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Phoenix weekly herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1899, May 14, 1896, Image 2

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directioD, the re-
;u8 snoring a silver valuB-
silver sad $10 to $12
"Jpdereon boyp, Torn, Bob
a splerdld copper proper
Ay O'Brien bos two tine
yre opening up into bonan
Carroil has also 3 or 4 fine
claims tbat promise well. The
ys and Andy Rither have a two
rn;ll at work As the ore they sn
ag is free and pays (Rm $30
on they will be enabled to realiz
jmely on their work.
n Star:
females cf Cy Williams were buried
day from the Baird undertaking
i. The funeral was conduoted ac-
tig to the ritual and ceremonials ot
uaeonio order, cf whicb the de-.
p was a member. The obsequies
"tended by the members of the
J dfja frid by maoy friends end
stances of the dead man. for
lire few ArizoDans better known
j6 was.
oording to an Associated Pre6S
Jpath late published in the Star
land cffio will lay off for
e case (fraie government
e Copper Queen Consolidated
in which a jury disagreed at
ber term of the federal
case involves about
due the govern
y the defendant
be plaintiff con-
r in rani ARtato
(ebs week when the report
wrs circulated in thecamp that, the
fia&l payment on the mine had been
made. Several claims ''were jumped
end teota were moved in a very rapid
Tombstone Prospector:
Chas. Baesett left yesterday for Phoe
nix for a ehort visit. Romor has it
that Charley ess reached the oocolu
sioo that- is id not good for a man to
live alone and will have a partner on
hia return.
A strike of richer ere than thus far
taken out of the Pesrce mine is reported
tokfive been maddwu -Jirin?aj at the
XrJF of tba bonanza. vTb.oj
&3 literally sprinkled with gold
ear8tohave opened into a dc
tie extent of which is not yei
jf-ia.!i lae ore or tbia mice oar-
jiir percentage of gold, in some
fee very uigb, but this recent
it appears runs higher in the yel-
w metal than any of the ore thus far
Presoott will Lave two circuses with
in three dBjs. The Democratic prima
nes occur May 16 and the Wallace
Shows May 19.
Deputy Jtunds same io today from
Congress, bringing with him the man
who is charged with b&aticg a woman
and resisting nn officer at 'the above
oamp. The man gives bis name as
Frank Woodson, and is said to have
come from Signal to the Congress, lie
is held under bonds of $5C0e&ch on two
charge?, one of aggravated assault and
one of resisting an officer. The report
of a man interfering with a Winchester
was somewhat erroneous, as the man is
a resident of the town and did cot at
tempt to make bis 6Ecape, neither did
he interfere with the officer further
than to make a threat, and no action
was taken agaioEt him. After Deputy
Sbenff Bosba had arrested Woodson, by
the accidental discharge of ashoteun
me nucas oi Die nee new, tscsca re
ceived a cbarge of bird ebot in his 12.
Woodson bad three horses when be
oame into the or mo.
a ox ilium.
The Report that 't hree Men Were
Killed by Indians on Cave
. Crek.
- JiBst Friday night at 11 o'clock a gov
eminent oourier onme to WMloox fron
rtuciier canon wito tee startling in-
lignce that a cit zn bad arrived n
tiio soldiers1 cam p the night before and
reported tbe kiliirg of three men by
Indians on Ctive orrek. Ha gave tit
names of the men as Hand, Reed and
Sti.ff jrd, tnr9B wll known stockmen,
and stated that Ihe kiliirg occurred or
Cave creu, a ebort distance above tb-
plsce where Alfred Hand WHSil'.ed bj
Iadiacs about a mootb ego lieutenant
Bullock, in command of the troop o'
oavairy now EibLicnea at KucBer canon,
immediately despatched one oourier to
Fort Grant to icform Col. Sumner of
ths killing and another to Lieutenant
Rice, who is in tne fi!d near the Sonorn
line with Indian scouts, so that be would
be on the lookout for IudiaES passing
from the United States into Mexico
Then taking a detbcfcmect of soldiers
from hia troop Lieutenant Bullock wer t
to Cave creek bim6eif in hot baste, only
to find the wboia story a falsehood anri
the men reported killed peecef ully en
gaged in hording their stock. Not an
Indian was in the couotry nor waa there
a report of any Sulphur Valley News
Ho Knife or Pain!
JSo Till tnred I
Write for
Treatise and Home
btestimonialsof many
wosaerf.il cures, aitsiiy
in women's brensts.
