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Phoenix weekly herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1899, May 21, 1896, Image 1

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.. -
WHOLE N0.5373.
Ik Wayler brs ooi resigned he is cot
" the general Spaia seemed to think bim.
Kentucky hsa taken- to tornados
since old Bill .Breokscridge has sub
sided.. .
The Czar of ,sll tlm Russians will be
"orowoed on Thursday "wit h great pomp
and show.
The Territorial Demoore.oy Bppaar
to be busy lasooing the fellows trying to
gat out of the party corral
Bucky O'Neill, is down from Preaoott
oonvioomg his good Populistio friends
that water can run up hill. in his ditch
down on the Gila.
Hon. Matt. Quay, true to the train-
ing of Pennsylvania' eon?, proposes to
stand by his party whoever is nominat
ed for President at St. Louis.
The semi-barbarous practice of
stanendous show on the coronation of
' the Czar of Russia bus not been modi-
fled in its effects by the lapse of time.
Are yon a citizen of the incorporated
portion of Paoeoixt It so you should
register at once and take a band in the
coming eleotien City registration closes
oa Monday the lSh instant.
The "'reesilvr" people are divided tp
among the D3tnocrioie, the Republican,
the Prohibition and t he Populist-par
ties and consequently can never make a
point while in that condition.
Gbv. Franklin will deliver the Com
mencement address nt tbe Uoiversity
Commecoetnent at Tucson oa the 27tb
Instant. Tbe Governor is a finished
orator. -
Ex-Govern jb Irwin of this Territory,
has a-fine. article on irrigation in Wind
and Water for.May. It is philosophic
and genera! and altogether a mosi
timely and convincing argument for :
rigatio,), just what the. people of the'
eastern states who kcow nothing of the
subjaoj need..-
Shorn of bis powers to assassinate
and massacre the inhabitants of Cuba
Weyler sink's into insignificance com
pared with the insurgent commanders
in Cuba. With b great nation behind
him he makes no progress while iosur
gents with nothing behind them but
the spirit of freedom will ultimately be
victorious. .
The abuse of a quiet and gentlemanly
stranger in any community, by a news
paper, ia not exactly what might be ex
pected in this free-hearted, open-banded
western country where ther.3 should be,
and is a generous welcome to every
3cent person, and it is small business
to stoop to the ebuse of a man that isn't
The Ddmooratio brethren seem dis
turbed by the Republican position on
the financial question as voiced by. Mr.
McKinley in Congress in 1890 when he
said in the financial discussion:
"i am ror tne largest uee or silver in
the ourrency of the country. I would
not dishonor it, I would give it equal
credit and honor with gold. I would
make'no discrimination. I would utiliz
both metals as money and discredit
neither. I want tbe double standard."
The Democrats among the A.. P. A.'e
tried to sit down on McKinley and the
order seems to have gotten itself into a
row over that fact. Secret political or-
ganrzition is in direct hostility to tbe
first principles of-free government and
oertainiy uncanea ror in saoh a- gov
ernment as we enjy; it will therefore:
scarcely be able to maintain tbe charac
ter it has assumed by meddling in polit
ical matters.
- Gus A. Ho'pp, of the Pima County
. Dsmocratio Committee, it seems has
got tired of tbe Democratic party and
so expressed himself in tbe County
Demdoratic Convention io Tucson on
Saturday and asked leave to resign hie
position aa be could no longer act with
the party. Tbe party whip was. cracked
and a vote refusiog his resignation
passed. Mr Hff, however, will scarce
ly be ioflieood io bis determination
I he present administration eannot
extract either pleesure or. satisfaction
from the bond question. It bad scarce
ly recovered from tbe chagrin caused by
the adoption of that resolution direct
ing tbe Senate Finance Committee to
investigate everything conneoted with
all the bond issues by this administra
tion, with only six adverse votes, when
Senator Dubois of Idaho, threw a fresh
bomb shell by offering a j?int resolution
providing that hereafter no bonds sball
be'issued by any officer of tbe govern
ment until the President bas explained
to Congress the necessity-for the bonds
the amount of the proppsel issue
There is little probability that this res
olution will ever rer.ch the di-iaUy of e
law, and it would certainly na-dt a Pres
idential veto should it be' adopted by
both branches of Corgrese, nr.d it could
not get a two thirds vote ii the Senate.
Still, it added to the unpleasant sensa
tions of Mr. Cleveland ancj bis Cabinet.
The cyclon63 that ere devastating
Texas, Kiosas, Nabraeka and portions
of Oklahoma and Arkansas are simply
borrifyicg. Arizona. has hot weather
bat it kills nobody acd bo far never baa
had a cyclone.
