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The Rising son. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1896-19??, January 16, 1903, Image 6

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famine rkpoited severe
in sweden and finland !
1Ti'i f-' i 11. ty lu;:y story lub. o
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a ;i.iim :.!
c!.!e c.f
M ni.
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''.:. r. :i ,i.
a .lily rt
u. . f r!
t'.rs ;.!. 1
l f .- I'l l!
I..'.-: A
' :: 1 . r j.r;"
vi.i: t:i,: n i;
:tli tt men
r "!' - il'tic ii- arer
.'. Ti.l'i ih:!i tli- open
i I ";' I'll a tin' 1.10 oiler
L'' '.n up .- U s!i
A s'M". Liiy Ul.c.1
I'. I'.rl.i .f fie env
in !. r tl ." t.vks i n
.-ui: i;:rl. vitli her
, i r ! 1, 'n't li.T fancy
vk ti : . i . r i ; ti r. ii'l. and
i j .1 1 i!ri w.fi ft!. 'tii'.
t!if i;o?.(l of l(.vi nn.! rlsht 1iv!ng.
i in It ..pi lei tip thi- sale of heaven and
! "1. j iniiil.. lmiuty nint purl'y and even
iimp ( r. nun. i.iii.m v.orth while. ,. died
the i tc make mi.i.l," and thr listeners
i .
i s . f t i.
i ! .ir .i
l'..;-i:.ir t
... n'ti" i
l.is I
.M ta't.t.
i. i. a'. 1 : t
i : : a :. !
Ii.- P."
f 111.
S 'ft
i -1 ' i ii q
i: '. ; : i r
wondered t:iat their hearts had ever
c.owti hanl nn.l their lives gone
v rone.
There wns n hush over thr rlnirrh
h. n the hiuk.t Unified, broken only
l.y tl.e siiil.'.i sol. of a woman. Men
who sport ci ilas of the week in a
ri.sh of business which knew neither
I'risio nor rt lislun furtively wiped
their ry.-n; n si.raini In tho chofr
I rweil I.i r lial on thr hark of th
si at in front of her. ami cried voiily
l. tl
am.' t!u
ill. sltiill
In l!i
"l.it: t ;
.. ,.r
'. Ill
I. ; -
' t
I! 1
.. . ft. .1.1
.. a
I.' cuM m:.
:it l!'..' I,!..
':ii. ! tl.
. ! : a t
i: . f l)i.
to ll.
Ih. I
I i!
i a
' I'
s w!i,i I, a I
'.I.' I. 1 1 T ' ;
' i. II' U M I'll-
.'own Ih.'
Ml t(,i' p '.V
lii make
!;. I ai.'ieil
!'," Iintii il
i' lai.j out on
1 I tlltl.il to
w oiin n km w
" im l"r 1 . i'. ir: 1 s.i, ii
;..r a r: . r t-....k. N
1 . r a ' a i i mil .', h. r ni. i
'he . I. ant. Then the p. .
i''.'k at her. Nmie ,.f ih.
l .r; tnoM ef ilie nu n
Tt psalt. r for the thli.l ihiy of
i''e in.inth inoriiir pnm r." t, a l the
r. I'tiT Hi his ile. p, mi lo limit nii'0,
nr.. I th,n he a.'.'. while tie p-aer
l.ik I. av.s Mult, le.l ami ills;!.. I mil
t ie Mii ;et.v !a', M eir hvnii alt faee
'' 'Wl.wai.l to I,,- p t ie p!a' e for the
' via "I or. I. w I. n .shall ilwell in 11
i ''a' I. . or who v all r. st tipu
v holy t i : I " ' " ' II.. rea ! in slow, im
l,: ' - .M1 tores : 1. 1 with a rii-h of
leiii hiiriie.l ,.iees i anie the
lisp 'tis... "Kieii he that lea.letli an
i:n. errupt I'le atnl iloeth the tluir;
wl.l. h Is litht an. I sp. al.i Ih the truth
tiotn his In art "
1'or the lii.st lime In years t!i
wm.ls niur.ht 1'ie atlelitinn of I )e
ete, an. I will an uiieoiisiimtt ass.i
I'ntioti of hli as he loohiM up at the
new tenor, lie knew thai the white
surpllei etnpliasizeil the Kplrltnal
nuality in nn faee. He hiinsi If i-mihl
look almost a .vlnt In his estpi,
the Mllnluecl lilit of the e'lun !l.
in thl.t l.oy's ilelieale, clear rut
was purity an. I Mienmh.
