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It Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
Mrs. Martha Jones died at the home
Sunday evening, March 8. at 8 o'clock.
She was all alone In the world, but her
amlabel dispoelton won true friends
who stuck to her to the last.
Her coming to the Home was a ben
efit to her and It was a decided benefit
' to the Home, for peace attended her
every action. She was grateful for all
that was done for her. She set a noble
example to the other Inmates, and she
was kind and gentle, and patient with
the children.
Rev. W. H. Wheeler of the Asbmy
church, andl presiding elder, J. Will
Jackson, administered the sacrament
to her a few days ago.
Rev. S. W. Bacote spoke in a very
touching manner over the remains,
There was none of kin to follow her
body to the grave, but eight women of
the Association attended the funeral
and four of these went to Union ceme
tery, wheer the body was Interred.
Mrs. Jones was 78 years old.
Through the influence of Mrs. Ger
trude eMyers, Mrs. H. M. I-osee gave
a vaudevile and stereoptioon enter
talnment at Turner Hall, Feb. 24, 1903,
for the Home.
It would add greatly to the credit of
our people, were it a fact that those
of us who have talent, gladly came to
the assistance of this charitable lady
.'Vfa '.nr rvfcde w pragwaiw-all that k iron-
1 reed to be. But truth compels us
to say that all those asked to take a
part were either too busy or too much
Indisposed to help those of another
race assist the most helpless of our
Miss eMyera was not to be daunted,
She secured the services of a band of
newsboys. The newsboys from the
World sang several selections and did
their best to please. They seemed
satisfied with "thank you" for pay
but some day we hope to be able to
return to the World newsboys a more
substantial mark of appreciation.
Songs and dances were given by
two wee girls, friends of Mrs. Losse
Then followed scenes o fthe Hawaiian
The pictures shown were taken by
Mrs. Losse herself while on a visit to
7 " these islands. She gave a brief ex-
planatlon of each. This part of the
program was particularly Interesting,
Plants peculiar to the country were
shown, many of the most beautiful
buildings, and the natives, were
brought before us. The large expanse
of water with Its many vessels seemed
within a few feet of us.
Mrs. Loseee went to some expense
to give us this treat. Her husband
seemed to take as much Interest in the
whole affair as she did. Even some
of their friends came out to help
to make the affair a success.
The people who should have been
there were not presort. It Is Just such
treatment of those who put themselves
to trouble to help us that makes larger
day by day the ranks of those who
see no good in us who see nothing
but selfishness, envy, and indifference
when there should be unity and rare
i ,i .
v Miss Myers worked hard and de
served much better support.
Mrs. Thompson, wife of Policeman
Thompson, sold $12.50 worth of tick
ets. The proceeds were $21.00.
Located In the Rear of Independence
and Tracy Avenues.
Sunday school opened at Its usual
hour, 9:30. Superintendent being ab
sent. Rev. H. J. McDonald officiated.
Lesson very interesting. Teachers
and pupils manifested an unusual
amount of Interest. Explanation from
Cluster I"af by pastor.
Regular service at 11 o'clock. Song
by congregation. Prayer and singing.
Congregation read 9th chapter of St.
Mark, 1: 28, led by pastor.
Sermon by Pastor. Text Acts 9: 29.
"And the city was filled with con
fusion." His subect was as follows:
"The Right Will Conquer the World."
His discourse was acute and wittty.
In his profound oratorical and Bib
lical discourse, he described the des
truction of Mt. Etna, took up the riot
at Ephesus, and be added that aa the
people were called in question for
that days' uproar, so will the world be
called In question. In his most elo
quent discourse he dwelt considerably
on the path of righteousness. His
eloquence was almost unexcelled. Af
ter sermon choir entered choir box,
and sang, "Conqurlng Now, and Still
to Conquer."
Doors of church were opened for the
reception of members. While collection
was being called choir sang, "Lift up
ye heads, oh ye gates." "Wake the
song of Jubilee." Dismissal.
At 2 o'clock deacon's union met
and we had a most Intertstlng ses
sion. At 3 o'clock Pastor E. M. Wil
son, his choir and reporter visited
Metropolitan Baptist church, Kansas
City. Kansas. The Pleasant Green
Baptist choir of Kansas City, Is said to
be unexcelled In the city. And when
they peeled forth In sweet melodious
strains, "Rock of Age." and "Oh how
lovely is Zion." the audience seemed
to be charmed and requested that
they hear more of It. Mr. Waller
Countee, our most excellent organist
certainly lost no time In striving to
make his music felt, and I assure you
he failed to fail.
After pastor had made a few rich
remarks, choir sang. In voices that
seemed like angel voices, the follow
ing anthems. "Nearer, My God. to
Thee," "Wako the song of Jubilee,
Sweetly In Music Swelling." Pis
B. Y. P. U. opened at Its usual hour,
President F. L. Lewis In the chair.
Lesson, Matt 6: 19-34, which, was read
and dtSt&Ssey TJyTasKF. "
A most excellent paper on Appollls
was read by our president, after which
we had a few remarks by our pastor.
