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LEWIS WOO?? Bu'iocM Manager.
P.iUMied l.rr Week
M'UH'liirrlON KATKS:
Cms Tcor
1 mom tin
f'lr u'iiii
n m
. ..
SuMcilt pitM In .tn,'
f ntrrtd tit fie I'".-! Ojirt at Kawi (Vy,
ilf .Nf.NM.iJ Mlttt r.
i.rrcioiiiloiits wanted in every oily
ana town in tln state. Write us.
All now matter intciuicd for Mib-lu-atien
lnu'.tt re.ieh niir oilier not l.v
ter t h.tn Ttu l;t , of each week And
mtit tw Mtfiied liy the writer not for
r u (. l.-a t .u, but a guarantee of Mutti
"t icH v.
)FFICEt No. II? West Slith St.,
Km wa City, Mo.
Advertising Hntf I,
for on l-'h. en Inivrtlun $ BO
K.ir on Inch vnoh .alwu.al tnrtlon
vr twe '.Mkro, thrv raomh lug
P .riwo tarn, ii rnxotli IV
fr.r two Inch... nttir. wonth. toft)
For two tni'b twriv month is do
THE Rl:ST. i
The pa ill circulation
of Thk Rising Son
is more than double
the combined circu
lation of all the other
Kansas City Colored
weekly newspapers.
t'l'.araiter is t'.ie 1 si seiurtiy that j
ii'iy man ran mT:- m tune of neeil j
li : l'i tier o'.Un. nil than hotids. noli s ,
or morttiiii s. Tin se may I"' lost or
.i.'st : o ill, l'in sunn. I i liarai ter will!
i ti.iuv. as Imic ii I'.li- la-ts.
!! mi.' Ann rit an inu-t net cs- ,
sail a. in ilit I'm si, , m IJnost i'l !
with tt.at h:i:!i si use of justice ami
metal eouracf wtmli t 'ttii the t hat-
aittiitii u our gffatt st ami most ;
stn i t s'-tul stat'smtn ol the ae. i
liniM x i It i- ilt tetnlilii; I
. tt-
item -. i hat ai ti-r ami In I
ti 1. 1 ;
1 i;!,t
Il'.iieeii. our giaiio'is iit-si
nir ui ;n urns prt
a teat ! s i humi'ion of the .
at. I the vtty soul of l.roailness !
He l 1 1 1 - - to i,a. t I lie yohe Hitoin Hie ,
i,t i k "t an in toitunate pie with'
th. l. until f.. ui minted a hall a etntuty j
a;.. i I 'pon ill" ntlii r hand it a Negro ,
won;. I m ek inteiligt nee ami i hat in tel .
Mi Uiinstvili In In u s in i-Meiuling j
to li . in ti.e hand ol t -neoin aui nn'iit .
II. i
c..' Ciivji tl.e M.-;-oiiii 1. ui-lator.
!.. I,, t -.i i m tn thiul. that I: is pel
tt i . -.i - i e the .1 -. ill t'lnw St ft et far lull,
allot.!- liit- Xi urn Mitll. n -it innitilua
f oil. In- also gomg tn mi imlui t- a
nitUMiie having lor its purpose, sip
ata'e nailing moms I'm Negroes in
the pah h. lit. lain s of the date. The
..Id fo! plt nld'ie toward the Nemo
aio i- that of a typh al southerner
! matters not Imw iMi'ih or menu
s.m. m his opinion a ft it ting the Nt gin
he 1- llllte n!lt. Ilted so lollg as 11 Is
tn.gi.' with that hittettiess ol pti.in
l;i whlill UlloWs no eollsl iellee.
1 know of tin hiavery and ehiuae
I.t ot the Ni gin snh Iter lie saved
my lite at Santiagn. and I have hiel
0. as. on to say sn in many aitielMs
at .1 spit ih.s "pile Kmigli Ki.Ieis were
in a Pad position wlnn the Nintli
aid Tint!' iii'vaiy t anie rushing up
the hill i.iuying Very thing helotv
tin m The Nt gr.i soluli r lias the
111. Illt V el eollllllg tn the r.ntit w hen
lie is net .It .1 iiinst. in tin Civil war
1. t t atno n i.ihi.i strong, and I Indieve
lie saved the I llloll " President
Konst v e!t.