I'e Yore ha l In !ie e, In
I Ami Kirol.
to look at him
an. I
face there
M'tin tiling
years iikh atnl ha. I I'
the tii w tenor. M enu ii
across theiluneel with t'le reprovini;
eyes of his own lost youth, on tho
le ileum he coul, I hear the tenor with
its poiuliar tin ill atnl from the run
(rotation came tne mellow contralto
notes of the woman, w.m was a
Mtaiic.er there With a .pil.-k s. n--. of
nuckeiy le 'ere i!o-e.l his lips ami
itli a iuo . in. lit of his hatl.l lo his
I In oat M .m I, his hen. I al t '.o choir
Ii a h r lie sain his solo JuM holme
the M illion, in a oiee a tiitle hnM.
uiil htraue, nsiim all his a't to con-
al a hu h lie hn.l never icaM.-eil he
fore, lie .1 i.l n knew
nam was admit. He
. In I 'i. r tint v as ni;.
lie was warini: for
was to lol'iou. A fa.
I im. I n; i . . r a on ,
Ti e sen n n w is . i
what tlie x.'r
hanIA k:;ew '
the s i t! r. I
l.u.':.l .ecc;
.',!, the ofer- '
lory tai . n. am! the ii-lnis s t ,i i-u !
n'i lam ! in the r: r if tie rhuii h
v. :i. ;i -he oi ; an roi:. , out !.o famil
i;;r pi i !u.e. I
"'11. .re ;- a i"'"'i 1 '! far aw.-v." ' Sot-i.
f '. i. I'rroo. ie. I , i 1 ..'v i; . , ,i , lull i.
"lie .-. .- wa- a l ,. ! i . Mint I. inn' " W
i i.n ! ,. I i ,v i p n :i m i . s. a.. I
i 'at it ta'i't : t hi i. . i .' i , e .
f tVll i-'i.o- ''I . i.l. I !,;.!. ; .,: i"
n Mi !::
1 U IVTv
'Then We'll Go Up to the Rectory
and Be Married."
without ji ti efioit at restraint; ami a
pale, i ire. I woman in a front pew
ioohe.l up with a m w liuh In her thin
pllicheil lare lis ftmiuh she luol foilinl
M'tnethiiii: in life that niaile It worth
the sirn ule. Do Vi re sat apparently
until. ne. Put hit (,,. was pale ami
I is lips w re set in a thin straight
In the . I'o w o, estihule nt the losi)
of the M rh o he met tie Wotlliltl with
the ini. 'i ami .e;,, her. She lookeil
-Martle l. nut the har.l. dark face soft
ilel a little uml ie Wiv showcil no
traie nf i ti i ha t issniet.l, nor concein
n- he wa'keil UeM.ie In r down tin
Mops ami mil into the hrmlit sunliuht
with the ili'iich people lie knew so
well cowilim; him on all sides.
"I II never slim In i iiureh aualn."
he said as they turned down the steps
lealiim lo Main Midi. "I have al
v.us known thai .soni' time long lie
f. Ie 1 lost my vi Ice I'd have to plve op
Hilt sort ol sinirii i;. You know what
I mean, we've talked It over often
enough. It's my hotter seir that sinus
lii e'liiri'h on S unlay niori-.luKS. It's
the man I tnlht have heen. When I
shir sacred iuiimc I always Imasliie
I in that other fellow I mifcht liavt
h. en and I've known thnt the tinio
would come when I would In- too far
away from hint to do It any loiter."
"Yes." the woman raid softly, "but
I ilon't understand why it has come
to jnii so suddenly. What's the mat
tor today? Is Ii this new singer, this
hoy? IP doesn't Him; at well as yfui
do, you know lie doesn't. Yd he's
thrown some kind of a spell over you.