8. R. CHAM LEY. M. D.
tec-.rHasaiaJ.4ie W.Tc.ithSI
.OSes, 211 W. First's!
rr ff I I
he Line of The G. R. Gt & P. Rail-
iirqro Snnpairail 4a PolAttiaQ
f f J O UUl I. J t U A. U1UUI lOe
Some Interesting Details of the Survey of
the Road for Eighty .Miles The
Grade Will not be lleavy.
The engineering corps of the Gulf,
Rio Grande & Paoiflo Railway completed
r,he location of the line from Juarez to
Pnlomas last S urday . A salute was
fired from all the carbines and pistols iu
'he party and three cheers given for the
United States and many lc ul "vivas"
for the Republic of Mexico. The entire
populations of the villages of Columbus
and Falomas bad been apprised ot the
approach ot the engineers and were out
en masse to give tbem a hearty wel
The engineers came moving serosa ths
level graeey plains that extend from
Palomas eastward to the base of the
high mesas, with surprising rapidity,
yet with an order and precision similar
to the advaaon of a column of war vete
rans. And, indeed, they much resem
bled veterans in their uniforms ot Max
ican sombreros and leggings and son
burned hands and faoes, for they had
completed the work of the losation of
the railroad line over "a most d'SiauK
section of country, being through
T'ty miles without water and over
Lnetve mesas of sand that makes
fvel on foot tedious and burdensome
transportation almost impossible.
Vic most cf the trin thev bad not
braved the scotching sun, the
leg sands, the soaroity of water.
ttheblinhiog clouds ot sand and
st that usually go with the April
nds of this section.
The engineer corps was led by ohief
of party Eogineer Pairiok, who mount
ed on his jaded horse cams a short dis
tar.ee in advance and planted his flag
at tba intersection of the old grade of
the Deming, Sierra & Pacific railway
and in a few moments the final oooneo
tion was made and' after a little hand
shaking the party retired quietly to
camp at the springs about balf mile
distant where their tents are now
The ohief engineer, Col. Master, was
present and received bis subordinates
cordially and after reviewing the plate
and profiles ot the line pronounced it
decidedly favorable and later returned
to 1 Paso. The eogioeers, after
day or two ct resc and cleaning at the
springs will start southward on Mon
d sy the &'.b, on their long journey of
location into the interior, and Engineer
Patrick thinks that a hundred miles or
more will be located by June 1st.
It is with oommendable enterprise And
push that th9 promoters of this railway
are advancing the work, and that they
have shown good judgment and good
engineering ability is established by the
accuracy and despatch with which this
first division has been located and the
field work completed.
Long field experience on the arid des
erts of the western territories of th
United States and cf Mexico by Mr,
Patrick ha"e fifed h'tn to cope success
fully with the trying circumstances that
surround saab n pirtv on cbe deserts
as well as ' "h the intricate prob
if ms of railroad location and construe
Mr. Patrick Bays that a vary fiae line
has been located, the heaviest grade
being only 1 per ceot.and oocparBtively
little curvature And though there are
heavy grading in some places for the
main distance it will be light. It
is said by the engineers that they have
everywhere been cordially received
and well treated by the Mexican author
ities and rendered every assistance by
Everything bids fair for the eucoees
and early completion of thie great and
important enterprise and Americans
can well look with envy upon the great
progress and advancement that will be
inaugurated by the sister republic in
aiding and promoting such great enter
prises. El Paso Herald.
9. B.
Held, Gas Wlsner and Mr.
Hand the Victims.
Word waa received in town yesterday
of the killing of three more good citi
zens of this county by the Kid and his
band or some other fiends incarnate
The news wae brought to Willcox by
oourier from old Camp Ruoker, and
tfcrn there it reached Tombstone that
3. B. Reid, one of our oldest acd best
citizsoe, Gua Wisner, a man inoburgeof
Mr. Raid's stock, and one of the Hand
ooye, a brother to the man who was
murdered and so brutally mutilated
some weeks ego.
o. B. Rd, was a cattle raiser, lived
on Cave Creek, was about 65 years old
and hes been a citizen of Cochise ooun
ty tor many years. He was respected
y all who knew him as an taonest, up
right man and good neighbor. Mr
liand was also a stock man and bus
oeen a resident of this county for a
number of years, He wae a quiet, peaoe
ble c:t zen ' and was respected and
honored by all who new him. Mr. Wis
oer was not so well known as the cthe?
wo, bu6 it is safe to eay be was an bori
rab!e and trtssth worthy man, else he
would not b6ve been in the custody of
Mr. Raid's etock. Tombstone Pros
pec tor.
Keported t r the Herald by th Val
ley Abstract Company.
Msy 6.
Uni6ed States toSncil A. Wsllnce
oatent, nw sad w of ne , sec 20,
Rumon C. Vnleroia and And'eaVftlen-
oia, by Sher ff, CTt'ficHte of Sale, se jtf
o 1, 1 u 3 e; 85213 DO.
