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WHOLE NO. 537s.
, .,, . ,. .
The National I'latlurm In Synopsis.
The folio is an accurate nod v.l-
uable synopsis of tha Republican N,.
tional Platform ae adopted at St. Louis:
1. Tariff, Dot only to furnish ade
quate revet: u s for tbe necessary ex
penses of the gjvernunerjt, but to pro
test American labor from degradation
to the wga !vs! of other lard.
2 Reciprocal agreements for open
markets and discriminating duties in
favor of the American merobant marine.
3. Maintenance of the existing gold
standard and opposition to free coinage
of silver except by international agree
ment with the leading commercial ca
tiona of the world which the Republi
can party pledges itseif to promote.
4. Pensions and preferences for vet
erans of the Union army.
5. A 6rro, vii?orous and disniDfld for
eign policy ''and al! our interests in the
wd'erD hemisphere careful'y watched
and guarded."
0. The Hawaiian Inlands to be con
trolled by the Uaited States; the Nicar
aguan Canal to ba built; a nhval station
in the West Iadiea.
7. Protection of American citizens
and property in Turkey.
8. Rsasertioo of the Monroe doc
trine. E7eo!Uil withdrswal of Euro
pean poweis from this hermit phere sr.d
union of all E:.giieh-spet-kicg peoples
on this continent.
9. The United S.ates ictively to up.e
lofljerica to restore peace and give in
dependence to Cuba.
10. Eilargemeot of the navy, de
fense of burbors and sacassts.
11. Etoluetoii of illiterate and im
moral immigrants.
12. R-jspprova! of the civil service
13. A free ballot ard an hoi est
14. Condemnation of lynching.
15. Approval of national arbitration.
16. Approval of a free homestead
17. Admission of the remaining ter
ritories, representation for Alaska and
abolition of oarpet-bag fedarel officers.
IS. Sy ajpathy with legitimate efforts
to leeeen inteupar8cce.
19. At ice inclusive bat sympathetic
reference to "the rights and interests of
All reports cf discoveries of rich gold
fialds are sotj-'Ot to a heavy dieeouot,
because experienoa bas oemonetrated
tbeir general unreliability. Bad there
been 50 per cent of truth in the eggre
gate of such reports during the last fifty
years, gold would probably have ceased
to be tbe standard of valuts by reason
of the abundance and consequent
cheapness. The latest sensation in this
line has to do with newly disoovered
gold fields in British Columbia, west
and southwest of Lake Kootenai, and a
little to the northward cf tt;e boundary
line. These fields are said to be mar
valously rioh in auriferous deposits
rich beyond comparison.
Naturally enough the attention of
Barney Barcato and Cecil Rhodes has
been attracted by the reports from Lake
Kootenai, and these famous promoters
are said ta have employed expert metal
lurgists to visit and examieethe alleged
fiadtegs. Tbe experts have returned,
and Bre reported to have given out
stories of "fabalous riches." If they
are credited and we leave that entirely
to the reader these deposits Burpee s
anything that California, Australia or
South Africa ever dreamed of, opecicg
up prospects of wealth compered with
which the financial condition of Gen.
Law Wallace's oriental beioes wae pov
erty. The biggest of big booms is confident
ly predicted for tbe Dew fields, and it
will oome on schedule time if Barney
Birntto, the Kaffir King, ;takts bold of
tbe matter. There is ncy amount of
English capital ready to follow his Ieed
One great advantage of the situation is
tbat the region in question is easily and
cheaply accessible. . It is located but a
few miles from tbe Canadian Pacific
Railroad, from which a branch to the
heart of tbe aoriferous territory could
be constructed at smnll cost. Well
ington Post.
Thb Herald is for McKmley and tbe
Republican principles cf protection and
reciprocity regardless of whatever other
doctrines the party may bave espoused
It does cot belong to that class of par
tisans wbo, when tbey cannot dictate
the party policy, ore willing to abandon
its great and glorious principles tbat
have lead .the nation through war and
peace and a magnificent prosperity for
nearly bait a century. What that party
has done it can do r.gain through the
same sources, a protective tariff and a
wise policy of reciprocity.and with these
cardinal principles its guide it matters
very little what subordinate ideas it
msy espouse, or whether the mass of
Repoblicscs accept or agree on those
subordinate ideas or not.
