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Phoenix weekly herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1899, May 21, 1896, Image 3

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N. A. MOEFOfiD, - - Editor ail Prourifito:
PayftW in Advance.
iaala Com -
tx JiontUe S-W
mi Year 10.00
Three Months t
Six Months 1-5
Oaa Year.. 2.
For Advertising rate or Job Printing
price inquire d the Ivm'rits Cffice ofOte
Herald. No. 16 North First Street. Tel
ephone Na. 50. .
Fou oau't . vote at Ihe city election on
a oounty registration.
. Monday next is the last day for oity
registration of voters'.
Register with the City Recorder if
you will vote at the city election.
It looks as though the Russian bear
and the British lion were fcbout to have
ecrap. "
The "Kentucky Colony ia looking
over the line of the Verde Canal and
will locate a quantity 'of land under it,
the Herald is informed.
Those interested io the coming oity
eleotioD, especially the issuance of
bonds which will be voted bo, ebould
eea that they are registered.
- Phoenix is growing comparatively
quiet these dys though there will
probably be more building done this
Summer than for several years.
The City rgistrat on of voters olcses
May 18. .-'
These is a split io the Oity demccra
cy and Ihe Ballard fellows seem to have
hirigs all tbeir own way.
Yooom'i veto at the cHy election on
less you register in the Great Rgiste
of the oity. County registration djn'
The braves of the Damocratio part.7
in the Territory are putting on thei
wer paint. Already a new Federal and
anti Federal alignment bas been made
and the battle royal will soon be on to
stay. .
It is presumed from recent Gazette
articles on local railroads that that
thut j lurnal ia about to pull up ths rails
oatheS F. P. & P. and lend the M. &
P. road to Mark Smith for campaign
The amicable agreemeut between the
Republican and Democratic oity com
mittees was fan arrangement for the best
nterests of the city and should be bon
orab'y oarried out by good Republicans
and Democrats alike on the lines those
oommittees selected.
Spain hesitates to butcher ihe crew
of the Competitor. She hae granted a
new trial and it is fair to conclude that
the verdict will not ba death, this time.
Uncle Sam is not "blotting around"
muob, but there is not a nation on earth
that don't lieten when he does speak.
Even Salisbury heard him once.
The National Association 'of Manu
facturers of the United States wiil send
a large delegation to South America
this summer to' look up the trade of
thar. region i f country and tak6 meas
ures to establish more complete trade
relations between this country and the
South Ajnerjctn countries.
IT is reporte-i lqu certain Democrats
are oovertly running in ajl the Demo
cratic registrations tbey can gather up
for the pity election. What does it
Ths longer tb Cuiian trouble con
tinues the mo-, frtjbl-) bee; mes the'
Spanish grip od tboi island. It . is al- alobbering fhtt-ry on t he part of a
most a certainty now that Cuba n il
never return to the enslaved oondition
ehe was in at the beginning of the pres-
Undeb the law it taues seventy per A TERKIBI.E ACCIDENT.
.. ... .i . t. i i i
I Deadly Flames spe the iiira or a
or the city to issue bonds, should tde I Phoenix Lady.
810,000 in bonds now payable not be "This morning about a quarter past four
refunded the present property owners Mr. B. F . Zieokler, tbe butcher, was oc
his way to his butcher shop in bis
of the oity will be obliged to raise the
amount by assessment and psyefftte
bocds for that amount which 68 before
noted are now about due.
wagon and when oppoeite tbe oiSse of
the gas words on west Washington
street be notioed names in tbe window
of the room adjoining that office.. Siop
ping bis horse he ran . to tbe window
There is another gold soare on. As Bnc tearing down the screen wnicn cov
. . I J-.i :J l. .. , . it.. !.,,. ;
gri ha oaan from nnr Hnanntfihoa fha I
I thn aAoh nnd with .his hands threw
yellow metal has been leaving tne
United States at the rate of nearly a
million dollars per dsy and it will not
take long to put it below tbe supposed
low water mark. Cleveland and tbe Wall
street gang are evidently working for
another issue of bocds.
water from the ditoh on the' names.
During this time he was calling for help
and Mr. Sloan, tbe liveryman, responded
with a bucket and in a few moments tbe
fl -lines in the window were extinguished.
Mr. Con. Hurlev drove by at this time
and stopped and assisted Mr. -Zjeckler.
Mr. Hurley leaped through the window
into tbe room but was obliged to return
The oity of Phoenix is paying enough I into the open air at occe as the room
I . 1 . i i rr l . .i.
taxes to be on a cash bssia. The fact 1 waB xoe genue-
I mAn than hatfu.Ai) in f ha . 1 1 r T- . i f thu
that she has an outstanding warrant , - . . ,u ..
I office and Dassict? throueh that room
indebtedness of nearly $40,000 is cer- broke in the door ieaaiDg into the inside
tainly good cause for investigation by room and entered. As soon as they had
the committee of citizens now examia- entered the room they eaw a form lying
on the floor in tbe middle of the room
acd as Mr. Z ;eklero carried it into tbe
Armenian Outrages and Massa- Scott Jackson's Case Disposed Free Homestead Law for States
cres Denounced.
Off by the Jury.
and Territories.
The Next Meeting of the Conference
Will Occur on the first
Wednesday in May
And the Jury Fix the Penalty at Those That Have Maintained Tribal
nUafh nnwrint Trn Relations are as fan
Blooded Indians.
