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WHOLE NO. 6448.
Royal makes the food pure,
wholesome and delicious
Absolutely Pure
Counterfeit silver dollars are ifljet
that are of greater weight aod fineness
than the genuine dollar.
Even in snnkissed Arizona one has a
wholesome affioiiy for a pair of warm
blankets these nights.
A noted speaker stys "the bicycle
leads to immorality ." Here in Pbce-
nix it generally leeds to tbe Police
As was to be expected the N York
Yellow Journal vov cliiims alitbevio
tory. Wor der if it will be willing to
stand for all tbe results.
The Ohio legislature is uncomfor
tably uncertain op tbe resent writing.
Tbe latest taiea.f-r! i thai tbe exact
situation W:il oniy be deter triced by
aid of tbe c Ui is.
A CONTEMPORARY Stp.tee ttlst Ir.e 16
cent eleoiio.i urov-d there was cone
oeesity lor I'--1 Uemccrstic parties
One more eHofon nr.a tt.re will be
no neceteii; ia try L. nirikl c ptri
Vebily Phoenix iLfinence isfarreeoh
iog and for good. Evanstou, Lis, acd
Winameo, led., have adopted tbe cor
few regulation srd tbe city council cf
Tempe baa the matter under consideration.
These are now more pastern visitors
10 irooe-aix today man tnere were ai
(.his tinse Jfiet year atd their faces
area't half as long ae they were a twelve
month since. Tbeybevea coincr two
to j;rgle in their pccke'.s' acd the beet
of it Ss they kcow where toe-re is more
if nroper icveetajents are effdred- to
The demoorate, independents and
prohibitionists in tbe coming Massa
chusetts legislature mast feel lonesome;
out of 241 members, tbe republicans
elected 216, leaving 25 for tbe remaining
three parties in tbe field. Jchn L.
seems to have got stuck in tbe mud in
BD3ton flits; he hasn't been haard cf
since last Tuesday.
"Tama Jtm." of the Agricultural De
partment, believes that our foreign em
basey should be provided with an agri
culturist who oqc make intelligent ob
servations and reports especially relat
iog to cgricultural and horticultural
ooeeitions m those countries tor ine
benefit of the American former id en-
ablicg him to know what he has to com
pete with abroad acd et borne. The
Secretary is right. Other countries
have their' representatives of egricul
tore here watching every experiment
acd development among our Bgrioultur-
iats and frnit growers with a view to
utilizing information gained foi? the
benefit of their countries, but we are
wofa.'ly behind them in thisrsspcofc.
Tbe consequence is that this coantry
annually imports millions of dollars'
worth of products whioh our farmers
could raise themselves if they had
authentic information on the subject.
Weylee tua; hev-to pay dearly fo
his failure to recognize ; be demands o
a common humanity while be starved
the people of Cuba lo death and looted
the Spanish treasury by Lis corrupt
practices on tbe is'acd.
Missouri is bidding for the divorce
business of - tbe cruDtry. A law has
De uneartced thct requires but s dy s
residence) to sue for a decree if tbe
offense was committed within the state
aod one year if without the state.
The Galveston News makes tbe eug
geation that there be an exchange of val
uables captured during the was be
tween the people of the north and the
south. That is a good thought; it
would nnearth a whole lot of intensely
interesting personal histciy cf the civil
Tesla has made a disooverj that re
stores the freshneES cf youth to the
skin of a human being; it is tbe treat
ment of the body by electricity. He
literally shocks. the dirt.'the refuse of
the skin casts cfT, into falling from tbe
eurfaca of the body leaving the skin
fresh and youthfnl.
Great Britain seems exceedingly
anxious to secure an arbitration treaty
with the United States. Pdnnoefote,
tbe British Ambassador at Washington,
has returned to this country full of the
idea and aepeoial commissioner with a
petition of some seven thousand Eng
lishmen asking tbe United States to
enter into negotiations has arrived.
The Kentuoky legislature whioh has
elected this year will not elect tbe
United States Senate'and it may be th6t
by the time the next legislature is chos
en thera will be a swing of the people of
the state the other way. Joe Blr.ckbaro
has by no means secured his seat in the
Senate by tbe eleoofon jrjst passed.