The dispatches say "Germany is wor
ried. She thinks MiKinley and pro
tection will win." Of oaa thing Germany
may feel assured; proteouoa will win
whatever Republican may be made"Pre
eident of the United StHUs.
Ex Senator Tabor la in the city look
ing after the old Vulture mine, one of
the best gold producers in Arizona to
day, but which needs development
work. It is to- be hoped that he will
aain bave work openedon it.
Cattle heius are Oemg rapidly
moved from tbe ranges in the.northero
portion of the Territory to the ranges
further south. Tbewaotof the usual
rainfall in the northern part of the Ter
ritory is telling heavily on the stock
CACLiFi,oEK.tuoh as the most expert-
gardener rarely dreamed of ie beingcul
tivatod oa Pb-ipiuin Saott'a place above
the ArziDii fi.H-j uodr tbt Arizona
oaoai. - Tbe tiicJt vegetables in the
world are-grown up there in enormous
Hoo fever is said to be tne result
tobreedicg and close con fioement'and
dry feed. Tbis latter cause can contri
bute very little to the trouble io this
valley as the stock was on pasture rsry
j generally
The ranches were oonsider-
ably overstocked, however. At- any
rate whatever the oause of the disease
it seems V be oontogious.
There is indication that tbe New
York Times will soon become a loyal
American, Rej ublioan paper. lis ex
istence as & British exponent, in tbe
United States has not Jdgso conducive
to a lively interest on tbe part of- the
American ouuiic in its weirare as a
newspaper and hence it is likely to go
into band's that represent American
rather than British interests in Amerioa.
The new nighty train to be put on the
S F. P. & P. shortly will be just the
thing for summer travel, and will avoid
ill delay at Asb Fork. It will 'also do
duty to .oarry out tbe fresh fruit now
oeing shipped east, thus ennbling ship
pers to Etart their cars, when loaded,
immediately, in tbe cool evening, and
by morning the fruit will be out of tbe
heated region, and making the best
of time for the east. By the new ar
rangements about three days will
suffice to reach Chicago.
The city Democracy will put up a
straight Democratic ticket. Perhaps
this is as it should be after all. Tbe
party in power should be held to a strict
accountability for ita acta and a mon
grel city administration is accountable
to nobody for anything. As a Rjpubli-
oaa tbe Herald, understanding that
the party committees had made simply
a suggestion of consolidation on tbe
city election, cow advises that the Re
publicans of the city come to the front
with tbeir ticket and push that ticket
on party lice3'for all it is worth.
The Bloomtiald, Iowa, Republican re--
peats the speech of tbe- Hon. Tbos.
Fitob's, io full, which he made btfore
the Territorial Republican convention
in this city, not long since. It prefaces
the speech with tbe following very flit
tering remark: "While tbe lesser lights
in tbe free silver movement are threat
ening to -Dolt tne parly if tne national
platform is not drawn exactly to suit
tbeir own ideas, such stalwart and well
knowc leader as Tom Fitch of Arizona,
a man of national reputation as a sifver
advocate, and one equal io ability to
toy leader in the movement as an orator
od oamD-iiga speaker, ia open and
s vowed in bis loyalty to tne party.
Col. Fitob's speech is tben repeated in
full. It eertaioly is a very flattering
testimonial to Col. Fitch's ability and
loyalty to tht. Republican party.
Bro. Mortus, of the Mesa Free
Press, has broken loose among the
-spring poets and his rhyme, rytbm and
reaBon will go singing down tbe bun
gry avenues' of the '-fourth estate" till
bread and butter are no longer an es
seotial to a collapsed gastrio ecooo
my, and pencil pushers will use tbe
latest Ed.'son mechanical lightening
cogitotor. He says:
"The mellow goose, tbe mallard duck,
tbe blackbird and the crow, will soon be
here from southern lands to watch tbe
cornfields grow; the hungry bawk and
thunder pump will aleo ome and join
tbeir fearful racket witfi tbe bullfrog's
tuneful sorg. Ail nature soon will don
her garb of green eodjber dapple grey,
while snow acd. ice, and ooal bills too,
will sadly fade away. The farmer's
bey sent out to plow will furl a stack of
nay, lie uowo upon tbe shady side and
sleep for hnlf a day! Tbe dry goods
clerk, with doeful yawn no customer
in sight on bales of two cent cvlico
will rest from morn till night. A gentle
languor steals upon the bravest and (be
best, and printers are tbe only poor set
ot devils that don't get time to rest.