L. H. Chalmers and wife to Libbie
H. Taylor, deed, lots 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12,
block 0, Churchill Addition, and lot 10,
block 86, Pooenix;S3000.
J. W. Crenshaw, notary public, official
bond $1000; Charles Goldman acd C. L
Escbman, sureties.
Muy 7.
L L Plank and wife to J A Walton,
!ed, lots 8 acd 9 blk 46 Capitol add;'
Hood, Faulkrod & Co of Philadelphia,
, to A S Parley, power of n'.tOTjey to
OHoeel mortg executed by E II Winters
and wife, 26 Oot, 1805
Tempe Department. -
from Wednesday's Dailj.
Mike Forster of Mesa passed through
to Phoenix this morning.
Tnree cars of wheal arrived from
aoaton tbia morning fcr HaydeD a
The front of the new building on the
corner of Third street and Mill avenue
s oompleted.
T. F. Weeden and wife, of Florence,
came up from Phoenix last evening and
continued their homeward journey to
day .
The grain fields in the vicinity of
Tempe are beginning to put on a golden
Lee Dliod has accepted a position
ith Larimer & Hinton, the new pro-
duoe firm in Phoenix.
Justioa Smith will move bis benoh,
djoket, paraphernalia and oourt equip-
nents into the rear of R ohards &
Goodwin's grocery emporium today.
The express office hts relinquished
ie e cf the nw if of the w Jt o
R chards &. Goodwin's store, but etii
una room enough to handle all gold or
merchacdiee shipments for the South
Tempe Hotel register: F W Weeden
ind wife, Florence; R A Hawley, Phoe
nix; J S Vor!ey, Odessa, Mo; F Worrell,
Phoenix; J E Reilly, Phoenix; S J Mc
Donald, Pomona, Cal; D Samuels,
Pomona, Cal.
Owing to mistaken identity Maria
Queen was yesterday released from the
charge against her in Justio9 Smith's
oourt and the name of L zzie Young
was substituted on the docket record,
Trial today.
Jesse Curley was arrested yesterday
on the charge of battery by a warrant
ieeued from Justice Stafford's court. A
ohansre of venue wes taken to Justice
Smith'stourh and hearing will prob
ably take place today.
Druggist Hudson has pul'ed the oork
of bia soda fountain and now offers
suffering public cooling draugtha of
effervescent consolation, flavored with
the purest and sweetest ot fruit juices
The first meeMcg ot the class for the
study o' tte Spanish language, being
taucrht bv W. I. Melton, was held in
the f-chool house lest night. Consider
able interest is manifested and good
work will doubtless be eoco-npliebed.
The theatrical Bason having closrd
the Tempe opera house will be turned
into a bnztar for the dispensing o
liquid refraebmente order the superin
tendency of Zaoh Harris, an artist in
palate tickling.
Freight shipments last night con
sisted of two cars of stock for Loe
Aogeles, n car of flour to Tucson, a oa
of hay to Lordsborg and a car of bay to
Crittenden. This morning a car of hay
waa shipped to Kingman.
From Thursday's Daily,
Mr Valerias Y. Smith left today fo
a prospecting trip on the upper Sal
E. M. Bartrand of Los Aogeles i
registered at the Tempe Hotel.
Mrs. Perry Wild man returned this
morning fromber visit to California.
L. W. Jimmie received a shipment of
groceries direct from San Francisco
this morning. He thinks be can make
money by being hia own groceryman
Frank J . Duffy, an old time Tampe
pedagogue but at present a resident of
Xogalee, was shaking bands with south
side friends yesterday.
The hooe7 season is with us and the
kee keepers are busily engaged in eup
plying themselves with cans for their
There was a pleasant o'd folks sur
prise party at tbe residence ot Mr. and
Mis. C. A. Garlick last night, the occa
sion being tbe contemplated departure
of the family for Pboenix, their future
Elizabeth Young was assessed $30
yeBterday by Judge Smith for an in
fraction of the rules of oommon decency
as time and long practice have estab
lished them io this community. Io
default ot a plsthorio exchequer she
was commended to the tender mercies
of the county jail.
A passerby on Mill avenue this morn
ing could not fail to note that Terrpe
bad a stock of furniture that was worthy
ot inspection by any one in need of
house furnishings. Unless well ac
quainted however it would be difficult
to find this small but rustling owner of
the stock among the gorgeous array of
oabinet work. His name Is still Hodnett
though and his smiles expand with his
Tbe Tempe market is not only hand
ling the entire soutbside product of
strawberries but several .crates are
brought over daily from Phoenix.