A mousing co temporary discusses
Governor Atkinson's suggestion for tbe
suppression of lynching acd agrees with
the Governor that lynching will stop
"when the better element, who depre--cate
mob law.eggressively cotdtmn acd
determine to suppress the praotice."
That does not go to tbe bottcm cf the
case at ell and never will frcm tbe fact
that when all law Is subverted and men
are assassinated and'buildings burned at
the will of a set of freebooters, es is just
now occurring in 'Indiana, "the better
element" will not attempt to protect the
perpetrators from summary punish
ment. The fact is lynching will never
be discontinued till the time comee
when no guilty man can escape regular
oonviotion by the law and tbe penalty
thereof. Just as bom as officials and
juries and lawyers determine that pun
ishment of criminals shall as surely oc
cur as does the crime, th-n we caa ex
peoS tbe cessation of lyrebird. It is
the result f !be inefficicy of law to
the protection of the psopie
Now'is the nme to bay
Carbolic Acid,
-2nd-O res v lie
Wehave jrut received a lare qnaiitity direct
from the cnannf Actiirere end can cave yen
money on tbte aniclep e wftJl as on
everything ,Jse in the Dreg Lino.
Opera House Pharmacy. i
The new question to come up is the
union cf the Central Amerioan States
with Ibe United States. A Ctctial
American Lengce composed of the bf-et
bus.ness element of tbe Cectrol Amer
ican t-t.af.es has been toriLec ror ttiis
purposa and a representative hus b'e n
ssnt to Ibis cccrlry to pU6h tbe prcpo-
9itir.t : should ifcey fail to beci me pert
of bt- Uri'-c Sates the p'sn ie then to
8p;,r;ti! io Mexico for tdmiesior to that
TheK-v. McOreary of tbe F.rst M
EOtaish delivered aa address to
and ti."fi!f of girls end young
tOKo lest evening that should
nave beo heard by every young
iad io tr.is city, Bnd by these not bo
you'itf also. The Herald ho,'e that
tbe women of Phoenix will tfe If this
matter cp end induce tbe Kev: Gentle
man to go over that ground egB'n -bt'D
the entire body of the youtg women of
Pboenix and sarroundicg Cjuotry may
be present. y
The New York Tribune of the third
A Republican administration is about
to oomplete the Government's connec
tion with the Pacific railroads. It will be
remembered ly eome cf tbe older oiti
zsns that JRspublioan Bumicistratiocs
helped to make the arrargements for
the building of tbe Pacific railroads;
acd that a Republican administration
saw thera completed, Bird that iu all
these transactions tbe ictereete or tee
nucule hev been Carefully 6.r-d intelli
gently guaidsd, wtile the berefit whicti
has resulted o tbe country through
this rueacB of oommcnicstica from
ooaaD to ocaan cannot be estimated, nor
is the ' comparative cost of tbe road a
circumstance. Now that tbe final ac
tion is to be coneumsted with credit to
tbe Govi'rcme&t end the Repub-ican
party, it is but;natural that Democratic
editors should emit their regulation
A Conference Held In Denver Snpreme
For a Week.
Court Renders
Determined to Make a Stand
Correct Market
Other Murderers Will
Follow to the
Denver, Nov. 9. The Republican
today saye:
For several days tbe managers of all
the smsUer-3 from Texas to British
Columbia have besn ooafarricg together
in this ntty with a view to the promo
tion of allied interests cf mining and
smsUicg. Th.'re appears to be an
unanimous determination to devise
some means, if possible, to obtain tb
true market prica of their products, in
stead of tbe djctored and insufficient
quotations now furnished by certain
'Jew York jobbers. In tie esse of
lead, for instance, there is no good
reason way the market price in iew
York should not be quoted daily at
$4.25 instead of S3. 75, and it ie believed
that through oanosrted sotioa oa the
part of all the lead smelters justios
can soon be obtained. Ibe same is
rue of silver.
instant thus significantly sums up the
result of the leadership of Piatt. Un
der the head "Great Leadership," it
"Thomas C. Piatt baa for some time
been the 'leader' Quigg calls him The
Master of the Republican party in this
State. What are tbe net results of
that 'leadership' as seen in the oloar,
cool light of this November mornicK?
A Jddgs of tbe Court of Appeals lost.
The Republican majority in the As
sembly whittled down cloee to the van
ishing point.
