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Phoenix weekly herald. [volume] (Phoenix, Maricopa County, Ariz. Territory) 1896-1899, November 18, 1897, Image 1

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Royal makes the food pore,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
The Grand Bodies of the Order
Meet ia Bisbee.
Half a Mile Underground, in
Hnge Cavern of the Copper
Qneen 3Iine Their
ISIvstic Rites are
est to the highest puitl was lrgbted
by eleo'rJcity. E go teen thcasand feet
of wire have been used for
the purpose, sad 135 lamps were used,
so ojb of them 100 candle power. Ia the
aiiol bucg a brilliant letter G tLrt-e feet
n height a d studded by thirty-tive
elaolrio ligh8 of 16 ciicdle power, a
toicg of beauty and j y in itself. In
he vtist epp.ee overhead the lights
formed e great square sad compass, toe
d:B;uce blweau the poicta cf. tbe f !
'wDdd compos being 100 fi?et acd tl.e
eogta cf er.ca ieg beirg 130 faet. A
sufficient portion of the cave for the use
i! ttie Mssocs bad bean fljcieu and
satiteo, and there bect-ata teat great
dome, 70 feet overhead t,nd burrcucded
by such glitter, such beauly, soch
streegth, such overwhelming sanse of
Iccatioo, euch nearness sod bach s de
pendence upon tbe immediato handi
work of the Grand Sleeker Maeon of all,
tbe work cf the difTcrect grand bodies
went on for the day. At the clcee of
tta work of the Grand Ledge flashlight
pbotr.fir-.pbs of the oave acd the body
of Mssocs present were taken. The
The m-seti ig of -o G-sod bodice of
Free Mason, y at-B ebce thie wt-tk be
ginning od tre y b instart, wfcs an
event in the b:s o,-y of Free Masonry in
the Territory t d iti the cocctry never
to be totgr ttf-ti by tboee who partioi
pated on thc-t -EtertBtir g occasion. I
was marker! by h ees- on of the six
teenth bibusI coqudl ication of the
M.'. W. Grod Lodge cf Arizona, the
opening of tre e-vectb sjbdoI ooovooa
tion of the M. E . Grud Charier of
Arizona, au-i t;;, urtung ofthefiftb
annoal oooclove ..f tf-e G;md CVtu
mandery of Heights Tomp;ar of Afi
zona, in a bege ar d beautif ui ceve cf
the Copper Queer, iccettd seize 350 feet
beneath. tbi snifter and reached by
traversing an evea of.'.f mile of tcccei
from tbe shaft by which the lvel of the
tunnel whs reached.
Tbe commucioation of the Grand
Lodge opeced cn the morning of the
9:h instant in the elegant now ball jnet
finfshed and taken poeseeseion of by
Perfect Ashlar Lodge No. 12, F. and A.
M., of this jurisdiction.
At the opening there was one hecdred
and thirty Masons present, more than
three times as many as are usually
present on that occasion; and when tbe
session was held in thecavernoue depths
of tbe Copper Queen mine beneath tbe
towering mountains tbnt eurronnd
Biebee, on the eecond d ;y cf ihe ses
sion, one hundred ecd fifty Masons
were lowered to that memorable and
now Masonic level by which the great
cave was reached.
Of course the great momed of inter
est in the business of the different
bodies of the fraternity assembled was
tbe gathericg in the cove after the
manner of tboee enciant mac-ens who
zealously goard-d their mysteries by
gathering on tbe tops cf tbe highest
bills, in the eecrecy of the iewfot v&les,
In tbe gloom of tbe deepest foreEte, and
in the caves of tbe tsrtt ; but ibis CU3
torn while emphesized by the neces
sities of tbe period, the lack of suitable
and safe places of meeticg io tbe ettuo
tares of the time, en co doubt largeiy
influenced by tbj rel gictis easterns of
the ancient fath-ps who l.r g before the
erection of tea-plee w.rr tipped tbe
celestibl bodies from th tn( s cf tbe
bills and tbe terres' r'il bodies from tbe
depths of tbe v-dlee; tb:a same prim
itive custom pt cbabiy ltd the ChriatiacB
to build ifceir temples of voiiiipdD tb
tops of. em:ni ct"3 an l fi the ancient
Jews before them, though in the csee
of the Cfcristiare esi'b the Masons
the ccE'ooi wa9 f urlb r rrr?e nec-Eearv
by R d-iHre for e'fttj .
19 b(d bfen decided o boi epf
sioDScf th vurioua biar cbee f f Ma&on-
rs in she cr.va on Wsaci ediiy it not
having ben ful.y prepared at lue boor
of meetieff ou Tueed iy, ftcd so a!. 10
o'clock oa Wedoteday tbe entirs. body
of Matoce preseut mbrcr en from tb
ball to the mouth of tbts ebnft end six
at a time Mere sbo! down by '.be hois&
tbtongh tbe impecetr&ble gtuutn o( turo
hundred and twenty feet oi ebafs to
the level toat lend to tb cve half a
mile distBnt. Then began tbe long
march io tineie file thxupb the wild
ing, ecg'itg tuoco! which was
llumicated tbe attire dretfir.ee by
candles set about ten feet apart
and 6cri 'u-n and orosa-cut car.fn!ly
guarded by Mtsons, who ere employed
in tbe mite, till at lergtb tbe indivi
dual pidSrd rhrocgb a temporary door
into a Ecer,e of inexpressible splendor
and beacty be illuminated cave
The figar?, the strength, tbe Eymrnetry,
the polished niabascer, the giitsricg
waalth cf gold end j-vele cf King
Solomon's teaipie were heie dfzed ard
dimmed ijto if gigniScatc?- by tbe bril
liancy, tba abcucd'.rg veUh cf ex
qaisite ft-rrre cf bcaty, th msj-etio
splendor t f !-c Bbottoar;:s literal'y
covered b? ihe rt-oss del c trscety,
Koights Templar retcrned to tbe cave
in tbe evening ana another pcosogrspn
was secured.
