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Monte Carlo the Beauty Spot of Europe Famous Gamblic
Rooms Furnished by Nature With Most Mag.
nificent Setting.
(Special Correspondence.)
In a little town situated In the
heart of the Rock Mountains the.e
dwelt a community of individuals who
delved for gold and other valuables
In the daytime, and at night sat
around In the various places of resort,
exchanging lies, or devising schemes
to get rid of their hard-earned go!
without recolvlng a quid pro quo. In
plain language Kokomo was a mining
A murder was committed one day,
and the murderer was caught red
handed, or, rather, he caught him
self, for he did not try to escape,
actually Bending a messenger for the
sheriff, while he guarded the corpus
delicti himself. It was well toward
evening, and the thermometer had
taken a sudden fancy to drop twenty
-degrees below zero.
There was absolutely no way of
scape for a criminal, and when the
sheriff escorted bis prisoner to the
Jail he did not worry about the in
security of that structure.
"Jim," quoth he to his prisoner, "I
hain't got no key, an' can't lock you
up, but it's my duty to put you In
Jail, for If I don't Bomebody will ac
cuse me of bein' bribed, besides it's
thunderln' cold, Jim. Tell you what
you do, Jim, If you git too cold, come
over to Sample's, where I'll be, an'
warm up."
Saying which he shut the door on
the prisoner, who did not appear to be
much worried over the situation, but
apparently he became cold or lone
somefor later on that evening he left
the narrow precincts of bis prison,
-quits unconcernedly, and started
ou- to find his friend the sheriff and
et warmed up.
The sheriff at that particular time
was enjoying a game of billiards at
Sample's saloon, with the judge of the
court, the clerk and about twenty
prominent citizens, standing, or sit
ting around a red-hot, big-bellied
stove, watching the game. The sher
iff had massed the balls In a corner
of the table, and was about to make a
fot whin he felt his arm touched.
Turning instantly, he saw his prison
er" with an anxious look on his
"Well, Jim," said he, putting down
his cue, "wnat Is It?"
"Nothing much," replied Jim,
"thought I'd come over and warm up.
But say, Bill, if you'd made that
shot, you'd a missed. Give me the
cue and I'l run the string out."
The others consenting, Jim took
the cue and not only run the game
"So I stooped down
oat, but made a string of about a hun
dred over. Everybody at that quit
the game and gathered about the hot
stove to discuss the man who had
handled a cue in that fashion, all
agreeing that he ought to possess
some redeeming trait, although he
had Just killed Bill Jackson. The
Judge, after ordering hot whiskies for
the crowd, set the pace for Jim to
tell about It
"Thar ain't much to tell, Judge,"
ealu 'Viw., '-but I don't allow it war my
faulti 111 Jackson has alius had It in
fur me.' I alius seemed to be glttln'
In his way, an' the more I tried to
keep away from hira, the more I ran
agin him. I never seemed to git along
nohow, I was alius the under dog.
Bill doclared I was his hoodoo.
He said I was a nightmare, an' It
made him shiver only to see me
around. He swore he would kill me
tf I didn't keep out of his way, an'
very time be come across me oa the
street nut thinking' of him at all, ht
Just up an' fought me an I alius got
the worst of it
"Well, this evenln', along late In
the afternoon, he run Into me as I
was turnln' a corner, an' he swore I
did It apurpose, but how could IT
Then Bill says: 'Damn you, I've got
you now where tbar ain't nobody
looking an' I'll Just kill you an' feel
easier.' With that he draws his gun
and says: 'Say your prayers, it you've
got any, afore you git sent over the
range whar you'll never come back
to bother me.' I didn't keer much
about whether I was dead or alive,
but just at that moment I felt as If
I wanted to live, so I stooped down
without thlnkln' an' picked up
rock that happened to be layln' thar.
an' dashed It at him. I didn't have no
gun nor anything else about me, an'
I had no thought to kill BUI. I just
threw the rock for luck, an' It hap
pened to slam him In the face. That's
all thar is to it, judge."
"Jim, was Bill dead when you left
him?" asked the judge.
"I don't know. Judge," answered
Jim. "He fell down when the rock
struck bim; that's all I know about it.
I ain't no doctor, but I opine he was
unconscious or he'd a shot."
"I suggest that we visit the res
gestae," said the clerk of the court
"Second the motion," said a town
councilman. "Let's take suthin' hot
first; It's on me. What you go In' to
have, Jim?"
In a few minutes the party returned
to their former position around the
hot stove, and after quiet was re
stored, the Judge spoke:
"Mr. Sheriff, open court."
