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u - - - -.. ,.-aJ7r-
I'm Ilulr
(:" I.
r.'.it gi n
Tin' lone, narrow room, tin- only
fv.tratu'o which was by a tirtii j
passage behind rll I.iTop'n tobacco !
f!hP. was i.ut illmly Ilghte 1 by tho
f'ar:t.); l.'.a- ef tin- filthy caudle not
Into a thrvi'Piii;M candlestick In
the rt.M llo of the taiilo. Hut a!thotn;h
the l;g!.t only wigiiKy outlined tho
fgur.s if foiirttN'ii moil nhout tho
loard. It shone full upon our faces, and
thowo.l aril l.i tielghbnr's rounti n
Mice in the pallid :iow glow.
At the li.al of tho table Fnt I'll-la.-KI.
his luirly form making tho
liriuty el. air In whieh ho sat croak
ni.il groan, liis Maunv seemed al
most gigantic In-i.I," that of tho
otliis. for we mro all of sunny
France hut lie.
Alb! i.iuv the fata! hour had mini',
V" hail rhosi n our sai rllieo. 1 1 was
hated of tin- people anil must ilii. Ho
ha t done mm h against the rauso of
lil'i-rty. ami wo all colmod Pulaski's
th roe declaration that he must suffer
for his oilmen.
"Wo are all hero," cnld 1'ulaskl,
raining his massive bend, nnd his
deep voire tilling tho room. "Ho must
.dir. Are we all agreed?"
A hoarse "Aye!" roso from tho
group ahout the table.
From the drawer nt his end of tlio
tahlo ho produced a handful of mnnll,
white beans, thirteen of whlo.li ho
rounteil out upon tln tahlo In our
sight. Then from another compart
ment In the snmo drawer ho brought
forth ono black one, and placed It
with tho white.
"There aro fourteen," ho said BRaln.
A hat served In want of a better
oceptnele, and Into It the fourteen
beans were dripped. I'nhiskl shook
them together, and passed the hnt to
the man ut his rinhl baud. It was
ton dark In t!ie room to see the color
of tho beans in tho hat, had ono
wished; hut tho first man looked
vtralKht ahead as ho plunged his
hand within and hroimht It slowly
t rtli attain, closed tightly over tho
bean he had selected. Ills hand re
mained closed as he passed the hat
to hU neighbor, and thus It went down
!io table
Then the hat. was passed to hip.
He-fore my IIukits clutched tho lit t To
b an I had been terrllled by a certain
knowledge that I should draw tho
fatal lot. When It was tlrmly in my
clasp, however, and I had passed tho
bat aloiiK tho board, that feeling left
me. I felt relieved -nlmost happy;
tho terrible ordeal was over, and I
was Impressed now so strangely by a
feelinK of exultant relief so great a
reaction from my previous morbid
fwar that I was willing to swear that
had been lucky, and that tho fatal
lot hnd fallen, or would fall, to some
othor. 1 should not have to die! Ah,
I was young and life was sweet to
me then.
Then the hat came bark to Pulaski,
and almost feverishly he seized It and
clutched the remaining bean, turning
tho hat upside riowu upon tho table,
Then I Opened My Hand.
and rapping It sniart'y to show that
It was empty. Then Pulaski opened
' his palm outward that we might see,
and displayed a while bean.
Suddenly, with tho amazement that
a peal of thunder from a clear sky
might cause one, I saw that the eyes
ot them all were bent on mo! I
iflaAcad swiftly about the table; each
The Anarchist's Failure
Tneaa il l not Fiir
Trnri'inm of Mai. n.r gird upon thelf
relt;i- atcel. rtnr nnv symh"! hour
Ti' i-li ll.. wr.mniit ,1 luilieli'n lift
nnl lil lc.
Th.s" no! i'i .u p
l .iai.' s v.iv. fur ilulr high tak In fur
Her nvi i lug tore, mvin nmlll.-.l by the
Tl '. mi the royal con'clouum'S of
Ask tu 1 1 t- ,'.ne
great werk. mid. acelng It 1
i i 1 1 j ; n-Me all meer! ef pralne.
I'ur.teut In ii il lii'xt gift-pure ninth-
I I li-'ivl,
i liutoii l'anRerlleM In the Centurv
hand lay open, and in the palms thus
displayed were the thirteen whit
beans! It took a minute, perhaps, for
the full significance of this fact to
dawn upon inc.