The great Republican city of Brook-
yn politically eliminated rrom tne
All that has been done for the public
good In, ttiis city in tbe last three years
Tbe entire metropolis, with more
than 3,000,000 population- delivered into
he hands of Tammany Hall for tbe
est four years.
All themaohinery and icflueco? and
patronage of this metropolis turned
over to the Democratic party, for its
id and comfort in tbe next State and
National elections.
Such are the fruits of Mr. Platt'e
leadership" of the party, in one brief 60
aye' campaign. How do tbe Republi
cans of this city' of the State and of
the Nation like it?".
Thanksgiving Proclsmarion.
"In remembrance of God's goodness
to ua during the last year, which has
been bo hbondant, 'Let us offer onto
Hira our thanksivirjg aod pay our
vows onto the Most High.' Under His
watchful providenoe industry has pros
pered, tbe cocditions of labor have
been improved, the rewards of the
busbaodmau have been icoreased, and
tbe comforts of our homes multiplied.
His rc'gbty hand bas preserved peace
and protected tbe Nation. Respect for
law and order has been strengthened,
love of free icstitutiors cherished, and
all sections of our beloved country
brought into oloser bonds of fraternal
regard acd generous co-operation.
"Fur these great benefits It ie our
duty to praise the Lord in a spirit of
humility and gratitude, end to offer up
to Him our most earnest supplications.
That we may acknowledge our obliga
tion as a people to Him who has so
graciously granted ue the blessings of
free government and material posperity,
I, William McKinley, President of the
United States, do hereby designate and
set epfirt Thursday, the twenty-fifth
d&y of November, for National thanks
giving and prayer, whioh all of the peo
ple are invited (o observe with appro
priate religious services in their re
spective piece of worship. On this day
of rejoicing and domestic reunion let
out prayers B6cecd to tbe Giver of every
good b nd perfect gift for the continu
ance cf His love acd favor to ue, th8t
our hearts may be filled with charity
nd good will, and that we mey be evsr
worthy of Hie beneuooat concern.
'In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand acd caused toe seal of the
United Statf s to be eflized.
"Done at the City of Washington this
twenty-ninth day of October, iu the
year cf our Lord one thocsatid eight
hundred and niiiety-eeven, and of the
Independence of tbe United States tbe
one bordied and twauty second.
' William McKinley.
"By tbe President:
"John Sherman, Secretary cf S;ote."
The appointmeutof theHoo. Webster
Sireet to be Chief Justice of the Ter
ritory, i6 announced by the Herald on
Siturday evening, giwea eminent satis
faction to the bar and tba people of the
Territory. Te Hon. Street is an able
lawyer, a thorough Ar'zonor, a gentle1-
man waom it is e piea&uro to snox
and one who we believe will do his ut
most to seoure the ends cf right and
justice to the public. Hon. Street is a
thorough Republican acd has served
long and faithfully as euoh, but he is
not a faotionist in any sense.
TheHoo. Webster Street is a native
of Salem, Ohio. He is about 51 years of
age and has lived ia the Territory
nearly twenty years.
He resided in Kingman, afterward
in Tucson and later in Tombstone. He
came to Phoenix twelve years age and
became associated in tbe praotice of
law with Ben Goodrich sod subse
queotly with Hon. Frank Cox. The
latter partnership was maintained un
til three years ago, when Judge Street
and Attorney-General Frazier formed a
During a part of bis residsnGe in
Tombstone he was Judge of tbe County
oourt of Cochise oounty, which held co
ordinate j jrisdioMan witli the Distriot
court, and ; go any important oases
were adjudicated, among others a a suit
involving certain properties of the Cop
per Qaeen, one of the moat important
mining cases ever brought iu Arizona.
His decision in the case was so satis
factory that the case was never appeal
ed. Mark Smith said of him at that
time that he was the ablest Judg9 be
fore whom be ad ever practiced.
Judge Street's education was gener
ous. After graduating from the high
school at Salem, Ohio, be wes graduated
from Antioch college. He read law and
in 1871 he was admitted to the bar in
Salem. After practicing there edme
t;me he moved to Pittsburg, Pennsyl
vania, whe.e he continued in practio
two years and a half, and then oame to
It Ia Very
at All
Pacific and. Not
Washington, Nov. 9. The full text
of Spain's reply to the Woodford note
was read at tbe cabinet meeting today.
