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f Pays to Advertise lntheRIlng Gon
Located In the rear of Independence
and Tracy avenues, Kansas City, Mb.
Sunday school opened at its usual
hour, 9; 30. Superintendent not being
present, Rev. E. M. Wilson, pastor,
opened, services. Secretary being ab
sent, Miss Effle Taylor officiated. Les
son exceedingly Interesting. Explana
tion from cluster leaf, by pastor, which
was nicely explained, and with inter
est. Rev. H. C. Caldwell, who has
been, and Is assisting Rev. E. M. Wil
son in his revival, made remarks to the
Sunday school, which information was
very valuable.
The Sunday school was nicely at
tended. Regular 11 o'clock services.
Congregation sang "Did Christ O'er
Sinners Weap." Congregation read
eleventh chapter of Luke 1:28, led by
pastor. Choir entered choir box, sang
"There Is a Fountain Filled With
Blood." Pastor, who has been on sick
list for a short time, preached a ser
mon, text I. Cor. 13: 13. "And now
, abldeth faith, hope, and charity, these
cvLthree, but the greatest of these is char
The Ideafl
rjty." His subject was
- Christian," which was grandly ' dls-'
cussed. This was his annual sermon,
the time being two years since he flttrt
V took charge of the church; his subject
,' ... at that time was, "My Sheep Hear My
tC Voice, and They Follow Me." Ja this
AfWP J aWUFajJth Ji4bftJUV
).- oiioiee in wings nopea ior, ana xne
evidence of things not seen, and dis
cussed faith for fifteen minutes. And
he gave the dlffination for hope and
charity, and discussed each fifteen
minutes. Out of this text he gave us
a golden chain of thought that would
strengthen us In death, and live
throughout eternity. Rev. Brown and
Caldwell, was with us, and we had a
glorious meeting. Doors of church
were opened for the reception of mem
bers by pastor. Choir sang, "Blessed
Jesus." Organist being absent, Mrs.
Emma Hale officiated. At closing,
choir sang "Leaning on Jesus."
Sermon at 3: 3D p. m. by Rev. H. C.
Caldwell which was very good. The
services were well attended.
On Sunday afternoon a number of
the teachers, officers and pupils met
V with our pastor and read and discussed
7 - all the home readings, and the Sun
day school lesson, and on Sunday aft
ernoon our time was limited on ae
count of revival services, but our dis
cussion was warm Indeed.
B. Y. P. U. opened at Its usual hour.
President F. U Lewis presiding. Mem
hers read the 5th chapter of Matthew,
1-12, led by the superintendent. Les
son discussed most excellent.
Hon. F. A. Turner was with us and
took part in the lesson, giving us some
valuable information. He spoke of
the Negro with reference to our gov
ernment. The SpanlBh-Amerlcan war,
Cuban reciprocity and discussed the
Negro question In general. He re-
marked that the white people have
their papers and to cope with any
people of this day and time, we cer
tainly must have ours, and that they
were putting forth their best and
strenuous efforts tn have a paper that
will equal the white papers, so as to
respond to some of the degrading and
debased things, the white people are
saying about the Negro. We should
truely thank God that he has raised
uf ouiu a umii ao nun, a, n inc lu
1 sneak In nnr defence In this our time
tin runh m m n n Lt nn I U Ulo , r-t
of need. The white man intends to
fight his battle with the sword, but
the Negro will fight his with prayer.
.W On account of the rich Ideas, we should
' read, subscribe and pay for the Son.
He made some other valuable remarks.
After his remarks a paper by Miss
Annie Taylor, subject, "Did Noah Have
Faith In God?" Discussion, "Is Work
Without Faith Dead."
Paper next Sunday by Miss Rachel
Dagley, subject, "Life of Appolos. also
his ministry, and was he a convert
when John baptized him unto repent
ence twenty-five years before he re
ceived the Holy Ghost.
Paper by Gertrude W. McDonald,
subject, "Was Paul at Ephesus the
Same Time Appollos Was, and Did
He See Him There on His First Visit
. to Ephesus?"
J Regular services at 7:30. Song by
congregation "A Charge to Keep I
Have." After prayer congregation
read the 6th chapter of Romans, led by
pastor. Choir enter choir box, sang
"The Mercy Seat" in sweet strains.