Then 1 opened my own hand.
"The lot has been drawn."
Pulaski's deep voice reached my
car faintly, as though from a great
distance. I still sat at the dirty ta
ble; the pale, get fares of my com
rndes were all about me. Hut I had
lived over my whole life again, and
its end was now at hand.
"According to our agreement," our
"One Barrel for Him!" I Shouted,
"This for You!"
leader Fald, more distinctly than
before, "tho messenger of death Is
to take this weapon" he drew a
pistol from tho table drawer and laid
It before him "and with it do his
work. It Is loaded with two bullets;
on is for his heart, the other for the
messenger himself. It is understood?"
I bowed mechanically and received
the pistol.
"One barrel for him, the other for
yoM," repeated Pulaski, "for It Is
agreed that ho shall die."
Then, one by ono ,my friends came
and embraced me and went out; but
Pulaski passed me without a word.
Only his fierce glance seemed to burn
Into my very soul.
"Ono barrel for him, ono barrel for
me!" I muttered. Staggering to my
feet, t hid the pistol In my bosom and
walked through tho passage Into the
tobacconist's shop.
It was dark when I mado my way
Into the garden. It was a beautiful
garden, but gardens aro only for the
rich. A great wall was built all about
It, that the jMior might not even see
Its beauty. All things are denied tho
poor but labor; that they havo In
He was In the habit of walking In
his garden early In tho morning. Wo
al! knew what; everybody knew it, In
fart, so I concealed myself beside the
path and waited. The pistol was In
my bosom my hand was upon It. I
could not fail to hit the mark, for ho
would pass within a yard of me,
"One barrel for him, the other for
me!" I kept repeating, and Urns tho
night wore away and tho gray dawu
broke at last.
At last I taw him come from tho
hall and pass down the marblu steps
Into the garden. Hu was a hand
some, imposing old man. and hearty
looking, as though be had yet many
years of lire before him. I alono
knew that he had but a few moments.
I would let him enjoy the sweet
morning air tor a llitio while, and
"One barrel for htm, tho other for
Suddenly there was an eager, child
ish shout from the villa, and a llttlo
llgvire dashed out over the portal and
uown tne path with a cry of
"(liamrpere!" Such a lovely, fairy
like creature as sae was! She was
like my little sister, and ho swung
her up Into his arms and kissed her
just as I had often kissed Joan ere
she died.
And while she prattled on, and he
listened, and I watched the two, a
sudden tumult arose outside the gar
den. Thero wro hoarse cries, and the
tramping of many feet, and Into the
garden (the gute of which the porter
had left open) all covered with loam
and dust, and with the froth 4Httn.
from Ms savage Jaws, dashed a huge,
snaggy nruie, and rushed up Uia
patti toward those two on th seat.
"Mon Mrul" he crlod, and put her
quickly behind him. facine tlm tn.H.
dened beast empty handed as he was.
tor her sake:" I muttered, and
rising from the covert I Bred the first
barrel of the pistol. The brute sprang
nign into tne air, and then fell back
to the dust, dead.
While the people crowded In, I es
caped. There was still a little
in my purse, and I left Paris and
hastened to Havre, thero to take pas
sage for America. I crept about the
uaK streets at night until 1 could
find an opportunity to embark from
my native land, and there Pulaski
found uie.
1 knew he would come. I had seen
It In his cruel eyes when he left me
that day In the room behind th t,
baceonlst's. I had not been a traitor,
hut the child had sheltered him with
her Innocence.
Pulaski sprang upon me in a lonely
place perhaps he had been dogging
me for days; I know not.
"I have found you," he said. In his
deep rumbling voice. "Traitor! Vou
were the chosen messenger of death;
you drew the lot; why did you Dot
keep your oath?"
I could say naught.
"Self accused, you dlo by my hand!"
he hissed, and I saw tho flash of the
steel above my head; but I had the
pistol still.
"One barrel for him," I shouted,
"this for you!"
I fired, and as I ran from tho spot I
looked back and saw his hugo body
sway forward, and fall, a dead thing,
upon tho pavement.
Then I caino to America. I am an
old man now, but can I over forget?