The ork in tbe cave b6itg camplet-
d Sboee present retcrr.ed to tbe foot of
ct sbhft and in due time we.re hoisted
th ?urfsce.
The i.'ffiuers of the graiid boCies pre-
oili; at tre eessiocs in it6 c .ve were
H9 f;j Jot; :
Grasd Lodge W F Nichols. G 41; J
B Ciearoer, S G W; J J Seetey, J G
W; M. W Kiee, G Trese; G J K :kroge,
G Sc's ; Lewis Wiiliatte, G Ohsplaic;
Id. Goiuater, G Lectorer; J D Aluni-
bon, G jlarbai; J G Svhge, G St B; J
S U xo , G Sw B; E A Niobolt, G b B;
J H McPhersoc, S G D; Go flaoatbfue.
J G V; A A Johns. 8 G S; Gao Shacd,
J G S; B G Fox, G P; D Macphct , G T.
Gbaxc'Chafier-M GoIdwa(?r, GH
P; J M 6;tr,sby. DGHP; J I Moni-
tsoii, G K; Geo Shttd, G ScriL ; KW
Ka;e, i Treas; G J Rot-krcge, G Si-c'y ;
Tbcs L .v-rv, G Chsp; P G Brec:, G C
of B; A Weutworth. G R A C ?; A A
jccj.i, u U: U l lr ;iiieyecc, u a. r.
G C; R N Fredericks, D G C; ? P
ker, G G; H D Usderwood, G C G; C D
Beijso.GP; FGBrecht, GSVv;Th,e
Arms'roeg, Jr, OJW; Geo H J? Lucre,
GTre; G J Roekruge, G 8e ; Geo
Soacd, G St B; A A Johns, G f. i; C
E K.-tr-P. G W.
I j tbr rice new lodge room of Perfect
Walter Dooirlass, V R
Stiles, John B Angius, Frank J Graf,
Andrews Bickmaa, Alfred Teliam,
Chailes Godfrey, Ernest B Mason, Emi!
. r?t i :u
ai3ii, Udorge W JSiotjrraw, ruoun
A Sutter, Bernard J Fiynn, Jamee
Wood, Cbss A Overlook, Aleck Fisher
Grant, JsmeB D Blair.
On Wednesday evening the Grand
Chapter and the G?and Commandery
held 6c"?eiotis and finished up business
except installation of officers, which
took place on Thursday, when the offi
cers of the vRriooa bodies, elected and
appointed, were installed w;ta the en
cient ecd usual ceremonies of the order
observed by the different branches.
Daring the eassion the different
bodies received the reoresentatives of
numerous Bister jurisdictions some
twenty odd Slaws and Territories being
represented besides representatives for
Canada, Nova Sootia, Guatemala in
Central America and from Mexico.
Toe representative from Mexico,
S. Ernesto Pe'.aez, oame on an im
pertant mission, representing the
Gran Dieta Simbolica de Mexico,
and asking for the recognition of
that Masnnio orgacizn&foo. by tbe
jurisdiction of Ariz;n-, and perhaps
tbe must importsnij iegisiaivs Dusmees
done during the sassion was the recog
nition cf 6be body of Free Masons rep
resented by S. Felsz by tbe nnani-
bers of Perfect Ashlar Lodge No. 12,
the entertaining lodge, were! most as
siduous and lavish in tbeir efforts to
make visiting Masons comfortable, to
entertain them and to make the oo
oasion one to b rdmembared for its
genuine Masonic spirit that shown
everywhere, "luminous as tbe noonday
sun." So marked was this that a reso
lutioa expressing the highest apprecia
tion of the efforts of Messrs. Benjamin
and Lewis Williams and other officers
and in fact the entire membership of
Perfect A3hlar Lidge.end the people of
Bisbee generally, was published signed
by the Grand officers of ail the Masonic
bodies that had attended the gathericg
and by large cumbers of the visiting
The banquet took place on Thursday
evening in the upera ujum ana wss
probably the mos5 complete and well
managed aifiir of the kind ever held in
The Opera House was haadsotnsly
decorated with scnilax, and pnlms and
"The Universality of Freemasonary"
W. Morris Cold water,G rand Leot arer.
"ThaR3DghA3hlar" V.-.W.-. George J
Roskruge, Grand Secretary.
When the regaUr toasts bad been
disposed of there was a call for im
promptu toasts till thora had been a
most liberal expression of many o' the
noted Masons present.
The most notable epaochea of the
evening were perhaps those of Col.
Prank Cox, Mr Carlos Young of San
Francisco, Scor Ernssto Palaez of
Mexico, who mnde a noted little
sposoh; N O Marphy, Gov. M H Mo
Ocird, and, we shall Biy, 'others; oompar
isooa are out of place on thie occasion,
for all werejgood and profitable to the
listener as ia fully evidenced by the fact
that tbey were listened to with interest
till four o'clock in the morning.
The following ia the regieter cf the
Masons present and participating in one
or mora cf the esssiocs of tbe Grand
Lodze on this occasion:
G J Roskruge, Tucson No. 4, Tuoson;
geles; Alonzo Biiley, E H Cook, White
Mountain, No 3. Globe; J N Osier, For
far and Klncardie, No 225, Scotland; F
O Garrison, Butte, No 22, Montana; L
H Bowers, 8ilver Star, No 5, Nevada;
B R:ggs, Wiloox, No 10, Wilcox; Carlos
G Young, Washington, No 21. Green
Bay, Wis; M H McCord, Phoenix.