Cleveland, May 13. The Methodist
Conference opened today with Bishop
V(006d5 in tbe chair.
A Kacrlnfinn- maa nfFFArl dnOU fleirj O". I J '
in the strongest terms, the Armenian
Newport. Mv 14. The Soott Jack- Washington, iuay h.-id
son nrinA amnfc in tbe i J rv fit 1U o alock I " J
this morninir at and 12:05 D. m. the 9ldered tb Uouae bl11 providing ror
re-.urned. and amid a deathlike ree noaQesLeaa on pQCJ1 ittDaa OI
stillness tbe foreman banded tbe ver
outrages and massaores, Bad referring
diet to the clerk who read' as follows:
this oity would like to know whether
other room Mr. Hurley extinguished j Congress
that warrant indebtedness is the result BDOtber bleZ8 which was growing larger m'ee on State of the church
to the apathy of the Chrietain govern- "We the jury find the defendant JSsott
ments of Europe and America. It Jackson guilty of murder in the first
nlJ h nllir,, rn Hnnirra to BBSS ""Xre uu us uub paunijr o uIi.
n-nt anlMnnf,Bi,t,h0riKincthePreei- The judie' had previously-announced
dent to enter into negotiations with the 'hafc .demonstration by the specta
Eur'opean powers most directly inter- tura ou,d ba P-itted; consequently
I: i: . . J . u
nrevenfeincr farther massacres. ine - w
resolution also provided that a oopy of ' brbuuu .u0,.ou
the resolution be sent both houses of JBrB ana sdook nanas nesrtuy.jaoBson
Tt. wrr rferrpd to the Com- I showed no reeling except asnen pale
ness of the ino-. lae lather and
of the present managemeat of oity af- I 8t tbe time in thp other corner of the I
fairs or of some former management, room.
Now on the eve of an election at which
it is intended to vote for a large bond
The proposition to change the time brother of Pdari Bryan were present.
of holding tbe general conference from
Tbe usual motion for a new trial was
koma for actual settlers and after
amending bo as to make it apply to all
States and Territories agreed to report
it with favorable r6Comuleudetion. As
amended it applies tor homestead lave
in all publio .l.tods states and as a
matter of general importance tbe com
mittee also agreed to a favorable report
on tbe Senate bill defiaing tbe rights of
mixed blood Indiana. Tbe bill de
clares that all persons who have Iadian
Dlood and have maintained tribal rela
tions with any tribe of Indians, to be
Indiana and entitled to all the rights
and privileges of full blood Indians.
Washington, May 15. In tne Senate
Gov. Fbanklis of cour8? discerns
the diiT-reoca batween the attempt at
sect trbuble.
. IilEtrr. Avebill is a "teaderfoo'w"3ust
out from West Poici 6Ld lncooenil
suppobed that w.en was sect after
Indians it was ir euat that he should.
, oatoh them. Th oeit thiosc will prob
able be a cout mutt;! for the Lieut
ably fide flivor of the fruit. Apricots
are now fully ripp, and the large
orchards are the busy places of Arizona
these days, where the crop is being ee
cured and shipped east and west by the
Tee London Glebe' bis come to the
conclusion that the-policy of tbe United
States is '-'a determination . to render
Amerioan commerce paramount
throughout the western hemisphere."
That is good as far aa it goes bat if the
Globe bad examined tbe case yet fur
ther it might have descovered that there
Is also a determination that monarchio
pow.er shall have no further foothold The democratic party of the Terri
on this continent or its islands and that tory which bas been refusing to oounte
what it has ehal finally dfaappesr en- I nance woman suffrage and its consequent
designing morning ootemporsry knd
tbe sound, manly discussion of things
pouuoat touching n:s omoe coming Bftec the B(.tionai convections have
from the other. The people believe he beaQ hold bf 6tBrting up a tiaancial
aoow s a hawk from a bensaaw " I riianiicaif.!, hi.tnr.no t,t i.h nn
The fruit business is at its height either aide loke any stock in suon a
these dS in this vallvy. S'rawberrirS scheme, and Senator as wide apart m
i... ... . .... .
are in toeir prime and la quantities tneir general ideas is atr. Allison, or
greater than ever before and one-third I Iowa, and Mr. Gorman, of Maryland
cheaper than they ever -have been, agree in expressing the opinion that
Strangers com ''eg amotig ue from both I Congress will odj iurn before the meet
easi and weHt remerk upon the remark- I of fhe St. Ltruis cotiveDtion
Dr. Tuttla who live9 but a few doors
from the cffice of tbe g&s company was
at once called. He fcund that tbe forit
ieee the peotIe ot the city would line on the floor WBB lhet ot Mr8- Catherine
to know what it is all for; in othur Li'icy, eieter of tbe late Mr. J. B. Lacy
words tbev want to know where they sad that she was fatally burned, not a
' single portion of ber body havirg esoap-
edtbeoiUdl tlimes. ite hair was a
miicD rt ohaprurl nnnl i r: rl t.hAnlrin nf tha
ix is now oertarn was congress win , . . . . j ,u., jc.j
" faoe bad been burned so that it dropped
not Bdj )urn on tbe.date, 3iay ISch, set ltg ia iarce DHlcbes. presenting a horri
by the jjiot resolution which was I ble sight. Tbe poor woman lived abont
dopted by tbe House last week, and a bour and a half after beicg found
nt. r.rnhhl t.hnt di .nrnmpnt ,ll but dId not become conscious and pass-
... 7., IU,....U .1... I J A
I fenogs.
