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Remember please
H' the lltl!f bit w col loot her n there
Tbul enables us to run from year to year."
Rev. MeNeal Is full of push and a
race man for true.
Jas. R. Gordon. S. O. K. of the S. &
P. of J., is nmeh better.
Mr. W. W. Waters Is pending the
week In Wichita. Kansas.
Ell Harris made a flying trip to St.
lxnils In Interest of the Odd Fellows.
Allen Chapel Is carrying on a re
vival. It Is hoped that lots of good
will follow.
Mrs. Emma Clay of Hannibal. Mo.,
Is spending several weeks with her
sister, Mrs. John Davis of 1609 Lydia
Dr. T. C. I'nthank has been con
fined to his home with a case of ton-silltis.
The Misses Ida and Daisy Foster and
Frof. J. S. Harris were among those
who attended the Negro State Teach
ers' Assoiiitlon at St. Ixuls.
Mrs. Bet tie J. Jorden of 419 Cherry,
after a three weeks' stay at Cleveland.
Miss., has returned. She reports a
nice time.
We expect our local subscribers to
pay up at once. Please meet the col
lector pleasantly and pay him.
Father Harper of England, has ac
cepted the charge of St. Augustine
Mission. He is a practlcle scholarly
gentleman who is able to infuse new
life in the work.
The Rev. Father and Mrs. E. T.
Domby left Monday night for Cairo.
111. The best wishes of a host of
friends regardless of denominations,
go with them in their new field of
In addition to the names of the
ladles who assisted Mrs. D. A. Willis
at her reception published In the Son
of last week, are; Mrs. Amos Barnett.
Mrs. Wm. Gaines. Mrs. Geo. Bryant.
Mrs. E. Gorsey. Mrs. Herndon. Miss B.
Perry. Miss Leona Doughtry and Miss
Bell. Miss Josie Ray and Miss Flora
Ray of Ma view. Mo.
Dr. Birch was called to Joplln, to
visit a white lady who was afflicted
with a tumor. He brought her to Kan
sas City and performed a very suc
cessful operation. She has returned to
her home restored to health. This
goes to show that fitness, ability and
determination win win and a black
skin Is not always a barrier.
Character is property. It is the
noblest of possessions. It Is an estate
in the general good will and respect
of men; they who Invest in It, though
they may not become rich In this
world's goods, will find their reward
In esteem and reputation fairly and
honorably won. And It Is right that
In lif good qualities should tell, that
industry virtue and goodness, should
rank the highest, and that the really
best men should be foremost.
Mr. Wm. Thompkins, after spending
the holidays with friends In the city,
left for Boulder, Colo., Saturday even
ing, where he Is studying medicine.
Mr. J. A. Wilson, the Jeweler, Is the
happy father of a ten pound boy, born
Monday morning, the 5th. Mother and
son are doing well.
Prof. Hawkins of Ft. Scott and Prof.
Collins of Kansas City, Km., was
much In evidence on this side of the
Kaw during the holidays.
The Rising Son will have its collect
ors out from now on and it Is hoped
that all suhscrllKTs will pay their bills
promptly on our presentation of the
Our collector will be around. Please
be prepared to meet him with the
money. All delinquents are expected
to settle by February 1st. after which
all outstanding bills will be placed in
charge of a collection agency for Im
mediate settlement.
What Adam Missed.
"I can't say," observed Uncle Allea
Sparks, "that 1 approve entirely ot
the tobacco hnhit, but did you ever
think what a difference It might have
made in the history of the world It
Adam hud had a chew of tobacco In
his mouth when Eve tempted him
with the forbidden fruit?"
The revival, on account of the severe
weather Is not so well attended. There
has been nine persons added to the
church already and we hope for great
results from this meeting. l.et all
who are really Interested In the salva
tion of souls not neglect to attend
these meetings as often as possible.
Prayer meeting each afternoon. Every
body is welcome.
The Sons of Allen gave Its mem
bers an elegant luncheon at the resi
dence of Mr. D. A. Doyle, In honor of
Mr. I D. Hines, one of Its members
who leaves next week for Florida to
spend the winter. The gentlemen had
a splendid time all to themselves
which wll) long be remembered. Those
present were: Messrs. Burton Hill.