Tlie appointtm nt of W II Lewis
a Nt gro graduate of Harvard eollege.
lis assistant distriet attorney at Hus
ton h the administration. Is a direel
it putat inn to tin- eharppR made ly the
southern pn ss In eonitnent iug upon
the appointment of fruni as eolltttor
at fhatlesten The Negrm-s of this
eountry are gratitled at the stand Xc
admimstiation is taking eotu erning
Negro appnintiiieiits. The president
is earrvitig mil his poliey in appoint
Ing Negroes from a sta'id oinl of
fitness and integrity, leaving the
etdor iinestion out entirely.
' President Koosev ell's Suet essor."
hy I!. Mmit K.illy. is a splendid ev
position of the nasotis why he should
sileeeed himself lis president. K
Mmit Keily as a Itepuhiiean worker
and organizer, has the happy tin ulty
of doing things timely: as private
seei'ttaiv to the mayor, .1 M. .tones,
and as assistant postmaster he has
proven his eveeiitive alulity. and his
loyalty to his irietnls
tiod and light will not suffer a
hypoeiite to lead any pttiple long.
The Interstate Literary ssoeiation
met in annual session at Leavenworth
Kansas, lVeembor .It.tli for the PJth
time. After transaef ing its routine
limine and remlerini; a very enslit
aide program it Hilji.unied to meet at
Port fceott with Turner W. Hell. Ks,j.,
of Leavenworth, as president. We
hope to oo a new interest revived and
that the idea of its organisation may
jet ho realiied.
lion. K. t Kerens received the Re
puMWan endorsement for Vnltcl
State yenator. A well ricM-rvtd rum
pliment In an untiring party worker
:u.d a good fririiil to tin Negro.
Premise will mt pay our hills. We ;
expect our itelimiuent to pay up nt
omr. (itlier t. the collector when lie '
a!!. or at this office, because after
the 1M of the monrti we shall nt ail j
outstanding hill in the hand of a col
lection auitny.
Why don't we hear the pantheon !
proposition discussed by ur Ni ul? j
In Mite of ail opposition ami
letharcy our eivoperation in heme shall
sin c d Kirt because it Is an honest
o'.ulii'ii of our proMi in :i this com
miinity. Second Ix rause the promoter
knows no sin h thing an fail. Thirl,
the hit; N grocs are looking on anil
the artiest Negro Is at the helm.
Koutth. Iniailfi' It has the endorse
inert of the Negro who has the host
interests ef his raee at heart. K'.lth
hei imse i. hns the endorsement of
some of the cry Lest merchants anil
hankets of this elty.
Now let us do our ilnty by The Son
ami we will give you a gootl, elean.
newsy liafiej.
Itoti't take the paper a whole year,
ami some two ntiit some three ami
wln n the eolleetor eomes around Kit
in ui ami hnil all at the same time, hut
he men ami women. Pay up ami let
the uooil work p on. You may Uxik
tor us at time. Now. it takes
money to run this paper ami I must
have your support in every way. My
sin eess Is your s ami your s Is mine.
Iet us get the one thing that means
siniess to Kansas t'lty!
White men In the North have so
long enjoy eil a monopoly of politieat
sott snaps, that when a Negro is given
one they are illspost il to make nil the
trouble they ean for him - if he is f.nil
enough to let them Muff htm. Some
of these same white stinkers lull
ing thetnselvec Itt puhtieatis owe their
gooil fortune in getting into offiee to
the vott s of the hlaek men la their
wanls ami ilistiiets these shrew .1 white
po'.itii ians manipulate tin- Negro vote,
ami alter eleitioti get the highest
offiie they are ahle to till generally
a m ssi ngt-rship. a watehman's joh
or som other position in whnh there
is no work ami no great mental alulity
rii.iiiti to ilisehavge It?, duties. The
" enloied hoys" get the spittmui elean
ing and lalioteis lolts an,! a wtute boss.