aenate could tnatenauy shorten the Justice Jobnstone whohad been sum
session if so disposed; but owing to no I raoned empaneled a coroner's jury, who
party having a mnjirity in the Senate viewed the body acd the surroundings
do m,ia c.n eav what it will or will not l he room in wbioh ths bod was ,OQnd
" I n i n rla rT t n i lurAra t hn m a rt np in n- hioh
-here I i)a unmrfcrit. firritrrtrl ariii ta tarriKln
May 1st to first Wednesday in May
troused discussion on the point of con-Mal
stiluuonslity ot the action. Three-I COLOBIUO KPUBliIOANS.
fourths of the annual conferences ap
proved it and it was approved by more Woicott and Teller Must be En-
'.ban two thirds of tbe general confer
made and Jackson was taken away to today, Morgan of Alabama, presented a
ecoe. Dr. Jnoottrd led the opposition-
The vote stood 387 yeas and 19 nays,
The next general cooferencs will there
fore meet on the first Wednesday io
May, 1900
Pueblo, May. li. The delegates to
the Republican state convention are
split up into factions aid unless a com
promise oan be affaoted the convention
ma; split and two delegations to tbe
national convention be eleoted. The
Woicott men threatened to bolt -uoloss
be as well as Teller be endorsed in tbe
resolutions. Delegates from forty -one
of the forty-two ou jtiea in the state damnation oi Amns, at HAvane.
orrectcess of hie assertion.
b3ve been vague rumors ot a deliberate J tight for life made by the poor woman
intention to Drolocer the session until became evidenS,
Week Ending May 11, 1S96.
Fhoenix, Ariz , May 14, 1S96.
Tbe week was cold and windy end all
oarlosd, and tbe cutters and pitters are I crops, except in tbe extreme southwest,
busy as bees, in an attempt to secure I made very elow growth. No rainfall,
tfce fruit tbsc is too ripe for shipment.
Rep. Baker, of Naw Hampshire, has
offered a concurrent resolution provid
ing - for an- investigation by a select
Congressional committee of tbe recett
purchase of seed by Secretary Morton.
A preamble to the resolution sets forth
and this together with high winds,
necessitated f reqnent irrigation. Fruits
made slow growth, but the prospects
were not materially changed. Io tbe
southern section early aprioots and gar.
den truck of every description are in
tbe market and shipments of aprioots
will begin this week. Cettle have been
powe'6 and privileges, both in our
constitutional convention and at the last
three legislatures has at last gone back I shipped in great numbers to northern
i . . ... . .
on its record with a verance. Thp f ranges ano me result nas wen to Keep
Governor' has appointed a lady as one I w f
scarcer, hnt there is no complaint as
party ia questioning bis authority with yet. Citrus and deciduous fruits in
the oharges azainst S-oretary Morton ver7 masculine indignation- Tbe Gov- Maricopa foothills, are looking well and
kT o Hhinaan firm nf a.rlaa-n - alan So. I evidently believes ID Woman exer- I U1BK'I-K e,uw fcruwiu.
by aUhioagohrmof seedaxeo, also bee- ' Apache County-A cold week. Wheat
retary Morton's charge that Senators C'8!E B,i lD"Sca pr.veieges or . D,anted. but nct mBkjnff
and Representatives often dispose of intelligent human beiegs especially in muoh growth. Grass on tbe ranges is
their quota of seeds for :o9sh instead of the mattar of education, where, in this dry, and stock is doicg fairly well. Rain
havingnhem sent to their-constituents. Territory, women exercise the right of I '8 needlybadly.es tbe water is low in
euflFraga and fell citizenship, but "reams.
The "cradle of liberty" seems to ben 80aje of our democratic friends appear L '8" "tZt , .
misnomer for old Boeton these days; to have ot d;aoovered thafc faot rRin Nlahta
the people who now fill thai oity prefer j9 u not about time a missionary be low and rain is needed badly, fruit in-
- -
that American citizens in tbe Terri-
sunati uu nflpb in a spen.es ot sen- of thjs eP0tion Gf the world?
dom as long as possible because tbey
are ia those Territories. That broad
liberality ot a century ago that charac
terized tbe great east bas vanished and
and tbey. do -cot hesitate to deprive
large bodies of Amer'c ca of tbe right
of citizenship. It is almost iccocceivable
that this should be true but it is. a fact
sent out among the political healhern j jd by frost; cattle being shipped in
large numbers; grass drying up
Gila county A cold week with hicrh
The National Republican is giving winds which dried up tbe grces on tbe
statehood a liberal support at vVdsh- rrges. Cattle are Buffering, acd
ingtoo atd is putting forth many cogent bewvy shipmeois are beiog mbde. All
reasons wby Arizona should be Bdmit. op!) have made some growth.
J f !?hu.n fell n t v 7 u 1. 1 h p nnld nritli
ted to the Union.' We make the fol-i , . , .