Gardeners on this side of tbe river should
take advantage of thie demand and see
to it that another season finds tbem
with an ample supply of this fruit on
hand. Agriculturists have short pick
ing these days along with the rest of us
and they should not overlook a chance
to gather in a dollar.
From Friday's Daily
A oar of lumber whs received
morning for tbe Biinn Lumber Co
Three cirs of cattle will be shipped to
Pomona, Culifornin, tonight and one oar
to Los Angeles.
Messrs. Woodson & McCabe shipped
a special train oi ten cursor cattle to
Kansas City yesterday . Mr. Woodeoc ,
Dr. Heinemnn and Bob Schell accom
panied the shipment.
Benton Gibson Will R-ynolds and
W. F. Thompson started yesterday for
the Four Peaks oountry on a prospect
ing trip.
The Hesperion Society meets tonight
at tbe Normal.
S A. Sho.if, who went to Los An
geles oo Monday in charge of Ber-
trana'd cattle, returned on this morn-
rg'e train. He repor's a heavy rain in
Southern Cuiifornia.
Jack Shultz was shaking hands with
faiDpe friendu yesterday.
A haodsnme b.- qjt adorns tbe post
olSci counter tr.dnj from tbe conserve
c y ct Mrs. O. W. Miller. It consists
?-f Ejster lilliee, pinka and otter blos
soma tout are rare eveu in this land of
Mr. J. L. Powell met rather a pain-
ul experience yeeterdey afternoon
being thrown from a c ;rt near the oross
cut canal and dragged a considerable
distance. He" was badiy bruised up
but suetained'no serious injury.
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. G.
N. Gage Wednesday evening was spent
most pleasantly by quite a number ot
Tempo's local musicians. Mr. James
L Johnston of Chicneo, a brother of
Walter Johnson, was also present and
added greatly to the evening s enter
tainment. Mr. Johnston is possessed
of a highly cultivated tenor voice of
which he may be justly proud, and ren
ders with ease many vocal selections
that have puzzled the masters. Mr
Johnson is visiting Arizona partly for
the recuperation of his health having
been closely confined for some time to
his business in Chicago, wbiob is that
of a coal dealer.
A Good Calf Crop In that Portion of
Ed. Herald The rndeo is in full
blast and the orop of oalves is good.
Several herds of cattle have left this
part of the country l'.tely. among them
being a herd of Messrs. Felton and
Gillan.one by Mr. Brady and one by
Mr. Haigler.
A great number of the cattle from
this section are being taken to Winslow
this year.
There are two two-etamp quartz mills
near this place owned by Messrs. Cole
mon and Craig respectively, and both
are at present busy, orushing ore from
the surrounding mioee, with prospects
of running, with slight intermission
during the entire summer.
Hon. Thomas Hine Appointed City
Assessor and Tax Collector.
The city council met in special ses
aion last evening for tbe purpose of
hearing the report of Expert E. J
Bennitt and to fi;l the office of City
Assessor end Tax Collector, made vsoan
by tbe death of L. J. Wood.
The report of Mr. Benmtt was very
full and complete and showed that the
accounts of tbe late Assessor and Tax
Collector had been kept in a masterly
manner and balanced to a cent. Not a
single disorepecoy whs found, though
the examination hss been most thorough
and complete. In Mr. Bacnitt's opinion
it would be impoesible to keep tb
books of that office in a more business
like manner.
Mr. Thee. Hine was appointed Asses
sor and Tax Colieotor, that gentleman
havine expressed his intention of as
suming the responsibility and turnin
the office over to Mrs. L. J. Wood, wh
is fully competent to perform tbe duties
and that the Eslary of tbe offioe would
belong to her. Mr. Hine will give
bond in the sum of 310,000 and a speoia
session of the Counoil will be held tb
evening to pass upon that instrument.
.A Brute Officer Passes Away at
Early Hour this Morning.
This morning about two o'clock Mr
Henry Garfias died at bis residence
this city after a lingering illness has
tened by io jries received while riding
a borse bock last week.
Mr. Garrja9came to Arzma in. 1871
looatincr at Wickenburg where be re
mained until 1874 when he came
Phoenix and almost continuously since
that time has been connected with tb
polios either as city marshal, constabl
or deputy sheriff. For six years Mr.
Garfias was oity marshal of Pboenix and
as such officer gave tbe grea'e&t satis
faction to tbe citizens of Phoenix. H
was brave and conscientious acd nover
failed in his duty no matter how much
danger menaced him. He was oity
marshal in 1881 when a couple of oow
boys shot up the town and he was tb
first man to wicg one of them acd at
the time ran desperate chacces of !os;og
bis life. He has had several narrow
escapes from a violent death and had
the reputation of never going after
man that be did not return with him
dead or alive. -
Deceased leaves two children a
daughter aged 12 acd a son aged
The funeral will take place Sunday
afternoon at two o'clock from tbe
Catholic Church.
