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FRED A. TURNER, Associate Eld
tor. LEWIS WOODS,"."'. httMwa MaoAgeK
Published Every Work
On Tor H
f ;i month. 79
t'trrr uimittu M
One muntb U
Strictly pnld In dinoe
Enttnd at the ',( Ojffirt at Kanms CStj,
at .sni,ii ClttM Matttr.
Correspondents wanted In every city
ana town iti this mate. Write us.
All new mutter Intended for pub
lication should reach our ollii'e not In
ter th.w Tutcdity, of each week and
must tie signed by tho writer not for
publication, but a. fc'uaranue of auth
enticity, OFFICEl-No. 117 West Sixth 8t.,
Kima City, Mo.
t , - L IM. n.
AUvrrtmliiK Rtf,
for on lh. one lnrrtlin W
('or one Inrli, t'nch .utwtjiiFQt Insertion.
Y"t two !Brki', thn r ruotnli i.uu
For two iDiliri, mi month B nu
For two lrn'hr, nlnft month. UMW
For two lucue. twrive month. IS 00
The paid circulation
of The Rising Son
is more than double
the combined circu
lation of all the other
Kansas City Colored
weekly newspapers.
In South Canilir.it there are 1 r,."i.iM
ccilottil it'lnlls. ami i:i.m white
adults. In I In- l'-t'i.-lat urf. t'oiniitei of
iiii niluMs ainl iiiuinimoti.-ly lletno
( laiir, there is not one roloml man
in i i'lii r lionsf. This has not. been
tho la. i licl'uiv hinre Ni uro nil'run-
hi.-i iiii nt.
Well, iliis is simply In ki plni; weith
itn iialiii' eomlitions. I In- more Hie Ne.
kio i , s 1 1 1 and unresist inuly retires,
Hie more he Will lie eonipelleil to give
iil. Retreating has never won a hat
tie, riimliiil a mountain nor overrome
an oli-taele. - St. l.uWo Herald.
The Rlsinj. Son a devoted to the
best interests of our rase, a fearle.su
ndvorato of i iu'ht ami rair play. There
are those in high places, who read nml
receive this paper and Its benefits who
think that, printers' Ink mid labor lire
produced by wind anil talk. Now, to
nil men wo nsk you asain to pny us
what you owe. Some of you hnvo
gained your notoriety through this
paper. Come and fee us with tin;
The man who has learned to do
something itt, . than any one else,
who has learned to do a common thing
in an uncommon manner, is the man
who has a powi r atid influence that no
adverse surroundings can take fr.m
him. It is bitter to show a man how
to make a plan- for himself than to
put him in one that some one else
has made for him.
We advise some of our white friends
to be a Negro for an hour or two. and
then honestly tiny what you would do,
if you hail to remain a Negro. Strange
as it may seem, a Negro Is a human
being, made of flesh, blood and bone,
and can feel pain. hate, contempt and
outrage, Just exactly like other people.
This is really true! St. i.uke Herald.
Of course, you would fight.
There are ho many false leaders and
hypocrites In our churches thai It has
become our duty to investigate and
from now on the Rising Son shall ex
pose a few of these impostors. To the
good man you need not fear, do your
duty; to the renegade and Immoral one
we ask you to move and net right,
l-ook for the Son.
The monovla business men's edition
eame to our office this wek. It is a
splendid paper, ably edited, with ruts
or the leading men of the I.Iberian
Republic and a host of business and
professional advertisements. From
the appearance of the paper It appears
that Etheopia Is about to stretch forth
her hands. Success to the "African
A national convention of Negroes
as advocated by the "Negro Advocate"
of Virginia meets our approval. We
are for a united effort on the part of
Negroes for an even brake as positive
American citizens. He who would be
lice should ami must take action. Let
us have the convention by all means,
but how about Cleveland or Indianap
olis. W A NT Elv S EVER A 1, 1 K R SON S
of character an good reputation in
each Ktato (one in this county re
quired) to represent and advertise an
old established wealthy business house
of solid financial standing. Salary
$21. ut) weekly and expenses additional,
all payablo in cash each Wednesday
direct from head office. Horse ami
carriage, furnished when necessary.
References. Enclose self-addressed
envelope. Colonlul Co., 334 Dearborn
St., Chicago.
We have often been told that a Col
ored professional man could not sue
reed In Kansas City, Mo.