Iuuuter uiuLfc; annua a&u grain maKiDg
toUrable irrowtb: uardeo truck in the
"Ar zona today bes more population j market in cocsiderablw quantities;
th6n nry Territory' ever admitted into water is scarce but csttie 6re holding
the Union eioce tbe adaption of toe I their own; no raiu and much is needed
CocstitutioD, with the exception of four J Maricopa county A cold week with
out of a total of thiriy-two. It haB cooler niehts and fresh winds. Wheat
more wealth per capita, from thrice to and barley crop bids fair to be fine, and
six timer over, than any ever admitted, heading bas began. Aprioots are in tbe
She had evidently risen about four
o'clock end simply putting on ber
stockings and a lose wrapper over bet
knit uodershirt had teken a email por
table gas atcve and placed it oh a chair.
then oonneoting tbe stove with tbe gas
burner overhead with a rubber bote
had turned on tbe gas and lit tbe
stove on which ebe had pli cad a email
bucket of WHter. The match with
All Countries io Express Opinions
on tbe Matter.
Washington, May 14. The House"
Committees on coinage, weights and
neasuree today decided by unanimoos
vote to authorize a favoreble report on
.be resolutions" introduced by R-pre-
tentative O W Stone, of Pennsylvanin,
p'oviding that tbe President be eutbor-
zed acd requested to invite an express
ioo of cmnion from other principal
oimmeroial nations of the world as to maintaining nac no tariff legislation
tbe desirability acd feasibility of the should be p isaad by opagresa till silver
idootion of-international coins to be 18 restored to us proper piaa ia tie
current in all countries, tbe. adoption of currency of the country and there is
thPai at uniform vaiue and to be es- rree .coinage oc thai oxmi an a ratio
resolution concerning tbe Americans
under condemnation at Havana. He
i said he would address the Senate on it
tomorrow. Toe resolution directs the
Committee on Foreign Treaties with
Spain L8 to the trial of onr c:.lens at
reuted in Cuba and now under sentence
of death by Spanish military tribunal
tor alleged offenses, political or other
character, and reques s the Seoretary
of State for literal copies of tbe proto
cal signed by Caleb Gushing and tbe
Spanish minister, end copies cf tbe re
cent correspondence relative to the con-
Farmers"- Mercliants
0pitI $50,0XV
SEILS PETERSON. .1. Vice Presu
General Banking Business
Bank of Now Ifcjrk, S. B. A New York
-V glo-Califomlan Bank San Francioeo
National Bank of Calif orni . ..Los Angelas, Cal
Consolidated National Back Tucson, Aria
Vallr Bank.. Fhoenix. Arts
Rancli-:-120 Are.
Near head of canal with small
A 1gr
S 1 ,800-Two good Tem-
pe town properties clieap,
Kent for $25 per month.
Fine Alfd'fa Ranch, 2& miXet from R.
R orchard, -vineyard and never failing
well of good water, with Tempt Canal water. '
No Agent's Commissions.
Call on or address :
Notary Public Tempe, Arttona;
had a caucus this forenoon and adopted
the following, which will be inoorporat
ed in the platf arm; "We hereby endorse
tbecourssot our representative mem
ber of coDgresa on the silver q aestion,
and hearti y endorse Hon. Henry M
Teller ii his stand and notion io the
Uaited States eeoate on the. tariff in
peoially adapted for invoice purposes.
Isaac Rimero, burglary; plead not
guilty and trial set for Monday next.
J3uk ICaoinas, burglerj ; plead not
which she bd lighted the stove she j ui!ty and trial set forMooday next.
bud evidently plnced upou the corner I Landro Morena, asaault with a
of the bureau at the edpe of tbe window I deadly weapon; plead not guilty and
without exticguisbirg it. The malch urial uet tor Monday next.
ffll to the floor while still burning and I Venire issued for forty-hva trial
she had gone into a rear room where I jurors returnable next Monday morn-
the bath tub was and bad turned thf- I mg.
of gold at 16 to 1."
Cbus. Briokeaateio, of Coejos, and C.
I G. Hart, of Pueblo, were elected dele--
gates to the St. Ljii-s oanvention from
the seoond Colorado' district by tbe Re
publican ojavention this afternoon.
Gallinger, of New Hampshire, offered
tbe following resolution:
"Resolved, That tbe widespread busi
ness depression and tbe rapid increase
of tbe public debt demonstrates that
the existiLg turff law does not produce
suffioieot revenue, and a revision of tbe
law is imperatively demanded in tbe in
terest of the people cf the Uaited
States "
Gallinger anm unotd that he would
addiesa tbe Senate on this resolution in
some measure before (Jocgrees ed
jcjurned. The resolution heretofore in
troduced by Milla d-recticg that the
Finance Committee investigate the ef
fect on American products of the iijtro-
duot'on of Oriental prcduot-s was agreed
to with an amendmeut by Allen of Ne-
RlY3rsi36, Mm & Glcl)3 Stap.rJ
' Connects with Casa Grande stage for
Mammoth, Renaon and Globe .
Chlchctntcr's Encliii Dfunond Ilraal
,-v Orlelnal and Only Genuine.
4 Dfuctrist far' Chichester a Enijti-th Dia-J
yisrnouii Brand in lieu aud Gvld meuilie
m JTVyytox'8. f'aicJ with blue rirtbon. Take
rw t ions and imttauonu. M Orufjiitt, rend4o
In Ttamns far Tartfculn. tctimoDiftls and
A for T.aJirmM in Utter, bj retnn
Af 31 uiu i -stnonii. jvam roper.