U O. Dun & Co.
This month has ehowed relatively
little improvement in general busineee
The distribution of pruduocs has been
fair but not euffioient to materially lm
prove the position of tbe industries and
the range of prioes for commodities
Farm and mine.as well as manufactured
products, show a falling off on an aver
age for a month of 1 per cent.
Money markets, however, have grown
mere favorable; also thestate of foreign
Io ooutbern California the mo6t im
portant change to note, at this time
when the green fruit trade is juet about
to open, is that in the condition of our
fruit prospects. Unusually cold weather
for the month and frequent frostt;
seriously damnged deciduous fruits and
vineyards Apricots, peaches acd
p'uins have been most effected; tbe !ob?
variouti'y es'im-ited at from 20 to 50 per
cent. Few vineyards escaped entirely
In some tbe damage will merely reeull
iu ranking the first crop a little Ir.te, but
in many the first crop of grapes ie
totally lost. In some localities almonds
nad English walnuts aso show bad re
sults of blight. Io grain not more than
a baif orop cun be counted on. Barley
a6 present is firmer, with good proepeo'.e
of hiiiher prices.
Tbe bee men io some districts roport
muob of the food supply of Ihe base
destroyed and Southern California
honey output for the year will scarcely
be up to tbe average.
Dried fruit-j continue quiet. The
demand is moderate, but efferinas are
held rat,br more li ecu ly . The effect of
reduotioo of the fruit crop this year,
which is not confined to tiiie Stafe, will
be that those wbo bve dried t'ruio to
market will probably realize better re-
tnrr.s than for sever.nl years pn?t.
Ictereet ooDtinuee to grow iu mining
and new and rich strikes nro continu
ally being reported.
Failures for the month of April eigh
teen. Liabilities $74,000, nominal as
sets $59,000.
Interesting Paragraphs.
From Wednesday '8 Daily
Superintendent Jones of the Humbug
gold' mines thia mon ing.sent out a load
of machinery and supplies to those
mines. The work ot erecting the new
en etamp mill is almost oompleted and
will soon be put to work on the ores.
Mr. Frank Trott will leave tomorrow
orning for toe inounlh of the Silt
river, tie win survey me water in toe
river as he goes up and apportion it
moog the various canals. Heexpecte
to return to Phoenix S'.turd'y morn
The Arizma Improvement Company
expect to begin tbe sbipmeut of apricots
io carload lots from their extensive or
chards at Glendale about next Wednes
day. This compar.y expect to ship
about twenty fiva carloads ot this frui
during tbe eexaon.
Mr. V. 3. Doffy, formerly a sohoo
eacher in this district but for souk-
.ime past in tbe service of tba Collector
f Cua'oms at Nogslee, arrived tb ie
Doming on a visit to his numerous
'needs in this city.
Harness thieves are quite ruireroue
-bout town these days. During the
oast week four or five of our people
have reported to the police the loss ot
harness from their premises. Among
those who have lost harness are Mr
Bob Friedell, a bugey harnese, and Mr
S. E. Miner a st of double harness.
Miss Angie Parker, the obligicg and
effioient cishier and bookkeeper for the
E. F. Kellner store has resigned her
position and will sever her connection
with that firm Siturday. Mies Parke
has occupied her present position to
the Dsst three years and more and
during that time has made innumerabl
friends by ber natural affability and
courtesy. She expects to accompany
her mother on a tour of t'ae eastern
states during tbe summer, going as far
as Canada.
A Mexican named Enrique Arviso was
brought up from Mesa City this morn
ing by Constable Davenport end taken
before Probate Judge Crouee for trial
He stated to the Judge that he cam
from Spain two hundred yesrs ago and
that whenever he found himself grow
in i? old he took a dose of medicine
which renewed his youth and that
tbe present time he wes thirty-six years
of sge, Mr. O. L Peaee and the othe
residents of Gila Bend were his cbil
dren and they refused to support bim
He was sent to the aeylum.
From Thursday's Daily.
The work of putting in a glass fron
in the Goldberg Brothers' store com
menoed this morning and wiil be push
ed to oompletioo. When complete
this store will have one of the neatest
froats in tbe oity.