PLE. lts fox. the fohirod postmistress
of Indianola. has heen inrei d tn leave
her home and friends l.y reason ot an
linf III islam pre.iudiee -laml we would
like to say an uti Amet iean prejndii vi,
The eongi tsstiian who represents that
dis'iii't. in our judgment. Is less than
a statesman ami gentleman. Tho
it solution he prnpnst s to introdm t.
n it ling to the postntllee situation, tle
selV s the liitleltst lonteltlpt of all
N. gnu s in this i iniuiiy. ami 'I on1
i.l. as were put in piaetne he would
liel nil. I see (lie withering eontenip;
ot tlie ill!, lilgt lit -e as Well as the
v imlii t iv t m ss nf a Imig suffering ami
a downtrodden people. In-fore he
li lives Washington im- his hateful
It the powertut intlueliees of Ih.e
North di I not use themselves as in
struments to defend and uphold the
Snutln ru people in their disregard o!
law ami pea.-elnl haluts. the eountty
wnii',, I he more happy ami more pros
pi tons N it only the Northern piess
I. ut laigely Hi,- Northern pulpit eaters
to ami palliates, if it does :;ot ai tually
ilienuiagt the wrong unitigs ot the
Sniitti in an eftnit to "unite" the two
seel tons.
The f III isttan ministry mid the puli
lie press ate more lurgily hlamahle
lot the disorder ami lilooiislnd of th
South tlian any other leatures of st
t n ty Men ami women are put to
death on any son of suspn ton right in
the hearing of revival iinetnigs.
Animal Seemingly Enjoyed Hit Race
With the Machine.
C. P. Storms of llonesdale. Pa., was
making a lueyele trip on the tow path
of the abandoned Delaware & Hudson
canal the other day. When he was
between fden Kyre and How land, in
Pike county, says the New York Sun.
hig hu -k sprang out of a thicket and
irtn the canal just ahead of him.
The deer paused a moment and took
a wondering look at the man on the
wheel, and then went hounding alon
the dry hod of the lug ditch Storms
put on all speitl, hut the huek led
him a chase of more than a mile, keep
ing well ahead of htm.
fomliig to a lock in the canal th
huek leaped out of the canal at one
hound, eleared the tow path at another,
took to the l.ai'kawax.n river, crossed
to the other side, hounded across the
track of the Krie railroad's Hones
'.ale hram U. a few yards ahead of an
east hound coal train, and disappeared
into the word.
Significant Court Decision.
The decision of the Kansas Pity
court of appeals thai the comhination
of In ewers that exists (u tliat city U
a trust of the kind expressly forhtd
den hy the statutes of Missouri, and
that any person who is indented to
the brew era in the combination need
not pay his l lli and the hrewer cannot
collect the debt even by going to the
courts, is an indication nf the trouble
that is brewing everywheie for unlaw--ful
' The Wiles of a Widow.
(CarvrlgM. isin:. l.y lv.il Sioiy Pub. C
Ot tout?, it ai my fault proba
bly. I was young; we were both
young; had we been older, or at least
le etllow. it would not have hap
pened. Hut what the ue ot talking
bout "Ifs" and hut "? It wa u It
and there no help for it
I might a well Mate plainly at tbl
Juncture that Margery and I were In
love, or at least we thought we were.
We had leen weciheartt ever el nee
he was In pinafore and I In short
pants. Hut at the time it happened I
had blossomed Into creased trouser
n.l a downy mustache and t arried a
vane had become. In short, quite a
young man of fashion and wholly dla-Im-itncd
to le treated as a kid. Now,
Margery was a most aggravating mls
anil mischievous, and she declined
wholly to accept me in the role of a
young gentleman of fashion, prefer
Ing to maintain the old relationship as
boy and girl. This was. as you tan
readily conceive, a constant source of
annoyance and humiliation to me, and
1 was In no playful mood when Mar
gery's cousin, big and bronied and SO.
and the possessor of a long and flow
ing blai k mustache, came out to visit
Margery's family. Then tame a ee
rie of odious comparisons done al
ways in Margery's laughing way and
probably not Intended to hurt. Hut
they did hurl and mortally. What
young cul. of JO with the first growth
of down on his upper Hp can see the
humor In compaitsons with the flow
ing mustache of a full grown man?.