I v nirMieirrnei
Senator Tavlor was endorsed, and asked "BKa, mat toe irquiry oover tne reia
liolaad ths Ojlorado delegation . An ve laDor ooet la this country ena me
effort to amend the resolutions so as to
instruct th delsgatss not a bolt at St. PKEfOBIA ltlSKOHM miSONEKS
Louis was defeated by a vote of 199 to
Li. W. Blinn Lumber Co., vs. Thos.
Davis, et al; judgment for plaintiff.
170. Bimetallism was declared para
J. F. S-mdara today reoeived a tele
gram from Woloott dsciinfng to permit
A Report that They Have Been Re
- leased.
W. A. Biltoo. vs. Farmers' & Meroh- his niim8 to ba considered in electing
ants' M. & T. Co.; judgment for plain- delegates. The Senator said: "I am too
1g j good a rtipuDUosn to wish to create any
Tha Grand Jurv came into court and division in my party iu Colorado a d too
Ur,nri.,ij that, thai h arl fni.'nrl t.rn hiila mujh osaoerned ror tne auocess Ot Dl-
water on in tbe tub. Then turning to
reenter the bed room she saw that tbe
match bad ignited the curtain end in
her efforts to extinguish the bleze the
loose wrapper which she wore became
ignited and in a moment- enveloped her
In hr f ff.ir:a to PPfifcne Rh hHd n,n gainst Jose B. Mioz. rape: Fred Mil- oaetel.sm and the great principles
t,r.t.ha rlr.nr nnnti, h.r rom with ler. (Trend larceov. M euei Valeczuela. Ine rePublioan party to do so under any
.K...fR,a '...n, ( r,n.n rasloiini: do cffiosr: Antone and Kisto ciroumstanoes." Tbis ends tbe pros
it hniLoirtf in tarrihlo a,,frr!Ko- . I Oh u. era nd larceny: and b ad icnored P-u 01 aeriuu b .ro u mu.
. , . v . . . Iu - - - -. . . - - --1 - i - '
. I . ; . !.!. I .r . : (
t.oe onarges agaioab jtiilu druciH, oau , i v FUSE
Hall and Geo. Wilson
Bn Hall and Geo. Wilson were j National Prohibition 'and Populist
brought into court and discharged. I Parties May Join
J. W. L8oy, vs, John Newman, et al; Chicago, Msy 15. Representatives
London, May 13. It was reported on
the Stock Exchange tbis afternoon that
the Pretoria reform prisoners with the
exception of the five leaders had. been
released subject to three years of ban
ish ment. There were fifty-nine, each
sentenced to two years imprisonment
of I with 51Q.00O fines or failing payment
one years imprisonment and thtee
years banishment after the expiration
of the t"-:rm' of imprisonment.
Cold trj ail :.ocal Pri
emlcal t-'o-.iiiiil l.on tvmapab
'hlUia I'm.
For 1
prompt answer and an honest opinion, write ti
m IINN A; c:i.- who have hfld nearly fifty yean
experience in the patent business. Ccjiraunlca
tions strictly confldentiaU A Handbook -yt In
formation concerning Patents and bow to ob
tain tbem sent free. Also a catalogue of meinao
ical and scientific books sent free-
Patents taken tbroneh Jlunn ft Co. receive
frpecial notice in tbe Scientiiic A merirnn, and
thus are broucbt widely before the public with
out co?t to the inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weefelv, eleeantly illnstrated, bas byfarth
larpest circulatioa of anv bc ten title work la tba
world. a vear. ennmie copies sent free.
copies, cents, r.very numoer coniaina otv
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thing to patent? Protect your Ideas ; thfymay
bring you wealth. Write JOHN WEDDEft
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U. C. for tLeir $100 prize offer.
a v-k. Kxolusire territory. Thm
lUpitl DlkWakhfr. Wubri llih
disoes for a faniilT in one minnta.
Vi.ib-1, rinsed aud dries tb-m
without wttiog tbe bands. Von
juh the button, the machine doea
tli r-u Itrisbt, polUb4 dUbpa.
aud cheerful wirra. Ko acaided
Dtiffrrnoi'oiledhnrtor clothing.
X brukrndifaHi,nomaas. Chrrp,
"W. P. HARRISON & CO., Clerk No. 12, Colamboa,
flimes from ber clothing searing ber
fl'sh.ehe could not find tbe knob, and
tbe marks of ber herds on the door
show that ehe had not renewed quite
far enough for it. Above and about
Spanish Newspapers Urse That
Hostilities Be Declared With
the United States.
Havana, May 15. La Vorrespond-
encia Militair in a leading brMcle
urges an immediate declaration of war
by Spain against tbe Uaited States.