Oce PoDulistio friend Mero says "the
p-e o-p-l-e built the railroads" in Arizona
bv making land ir rants. Mr. Mero
knows that those land grants were ut
terly valueless till the railroads were
built and save them a chance to be
worth something. The people there
fore, loiricallv. dida't put & cent into
those roads. . The Government gave
away something it didn't thiDk rwortb
keeping, and it wasn't, without the
roads. " .
Gen. Algek who appears to be again
looming up for some prominent position
in disoussinar tbe financial situation of
the KsDublicoo Darty. says: '-If we
adopt a sound-money platform and by
a sound-money platform 1 mean oje
that is for sound money, no subterfuge
no straddle, no more Minneapolis bust
nesF. iaet a olain declaration for the
gold dollar whether McKinley is nomi
nated or not, we will carry every state
north of the Oaio river and east of the
Ricky mountains. If there is a strEd-
dle, and tbe Damooratic party declares
for sound money I. believe that it will
put New Yarn, Njw Jersey, Connecticut
and even Massachusetts in tbedoubtful
column. -
Hard Times and What Helps to
Make J tie in So
-cjDitor herald: ice mines are
comparatively idle on account of tbe de
monitization of silver.
Cotton UBed to be king st ten cents a
pound; but wears a poor crown at six or
seven cents. Wheat was good at a dol
lar or b dollar and a half a bushel; but
is chbff at sixty oents. Manufacturers
are languishing; because Americans
cannot compete with foreign labor on a
low tariff.
Tbe last administration paid off two
hundred and fifty odd millions of tbe
public debt; tbe present administrax
Hon bus borrowed, two hundred and
fifty odd millions to pay expenses.
Tbe message of President Dinz shows
a prosperous condition of tffairs in
Mexioa with stiver as a ourreooy even
t depreciated pric98. The silver mines
furnish a domestio market for labor and
consumption, and Mex'cao miners are
importing laborers from Central Amer
ica. ,
Moreover, this is the political quad
rennfal festival of tbe American people;
when they indulge in their favorite in
dustrial pursuit politics.
Who pays 1
the piper?
We sball have to endore tbe present
state of fcff irs a year and more longer
perhaps another four years, as so man
oan be elee'ed on tbe Republican ticket
who straddles silver as McKinley does;
because the silver men won't vote for
him that's why.
Tbe newspapers are in full cry and
tbe forked tongued orators will "tally
bo" as soon as tbe game-keeper sounds
the horn. CD. P.
An Old Mexican Watchman Severely
Burned. .
Messrs. Bsnt aod Sampson received
word through tbe mail this morning
that tbeir samp in tbe Guijas was des
troyed by fire day before yesterday.
Tbe c-imp was composed of tents and
not one was saved. Ia addition to tbe
property belonging io the owners of the
camp was tbe oomplete assaying out
tit of tbe Golden Star oompaoy, which
was stored away. The flames devoured
everything, with the exception of a pair
of gold scales, which were saved.
A ten-stamp mill and a powder house
located a few yards away, escaped des
truction. Mr. Bant left tbe camp on Tuesday
morning last and placed an old Mexioan
burned Jose in charge, as watchmen,
and gave bim instructions to do bis
cooking outside tbe tents and use every
precaution egainst fire. The following
day the fire occurred, Bnd in his tfforts
to save tbe property Jose was severely
burned. His clothing was entirely
burned from hia body and his condition,
when found, whs such that be bad to be
packed away to a neighboring ranch on
a burro.
Tbe origin of the fire is unknown, and ,
tbe loss is several hundred dollars.
Messrs. Bent and Sampson leave for
their Cimp io the morning. Tucson
Death of John Gusiafson.
After a painful illness of three a-onths
there died this morning at tbe Sisters,'
Hospital John Gustafson, aged thirty
eight yiars, a native of Finland. De
ceased bad been in the Territory about
two years and latterly bed worked in
Chapperal. He bj brought to Phoe
nix by an old friend of bis, Gub Swan
son of Lynch Creek, who was determin
ed to do all be possib'y could to save
bis friend. After lay iDg at tbe S stero'
Hospital, where he was carefu'ly oared
for, with a devotion always shown by
thise kind people, for ten days, he suc
cumbed at an early hour this moroiog.
An autopsy was held and Dr. Duffield
who bad care of bim prononnced death
due to carcar of tbe stomnch.
Let V Reason Together.