We are to discuss Appollls next Sun
day In the B. Y. P. U.
Regular services at 7:30. Song by
congregation, "There is a fountain
filled with blood." After prayer by
Rev, Brown, congregation read sixth
chapter of Revelation, led by pastor.
Choir entered choir box, sang "All
Thy Works."
Sermon by pastor, by request. Text,
Rev. 6: 11. "And white robes were
given to every one of them." Subject,
"Reward for Faithfulness." His ser
mon was wonderful, and moved the
audience to tears. A few words of
persuasion was spoken to sinners,
while congregation sang, "Amazing
Doors of church were opened for
the reception of members, and one
Brother SimniB came forward and
joined by letter. Choir sang, "Mighty
to Save." Collection. $15.
We had present with us Rev. Brown,
Rev. White, and Miss N. B. Oxley,
who Is state deputy of the Grand Foun
tain U. O. T. R., who gave us a most
Interesting talk Just before dismis
sal, concerning her business. We re
ceived valuable information, and hope
to have her again. Choir sang dox
ology. Dismission.
G. W. M.
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
One satisfactory feature of the As
sociation work Is the Increased num
ber of the younger men who are get
ting Interested; this was especially no
ticeable In Sunday's meeting.
The following are the names of the
ladles who have charge of the annual
entertainment: Mrs. Maria P. Will
lams, Miss Victoria E. Overall and
Mrs. Cynthia Cummlngs.
Dr. O. W. J. Scott presented the
Association with a number of good
books and ehore Is on file a number of
standard magazines.
Don't forget the date of the prac
tical talk to men only by Dr. Un
thank. It will be Thursday evening,
April 2. Come early and bring some
one with you.
If those members who are behind In
their dues would pay up, It would help
the Executive Committee greatly.
Watch our Easter number. Read
the Rising Son all the time.
e desire to express our sincere
thanks to the many friends who so
kindly aslsted us during the illness
and death of our son and brother, Er
nest. MR. and yRS. I, N. LEE.
Prefer Pipe to Cigars.
Senator "Jon" Blackburn of Ken
tucky smokes a big black pipe iu pref
erence to cigars.
for It ReaeheslKlore Hemes of Colored People then any other Paper
I.ast Sunday was quarterly meeting
and a large crowd attended all three
services. Over three hundred persons
communed. Rev. Caldwell of Inde
pendence preached the sermon In the
Next Sunday will he baptizing. Rev.
H. D. Harris will preach the evening
Now for the Easter rally. We hope
the steward's department will be able
to settle up in full with the pastor
so that we may put forth all our efforts
for the trustees' rally.
As usual the cantata of Ruth Is hav
ing a hard struggle. There are always
a few people willing to do all they
can to make anything a success, and
the others are always wilting to break
a thing up If they can't be the leaders.
Thot-o who have the entertainment In
charge should not grow discouraged,
for where ever there's a will there's a
way. Never give up.
The ladies who are working for the
dishes are doing well. Help your
friends when they come' to you.
All the church clubs are Interested
in the bazar and have been hard at
work for the past month. We hope
every friend and member will do their
whole duty In this as they nearly al
ways do.
Those printed cards show the names
and the amount each person gives to
th siar.y, It Is a ood way .to keep
the record, but those curds do not.
add to the beauty of the church.
Couldn't they be put some where else?
We are not all so particular about
seeing our names In print.
If we would work for our church
because it was our duty and not for
the sake of showing ourselves oft we
would be far more successful as Chris
tians. The only reward we seem to
work for is to be praised and talked
of by man.
A great many of our members are
sick. Rev. Scott was on the sick list
last week but managed to keep on
duty. He never has time to get sick,
and we are glad that we can Keep
him so busy. He believes in attending
every service in his church.
The class meetings are being at
tended much better, which speaks well
for the leaders. The weather Is grow
ing pleasant and the-e will soon be no
excuse for not attending church. The
various church clubs will meet this
week as usual,
Ed O'Rcar of 839 Washington ave
nue, who has been very sick, Is con
valescent. The Y. M. C. A. had a pleasant meet
ing at 440 Minnesota avenue last Sun
day. Meetings every Sunday at 2
Dr. Swartz of Wamrgo spoke at the
Metropolitan Baptist church la.-t Mon
day night, fro mthe subject. "Door of
Hope." T he lecture was encouraging
and full of hope.
The Democratic gerrymander of last
Tuesday night Is another evidence of
the Democrats friendliness for the
Prof. Vernon's University has been
made to find happy. Cause, an appro
priation of $22.25ii.
Tim Roberts, the tonsotial artist,
is at his chair again after a sojourn
at the state capitol for 70 days.
E. Arlington Wilson of the Metro
politan Baptist church, rounded out
Ave years of bis pastorate last Sun
day. Martin Tucker, who has been sick
for the past week, Is better.
Presiding Elder J. C. C. Owens Will
hold quarterly meeting wiili Rv. X.