This having been done in the usual
fashion, with the preliminary com
mand, "Hats off, gentlemen; court's
is session," the clerk called the case
of "the people gainst James Burley,
charged with the murder of William
A jury of twelve was then impan
eled and the defendant Interposing
no objection the prosecuting attorney
examined witnesses, who testified to
the finding of the corpus delicti and
the defendant's admissions.
Jim repeated his story, and vol
unteers on his behalf testified that a
careful examination of the res gestae
disclosed the fact that a big rock lay
beside the dead man, and that In his
hand was a gun, on the trigger of
which was still pressed a frozen fin
ger,, one cartridge of said gun being
empty that Is to say, the one upon
which the hammer had fallen when
the trigger was pulled.
Joe Bowers, a policeman and a for
mer cow puncher from Arizona, after
qualifying as an expert, testified that
Bill Jackson must have been ready
with his gun before the rock was
thrown, for the reason that the gun
without thinking."
could have been drawn quicker than
stooping to pick up a rock from the
ground. That It was impossible to
tell whether Bill Jackson was killed
tiy the roc thrown by the prisoner
cr whether he had frozen to death
while lying unconscious after he fell.
Further, that, in his opinion, It was
a special dispensation of Providence
that Bill Jackson was to die before
Jim Burley, and that It was a mere
accident, if not a clear case of self
cefense. The testimony having all been ad
duced, the Judge charged the jury,
who returned a verdict of "not
guilty" without leaving their seats.
After shaking hands with the pris
oner and congratulating him upon his
acquittal, arrangements were made
to bury Bill Jackson, and the judge
and sheriff resumed their Interrupted
game of billiards, with Jim Burley as
referee. Dupont Vicars In Chicago
Record-Herald. 1
HE Riviera Is In full
Nice, Monte Carlo,
and Mentone are
crowded with guests.
But most people will
find that beautiful, sub
tle, sinister place called
Monte Carlo the most
attractive spot In the
whole little paradise of towns that
stretch along the Mediterranean In
these regions. The love of gambling
remains one of the primordial In
stincts of mankind, and also one of
the strongest
lately a distinguished man of
science has been Investigating Monte
msv mm
Carlo from the scientific point of view.
This remarkable man, Sir Hiram Max
im, discusses all subjects In the cold
light of reason. He has made a vast
fortune by a death-dealing machine
which has sent more men to dust than
possibly any plague of modern times.
You may talk of great statesmen, of
wonderful generals, of magnificent tac
tics, but In the last resort It was Sir
Hiram Maxim that decided the battles
and the fates of nations.
Behold Sir Maxim, then, at the
tables of Monte Carlo, and indifferent,
like nature, to the poor human pas
sions of hope and despair surging
round him, examining the whole thins
as he might a new shell.
Out of a very long article, I choose
this passage as summing up In very
clear terms, his judgment of the
chances for and against the player
when he fights against M. Blane with
the tables as the battle ground.
He describes how a little guide book
to Mnnto Carlo laid down that the
chances between the player and the
bank were as CO to CI and that the
winnings of the bank were $.".,000,000
a year.
He says:
"This appeared to Indicate to me
that the players of Europe and Amer
ica took 1305,000,000 to Monte Carlo
ever year, staked It, won back 1300,
000,000. and left $5,000,000 with the
bank. The magnitude of these figures
staggered me. I could not understand
It. Surely It could not be true. Still,
Entrance te
If the bank actually won I5,ooo.ooo
a year, and Its chances were only 1 In
CO bettor than the players, It was
quite evident that $305,000,000 must
have been slaked. However, upon vis
iting Monte Carlo and carefully study-
Ing the play, I found that, Instead of
the players taking $30& .noo.000 to
Mooto Carlo, and losing $5,0uo,000 of J
ill JC $k
141 ' yfcfww
aj v w i. i t. . i
Hfwr-? . s ;-i v-. Maf
It, the total amount probably did not
exceed $5,000,000, of whlrh the bank.
Instead of winning, as shown in the
guide book, about 1V4 per cent, actual
ly won rather more than 90 per cent;
therefore, the advantages In favor of
the bank, Instead of being CI to 60,
were approximately 10 to 1."