I saw that in ihiirch and I don't under
stand "
Don't yon?" Do Yore said rjuletlv.
"Don't inn know that he holds peoplfl
ntid always will, localise haek of his
liautiful oice and inusital tempera
m. p.t is a pine. L-ood 1 1 to and a char
acter that's worth smiii'thinc? Don't
ou know rial h's pi.s,iial lnanty hat
liule or not'iiri; to do with it? He
tot only feels what he sinus Intt lie
l.vet it simti ilavs In the week."
They iiad passed H e dead line and
who ii. the l :: l 'at .Is. the distrlet t
.'at. ic 1 al! i ami saloons. In the brief
sil' t.i. that lad fallen between them
i ... woman was waitiiiu breathlessly
lor w ' at mi. to come. She had never
p. -fi ve walled down Vn'n strei t with
i:i 'lie br.
hi! :; iiruslliil
i''il i rt dirr.er t
s ..l'i. pi a. t al la '
mm. r ; .1 a. .1. '.ui--,
MP t I ' lei (.. ,
. I! !' ii e town mi
i! In u i ti all ni or a
I I wli'.re of ii i x ii.
was bound ti)
, In PHI I 111
ion of :!i ia"i:in
at. I then we'll
;!',! be in:iriie,.
'he nicl.t traia
mi. It max- he
o late to
ii'l. I, but perl-apt
it i I II stui I in lii
"U "
I in 1 lis
I'ive us a
Arotlicr John.
A f Siilidii.'.s a "o, at the South
western HefiTtlieil t'lnir. li. till' p.lsfi r
was t llit'ir the i liild'eti of the Sunday
a In ol ii'.ieiit the Scriptures and closed
his ii marks by relating to them the
ine of Si. .'.'hli. says the Philadelphia
1 I'.lii.T. When he had finished he
1 wanted to s e die children had been
pnyini: at tent ion to his sermon and
!'.-ked If fry of t ln-iii could tell him
a n il! the lite of St. .lohll. Alter a few
I minutes a lit'!., uirl in ti e end of the
I S iti iay i -I i ol raised her hand jid
Many rarloans of food for man and
east hae been pent up to the fatn
.o sufferers in tho nor, hern part of
weden with the money appropriated
ir th purpose by tho Swedish par
ametit and that raised by popular
il.si rlption iu Sweden and tho United
States. Tho ootnmlrtec forranl In
"hlraco abled $2.uiii to tho central
einmlttee at Sim kholm. It Is hoped
.o rollee $:';.', nun in the Unilei
Stutt s. Iteiim tt as to actual condi
tions ronflict. but it is I.oIIpvoiI the
lamino affects several luii.dreil thou
sand men. wi men and children in
Sweden and Finland. A cable from
Former Premier Shasta Passe Away
at the Age of 75.
Pom r PiiiM des Miitoo Saiasta, for
nu r premier of Spain, died at Madril,
Jan. il. need 7." years.
Pravdes Mateo Saul'sta was born
at Ton-el ilia dc (.'aliieros. In tin. prev
im e of I oi;:otio. on .Inly 21. 1M7. lie
b.'V.in lile a a ciil eti'Tliiecr. but at
tho aue ol '.'7 drifted Into nillt!c?.
Spain's history onrinu the last half
contiiry I as been n stormy one. with
bri f Intel vn's ot viinshine. and Sejior
Simasta had a hand lu tuns: of the
I'XcititiK events that norurro.1.
lie took a pr. intiicnt pint mi the In
surrection of IvMi. and when that af
tnlr tnls'cnrricd lie hud to My the coup
My. He took ro!t.-'e in I'ranco, but
when a lieiicral amnesty was an
nounced he leiumi'd lo liis native
lount.y ami throw himself into Jour
nalism, lie beiame editor of l a Il
ria. the ptimipal oi-;aii of tho pro
gressist patty, an 1 soon b-;:in to c.
eil lse considerable power.
Constitutional methods of reform,
howoier. are terribly slow i:i Spain,
and Sopor Sauasta luvau to weary of
I hem. Thus he eagerly took part lu
the Insurrection of June. 1M!".. It was
a li'sinal failure, howi vi r. and the fu
ture prime minister w.is ami:n com
pelled to fly to franco. He did not
iilurn to spam until after the fall
of (.Jucen Isabella II.