Wm. Crump. Harry Bean. Wm. Baker,
Arthur Rosemond. Edwin Watts. Chas.
Fra.ler, Turner Sexton. James Crews,
Samuel Lee. Oscar J. W. Scott. I D.
Hines and D. A. Doyle.
The Sunday school re-elected their
officers. No changes were made. We
hope something will be done to put
more life Into the Sunday school. The
Sunday school needs some one to
teach the children to sing. There
should be more singing in order to
Interest the children. They grow
restless during the closing lesson re
view. A few changes would Improve
the school.
The Uiyal Legion had a very pleas
ant meeting at the residence of Mrs.
I-aura Collins last week. The annual
report was read and was a splendid
report of their year's work. The club
had given to the trustees from their
treasury during the year In cash,
$!6.r0, besides taking care of their
especial work of supplying needed ar
ticles for the parsonage. They hold
the election of officers Wednesday,
Jan. 14.
The Stewardess board meets each
Wednesday afternoon. They are doing
a good work for charity.
The True Eleven meets each Fri
day afternoon. They are assisting the
Mr. James Bush was in the city Sat
urday. Rev. Anthy Is quite ill. also Mr. Wm.
Mr. Chas. Lewis Is on the sick list.
Mrs. Emma Smith and Mr. Eugene
Conway paid up for their subscription.
We hope others will do likewise.
Mr. lwig Porter got his finger
nearly cut off.
NIVERSARY. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Willis celebrated
their twelfth marriage anniversary Inst
Wednesday afternoon a? their beauti
ful home, 2438 Waldron avenue. The
cot y home was fittingly decorated for
the occasion. The following Indies as.
sisted the hostess In receiving: Mrs.
w m. Garrett. Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Dean.
Mrs. Ed Clay, Mrs. J. Brlce, Mrs. Bert
Hill. Mrs. Herndon. Miss Parker ar.d
Miss White. Refreshments consisting
of punch, rhfeken salmi, salted al
monds, candies. Ice cream and cake
and coffee were served In abundance.
The hostess received many valuable
presents suited to the occasion.
Quarterly meeting was held nt St.
John's M. E church Sunday. Presi
dent Elder Davis preached morning
nnd evening. Onnrterlv ronfernei
was held Monday and he left Tuesday
Revival meeting has begun nt the
A. M. E. church.
Rev. Gilbert was in Kansas City
several days last week.
Rev. Mrs. Howard was here Tues
day night on her way to Kiehmunil
to hold a series of meetings. She was
out to the meeting Tuesday night and
the people were glad to see her.
Mr. Shvll Olden was badly injured
by the fulling of coal on his foot, Saturday.
It Is the working class of our peo
ple who toil hard for a living, that can
always be depended upon for the suc
cess of Negro enterprises, while only
a few of our professional men will pat
ronize or give support to such enter
prises. A man Is respected these days
for what he is really doing Detroit
Our collector cannot feel In good
humor when he Is requested to call
five or six times to collect a small sub
scription bill. Please treat him as
you would that he treat you.
Canada Growing More Apples.
Canada's shipments of apples this
year are over thro times what they
s ere last year and ahvut li ultle what
tl'cy were in lswo.
Proof Needed.
If it can be proved that the kaiser's
yacht was christened wi.h French
wine, France can afford to bury the
hatchet and forget nil about Alsace-Lorraine.
Caught in SuLteifune.
Because she kisseil iier iMiuub in
"tend of the Testament when being
sworn nt Siindarlnnd. England, police
com I. a prosecutrix has ln-i-n so iely
Naturally He Wat Interested.
Hamley You seem Interested in
she horse show. Have you any en
tries there. Pbnmley -Well or
es. Hamley Priye winners? Pham
ley I hope so. They're my three old
i st daughters, and all marriageable.
liiila.lclphia Piess.
Our genial barber. Tim Roberts, is
at Topeka looking alter the loaves 1
and fishes.
Hon. B. S. Smith Is smiling, he lias
his forces welt In hand. (
Martin Tucker is looking well these
days. He has some well defined ideas
along race lines. i
Judge I. F Bradley, one of the most '
aggressive Negroe at the mouth of!
the Kaw, has a splendid law practice.'
