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B r V iirm:. JfTl ATTN V..-."-,v.a-' " .. . -.0Uif2-t ft f xTSfiri
At the Forum Sunday afternoon,
"Higher Education Where and How
to Get It," was the subject for discus
elon. Since the question of separate
.high schools has been in aggltatlon,
many have become very Interested and
are studying the best steps to be
There was a large crowd present and
not a few speakers expressed their
views. Prof. A. J. Neeley, chairman
of the education committee, made the
opening remarks. He advocated the
present system of education In our
city and recommended as a change,
an Improvement In the conduct of the
boys and girls who take advantage of
this opportunity.
lludge I. F. Hradley gave most ex
cellent and timely advice which
brought to the minds of the listeners
some facts we cannot afford to over
look nor neglect.
Miss Ethel Stafford spoke strongly on
the necessity of us staying with the
whites and proving ourselves by be
ing measured by the same standard
with them. Mrs. Hev. Griffith, Mr.
C. Patterson. Rev. E. C. Edwards, Rev.
E. A. Wilson, Mr. D. W. White and
others urged the necessity of looking
reality squarely In the face and begin
ning at the fireside the homes and
eee If the needed Improvement was not
among ourselves and our children.
Mr. F. A. Turner, Kansas City, Mo.,
was introduced to the Forum and talk'
d on the needs of the race in general
In every avenue of life there Is a need
of loyalty to honor and manhood to
jirlncln! And truth. As a iwnlt of this
meeting each high school pupil will
receive a special Invitation to attend
the next meeting of tlje Forum, Feb
ruary 22nd, at. which time the moral
committee will report. There was a
good attendance. J. J. Thomas was
chairman, Miss Emma F. Brown, sec
O. W. Shepherd for mayor, who
knows what, happened last Tuesday.
P. J. Nugent will look after the city's
Interests in the clerk's office for the
next two years.
Corvine Patterson is just as jolly.
Ho. with Smith Bradley and others.
will be on the firing line.
The Forum at the Metropolitan Bap
list church is as it should be a place
for the intellectual study of race ques
tions. E. F. B.
"Located In Rear of Independence and
Tracy Avenues.
Sunday school opened at its usual
hour, 9; 30 o'clock. Superintendent
not being present. Rev. E. M. Wilson.
pastor, opened services.
Secretary being absent, Miss Lottie
Taylor asted pro tern.
Explanation from Cluster Ix'af by
Pastor was most excellent and exceed
ingly Interesting.
Eleven o'clock services consisted of
praises, which meetings are held on
the second Sunday In each month.
At the beginning of the meeting,
congregation sang, and read 116 Psalm
led by pnstor. Praise meeting was led
by Mr. Wheeler, one of the deacons.
Most of our members said that words
were inadequate to express the senti
ments of their hearts regarding their
Creator. Hut they gave us an Item
ized description depending on their
thoughts as an Instructor of the idea
and sentiment, of what they desired to
express, as it was better felt than told.
The mooting was glorious, and each
ono left the church very much up
lifted, and awakened to the sense of
their duty. We had a large audience.
Rev. Lock of Lees' Summit, and Rev.
Finnell of this city being present with
Song by congregation, "Name of
Jesus." Dismission.
Services at 3:30 o'clock, the second
Sunday In each month being commun
ion day. The doora of the church was
opened for the reception of members
and one brother, Fitzpatrlc, came for
ward and joined by Christian experi
ence, being years of age.
When Mr. Fltspatrlc came forward
and joined the church to help us push
the battle to the date, It moved the
audience to tears.
The service is nt this time unsur
passed In the history of the church.
Every Christian In the audience seem
ed to ho greatly animated by the spirit.
B. Y. P. U. opened at usual hour. Pros
Ident F. L. lewls, presiding. Report
, f social committee. Remarks by pas
tr. Members read the 4th chapter of
Geneses, led by President. Lesson
Gen. 4: 8-12 read and discussed. Pres
ident announced that the literary so
ciety would meet Immediately after
the revival closed. All leading sub
jects of the day discussed.
Regular services at 7 : 30. Song, "Am
I Born to Die," by congregation. Song,
Blessed Jesus," by audience.
Congregation read from 5th chapter
of Matt., led by pastor. Choir entered
choir box, peeled forth the beautiful
hymn, "Father I Stretch My Hands to
Thee. Sermon by pastor. Text, "Ye
Are ihe Light of the World." Matt. 5:
14; Subject being, "Can We Depend
Upon You," which was discussed with
great pathos.