And when on top of this the sweet
heart of your fondest dreams deliber
ately refuses to accept your Invitations
ami npM-ars places with a big. hand
some cousin with a piratical mustache,
a man certainly Is justified tn taking
radical measures.
It was Just when I was feeling my
worst that I met the widow. It was at
a party, to which, by the way. Margery
had refused to accompany me, prefer
Ing to see the look of Impotent rage
which adorned my face. As I stood
biting my nails and wishing most
heartily that I was somewhere else,
when glancing a. toss the room I was
ila'r.lcd by a vision of lovliness which
fairly drove Lie blood back upon my
heart. It seemed that I had never
seen eyes so Mark and saucy, a com
plexion so richly olive, lips so red and
full and Inviting, a chin so dainty and
n form so altogether alluring. Well, I
whs formally int.-odueed ami most gra
ciously received. With the art of a
lever woman and a w idow she made
me feel that I was a most important
personage In her eyes and that she
liked me. I suppose that evening was
the happiest I ever knew - unless I ex
cept the evenings following. Her flat
tery w us incense to my spirit, wound
ed as It was by Margery's conduct.
Immediately I Iternme the devoted
slave of the widow. She was a few
years older than I. but the manner in
which she looked up to me and de
ft rred to my opinions convinced me
that I was really her elder in knowl
edge of the world and that she was
but a flinging vine wholly dependent
upon my strength anil wisdom.
Within a week I was wholly en
slaved. 1 could think of nothing, talk
of nothing but the widow Hy that
time I was calling her Nellie at her
own suggestion delitately conveyed. I
was ruinously extravagant in flowers
and theatres, and matters were pro
gressing rapidly. My affair with Mar
gery was forgotten, or. if remembered,
it seemed wholly childish beside the
fiery passion of my new love-making
And the love-making was all so easy
There was none of the embarrassment
so constantly arising in my relations
with Margery. The widow's plump
little hand seemed so invitingly- near
to mine at moments when it was pro
pitious to give it a warm squeeze, and
there were always so many perfect op
portunities for quite tetea teles. And
those teie a tetes - there never Wei
sin h delightful ones since the lgln
ning of time. The modest blushes and
tdglis of the widow nearly drove me
distracted with delight. 1 have sue
pt ted since that the widow was not so
modest and ingenious as she seemed
and yet it seems sat r il ge even to sug
gest it.
I remember the first time I kissed
her. It wns several week after I met
her. She had been particularly Invit
ing and gracious and 1 had caught
I glimpses of the daintiest of ankles
peeping irom me oaintiest or lingerie,
which I confess set me afire. She was
attired that night, too. in a gown that
suggested every line of her faultless
figure and kept my mind filled with
visions of gathering her In my arm.
A I arose to go I came pretty near
doeng tt even started toward her
but my timidity got the best of me and
I drew bark. Jus: then, la some un
accountable manner she tripped and
lurched toward me. Well, what could
I do but throw out my arms to save
her and In an Instant I had that
luscious morsel In my arms and when
she was recur ly there It all seemed o
natural that I squeered her tight and
planted an ardent kiss full on her ripe
Her cheek wer? aflame and she
drew several sharp breath a she
shrank from me. saying:
"Oh. don't. Kred, you mustn't. 1
really am afraid of yo-.i when you look
like that."
Hut I only held her the tighter and
rained kisses upon her. Then she sent
me from her, telling me that she dared
not trust herself with me longer. And
I went home intoxicated with her
beauty and charms.
Ah me. that was before I'ncle Tom
died, and instead of leaving his mil
lions to me as everybody expert rd and
had been led to expect. ndowed a col
lege with them. And I went to work
In an Insurance office, and somehow
circumstance seemed to make It hard
er to see the widow, especially alone,
nd we gradually drifted apart and
"Oh. don't. Fred, yon musn't!"
only last week she married Nathaniel
Sykes. hO years old and worth three
The Williams and Walker company
at the timid this week played to a
crowded house each evening. They
are both very clever artists, in fact,
the whole company is all right. It is
the best on the road and much praise
is extended it by the white and black.