It needs "no ghoa's to cme and tell ns" that
the sooner dyspepsia is remedied the sooner
wa hll enjoy that rigEt to which oar anr
rct;iro laiil claim in the Declaration of Inde
pendence 4,the pnrsnit of happiness." A man
blessed with a good digestion provided he
has enough to ear. -8 happy. There are hosts
of people with ample means to whom the sole
consolation of a healthy panper is denied Hos
tetter's Stomanh Bitters is a oertaln prompt
nil thorough medicinal agnt through the ufo
of which sonnrt. digestion.-and the nerve tran
quility which its oistni bance oansfs, can be, re
moved. cilionsn; malarial aod kidney
trnab'e, oonetipation axui rheumatism are a'eo
remedied by this fine corrective of a disordered
condition of th epstdm. Appetite and sleep
are greatly improved by it.
It Took Fifteen Ballots to Elect
Charles McCabe,
To Elect Dr. Cranston as Bishop of
tbe Methodist Episcopal
- Cleveland, O, May 19. Tbe general
M. E. Conference Iiks elected McCabe
bisbop on tbe fifteenth ballot with
plurslity of eight voles.
Cranston was also elected Bichop on
the sixteenth ballot by a plurality of
- Cleveland, Miy 10. Bishop elect
Charles McCabe, was born October 11
1830, at Atbeoe, Ooio. Ia 18C2 he be
came chaplain-of tbe 122 ad Oaio volun
tser infantry. At the battle of Win
Chester, Virginia, J une 1863, while look
ing after the wounded be was'oapture
and taken to Libby prison, where he re
mained a captive far over four months
After bis .release he rejoined his reji
ment but with broken health and wst
sent back to the hospital at Washing
too. Since the war he bos been io ear
vice at tbe Onio Weelyan University
acd the board of cbutch extension. I
loi he was elected missionary eecre
tary. Through his efforts tbe cry
million for missions" onoe prophesy, ie
now one of tbe brightest fno's in tbe
history of the M.E. Church. D. Ear
Crantiton was born June 27, 1810,
Athene, Ohio. He enlisted in tbe United
States service and rose to the rank o
oaptain. II s first service in the cbnrcb
after tbe war was in the Ohio Confer
ecce. Me was transferred anally to
Denver, Colorado, where be was presid
iog eider. Since 1384 be has been book
agent at Cincinnati. He is a pulpit
orator of high rack.
The Government I nterestPd. in thai
Piece of Mechanism.
Chicago, May 16. Practically under
tbe auspices of the United States Gov
eminent for it is not only marked on
the Government charts of -the !akea,but
is hereafter to figure in the lighthouse
reports the re erection on tbe north
s de of tbe city aojcent to Liioooln
Park of the Ferris Wheel, which will be
remembered by the hundreds of thous
ands of visitors to tbe Worlo's Fair, was
signalized at noon today in tbe presence
ft a orowd of several thousand people.
It bas a height of 305 feet above tbe
lake level, and from the top of its piers
the city of Milwaukee, ninety miles dis
tant, oaa be seen with tbe aid ot a field
glass. Three thousand incandescent
lights will illuminate the gigantio per
iphery from dusk to sunrisp,' and its
value es a lighthouse has' already been
rscognized by tbe decision of tbe Gov
ernment officials to issue a sup
plement Tor the beneht ot tbe marine
interests. As reconstructed, there are
thirty passenger oarriaijes and five ele
gantly equipped diocing and buffet
care, tbe latter being intended for con
vivial parties that desire to dine en
route. Tbe grounds around the wheel
have been arranged after tbe tropical
style, while tbe buildings and entrances
folio the German antique.
Execution Cannot Take Place Before
San FKANOifco, May 16 Tbe bill of
exceptions in tbe Durrant case bas not
yet been filed. Should the prosecution
win every point on tbe appeal Durrant
cannot possibly be executed before De
Another Train to be Put on the S. :
P. & P. Kail road.
ssexi iveuDtsuay evening an occom-
modatioa train will leave Phoenix over
the S. F. P. & P. road for Ash Fork
where it will make close connections
wich the eastbound overland express.
The object id putting od this extra
train is that the business of this city
demands tbe best accomodations ncssi-
ble in the matter of transacting bun
nsss with outside points and no time
can be lost.