It's tone was paciflo and instead of be
ing at all warlike it was regarded by
the cabinet as very satisfactory and us
calculated to allay any fear of any hos
tile break.
3Joney Markets.
New York, Nov. 9 . Silver certifi
oalea 67) 57; ttt silver 57,76 ; Max-
R. C. Dun & Co "s Monthly Review
For Southern. California.
To Care Catarrh
D) cot depend upon snuffs, inhalants
or other local applications. Catarrh is
a constitutional disease acd oan be suc
cessfully treated only by means of a
constitutional remedy like Hood's Sar
eaparilia, which thoroughly purified tbe
blood and removas the scrofulous taiots
whioh oause catarrh. The great num
ber of testimonials from those who have
been cured of catarrh by Hood's Sarea
parilla prove the unequalled power of
this medloine to conquer thie disease.
If troubled with Catarrh glee Hood's
Sarsparilla a fair trial at onoe.
Irou Trade the Largest in tha History o
the Country. 0(her UusiiK-ss
Most Proinisins .
Tbe Obio Land and Canal Company
Articles of incorporation of the Obio
Land and Canal Co. were hied in tbe
County R.-oorder's office this week, with
O. Sohetter, C. O. McCarroll, H.J.
Cleveland, J. F. Mcintosh and G. U.
Holcomb as incorporators and Bueid of
Tee proposed oaoal will be taken cut
of the Colorado river about t-eoy
miles below -Ehrenbeig and will end 1
the Clip mill. Twenty five thousand
acres of land will be reclaimed in one of
the moat beautiful valleys oa tbe Colo
rado river. Tbe vallay is aboui; sixty
miles from Yuma and is in tha heart of
one of the greatest mineral bHs in the
world, which is dow beir;g rapidly de
veloped, many mics already producing
goid, silver, copper and lead. Tbe min
ing indostry will famish an exoellent
market for all tbe products of tbe vel
ley for affea to coma, and tbe ssjriouitu
ral deve'opmnt will likewise s(iinu!86s
the miLs-a1 outiias by a naturul appli
cation of the laws of reciprocity. Yuma
Generally throughout the country
October trade registered a decrease in
volume. This naturally followed the
rush of August and September to re
plenish stocks, these months showing
tb.8 heaviest buying in some lines ever
known. The manufacturing industries
continued well employed end many
mills went on tha active liet that have
bee a unemployed.
The iron production is the largest
ever known, whioh causes prices to yield
a little, but tha outlook is for higher
qaotattotiis with the new year.
Wheat has been unsteady in a l mar
kets and the early quotations for cotton
was not sustained. The wool market
was a surprise; the heavy importations
just bafore the new tariff law went into
effect did cot produce the expected
giut in tne market and woolea goods
remained firm.
Foreign trade oontinues to show the
balance in our favor.
In our immediate distriot reports
from the growing orops continue good.
Tbe early oranges are coloring well and
prices are offered for the holiday trade .
The outlook for lemon s ia better than
tor some time.
rhe new orop of beans makes tbe
market a little easier bnt as tbe crop is
reported 20 per cnt less than last year
acd demand is heavy, it is likely prioee
will cotstrike the down grade.
The sugar campafsro. olossa this year
wit 30,000,000 pounds of eugac to its
The yield iu celery promises again to
be heavy, probably 500 c-trlotida.
Tbe dried fruit market remains al
most at a standstill, a slight 'improve
ment is noted in prunes and apples.
Nuts are moving wall. The prices
S6t by the walnut association were bald
with tbe exception of oent concession
in sottshelU.
Erly rains icjured raisins ia the
field, and the crop is not now likniy to
exceed, even it it equals in quality that
of last yeuc.
The pack of the canneries, which ia
the largest in the history of Southern
California, bas been mostly disposed cf
at good prices.
Collections are better than for eome
years past. Rsal essate ia more tsotive.
Oar products are being marketed at
good prices and tbe tifot is already ap
parent. The coming tourist season will
soon open. Reviving prosperity iu the
East should greatly augment travel
this year.
Trade movement while quiet is steady
and merchants are generally satisfied
aod confident of an uouaaaily profitable
winter seueon.
