebcer and Forrest Mosf, two 1 on his wheel Monday rustling business
young men who left Nogales, Arizona, fjr his firm in this section.
two months ago to walk to Guatemala, Judge Bliss went up to Peoria today
have been murdered by "Yaqui Iidiar.F. to corral tbe voters in that precinct and
Tbey were warned ot the danger before swell his registration list.
r rail at the end cor any other ap
pliance conducive to the safety of the
ive s of persons carried as passecgere,
mployt s or otherwise.
J . Vaideaia,
R. G. Andre,
Thos. J. Goodwin,
Wm. Fellows,
Dr. J. A, Dines,
F. N. Maemolho.
ties M en
Die in
lot filffPP
t,-it -
1'orcTcr Cured.
Fvur ont of five who
s uf f or nervousness,
mental worry, attaclts
of "the blues, "a re but
paying the penalty of
early excesses. Vic
Jims, reclaim your
manhood, regain your
vigor- Don't desnnir. Send for book with
explanation and proofs. Mailed (.sealed) free.
ERIE MEDSGAL GO., Buffalo, W. Y.
One of the health-giving ele
ments of HIRES Rootbeer is
sarsaparilla. It contains more
sarsaparitfa than many of ,the
preparations called by that namef
HIRES the best by any test.
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ind your friends hout Stiloh's Ciire
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it. For sale at Keefer's Pharmacy
A. Humphrey and Johnny Williams
have discovered several promising ledges
in the mountains north of here, end tbe
latter is cow on tbe ground developing
Aaiung thoee who took advantage of
the stock shipments to get a free paes
to Kucsss werej. H. Byer, Sam S'oner,
aod J. H. Bridenstice. Tbe two form
er go to visit friends in Kansas ard the
laUer to Drove ud in a timber cliiim it.
Nebiafckrt, and all will sing the praises
of Glendi le, except, oiuy be, Bridecs
tine- bto'a from Peoria, as an abidiDg
Dave Shultz went as fr ss Ash Fork
to see the B:ghta of that metropolis. N.
T. Franklin i.n i several others expeot
to R ia ciir(T of cat.tln next week.
Win. Weigold and Walter Swihnrt
havti 1 heir houses hbout ready for occu-
Dr. ll'xdfi left. Vedcesdey for Srring
orvi I ', his former home, to dispoes of
some property there. He expt cte to re
turn in abont h month.
Quite a cumber of Glendalites expect
to join the Sunday school excursion to
Htsfiyampa cactxe. tomorrow.
Aa Kloquenc Sermon.
Last night was Gcod Templar eight
at the Christian Cburoh acitbe build
eg whs filled by members of the order,
who went to hear the R-v. OyburuV
sermon on tacnncicg to jBhccdus.
The discourse wbs a matterly effort,
his arguments beicg preEected in a for
cible cocviccirg Eficcer, acd bis facts
ind figures so arranged as to be ioter-
esticg acd Bttrtlirg. ioetead of an ar-
ay of dry statistics, so ctmmon in such
ddrefsee8. For instance he said there
were about 230 COO retail 1-qucr lioensee
Fsued m tbe Uuilf d State s each year
these saloons were all arracged side
by side on each side of the street and
ac h one occupied but 20 feet, they
would form a street 250 miles in length,
requiring tendiiys to pass through if
ou should travel twenty. five miles per
He referred to the worship of heathen
ods aod the cruelties practiced by
heir devotees, eepe oially by those who
worshipped Moloch, acd said that we
were horrified at their practices. But,
said he, the American people today are
worshipping at tbe shrine of EUcohus,
the god of wine and revelry, and the
sacrifices offared up before his altar to
day are no less horrifyicg or unreason
able than those offered by the ignorant
He spoke of tbe immense sums spent
annually for drink, of tbe cost of caring
for paupers, insane, and oriminals made
such directly through drink, but said
th e was the smallest part of tbe re
count. The money onsideratioD could
cot compare with the wasted niach ood
the broken hearts acd destruction of
home acd all that makes life plessact
aod profitable. Today there are five
million people in the United States
praotically beyorid tbe power of re
slamation through drink. But tbe
drinkers are cot the only eufferers. The
parents, wives acd children are the
greatest sufferers.