In the republican regime of 1ST I
ho was In office as foreign and home
Focretary and as premier. Tho "coup"
Alilch restored the lluurhoiis to the
throne sent Saunsta into a brief re
tirement. Upon the death of the kins
In 1.V and the retirement of tho on
tire oousei. alive no. eminent. Sacasta
found himself at the head of affairs,
and successfully combated thr darn
els of the repiihlii ans. who shrieked
for universal stiff ratio, till the birth
of the little kins, when Sufasta. con
fident in tin strength of '.ho liberals,
dissolved the (ortis and won by a
small majority.
It was lu this period that k In
vested his party with that democratic
charm tor which is now more marked
than over. In lS'.d atastn was asked
to form a party, but was obliged to
roslcn within n month or sa
The assassination of Senor Canovas
compelled the tpieen report to appoal
to him as tho only available states
man. In spite of his ago he came to
the rescue, formed n gov eminent, and
exorcised considerable wi.-dotn inibal
't'B with tho ninny dilllcult probb tns
whi h conlroiued Spain at that time,
t-lii f of w hich was the i us iirroct ion In
Ctib.i. when V.'eyler was butcher nR
tho uativi't and otherwise cleat nfi
the troubles whiih eventually called
the Siianish-American war. Sana ta
bad always favored lionn rule ;or
St. Pete'sbure r. fea- days aim said
1'iO.imo Klnland peasants were cither
starvimt or threatened with starva
lion. Th killing of everything by a
combination of unseasonable rain
and frosts deprived cattle as well at
men of their food, rendering it necea
sary to ship enormous quantities of
hay to save the peasants' live Ftock
The people not yet reached by the
relief dejH tt are reported to be mak
ins brood of the bark of tnos. The
map spot- tho district In Sweden
north of tho p.altle In which tho fam-
j Ine Is most severe and tho need of
help most urgent.
Bishop of Winchester Likely to Be
Head of English Church.
Sipht Hex. Randall Thomas I'.ivld
son. who Is mentioned as the most
pr'ihable cnndlilrte for the archbish
op! ic of Canterbury, the primacy of
all Kiiirland, Is at present bishop of
Winchester, a post In has occupied
lino ly..-,. Ho was bom in Kdln
burgh In IMS and was curate of Dart
ford in lsTI. In lsi ho wai made
honorary chi-.plnin to Queen Vl t iria
and In 1S.M bishop of Hochestcr. Dr
( l
VdtlP Or tTX7:TJ7Z,?
Oavldson's wlfo Is the second daugh
ter of tho late Archbishop Tait of
. .. 'KVW' i .... M.
;" '" IS. ' - , i:-'.- S
vSj&r -s "'W
M'M :
' N i i
'l h.
I'I'I.I s.
1 , :: to
i tin t 'll you about him."
the niints! t. " ! am so
. h:i- been pay ing alien
tl'iii ! s. Now let us hear
I lb
was I) e I .,
these are
eais and i
of I 'io
neither m;
Know lodge
break inn
W.is a F! S'Aert
.1 !e
I Is
'i'.an :
: 1 . i l'i. i '
Ko; i
I '
ii ! : lie
ic was
stcis nor
of life, nor
ever lea h.
Put '
v i ' a !
.in in 1
I', at I
oven heart- ,
It scornou in I
' ' a i omo
iprei'l.nii c'
sunn-: tut';
hard work.
tu very tunes and i.iilenrcg to preach
An Apprehension.
"There ate i',i,i, trusts an I
irii-'s " ;ii,! f c hupefii' man.
' Yes." at'.- w ei o the cheorlivs
or.; "but the bad ones are aecutiiU
laiiug so nun h profit and power that
I'm afraid it won't he lung befor? tit
good trusts aro led lulo temptation "
Praxedea Mateo Sagacta.
Cuba, and although a law was passed.
It wat never enforced, owing to the
Insurrection In the island.
Apart from Ms political life Sagasta
was a gentle, kind hearted man. of
even temper, s.mny disposition, and
with all a Spaniard's love of jwiwor.