Hoston Journal.
Where Charles Lever Got His Rollick
ing Irish Stories.
Whence did Charles Lever get his
rollicking Irishman? Prof. Oman In
bis preface to tho reissue of William
(rattan's "Adventures With the Con-
naught Hangers" disc loses the secret.
it was clearly, he avows, from h
domestic auuals of the old Klghty.
eigntn foot in Peninsular days that
Lever drew the creator nart of th
good stories which made tho fortuiw
of "Charles O'Malley." Many of lb,
characters In that romance appear to
the flesh In Grattan's reminiscences.
"The eccentric surgeon. Mauri
Quill, whose fame was so great
tnrougtiout the Hrltlsh army that the
novelist did not even tako th trnnhia
to ehango his name. His colleague,
ur. u iteuy. was almost as Front on
original. Many of the humors of
"Micky Free seem to be drawn from
the doings of Grattan'a servant, Dan
"Comparing the 'real thine-'" Mr
Oman goes on, "with tho work of
nction, one is driven to conclude that
much of what was regarded as rollick.
Ing Invention on Lever's nart mm
only a photographic reproduction of
anecdotes that ho bad heard from nM
soldiers of the Coutiaught IUngers."
"Just as It Used to Be."
I wish I were a boy attain.
That age were but u dream.
That thliips would chuiiga from what
they :n
To what they used to som;
That I were hut a little boy,
And from my mother's knoe
CnuM il nl Unit ilenr old fairyland,
Just as It uei to bo.
If wishes only wore a horse,
How fun! niifiu 1M rl.lA
AiToss the .ilalns of yesterday,
Hohl rnmrailoH by my slil;
Onoe in.no I d rescue captive maids;
am oniiKniy depus you a sno.
If I were but a hero bold,
Just us I used to be.
With bean-stalk Jack I'd sally forth
To slants kill galore;
In snven-lengiie.i boots I'd stride away
To that enchanted shore
Whore ogres dwell. In enstlpa huge.
And mermaids swarm tho sea;
Oh. how I'd love to And them all
Just as they used to be.
My llttlo boy says I'm nil wrons;
That nothing's changed at all.
Thnt he can show me ogrea tierce.
And Klnnts more than tall;
Then, clasping- his dear hand In mine.
He lends in forth to see
Years drop ns leaves; I'm young again.
Just as I used to be.
Frederick Mitchell Munroe In Town
and I'uuntry.
Child Study of the Bible.
Tho sting of our loss, writes Rolle
Ogden In his study of "The Literary
Loss of the ruble," In the February
Century, lies in tho perishing of the
young associations which used to be
entwined about tho felicities and ma-(
Jesty of biblical phraseology. The
mature and preoccupied mind will in .
vain seek deliberately to assimilate!
tho purely literary charm and power I
of tho Bible. Later and colder stud
ies cannot give what muBt be drawn
in almost with mother's milk. The
accumulated Impressions of child!
hood, the familiarity with sounding'
phrases before they are understood,
tho play of young Imagination, of awo,
and even superstition, about the sa
cred page, together with the dally rep-,
etltlon and use of the rich English
of the King James version, seem nec
essary to the surest and most enduri
Ing grasp on the Bible merely as a'
great writing. There Is a certain dis
illusionment in studying the Blblo in
loo cold and dry a light of reason, and
though It may be a critical gain it il
a literary loss.
Such Is Life. I
Farmer Hayrlx (looking over paper)
"Skit em, the druggist. Is closing
out his entire stock uv patent medi
cines at half-price."
Mrs. Hayrlx "That's Jlst our peski
luck! They hain't a thing the niattei
with any uv the hull fambly."
Old Story of President Jackson.
Dr. Edward Everett Hale denies the
story that Mrs. Jackson, wife of "nid
Hickory," explaining the origla of her
asi uiness, said: "Tie glneral kicked
til) kiverlot off and I kotched
It ieems to be true, however, that at
a dinner . party In the white house,
when the lights were dim, President
Jackson remarked: "The chanticleer
does not burn well."
A Mlxed-Up Engineer.
A Missouri Pacific engineer of fle-
dalia reports that the record of bis
birth Is lost, and he Is in doubt about
his age. Then, too, he has "made up"
so much time on his trips between St.