Manager Judah of the tlrand gave
the colored cititens good accommoda
tions at the Williams and Walker
show this week.
Monarch of the Forest That Have
Stood for Centuries.
It is difficult even to guess at the
age of Pie ancient live oaks, but some
of them must number centuries and
the oldest and greatest of them all
is a monarch of the forest, with lis
outer branches sweeping the ground
in a circle 120 feet across, with limbs
as gttat as ordinary trunks of trees
end bearing r. garden of aerial ferns
and air plants upon their bark. This
venerable tree is supposed to be the
largest live oak in Florida. Knormous
grape vine trunks rise sinuously from
the ground ami tose ttiomsetves amid
the quarter-aero of foliage fiat
crowns this trte; the saplings that
once gave triem snpKrt have disap
peared terig years ago. their only
record being the angles and curves of
grapevine stem to which they lent
their transient aid In climbing sky
ward. foui.ity I ife in America,
Crutcher. & Welsh,
If you want to buy a House,
If you want to rent a House,
If you want to sell a House,
If you want to lnn-row Money,
If you want to Insure your House or Furniture
Tel. 1315 2054.
actett iMsns trsa U
MM aftsr Oft 4 WmMP
3 v
Investment of French f apital.
A few months ago tae minister ol
foreign affair of Fiance sent a letter
to French consul in the different
Cnartersor the world.lr.structing them
to report on the amount of money In
vetl by Frenchmen In their various
consitlsr districts. France has alway
had the reputation of being an Invest
ing eountry. a dividend receiving coun
try, a nation of almost Inexhaustible
resources. The result of the consu
lar investigations fully sustains this
reputation, showing tsat the foreign
It. vestments of France aggregate Ia
in und number nearly $6,000,000,000.
Rival Speaker.
While Mr. Webster was once ad
dressing the Senate on the subject
of internal Improvements, and every
Senator was listening with close at
tention, the Senate clock commenced
striking, but Instead of striking twice
and Indicating the hour. It continued
to strike without cessation more than
forty times. All eyes turned to the
cliv-k, and Mr. Webster remained si
lent until the clock struck about
twenty, when he thus appealed to the
chair: "Mr. President, the clock I
out or order. I have the floor."
Kev. and Mrs. Hacote extend thanks
to all sympathizing with them In the
loath of their Infant son, Samuel.
Th Ctar's Bodyguard.
The Crar's bodyguard consists of
fifteen Circassians noted for their
keenness and courage. T.lcy ac
company the Kmpenr every
where, sometimes In disguise, some
times in uniform, ami on ocrnslnn b
rrlvate gentlemen of the court. Tliey
Veep a special watch on the kitchen.
rind examine everything that Is cooked
before it is p'aced on tl.e Imperial
table. The wine is tasted several
limes a day by three persons, for fear
that it should be drugged.
TVSY ft A VS A Ufd MM.
The virtue and frailties of human na
ture are depicted in a forceful and
graphic manner tn "Not tluilty," the
melodrama that will be introduced at
the Oilliss theatre, commencing next
Sunday matinee, tloodnoss is triumph
ant at the end. as it should he, and
thus a wholesome lesson is impressed
upon evil doers. In this play George
Palton is the principal representative
of the forces of evil. He is in the
employ of James Sheldon as private
secretary. Sheldon having given him
the position out of friendship for Hal
ton's father, whose schoolmate and
friend he was. Sheldon has a charm
ing daughter, and believing Palton to
be worthy of her hand, he plans for
their marriage.
716 Dele wet. re St
Makes the Hair prow ivith Huhtninfr-like rapidity. o waiting for resnlta.
ZOMOIMINK prevent Falling Hair, tirey Hair, Hnttle Hair.Cnrly Hair, Harsh Hair,
ami Scurf. Cure Dandruff, Itch, Tetter, Keteniu, and Rinff-Worrn. No more Hald
Heads, Soantv Tartiups Splitting Knds, and Bald Temple. .OMOHON K grow long-,
luxuriant, soft, tine, silky Hair. Make the Hair prow down to and below the waist
line in most every instance iu which it is used. ZOMOOONE is a direct Hair food,
and softens and lengthens the Hair, so that it can be arranged in any style desired.