Arizona; N O Murphy, Arizona, No 2,
Phoenix; R N L9atherweod, Joebne
Pool, F O Chatman, Tucson, No 4, Too
son; G W Viokere.Aztlan,No 1, Presoott,
It was four o'clock on Friday morn
ing when the Masons of Arizona finally
left the banqust ball and the most
notable sessions of the Mssonio Grand
Bodies of the Territory ever held bad
The efforts of Messrs. Ben and Lewis
Williams to make tbe gatherings a com
plete success, reoeive tbe most hearty
commendation of the Masons of the
Territory, as does tbe officers and mem
bers of Perfeot Ashlar Lodge.
X B A D B K JJ&rf&rSk&xr5ZO fed MARK.
A Bh
eleotrio lights and the tables were I j d Abrsms, Fidelity No 2, Son Fran-
bowers of fragrant, tropical beauty as
well as the baarers of good things edi
ble. An elaborate oeatral piece o! ao
romatio lighting was wrought oat of
electric Hgbts and a profusion of flowers
frczn io I09 beautified tbe central line
of the hall till one was bewildered and
almost enchanted by the view.
Tbe tables were ranged down either
mous adoptioa by the Grand Lodge of I eide and eocoes the bead cf the hall
Ariz ;na of a rjsoiQiioo to to 38 errcs. I jjon the center or toe hall were
i'be mp:rt tc- of the mission of S. I raasad a series of hugs ica vaes filled
Paiwz ii.J tbe ncsion of tbe Grend with flowers and ferns and midway be
L nga c( Adzora ruy be more f uily ap-1 tween tbe extreoaities of the row of
p poiated when it is more fully under-1 orystal glitter acd fragrant beauty wss
ctued tinr, there is sow in Mexico a I the arraazemant of colored eleotrio
Urge bjdyof what might be termsd
illegitimate Maoos who hava d&part-
eJ Iir rrom the ancient lscamarss oi
order and are rapidly destroying much
that, has been distinctively character
istic of the order from its foundation to
the present dy. Saaor Pelaz repre
sented the grand body of legitimate
Masonry in Mex.'oo, tbs Grsu Dieta
Si xbo!i.:a de Mexico, acd itjn Grand
Lodge has djo w-11 in ei'eudiog that
recognition to iegitimste Free Masonry
that from cow on must forever j
alraijgtben tbe bond of Masooio friend
ship' tietween the two countries and will
tend to restore the lines of legitimate
Free Mwonry in Mexico. Senor Ep
da;j Pci .t-z .a :. bfiiibt and nb e man
and Mason" acd a eplaadid rspressiata
tive of bo country oifio od hrt!?b?r
lights embjwdred in smilax and ferns
and flowers making a most beautiful
scene. Uown tbe center oi eaon taole
was a vine of smilax and at regular in
tervals lare aad beautiful vasas of de-
iighetuiiy treat! and baautiul roses.
crysantbRnaums, g9raaeoms, heliotrope,
fern", smiiax and palms. Eaoh table
also had an elaborate oeater piece from
Baiong the flowers and leavea of whioh
peeped white doves made of white
fljwers. The stage was embowered in
evergreens end binnsrs and the wails
aod ceiling were covered by palms acd
smilax and evergreens among whioh
twinkled a profusion ofelectrio lights.
The sosna was enchaating in the eg-
trme r.nd brought weii merited exola-
miEiutio cf surprise acd approval from
thiji most exusriiacsd bacquet fre-
cisoo; J G ISavage, Flagstaff No 7, Flag
staff; W H Barbaga, Winslow No 13,
Wlnslow; G H Williams, Tucson No 4.
Tuoson; A W Gregory, Tuoson No 4,
Tuoson; J D Mocihon, Arizona No 2,
O L Coon, Arizona No 2, Phoenix; J H
VIcPherson, King Solomon No 5, Tomb
stone; C L Fisher Verde, U D, Jerome;
J B Creamer, Arizona No 2, Phoenix; W
S Har wood. King Solomon No 5, Tomb
stone; J E HulpiD, Emerald No 280,
Eaosas; J M Ormsby, Tucson No 4, Too
son; C H Kaupp, Arizona No 2, Phoenix,
G H N Lahrs, Arizona No 2, Phoenix;
L O Toney," Arizona No 2, Phoenix; OT
Eimoneoo, Kingston No 19, Kingston,
N M; G W Cool.Guatemala, English No
1, Guatemala, C A; O Van Kauel, Chlo-
ton No 47, Ohio; James S Ororoe, Coro-
nado No 8, Clifton; F LDjao.Gila Val
ley No 7. Floreaos; Gao Montague, No-
gales No 11, Novates; S Oraabman.Tuo-
cn No 4 Taoaon; Morris Gold water,
Azatltn No 1, Prescott; Benj Titus
Coronado No 8, Ciiftor.; E F Campbell,
southern California No 278, Lss Ange
les; M W Kelts, Arizona No 2, Phoenix;
W O Miller, Verde U D.Jerome: A Hav-
myer, Ivan hoe JNo 4a, Aerjia, u; w
F Nichols, Wilcox No 10. Wilcox; W
deH Washington, Wilcox No 10, Wilcoxi
S Ercsslo Pelaez, Humanidsd No 225
Gaaymnp, Msxtoo; H S SnodgrRBs, Rico
Na 70. U c j, Colo; Gio J Proof. E: Paso
Nj130, Ei Paso; O B Tsrbsll, King
Solomon No 5, Tombstone; Gao L Hub
in the Line
Republicans Celebrate Mark Manna's
Reeent Victory .
Ncgal.es, Ariz., Nov. 7sb, 1S97.
In honor of the R ipublioan victory in
the State of Ohio, and more especially
in honor of tbe triumph in that state
of Senator M. A. Hanna, the McKmley
club of this plaa kapt open house , to
night, holding a roost enooeeafol re
oeption, where over two hundred of the
leading people from both sides, of the
international line were entertained in
most hospitable manner. The doors of
the Nogales Athletic club were thrown
open at 7:30 o'clock. From that time
until about four o'olook the next morn
ing the festivities were, kept np without
even the ressmblanoe of a let-up.