Louis and Kansas City that he Is prob
ably a r or two ahead of Father
Time anyway, and he's all mixed up
about it. Kansas City Stir,
buelllCSS lolrfOKk.
The M. K. & T. Ry. has a well-estab
lished Industrial Department, aiding
In the selection of sites and locations
for Industries of all kinds along its
lines. Write If you aro Interested. We
will send book. "Business Chances."
and any other information wanted. Ad
dress James Darker, OenT Pass Agent,
M. K. ft T. Ry 204 Wainwricht Bid..
St. Louis.
Plants Under the Ban.
The Pennsylvania House of Repre
sentatives has before It a bill provid
ing that the war of extermination al
ready waged against the Canada this
tle shall be extended to include golden
rod, ox-eyed daisies, milkweed, wild
carrots and sorrel, all of which are
considered pestiferous plants.
Southerners Invite Roosevelt
President Roosevelt has been Invit
ed to attend the unveiling of the mon
ument to be erected at Orchard Knob,
on the Chlckamauga battlefield, in
commemoration of the services of
Maryland's soldiers, union and con
federate, tn the civil war. The un
veiling will take place on July 22.
Tin Soldiers and Others.
Krugcr's grandson screamed with
rago and threw his box of tin soldiers
nto the street when ho discovered
that they were English, whereas his
grandfather hud a lit when he found
out that the English soldiers were not
tin. Toronto (Ontario) Mall and Em
Quorum in House of Lords.
There can bo no quorum ot the
House of Ixirds without the presence
of an archbishop, two peers and a pre
late being needed to constitute a
House ot Lords for the transaction of
South Carolina's Tobacco Industry.
The growth ot the tobacco industry
In South Carolina has boen phenome
nal. The Darlington market alone re
ports sales of more than 7,000,000
pounds of the 1902 crop.
To Force Flowering Plants.
Flowering plants may be forced to
blossom at any time by exposing them
to ether fumes for two days twice,
wtth an Interval of two days between,
and then placing for two weeks In a
hot house.
Venezuela's Chief Product.
Coffee has been cultivated in Vene
zuela only since 1879, and yet It Is
now the much-talked-of country's
chief commercial product.
British Trade Slightly Increased.
British trade returns for 1902, show
an increase in exports of 3,517.C04
and in Imports of 6,870,08G.
Expensive Oranges.
Oranges were sold at one shilling a
pound in one of the London street
market the other day.
Locomotive to Burn Peat.
The managers of the Swedish stato
railway have ordered a locomotive
built especially for burning peat la
the generation ot steam.
Johannesburg Filling Up.
Johannesburg's present population
la estimated at 109,452. including 4t
122 natives and 3.550 Asiatics.
Large Savings Bank Deposits.
The savings bank deposits ot the
United States equal the national debt
multiplied by three.
Gave Doctor a Hint About Coffee.
Speaking of cofTee a doctor of Deca
turvllle, Ohio, says: "We used to an
alyse coffee at the medical college and
In spite ot our laboratory tests which
showed It to contain caffeine, an active
poison, I continued to use the drink,
and later on found myself affected
with serious stomach trouble, indi
gestion, headaches, etc.
The headaches came on so regularly
and oppressed me so that I found it
difficult to attend to my regular duties.
One day last November I met a friend
whom I had known to be similarly af
flicted. His marked Improvement in
appearance caued me to inquire what
be had been doing. He announced that
he had, some time ago, quit coffee and
was using Postum Food Coffee. To
this change he attributed the change
In his health.
I took the hint, even from a layman,
and mado the same change myself.
The first week I noticed a little differ
ence, but not much. The third week
the change was almost magical. I
have continue! with the Postum and
now my digestion is perfect, the nerv
ous headaches have entirely disap
peared, and I am well. My own an
alysis of the Postum Food Coffee shows
It to be a pure food drink of strong
character, which is a marked contrast
to the old-fashioned coffee." Name
given by Postum Co., BtUe Creek,
Unfortunate Turkish CSfiel.1
M. Zlnovieff. the Russian minister,
recently procured the dismissal nt th
captain of a Turkish gtiardshlp for
onmur.g 10 ore the customary salute
on tile "name d" nt tho eo nr tj....
sia. The unfortunate captain gave as
uis excuse the fact that his powder
Was WOt. The Sllltan Hint hla fnnl.ii
minister to apologise and the salute
" urea in aue form next day.