Mr. Ed. Rupoert and wife left thi
morning for Kansas City where they
will visit relatives for a oouple ot weeks
Mr. Ruppert expeots to be in St. Lou
at the meeting of the National Repub
lican convention Bnd see the next Prea
ident of the United States nominated
The following passengers left tj
morning over tbe North and Sout
road: B H McDermott, Winslow; Mrs
Flannigan, Madieon, Iowa; G M Har
vey, Seymour, Iowa; Mrs. G M Harvey
.McGregor, Texas; Wm. Toal, L M Mil
lory, Boston; Thos. Geary, Boiee City
Sinoe the change in the time table
of the A',lantic & Pacific railroad no
eastern mail for Phoenix id being carried
on that road, the mail from the eas
oeing sent by way of the Southern
Pacific. Ail mail from tbe northern
portion of the Territory is still coming
in over the S F. P. & P.
The Sol. Levi Tailoring Company has
changed its chics to the Phoenix Tailor
ing Company aod Mr. Vic Hanny, who
for the paeteix years has beea connect
ed with one of ths largest mercantile
houees ot th city, hss purchased ao in
terest in tht business and will here
after be idautifijd with it. This firm
has guinea a most enviable reputation
throughout the Territory as the lead
ine merohaut tailoring establishment
and numbeis its patrons from every
citv in the Ttirritorj . With the advent
of Mr. Hani:y f.a a member of this firm
they will be better situated than ever
to favor their patrons end goods which
are torned cui wi!l continue to be of
the best mater is.! and neatest fit obtain
Mr. Jack H ilbert an old time Phoe
nician and at- reeent clerk of tbe Die
tnct Court Tucson, csme in this
morning from Tucson to sotils up tbe
estate of the U;t Mrs. P. Minor. Mr.
Hulbert hts ncently returned from
'eking tba little daughters of Mrs
Minor to tbe home of their grand
mother in thB south and tells ao
amusing incident which happened to
him on the train while on his way south.
At El Paso thiee men boarded tbe train
wbo could DO'r fii!.k9 themselves under
stood by th o -r ductor and that effioial
WiiS in aquandry. He called on the
passengers in ti e coscb to help him in
his trouble but i he passengers were in
the same ooiuiiiion as the conductor.
Mr. Halbert t ihs time entered the
car and went to the relief of the conduc
tor. As soon t e he heard ooa of the
three men speik be recogo zad his
nat ive Missouri iiingusge ai d acted .as
interpreter until the men left the train.
This must be so for Jack tells it bim-
Frm Friday's Dr.ily.
The Epiecofmi Convocation of the
diocese adj lorved today. The next
couvocation will i-a held io this city on
the first Thursday ut May, 1807.
Mr. W. T. lianas, of Peorio, is in
Phoenix toduv. He reports hia neigh
borhood as p'o3iroiis this senson and j
early fruits rap d y maturing. j
Governor F.-n.!;iio this afternoon is-1
sued coaioaied" "ii t John Smith, of
Crittenden, a-jd '!'. S Baooh, of Ct co-
nino county, in n iai)' public.
A train lo:-.d . riiety cnr of riuge
u:ViWBb')j n t:--e lu.iiiiii. from
Kirkind stsliu i r jf Kar-ea bero they
will tte f4tteue'j tut: I'm nitiikets.
Mr' Olaud H i'.;i'-t.i, eioil altoting
agent for the goverut'iaat, who hue been
visiting Pcoentj: frr tome tirut. ae tbe
utt cf Scretbry of State Bene-, left
this afternoon forSaoatoa where he wili
beteogaged lor some time preparing bis
Suit was filed in tb District Court
this morning by Rhoda P. Merrii! for
ivorce from Wilbur P. Merrill. Tbe
ouods on which the divo-cj is prayed
for is desertion.
Mr. J. Y. T. Sm:th yeEterday pur
chased a qaaatify of new batly raised
n this valley. Tne grain went 110
pounds to the sick and is exceptionally
-V Conductor T. E. Cnre.y of the S. F P.
& P, rood will remove; his r-S!i!toc to
Presaott next Monday, M.s. O'irey leav
ing PtOrelx on that day. They wili
return in the fii aud make Pnoanix
their winter residence.
Mr. A. F. Nye trod faipUy, who have
been epoiuding the winter ia Phonnix
where they bsve mad rasoy frionde,
left this moruir-g for their old borne at
It-bice, Nw York. Mr. Nye expects to
return to E'ooeoir nod spend next win
ter here.
TLi6 flERATjD aokno77'.pdjsp n r-'.esa
encil toJtiy fiom Mr. t .-eoencK Hu-
ber, of Dinr GUndfik. Mr. Huber, to
gether with hid son-in-law, Mr. Swi
oirt.cama here a ffw months ago from
ndinns, and have purchased a farm
aear Glecdale on which they are erect
jng o comfortable home.