Commercial oasuelit ea lightest on
record in this district, five in number,
liabilities 87,300, assets $2,500; for same
month last yeor, twelve, liabilities S40,
000, assets $15,000.
Nov. 6tb, 1897
Washington. Nov. 8 Tba United
States Supreme Court today affirmed
tha decision of tbe Circuit Court of
California, refusing a writ of habeas
corpus to William Harlry Theoiore Da
rsot uadaF sentenoe of death for the
;nuider cf Miss Blanche Lamont at San
Francisco in April, 1895. Today's deoi
aion permits tbe law to take its course
with the condemned man.
San Francisco, Nov. 8. The news
that the United 3tates States Supreme
Oourt bad decided not to interfere with
the execution of Darrautspreed quickly
over this city today Bnd crowds of in
terested people read the announcement
eagerly from tbe newspaper bulletin
boards. Tha deciaion of the Supreme
Court was not unexpected here. Dis
trict Attorney Barnes was much p'.sas
ed with the decision. He is convinced
that Djrrant oummitted the murders
and chafed at the delay in carrying out
the sentence. Mr. Barnes said that
Duract would not have to ba resentenc
ed. A 1 that was moessary would be
for tho District Attorney, when he re
ceived official cotice cf the decision to
go into court and ask, for aa order to
proceed with tbe execution and that a
day be fixed for it. Tbe decision of
the Supreme Court paves tha way for
the execution of five other murderers
who have bea ssateccsd to death but
whose axecuiioos have baen deferred
pending the decision of ;ha Durrant
cdse. Amocg these are train wrecker
Worden, Harvey Allendar of Sia Jose
aad Eoaoks of Sin D ego.who butcher
ed aa agsd oouple. Durrant'u parents
were notifiad this moroingof the oourt' s
decision and were deeply affected. Mrs.
Durrant wept but said her sua wos in
nocent, acd she did nob yet give up the
hope that b6 would yet viod'eated
end his in nee-ones proved. District
AM' rr Bfuea stated that the only,
tuicji the attorneys f jr Dasraut cou.;d
dj no- Wda to aposal f roca the orda? of
the Supreme Court.but that he thought
they would cot do this as they were
sure to fail.
Durrant's attorney, Eugene Dsuprey
re'-eea to say what his intentions are
tor the future ia that case.
San Francisco. Nov. 9. Distriot At
torney Barnes appeared before Judge
Bahrs today and informed the court
that he had received official cotice from
the Supreme oourt cf the United States
thsi they had affirmed the decree of the
United States Circuit court in tba Dur
rao t osse.
Judge mnrs thereupon isaund an
order directing that Theodore Darran
be brought from San Qaentin penitenti
cry tomorrow ia order that & new date
could be set for the carrying out of
the sentence already imposed upon tbe
condemned murderer.
It was oat'reatiy ruraored that Friday
oext will ba SKtaoced as the date for tbe
execution of Durrant, it bsitg generally
understood that the law rrqolricg five
days notioe to ba given defendant
does not apply in this instance
Bone of the
And Fewer Deaths
Throughout the
New Orleans, Nov. 8. The backbone
of the fever is broken. Yesterday's
record show only 13 new oases and to
day's will probably be smaller. At 10
o'clock this morning the record was two
new ORses and two deaths, the smallest
for the hour sinoe September 6sh .
Memphis, .Nov. 8 No new oases to
day. Business has assumed its normal
Mobile, Nov. 8. New oases of yellow
fever 5, deaths none.
New Orleans, Nov. 8. At 1 o'clock
the record was six" new oases and two
tba e e
Harvey Allendar Must Die oa the
San Jose, Cal. Nov. a. Harvey Al
lender when resentenced to hang this
morcicg on Deo. 10 la received the een
teoce unmoved. The court room was
crowded when the noted prisoner was
brought in. His father was with him
and remained by his side throughout
ibe ordeal.
The Palace Saloon Destroyed. No
Farther Damage.
6peoialto the Hebax.3.
Prescott, Nov. 6. The Palace saloon
took fire last evening at 6:10 and was
completely gutted. No further damage
was done. Tha loss will not be over
six hundred dbliara. The fire originated
in tha Chinese restaurant in connection
with tbe saloon.
A. B.
Tells Some
Strong Truths.