According to tbe latest reports Spain
is preparing to precipitate 50,000 more
troops upon Cuba, making probably 150,
000 troops that Bre dispatched to crush
liberty in tbat unhappy island. It is
inmored that Consul General Lee fees
sent in a report tbat will probably riee
4. 1 . . t
me armea intervention of the Uo Tfd :
The sentiment of the intelligent
farmers of the nation bas been brought
out by ihe uirican Agriculturist in a
j va? tbat BPetks IumeB for hBtlB
j g0!DK to hPnPB 10 Member.- IfcnsU
ed for on f xpreEsion on tariff and reci
procity and received about 9000 ar ewers
of which 5,800 were from Republicans,
1,900 from Democrats and 1,140 from
third party men. Oj tariff there were
3,808 for the McKinJey bill, 1)93 for the
Wilsou bill, and 5,789 for reciproci'y.
The farmers of this cation recognize
what the diffi julty is and propose that
it shall be corrected. Their dezisnd as
well as the demand of men of every
other calling has put McKioley where
be is.
Senator 1'ei.lke and Senator Dubois
wore two of the men woo refused to
permit a Republican tariff treasure to
bp co me a la w so far as Congress was con
cerned, which measure on beoomicg a
law would have gone far toward reliev
ing the great tiaacoial distress of the
people of this cation. Tbey stood in
their own light. The fact is tbey pro
posed to restore silver in their way or
not at all; ths-y refused to see it come
to its own be a natural commercial
necessity. Prf jadices sometimes blind
great men as well as does email men.
Whes the revenues of the nation more
than maintain tbs Government it will
r..-ifc Ha nanaeaaro t n nnharOA tha imnnrfr.-
I ,
i sees cr gold ana destroy tne value 01
silver by borrowing gold ad libitum
from foreign cations who refuse to reo
ogniza anything outside of gold as in
ternational currency. The Republi
cans of the nation will soon correot this
evil and correct the entire difficulty of
the situation should the people of the
nation enca place in their bands the
sacred trust of our national government
which, when in control in the past bas
never been betrayed by them.
The Populist, now havs a man cf
ability and charaul&r in sight if they can
gain bis consent to cumber bim in thtir
prty. He is oca of tae men who help
ed to kick out their false Colorado god
Waite; his came is Teller.
The Herald speaks for tbe public on
tbe Insane Aeyluai matter; it speaks
for that class of our citizens wbo don't
see the d Serenes between one Demo
crat and another, politically, and wbo
believe tbat competency only should
be involved in such cases.
Califorma. Republicans Bre nobly
ratifying iVlcK'oley's nomination, as are
sound Rspublioms everywhere all over
this broad -land. The nation believes
in "Bill" McKmley as it does in McKin
ley'a bill.
A settlement o lepers has been dis
covered at Josephs, Tooele county,
Utah. The disease is said to be fully
settled on the various members of one
Poteis family.
England's leadicg newspapers don't
take kiadiy to Mr. McKicley's nomina
tion, an evidence conclusive tbat tbe
business of tbe United States is egaic
about to resume its former prosperity.
The Hon J. W. Dorricgton and Hon.
M. H. MoOordebowup in Sue photos
in the Cbioago Herald as delegates to
the St. Lou s convention.
There is growing interest in tbe
coming Chicago convention; it is sure to
be of a somewhat sensational charac
ter. The Democracy will not nominate
Mr. Teller for tbe Presidency. There
are too many Democrats wiilicg to try
their chances in tbat lice.
Arizona's delegation at SS. Louis
voted for silver straight as was expect
ed of it and as it. should do .
General Manager G. H, Honshel', of
Ihe M. & P., IlesiKns.
Mr G. H. Uonsbell, general manager
of tbe Maricopa & Pboeoix railroad, a
couple of weeks ago banded in bis re
signation to that company. Tbe matter
bas been kept quiet until this morning
for the reason tbat the resignation bad
not been accepted, the cocopaty refus
ing to accept it until tbey could decide
upon bis successor.
Mr. Honsbell came to Phoenix a year
ago this month und assumed charge of
1 he M. & P. road. Sirjce that time the
branch line to Mesa City has been built
acd through bis uniform cr urt-ty and
fcffubility and desire to accommodate
and please the people Mr. IlcrEhell bas
made his read extremely pofulsr witb
the general public, and the result bas
been more tban Bbtitfactory to the own
ers of the road, who regret exceedirgl
bis determination to sever bis connec
tion with them.
Tbe death of his father about a month
Bgo mukes it absolutely cecefsary tor
Mr. Honsbell to devote ' the cext few
months to the arrangement of that
estate, after which, being too good a
railroad man to be allowed to leave tbe
ra'jks, he will accept o position witb
thf Southern Peitic milroad at San
Mr. Edward Shfitnp, late in charge of
the business of the S. Company at
Fresno, will relieve Mr. Honsbell on the
25fh instant. Air. Sbtmp is a railroad
r-j of experience and will prove a
tby successor to Mr. Hom'-hell.