The stage was embowered ia flowers
and Amerioan flags. It presented a
beautiful Eight and of itself waa an In
centive to tbe good fellowship and
geniality that seemed to posses ail those
who participated in this most enjoyable
The officers of the McKinley clnb oc
cupied 9eats on either side cf Hon. II.
K. Chenoweth, who was president of
the olub and was chosan tojaot 68 mas
ter of ceremonies.
Toe first cannon was tired at 7 o'clock.
From that time until nine o'olook anvils
were touohed erf at intervals of from
always be made to show in our favor
instead of against us.
It was the year of a people impatient
for a eight of the great Amerioan cation
blossoming forth onca again ia all the
glory of a bullion dollar country leading
tbe civilizad world ia every avenue of
human aotivity.
Daring the campaign just closed in
the "off year" States tbe personality of
Ssnator Hsnna has been interjected
into the antl-Rspublioan canvasses
everywhere, while tbe State of Ohio has
experienced tbe most heated political
contest in tbe history of the country.
From William J. Bryan down, every
man aod thing that oonld assist in de
feating Senator Hanna was pressed into
service. And all because as Chair
man of the National Republican Com
m it tee in 1S96 he directed the brilliant
battle that gave us William McKinley
for .President of tbe United States,
That they did not suooeed proves that
Sanator Hanna is immeasurably greater
than be appears when seen throogh op
position spectacles. Their failure ia the
oause of our celebration here this even
The treatmaat aooorded Sanator
Hanna doss not differ, except in de
gree, from that whioh other men f ani
ons in Rpublioju circles have experi
enced in the past. Previous to 1SSS
Matthew Staaley Qusy enjoyed
an unsullied reputation. He
stood, with other eminent Republi
cans, high io the .'estimation of his fel
low men. The entire nation, regardless
of politioal divisions, proclaimed him
an honored oitizan of a grand common
wealth, a commanding figure in all that
party. Since then I have learned be
a tiger bas aa many lives na a oat J
oiuiuauj as alive vgniu lou liU Willi U
Again, from the teachings of
Hanna we learn that m man, doicg al
his power to icsore the snooess of
party, while be, equally with otbef
has the right to ask yet has no jJ
grounds npon whioh to demand re we)
for hie services. We find herb a pa
man who will aay, "I have stood io t
rront ranks oi the KepuDIloan paij
ever einoe its inception; I have nevl
received any federal recognition; I ba
made application to the President
an appointment, backed by the ba
recommendations that tbe count
oould afford and my olaima have bee.
overlooked or ignored," and he wil
oomplain of iajnetioe. Has euoh a on
just grounds of complaint? It ia ex id
cmatio that a man should be partis
from prinolple and wbea in bis day an
generation ne cas aone an in Die powej
to insure tne oontiouea aominatloa q
bis party, acting on the conviction tbar
by so doing he is advanolog tbe true its
tereeta of humanity, he has simply don
hie duty; and duty should be performed
irrespective of rewards.
Daring the national and State earn
paigoa we saw Mr. Hanna in the mide
of conflicting foroes, working with im
pertnrbable good temper, exhanetlee
patience, unoeasing effort, uniting net
rogenoua elements aod -combining tn
almost irreoonollable into a bond o
union acd strength that Insured eno-t
cess. Jttapubuoans, let na need the Ies-1
eon and sinking all personal ambitions
all Individual animosities, all combina-l
concerned the best interests of the ons of cliques and faotlona, join hands!
Ashlar Lodge No. 12, one of the bast I Free Masons. Ha belongs to Homani-I quentersin the large sese'mbiage. Covers ble, Wiloox No 10, Wilcox: A Baokelln, I three to four minutes. At
the flaeli of k miliicn jii.'s ;
tbe bold outline farms of grondure and
Btrengtb, 'jlothed in glittsrinz delicate
ohisslin-?, -jao'o as no human hand bae
ever wroa rht, th. stopcdcua d.jfii cf
the mount lies n;iv bro diko tboee
ob'e BOi beautitul fniira Bi.d all
fresh fro n :!-. h'id of h Su-
ec"- of the Ui
c-f df
: h'iii.)fc
i'bc, of
preina Gr; nd An
iiitrd one wito fc
tior.e of t 'jrtna-
Tbe c-iv . which ;3 probably 150 by
250 faet ir d mens one huO an extreme
beightb o" nbout 100 faet from tbe low-
lodges ncd one of tbe finest ledge rooms
in the Territory, tbe most of tbe work
the Grand bodies was conducted for
tbe sake of convenience. The first day
was devoted to the Grand Lodge, which
appointed committees and heard tbe
reports of its efficers end Committees
On Wednesday the Grand Bodies held
sessions in the cave and elected efficers,
as follows
The following are tbe cfficrs elect of
the Grand Lodge of Arizoofl.F and AM
Joseph B Cteamer, of Arizona Lodge
No 2, at Phoenix, Gracd Master; A A
Johns, of Azilan Lodge No 1, Prasoott,
Deputy Grand Master; O C Warner, of
Perfeot Ashlar Ledge Nb 13, Bisbee,
SeniorGrand Wardn,Gsorge Montague
of Nogales Lodije.No 11, Ncgales,Senior
Grand Warden; 41 W Kales of Arizona
Lodge. No 2, Pnoenix, Grand Treasurer;
Geo J Riskrcge, of Tucson Lodge No
4, Grand Secretary.
Tbe appointed officers so far as blade
known were as folio we: L L Rogere,
Globe. G C; C D Balden, Phoenix. G O;
J D Monihao, Phoenix, G M; E A
Nichols. Vvi!c3x,S Q D; i H Psooe,
Giob. J G D.