Tbe writer save that tbesoutbern States
tbe height of ber beed large black judgment for plaintiff. 1 of silver interests are making a Btroog
marks show where she bed rubbed ber I Livingston" & Go. , vs. A. M. FrankliDj f effort to capture the forthcoming
head on tbe door in ber efforts to re- I judgment for plaintiff. I national Prohibition oanvention and se-
tain consciousness lorg" enough to ee-I Joseph Slose, vs. Arizona Hardware I oure the adoption of a radical f ree-
oope from the room. Tbe door leadicg Co ; judgment for plaintiff. coinage plank in its platicrm. Tbis in- fa ,d n wUbdraw. from the Union
into tne oatn-room snow tne same I 111 n-w p x- wu., vb. .ir.ijijo umu- i loruiunan comes rrom one or loose
marks, though not so plain. In ber I ware Co. ; judgment for plaintiff . I directly concerned, and who says that
struggles in the room she had knocked I John S. Armstrong, vs. Otto Batzsr; j the effort grows out of oonoerted action
jjdmect tor plaintiff. - J on tile part of representatives cf the
Fred Miller, grand larceny;, plead silver interests in difforent parts of the
guilty and was sentenced to one yeBr in I ouuntry. Outside of tbe liquor issue
the penitentiary. - the platform of the Prohibition and
JoseB. Moyza. rape; plead not guilty; Populist parties have had nearly evry
tbe rubber hose from the burner, whic'a
extinguished tbe stove but allowed tbe
gis to escape into the room. The ter
nDle eunerings and the eeoaping gas
soon tendered the poor vrowr-.a udood-
soiocs, and she esck to tbe floor where
she was found by Mr. Zoeckler.
The testimony before the Corner's
jury was to the tffct that the unfortu
nate lady's name wss Catherine Agbes j
and Mexico would invade the country
to recover lost terntory.i. Q lick dieem
burssment and a, lastingiumiliation
wou-ld ba the reeul, bejeays.
trial set for Monday next..
Aotobe "and Kisto, grand larceny;
plead not guilty ; trial set for Tuesday
ftiigue! VttleczuelB, resiatiog en of-
Lacy, sged 36 years end a nRtive of I fleer; plead not guilty; tntl set for
Canada, aiid that she came to her deatb j Tuesday next.
If Senator Tillmao, of Siuth Caro
lina, was given his just deserts, he
would be expelled from the United
Stiles Senate for having iosolted that j It bas greater and more varied elements markec, as well es new potatoes. Citrus
body upon the two occasions he bas del- I of wealth than any other sect-ion of the j fruits are making good growth, and de
ivered harangues on the flaor of the c ,UULrf proouceo up to j uoe oiduous rruite ere promising, uattle
ou, iea-, goio, silver and copper to tbe I are looking well and heavy shipments
value of S113 0C0 000, and its production are etill goirg on. Water is fairly
of these metals is rapidly inoreasirg. It plentiful. Strawberries are at the
bas milliocs of nores of arable land I bieht of the season, verv cbeao acd be-
which produce not only tbe cereals, j ing shipped in large quantities. They
vegetables and fruits rf tbe temperate, are of very fine flavor.
but those of tbe semitropical shmatts I Mcjive oounty Cold weather oon-
Tbis ' beggarly ropulact" maintairs a 1 tinut-s and all crops are backward
splendid ecbool ejeteoj. While New water is scarce, slock ie not making
liugsgate as Tillman did, and the worst I York spends for ecbool purposes 82. CO much progress but heavy shipments ate
feature of it 'is that be claims all hie I Per capita of its inhabitants, Arizona being made; all farmers are praying for
blackguardism to be done in the name p9Dd3 2-50-P8r caPit8 Bed its pro- rain
pomiuu ui cLiuuren ot ecncoi age to JNavi-jo county The week was cold
Senate chamber, by a copious uee of
uogentlemanly ' language. Other Sen
ators have criticised publio men juBt
ee harshly as Tillman did, and it being
their right to do so no objection has
bean -made,' but no other Senator bas
ever belched forth such a deluge of bil
of th- people acd in tbe interests ot re-
population is muoh smaller tban the acd windy with very cold nights; al-
reii'Ttu. ioeretormoi wnicn unman proportion in w York, making the fa fa is looking weil, atd sorgum and
is tbe fipostte is truly to be pitied. How I expenditures larger. Its sya'em is ore potatoes are planted
Tillman Lt;b done Jtte cause of silver
irreparable ibjury by his wild talk. I'
electoral vote of that State completely
ander bis control ard can t lace it
wherever he pleaeea. A more diRgust
ing or disgraceful boast wes never pub-
bition is paramount to the principles
Pima county A oold week with cold
nights; no rair, acd water is getting
so -rce; all crops made slow growth; cat
tle are doing fairly well, and extensive
ehipments are being made.
Pinal county Rnin is needed badly
and it is necessary to irrigate frequent
ly on account ot high winds; alfalfa ie
a ...... .
hollow it is may be judged from the ot lne Dest ln lae country and includes
i- i -ii j , . , I all grades from tbe Kiodi-rgarten to tbe
fact that Jillmsn drew his salary as , . , . t . .
I normal school and tha umvnrnit.v.
Senator for the period he was travelling Bull Anzona mnst nnt. h arfmittpd.
in tbe west making blackguard speachee because, forsooth, it advooates silver.
without a blush. Some of the ablest I It has a larger percentage of population
silver men in Corgress believe that 148 lo representation than was in twenty-
two or tne tniry-two lerritonea when
admitted. It bas s x times tbe popuia- stacked and the quality is good; cattle
Hon and ten times the wealth that Illi- are doing moderately, but the irraea is
muji ds g-iiimg to ojutn uarolimacs to i noie, no third in population and eixtb I drying up.
read of Tillman's boast that be has the 'n wettlth ot tbe forty-six etatee. had Yavapai oounty The week has been
when admitted, ai,d yet because its oold Hnd windy ; grass on the raDges
people believe io silver.tbeae malignants lis drying np; all crops made slow
declare it should not be made a state. growth; fruit has been dameced bv the
Xms is not the real reason, "Westward late frosts,
the star of empire takes its course.' Yumacounty A oold week with high
lioly made in this country. I', ie alittle lhat is the trouble. These eastern winds; the second cutting of alfalfa
more than the boldeetrpoliticai boea hae U1BU' WDO nave governed toe country so continues; early apricots are in the
1 litnO Qna nnnru nil nrvic f 'm 1 - ..11 . . i
ererdd tr, rfn Tha Sn;.nr.' m- " r"1' lrulta Bro maamg slow
git.c-l. ii nwete oo.BiivBr, eurae otner growto ; sweet potatoes are planted:
reason would be found upon whioh to cattle are looking well.
be espouses and consequent! the prin- I base false assumptions and malignant
amies must aa to tha Hnna. . I noose.