A Haiti Describes ili.-m Quite Vivid
ly, I gave you sometime aao an ecoount
of my visit to the Great Fulls, and con
sequent experience. 1 will cow en
deavor to tell how they look from the
deck of tbe "Maid of the Mist" and from
tbe Canada side.
To reach the landing there is an in
cline railway, running from the bank to
tbe river's edge, through a tunnel at an
angle of forty -five degrees. The charge
it, five csnt9 each w iy. There is also a
stairway onsisting cf 251 steps, which
is free. B-ing economically inclined
wp walked down the steps. The fare
on the steamer is fifty cents eRch, wbicb
ioclades a stop-over privilege on tbe
Canada side. Aa we step on board the
brat an attendant beckons-us into the
after-cabin, where he proceeds to en
velope escb of us in a large robber ooit
acd storm onp. We then go on diek,
tuba our seats and the captain seps
into the wbeel bouse, givps one long
blast of the whistle, then two short,
sharp toots, the ropes ere cast off and
we glide out into the river.
Here we are right under the great
American fall. There she is, a wall of
water one hundred and sixty seven feet
high by one thousand aod eix'y feet
broad, a m:gbty, rushing, roaring eit
red. Imagine, if you can, a gigantic
lace curtain of the dimensions above
mentioned, barging np in tbj air, of
light green at tbe top, graduilly chang
ing in'.o a pure whits at the bottom
and you have soma ida of its appear
anco to us. It i", indeed, a grand and
beautiful sight, alone well worth tbe
coat cf tbe trip.
Hera ws find ths need for our water
proof?, the spray driven by the wind
decsnds upon us in showers that would
have wet ua to tbe skin.
But we pass on and are soon steaming
right into the vortex of the graatei
Canadian fa!', or the "Horsnshoe Falls
as tbey are commonly called. The siglit
here is even more mniiatio than tbe
oriber. For the Horseshoe Falls, tbougb
nine feet less in height, are three thou
sand acd ten feet wide and carry fully
three times as much water.
O ing to the band acd tha immense
amount of spray that that is continually
1 rising, it 13 impossible to get as good a
view here fb at she American fulls. But
the way tbts water boils acd seethes as
it comes up f i-om its big dive over the
the bluff, telle of the mighty power and
force of tbe failing waters. A power as
yet practiCBlfy lost to mankind. But
wbo knows how sooa man witb bis in
venlive geuius will harness tbe mighty
Xiagarra aod force her to do bis bid-
diqg. Who knows?
After allowing u? to fully take in the
ecere the little ''Ma;d" drops back and
lands us on tee Udoadian snore, lie re
we ascend the bank by a foot path and
are on foreign soil.
The view of tha falls from the Cana'da
side is tte best of any, for tbere you can
take in tbe whole scene at a glance.
There you see the mighty JJingarra in
all her grandeur acd glory; for it is in
deed a grand acd beautiful sight. But
the American falls is by far the most
beautiful of tbe two, and I could sit a
whole day acd do nothing but watch
the pouring waters and look into tbe
gorge below, so deep that tbe "Maid of
the Mist" looks like a toy boat aa she
steams alocg on tbe surface of tbe
But our tims is sbort, it is suggested
that we bave sone ioe craam in Canada,
to which I give a willing oonsect. We
ask at a restaurant, hava you icecream?
No sir, but I think you can get it at tbe
V.ctoria hotel? At tha hojel we meet
the same reply, nothing daunted we go
to all tbe lunoh stAcd?, candy shops
acd bakeries in tbe town, but no ice
cream. O10 curio dealer told us that if
we would e'ep inside be would give us
some petrified ice cream, a suggestion
tbat we scornfully rej 'Oted. B-fiiid in
our search for ice oream, we decide to
carry awsy some memento of our visit,
and get our pictures taken, four tin
types for fitly cents, showing the falls
at our back, (.ha falls were on canvas)
Very poor piotures indeed, but very
good souvenirs of tbe place.
We return to the landirg, board the
little steamer acd are soon ferried
across the river, one hundred and eighty
feet deep, we are told, back to ' the
home of the brave end the land of the
free" where they know what ioe cream
is. Alfalfa.
They UivideanU Hold. Two Conven
tions. Austin, Tex., Ju oe 23 Both wings
of tba Thzbs democrats met in separate
aeesion here todf y at noon. After per
fecting a temporary organization tbe
appointment pf committees, adjourn
ment was h&J until the afternoon. List
night both factions held caucuses. Tbe
silver men agreed to send eight dele
gates to Cbioago. Toe proposed plat
form declares unequivocally for silver
16 to 1. Tbe; gold nwa agreed it would
be bst to send a delegation to Chicago
to contest tbe seats.