The G.'aod Chapter officers elected
wre as follows: Greed High Prieet.J M
Ofuosby, of Taoaon ; Grand Deputy
High Priest, J D Monibon of Phoenix;
Grand Kiog, Geo Shaw of Tucson;
Grand Scribe, F G B.-ecbt, Prescott;
Grand S-sorst&ry, 3 G Riskrne of
Tocaoc; Gracd Treasurer, M W Ksies
of Phoenix .
Trie app jintpd tfSuersof tha Graod
Chepter were: G L, F A Siiaw, Phoe
nix; G O of H, A Wer.twortb, Pres
cott; G R of C. G H N Lohre. P-ioeaix,
G O, A A Jo-brie, Preeeott; G S, E H
Cook, G cbK
T&e ulecttve cflicrs of tbe Greed
Commandery Kkights IVtr j-;ar &re ea
follows: Gracd Cora., R N Fredricbs of
Prescot ; Grand Deputy Com .P P Par
ker cf Paoenix; G?nd Garieraliegiuio.H
D TJndprwood of Tucson; Grssd- Can-
eirj Grneral, F G Brecht, Preeoot:;
Grand Prelate, C D Beldec. Phoenix;
Grand Senior Wardeo.Tbos A-mstrong,
Jr, P'noerix ; Grand Junior Warden,
Kirk Hut, Prescott; Grand Treasurer,
dllS Lahrs, Pboecix; Graad Rrcord
er, Go J Rokruge, Tucaon.
Tne Bppointad efficsrs of tbe Grand
Commecdery were. G St B. A A Johae.
Preecott; G Sw B, C H Koapp, Pooe
afx; G W, G M Wiliiaine, Tooson; G
Cp Guirds, G W Vickera, Prescott.
Oi Tuesday evsnicg Perfect AahUr
L idga exemplified tbe work in the third
degree with such life, ecrrestresa and
accuracy bs to exoite the liveliest inter
est or the great cowd ot Masons nres-
scit io tbe lodge room, someThirg over
two hundred. This L':de, with
out making much noise about
is Foreiy tbe banner Lodge
of Ar zona iu doii g i he work in the de
grees ard ia cosfJuctirg ctber bosiuesB
of tha L;dge, and more, it may be
eaf!y e&id to be tbe b inner lodge of tbe
soutowest. Tbe rjj-rnibrs have an el9
gHnt,lar(7e lode room with ample furni
ture acd thy are mtkirg the most of
the opportunely.
Thi-fo'Iowirjg i.re tbe t fficers cf Pr-t-ci
Ashlar L de: C C Wr-rner, W M;
F A Swe.fit, S W; J J MuirUend, J W;
Bn Wi'lim", Tree? urer; J L Brown,
S-cretrv; Les.'s WiiiiBru!', Chsplftin;
OW Mooo, M-irehal; JG P.-!tc ftrd, S
O; S W Cls ;n, J D; R;chrd Him, 8
S; C L Reckwitb, J S; R Run die, Mo
f'Ofsi D rectrir; Don;. Id Macfhur.
Ty'er, Hd the fi'iu-i;-? rn-mb.-sh'r-:
S'.rcal B V M Mt-Kv. G J
dad Ludje No. 225, ot tbe city c G a ay
"From the oommeccement of tne
world we may trace tha foundation of
Masonry. Ever since symmetry began
and harmony dieplojed her oh arms our
order has had a being. Daring many
ages and in many different countries it
has flourished. No art, no solence pre
ceded it. Ia the dark period cf an
tiquity, whea licrature was ins low
state, and tbe ruae manners of our
forefathers withbeid from them that
knowledge we now so amply share,
Masonry d if ased its icfloeace. This
science unveiled, arts arose, civilization
took place and th- prog-ess of knowl
edge and philosophy gradually dispelled
the gloom of igooranoe and barbarism.
Government being settled author
ity was given to laws Bud tbe assem
blies of to fraternity aoqiired the
patronage of the great find tbe good,
while iha taats of tha profession dif
fused uabonnded philanthropy.
Abstracted from the pure pleasures
which ar-sn from friendship so wisely
constituted as that w&ich subsists
smocg Mnsoas, sod which i is hardly
possible any cirau nstanoaor occurrence
can erase. JVJesouary is a science con
fined to no particular country but ex
tends over tne wh ile t fre8torial globe.
Wbarever the arrs flourish, there it
flourishes too. Add to this tbas by
secret and iuirioiable sigas, carefully
preserved amoar the fraternity, it be
comes an universal 1'inzuege. Haoce
miny advaatagsa are gainwd; the dis
tant Chines, tie wild Artrb and the
Amerioan 6svega ?ill euibraca a brother
Briton and know that besides tbe com
mon ties cf humanity, thera is a still
strocge? obi gasion to induce b m to
kind and friendly ofEoea. Tha spirit of
tbe fulminating priesn will ba tamed,
bnd a moral brother, though cf a d ffar
eat pirsuasiors, aaane bis eeteem, for
iDUlrnl tolertioa !a religious opinions
is one of tbe most distinguished and
valuable Ciaraoterietics of tbe craft.
As all religiocs teacb morality, if a
brother be f ucd to act th part ot f
truly boneit m;, his private specula
tivt opinions are left to God p.nd him
self. Thua through the icflaence of
Masonry, which ia raoooc'lable to tbe
beet policy, ail tbo-e disputes which
embitter life and sour tha tempers of
men, are avoided, while the common
good, the general objaefi, is zaalously
Fi-cm this view of cu? eystem its
ctility most be sufficiently obvious.