He paid a high tribute to Indepen
deot Order of Gocd . Templars, acd the
work it is doicg, acd urged its members
to stand firm for righteousness, temper-
atce acd purity. Right will prevail, for
one with God on his side is a majaritj
To nursing mothers, Dr. Pierca's Fav
orite Prescription is a priceless boon,
for it not ooly strengthens the mother
but filso promotes no abundant secre
tion of nodrishmano for the ohild. For
those about to become mothers, it is
even more valuable, for it lessens the
perils and pucs of childbirth and
shortens Ir.bor. Of i-l dealers:
Ovariuo, tiorsid and other tumore
cur d without resort to surgical opera
tion. For picnphlef, testimonials mid
references send 30 cents (for postage) to
World's Dispensary Medical Association
Buffalo, N. Y.
Free Inforiaiaiton.
Messrs. G. A. Saow fc Co., of Waeh
ioff'on, D. O., sol c tors of patents tod
lawyers whose Hdvrtisemect is in an
other column, will tend free to invent
ors or otners interested iu patents fuil
oformitioo about the cost of Unit
ed States and foreigo patents aod
tbe elejie necessary to procure them.
Also a pamphlet about Caveats, " Trade
Marks and Copyrights, etc.
London, My 12. A special from
Shanghai says Russians, through ac
American agent named Smith, have
taken possession of tbe disputed terri
tory of Ohefoo, over which the British
claim rights. Six Russian war ships
are there as well as tbe Detroit, York
towo, Olympia and Macbias, of tbe
United States navy. Great excitement
prevails at Cbefoo. A dispatoh to the
Globe from Shanghai says tbe Russians
have seized Lot twelve of the British
csncessiocs at Chefoo, id defiance ot all
legal and treaty rights. The Globe
editorial commeut contains the remark,
"Seriousness of the news from Chefoo
cannot be overestimated. The action
taken is in direct contravention of ex
isting laws and treaties and cannot be
viewed by Great Britain as other than
an unfriendly aot."
Millions of Dollars Being Taken out.
San Francisco, May 9. United States
Marshal Williams of Sitka, Alaska, is io
the city. 2,500 miners have come to
Alaska the past season. Favorable re
ports are coming from Cook's Inlet and
big Sods of gold are reported. $1,200
000 in dust and nuggets was taken out
last season aod the prospects are good
for a much betier yield this year.
Health and sweet breath secured by
Sbiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50
onts. Nsal icjxctor free. For sale
Reefer's Pharmacy.
meat Lt
neavy lcaemcmarougi
sugar plantations belocgiog toi
oaos burned by the insurgents.)
expectea meat) uemaoas win
further complications
Tbe Senate Passes the Bill to lesaf
Bonds for It.
Washington, M-y 11. The Senate
has passed the bill authorizing Navejo
oouuty, Arizjns, to issue-bonds for a
oiurt house.
The Committee Appointed In the
Senate Today
Washington, Mny 12 At a meeting
of the seat- committee on tioacoe to
day, Chairma'i Morrrill appointed as
the sub-committee to investigate tbe
bond saUn under the Poff-r resolution,
Harrifl, Vest and Walthall, Democrats,
and P.s,f, Republican and Jones of
Nevada, Popul'st.
Karl's Clover R jot Tea ia a fu re cure
for Heedfiohe and. Nervous D'seasPF
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at Reefer's Pharmacy .
Reported ftr the Herald by the Val
ley Abstract Company.
May 9.
GioFOtes to J imes T 3imm3,deed,
lot 1 blk 17 Central Place; 81.
Allen L Thompson to Adelia H
Thompson, deed, lots 8 10 12 blk 2
Montgomery add; $1.
Eleanor McDermott to R Allyn Lewis,
dd, lots 5 6 blk 32, Churohill additioc;
Sarah A McClintock to J Frank Hec-
drix.dst-d, lot 17 blk 4, Goldman's add
to Tempe; $100.
F A Sohaeffer and Mary J Sobaeffr
by sheriff to John Bggiore cert of sale
w 14 of s i of ew i eeo 20 2 n 3 e;
$1803 45.
W H Thomas and Kate Carroll, ex
ecutrix of the estate of Kate 3 Thomas,
deceased, by sheriff, to R E Jones deed
lot 2 and e 3i of lot 1 in e J of ne J4' eeo
11 1 n 3 e; $758 20.