Jealousy Causes Two Deaths in San
San Francico, June 23. George
Stuz, a German, murdered Mrs. Cora
Borden aod then committed suicide
in a room of the lodging
house at No. 32G Polk Street.
?'he motive is obscure, but it is sup
posed to be jealousy. Stuz is a marine
engineer end Mrs. Borden is a widow
who earned hr living aa a drase maker.
The Bank of Salt Lake Fails to Open.
Salt Lke, June 23 Tbe private
bank known es tha Baok of Salt Lake
(aot incorporated) failed to open for
business this morrjicg; liabilities 250,
C0J. . --v
W. C. T. V.
Woman's Teirtperancn Association
of ihe World.
London, June 23. White Ribbons
week: here 6oded with a reception given
to about one thousand members of the
guild at Rigat.e Priory, the bome of
Lady Henry Somerset, these guests
also visiting the Farm Home Colony at
Duxhurst, four m'les away. The hoe
toss and her gues Mies Wdlard, Presi
dent of the world's W. C. T. U., shook
hands with every comrade and the
Misses Park, of Xw York City, scored
another sucoss; no better musio of
cornet and mandolin need b9 dasired.
The twentieth annual meeting was tbe
largest ever ' held by the Association.
Tbe delegates and members of the
National Executive numbered nearly
eight hundred, and thirty superintend
ents reported as many distinct depart
men ts of wo: k under the general beads
of preventive, educational. Evangelistic,
social, lfgul ard political. Oie hundred
and seventy-nve new branches were
reported besides three new county
Tbe annual address of tbe President
dealt with Suuday closing, tbe Royi-1
comm'ssion, labor, purity, woman's bal
lot, and its strong positions evidently
expressed tbe sense of tha delegates.
It whs agre?d tbat the proposals of
Mr. A. F. Hills, Treasurer of tbe
Church of England Terope-ence. Soaiety
should b9 carefully stud-.ed in the locl
branches this yesr and that greater
unity of spirit and method among tbe
ad?ocatea of tsmperenca is tbe vita
need of ihe hour.
Fraternal delegates were chosen to
attend tbe National Convection of the
W.C. T. U. of the United States to
meet iu St. Louis, November 13'.b to
lSin, and the wor'd'e W. O. T. LV to
mee: in Ottawa, Can., next spring.
Among fraternal delegates from other
countries wera Miss Wiliard, Misa Gor
don and Mrs. B-iiley, of tbe Uoited
Statesj Misa Torjoroff, of Bulgaria,
Mdme Silmer, of Denmark, the
Bironesa Von Verschuer, of Norway,
and several ladies from Holland and
Tbe meeting in Q leen'a Hall was tbe
largest convened by tbe temperance
pHrty since the elact'oos of last year.
Tbe Hon. Mrs. Bartrand Russell pre
sidad over a largs meeting or young
women, and Mi-s. Northam Fields held
an important meeting iiluatrative of tbe
work among children. Ooe hundred
London pulpits were oocupied by
women on Sunday and the all-day
consecration conduoted by M;ss Cjrham
iu Westminister i.own JttaU waa a
memorable occasion.
Among theobief speakers and leaders
of the convention were Mrs. Eva Mc
Laren, Mrs. Biakie, President cf the
Scottish Woman's Union, Countess
Schimrnelmaon, of Denmark, Miss
Agnes Slack, Mrs. Massing berd, Mra.
Ormieton Chant, Mrs. Pearsill Smith,
Misa Agnes Weston, Mrs. B-amford
Sicck, Mrs. Sheldon Aooop, Mrs. Percy
Bunting, Mrs. Ward Poole, Mrs. Her
bert Scead, Mra. H J. Osborn.
The organizing of tbe convention was
ohif fly dona by Misa Gartruda Hunt,
Offi ia S-soretary, and Misa Qlan Hood,
Superintendent of the Department of
The People Casting Their Ballots
Ottovva, Jane 23. PobSbly a larger
vote is baing polled throughout the
Dominion of Canada than ever before
ia the history of British North America.
The eleotion arisen from aa appeal to
tbe country on the part of the Cons?r
vative mioistry, led by Sir Charles Tup
par, whose remedial bill in favor of the
Catbolio separate school system in Man-
toba was voted down in parliament.