Before I give a delightful and char
acteristic little picture of Monte Carlo
life from Sir Hiram Maxim's pen, I
ought to premise to those who don't
understand the laws of the tables that
there are thirty-six numbers and zero
on the roulette table. When zero
turns up the punter gets nothing; the
bank takes half his stake, and this is
supposed to represent the advantage
& S3".
ft bank has over the player. Now
bearing this In mind, read the follow
ing little episode of Monte Carlo life;
it will show the absolute and incura
ble fatuity with which so many people
play there:
"While at Monte Carlo I became
acquainted with a married couple who
went there every day to the bank,
drew out 40, divided equally be
tween them, and then went to the
Casino, and played until they bad lost
their money. They generally com
menced by staking a 20 franc piece at
a time. If they won, they added a 29
franc piece to their little pile on the
table. If they lost, they replenished
their pile with another 20 franc piece,
from their pocket. On one occasion. 1
noticed that the wife was patiently
backing red, while the husband qu!t
as patiently backed black.
"When one lost, the other won, and
at each put down 20 francs at eacli
coup, they kept even so long as zero
did not come up, but when zero did
come up they lost half their stake
that is, the bank took from tho two
players 20 francs, and as about ono
coup was playod In a minute, It fol
lowed that the zero eamo up on an
average once In every thirty-seven
minutes. Their average losses would
therefore, be 20 francs every thirty
seven minutes, and this sum when
only 20 francB was staked; but at the
play dragged on they usually staked
throe or four times that amount, their
money lasting them from about 1
Gambling Room.
o'clock In the afternoon until 0 or 7
o'clock In the evening."
And so, of course, at, the end of a
certain number. of flays 4 r weeks, this
excellent couple had Jost all (he
money with which they had come.
This may appear an exceptional caso:
fmm wfcat I have heard. It Is very
typical of Monte Carlo life.
Miss Florence E. Kenah, 43 Maria street, Ottawa, Ont., writes'
A few months ago I caught a severe cold, which settled on my
lungs and remained there so persistently that I became alarmed. I
took medicine without benefit, until my digestive organs became
upset, and my head and back began to ache severely and frequently.
was advised to try Peruna, and although I had little faith I
felt so sick that I was ready to try anything. It brought me blessed
relief at once, and I felt that I had the right medicine at last. Within
three weeks I was completely restored and have enjoyed perfect
health since.
" I now have the greatest faith In Peruna." P. E. KENAH.
WOMEN should beware of contract
ing catarrh. The cold wind and
are especially conducive to catarrhal de
rangements, l ew women escae.
Upon tho first symptoms of catching
cold, reruna should be taken. It fortifies
the system against colds and catarrh.
The following letter gives one young
woman's experience with I'eruna:
Miss Kose tierbing is a popular society
woman of Crown I'oitit, lad., and she
writes the following :
"Kecently I took a long drive in the
country, and leing too thinly clad I caught
a bad cold which settled on my lungs, and
which I could not seem to shake oil. I had
beard a great deal of I'eruna for colds and
Proving Truth of Old Adage.
Secretary Shaw was noticed to Join
heartily in singing the hymns while
at church on a recent Sunday. A
friend whom he met outside comment,
cd on tho fact and Mr. Shaw said In
Lis slow drawling way: "Well, they
say money talks. It that's true tho
secretary of tne treasury ought to
Gen. Sauisler Resigns Post
Gen. Saussler, cx-nillltary governor
of Paris, has resigned his position as
a member of the higher council of war
on account of 111 health. The General
is in bis seventy fifth year. He took
part in twenty-four campaigns and
has the grand cross of the Legion of
The Gambler and His Victims.
The New York gambler who left tho
shortest will on record ws just so
much better tiff than thosti who went
up against his game. Most of them
could leave a Inst testament like this:
"I'leaso bury mo In tho clothes 1 bad
on when I cashed In. Uncle Cleorgo
will pay tho funeral expeusos."
The Cost of Monarchy.
It Is roughly estimated that slncn
the accession of King Edward no less
than GO, ooo has been spent by tho
olllcc of works In the retiovntioti of
royal residences. Of these llut-klng-ham
I'alaee and Marlborough Hoiiho
have required by far the grcateut at
tention. A Tame Sea Gull.
An entertaining Inridont oreurred
on the roof of a London coach one
morning recently. As the vehicle was
proceeding over Hlockfrlnrs bridge, a
sea gull took his stand on tiio roof and
took little or no notice or his fellow
passengers. He rode severnl blocks
and a young working girl opened a
parcel containing her day's food and
gave the gull sumo bread, which lie
ate with avidity.
Cautioned Bret Harte.
Ex-Mlnlster Strnus tells a new one
on Iirot Hnrto. lie snys that when
Halle was sent to (ilitHpiw us I'uited
Hiatus consul he asked the gun-clary
of state for Instructions. The secre
tary told him thai ho was Moing
aliitiad with laurels on his brow, and
that ho should be careful uot to
browse on his laurels.