WIioiAdinitts That Spain's Treat
ment of Cnba Was
innouncemeut From Washington
That Hon. Webster Street
Is the Appointee.
A PhoeuiriaQ and an Arizonan Finally
Receives the Re
Ran its burg
go our
ves TIFY
P1&t$ry ! Popular
Tonic U
Miners have
Randburg, Nov. 9. The labor trou
bles which have been brewing here for
some time, culminated some time be-
twsen 8 and 12 o'clock last night, when
one hundred of the miners union went
in a body to tbe Rosie mine and per
emptorily ordered the superintendent
and mstx out of the camp for working
below the eoedale of the uuion wbioh is
tore dollars per a day o! eight hours.
The men were C. M. Clerk superinten
dent and part owner, Cbas Couoh, Levi
Richardson, F S Votting and Lewis
Busier. Anthony Dtily iomed the
union in preference to tabiog a moon
light walk but tbe others all started
with their biacksfcs oa their backs.
Springvalley, I;l., Nov. 9. Th
miners in tbis part of tne district are
indignant over tbe aotion cf the Braoe
viiie men in aco9ptin? a settlement be
low tae sciile. Tho Spring Valley men
claim to have the 6trike won and tbe
leaders say that no matter if the Brace
vills men do return to work at tbe non
union soale, the Spring Valley men will
nold out until next May if necessary
for the settle formulated at Springfield
Lidd, Sjatonville, L Sall9 and
Peru are equally firm. Labor leaders
here sooff at the idea of the "Coolie"
movement being a success. They say it
ia only a blaff .
Free Cbarge to fnffVrers
Cut tbis out aod take it to your
draggis-'- and -t a sample bottle free of
D K'ug'a New D;soovsry for Consump
tion Coughs and ColdB. They do not
ssk you to buy before trying. This wili
show you the great merits of.'this truly
wonderful remedy, and show you what
can be accomplished by the regular
size bottle. This is no experiment nd
would be disastrous to the proprietors,
did they not know it would invariably
care. Many of the best physicians ar
now uaiog it. in their practice with great
results and are relying ou it in most
severs cases. Is is stuttrar.teed. Trial
bottles free at The Pnoenix Drug Co.
and M. P. Cbubb's drug stored. Rguiai
siz 5o. and SI-
s to Guntftiiiala and Honduras as
Washington, Nsv-.-S 'he president
has-- appoint- WOodfray Hunter of
Kautu-sliyC'E jvoy Extraordinary and
Minister B.eoipolEntiary to Guatameiei
and Honduras.
Special to tha IIeeaj.d.
Washixgtojt, Nov. 6. The President
today named Webster Street of Phoe
nix, Arizona fo? Chief Justice of that
'erntory vice Traesdale, deceased.
Aid Asked From tbe Government
in Their Relief.
Washington, Nov. 6 The appeal of
President 5esoa, of the Portland, Ore
gon, Coamber cf Commerce, to Secre
tary Atger, for fcelp in getting supplies
rhroujh to the etarvicg miners in the
Klocdyke region, has been reoeived at
the War Department, but in the ab
sence of Secretary Alger, who is expect
ed to return to Washington today, no
action will be taken upon it by the
officials of the department.
Resolution by Phoenix Commandery
No. 3, K. T, oa the Departure
of Sir Knight O. J . Chase.
Asylum of Phoenix - 1
Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 18, 1897. j
At the stated oonolave of this Com
maiidery huld on the above date the
following preamble and resolutions
were unanimously adopted:
Whereas, The members ef Phoenix
Oommaodery No. 3, K. T..of Phoenix,
Arizona, have of late rejoiced in the
renewed prosperity of our baloved
ordsr and have delighted in the recently
awakened Christian sentiment that has
pervaded our Knightly intercourse; and
Whereas, W e feel that a good part,
at least, of the goodly fellowship and
zsal bas been due to the kindly sympa
thy and earnest teaching of our eminent
acd be'oved Frater acd Grand Prelate,
the Rsv. C. J. Chase: and
Whereas, His minieterial duties
have called him to a f ar-c ff pastorate; we
are, therefore,
Resolved, .That we hereby express
our g?eat regret tost we shall De de
p:ived of hie genial presence and further
eloquent instruction, and that we
heartily oommend him to the courtesy
of ail true Sir Knights, particularly to
those with whom he is about to reside,
aod congratulate them upon such a
valuable acquisition to the ranks of
those who there are endeavoring to
maintain and support the praotice and
preoepts of tbe Christian religion.