The universal principles of the Art
unite, in one icdissoiuble bond of affec
tion, men of tbe moat opposite tenets,
of the mosk distant countries and of the
most contradictory opinions, bo that in
every nation a Mason may flad friend
aod ia every climate a home. Such is
tbe nature of our institutions that in
the lodge, which is confined to no par
ticular spot, union is oamented by sin
cere attachment nd pla&sars recipro
cally communicated in the cheerful ob
esrvacce cf every obliging office. Virtue,
tbe grand obj oo in view, luminous as
tbe meridian eao, shines refulgent on
tbe mind, enlivens the heart and
heightens coo! approbation into warm
sympathy aad o.jrdt&l attention."
If trm tieatd naihor of the above
little daaar-iiiO'i oa F.eamagonry bad
written espajia'ly for fcbg late dithering
of Mavors at B ob-ta c would co5 have
touched upoo tne sentiment that there
.--.l v f- r,"Ti u ill ui;ii LHt-l V baud
dcie in hia deductions. The rcera-
were laid for about one hundred and I Nogales No 11, Nogales: J Cameron,
saventy-five persons. The decoration 1 Humboldt No 70 Eurska, Oal; A. J,
of the hall and the tables was under the C'fonfe, Flushing No '223, Flushing, Mich;
direotion of that elegant and estimable
lady Mrs. M. Crossey and the caterers
were the people from the "Saddle Reck.''
rue entertainment of the evening
began with aa interesting reception
J OBaeh, Silver City No 8,New Mexico;
J B Mlsno, King Solomon Nj 5, Tomb
stone; E J Bennltt, Ariaona-. No 2,
Phoenix; M MoKenzle, Nogales No 11,
Nogales; J C Mason, Nogales No 11,
ent Masonio bodies present, in the
L-dge room. The reception brouget
toe membersuip of Ashlar Ladge and
tbeir ladies end the oit'z-sns generally
ot B.sbee into social communication
with the visiting bretbern and ohat,
songs and musio wfatled away the
time from 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock
when tbe Masons were summoned to
the banquet hall where in due course of
time the following menu was disposed
of. On the outside the menu card bore
the following legend.
F. & A. M.
Banquet Given in Honor of the Grand
Lodje of Arizona Novem -ber,
11, 1807.
On the next page was the following:
We may live without poetry, xnn&ic and ait;
Wo may live with oat oongciecce bed live with
out henrt;
Wo m&y live wichoat friends; wo map live with
oot books;
Ent cWilizod mr-u o&nnot live witbent cocks.
He may live withont booke hat is ksowl-
edga bat grieving?
He may live witaoat hope what is hope bat
Ha may live without love what is passion but
Bat where is the mac that oan live withuat din
given to the Grand offijsrs of tha differ- Nogales; J N Stewart, Brazil No 2S4;
Indiana; Ei MoFaddin, San Mfguel No
235, California; P P Parker. Arizona No
2. Plioenix: F T Cox. Ariarma j -2
Phoenix ; D Nicholson, Arizona No 2,
Phoenix; J F Blendy, Azntlan No 1,
Presoott; H A Morgan, Wiloox No 10
Wiloox; J N Lean, Wiloox No 10, Wil
oox; K Hauser Wiloox No 10, Wiloox;
SHlbbs, Tucson No 4, Tucson; W P
Woods, Taoson No 4, Tucson; N J Soto,
Wiloox No 10, Wiloox; J N Brown,
Tucson No 4, Tnoson ; J W Roberts,
Nogales No 11, NogsleE; C T Reynolds,
Wllaox No 10, Wilcox ; H F Walter,
Henry Clay No 95, California; Geo F
Kitt, Tucaon No 4, Taoson ; Geo A
Mauk, Arizona No 2,Phoenix; N Nabile,
King Soiotnon No 5, Tombstone ; J H
Pasooa, White Mountain No 3, Globe;
Go W Bd, Arizona No 3, Phoenix; A
JNebit, Wiloox Nj 10. Wiloox; John
Imland, Yakima Na 24, Washington;
E H N.ohols, Wiloox No 10, Wiloox;
Gsa M Garry, Waverly, Wisconsin; F A
Paao, White Mountains No 3, Giobs;
J S PalmerUe, Wapahosa, No .Min
nesota; J S Squires, Knob Creek No
401, Temple. Texas, H W Srudey, Pres
ton, No 283 KarjSrtS , L F Crowley,
Damicg No 12, New Mexico; FC Daven
port, Borlio No 38, Wisconsin ; F G
Brecht, Ar-.laa No 1, Presoott; R N
Fredericks, Axitlao No 1, Presoott; G
H Solomon, Aztlan Nj 1, Prescott; J
J Sweeney, Arizoca No 2, Pboeuix; S J
Miohaelaon. Arizona No 2, Phoenix;
William Horohtns, No 16. Mexico;
Herbert Browc, Tuceon No 4, Tuo
son ; S Waite, Kng Solomon No.
5, Toinbetoce ; H McCormaok, Kiog
Solomoo "No 5, Tombstone ; M
D Siribn--, Kic Solomon No 5,
Tombstone; R R Flsber, King Solomon
No 5, Tombstone; Ben Cock, King Solo
mon No 5 Tombstone; A Garratt-, King
Solomon No 5, Tombs'ion;- J Strow
bridge. Kino; Solomon No 5, Tombstone;
CHaath.Kiog Solomon No 5, Tomb
stone; B G Niron, Liberty No 111,
Maine; C M Frazier, Arizona No 2,Phoe
n'"x; N A Morford, Arizona No 2, Phoe
nix; D Rjss, Tuoson No 4, Tgcbod; W A
Sloan, Tucson No 4, Tooson; J Farley,
Good Shepherd No 414, Lucas, Iowa;
Taocies G.il, Tuoson No 4, Tuoson; J W
Btrker, Wiloox No 10. Wdoox; O jB j
Hogaett, Oorocsdo No 8; Clifton; JW
Ciark, Saveonah No 20, Indian Terri
tory; Thos A Tata, Quaeas No 34, Nova
Saotla; W P Harlan, Nogales No 11.