He took up the gates that leads to
the celestial city, and the gates that
leads to the city of destruction. After
the most excellent discussion, the
choir sang, "It Pays to Serve Jesus."
Doora of church was opened for the
reception of members, and one Miss
Alberta Davlnport came forth, and
joined from Christian experience.
Choir peeled forth one of its beautiful
anthems, "Lift Up Ye Heads, Oh Ye
Gates." Collection, $20.30.
Choir sang, "God of My Salvation."
A series of meetings will be continued
indefinitely until church sees fit to
discontinue them. eBnodiction.
G. W. M
Significant Court Decision.
The decision of the Kansas City
court of appeals that the combination
of brewers that, exists in that city la
a trust of the kind expressly forbid
den by the statutes ol Missouri, and
that nny person who Is indebted to
the brewers In the combination need
not pay his bill ami the brewer cannot
collect the debt even by going to the
courts, Is an Indication of the trouble
that Is brewing everywhere for unlaw
ful combinations.
A Question for Scientists.
Lord Kelvin concludes I rum observa
tions of light waves, cujiillary attrac
tion and the movement or gaseous
molecules that the diameter of a mole
cule varies between one millionth and
one-hundred-niHlionth of a millimeter,
Lothar Mayer calculates that a quar
ter of a million billions of hydrogen
atoms weigh about fifteen grains. How
minute, then, are the corpuscles of
which the atoms arc formed.
Certainly a Sound Sleeper.
Paul Kruger in his memoirs tells
the story of a secretary whom ho pun
ished for being drunk by tying him to
a wagon wheel. During the night $.
000 Kaffirs and about 4. Don Zulus at
tacked the Boer camp and were not
driven off till daybreak. The secre
tary slept so Bound ly that ho noticed
nothing of the fight, and the next day,
when he at last awoke, he looked
around In astonishment and asked:
"Have yon people been fighting during
the night?"
Prize for Life-Saving Device.
The Johannesburg Chamber of
Mines offers prizes for practical sug
gestions and means for obviating min
er's consumption, w.ilch Is thought
to result from the fine dust made by
the drilling machines. The following
awards are offered for the three bent
practical suggestions and devices on
the subject: First prize, $2,!i(Kl and
a gold niednl; second prize, ft.SfiO;
third prize, Lino.
Salt Good (or Sheep.
Experiments on the Milne of salt In
the food of sheep have liecii recently
made In France. Of three lots of
sheep one had no salt, a second had
half an ounce daily and a third had
three-fourths of an ounce The sheep
taking salt gained more flesh and had
better wool tnan those without It, and
the sheep getting hnlf nn ounce did
better than those getting more.
Work ot Christian Endeavontea.
The Christian Endeavorers of Amer
ica have built twenty. nine churches In
destitute portions of the United
States. Twenty-one ot theso have
been built by the Christian Endeavor
Missionary league ot the Iteloinied
church in America.
Latakia Tobacco.
Latakla tobacco obtains us peculiar
flavor through being sprinkled with
water and allowed to ferment after
Ihotongli fumigation with the smoke
of resinous aromatic wood grown Id
Sjria, stales a Consular repoii.
Revival services are going on at the
Second Baptist church. Rev. N. H.
Caldwell of Indian Territory Is con
ducting the meeting.
Rev. J. J. Clark or the M. E. church,
returned from Topeka, Kas., Saturday,
where he had been visiting his family.
Mrs. Howard, the evangelist, who
had been assisting In the meeting at
the A. M. E. church, left for Fort
Smith, Ark., Thursday.
The funeral services of Cynthia, the
13 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Hudson of Kansas City, were
held at the A. M. E. church there
last Sunday at 2 p. m.
The last quarterly meeting for this
conference year will be held at the M.
E. church next Sunday. Rev. M. H.
Harris of Burn's chapel. Kansas City,
will preach at 3 o'clock. All are in
vited to attend.
A movement Is now on foot to or
ganize a co-operative store to be man
aged and controlled by the Colored citi
zens of Independence, Mo. Mr. John
Mason Is sollcltying agent and we trust
that every person Interested in the
race will take stock In It. for such
movements as this tend to uplift a
people. We wish the enterprise great
An entertainment will be given by
Mrs. Mollie Mason and Miss Henrietta
Hayden at the residence of Mrs. Ma
son on N. Spring street Saturday even
ine for the benefit of the rally. All
are invited to attend.