We have lived to see the contrary
established to the full satisfaction of
all who have held the contrary opinion
Col. (Seo. O. Wassom came to Kansas
City In October. 1901. a stranger, but
well Indorsed by men of reputation,
who stood at the head of the legal
profession, where he had lived for
years. For six months after he and
family landed here bnt little was
known or seen of him, until he had
gone before the examining board of
the Jackson County liar, where he was
admitted to the practice of his profes
sion. Since which time he has been
employed In quite a number of leading
cases and acquited himself with great
credit and Is an honor to the bar of
our cosmopolitan city. It Is a fact that
he to-day does more business than all
the other Colored lawyers combined
in our city- -and does It In an honor
able professional way.
He is a moral man, with a refined
and educated family: his wife Is a
graduate of Ohciiln, . His daughter
is a graduate of the Austin High
School. Shaw I'niverslty, and lonard
Medical College; also of Rellvlew Hos
pital of New York City. The Colonel
Is a graduate of Maryvllle College, and
bears a personal letter of Indorsement
from the old president, who has known
him for nearly forty years. He Is a
member of our city board of associated
charities: also a director of the Col
ored Children's Orphanage of this city.
We need more men who have a fixed
purpose In life, and Is willing to ex
tend a helping hand to a weak race,
He Is honorable, polite and the white
members of the bar treat him with all
respect that any good and respectable
citizen could, or should demand. He
Is a good lawyer, a Republican In poll
ties, a gentliman by nature and we
wish him many years of usefulness
among our people.
Archbishop Ireland Write Encourag
ingly to Prof. J. Silas Harris.
St. Paul. Minn., Feb. 2), 1!)03.
Prof. .1. Silns Harris,
Kansas City, Mo.
My Dear Sir:
I thank you for your kind letter con
veying to nie your approval of the
words spoken by me in Chicago. I am
not discouraged over the prospects
looming up before the Negro race.
Theie Is na eddy in the current
which seems nl times to flow back
wards, but this only to flow forward
again with greater strength.
It Is reported Hint Prof. Harris has
been offered the principalshlp of one
of the St. Willis schools.
Kansas City, Mo March 3, l!Hi3.
Office of the Postmaster,
Publishers, Rising Son,
Kansas City, Mo.
In response to your Inquiry. I beg to
say your publication is duly entered
as second class matter at this office
and regularly mailed.
Very respectfully,
J. 11. HARRIS.
The Rblng Son Is the only paper
published by Colored people in Kansas
City. Mo., that Is entered nt the post
office as second class mail.
Friends of the Old Colored People's
home, an Institution for the support of
aged Negro men and women and for
orphans, situated between Twenty
fourth and Twenty-fifth streets on
Michigan avenue, will give an enter
tainment for the benefit of the home
Tuesday evening, February 24. at Tur
ner hall. Vaudeville work will be put
on by the Hailey children, stereoptieon
views will be shown by Mrs. M. Isee.
It Is said that the home Is In especial
need of funds just now and this enter
tainment s given with a view to re
lieving the situation as much as possi
ble. The Old People's Home Is a worthy
cause and should be patronized.
Mrs. liosee is one of the charitably
Inclined ladles of the city. She has
given this entertainment before for
charity. The effort should be appre
ciated, i
Lying may be wicked, but It Is still
The faster a man Is the slower he Is
about paying his debts.
Luck Is a mighty uncertain thing to
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A piece of a woman's mind Is not
good for her husband's peace of mind.
Every cloud may have a Bllver lin
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A man is not in a calm condition
when he finds it im possible to raise
the wind.
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their mouths Rhut when they have
nothing to say.
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tucky every day to float a Fteamshlp
but, of course, It never gets a chance
io do It.
Other Way Round.
People In New York have been ar
rested for smuggling cigars In hay.
Some of the manufacturers should get
their bumps for smuggling hay Into
.... y3S&
A Letter from Hon. John 8. Wis Re
plying to a Virginia Judge.
An Indictment Against Virginia-
Methods and Unlawful Acta.
New York. December 22, 1902,
My Iear Judge:
Thank you once again for that aweet
kind letter so grateful at this particu
lar time when so many folka are say
Ing mean things about me. They do
not disturb me, because I know I am
right and that they are wrong. When
a man knows he is right he Is serene
and abuse does not ruffle him. The
knowldege that they are violating
plighted faith, and the dolrg mean,
disreputable and dishonest things
makes them Irritable and abusive. In
a sense their wrath amuses me. In
another sense I am moved by pity for
their narrow-mindedness and vlndlc
tlveness. They cannot turn back the
hands of time or obliterate history.