Sermon by Rev. H. C. Caldwell, the
evangelist. Text, Romans 6: 23: The
wages of sin is death, but the gift of
God is eternal life. Hia subject was
"The Salary of Sin," which waa freely
discussed. Doors of church were open
ed for the reception of members. Re
marks by pastor, which had so much
power that the audience was greatly
stirred up.
Collection was taken at this time.
Choir sang "Wake Song of Jubilee."
"How Lovely Is Zlon."
Pastor expounded the Negro cause
Just before dismission.
Collection $10.37.
Choir pealed forth the anthem,
"How Lovely Is Zlon."
Liberality consists rather in giving
seasonably than much. Cicero.
People seldom improve when they
have no model but themselves to copy
after. Goldsmith.
Nobleness of character Is nothing
else but steady love of good and
steady acorn of evil. Eplctetus.
Our character Is but the stamp on
Mr -souls of the free choices of good
-Ht1J; we have made through life.
uaisiz. -v-
He wne will not give some .portion
of his easehis bloody his wealth,1 for
ShSfie"Jm,W lurl.--
That alone can be called true refine
ment which elevates the soul of man,
purifying the manners by Improving
the Intellect. Coleridge.
Remember that life Is neither pain
nor pleasure; it Is serious business, to
be entered upon with courage and in
a spirit of self-sacrlflce. De Tocque
ville. No true man can live a half life
when he has genuinely learned that lt
Is only a half life. The other half
the higher half must haunt him.
Pilllps Brooks.
Life Is no idle dream, but a solemn
reality, based on and encompassed by
eternity. Find out your work, and
stand to It; the night cometh when no
man can work. Carlyle.
Thoughts of virtue lead to virtuous
actions; acts of virtue ripen Into hab
its; and the goodly and permanent re
sult Is the formation or establishment
of a virtuous character. Chalmers.
Experience serves to prove that the
worth and strength of a state depend
far less upon the form of its institu
tions than upon the character of Its
men; for the nation Is only the aggre
gate of the Individual conditions, and
civilization itself is but a question of
personal Improvement. Samuel
A good listener is never without
An incessant talker is seldom with
out enemies.
There are times when the fool-killer
needs an assistant.
Often people who ask for public
Judgment want to take an appeal.
When a man realizes his folly the
chances are even that be will amend
"Out of sight out of mind" does not
apply to the detective or the tax In
quisitor. When a man takes the public Into
bis confidence he should be careful
not to betray It.
"Fine feathers make fine birds," but
without the feathers no one would
care to harbor them.
The man who does not share his
troubles with his neighbors 1b a stole
worthy of emulation.
The romance of love Is a flower
that may produce either a crabapple
or perchance a nectarine.
It requires great caution to decide
a dispute between two friends without
losing one or both of them.
Admittedly there Is no standard of
greatness, hence the difficulty of de
ciding who are the truly great.
When a woman sues to recover for
breach of promise and receives a ver
dict of six cents she realizes , the
worthlessneBS of love.
jDon't think a man can't keep a
secret; JuBt think of the bad things
he knows about blnself.
for It Reaches More
Prof. John R. Smith Is very sick.
The doctor gives no hope for his re
covery. Miss Lizzie Porter, a teacher In the
Llnconl school Is very sick.
Miss Ethel Stafford is able to be out
Rev. E. V. Plummer, Rev. D. B. Jack
son. Prof. Woods and Prof. Bowman
was In Topeka this week.
Owen Nugent Is as full of literature
as an egg Is of meat.
James Gross Is as energetic as of
yore. He knows the political fore
cast now as he did when In Lawrence.
Rev. Dr. W. H. 8warts, pastor of
First Baptist church, Wamego, Kas.,
will lecture at the Metropolitan church
Monday, March 16, at 8 p. m. Subject:
"A Door of Hope for the American
Negro." Mr. Swartz's able article In
the Kansas City Journal, February 23,
against the "Jim Crow" bill of Mis
souri, shows him to be a fearless cham
pion of the Negro. The public should
hear him. Doors are free. A well
prepared program will be, rendered.
Rev. Gilbert was called to Kansas
City to preach the funeral of Mr. Peter
Nunn, who was born In this city. His
mother and father were old citizens,
having lived here before the war. Rev.
Gilbert returned Saturday,- '"
Colby were united In marriage on the
25th of February at the bride's home.