The choir of the A. M. E. church has
been reorganized under the leadership
o; Sir. O.aihs Iliyut.t. Vn. I.'l'i.in
Bryant, organist. The music rendered
last Sunday was excellent anil under
such good management we expect fine
service from them In the future,
and was burled Tuesday. He was
the auspices of the A. M. E. church, are
being well attended every Tuesday
The 143rd anniversary of Richard
Allen will be celebrated at St. Paul's
A. M. E. church next Sunday.
Rv. E. Thomas of Springfield. Mo.,
passed through the city last Friday
enroute to Ash Grove.
Other's Faults.
After a man has fallen, It is a ter
rible task for him to prove to any of
his friends that there was sufficient
temptation. Atchison Globe.
If there Is no snow before January
there will be the more snow In March
and April.
When the snow falls dry, It means
to lie; but. light and soft flakes often
bring rain.
Snow is the poor man's fertilizer,
and good crops will follow a winter of
heavy snowfall.
When the first snow remains on the
ground some time In places not ex
jmsed io the sun, expect a hard win
ter. Snow is generally preceded by a
general animation of ;innn and beast,
which continues until offer the snow
fall ends.
A wife often permits her affection
to blind her reason.
A womnn's love can become annoy
ing as well as burdensome.
Marriage based on honest affection
v.ill withstand the ravages of time.
When a woman gives way to anger
She begs her own pardon with tears.
Many women find happiness only
when attending to the affairs of oth
ers. Confidence Is not easily gained
where exaggerated love of self Is
found to exist.
To decide between love and duty
has caused hours of worry to men as
well as women.
The man with a vice wonders why
o many persons think It their duty
to make public the fact.
Man often shows the hard side ot
his disposition to mark more strongly
the generous shades. Philadelphia
Great Waterfall Suggested as Extin
guisher for Volcano.
Pictro Mascagnl, at the beginning
of his disastrous American tour, over
flowed with good humor. In Philadel
phia late In October he met James K.i
vcrson, the editor of the Inquirer, ami
begsn forthwith to Joke Mr. Elvcison
about America.
"America." said Mascagnl, "is noth
ing beside Italy. The Kalian stars aie
brighter than the Amencaii ones: the
Italian skies are bluer: the Italian air
Is softer and purer. And then there
Isonr great volcano. Mount Vesuvius,
thnt belches smoke and fire up into
the heavens. What have you in Amei
lea that is equal to Vesuvius?"
"What have we?" demanded Mr. El
versou. "Well, we have a Niugara
Falls that would put your old Vesu
vius out ll nboul six seconds."
Veijdict That Called Forth Declaration
from the Bench.
When Judge Edgar L. Kinsman was
holding court In Caiskill a young and
inexperienced attorney had as his op
posing counsel an old and trice I law
yer The young man represented Ihe
plaintiff. Mis case was poorly pre
sented, hut Judge Kinsman thought
t hat the facts wen' so plain that the
Jury could do nothing else than give
Judgment for tl,o plaintiff. Greatly to
hi" suiiirise the jury r 'ntned n ver-
d r i., . .., ,. ,. ri.e
ee Hashed tire, ami turning square
in Ms seal ho f-nn1 ;
"The court revises that Judgment
and finds for flic plainfilT. And I
want it distinctly understood that it
takes thirteen men in this court to
deprive a man of his property and his
Fined for Sneezing.
Samuel Motter, assistant prosecut
ing attorney in Uu hannn county. Mis
souii, was lined ihe other day for
sneezing, Ihe Justice believing the
sneeze was nn indication of contempt
or court. The SI. Joseph News de
scribes the occui lence as follow s: 'At
torney Motter. though he carries about
the culture and polish or Yule ami
other alma mulcts, in addition to Ihe
refinement ot SI. Joseph's best circles,
persists in sneezing, as did all our
Missouri ancesiuis in pioneer days
jusl throws hue;, his heud and opens
his mouth in an inlluena smile, which
is broken by lines of lender sadness
just before the I wo ends meet at thr
buck of Ills neck. Then he gal hers
in all the circumambient ulniosphcre
and microbes and lets go like a fog
horn, eMing with "ash hopper." us do
tin' denizens of Hlg Creek, even unto
this day.'' 11 is not surprising that
the court should assert lis preroga
tive! One Month's Less in the Mails.
A list of articles losL in the malls
during October has been compiled and
sent out by the I'oslotliee ilcpni I inent.