I agree most heartily with all you
say about the Importance of denying
suffrage to Ignorance, and limiting It
to Intelligence. Any fair limitation of
the right to those sufficiently educated
to possess understanding as well as
character must be approved by every
right-thinking man; but when the Urn
nations are not Imposed In good faith;
when they are applied with the con
fessed purpose of race discrimination;
and when they are enacted by fraudu
lent abandonment of pledge and In
defiance of all authority; the ques-
tlons resulting are broader than any
question of party or color and recur to
the proposition whether, in defiance of
law and precedent, a fractional oli
garchy, In perpetuity, can establish
Itself, by ove rthrowing all Democratic-
Republican government In any state of
the Union.
That Is the question presented by
the Virginia situation. We are Just
at the threshold of the Inquiry. You
are much mistaken If you consider my
cause Is lost. I went to the courts
simply to have a judicial determina
tion whether the courts have power
to redress this character of wrong.
If the Supreme Court sustains the
views of the court below, Congress will
confront this Issue with no pretense
for saying the sufferers have redress
In the courts. It must meet the re
sponsibility, and cannot shut Its eyes
to the fact that every promise of the
nation to the Negro race si anils brok
en. In defiance of the pledges which
the slates gave the nation thirty years
ago; and that if they are to remain
broken, the nation stands guilty of a
wrong and a crime to these people.
No people can exist In a free com
munity without the power of self-protection.
The Ideas of freedom and
political serfdom are Inconsistent. The
men who freed the slaves Baw this so
dearly that they bestowed suffrage
upon the NegroeB. as a means of poli
tical self-protection, pre-maturely.
Negro suffrage, as and when It was
conferred, was both a crime and a
blunder. It never ought to hnve been
conferred at the time It was. It ought
to have been made gradual. But It
was conferred, wisely or unwisely.
And the Southern States solemnly cov
enanted to accept It. At the present
time It Is nothing like as dangerous
or as monstrous a proposition as It was
then. There are thousands and hun
dreds of thousands of Negros fully
qualified for the exercise of suffrage.
The element of uplifted ignorance
might easily be reached by equitable
laws if they were fairly administered;
and the evil might thus be practically
Hut a foul device, thinly disguised,
but universally admitted, whereby It
Is sought to remit every Negro possi
ble to political slavery, without touch
ing the lowest or most Ignorant white,
Is repugnant to every sense of man
hood, of far-sightedness, or good faith.
The Negro is not what he was thirty
years ago. We, as much as anybody
else, have encouraged in him the aspir
ation for liberty and the sense of
manhood. With those feelings stimu
lated and those rights acknowledged
by us, we have seen him rear children,
pay his taxes, accumulate property,
vote, serve the state as her soldier
and grow up not only with the pride
of citizenship, but bearing Its burdens
along with his white fellow-cltlzens,
Is it manly, Is it just, Is It honest, to
seek now to filch him out of bis
rights, to trample out his ambitions,
to remit him to a servile position?
Would any white race stand It? Can
we expect him to remain with us, so
degraded? Can we afford to lose him?
With his place vacant where would
we be? Do we not boast that he Is
the best of servants? Are we not
spared the tyranny of more exciting
laboring classes? Would not our con
dition be pltable If by a course of mean
tyranny and the denial to him of rights
which we are pledged by every consid
eration of honor and of Interest to re
spect. If wo drove him from our midst?
No, sir, we could not afford It. Thore
Is not a pig-headed, bourbon, fool, Negro-hater
living who, when pressed,
will not admit these truths.
And If it be true that honor and self
interest make it so that his lot Is cast
with us, in the name of reason and
humanity, I ask, what have we to lose
by being Just and humane to him, or
by according to him those political
rights which white men deem esentlal
to the protection and the preservation
of their liberty?
God help the state that falls within
the control of small souls who cannot
see these great truths through the
bloody mists of race prejudice. If Vir
ginians are not large enough and broad
enough to see them, then her old race
of statesmen Is extinct, and the pig
mies and degenerates who guide her
destines now will have to be curbed
and led away from political and eco
nomic suicide by the stronger and
broader and truer humanity which
controls the nation. Our people can
not Ignore the existence of the nation.