Will Accelerate Flre-Flahtlnn.
A telescope ladder capable of being
extended to a length of 85 feet and
worked by means of compressed air
was tested recently In Pittsburg. The
ladder can be directed at a particular
winaow in a burning building; a fire
man lashed to the end of the ladder la
snot up with It, and rescued persona
need not clamber down, but the lad
der can be quickly lowered with the
OU lb
Must Be Pet of Providence.
It is told as a true story that John
Chapman of Galena. Kan., fell down
a twenty-foot tramway at the Blind
Tiger mine and dislocated hla shoul
der. He went home and stumbled
down the cellar steps and in falling
his shoulder was thrown back Into
place. He took a drink and returned
to work.
Influenza Among Diplomatists.
Influents, now onldnmln In Porta
claims M. Delcasse, the minister of
foreign affairs: Prlnca Vnn Radnlln
the German ambassador; the Marquis
Del Muni, the Spanish ambassador,
and Count Von Wolkenateln-Trots-
nurg or the German embassy. It bas
been humorously Rinrcnstud that Vie
Delcasse Inoculated the entire diplo
matic corps.
Through and Through.
New Bedford. Mass.. March M At
658 First street, this eltv. Uvea a vn-
happy man. His name is Ulrlc Levas-
seur and he certainly has good reason
to feel glad and proud.
Mr. Levasseur has been sick for a
long time with general weakness and
a sore pain In his back. At the last ho
got so very bad thnt he could not
waiK without great misery. Now he
is well, and In sneaklnur nf this tw.n.
derful change In him he says:
1 believe It to be mv dutv tn tnii
everybody how I was cured. I wm an
weak that I could not stoop. In fact, I
was unable to walk without great pain.
I began taking Dodd'a Kidney Pills
and after a two months' treatment I
am well and sound again.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are a Ood-aont
remedy. I will alwava I.ralso thnm for
tholr wonderful cure of my case. They
cured me through and through. I am
as strong and able a man now as 1
ever was."
Some, neonle retrarri a clone mn.
science more aa a luxury than a neces
sity. A Woman mnv ha fal - Ia mm.
plexlon and unfair in other ways.
Keen them white with Red Cross Ball Rlna.
All grocers sell large os. package, 6 ceuta.
Nothing so forcibly reminds a man
ot life's brevity as a thirty day note.
To the housewife who has not yet
become acquainted with the new
things of everyday use in the market
and who Is reasonably satisfied with
the old. we would suggest that a trial
ct Defiance Cold Water Starch be made
at onco. Not alone because It is guar
anteed by the manufacturers to be
superior to any other brand, but be
cause each 10c package contains 16
cz8., while all the other kinds con
tain but 12 oz8. It is sate to say that
the lady who once UBes Defiance
Starch will use no other. Quality and
quantity must win.
Sufficient unto the day Is the evil
of yesterday.
Try me Just once and I am sure to
come again. Defiance Starch.
The sculptor does his best to bust
hla patrons.
Prelate's Witty Remark.
Many anecdotes are going the rounds
about the new Archbishop of Canter
bury, Dr. Davidson. Once, as a party
of clergy were streaming in to dinner
one of the company piously exclaimed,
"Now, put a bridle upon our appe
tites." Dr. Davidson replied with swift
retort. "Now, to put a bit betweon my
Honored by German Emperor.
Theodore Gier of Oakland, Cal., has
received from the German emperor
word of his election as a member of
the Order of the Crown. The decora
tion Is in recognition of Gler's ser
vices to the officers of German war
ships In San Francisco bay at the
time of the "boxer" troubles in
Public-Spirited Ohio Cltlien.
Benjamin Waddoll. a wealthy and
public-spirited farmer of Marion coun
ty, Ohio, who some time since gave
a $50,000 home for children to the
town of Marlon, is about to expend at
least $t0,000 in building a home for
olu ladles In the same time.
To Raise Polled Angus Cattle.
A tract of 20,000 acres In western
Kansas has been bought by Indiana
and Ohio capitalists for raising Polled
Angus cattle.
Profit In Municipal Ownership.
Liverpool expects a profit of 350,.