These range in value Hum :, rents to
Hint Include porkrlknivrs, ko
dak film, electroplate. pin kagu of
hairpins, scissois, playing raids, pipe,
hardware, keys, bends. Mower bulbs,
seeds, a;iron, dress goods, samples,
(oy watch, foontdu pen, watch chain,
razor, ho of salve, spectacles, pur
lers, toy telephone, promissory nolo
for $1,111, surgical Instruments, brass
I nitons, safely pins. hat feathers,
yarn, bulcher l.nife, lluee table
spoons, part of dork, lype, hair bl ush
es, match boxes, sampb s of pills, and
Johnny and His Mule.
A Not Ih Missouri cdlloi given to
verse writing tells of a sad accident
alleged to have happened In his town
thus: "Johnny hud a little mule. Its
hoofs were as hsrd as rock. He used
to hitch the donkey up and drive him
'round the block. One day the little
mule he stopped and vould not move
a shoe, so Johnny got his pocket knife
ami struck him just a few. Now, when
the donkey felt the knile he moved
himself, you bet, ami .IV.miy -well,
lie also moved; they haven't found
him yet."
Steel and Iron.
A quarter-Inch bar of steel did not
break till H.332 pounds were put upon
It ; hut a bar of iron of the same ilia
nn tev bore 4,50 1 pounds only.
Rev. C. C. Calhoun preached morn
ing and evening at the Second Baptist
church Sunday for Kev. Hand.
Kev. Daks preached Sunday morning
and evening at the A. M. E. church
for Rev. Gilbert and will assist him all
the week in his meeting. Rev. Gilbert
Is havlnc quite a success In his meet
ing, lie has about 2," or 30 converts.
Mr. Israel Allen of Sedalltt. who has
been here assisting In the meetings,
left Sunday evening for his home. The
people were sorry to give him up.
Rev. Anthony died Monday morning
and was burned Tuesday. He was
about tin years old. He leaves a wife
and four children to mourn his loss.
We extend our heartfelt sympathy to
the family.
Mr. George Porter subscribed for
the Rising Son.
Mr. Peter Lindsay Is quite ill and
also his sister, Mrs. Alice Hayden. Is
Mr. Woodson Coiley is on the sick
list ; also Mr. Kirk Wilson.
Mr. John Mounds came down from
Kansas t'ily on business Monday moan
of character and good reputation In i
each stale (one in this county rcquir-j
eil) to represent and advertise tin old!
established wealthy business house of'
solid financial standing. Salary $21.uu j
weekly with expenses additional, all;
payable in cash each Wednesday di i
reel from head olfiee, Horse and ear-!
lingo furnished when necessary. Kef j
1 1 Tepees. Enclose sell addressed enve
lope. Colonial Co., Dearborn St..
Was Loved by Daniel O'Connell.
The death in Dublin of Miss Rose
McDowell in her eigbly lirsl car re
moves a link between the present gen
elation uml Daniel O'l'oniull Miss
McDowell in the (losing veins of
Daniel O'Conucll's life was a young!
lady of extraordinary liilculs and
beauty. She captivated O'Connell and
hud Ihe refusal ol his hand anil heart.
The rejection of his tull is said to
have weighed heavily on O'Connell
and to have been one of the proximate
causes of I tin illness lo which be suc
cumbed. Working on Flying Boat,
llerr 'Gnslnv Koch of ItciT.ri pro
poses to coustruil a boat which will
he aide to My. The experiment, he
says, will be conducted on water, by
means of which (lie danger of cross
country trial trips would lie avoided.
Hit recently showed lo Ihe German So
ciety of Aerial Navigation Ins Inven
tion, which consists of a low, flat and
light motor boat floating on the sur
face of the water It has adjustable
steering apparatus and horizontal
Windmill in Use Again
In Germany electricity, mining oilier
curious results, has ichahilltiitcd the
discarded windmill Al Nereslieitn a
windmill supplies power for thirty six
incandescent lamps, that light a large
paint factory. AiioPut in Schloswlif
Holsleln keeps up a steady cuircnl of
thirty volts. Al Diis-eidorr a wind
mill winds up a heavy weight, of which
the desienl winks a pow il'il dynamo.
Co-Operative Heart Breaking.
It lllls olletl lii -u wouileled by
neighboring towns how ii ,iinc (hut
visiting Eldorado go is vv.io always
gowned richly like the lily of thu
valley II. nl Muidoi k explains It.
"Eldorado girls," he avs. "are mighty
rood to each other. When, one is go
ing olT on a visit or dross parade, all
Ihe oilier girls loan Ih.ir diamond,
laces, jewelry, lingerie and Ihe like,
so tli. -il she run break Hie hearts) of
all tin- girls in the town jiini she
Visits."--Kansa.i I'lly Journal.
Fish That Are Muncil.