A Staircase That Has Advantages.
A staircase thnt can be folded up
r the cencral title of a novelty lor
arriages and steamboats:. It is com
iiised ot folding steps with handrails,
f any desired length, which iwiKe as
etit and descent easy. The device
an '.o easily arranged to serie at a
'ank to walk from one place to an
her on tho same e'cxatlou. It la
ie kind of thing that would ho of
reat use In the event of tire, aud It
as t,he advantage of folding luto a
juiall compass.
English Aeronaut Has Frightful Ex
perience at Dizzy Height.
Col. Templer. who has done sin h ex
cellent work with tho army balloons In
South Africa, was the subject many
years ago of perhaps the most remark
able escape ever recorded iu the an
nals of ballooning, lie Is probnbly
the only man who has been carrioii
senseless to a height of more than
20.IHMI feet. To this day he bears on
his face the mark of a marvelous ex
perience he can never forget. A sud
den cust of wind had blown his com
panion from tho car. sent up tho bai
loon with the colonel alone and dash -d
the car against t.io ornamental iron
work at tho top of a gasometer. Tho
collision had a disastrous and ttgic
effect. The ropes were cut in two.
caitsirc the balloon to hang on its
side, and the whole of the unsecured
ilistin-nents to drop out. A piece of
ironwi rk cut dorp into the colonel's
lace, tearing his cheek. The balloon,
revolving rapidly in midair, rose to a
great height, the si ven d lopes tw ined
round the iidonel. suspending him in
tho most frightful position the mind
can conceive. Then thr aeronaut
fainted, and when he came to hit
senses lhe earth was 2ii.iMMi feet below
hitn. Ho was a prisoner In an uncon
trolled balloon, with tho car daimllng
benetitii him. and be was. to add to
tho horror of the postlon. suffering
inteiue pain and hopittorod with
tdood. The novelist who brought his
character alive ntid well out of such
n situation would bo aci used of n'isurd
extravagance, yet Col. Templer is
alive and well to-day. and hits done
yootnun service in the wnr. Who olso
among living mou can say that ho has
boon carried four miles high entangled
lu a rope? London Telegraph.
Useful Device for the Gardener.
The "planter" Is a device for the
assistance of the girdenor. It looks
like a pair of large curling tongs,
which when c'osed form u hollow tube
and taper to a point. The plant to be
inserted into the ground is placed in
tho tube h rtioti, which Is thou forced
Into the earth and opened by shutting
tho handles. The plant is left in thr
earth when the implement is with
drawn. Tho operations of p'a itiiH
and transplanting is rendered easy
and the contrivance Is carried as con
vclilcntly as a pair of scissors.
Hard Lurk cf Senator Dubois.
SSenator Dubois w.is fooling a hi
can. of ft. its and tm tne advice of hi
pnysician wont to Atlantic City fi
some fen air. "Mow did ou ninl
out?" the senator was aked on h
return. "Not very well." Dubois r
pl.ed. "You seo. I wei t for the
air and every minute of the four da
I Flayed there waa nothing but a lai
A prominent club woman, Mrs. Dan-
forth, of St. Joseph, Mich., tells how she
was cured of falling of the womb and
its accompanying pains and misery by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
"Dkau Mk.. Iikhm: Life looks dark indeed when a w-ontaa
feels that her Mtvnjiih is failing nvvaynnd she has no luics of ever
i:ii? restored. Sin h was my for-ling a few months uffo when I was
ndvisod that my ior health was caused by prolapsus or fulling of tlie
womb. 'Hie words sounded like a knell to me, I felt that my sun had
set, but I.jdia V.. l'lnkliain's Vegetable Compound came to mo as
an elixir of life; it restored tho lost forces and built me up until my
jrnod health returned to me. For four months I took the rued kino
daily and each dose added health and strength. I am so thankful for
the help I obtained through its use." .Mrs. Flouknce Danfoktii,
1007 Miles Ave., .St. Joseph, Mich.
A medicine that lias restored, am many women to health nni
ean produce proof of tlie fact must ln regarded with respeet. TIiIh
is the record of Lydia K. lMnkbaiu's Vegetable Compound, which
etui not he eq nailed by any other medicine the world has ever pro
duced. Here is another ease:
w Dr. An Mrs. Tixkii am : For years I was
troubled with falling of tho womb, irregular
and luinful menstruation, leucortha'a,lHaiing
down iains, luckache, headache, dizzy and
landing spoils, ami stomach trouble.