Dy bitter and bloody experience we
learned wo) could not dissolve the
Union. Against our will and In spite
of us, these black people were made
And, once more, If the Southern
people are so narrow and behind the
advancement of the age, as to seek to
violate their plighted faith, and to re
mand this race to slavery, they may
bring down upon themselves the heavy
hand which has never smitten them
without carrying Its point.
We hear a great deal of fine talk
about the soverlgnty of these eommun
'ties nowadays, and about their right
to regulate their own social and poli
tical problems. But Virginia's son,
John Marshall warned them nearly a
century ago, that the soverlgnty was
subordinate to federal authority, In
matters which federal laws reach, and
the federal laws Is supreme on ques
tions or citizenship. They have paid
bitterly In the past for Ignoring these
We heard much also of the duty to
maintain white supremacy. This talk
springs from no honest fear that
white supremacy 8 Imperilled. It la
Intended to enlist race sympathy from
those who will not take the trouble to
Inform themselves upon the problem.
But I say God help a white supremacy
attained by breach of plighted faith to
the nation; by cruel and unjust race
discrimination against the blacks; by
taws ordained without any legal sane
tlon; lacking In any broad annrehen
slon of the true relations between the
races; dictated by vicious and half
civilized race prejudice, and com
muted, for their administration, to
willing tools, whose only Idea of civic
duty or loyalty Is to work to perpe
tuate the rule of the faction which
installed them.
Do not tell me that government un
der any such auspices will be better.
No government so conceived or so ex
ecuted, win he better than the bad men
wno sieze It. or the worst men who
administer It. It Is not democratic or
republican government. It Is the dom
ination of a fart Ion which neither re
spects the principles of government
it pretends to administer, the rights
of the governmed. nor Its own pledges.
"Doing evil that good may come of it"
lias been the pretense of usurpers and
tyrants from the time that govern
ment began, with the invariable re
sult thnt the evil has been done and
the promised god did not come of It.
I feel a contempt for the expression
so often heard that even If the method
resorted to, to eliminate the Negro
vote, was bad and vicious, the results
will emancipate thought In Virginia
and build up what the parties using
this argument of con enlence are
pleased to predict, will be two respec
table parties there. In a word, that
with the Negro vote removed as a fus.
Ing Influence upon the whites, the
whites will divide upon public issues.
as they have not done before.
Those who talk this way are of two
classes they are either Democrats.
who do not believe what they say, and
say it as a consoling balm to their own
consciences, or in order to reconcile
credulous opponents; or they are peo
ple who hope always for better thlngt
and do not know the men who de
vised and are executing the scheme.
Verily, the man Is gullible who with
knowledge of the career of the people,
who have been piloting the politics of
Virginia for the past thirty years.
thinks that they have done anything
or planned anything which will per
mit the power which they have seized,
and In which they have intrenched
themselves with such care and cun
ning, and toil, to slip from their grasp
now or hereafter.
Have not forty-seven of these men
ordained a constitution which they
were solemnly pledged to submit to
the people for ratification or rejec
tion? Have they not, while refusing
to take any oaths themselves. In di
rect defiance of the law under which
they were assembled, exacted oaths
of fealty to their work, from every
officeholder, great and small, In the
commonwealth, under threat of vacat
ing his office unless he acknowledges
their supremacy within thirty days
from the time they asserted It?
Have they not deliberately, by ordi
nance, provided for the amendment of
ail existing registration laws and the
disfranchisement of at least two-fifths
of the electorate which chose them,
without consulting that electroate, as
they promised to do?
Did they not so jealously regard this
new enrollment of voters that they
consulted their partisans In every part
Makes the
plo is not
for $1.00,
Aetval Rstslts Iroai Bstd
i o4&
ry ,L -
of the state and named personally
every member of every registration
! board In every magisterial district and
In every ward of the state. Who ever
saw such an act or ordinance as thla
before? Were these men chosen to
carry out the plans of these consnlra
tors, or for a fair and exalted purpose?
Let every citizen of Virginia, af
fected by the work of these tools of
this conspiracy, answer this last query
In the light of his knowledge of the
character and attainments of the In
dividuals chosen at his home to do
this deed of political murder.