At her beautiful home on Haskell
avenue. Mrs. I. F. Bradley received
her friends front 2 to f. lust Friday
alteriioon. in honor of her former
schoolmate, Geo. W. Walker, of Wll-1
liams &- Walker theatrical troupe. The j
house was darkened and Illuminated
with gas and candcllabra. The table,
was a poem of green and white. Ixmg
white satin stream rs from ceiling to!
table, banked w ith smilax and ferns, I
with all refreshments carrying out the1
same color scheme reminded one of
The ladies wore handsomely gowned,
and amid such attractive setting.
formed a pirture of lovlmess. It was
an lmpromptol affair, but was ait-1
gether as pleasurable as though weeks
had boon given for its preparation. !
Thoso who assisted the hostess i
were: Mrs. S. II. Thompson. Mrs. B j
S. Smith. Mrs. J. t Bran. he. Mrs. O. '
B. Johnson, Mrs. S. A. Edwards. Mrs. I
D. N. Crossthwalte. Mrs. Wm. Fair !
fav. Mrs. F. L. Trent. Mrs. 1.. Ashton-
Woods, Mrs. 1. Oliver and Miss I
Th waits. Mrs. S. Woods furnished
music dii'lng the afternoon.
The Whist club met with Mrs, Mat j
tie Oliver. Wednesday.
All Colors.
A nun feels blue illi trouble, red
with r;ue. whiic with tear, yellow
with eiuv and green with Jealousy.
Hull mum- A met ir.in
Only One ef the Kind.
The West Indies migratory crab Is
the only creature which Is lMrn In the
sea. matures In fres!" water and passes
the remainder of Us das upon laud.
The Longest-Lived Men.
In Italy pti sts and monks live
torpor than any other class of men.
FiTty seven per eer.t oxiccd the "term
of the IValmist."
An Unfair Tax.
At Qulnson, in Frnreo, a father has
Just had to pay fs i'.d death duties on
his daughter's estate, wl-iih amounted
to 4s.
' I'v-tvim!.' rtiviiinir te tui
Arc lowest here - we
buy in immense lots for
stt cash, takinjr ad
vantage of every dis
count, we sell on a close
margin many stores
pay for thett pianos the
prices we sell for our
selection is superb in
chulinr the CllU'KK.K
in;, Kmkksox, Stkk
LiN; a tul dozen other
ratul makes.
(art Hoffman)
Inscription Over Hero.
"Cats tor men never turn hack" Is
to be inscribed on the mirumont over
the grave of the nine l':tistei- (Kng
lis boHtmen. who eie diowneil on
Nov It, l;inl.
Licrnted Embalmers.
I'arriag"es ami Mowers furni-lied for
ail occasion.
914 t. 9th St.. Kansa City. Mo.
Loo I L'otenhcrft, O. M. lHen,
Proprietor. IVartfnilwr.
Fine. Wines, Liquors
And Cigars.
Louie's Place
I'nion liar.
V.. lull, . St., K,iiMMit,, m.
A Rare Chance to Get an Imported Woolen Suit or Overcoat
Tailored to Order, at About Half Price.
The U. S. TAILORING CO. has captured a $40,000 from New York City of the highest
grade of the finest Imported Woolens. Such qualities were never seen in Kansas City before. These goods arc made up
in regular $50, $60 and $75 Suits and Overcoats and $15 to $20 Trousers This firm retired from business early in
December and disposed of its valuable Stock to us. and now we will make you:
$60.00 Suits
and Overcoats for
$50.00 Suits
and Overcoats for
$40.00 Suits
and Overcoats for
$15.00 Trousers
$12.00 Trousers
$10.00 Trousers
This unheard of sale gives the Kansas City business men the opportunity to dress well, to buy Suit. Overcoat or Trousers
at about one-half the price these same woolens are made up in New York City and London by such well known tailors as
Poole of London. Rock & Bell of New York City and Mathews & Ely of Chicago. We simply ask you to come in and
examine this stock whether you desire to purchase or not. The quality speaks for itself.
800 Main St. J. FLOUR, Proprietor. 800 Main Sr.

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