Nogales; M J E -gon, Ooroobdo No 8,
Clifton; G A G.een, Coronado No 8,Clif
ton; H D Gamble, Tabama No 3,
Sacramento, CjI; B H Paokard,
Portville No 57u, Naw York;
A Miller, White Mountain, Nu 3, Globe;
Cbas D Bldao. ArleaoB, No 2, Phoenix;
VV A Green, R dgewood, No 710, New
Yerfc; DW Matthews, Grozasutf, No 13,
Pann; A W Weotworib, King Solo
mon, No 5, Tombstone; E P Drew, Gila
Valley, No 9, Florence; J J Frasier, Gila
Valley, No 9, Florence; W C Trumas,
GJa XUy, No 9, Fiorenoe; K,rt L
Halt, C L Divant. Tuoson, No 4, Tuo
sou; tl l J yuus, Az i'jI to, iNo l,rreeort :
J P Daasart, Nogaies, No 1, Nogales; J S
Trowbi idae. Ktog S ilomoD.No 5, Tumii-
etote; W W (Jh-6e, Kiogstor-, No 16.
K'Dgq'.oo, N Mxico: A LGmwc, Kia
-tk Tombsione, J W Payne.
"If Californio, Na 279, Los Aa-
'G:oi digestion Wcits upon appetite."
S-.ddle Roks on Half Steli
ConBomme a la R iysl
(Xot Copper) Queen Oiives
SaDt-i Ana Celery, Zicfacdel
Fillet of Sola, Tariare Sauoe
irotatoas i. ariSiennt;
Ptea of Swet-Bfaad, Financier e
Haate Sioterne
Tenderloin of Baef, with Mushrooms
Young Turkey, Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potatoes Mashed Turnips
Stuffed Ball Peppers, S1009 Itilieuce
Heart ot L4truo9 en Mayonnaise
G. H. Mumm & Co 'a Extrti Dry
Assorted Cake Crackers and Cheese
Nuts Raieics
C3fa Noir
When tbe menu had been thoroughly
disposed ot to the eminent and entire
satisfaction of the most epionrian and
onlimited taste and appetite, the 'flow
of soul" began with the following toasts,
the Master of Perfect Ashlar Lodge,
Brother O. O. Warner, graoafully pre
siding as toast master:
"America: Oar Country" Hon N O
Murphy, Ex-Oongressmaa from Ari
zona. "Arizona" Hon. L C Hughes, Ex
Governor of Arizona.
Tne Grnd Loda of Ariaona" Tbe
M W Grand Master.
"Oar S star Grand Jurisdictions"
Eon. Carlos G Youagof California, end
"La Gran D.eta de. Mexico" Senor
Palaez deNsstra Rspablica Hermans.
"Free Masons who travel from West
to Eiai and frcm Est to West
Commercial Traveler.
"Free Masons Prominent io
Co'. Frank Cox.
'Brotherly Lova, Rjlief aod Truth"
Boo. Myron H McOord, Govsriior of.t.ir,'
o ciocb tne display or nre-worss eom
menoed. A very creditable showing
was made considering tbe short time
that had been devoted to the prepara
tion of the programme.
Two orchestras furnished tbe music
for the evening. The regular band un
der the leadership)! Professor Gutier
rez treated the andienoe to some very
choice selections, while the Ladies'
iiianaolin club rendered sorc very
pratty pieces that were heartily ap
plauded. At nine o'clock tbe formal exaroises
were initiated by P.-asidant Cheno
weth. He extended a warm welcome
to the gues'.s of the McKinley club
whioh organization, he said, bad re
garded it befitting that some demon
stration should be mada by it in recog
nition of the Rspublicau victory in Ohio
which had, been the real battle ground
of the "off year" elections. Especially
should all good Republicans rejoice that
Senator Hanna had won the legislature
of the Backeye State against the com
bination of all the hostile elements that
were lined up to briag about bis defeat.
H:s politioal enemies bad neves forgiv
en him for the masterly oampatgn
whioh he waged last year for the Re
publican party and they were" bent npon
humiliating him before tbe world by de
feating him for Senator. He bad how-
everwon over all opposition and in his
victory there was abundant oauae for
the Republican party every where to
celebrate the event.
President Caenoweth concluded ic a
storm of applaus ncd introdaoed Hon.
3. J. Daok worth, who spoke bs follows:
Mr. President, Fellow Citizens of Ne
gates: la the popular movemant of last year
which resulted in plaoieg Willibm Mc
Kinley in tha Presidsntal chair, the
Pima County MoKicley Club occupied
an honored acd honorable .station. We
are here this evening to join it in cele
brating an event fraught with the
greatest importance to the country in
whioh we live and bearing more or lees
on every branch of the national ad
ministration. The great victory of William Mo
Kinley at St. Louis in 1896 over the
combined forces of all tbe political
machines in America was due, as was
wall said by the distinguished leader
who presided over the National Repub
lican Convention of that year, to the
tact that 1896 was a year of the peo
ple. Yes, indeed. This was the year ot
people who believed that the oiouds of
doubt and fear and gloom that hovered
ever us should be dispelled and vanish
forever from Amerioan eo:1 befcre the
sunlight of American industries re
vived. It was the year of tbe people who be
lieved that American capital should be
employed in American oommerce and
prodaotive enterprises instead ot being
at reat in tbe darkasss of safe deposit
It was tbe year of tbe people who be
lievrd that American lubor should ba
employed in American factories earning
tbe daily wage that it deserved and of
whioh it caver should have been de
pr vrd.