P. P. Parker,
N. A- Morpobd,
D. Nicholson,
Attest: Committee.
P. A. Shaw, Reorder.
New York, Nov. 6, The Raid an
nounces that Abb Deguerville, corrobo
rates the statements already made by
ex Minister Haucis Taylor. Mr. De
guerville had explained tbe Cuban situ
ation to Ssnor Oastelar from the Cuban
standpoint. Senor Oastelar said: "Yon
are right and we are wroeg. It ia our
fault if Cuba is la revolt. We have
governed the island with the sword in
the moat selfish, brutal and dishonest
Madrid, Nov. 6 A correspondent
io Cuba of the Imparcial- ssys General
Weyler has haaded over matters to
General Blanco in a state of chaos and
beyond doubt be is preparing a party to
oppose the liberal government. It ia
understood tt at Senor Romero Roble-
doon oa Monday will make an impor
tant speech. As he ia ooosidared to
have broken away from the conserva
tive party and to be closely allied with
the presumptive polioy of General Wey
ler his movements and worda are . re
garded with some anxiety.
New York, Njv. 8 The World prints
an article in whioh it ia asserted that
one half the rural papulation of Cuba
died of starvation since Weyler's order
driving the - country people into the
towns. Blanoo will endeavor to undo
some of tbe eff eot of Weyler's savagery
A Gala
Big Sngar Contracts
Made for
Next Year.
Kaialani Will
a Tour of
S'KT ?P5Sl.
sra rt F3 tn ft rr;
p m a 3 m m e
Instant relief for slim-tortured babies and
rest for tired mothers in a warm bath with
Ct'Tict'KA Soap, and a single application of
Cvticitra (ointment), the great skin cure.
The only speedy and economical treatment
for itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, and
j. imply humors of the skin, scalp, and blood.
Ib sold throuehnntthe wnrM. Potter Drco and Cqkh
icu Corporation. Sine Proprietor. Boston,
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Day In English Mas
London, Nov. 8. The Prinoe of
Wales, as Grand Master of 'English
Freemasonry, bas designated the Earl
of Lit horn, deputy Grand Master, to
represent him at the Great Masonio
oonolave whioh is to be held in St,
Paul's Cathedral on the first Thursday
inDioember when the 200th anniver
sary of the re-opening af terthe rest or
ation of that historio strujture will be
celebrated. According to the original
plane It had been intended that the
Grand Lodge, with the Prince of Wales
at its head, should walk in prooession
to the Cathedral from the Free Masons'
Hall on Great Qjean Street, but this
innovation, whioh would have attracted
a throng equal to that of Lard Mayor's
D.iy has been changed as a result of the
Court Doing into mourning for the
Duchess of Teck. Outside of the ab-
senoe of the Prinoe, however, tne as
semblage will be shorn of none ot the
brilliant features which surround Ms
sonio oelebrations. Every lodge in the
United Kingdom will send a delegation
Admission will be by ticket and these
will be issued to Free Masons only
Not a solitary exosption will be made to
this rule. The service will be fully
choral, every one cf the twenty-five
participating priest will be Masons and
the Bishop ot London, himself a Past
Mas tor, will preach the Jsarraon. The
Masonio oolor given to the oelebration
ot St. Paul's bl-centenary is based npon
the tradition that the architecture of
the structure, Sir Christopher Wren,
was Master ot the Lodge of Antiquities,
the oldest Masonio Lodge in England,
and whioh, during the building ot the
Cathedral, held its meetiegs at an hes
telry in the ohuroh-yard. It is also
part of the tradition that every work
man employed upon the great struc
ture from its inception to its final com
pletion and from tbe chief superinten
dent down to the humblest hod carrier,
was a member of the Masonio order.
Reported f r the Herald by Phoenix
Title Guaranty and Abstract Oo. "
Nov. 5.
W H Robinson to S A'Davidson.deed,
w yZ and se i of seo 12 t 2 o r 1 e;
Edward A Veate to Mary Keinbuok,
deed, lot 8 blk 43 Cepitol edd; $1.