The L'beral party is led by Mr. Lsurier
who is in fvor of adjusting the Man-
toba difficulty by conciliatory mens
ures. Ihe Conservatives favor h gb
p-oteotion, while the Liberala desire
closer commercial relations with tbe
United Ssates. Although the Conser
vative party hag been in power for about
eighteen ye.'irs, tba outlook for today
seems to bs favorable to a Liberal vic
Wiscousin Democrats Meet in Con
Milwaukee, Jane 23. The ciucus of
congressional district delegatioas de
layed the opening of tba Dirnooratio
cate ooaventioo. At 1:43 ex-Governor
Peck, ohiirurjiu of tha state central
committee, called tha aaaamblaga to
order. Taoa. F. Frdwley, t-ba temp
orary chairman, delivered a speech in
pposition to silver.
At the ooacluaioa of Frawloy's speech
tha committees on permanent organiza-
ion aod resolutions ware appointed . A
tiht batween tha gold and silver fac-
ions ensued over tba mot ion that all
resolutions must be referred to tbe
ommittea. Tne silver men opposed
tbe raotioo, bu 5 ware outvoted and tbe
onvantion took a reoasa uatil 2:30.
Free Silver Men Will go to Chicago
Columbus, June 23 The Democratic
tate convention meets here tomorrow.
Tbe silver men bava over six hundred
ut of tbe savan hundred delegates Hcd
tbe gold men are making no contest.
The silver laiidara have given notice
tbat tbey want only pronounced free
silver men on the delegation to Chica
go and even with tbe unit rule tbey do.
not want ary cinee? vat.ivs.
The Spaniards Execute iw Men.
Havana, June 22. Miguel Alonzo
Cabreria and Andreas Fernandez Ro
driguez were shot today outside the j
oabinas fortress.
One is Ordered Issued by the
Supreme Court.
Editor JlcClafchey May Yet Get tbe
Best of Judge
Sacramento, Jane 23. The writ of
review asked for in .the contempt case
of Cnarles K. McOlatcbey, editor of tbe
Sacramento Bee, wbo waa fined $oOO by
Judga Catlin of the Sacramento Su
perior Court, was granted by the
Supreme Court today . A writ of cer
n'orari has bsea issued and will be
served on Judge Catlin tomorrow, re
questing him to furnish for the infor
mation of the Supreme Court the facts
of the case. EJitor McOlatcbey was
fined because be insisted that the Bee
report of tbe testimony given in open
court in a divorce case was correot, aod
bfcuaa he severely criticised Judge
Catlin for denouncing it from the bench
hs false and without any foundation in
Iufrtsted by
Cleveland, June 23. The twenty-
second annual session of tbe Imperial
Council of the Aocient and Arabic
Order of the Mystio Shrine is in
progress in this city today. The visi
tors began to arrive yesterday, and
were driven about tha oity yesterday
afternoon acd tendered a reoeption in
tha evenicg. Tbe event bas attracted
some seven thousand visitors.
Tbe Myeti-s Shrine, as is generally
knowo, is composed of Masons who
have attained tba highest degrees, acd
consequently has within its ranks some
of the most prominent men in tbe coun
try. Today was given up to sooia
eveots. This evenicg there will be a
greed parade of visiting temples, Arab
patrols and escorts, concluding with a
reception and entertainment.
Wllilj ACCEPT.
Al'geld Wants to Retain His
Peoria, Ills., June '23. "Governor
AUge'.d will be nominated and accept
tha nomination," was announced by
Judge Samuel P. MoConnell, of Chi
cago this morning. Ha just had a
long talk with tha Governor. MoCon
nell said tbe Governor had intended to
retire from politics aa ha had often
publicly declared. Then his health was
poor and be was tirad of publio life.
Be is in good health now and bie
friends bava brought such pressure
upon him it would se m almost like de
serting tha cause to quit now.
The Hve a Favorite Bon for
Indianapoli , June 23. The Demo
cratic Slate oonv-ntion meets in this
oity tomorrow at 10 o'clock. There will
be 1717 dalegatea present. A caucus
to be held tonight will undoubtedly be
dominated by tbe silver men, B. A. F.
Snivel will, it is believed, ba the no
minee for Governor. The number of
d-legates in favor of free silver will be
about 1100 leaving the Dumber for gold
about 3i0. Governor Matthews will be
endorsed for tha Presidency and the
delegates instructed to vote for bim.
Senator Hill Favors a Gold Plank for
New York.
Saratoga, N. Y., June 23. Delegates
to the Damooratio State convention.
which meets here tomorrow, ara arriv
ing on every train. Senator Hill, ex
Sacretary Whitney, Chairman Hackley
aod Mayor John Boyd Thatcher, of
Albany, Bre here. Tbe question of
form which the convention's declara
tion on tbe currency sball take is still
open, senator Uill is alleged to favor
an unqualified plank in favor of gold.