Not a fraud or a fake, to pet your money, but an honest remedy, tried and true.
7.0M01HNK acta quicklv : result are seeu at once. If you want Hair down to your
waist, send iu vonr order rbiht now do not delay. Xo free aauiples went t a nam
pic la not Mihlctcnt to lo pood. Price, AOc., or 8 tattle (a coniplet treatment)
for $1.00, or will send four complete treatment for $300,
A r riXITC WANTED. Everything Is In favor of the A pent. XJBERAIi
MVJI C I w I O CREDIT EXTENDED. Thi la an uiipreoedeuted
chance to make money, w rite quick for ten aory and particular. Addresa
Four Thousand Gcdfathtr.
Princess Irene of Prussia Is better
provided tor In the matter of godfath
er than any other woman In tha
world. She ran boast of no fewer than
4.000 godfathers, and how sbe came
to obtain so many la a pretty story.
Whenpfehe was barn -the war of 18C6
was drawing fo au end, and peace be
ing concluded Just at the time of her
Christening, her father. Prince Henry
of Hess, requested all the officers and
men of the regiment under hi com
mand to stand godfathers to his little
daughter, whom he named Irene
Peace) In commemoration of the end
of the war.
Scytla on Charybdis.
Cheerful English writer inform us
that vegetable food makes the blood
vessels hard and stony, deposits tartar
on the teeth and make them fall out.
Increases the fat of the body and tends
to cause fatty degeneration of the
heart, liver and brain, while meat
gives gout, rheumatism, trichinosis,
tapeworm, erysipelas, consumption
and cancer. Cheerful English writer
will please further Inform us what par
ticular brand ef embalmed breakfast
food he Is booming not necessarily
for publication, but as a guarantee of
good faith.
Decorated American Have Company.
Seems to be no end cf the list
of titles In Germany. Grand Duke of
Hess has Just conferred the heredi
tary title of court marblelst on the
mason who reconstructed the ducal
bathroom, while the Prince Regent of
Havana has a royal sewer-maker and
a court motorist. The imperial white
wlngist and the grand ducal booxolo
gist are probably n th? way. These
things greatly enhance the value of
Col. Pa; fridge's decoration. New
York Telegram.
Certainly a Sound Sleeper.
Paul Krnger in his memoirs tella
the story of a secretary whom he pun
ished for being drunk by tying him to
a wagon wheel. During the night I.
000 Kaffir and about 4.otio Zulus at
tacked the Hoer camp and were not
driven off till daybreak. The secre
tary slept so soundly that he noticed
nothing of the figit. and the next day,
when he at last awoke, he lo.-.ked
around In astonishment and asked:
"Have you people beet, fighting during
the night?"
Priie for Life-Saving Device.
The Johannesburg Chamber ot
Mines offers prizes for practical snc
nostions and means for obviating min
er's consumption, w iich is thought
to result from the fine dust made by
the drilling mnchires. The following
a v ants are offered for the three b.-st
practical suggestions and device on
the subject: First prize. JC.riini and
a gold medal; second prine, $l,250;
third prize, jrmo.
That Bubonic Plague.
Some Mississippi negroes were dis
cussing yellow fever days in Havana.
I'ncle Marcus, who was one of the
group, rose to his feet, and with many
gesticulations thus harangued the
crowd: "Yo kin talk about do fever,
ole Yellow Jack. When dat gits a
holt on youall it's mighty rough;
but yo' kin most alters gineratly git
cured. An' le smallpox am bad; It
sho' gives yo' do misery in ebery par
ticular oh yo' frame; but yo' kin git
ohor dat. 'cept its track. Hut dis yere
new misery ketches yo' ebery time.
Dere ain't no hope fo' ye. chillnm, wen
ye' git took by de bonny blue flag!"
via .H
Cheap Rates All Summer,
$13.00 Round Trip
Colorado Sprln&s
and Pueblo
on certain date.
Final Return Limit October 31st.
Two Fast Train Leave Dally at
10:40 a. m., and 9:39 p. m.
Ticket Office, 82 Main St. & Union Depot
E. Leigh St, Richmond, Va.

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