"1 doctored fur ulout live years but did
not seem to improve. I liegan the use of vour
medicine, and have taken seven lottlcs of
1 .yd lii P.. lMnkhamN Vegetable Compound.
throe of UIoimI luriller, and also used the
Sanative Wash and Liver 1111s, and am now
enjoying good health, and have gained in flesh.
1 tlia:iK you very much tor what you
have dono for me, and heartily recom
mend your medicine to all suffering
women." Miss Emma Snyder. 218 Fast
Center St, Marion, Ohio.
Women would nave time ntid much sickness if they would
write to Mrs. Pinkham for advice as soon ns any distressing symp
toms nppear. It is free, and lias put thousands of women on tha
right road to recovery.
Mrs. Pinkham never violates the confidence thus entrusted to
her, and although she publishes thousands of testimonials from
women who have heen benefited by her advice and medicine,
never in all herexperience has she published such a letter without
the full consent, and often by sMcial request of the writer.
m U I M.Tr
FORFEIT " ' oii"it furl liUh prodtir tli nrtplml lmtn and liinatarM of
atKiv lealiiuoulitU. v.ft.(ta ill prove ttilr nh.ulute riiutiiiit'i.
Lydla K. flnklltiMl Mrilli'lur Vn.. 1 "III, Mua.
Hull's Grape Tonlo Cures Constipation.
A pn the bowels move irretnilnrly the entire
bodily system nm.t euUVr. Cotintipationniore
f reijucutly occurs among women aud it maid
fi sts itself in provekiiiir profuse leueorrhea
and other serious female discuses. Ib'gular
bowels will n-suit in a eump'.i-tertire wheuyoti
use Mali's tiiapo Tot.ii, I'tiliko pills ami I
vi'tn'iti; uiiiiuimn. 11119 iviurw(Y la a iiuait
gentlo liy.itivt iu addition to being a greater
llchh-buikler, bloinl niakcr and tslrength giver
than cod liver oil or any other preparation
rei'nniuientlril for that pnrpoM Muii's (irape
Tonic will permanently cure tho most oiihtm
ateeaso of comtipaiion, and the numerous
atUictionslhnk invariably follow iu its wake. ,
Ko mutter it it is p. Irs, livvrcouiplaint, kidney
disorder, vert i 20. nalt.itation of the hearL
iiarrhi'!l r.r tit R,.f.t,itianiTiv vMjH rnll.n'al
when thenndicest(d food remains In thebowi'!RU'hirM it r,iitr,.fi.sn.l
I empties nig-hly dlMinsel cerms into the blood, sui h ns tvi.linid And
m.iiaria. Mull a (irape Tonio will positively cure, I.tirpe Fa'mulo bottle '
I w" be sent f ree to any address on receipt of 10 cents to cover postage, ,
; by the Lightnincr Medicine Co., Jtoek Island, 111. Send name of your
k iikk'su in uruf-siHia sen jsiuii s iraie ionic at KJcentfia Dottie.
You and
Your Horse
For Lameness, Sprains, Cuts, Purns, Hruisea.
Need n jiood l.ininipnt nt times one thnt penetrates and heals.
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Don't hesitate get it nt once.
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1UK K. VAXliN rn., Him ton. Mam.
14 t.uwbu Av.
U and Windmill.
l:::Thcmpscny Eyt W&tsr
Chinn to R.nr.r Fox Hounds.
Jark ( liinii, tt lati.ons KeniiirVtnn,
Is about in mart h lioiitul am) fox Inrm
at n plare which lie lias piin-haseil on
the Kentueky Hei Kor .years Mr.
Chinn has been a Ii.mt nf the rhas
ml has rnlsed niuny vnlnai.ln ill tm.
I.ast year he soltl ahout JJ.r.'iJ wunb
ot tux houndg alone.

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