They were both reared in this city.
The bride attended Lincoln Institute
at Jefferson City. Mr. Conway is a
barber by trade; has a nice shop in
town. Rev. A. A. Gilbert officiated.
We hope them a long and prosperous
Rev. J. C. C. Owens held his quar
terly conference on Tuesday night,
February 24. The financial report for
the quarter, $477.99, was the largest
amount ever raised In one quarter for
a long time. The quarterly conference
voted the presiding elder a vote of
thanks for the excellent manner of con
ducting the business. -
Mr. A. B. Johnson, who has been
sick for several weeks Is able to be
out again.
Mrs. Lurinda Holmes, who has been
sick. Is able to be out again.
Mrs. John Johnson is on the sick
list; also Mrs. Amanda Hawkins.
Mr. George Walker, president of the
Old Men's Club, has been quite ill,
but is now better.
Mr. Peter Parker has moved from
the country Into the city to his new
home. We welcome him In. He
bought almost a half a block. Also Mr.
Daniel Johnson has bought property
and will move Into the city soon.
Mr. CharleB Porter of Kansas City
came down Sunday night to look after
his father and mother. Mr. Porter 1h
one of our best old citizens. Old ane
Is getting the best of him. We are
glad to see his kod come and look
after them. They own a nice home In
this city and they are well loved by
every one.
Mr. Robert Hughes, Kansas City,
and Miss Estell Warren of Lexington
were united In matrimony on February
9. They both were reared In this city
M. Hughes has been living in Kansas
City quite a while.
Mrs. Hannah White paid her sub
script ion for the Rising Son. Mr.
Morroco Saunders and Mrs. Samuel
Graham, Mrs. Emma Caves.
Mrs. John Johnson subscribed for
the Rising Son: also Mr. W. P. Gray.
We hope all will paj up and others
subscribe. It is the only paper that
will publish the news of the Colored
people of this city. We hope every
family will take It. We are having
an increase In our suliBcription list.
Next Sunday night will be Elder
Smith's last Sunday night for this
conference year. Rev. Gilbert and bis
congregation will worship with him.
The Mages and Pages entertainment
on the 24th was a success. They clear
ed about $38.00. Their drill was Just
Klrsify Buys Crystal Palace.
The famed crystal palace of lxn
don has been purchased by Imre Kir
alfy and will become the center of the
class of amusements made popular by
the Klralfy brothers. Several others
prominent In the theatrical world are
associated with the purchaser.
Hope of Colored People then any other Paper
The revival services at the Vine
Street Baptist church are progressing
nicely; six additions the first week,
three of which are candidates for Bap
tism. Rev. Jones of Higglnevllle is
conducting the meeting.
Mr. Polk Jones, one of the most
faithful church workers, who has been
away from the city tor several months
with the Barber Asphalt Co. in Okla
homa, arrived In the city last aSturday.
He reports that the progress of Okla
homa is remarkable. He Is so favor
able impressed with the outlook there
that he Is going to make it his home.
The B. Y. P. U. met at 6 o'clock.
President O. W. Taylor In the chair.
Singing, "Jesus Keep Me Near the
Cross." Prayer by the President.
Scripture reading by the Union, Lev.
Ulcus, chap. 11. The program was
then called for. The first question was
"To who did the Bible liken the daugh
terof Zlon?". Ans. I have likened
the daughter of Zlon to a comely and
delicate woman. Second question, "To
what conclusion has the fool come."
Ani "That there Is no God." Third.
Scripture reading by Willie L. Mlcheal.
Fourth. Scripture, reading by Carrie
LoAg. Comment by H. J. Splgener.
Fifth question. What is the shape of
the earth, according to the Bible? An
swj-ed by Union. The president then
foUowlag ernn- questions
to be answered: Mrs. Oliver, Mrs
Bable. Mr. J. Bowman. Scripture
reading Hazel McFadden. Collection
31c. The meeting adjourned to next
Sunday at C p. ni. Read and pay for
the Rising Son. V. B. C
The beloved husband of Martha War
der, an old and esteemed citizen of
Ixxlngton, Mo., died at the home of
his daughter. Mrs. Linnie Holloway,
r.n9 McGee street, at l:3i a. m. Tues
day, March 3, of accute kidney trouble,
Interment will be In Lexington Sunday.