From next Wednesday the patrons nf
this road can leave Phoenix at 8:45
o'clock in the morning and oa arrival at
Ash Fork in the evening make close
connection with tbe overland train on
the Atlantic & Pbc fio for California
and no time is lost. Passengers for tbe
east can leave here at 7:o0 in the even
ing and travel all right reaching .eh
Fork the next morning in time to con
nect with the enstbound overland ond
go into CbicBgo in about three dnys
These trains will carry mail, freight and
express end twenty-four hours will be
stved to the merchants of Phoenix in
the matter cf tbe receipt of ebstern
mail, the mail which now reaches Phoe
nix from tbe eaet on the Southern Pa
cific will reach here over the new train
on the 'S. F. P. & P. one day earlier and
in the morning as at present.
For the present no sleeping oar will
be attached to the new train but should
business justify it all the accommoda
tion necessary will be supplied.
Results Tell the Story.
A vast mas3 of direct, unimpeachable
testimony proves beyond any possibility
of doubt that Hood's Sarnaparilla ao
tually does perfectly and permanently
cure diseases caused by impure blood.
Its record of cures is unequalled ind
these cures have often been accomplish
ed after all other preparations .had
failed. .
Hood's Pills cure all liver ills, bilious
ness, jaundice, indigestion, aiek bead-
ache. ' .
The A. P. A. Will Not Discrimi
nate Against Him.
Unreliable Witnesses to Blame For
the Action of the Advisory
Washington, May 16. Today's ses
sion of tue American Proteotive Asso
ciation of tbe Supreme Council was
tbe moat interesting of the convention
because tbe action of the executive
committee of the advisory board upon
the action o the committee was mad
to the oouaoil late in tbe session. I
was technically aa endorsement of tbe
executive comaiittee. It asserted io
substance that the executive committee
was warranted, in view of the evidence-
presented, of piecing a ban upon Mo
Kmley, but ia addition it states that
further examination of tbeir testimony
by the fall board bas convinced tbe
members that tbe witnesses were uo
reliable and their statements incorrect
Therefore tbe board concludes, that Mc-
H alev siould ba placed oa tbe same
footing so far as the members of tbe A
P. A. are concerned, with other candi
dates for Presidential ' nominations and
not be discriminated against. Appended
to tbe report was a statement ia writing
by delegate Huddleson, of Califor
nia, who asasrta that the committee of
which, he waa chairman, interviewed
McKinley at Canton, O, on the 11th and
the interview was satisfactory.
Tho Ex-City Treasurer
of Omaha
Omaha, May 16 Henry Bollin, ex-
city tret-surer, was today sentenced by
Judge Baker of the . criminal cojrt to
nineteen years at hard labor in the
state penitentiary and a fioe of two
hundred and eleveu thousand dollars.
Bjilio ws nearly four years city treas
urer. 11 s saortage was discovered. last
July. He was convicted at tbe second
trial last week tbe jury having de
agreed on tbe first trial-. Bollia is 54
years of age.
A Favorable Report From the Sec
retary of the Interior.
Washington, May 19 Th Secretary
of tbe loterior has forwarded to Chair
man Sherman of the House Committee
on Indian Affairs a fpvoroble report on
the' Teller bill providing for tbe aboli
f.ion of tbe offices of Commissioner of
Indian Affairs, and Assistant Commis
sioner and tbe substitution therefor of
a board of three Indian Commissioners.
I be board is to ooos;6t of two members
of opposite political faiths and aa army
Reported f r the Herald by the Val
ley Abstract Company.
May 15.
Joseph W Irwin to O A Garlick aod
wife rel mtge lots 1, 2, 3. 4, blk IS Cap
tol Addition; 8500.
Sarab M Pomeroy to Columbus Stew
art rel mtge o of n J of n and c
of s of n J of n of se Beo 24 1 n
5 e; S50O.
Eli zabeth Q Ferguson to Henry A
Bughes ond wife rel mtge ne )4 eeo 30
2 n 2 e; S200.
G W Ferguson and Elizabeth G Fer
guson to Heniy A Hughes and wife rel
mtge ne J sec 30 2 n 2 e; S1300.
May 16
E. Irvine vs. Hans J. Eh'ersand wife,
order ot sale on foreclosure of mort
gage on n of nwj and n JofneJ
sec 19 1 n 2 e, amount of judgement
$1,407 82 and costs.
United States to Cora J. Clanton,
patent, lot 1 s 4 of ne And se I4 of
n w 6ec 5 1 s 3 w.
Cora J. Clanton to T. N. Clanton,
deed, se of ne and se of sw '
see 5 1 e 3 w.
C. W. Crouse and wife to Wm. B.
Oresger, deed, lot 7, block 2, Hermosa
Addition-; $350.
Kate Piattoer, wife of John Plattner
deed of homestead, s 3-i seo 12, 1 s 5 e;
M. H Sherman and wife to E. A.
Kelley, deed, lot 4, block 15, Capitol
Addition; 8500.