I; w.-.a the year of tbs paople who be-l-evt-d
tbtit the national treasury should
eogged in ensealling instead of in
increasing tta National debt.
1 was the year of th peo'e who be-
great State of Pennsylvania, a patriotlo
Amerioan, loyal in every sense to bis
country and its institutions, worthy in
all respects of the confidence and
esteem ot all good Americans.
Mr. President, yonr olub is oertainly
deserving ot commendation for the
eminently appropriate aotion it has
taken In oelebrating the victory aohiev
ed in the Buokeye State. Sterling Re
publican organization that it is it could
hardly have done otherwise; nothing
less was to be expected of It. Senator
Hanna, in the oanvass juBt dosed, rep
resented tbe National Republican party,
He etocd for. its principles. Ha battled
for its rights. He presohed Its gospel
He defended its honor. Against him
were arrayed all the'elements that reject
Rapublioan teachings, that spurn Re
publican dootrines, that give battle to
Republican polloies, tbassek to hinder
and embarrass Rapublioan administra
tions. He bas oonquered them all
He bas swept them off the face of tbe
earth. The star of Republicanism still
twinkles merrily a fall orb, shedding
luster and brillianoy, throughout the
world of American confidence in Re
publioan statesmanship proclaiming
the perpetuity and stability of Ameri
can institutions. (Cbeere).
Following tbe address musio, appro
priate to the oooasion, was rendered by
the orchestra, whereupon Judge Eb
Williams, Ithe old warhorse of the Mc
Kinley Olub, was introdused and spoke
in part as follows, the audiecoe inter
rupting him time and again with hearty
and enthusiastic applause:
Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentle-
men: Tonight, away out here in Noga
les, in tbe Tarritory of Arizona, on the
far-eff ragged edge of national political
reoognition, we, the Rjpubltoans of the
and thus united we will ia future con
flicts bear aloft the banner ot oat party
and plant it on the walls of euooees
This I know we will ao Bnd so, Mr.
Chairman, send to Mt. Hanna out
hearty graftings, ooai.!.sdVwita the s
snranoe that when Arizona shall be ad
mitted as a State there will be two
more right-line Rapublioan Senators
added to the Congress of the United
The Ladles' Orchestra again played
one of Its sweet eeleo lions, after whioh
President Chenoweth delivered tha
concluding speech of thfl evening, ex
tending the olub's .invitation to all
present to attecd the- grand ball with
which the festivities were to be closed.
When the grand march was played It
transpired that the large hall ot tbe
Athletio olub, all of whioh had been
oleared and prepared for the dancers,
was utterly insufficient to accommodate
tbe orowd. There was the largest at
tendance at this ball ever B6en in this
section of Arizona.
The festivities lasted no til 4 o'olook
in tbe morning. At 11 o'olock refresh
ments were served to all present. The
entire programme was carried oot tn
the most complete and creditable zsan--ner.
Much praise has been bestowed
upon tbe MoKinley Club for the excel
lent entertainment provided by It.
A. Household Necessity.
Oasoarets Candy Cathartic, tbe moet
wonderful medical discovery ot tbe age,
pleasant and refreshing to the taste, act
gently and positively on kidneys, liver
and bowels,o!eanBing tbe entire system,
dispel oolde, oure headache, fever, habi
tual oonstipation aod biliousness.
Please buy and try a box ot C. C O. to
day; 10, 25, 50 oents. Sold and guran
teed to oure by all druggists.
McKioleyOlub.bavemettooelebratethe Snpreme COUrtMOYCS ia the
victory of our party in tbe State of Ohio
and to show our appreciation of the
services to tbe party ot tbe Honorable
Mark Hanna, to whose efforts that vic
tory is mainly du9 and who, in the at
tack made upon the party .lines, was tbe
real chjaotlve point ot tbe attaok.
While we are so assembled we thank
the fair ladies of oor town who grace
our assembly by their presence and we
extend a hearty welcome to the men of
other political faiths wQohave.aseem
bled with na.
We learn that victory is the result ot
Indefatigable labor and that above all
things we should never underestimate
the power of our political enemies; that
no indication of weakness must be ac
cepted as conclusive ot their inability
to struggle. I remember that during
the last campaign, in a harangue whioh
I delivered in the opera bouse at Tuo
son, among'other things I said: "That
great bark, the Damooratio party,
freighted with illusions, lies stranded
on tbe rent of its own errors acd eacb
wave that rolls in npon it from the
great ooaan of American thought car
ries away some mast, some bulwark,
6oma spar, to be bashed against the
rooks of publio detestation acd carrtad
baok by tbe undertow of derision and
oontempt and scattered so far and so
wide that all tbe wreckers of the Dam
ooratio party will never be able to gath
er enough of its shattered fragments to
build a catamaran on which a man
could paddle across the muddy
puddle of a town election into tho office
of PoundmaBter." Aod when I said that
I believed it. Toe Damooratio party
was disrupted, torn in two, a house
divided agaicBt itself and my conclusion
would have been true, given a like con
dition of things, of any organisation ct
Dnrrant Case.
the Hanging of
Must Follow
Washingtjn, Nov. 15. Oa motion of
Assistant Attorney Ganeral Anderson
tbe Supreme Court today deolded to
issue immediately a mandate in the
Durrant murder case. 'No representa
tive of Durrant was in court when the
motion was made. Tbe oourt after a
hurried consultation oo the ben oh an
nounced through Chief Justice Fuller
that tbe mandate should be issued
forthwith. Mr. Anderson thinks this
will settle the matter ana hasten Dur-
rant's execution. He said he would
have made the motion sooner bnt for
the necessity ot giving notice to Dor
rant's oounse'.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
lleved that '.be balance of t.-aOTrai 1 men other than that pie Democrat's 1
ii rat
A pure Gi ape Cre?m of Tartar Powder. Free
fwv.n Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant

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