Many fish run pre.hu musical
sounds. The red gurnard has earned
Ihe name of seacock from Ihe row
ing noise which it makes, w'lilti an
other specif s Is called the piper Olh.
ers, notably two species of ophidium,
have sound producing apparatus, con
sisting of small, iiunalile hones, which
(lip be made to produce a sharp rattle.
The curious "drumming" made by the
Medilerrancaii fish known as Ihe mal
gre can be beaid fiom a depth of
thirty fathoms.
A man seldom realizes how much
he cun't do until he tries.
Lone Man Felt Nerd of Amalgamation
with His Fellows.
They hud been pressing him hard
the whole week. The house was full
of widows and pretty girls and all the
other men bill himself had flown be
cause they could not stand the pace.
He refused to he toslurbed in bis
summer arrangements and so ho
stuyvd on.
Sunday nli'lil they had him In Ihe
coiner ami Hie time began to wane
when some one started Ihe game of
"what you'd rather he if you had your
choice." There wore a lot of answers
and a chorus of laughter ami the usual
noise that goes with summer-resort
pastimes, and Ihcv saved the lone
man for the i Imiav When it finally
reached him, says Ihe New York
Times, it lound Inm not only ready,
but willing
"What would you rather be If you
couiil have the power of t hanging
"A syndicate." was the reply.
President Roosevelt Said to Have
Perpetrated Atrocious Pun.
When ihe president of the United
Slates mal es a pun "II goes as It
lays'" mid e er body laughs. hen
Secretan Shaw was living all soil
of , x k'i I ' . 1 1 1 to relieve Hie tlnaiicial
stringem v he was severely criticised
in many newspapers, soli!" of which
tailed lor his reliieuieut In the midst
of the hubbub In1 w cut lii lie' cabinet
meetmi'. As hi- entered the mom Ihe
president shouted ai him:
" Hello. Shaw' I sec troni Ihe pa
peis Hint I am expected lo do with
you what Mm
"How is thai"
lull did Willi hi.4
a Led Shaw, won-
"Why." said tin piesidenl, " shall
bine o send um bai k to Ilea
Monies'" Wa'-hiticloii Dispatch In
Philadelphia 1 in il I ii
An Aristocratic Caddy.
Ptobnhlv Ihe mosi aristocratic caddy
in Ihe country Is the one employed by
Justice Harlan of Ihe fulled Sillies
supreme murl. who Is an enthusiastic
golfer. lie is n luight faced lad of
IL'. polite and aMiniive lo a degree.
When the jn.lice touched Ihe links tint
oilier day the hoy was not lo be found,
ami he look another boy As Justice
Harlan npproiii In d Ihe I , hi 1 1 - n i h bnlit
1 1 1 1 - handsome Vhtoiia of a rub sciui
li iial lamilv droe up The boy who
bad been Ihe jusl u c s caddy Ihe pre
vious dav .lumped out He ran up to
Justice Harlan, cap In bund, ami said:
"I am awlully soiry I couldn't get here
a' J ii i link, inn, you see, mamma lifld
a luncheon for Senator In pew, ami
I Jusl couldn't get the cm l ingo to
conic out In nny sooner '
The Energetic Bee.
Glial, indeed, is the amount of
win k winch a busy bee will do ill a
day. Every load of clover consist
of about iiU flown tubes, each of
which (onlains a very small qunutlly
of sugar Hers " 'M often isil a hun
dred different li.-mls ol clover heforn
retiring to Hie hive, and in order l
obtain the sngai iiioessatv lor a load
must, therefore, thrust their tongues
Into alioiil c.oiio l i fl'i i i-ii I tlowirs. A
bee will make "o nips a day when
the clover patch i rutin niciil to llni
hive, and llius will draw the sugar
from iL'o.o'Mi ditVniit Ihiwers in I In:
coiiisu ot a i in:;l" da 's woik.
Go Back to the Farm.
There is no nne lor conditions nf
depression III ciiln-i organized labor or
organized capital. Hoth depend on
the markets and neither the one nor
the oilier can command tbetn Tho
real remedy for bard tunes, the en
forced remedy for redundant labor, is
II reveiKiil of the townuaril lido of
population. As a last resort men
must dig to live, ami they must go
back In the land lo dii; The reviving
movement lor the occupation of tint
public lands in the west Is a healthy
one even w here it lakes Ihe ffil 111 (it
migration to the cheaper aiuhlu la nil H
of Cauda - Exchange
The so called witty remarks attrib
uted to givat met, alter their demise
are enough lo make them do flip-Hop
in ineir graves.

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