Henry Gurfias to Chariots Lt. Metcalf,
interest io Sao Franoieco mine, Vul-
ure district ; $ 1
B. S. Jones and wife to Stephen and
F. E. Walker, deed, 12 sores of ew 34
f nw i sec 20 2 n 3 e; S1.166
Florence Ames to F E. Walker, deed,
lots 8 and 9, block B, University Addi
tion; S210
Tax Collector to W. H. Brevoort,
eed, s 1 foot of lot 12, block 86, Phoe
ix;S194 75.
W. H. Brevoort to Frank J. Newell,
4me; 81
M.S. Webb and wife to Lillie Bird-
all, deed, lot 3, block 10, Brills Addi
tion; 200.
Wm. Pump and W. H. Mulford
Icoate tbe B soiark mining claim, si-
uate in the Pack Saddle mountains.
May 18.
F M Mogoett and wife to Samuel
Browr, deed, lot 4 blk 5; West Tempe;
S3 00.
Sarah M Pomeroy to Simon J Mur
phy, deed, n sec 34. 1 n 5 e; 810,000.
Uoited Settee to George B Cole, poi
nt, lots 3, 4 and e H of ew 3i' seo 18, 5 s
w .
E'izabeth C and Louis F Kuldak to
Walter Talbot, deed, lot 3 blk B, Rich
mond Place; S1500.
Gilfort Noland to Miukel Fitzpatrick,
one-third interest io Mammoth No. 1
od Mammoth No. 2, mining claims,
Harqua .Hala District; SI.
Of the Cyclone Which Swept
Texas Yesterday. .
Will Reach Over Two Hundred an
all Bodies not Yet
Justin, Tex., May 17. Reports of de
struotion and death by the cyolone of
last night continue to come in. Keller
a small town north of here was oomplete
ly demolished, only on bouse being left
standiog. Thirty people were killed
here and three at Gribble Springe. Five
were killed at Denton.
Sherman, Tex., May 16. The results
of the terrible cyclone which swept
Grey s Hill und Fairview addition to
Sherman at 4:30 p. m-. yesterday,. Bre
not yet completed. The list! of dead,
up to- noon, 'inoluded seventy-eight
At least-, a dozen more are expected to
die before night. It is estimated tba
twenty or thirty bodies have cot yet
bees recovered, and several hundred
people are searohieg'the fields, digging
up the debris and dragging the oreeks
Six more bodiee, four dead and two
alive', were recovered this morning. The
missing child of Luke Montgomery wae
found this morning 200 yards from ber
home. The little 'one's skull was orusb-
ed and the brains all gone as if scooped
out. This ompletes tbe destruction of
Montgomery's family, his dead wife and
two babes being found lust night.
It is -reported that twelve bodies of
desd wbitesare being brought in from
tbe north of Sherman.
Tbe streets are crowded with stricken
peoole. Hundreds of farmers .are in
town and it seems as if the whole popu
Istion of Dannison are here today.
Tbe details ot tbe etorm grow more
iod more horrible.' Bodies have been
decapitated, limbs torn off, eyes gouged
out, cheeks, fingers and toes cut off an
clean as if with a knife; bair pulled out,
great slivers of wood sticking through
limbs, noses battered in, skulls crushed
brains soouped out; some victims have
tbeir necks broken, others are mutilab-
d horribly, some are not broken or
bruised at all, but apparently he serene
a death.. Many private homes are
utalized as hospitals. Bodies are being
brought in hourly'.
Tne lotsl killed will reaob 120, wound
ed 100. . Tbe people are responding
generously to the call for help, over
SGOOOhaviog already been raised.
The Upper Amaiou Country
in a
State of Revolt.
Lima, Peru, May 19. (via Galveston.)
A revolt against tbe authority ot the
government whieh has broken out at
Iq'uitos, on the upper Aqiezoo, sixty
miles above the -mouth of tbe Napp, is
olaesed in official circles here as a farce.
To this is added tbat it is only a ques
tion ot time when order will be restored
end free indignation is expressed
against tbe treachery of certain govern
ment . employees there. President
Pierola will dispatch two oruisers and
trorps immediately to Iquitos.