London Papers Comment on Affairs
In Venezuela.
London, June 23. Tha Globe, com
menting upon tha arrest of tba Crown
surveyor of British Guiana bj Vene
zuelan troops, says: "The Venezuelan
government bas repeatedly offered in
suits to Great Britain with which even
American spread eagleism could not
sympathize. Ib look though as if
President Crepo were thinking of the
approach of tha Presidential eleotion in
the United Slates acd was anxious to
force a oollision with Great Britain be
fore the quesiiion has lost its electioneer
ing value."
Over One
Thousand i
u S2sslon a.t
Chatauqua, N. Y., June 22. Over
one tbouand photographers from oil
parts of the United States were present
todny at tha inaugural session of the
annual convention of the Photographers'
Association of America. Tba gatherirg
will remain in session fop six days, and
the sessions will be devoted to tbe
reading of papers pertaining to the pro
fession of photography, considered both
from a scientific aod financial stand
point. Ooe session will be devoted to
tbe remarkable properties recently die
covered by Prof. Rorgen in the light
red ated from the cathode of a Geiesler
tube, ganerally called tte X-rav.
The Great Suburbm Was
bis by a
Sheep3Head Bay, June 23. Henry of
Navarre won the suburban by a length.
Tbe Commoner wss second by a length.
Clifford, third; time 2:07
Miners Are Flocking to the New
Mohave, Cal., June 21. Thomas
Jaggers 011 tne. in this morning from tbe
camp atRd Rook witb a So90 nugget
All Mohave is stampeded in tbat direc
tion cow.
Thousands of Men die at Wilkes
barre. Wjlkebarre, Juna 23. E;ght
thousand men and boys are idle by tbe
discontinuing of work in the colleriesof
tbe Lehigh and Wilkesbarre coal com
Obstructions Found on the Lake
Shore Track.
Nsrwalk, Ohio, June 22. An nueu
oessful attempt was made lust night t
wreck the Pacific Express on the Lak
Sbore Road at the bridge a mile west of
here. Three ties were placed in such
position that when struck by tbe ecgic
they wo'..ld tear up the track. A mac
discovered the obstruction in time to
prevent the wreck, and gave the alarm
Three men have bsen arrested on bus
The Hoxie, Kansas, Court House
Burned Down.
Hoxie, Km., June 22 Sunday morn
ing tbe court bousa was burned to tbe
ground and all reoords were destroyed
Tha safea had both been opened and tbe
records piled on tha floor in such a
manner that tbey would surely be
destroyed. There was $8,000 in the
Treasurer's offiaa whioh is gone.
Over Thirty Thousand Lives Were
Washington, June 22. The first offic
ial report of the great Japanese earth
quake and tidal wave cams today to the
State Department from Mr. Herod, 6eo
retary of the Legation at Tokio, in tbe
following brief cable: "Deaths caused
by tha tidal wave are estimated at over
30,000 in the reports to date. No mor
tality among Americans."
The Meeting of 1809 to be held in
Glasgow, June 22 The Pan Presby
terian Counoil unanimously accspted an
invitation to bold its meeting at Wash
ington in 1809, and thanked Sin Fron
cisoo for the invitatim extended to bold
the meeting at tbat place.
The Turner Bund to Meet Tbere
Next Ifear.
Louisville, Ky., June 22. The North
ftmerici Turner Bund today selected
S to Francisoo aa the next place of
The People of Patterson Proud of
their Townsman.
Pattf-rson, N. J., Juce 22 Garrett.
A. Hobart, tbe republican nominee for
vice president will be given a reception
tonight by the citizens of Patterson ir
respective of party.
Bern Secretary
of tbe
New York, June 22. Ben H. Bristow,
Secretary of the Treasury during Pres
ident Grant's second term, died at his
home in this city today.
Two Women Die F?.m the Heat In
New York.
New York, June 22. Two deaths
from heat were reported to tbe police
up to 2 p. m. Both victims were
Illinois Democrats Making Things
Peoria, Ills. June 23. The Illinics
democratic convention assembled this
afternoon for what promises to ba a
notable session. The temporary chair
man, A. M. Ba'l, mada a speeoh coun
selling prndenoe without fear, and de
claring against a straddle on the money
An Able and Noted Geologist Dies
in London.
London, June 23 Sir. Joshua Prest
wick, professor of geology at Oxford,
formerly president of tbe geological
sooiety, vica President of the Royal
S jciety, and author of valuable geologi
cal works is dead aged 81.
Reported Trouble in tbe English
Ca binet.