Arthur Li. White,
Section Director.
through nccident.
The room in which the p-ooident oo
ourred has been occupied by Miss Lacy
for some t'me, and was the only room in
tbe bui.'dirjg which was osojpied duricp
the night, so that she was entirelj
alone. Al'es Irene Kearney, a neice, j
had been in tbebab'tof sleeping with
ber, but for seme reason slept at home
last night.
thing in oration, and it is believed by
the si.'vritHS thit if the Prohibitiooiste
could be induced to come out squarely
for free silver, tbe Populist convention'
to ti held ia Si. Louis ia July ni'gbt
be wiiiiog to put a prohibition plank in
their platform, and perhaps endorse the
nominees of the Pittsburg gathering for
President and vica Pres-dent. This
would ba practically a fusion of the
ve Gonp Out of ihe Country In Ihe
Pan Twelve Slays
Wavhingt jn", May 15 Ft-ven million
dollars w irth of gold has.beeo fx pott
ed io tne lhat tweiva dhys. jihere ie
not '.f'fe si'giir.ppt indication t:f hbatt
meot iii the for'a-n di-mnnd f(.r tbeyel
low mettl ar d it is rxp-jted that Cleve
land will take stops to secure 1 gielation
to check it.
The grand j iry returned true bills
Hgaicst David Warford sod Wen. Smith,
rand laroenv ; Carrie Wilson, assault
with a deadly ceapoo; Acaetas a 'Me- two parties
dins, assault with a deadly weapon; and
ignored t he case egainst J . S. Mosier,
selling mortg6ged properly. I lUlssonn ltepublicane Favor McKin
Rose vs Rose, deoree of divorce de- ley ,,a bouna Money.
oicd. I .ox. jusci'H, ;uj., may id
Rosen bam & Co. vs M. Rossnburg; j o'clock this moroiog tbe Republican I vioe President provided McKinley was
FIIjIjKV wins.
Reed tha Chuic; of the Committee
Cincinnati, My .ii. The Commer
cial Gazette has seat letters to all mi-m-
bers of the Republican National Com
t 4:30 I mittoe asking them their preference for
Mr. J. P. Kesrnev, a relative, who I i udiraieot for defendant. f Suate canvention kdjjurned afterresolv-1 nominated for President. All bnt
has been in the city for several days, I E. Irvine vs H. Enters et al: judgment I mg in favor of McKinley for President I three bad a preference for Tbcs. B
- - i - i
but who left yest.erdny mornirg for I for plaintiff. rand sound money. Toe delegates al I Red.
Congress, where be is emplcyfd, was
telegraphed to, and is expected to re
turn tbis afternoon. Tbe funeral will
take place from tbe Cstbolio church to
morrow morning at 9 o'c'ock.
L. W. Blinn Lumber Co vs The Agua large aret bauncey K. Fdley, ex-Con-
Fria Construction Co; judgment for I grebsman F. G. Niedringhaus, Mej ir
Bishops Bowm iii anal Forster to be
Cleveland, May 14. Today's session for trjai Tuesday.
Divid Warford, grand larceny; plead
Win. Smith, grand larceny ; plead not
guilty and trial sat for Monday.
Anestasia Medinis, assault with, a
deadly weapon; plead not. guilt ; 6et
ot tbe Methodist Episcopal general cot.
ferenoe was marked by tbe largest et
SecdiDCe of tbe session. Tbe report cf
the committee on missions to iocre&ee
the contingent fund from 825,000 to
350,000 was adopted. The committee
also rtfcx-nmsndrtd tbe Hing Mua mis
sion ia China. It was adopted. Tbi
report of tbe committee oo education
which exousxs the students from taking
first examinations in branches in which
they passed satisfactory examinations
in some Methodist school, was adopted
unanimously. The committee on ch urch
extension made a report against the ex
tension of work in foreign lands. Dr.
Buckley, tbe chairman in -de the report
cf the eomanittie on HaiscopHcy It
Stated that ia th4 ooinioo o? ,he cim-
mittee Bishops Bjwman ,nd Foster are
to old to stand the straia cf the r du -.ies
and recommended their retir imont t
the end of the c inference's non-effective.
After a storray debate jst twr hours.
the substitute of B.-idgemac, of Minne
sota, prevailed. It provides BieM.p
Bowman and Bishop Foster be relieved
of Bctive duties but continued in the
board of Bishops acd two new Bif ,bops
Carrie Wilsoo, assault with a deadly
weapon ; demurrer to indictment over
ruled and set for trial Tuesday.