People Under
Denver, May 19 The Federal
Grand Jury has found indictments
against O. E. Miller, President of tbe
Miller Hernia Co , and H. C. D3w, Pres
dent of the def unot Commercial Nat-
onal Bank, on a obarge ot embezzling
S125 000 of the bank's funds. Dow
oaned Miller 125,000 although the law
provides that banks oan loan co indi
vidual or company an amount more
than ten per cent, of its capital stock,
and the Commercial's capital was $200,-
000. Before tbe crash in 1S93 Miller
obtained from Denver banks 8345,000 on
ittle or no security, and after tbe bank
olosed be went to Chicago where be
obtained 3325,000 by floating bonds.
Is tbe Estimate On the Terrible
Cyclone of Sunday.
Kansas City, May 19 Twenty-eight
killed outright, tifsy or more injured,
some fatally, and property loss aggre
gating one million dollars, is now given
as tbe estimated damege d oe by Sun
day's cyclone in Marshal, Nemaha and
Brown counties, Knsas. Further re
ports may increase these figures, as
telegrapbio communication with ' tbe
stricken points is still imperfect and
consternation prevails. Many were
rendered absolutely penniless, and
many victims eECiped with only the
clothes they wore. Appeals for outside
aid have been issued.
Those in
Africa Not
to Be Aban-
Berlin, May 19. During the debate
ia lb Reichstag today 00 credits asked
or D tmarlar.d, Germany and South
west Africa, Dr. Kiyser, Chief of the
Colonial office, declared that in tbe
opinion of the Government, Germany
hould never abandon ber possessions
a Southwest Africa and expressed tbe
hope that reinforcements of 400 troops
would be sent there by the end of the
month. Dr. Kayser denied that Ger
many's action was intended to aid tbe
British, saying it was tbe intention to
maintain German rule there and was of
general political importance.
The Cottagn" Once Occupied by
Longfellow fesiroyed.
Nahakt, Mass , May 19. A fire,
which started in the cottage odcs ocou -pied
by the poet Longfellow, and now
owned by Alioe LoDgfeilow, a daughter
of tbe poet, burned five .handsome sum
mer bouses here; loss $1GO,000.
tra a e
Kansas Visited by an
Bat Five Houses Left Standing in
the Town of Re
serve. Kansas City, May 18. News of the
loss of life and destruction of property
by yesterday's cyclone in Kansas, is
slowly coming in, owing to tbe crippled
condition cf tbe telegraph wires. Fully
half a dozen towns were struck by tbe
twister and i:. is known tbat tbe dead
will number riaveoty. Tbe injured
number about thirty. Many of the in
jured are fatally so. Reserve, a village
on tbe MissoOri Pacific, in Brown
county, seemed to have felt tbe brant
ot the etorm; but five bouses are left
standing there.
The cycl-Jae crossed tbe central
branch ot the Miseouri Pacific at Blue
river, two miles east of Irving, followed
the railroad and river to Frankfort,
tbenoe north to Riley ville, Seneca,
Sabetha and Reserve, entering Nebraska
at Falls City. At Falls City it over
turned twenty-six freight oare, demol
ished tbe BAM freight depot and
damaged twenty six bouses. Mr. and
Mrs. Hinton were reported hurt. Ai
Sabetba, Kansas, twenty-five bouses
were destroyed and twice as m ny were
wrecked. .'
Fruit Trees Blown t,ovn and Much
Oamage Done.
Niagara Falls, N. Y, May 18 Tbe
great Niagara fruit belt bas suffered
vast loss by Sunday's windstorm.
Tbe young fruit was blown from tbe
trees in clusters and trees were blown
down in places.
Southern Wisconsin and Michigan
Suffer Severely.
Milwaukee, May 18 A terrifi.-jrj
torm reaching a velocity ot . fifty miles
an hour swept over southern Wisconsin
nd Miobigan yesterday. A tremendous
sea was running on tbe lake all day and
vessels. sought the ports. The peach
crop in Michigan suffered. Trees were
prooted and bouses blown down.
Federation of Miners to Join
American Federation.
Denver, Col., May 18. The Western
Federation ot miners have decided to
malg8mate with tbe American Feder
ation of labor and will elect delegates
to tba convention of the latter body.
The selotion of 8 site for a home for
nvalid miners bas been left to the
executive oommittee. Congress and
state legislatures will be asked to aid in
establishing the institution.
An Opinion by tbe Superior Conrt
Washington, May 18 Justice Har
lan today delivered an opinion in the
Superior court chs of Hscnington vs.
State of Georgia, iovolviog tbe consti
tutionality of tbe law prohibiting tbe
running of freight cars in Georgia on
Sunday. Tbe opinion held tbe law
Alabama Election Frauds to Pass by.
Washington, May 18. By a vote of
6 to 41 tbe Senate refused to take up
tbe resolution to investigate alleged
election frauds in Alabama in tbe Kolb
Oates election contest.