000 on last year's working of its
municipal tramway system.
One Cause of Pneumonia.
"Street ear colds" are principally
responsible for the Increased mortal
ity from pneumonia.
BaBMsaMBMpsHsBi evvwi aVUUW WUVB
L7j cjf A or where backache
S 1 paint will strike
The kidneys will
go wrong, and wbea
they do the first
warning la general
ly through the back.
. Do not fall to help
the kidneya when
they're sick.
Neglect means
many serious ills.
'Til only a short
step from common
backache to Rheu
matic pains, Urinary disorders, Drop
sy, uiaDetes, UNgbt's Disease.
Doan's Kidney Pills cure all Ills of
the kidneya and bladder. Read tbla
testimony; It tells of a cure that lasts.
Mr. A. W. Lutx, carriage wood work
er, of 109 17th avenue, Sterling, 111.,
aays: "After procuring Doan's Kidney
Pills In the month of November, 1897,
I took a course of the treatment which
cured me of backache and other an
noyances due to over-excited or weak
ened kidneys. During the three yeara
which have claused. I have had nn
occasion to retract one word of my
statement. I unhesitatingly and em
phatlcally relndorse the claims muia
for Doan's Kidney Pills.
A FREE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mr. I.nta
will be mailed on application to any
part or the United 8tates. Address
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. For
ale by all druggists, m-lce eo centa
per box.
There is no time like the present
for doing things we don't have to.
"There will be thousands of Amer
icans coming up here in the spring,
was the remark made by a farmer
from the vicinity ot Langdon, North
Dakota, when he arrived in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, the canital of Western Can.
ada. a few days since. He was tha ad.
vance guard of a large body who are
toiiowing him, and he bas already in
vested In several farming sections fn
himself and others and purposes to
take up nis permanent abode In this
country. He went on to say: "Hun
dreds are coming from my district
alone. I know this to be a fact for
many of them are neighbors of minn
The chief topic of conversation with
tho farmers Is the coming immigra
tion in the spring.
"The impression general In tho nan
of Dakota where I live that farmers
can get rrom 10 to IS cents more a
bushel for wheat on the American
side ot the line than on tho Canadian
has not prevented people from turning
meir eyes to Canada aa a place to
live In. They know thev can set land
in this country which is every bit aa
fertile as that In Dakota at about one
quarter the price. It is safe to say that
the exodua from Dakota int4 Canada'
this year will exceed the exnecutlona
of all Canadians."
The government has estahltahaii
agencies at St Paul. Minn.; Omaha,
Neb.; Kansas City, Mo.; Chicago, 111.;
Indianapolis. Ind.: Mlllwankoo wia
Wausau, Wis.; Detroit, Sault Ste. Ma
rie, and Marauette. Mich.: Tnlortn
Ohio; Watertown, S. Dakota; Grand
Forks, N. Dakota, and Great Fnlla
Mont., and the suggestion is mads
that by addressing any of these, who
are the authorized aeenta of tho rnv.
ernment. It will be to the advantage
of the reader, who will be given the
fullest and most authentic information
regarding the results of mixed farm
ing, dairying, ranching and grain-raising,
and also supply information as to
freight and passenger rates, etc, etc.
It requires same nerve to have the
courage of another man's convictions.
toaaayyaa fMaNMf.
$25,000 REWARD
will ba paid to anyona who
can alipruva tbla a lata meat.
Because V. I.. Ioiielas
he can uuv cheaer and
produce his shoe at a
ower cost than other con- J
corns, which nnahloa him '
to sou shoes for $:i.50 ana
m.(I0 ritual in every
way to thoae sold ehuv
whore for f land S3.no.
Tha Dowrlna aaerat nm. I
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A rnlnof Ji,na;,,4;n,t m Hour Year.
Worth SS.OO Compared with Othar Makaa.
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fattitt Calf, tmrnrl. 80 r Calf. Calf. lrl Corona
Cnlt, and national Kanaaroo. Fatt Color I ef.
Pmitlnn a The awnnlne have W. U SOUOULS
USUI lull a name and price atamped on bottom.
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W. I I.Alt, IIKIN'KTON, atAatV
2IO Kinds for 16ft
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v yea W SHOES
II W. L. Daumlmm aiaaaa waf aaaffa

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