Friends are Invited.
BILE. Never Incur danger to yourself, but
do not regard the safety of others in
the least.
When you run over little children
pay for them, thus avoiding ail un
pleasantness. Don't on any account run down a
policeman, as it awakens them and
makes them cross.
Avoid all billy goats. The fac t is
a goat smells nearly as bad as in
auto, and can butt nearly as bard.
Always blow your born while pass
ing a hospital as It rouses the in
mates and keeps them from sleeping
too much.
Old people are harder to kill than
young ones, as they are usually totiKh
er, but their bones break easier, hence
they muUu gooA sMrt.
An auto fiend has the right of way
on any road and any other human be
ings passing along do so at their own
risk. Always bear that In mind.
If a farmer stops you and wants to
(hew the rag, get bis whiskers
tangled In the gearing and start sud
denly, and you'll have lots of fun.
If you happen to start a runaway
r.cver stop to see the finish, although
you can safely watch It for consider
able time. To bo caught w'len tho
icmalns are picked up Is often em
barrassing. The latest fashion Is to give your
machine a nice, neat name, thus doing
away with suggestive appellations. An
eastern man calls his auto "The Soul
Holster." Another man, with euphony
in his soul, calls his machine "Tho
Heaven Filler."
When you have killed a prominent
citizen and feel that you wish to make
some reparation semi a wreath of
roses with a motto reading, "He Stood
in the Way of Progress." Chicago
It's Up to Husband.
A grateful Kansas wife has pub
lished a card In the local paper thank
ing "an unknown gentleman" who
steered her husband home the other
night when said husband's steering
gear had become disarranged by alco
holic Indulgence. The husband's card
has not appeared. Minneapolis Times.
Blessld Iz thee kat that
Iz nott
black, for Itt Iz nott bad lurk.
Blessld lz thee woomau wboo has
lost hur hed, for shoe doze nott nead
a hatt.
Blessld iz thee blind man, for hee
doze nott sea Inn what aweful talst
his frenda dress.
Blessld Iz thee deef man, for he kf.n
eskape ragthyme, klasslkal konserts
and streat peeanows.
BlesBld Iz thee man whoo doze nntt
smoak, for hee kan spend hiz monny
onn sum othr vice.
Blessld Iz thee matin with a would
en leg, for low, hee haz onley half az
monny plaices for kornz.
Blessld Iz thee man whoo lz mar
ried, for hee kan alwals And sum
boddy wit!) whom hee kan kwarrel.
Blessld Iz thee man whoo kan reed
Frentch, for hee kan tell what hee Iz
eetlng when hee Iz att a swell hotell.
Blessld Iz thee man with a short
neck, for whenn he haz thee soar
throtc thslr lz nott sow mutch of ltt.
Blessld Iz thee man with the toot fl
ake, for Iff hee haz hat hee Is aliel
to forget awl other panes and akes.
Blessld iz thee man whoo Iz Inn
luve, for awl other kalamltles ar
the&n forgottln and ar az nothing at
wL v
reed, for hee thuss eskapes thee usual
hlstorlkal novel and alsow the prob
lem novel.
Blessld Iz thee hungry man, for It
hen kan tret liunerv It Ir. kwlto likclv
Thee haz a appetlgbt, and Iff hee haz
a appetlght hee Iz lucky anuybow.
Blessld Iz the child whoo.e parunts
ar poor, for bee will nott have anny
will too bralk niter deth. Chicago
Canada has luu.ooo Indians
United States 27U.H00.
The purlin Is the iiicfI punctual of
birds In the matter of its unniiul li I
gratlon. Thousands of caribou, nr North
American reindeer, uie to be found in
Newfoundland caribou niaUe two mi
nimi migrations south In the fall and
north In the spring.
The niosl familiar examples of mi
grant birds nre swallows, swllts,
white-ears, plovers ami curlews.
The const of Newfoundland Is In
dented by deep ami narrow buys, back
of which rise steep ami rugged hills.
Some few birds, notably the blue
throat, accomplish the whole of their
migratory Journey In one stupendous
Six million persons nre expected by
the Japanese to visit the exhibition
to be opened nt Osaka, Japan, next
Warm feet have much to do with
white hands. When feet are habit
ually cold the bands are always red
or blue.