Notice to Sunday School Superinten
dents. Requests bava been mailed to each
Sunday Sobool Superintendent in Mari
copa County for reports giving member
ship and other statistics of tbeir res
pective schools. If blinks fail to reaob
any tbey are requested to notify the
undersigned and ethers will be sent.
We desire complete, reports from every
S. S. in thsoouotj, that our report to
the Territorial Association may show
our full strength.
Please be prompt. ,
A. P. Walbridoe,
Secretary Marioopa Co. S. S. Ae6'n.
Sunday School Oonvention.l
Secretary MeseeDger, ot the Territo
rial S. S. Association, has called a
meeting of tbe organization to be held
in FiBgGtbif on August li, 15 and 16
next. An excursion tramwill be run
from Phoenix to oarry delegates and
visitors from tbe south and it is expect
ed tbat a large' number will take ad
vantdge of cheap rates to visit tbe
north. A good program will be ar
ranged, acd it is hoped that every
county will be represented.
He was a Brother of Emperor Fran
cis Joseph.
Vienna, May 19. Arch Duke Charles
Loui9 of Austria, oldest brother of Em
peror Francis Joseph is deed, aged 54.
The Supposed Murderer of Mrs.
ThePolice Have a Chain of Circum
; stantial Evidence Which
Will Convict.
San Fbancipco, May 19 Joseph
Blaotber, 6U3pected of tbe horrible
murder of Mrs. Langfeldt, is a Ko'ight
of the Austro Hungarian Empire, a
lieutenant of the army of Franz Joset
ar.d ' j til led to a orest and ooat of arms.
AH this was revealed by papers and de
corations found in his trunks. He ia
still at large.
San Fkancisco, May 19. Tbe police
believe tbat tbey have a chain of -circumstantial
evidence that will be
sure to convict J.E Blaotber, tbe Austrian-nobleman
of tbe murder of Mrs.
Langfeldt. it tbey oan oatoh him. Ro
for, however, their efforts in tijat dif""
tion have been unsuccessful, and B.j
tbet's whereabouts is etjll a mystery
Southern California Land
From tbe Railroad.
Los Angeles, May 18. Judge Ross i
the Uoited States oirouit court tod
delivered anpinioa adverse to the
cenaans in tne test oases n
nave osea Drought to establiyi tbe
rights of settlers on thousands ot r.ores of
land in Southern California claimed by
the Southern Pacific railroad. Special
Attorney J. H. Call baa bandied the
ossss for tbe government. The decision
states that tbe railroad waa guilty of
gross negligence ia not filing its map
and five years of such delay bas defeat
ed its claims to tbe land -
States Infringes on
Madrid, May 16 It is stated tbat
the Spanish government In a circular
note to the Fowers regarait.g' the att'r
tude of tbe United States toward C'
bas taken the position thai while Sp
has scrupulously observed all treat''
the United States has infringed u V""""
all nnntantinnn.
Will Come to Arizona When
Has Seen New York.
Chicago, May 19 Lord Sholto Doug
las, who is still in Arizona, is trying to
get bis wife to return to bim, but in an
interview last nigbt tbe little vaude
ville artiste says that she musk see tbe
sights of New York first and then she
will go to ber Lord in Arizona and be
good again. L
The Pennsylvania Statesman to Go
to Ohio.
Washington, May 19. Senator Qaay
said today that if tbe business ot tbe
Senate which was occupying bis time
could be arranged, be was going to bia
borne in Pennsylvania and would thenoe
go to Canton, Ohio, to talk over tbe
financial question with McKinley.
An Indian Kills His Wife and Para,
Reno, Nev. May 19. A double mur
der was committed at Pyramid Lake,
on tbe Indian reservation. May 18th.
Ao Indian named Sam Small shot bis
wife aod paramour with a pistol, whloh
be stole from a policeman. Tbe woman
died instantly, but tbe man, George
Meserve, an Indian, is still alive.though
dangerously shot. Tbe Indians are
.much excited over tbe nffair and lynch
ing is th'ea'jpned.
Attempted to Outrage a White
. New Orleans, May 19. Last night
Jas Dazzle, colored, was taken from the
j til at Stu Barnard Parish and lynched.
Ue was arrested for attempting to out
rage a white lady near tbe Patterson
plantation Sunday morning.
The Markets.
New York, May 19 Silvor 67, lead
3 00; Mex'cun dollars 5455
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Har J
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammiia, Alum or any other adulterant.
40 Years the Staadari

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