The carnival commi'tee received suf
ficient subscriptions to pay ail the
claims incurred for the carnival and in
few days will prepare their report,
which will be publiebed for tbe infor
mation of tbe general public The
finance committee have been hard at
work ever since the carnival closed se
curing the necessary funds to piy the
indebtedness incurred and are entitled
to ooosidertble credit for tbo sitifte
tory result of their iabore.
Iadig93tion is often taken for can
sumption. Tba word consumption
means wasting aw&y, and dyspeptics
often waste away us badly as cocsamp
The reason people waste away ia bo-
oaua either they don't get- enough to
eat, or they don't digest what they do
If the latter ia your trouble, take
She.ker Digestive Cordial. This will
help you to d gest your food and stop
your loss of fioeh .
Shaker Digestive Cordial ia made
from herbs, barka and the juices ot fruit,
by the well known Shakers at Mount
Lebnnon. It possesses great tonic and
digestive powers.
Soaker Digestive Cordial has cured
many supposed consumptives (who were
really dyspeptice). by simply helping
their stomachs to d:K-st their food,
tbusgiving them nourishment and new
Sold by drugists. Trial bottles 10
Guirent prices corrected daily by Phoenix
Whole Barter, per 100 pounds 5
Boiled Barley, per 100 pounds
Grain Hay, baled, per ton
Alfalfa, per ton
Alfalfa 8eed
Wheat per 1K) poands
Flour, per 100 poands
Batter, per ponnd
Cheese, per pound
7 75
7 25
1 50
2 5U
18 20
Sngar, cn be, per 100 pounds 6 757 00
Sngrar, granulated, per 100 pounds.... 6 506 75
Coffee, green, per pound 2030
Rice, per 100 pounds . .. . 5 75 6 25
Befcns. Lady Wauhington. per 100 Ibe. 3 503 00
Limas. per 100 pounds 4 00(24 50
Pink, per 100 poands 2 f.0
Ham, Kansas ity, per pound 1214
Bacon, per pound 13
Lard, leaf, per pound 9J-.13
Dried Appies, per pound i2!,4
Dried Peaohos, per poon2 10(5 13
Dried Apricots, per pound I-1
tried Prunes, pe pound " 5C20
Driod Grapes, per pound 45
Dried Raisins, per pound lOfa 15
Honey, strained, per poacd " 4J-i
Peaches, per can '
Apples, per can ,
Pears, per can....
Berries, per can
Tomatoes, per can
Btiiug Beans, per can
Corn, per can
Jeily end Jam per can
Eggs , per dosen
Beaf on foot; per hundred
Hogs, live, per hundred
Sheep, dressed, per hundred
Turkeys, live, per ponnd
Chickens, per doc en
Beef, Bound, per pound
Sirloin, per pound
Porter llo use, per pound
Pork, per pound
Matton, per pound
GHJtfcX Fit JIT.
Lnmoas, per dozen
0auK8, per dozn
Apvles- per ponnd
. 20
2 75
3 00
6 OH
S 50
20 35
Peare.per ponnd
Onions per pound 5
Potatos.per pound 2
tsweat Potatoes, per pound lii
Cabbaee, per pound fi
Cauliflower i)
Celery lf
Pamilies are supplied with radishes, heefs,
.nrnips. onions, peas, strinsr beans aui all
small ve(?ef.Hbles by vegetable wj?oue.
I THINK so highly of "ArioonV That I hope
nover to be ithatit No medicine chest
cun be rep ete r.nee it contains it You r-av.
bat to nee it onoe to o- me to tha coiiainuuin
that it is inipen'-ib e :o evry home. If you
want to b a ra1 friend t -uff rers Tom ca
rom ailments jntr' dnce to rhem AitKTia,"
JOSVPH HMALK, First Baptist rhurch, Pres
oott, Ario". tf
In the Frobfetp C rrt of Mr!eopa Gcunty, A.
in the matter of the eat. -it of John Hire,
to show caee.
It appearing to this court by the petition fild
herein by th exectoTs of .the estnte of John
Kinar, deceased that it is ceoertary to sell he
whole or some portion of t he real c Bate of said
decedent to pay the debts of said deceased and
the costs and expenses of administration:
It is therefore ordered and directed by this
coort, ihat tfr-turday tbe 8th day of Jane, A. D.,
18Viti, at tl)e hotr of 10 o'clock a. m., of s id day,
at the coort room of this ccurt, at the court
hou-e in the city of Phoenix, county oT Ih'ari-
cepa, and Terr-cory of Arizona, be ard tre art me
is hereby fixed as the tim aad pImjp f the
hearing of d petition, and all parsons inte'-
ested in said esrate must appear at said t'ree
and place and show cause if any they have why
an order of sale sliould tot ha tjrantd aid
exRcnios to sell so much 't said real estate as
nr-ay be necessary to py the charges and ex
penses of a ministration atd ttat u. copy of
this or.fer be pub ihed for foar successive
weaks in the Pbeeuix Vkekly Herald, a newe
paper of gone'cl circulation printed and pub
lished in this county.