And finally, has not every appointee,
beneficiary and recipient of prefer
ment, since this alleged new constitu
tion has been put Into operation, been
one of those who planned It, and for
whose benefit Is was devised? Read
the list and answer me.
Do not tell me they Intend to lose
their grip. The statement is a reflex
tlon upon your Intelligence or upon
mine. I tell you they gained this
power, corruptly, to enjoy It them
selves; and will retain It as unscrupu
lously as they gained it.
Under the plea of fettering the Ne
gro they have fettered all the whites
also. There Is no more hope of white
men successfully overcoming their fac
tlonal domination than there was that
black men, or black and white men,
would do so. The poor deluded people
of the state have, under the false fears
excited by appeals to their race prej-
uniees, allowed the coterie of Bourbon
politicians, typified by the leaders In
this convention, to fix upon them a
thraldom, the end of which no man
living can foresee, unless it Is broken
by the power of the law; and Judicially
declared to be, as it is, an outrage
upon the rights of the people. It Is
worse than any monarchy, for It has no
single head to chop off. It Is as speci
ous In Its pretences of benefits, and
will be, If it is permitted to stand, as
tyrannical and corrupt as the Vent
tlan Seignory of Forty.
In spite of all these people say to
the contrary. I love Old Virginia better
than any spot on earth, and her old
glory is as dear to me as to any
of her sons. I am heartily ashamed
of what has been done there. I will
break It up root and branch if I can,
as a duty which I owe, not only to my
clients, but to my native state. If I
cannot, that is all: but I am neither
afraid nor ashamed to try. even if I
be the only white son of Virginia who
feels as I do.
Is It or not natural that the Negroes,
who are wronged by this thing, should
seek in every way in their power, to
obtain redress?
Are they so beneath the notice of
the law that they are not entitled to
seek its protection?
Are their claims so preposterous and
outrageous that a reputable lawyer
cannot present and urge them without
aspersion upon his character and abil
ity? These questions bring their own an
swers. A negative answer must come
from every honest man. lawyer or lay
man, for It Is the boast of our profes
sion that no man is so humble, or even
so base, that he Is not entitled to have
the best aspect of his case presented
to a court for Judgment; and that no
human being is so low In the scale of
human rights or political consideration,
that the highest court in the land
should turn a deaf ear to his prayer
for life, liberty and the pursuit of
I took their case, knowing full well
the unreasoning and brutal prejudice
my actions would excite. How could
I doubt this would be bo, when I re
called that my father's life-long serv
ice to the state did not protect his
gray hairs from villainous aspersions
when he defended Calhoun In the may
oralty contest In Virginia in the sev
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I have undertaken the task cf bring
ing these galants to book, and we will
play this game to a finish. It ma? end
In the courts, or It may end In con
gress, or It may end In tome other
way, but If they think It Is ended or
that It Is even fairly begun, they are
reckoning without their host and woe
fully deluding themselves.; It" la too
large a game to be decided by one
throw of loaded dice. They are play
Ing for political power. i
But my clients, a throng of 100,000
of God's creatures, who have been
taught to think they are men and
promised manhood by their state and
nation, are not playing; they are pray
ing and struggling and antagonizing In
the inquiry whether they are freemen
or sefrs and chattels.
At the end we shall know who la
right and who Is wrong; and, what
ever that end may be, I know I am
on the side of the weak against the
strong; of humanity against bigotry
and prejudice; of advancement and
progress against obstruction and nega
tion; of good faith against broken
pledges of honor; of popular rights
against unscrupulous usurpation; of
experience and enlightened civiliza
tion against the besotted prejudices of
the ex-slave-owner and the provincial
Jealousy of a lower type; upon the
side of God aglnst man's Injustice and
the heartless, selfish trickery of small
In all my life I never had a cause In
the justice of which I felt more confi
dence, or advocated a measure which
I felt was more surely for the benefit
of all the people concerned. Thus
feeling, I am unaffected by adverse
criticism and more and more resolved
to go on with the good work.
And the time will come when every
body friend and opponent will see.
that 1 was right right as God's pre
cept "Do unto others as ye would)
they should do unto you."
Let this be my answer to all that
has been said. I trust to time for my
vindication, and In the meantime am
Just as well, just as prosperous, and
as happy as If the heathen did not
rage furiously against me.
Yours truly,
No man Is absolutely truthful when
it comes to repeating the bright things
that his children sayp.
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