Grand jury made their final report 88
To the Honorable Judge of the Third
Judicial District of the Territory of
Arizona, County of Maricopa:
We, the Grand Jury summoned for
the My term, 1896, beg leave to submit
tbe following as our finl report:
We bave examined into twenty-five
oass, and found fourteen true bills of
indictments, ignored niEe cases and re
ferred one case to the next Grand Jury,
all of wh oh is respectfully submitted.
William S. Pickekell,
Another report was also made in
which it is understood four secret in
diotments were returned.
The "Liif e of tbe flesh is the blood
thereof;" pure blood means healthy
functional aotivity and this bears with
it the oertainty of quick restoration
from sickness or accident. Dr. J. H.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial and
Purifier gives pure rich blood, aod vital
izes and strengthens th whole body.
$1 00 pee bottle. For sale at Keefrs
William Warner, J. H. Bothweli. Tbe
convention re eleotad Chauncey I. Fil-
ley, chairman of the S'ate central com
mittee and adopted a resolution favor
ing him as a member of tbe national
Republican committee to succeed R C.
Kerens. .,
Establishment or a House Under
Denver, May 12. The Western
Federatian of miners convention in
committee of tbe whole revised tbe
constitution and dieouFsed tbe eetab
lisbmentof a home for disabled miners.
Enslaod and Germany O.iect to I
Russia's Policy.
London, May 13 A special from
Shanghai says the British aod German
ministers at Pekin protested against
the action of Russia in occupying a part
of the Foreshore at Chefoo contrary to
treaty rights. The Rassion squadron
in Chinese waters will rendezvous at
Chee Foo iu readiness to occupy Port
Arthur or Kiacho Bay on receipt ot in
structions from St. Petersburg.
Heavy Lous of Marine Property and
Possibly Life.
Hull, England, May 15 A caisson
of tbe extension of St. Andrews Fieb
Duck here broke suddenly today and
the rush ot water swept every vessel in
the dt oka from its mooring?, jimmicg
them ia a hopeless mass ot wreokage
Dtm'ige is eatimited at '.$300 000. It is
feared that there is serious loss ot life.
kswsLrjHsr) K ksa. caveat
moo, tyfa.-i.-' j:rS Z SbfiZJ
1 1
i J
. . - 'r' -.---i ---.'ri -
We elre upcMnl oitcntlon to caae. rle la
Olhrr li..ni.. nlo ta Jnterfer!iico, appc.l, re
lue, inidf iurk the prrpuriitloii or opinio.
nlo l.ifrliiee""-"'! "cope r.tid validity oTputenta,
d the p-ot4M-ulln mid di-rrne of pult. ror tas .
.riwrmral. Our b..iL at Inrtruolloiu, trB
referciii-eis ett-., peil tree.
1 DSON Bif OTHERS, Rauitablr B'lllnlb
ICOol h' WnahiiiM-HiUi 1. f
JCaveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and all Pat- ,
Jent business conducted for MODERATE Fees.
Sour OFFice is Opposite U . S. Patent Office'!
Sand we can secure patent ja lcii time tnan UoscS
Sremote from Washington. ... . !
J Send model, drawing or pnoto With Cescnp-t-Stion.
We advise, if patentable cr iKt, free of
fcharge. Our fee not due till patent is secured. ,i
j . pamphlet " How to Obtain Patents," with J
Jcost of same in' the .U. S. and foreign cooouiesj,
J sent free. Address, . i
l Opp. Ptet Office, Washingtoh, D. C.
& ' m 'm mm,.
K Coffey?'' i
' Ccnta'.nn ct.ch M-nf : C-irtc: C'.C.r, (
i-rontist)f-' -; - ' -1 V": . a i. V," (
iftr,s: Mora l.;tt-rar .-.t-it..-r ui.u -f
Itious tha.i any ' ' ;.r-wn Ai-fruM. ,
iFnsSt LbsIs feat tars
The Bill Adopted by the Reichstag
Today. .
Berlin, May 15. The Reiohstag to
day by a vole ot 141 to 13-1 adopted tbe
sugar bill, with various modifications
and resolutions in favor of tbe early re
moval of export bounties.
Date for Sale Set for Ihe First of
. Milwdkek, May 13. The date for
the eale ot the Northern Pacific prop
erty is set 'or August lt. The real
estate amounts to $10,000,000
Wholesale Desertions From
Spanish Army inlCuba.
New York, May 15. The Herald's
correspondent telegraphs that large
numbers of desertions from the Spanish
army in Cuba ie alarming tbe authori
ties. The entire garrison In Gibaniou
were preparing to go over to tbe rebels
in a body when tho plot was discovered.
The Captain and Lieu tenants were
placed in jtil, ano; a Corpcral aud a
privite shot publioly. 1:1 treatment
and aopuycaneed th discontentment.
"My bihy bad croup and was saved
by Sbiloh's Cure," writes Mrs. J. B.
Martin, ot Hunisville, Ala. For eale at
Reefer's Pharmacy.
A Br!irlir. V'lio'
Ft-.ilv ilnit'm'iil
i , v- .t r- t. v young
: '. yoci-.
,5 gices you Leslie's Monthly and
the I'hania- HV H 1 1 a Id.
Established ln Colorado, 1916. Rumples by mall or
pioresa will .receive prompt and cxrelal atteutlon.
Scld & Silver Bullion ug&EtiZ
AdirMi. 1736 1733 UTresct X, Suva. Cok.

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