O. W OHOCBV, Probate Juie.
S Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and all Pat-
Cent business conducted tor Moderate Fees
Our Office is Oppos'TP U . s. Patent office?
and we can secure pat-'i io. icS tuue taau, tiiuse S
f remote from V"ashiiietOIJ. 5
Sena motlul, draw in ; pioto., with dcscnp-5
5 tion. We advi:
liyj'-iieniaoV or not, iree 015
t ufijJ ?nt is secured. S
Jcharge. Our fee 1
A Pamphlet,
rcost of same in t.
low to Lnrn:n -'atcnts, withj
U. Sy and iuiiga countries?
Jsent free. Address,
Opp. Patent Office, Washington,
D. C.
wv Am
" Measure it and
Tbe largest piece of good
tobacco ever sold fqrjocenTs
and ,
The 5 cent piece is nearly ras?
large as you vget of other
high grades for jo cents
An Old. Friend In a 2i"ew Place.
Groceries and Provisions,
Fruits and Frcducs.
At 23J Eot Washington Street, Gardiner block, opp. Gregory House' Bring Cash or
. Produce and Get Btltcm Prices.
Canned Tamafoes 10c I Canned Vegetables 120
3 Cans Fruit or Jelly, best quality.. 50 33 lbs Best t'ink Beans fl 00
0 And Otlr Things Accordingly . o
if HARNESS Kn-at V
!.S , y.y fat 4 895- 1
This harneFs when hit-hed is the arpf s the ordinary hsm li oan be hltcted in loss
thin tea son..B. It is ira-oBBsbla f or tu?8 or hold-back strps to BBt ut:d9r the horses feet
when standm with haroesH oa. It is perfecliy eafa, darBb.e, com ..rtabla. sndineipeoeive.
"When used onoe. always ustMl.
loemx, Moooay, Mas
Of America's Bk Amusement Enterprises!
1 r"5
Lofty In conception, Bplendid ia organisation, repaHa eqnipmanf. xfnal 11 otiaraelrr. tinci
poteat in strtirth. the mimt mom, 1)10 purt-sr, c:cs.nf st, inicl.tn-a Ktiii most
magnifioact imnsemeiit Tricmi h of tbe lUth (Tetta'y.
The Eighth Winder bf the World.,
m -1
.,,-'" T "!S
Honorably Conducted,
Thrse rirse, 2 stSRes", half mils raco track, rolonsl DiPl:(f";e, royal cqpanniv. irtifil m. l.(V0
stores WO phenomni! nets. iri hurricane Mc', 2j -lowni. 4 trin-, twr. n.j.ns of ranv; s. 2p.0(0
atB 1 5' 0 employe SI.C0 '.' 0 daily eirecufF. fl bsnde fO -f irf p. if. ocn d?r p. a herd of e.eptjtnte.
a drove ct crmeie. tne wer a rant-aciveu Vv.v.
Finest Horses of any Show on Earth,
$3,000,000 Inv'esta- Ocr.-patSLl.
It has bn neor-Biar; to rac'i-r this enormons cam to eaaip Bnd orsinin-i wht we I -lieye to
fce h fiaest unrt o-.n,plntt Cirew eyer P1;.'; ' aerie. Gar aim
beinsf to maintnia i( in its prju!i p-ition THE li Y ST tHOlt tAi
See Ralston, THE HIGH DIVER, Wh. feat t
leaTinirfri-in the Wihinton foccEPi t "' S 'eft.ie enrs' e.'Me$ V,xt fie- at ibit c n daily.
TT7 o m 1 5 17 lMn p 1 T l txiv. n v. 10 i. tr. daiiy in irocsf r. Bv.ot-cntsr e; htbition,
U U JLi oi lltft : i sS.i I'JrJ 0 iriniro -f n ! oy. i.i ?anto awi -rt lieuuiifs - women,
trnH!n ' boispe, I "I'i'til i-nptim e. A e: i t ! 1" M bnr6i of fplmfoi. ,-ltr tl on tl
fa-e'of the Wwtri 1 clole . uoJd nffon! raoh r. . ip; -1. y.
CHEAP EXC?S"OVSt Wr'J. UUOn Fvera J.ine Traol.
Rpmember tho Date! Novar D videsl s Never Disappoints!
onil Blow Qf tllfl
see for yourself
Honestly Advertised.
m mi
if II 1 .fl PS eUlllAfCf

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