Becj T Weatherly to J Fred Nolt-
burch deed lot 2 and sw 4 of ce sec
6 6 s 10 w;S300.
Sol Lewis by ottcroey to Geo H N
Lubrs acd wife, mar rel lots 14, 16, 18
blk 22 Phoenix, aitge dated May 5, 1893;
Sol Lswis by attorney to Gpo H N
Lubrs aud wife mar rel lots 6 to 12 blk
34 Phoenix, mtge dated May 6, 1893;
James Winters locates the Wienie
miniog claim, Lidd-11 district.
A Spanish Newsp-
the Hi4
Madrid, May II
f erring ed:to;iaIIyj
tions between iii
Spain says: "Thenited StatsiITtiT?3
to wear out the fMenca of Spain or
themselves and declare war. It is pre
ferable to hasten tbe event, as the
inferiority of Spain will icoresse with
time." Captain General Weyler has
not yet replied to the command' sent
him to remit to the Supreme Court the
oases of the men sentenced to death for
taking part in the Competitor expedi
tion. . r
Karl's Clover Root T a purifies the
blood and gives a clear and beautiful
complexion. For sale at Ksefer's Phar
macy. M. B. CONFERENCE. '
An Important ritlion Fresen
. - . "L -a- Today.
Cleveland, Miy 12. Biabop
presided at tbe M. E conference
la tbe call for memorials aod
tions R gbt Rv. Dr. Munger prese,
oae of great importance, . ere
a' commission on constitution
consist of two ministers ac
two laymen from eaoa district. The
members are to be thirty years of age
and will meet at Chicago oo the first
Wednesday in August when they will
orgac izs by the eleotion of a president
aod secretary. They are to draw up a
constitution and after it ie oompleted, it
s to be published twice in all offioial
papers ot tbe oboroh within thirty days.
Permission is also authorized to devise
rules for elections and not less than
three or more than six months after
wards the church will vote on the adop
tion of tbe constitution. Ooly those
over twenty-one years of age will be
permitted to vote and the result shall be
certified to tbe secretary of the general
conference. If adopted by a majority
of those voting the constitution shall be
effective at once. The resolution was
referred to tbe committee on constitu
tion. ;
Cecil Rhodes to Blame for tbe Mis
carriage. London, May 12. The Daily Courier
today ooctirma tbe report that Jame
son's raid in to the Transvaal failed be
cause Cecil Rhodes wished the reform
era to revolt, under the Union Jack,
while tbe latter insisted on tbe Trans
vaal flag; it also appeared to be confirm
ed that all arrangements were made to
proolaim Charles Leonard, President
and John Hays Hammond States At-
torney, but tbey refused to al'ei their
plane and oonsequest'y left Jameson io
the luroh.
The Markets.
New York, May 12. Silver 67J,,', lead
3 00; Mexican dollars 54K55.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Row lu Treat a Wife
First, get a wife; second, be patinnt.
You may have great, trials and perplexi-
ies io your busicees, but do cot there
fore, carry to your home a cloudy or
contracted browv lVur wife may have
rials wbiufc, ihougb cf less muguilude,
may be hard (or her to bear. A kind
word, a tecutr lock, will do woudeie ic
cbtsing from ber brow all clouds of
loom. To this we would add always
Keep a bottle of,- Cham Oerlain's Cougb
Keffiidi in the tic.ut. It is tbe br.&l
nd is sure io be uefded sooner or later.
our wif will then know that you
eally care for her nd wish to protect
er heaito . Pad Jie Health Journal.
For aele by all Druggists.
3 i.-it r:'
For Dysi esia and Liver Complaint
r.u have a oriofed trnarsntee on every
huttle of Shilob's Vitalizer. Is never
fajls to cure. For sale at Reefer's
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other .lulterant.
40 Years the Standard.
tai'e, Benson Kiel; Slap.
ccketoj McAllister, v-rop.
Cimnects with Caa Grande stage for
Mammoth, Benson and Globe.
Consumption, Lit Grippe, Pneumonia
and nl! throat and lung disease are
cured by Shilob's Cure. For sale at
Kaefer'e Pharmacy. v

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