London, June 22. The Globe says it
is rumored tbat one of tbe Ministers
resigned at tba cabinet meeting tb s
Three Yacts Start, in the Royal Mer
sey Race.
Liverpool, June 23. In the regatta
of the Royal Mersey Yacht club todey
the Britaoia, Ailsa and Saoitn started
on the titty-mile course. The Ailea
Jos. O.
Forrest, of Chicago, Passes
Chicago, June 23. Jos. C. Forrest, a
veteran j jumalist and early settler of
Chicago died today after a brief i!!nes3,
aged 76. He was one of tba founders
of tha Chicago Tribune aod gave that
paper its name.
The Markers.
New York, Juna 23 Silver fiSxi,lead
2.90; Mexican dollars 545J4-
The Democrats of Illinois Be
ing Labored With.
Delegates From Iowa and Jlissoui i
Work ins for their Favorites
; for their
in Illinois
Peof.ia, IPs., Juno 22. Tbsre has
baen no slate made of the state ticket
to ba nominated bere tomorrow
at tbe D.trnozratio State convention.
Governor Alteld and Chairnoan Hin
riohersan e'y tbey intend to let tbe
representatives of the people Dominate
whomever tbe m-jirity favors. As to
taking up Senator Teller as a candidate,
neither tbe G ivrnor cor Secretary of
State thought it possible.
A delegation of Iowa politicians bave
arrived to labor, among the delegates
vith a view of obtaining instructions for
Governor Boies for President. A delega
tion from Missouri is working in tha in
terest of Bland.
They are Found Guilty of Invading
the Transvaal.
London, June 22 The grand jary
today found trua bills against Dr. Laan-
der Starr Jameson, M-j r Sir John Wil-
loughby, Col.RC Gray, Mnjor K W
Hila, Col. H F Hila and Hon. Henry F
Coventry, charged with violation of
neutrality laws by invading the Trans
vaal Republic.
He Makes a Wonderful Escape from
a St. Louis Jail.
St. Louis, June 22. Noble Shepard,
wbo was awaiting execution in jiil bere
for tha murder of Thomas Morton and
Lizzie Leahy, escaped from his cell be
tween midnight and & o'clock this morn
ing. Ha crawled twenty feet through
a sawer, climbed to tbe roof of the gal
lows on which be was to hang, thenoe
to a high brick wall surrounding the
jiil yard and then to the street acd
Several Persons Killed by Serian
Belgrade June 22 A serious oon-
fl ct has takea place between tba Sarian
fSjiule and Montenegrins at Kursam
da. Several persons were killed and
wounded on both sides.
Lamson Business College.
The spring erm of the Lamson Busi
ness College closed Friday acd two
mors studects have carted diplomas
since tbe class wi?s graduatfd in De
cember: Tbe present graduates ere E .
Hollicgsheed acd John II. Hill, t.oe
first cf tbe class of '96 to complete 'the
During the yearseventy-fourstudents
have been enrolled and three teachers
employed part of the time.
Tbe fall term will open in September
acd tbe lima acd attention of tba teach-
rs will ba devoted to teachirg
be busicus ctd- Eug'.ish breech
es ana snorr.oana ana typewrii-
ng, the management cf the school hsv-
cg decided to drop el! higher branches
s they reblly have co plf ca in a busi
ness college.
The rates of tuition for tbe business
ourea will be reduced nearly one-half
for tbe fall term so tbat a bosicees edu
ction will be pieced within the reach
Cycling Topics.
The Michaux Cycle Club of Phoenix
eld tbeir first run by moonlight on
Saturdy evening, the occasion being
the birthday of Mr. George Burtis.
Tbe Sterling Cycle Works have don
ated a besukiful Pairpoint quadruple
lver plated water set en a prize in tbe
races to be beld here July 4-,h. It is
ow on exhibition at PiDney & Robin
son a. Ao provision Deo oeen noaae in
be priza list for this prize, and it will
probably ba offered as a priz- for best
uopaoed mile, or a team race between
Tucson and Proenix riders.
D. H. Burtis moorns the loss of a
bicycle, stolen Saturdsy evening, while
he was inside a business bouse buying
some goods. It wns a Model 9 Mon
arch, frame Dumber 37499. G. &.J.
tires with Duolop tubes acd valves,
steel rims.
A sprinkler bes been . made for tbe
cycle track, which will do the work
quickly acd well. Aft present tbe track
is rather soft, but a few days work will
place it in perfect condition, Tbe boys
will get down to f aet work this week.
Tbe Good Templars.
There were sixty-six Good Templars
present at tbs regular meeting of
Garden Valley Lodge last night, in
cluding fifty-six members of the local
lodge, four visitors from Unity, three
from Tempe, one from Giecdale acd
one from California.