Germany's latest addition to her
navy Js the Chinese torpedo boat
Hllung, which was caulmcd by the
Germans at Taku.
What Is known as an angel shark,
an ugly fish with an eight-inch mouth
containing three rows of teeth, has
been caught with a hand line at Felix
stowe, England.
More than seven times the distance
round the eaitn has been walked by a
1 lover (Kuglaiiill postman, uniiicd
Eden II. urn, who has Just retired af
ter forty years' service.
When quiet prevails It Is a into-1
shot that there's no baby in the bouse.
Insincerity sings that it wants to
be an angel and then sends for a doc
tor. Tho man who is always howling at
fortune accomplishes quite as much
as the bulldog baying at the barn.
In the natural speeding of events a
mother-in-law now and then shows
herself to be a good fellow by lifting
the mortgage.
It's one thing to write a book and
another to write a right book right.
Baltimore News.
In the Gtato.
Mrs. Emma Chambers, formerly of
this city, has returned home from the
Phillntilne Islands where she has been
with her husband who Is In the 25th
Mrs. N B. Oxley, state deputy or
the Grand Fountain IT. O. T. It., will
deliver an address at the A. M. E.
church Sunday night. Come and hear
Rev. Howard's Infant child Is very
sick. V hope for its recovery.
The quarterly meeting at the M. h.
church Sunday was well attended.
Rev. Caldwell preached the commun
ion sermon at 3 o'clock. Next Sunday
Is Rev. Clarke's last Sunday before the .
annual conference. He desires to see
all bis members and friends.
Class No. 3. Brother A. S. Jones,
lender, gave a unique entertainment
last Thursday night at Mrs. Jackson's
restaurant for the benefit of the A. M.
E. church.
The revival meeting nt tho Mace
donia Hnptist church continues with
much success.
The Independence wholesale and re.
tall department house contemplates
opening April 1.
Rev. Rozelle and wife are on the
sick list, also Mr. Richard Smith and
Miss Lutle Jackson's many friends
tendered her a pleasant surprise last
Thursday nlgbt. .
Miss Pennlch was called to Knnnns
City last "Week on account of her
father being sick.
We nre glad to see Miss Effle Fisher
out again. She bns been suffering
w ith nn attack of the grip.
Mrs. Julia Chrlsmnn Is contemplat
ing spending a few weeks In Texas.
We w ish her n pleasant trh).
Secure I he Rising Son t. Mil Thoiuiis
Stanton, fie per copy. The liveliest
ami newsiest paper published. Wo
want every Negro in this clly to read
Tlie genius of the church depends
on its genesis.
Heavenly Hum mi Is better than
earthy mammon.
I 'oes w it limit are Iohb to be feared
linn In i 1 1 1 m within.
Wuleli out for the devil when hn
bids yon "liisid by."
tllil I rut lis are too great n price to
pay lor new doubts.
The temperature of the heart ran
not be gngeil by the head.
Kelllshness Is the cause of sin nud
Nncrlllelng 'service Its cure.
Men are valued by others In almut
the Inverse ratio of their own valua
tion. The star of faith will shine long
niter the comet of fume has disap
peared. To take the fuel of lust into the
heart Is to Invite Its fires to consume
the lire.
The II rst thing some people do when
troubles fly Into their lives is to clip
their wings.
Happiness depends not on the things
the heart has but. on the heart that
has the things.
Almost every fool thinks that he
is bright enough to throw dust in the
t ycs of the Divine.
Talk about "looking for opportunl
t'es for ilolng good!" We may as
well talk about looking for fire-wood
In a for'st or for water during a
flood. The world Is full of such op
port unities.
Some people make a great show of
(Icing from the roaring lion Hint men
may not see the secret serpents they
cany in their pockets Ham's Horn.
The Best Disinfectants.
A one tenth percent solution of cor
rosive sublimate Is the only disinfect
ant capable of killing all Injurious mi
crobes. A five per cent solution of
carbolic acid kills all except anthrax.
Formalin Is very deadly to diphtheria
bacilli and carbolic add to tubercle.
Freight Sent from Pittsburg.
Pittsburg Is the great coal and steel
center of the United States. On one
day recently !27 trains moved out oi'
the city on five different railways.
There were 4!,'.'25 cars and their ef t'
mated tonnage was 1,756,550 tons.

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