Nov. 6. -
Henry O Longmore to Mary J Long-
more, deed, nw J4 seo 20 1 n 5 e; $1.
Mary J Lingmore declares home
stead, valne 3,000 on the e ot nw
seo 20 1 n 5 e.
Tbe Iowa Land aod Cattle Co to
Frank L Howard, deed, sw J, ew ew
M eo 4 2 n 3 e, $400.
Nov. 8.
Trustees Phoeoix Lidge No 5, A O U
WtoM.sRJAD irland, deed, vi lot
bk 20, oametery; 820.
Eugene Brashear to William R Brash-
ear, deed, end 'n in Pauper's Dream
mine; $1.
L'zeio Meeker to Ioa M Mays, deed,
lot 21 & 23, bk 2, Hermosa add; $500.
Ina M Mays & bus to Allis M Mullen,
deed, lots 21 & 13. bk 2, Hermoea add;
John R Laosley & wf to Fisher G
Bailey, deed, about 48 aores ot ae
eeo 17, In, 4; $1300.
Honolclu, Oct. 3. Oa tbe 23rd Inst.
Miss Edna Ackerman, a grnarJCognter
of J. D. Ackerman, the wealthy coffee
planter of Kona, Hawaii, committed
auioide at Kona, while temporarily in
sane. She bang herself in bet room.
The Hawaiian Star announoss that
oontraota bave been signed in New
York for 80,000 tons ot Hawaiian eogat
of tbe orop of 1898. Another lares
block ot sugar will be taken by the new
refinery at Port Costs, Cal. This con
tract is with a combination ot engai
plantations outside of those controlled
by Speckles.
It is understood that Princess Kaia
lani will remain but a few days in Hono
lulu, when she will leave again for a
tour ot Earope. She has reqnested in
advanoe nojentertalnment or any de
monstration be arranged in her honor
and will decline absolutely to take any
part or even disouss polltios. The
Princess denies any intention ot visit
ing or conferring with the ei-Queen
and from a guarded intimation, would
seem to desire to give out the Impres
sion that she is not in sympathy with
the ex Queen's oause.
Chinaman to
Be Pntto
Illinois. '
Streatok, 111 Nov. 9. The announce
ment that Chinese will be brought here
to work In minesTiaB caused an im
mense amount ot excitement. A oali
has been Issued for a fall convention of
the distriot to consider the matter.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 9. The
oounoil held with Governor Mount
with reference to the importing ot
Kentucky miners Into Davies and Pike
counties, Indiana, to take the plaoe of
the striking miners of Gabel acd Kant
man Coal operatives, has come to a
satisfactory ending. One hundred ot
tbe striking miners, It is Baid, will go to
work immediately and others will follow.
Auuc"omer See.
Tbe Phoenicians are to be congratu
lated upon their being permitted to see
and bear one of the world's greatest
A letter to Prof. J. Curtis Wesson, ot
the high sohool from the Dr. states
that he will arrive in the city November
13th and will give his lecture on "The
Importance of Scientific Research and
Need of Eduoatlonal Reform" on Mon
day night, November 15th.
Dr. See hails from the University of
Berlin and his scientific reputation In
Europe has preceeded him to the Amer
ican continent.
His rasearohes have been especially
exhaustive in the lice of Binary stars,
through whioh he hopes to prove as a
fsot the Newtoman theory of the nni
versatality of gravitation.- "
His opinions at first met with most
violent opposition in Europe acd were
ignored in America, but as his re
searches ooctinue he Is constantly be
ing reicforoed by the leaders in tbe
realm ot Bstronomy until now it seems
to be only a matter of time nntll all the
"pet theories" held by the scholastics ot
the old sohool will be discarded and his
law of the eooentrioities of Bleary orbits
will triumph, and thus the "gravitation
theory" will be proved to govern all
Through the kindness ot the Board ot
Trustees the auditorium ot the First M.
E. ohuroh has been secured and it is
hoped that oar oitizans will orowd the
edifice to the doors.
Mrs. Shirley Christy will render an
excellent seleotion on the new pipe
organ and the Philharmonio Club will
furnish a male quartette.
The lecture is free, beginning at 7:30
Highest Honors World's Fair.
:H I Irs
A pure Crane Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Years the Standard. J.

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