Uncle Reuben Says:
"I'm reitll.ln' dnt I hasn't cmited
no pertiekler einntnusliiin In dls world,
but as an offset a in eousiilln' myself
wld de reflection dnt d world has bin
none du worse for my llvln" In it. If 1
haven't helped, I haven't butt." De
troit Free i'less.
Queer Name for Street.
A remarkable specimen of ntrcet
naming lu Toledo, the tiiicii-iit capital
of Spain, Is cited by a coi 'respondent
of the Pall Mall Cazette. It is Valid
lkil Diablo IVrtenee ui Ayiinturiil":i
to," or, In English, 'The I'evil Ho-King8-tu-t
he-Municipal -Count' 11 rilixut."
Crops of Manitoba.
The Manitoba potato crop amounted
to 4,459.32s bushels and the root crop
to 2,230,905 bushel Thera nre l,t2t
thrashing outfits In the province.
catarrh and I liotigbt a bottle to try. I am
pleased that I did, for it brought speedy
relief. It onlv took aliout two Ik. tiles, and
I considered this money well spent.
"You have a lirm friend in me, and 1
not only advise its use to mv friends, but
have purchased several buttles to give to
those without the means to buv, and have
noticed without exception that it has
brought alKiut a speedy cure wherever it
has linen used." Miss Kose (ierhing.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
lartory results from the use of I'eruna,
write at once to lr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your casn and be will be
pleased togive you his valuable wlvicegiatis.
Address Ir. Ilartman. I'tesident of I'l
Harlman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
Has Led Adventurous Life.
Dr. Arthur Evans, who lectured re
cently at jo Uoyal Institution, Lon
don, upon tho moet remarkable
archnologleal discovery of modern
times, has been a traveler and digger
of tho soil all his days, and has, on
at least ono occasion, spent a term
In an Austrian prison for supposed
complicity lu an insurrection.
Justice In France.
The presiding Judge at tho Seine
(France) Assles tho other day per
formed the somewhat reinnrknble feat
of Inflicting HiO years' penal servitude
anil 70 years' Imprisonment In Just
flvo minutes by the clock. Tho sen
tences passed were on defaulters, of
whom there were fourteen, with the
average of fifteen years a inluutu.
Protect home Industry.
There Is very littlo doubt now that
a bill will sliortly bo Introduced to
prevent tho Influx of uinleslrablo
aliens Into England. Such a measure
bus become absolutely necessary, as
It is declared Unit our own criminal
classes nro now finding It dltucult to
i-uiu u living. London I'uucli.
Sons and Fathers.
Prof. Sparks complains Hint boys
to-day meet their fathers as equals
Instead of looking up to thorn us they
did In the days of John Qulncy Ad
ams. It the professor will Just go
uround a little moro he will discover
thut tho father Is lucky whoso boys
do not look dowu on hlui.
Spanish Blood In America.
Of tin. lu.niiii, ( inhabitants of
Mexico ln.ii'Mi.iHMi me (,f pure Indian
type. In t ie Kpanbh American re
public, in the southern I'liiitlc, the
soldiers of Plzaro made n much deep
or radical impression, the majority of
persons in nil t'.ie cities being half
breeds cholos, lis they are culled.
Where Hjts Are Unknown.
Although hais with first tniiniifao
turod In Kngland by Spaniards as far
back as l.'.lo, there are purls of Spain
where the hat Is unknown, excopt la
pictures. The men, when they need
i covering, tie up their heads, und the
'.Kllliell use llowuis.
Legislature Honors Pioneer.
The .Vuili lisKoia leuisluturo has
Just past-ed sulfide resolutions on
fie death of ('apt. Alexander Crlggs,
the pioneer steambi at t a plain of the
He Hivcr, who founded the town of
Ciiund l'or'iis.
A Perfume Spring.
What Is stated to be a spring giving
ftirtli a liquid resembling essence of
vilet both in perfume and chwmlcal
rr.mposillou, has been tllsoereil la a
valley uear Mi:!au, Aveyron, France.
Woman Sanitary Inspector.
Miss (ieuevievo Wilson has been
appointed sanitary Inspector at
Orange, N. .1. Miss Wilson Is tho nluco
of Bishop Alilel Leonard, Protestaut
Episcopal hifchop of I'tah and Nevada,
who has been u leader lu the philan
thropic and reform movements not
only in Knit Uike City, but through
out th West. She is a trained nurse
and is expected to iiiako u record.
if V-

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