Five new members were added acd
several propositions are on the book.
A committee coosistiog of Mies
Lavioia Andrews, M. N. Casterline and
A. P. Walbridge wos named to arrange
for a public open air meeting.
Tbe piano committee reported having
examined several instruments, but no
action was taken. Tbe sentiment in
favor cf buying an instrument seems
veiy strong.
After the adj ournmenft of the lodge
ice cream and cake was served to those
present, aud a jollier crcwd oever sat
down to feast. Aa hour was spent in
social chat and eicgicg acd all went
home in good spirits.
If tbe lod'je continues to grow as it
is at tbe present time a larger hall will .
baa necessity. j
Be bothered with inferior goods when yon
can get a first-class article if only you
will call for it.
Are made of the best materials.
Sewed with tbe best threads.
Finished in the best style.
SEND for a picture of our
Factory, we will mail one to you free
of charge.
san francisco,
Young Men's Club.
A most interesting meeting of the
Yoncg Men's Republican Club was held
Saturday night. An invitation bed
baen extended to Gen. A. J . Sampson to
deliver an address upon the tariff. On
his appearance he met with a most
hearty greeting from tbe young men,
indicaticg very clearly tbat they look
upon bim as a friend. Of course his
address was io favor- of a protective
policy. He showed clearly tbat this is
necessary for many of the industries of
the country; tbat it is of paremounfl
importance to the laboring portion of
J our nation; that it is only by such policy
the balance of trade can be kept in our
favor acd prevent tbe flow- of gold to
foreign nations. For more than en
hour be elioited the closest attention,
as ha gave a history of tbe free trade
and protective periods of oar nation,
from tbe oolonial days to the present.
The most hearty demonstration, at 'be
close of bis address: waa supplemented
by a vote of thanks aod an invitation to
deliver another addreea before tbe club
on the tariff. Tbe olub adjourned to
meet September 7tb, when tbe General
will again address them on this most
important subject, acd under bia
hacdlicg a most interesting one.
A Pretty State of Thing.
"Tea-buyers may always safely as
sume that any tea with a pale green
color is en adulterated or 'faced' tea as
it is known to the trade." "Acio Fork
Aod yet that is tbe kind of tea that
we drink most ofl We understand,
moreover, that this adulteration is
largely of a poisonous nature.
He is a murderer who kills one
for revenge. He Jia e. genej&l. whp
mariv for glory.
What is he who kills or ir jures many
Reported for the Herald by the Val
ley Abstract Company.
June 20.
Arizona Canal to Lloyd B. Christy,
deed, water rights for n J of nw ij and
n y2 of of nw eeo27, 2n2e;
H. W.Ryder vs. J.A. MoOaslio, M.
H. Sherman acd Carl Tyee, lien, lotl3
blcck 3, Capitol Addition; $48 57.
S. C. MoE baoey to V. H. Munson,
bill of sale, 5 etnoks of barley on ew I4 '
Bdo IS), 2 n 2 e; SGOO.
June 22.
Margaret E Lower to Vulcan io Cop-,
per Mining & Smelting Co, deed, Vol
taire oopper mice, E-igle Tail district;
B B Barney & S Hammond, by sheriff,
to EB Stanton, deed, f4 of sw of -84.
eH ot 6ejj of b)4' seo 23, nej of
neijf aeo 27, o of nej acd nwj of ne
seo 2G, 4 e, 7 w; $1611.05.
J B Montgomery and wife to Daniel
PCogdill, deed, lots 10 & 12, blk 5,
Montgomery add; 8300.
M Ellingsoo to Margaret J Ellingson,
deed, lots 11 & 12, blk 9, Tempe; f 5.
M Ellingson to Margaret J Ellingson,
deed, nw. seo 34, 1 o, 4 e; $5.
M Ellingson, declaration of home
stead, value 54000, swj seo 34, 1 n, 4 1
S W Bayley, oonstable, Pooeoix
oinct, Bppointe Jos C Sotello, 1
A prominent real estate m
ed in cyclicg is eodeavorirg
local men in an effort to build s tb.
mile cement track on bie ground, pat
terned after tbe famous Lonieville, Ky.,
track, the fastest in tbe country. Tbe
objection to cement tracks which ob
tains in tbe east, 1. e., orecking by frost,
would ba missed here, but tbe great
objection would be tbe cost of cement.
So much would be used that a low
figure could no doubt begotten. Noth
ing will bs too good for the crsoker
jacka who will spend the winter here,
acd tbe project will receive encourag
meot. Awarded
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pllre Cnpe Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard
to Twt
njfan I
Ji-ills I

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