C. Burcn at St. John's church Sunday.
There are so many false leaders and
hypocrites In our churches that It has
become t)ur duty to Investigate and
from now on the Rising Son shall ex
pose a few of these Impostors. To the
good man you need not fear, do your
duty; to the renegade and Immoral one
we ask you to move and get right.
Ixiok for the Son.
Steel Furniture for Warship.
The new cruiser Baltimore will be
the first warship to be titled with
steel furniture.
Arable Land In Western Canada.
Id western Canada 200,000.01)11 acre
rf arable land to day await the plow.
Services began at 11 a. m. Pastor
ng. A Charge to Keep 1 Have. Prayer
by Brother C. Calway, after which
Itfcsou was read in concert by th; pas
tdr. Choir sang Lift up Your Head,
Prayer by Deacon J. Slaughter. At
11 : 3D a. m. Brother A. Jones preached
us an excellent sermon from Heb. 1 1 ;
If). Our Sunday school Is doing nl-e-ly
uinler our present superintendent,
C. Calway. At fi:3i p. m. our 11. Y. P.
U. met with Miss Emma Jones, presi
dent, in the chair.
This young woman Is apt in the
work. Come and se her In this work
at 8 : 1 7i . The members of tile choir
went In the box and sang Peace Like,
a' ltiver. After Brother Calway
preached for us. Receipts. $f7.J.i.
We will have a rally on Easter. We
Invite all the members will S.Vi'ii each
Surreys to the Son. 15. A.
"Politics is the science of exigencies.
Theodore Parker.
All philosophy Hi's in two words,
"sustain" and "abstain." Epietet us.
There is a German proverb which
says that Take-K-Easy and Live-Long
are brothers.
. Unhappy Is tho man for whom his
mother has not made all mothers ven
fjile. P.ichter. .
I will listen to anyone's convictions,
but pray keep your doubts to yourself.
I have plenty of my own. Goethe.
'Tls sad work to be at that pass
that the best trial of truth must be
the multitude of believers in a crowd
where the number of fouls so much
exceeds that of the wise. As If any
thing were so common as Ignorance.
One cannot bear to pay for articles
he used to gel for nothing. When
Ailnm laid out his first penny upon
nonpareils nt some frult-slall In Meso
potamia I think it went hard with
him. reflecting upon his old goodly or
chard where he hud so many for noth
ing. Lamb.
The man who Is always taking life
too seriously Is often found slaking
life to teariously.
As a matter of original condition,
there Is no difference between men
men make the difference.
It takes more than three score anJ
ten to teach a man the wisdom of the
bird that flies high -II. E. Winner in
Baltimore News.
Nothing will make
like "chink."
a man cbucklo
One is in a tight place when he Is
cramped for money.
The Bible does not say. "A polltl
clan shall not see corruption."
A woman generally wrings her
hands when tears are wrung troni her
e es.
When fear cnuses a creepy feeling
instead of crawling, one feels llko
First thing you know some crank
will insist on being called the "sales
The up-to-date Yule, lug will cost
something next Christmas If the coal
strike continues.
The court Jester is a thing of the
pest, but it is no joke about there
still being fools.
"No man enn serve both God and
mammon," and most people do not
try, being snlistlcil tu serve the latter.
Prove a man Ignorant and you make
him your enemy; flatter bis Intelli
gence and you make him your friend.
Disappearing Mine in Arizona.
A mine near Phoenix, Ariz., disap
peared a week after tie shaft had
been sunk.
All trails are long to the lazy.
Ixist chances never leave any trail.
The wildcat's teeth are dose to Its
A long portage makes a heavy
A spring flood will not clean u dirty
The Indian may cat a dog. but docs
r.ot nurse him.
The Great Spirit Is too big for any
church to hold.
The longer yon hall the sleeper tho
mountain grows.
The turkey does not tell the fox the
way to her nest.
It is easier to silence a chief than
to answer a child.
It takes a long time to tell of what
you have not done.
The biggest brave does not always
make the best chief.
If you have the courage to keep still
you are a truer bi av.s" " '
Remember all you see, but forget
much of what you hear.
When I see the oak walk I may
trust a paleface tongue.
You will drink dirty water if you
roil your neighbor's spring.
Those who live In yesterday's wig
wam are always a day behind.
Do not challenge Fate unless you
have borrowed the Great Spirit's
If the rattlesnake did mil slop to
talk be would be ten limes more dan
gerous. -
When I am taught that the paleface
who iloes tho worst be knows how Is
better than the Indian who does the
best bn can, shall I mil tell the mis
slonury to swallow his hook? -Charles
Slow In New York I'ress.
It Is the worst cigar that Is entitled
to first rank.
Dig guns are the only Ihll'gs served
on armor plates.
A double-barreled shotgun Is the
worst type of the deadly parallel.
As a physicul exerciser the old fash
ioned woodpile never bad an equal.
When a man has a perk of trouble
be is satisfied Willi short measure.
Some men go to law, but the law
fli.ds II necessary to go after others.
It seems queer that so many crooked
people should tltnl themselves In strait
ened circumstances.
In accord with the doctrine of the
survival of the fittest, the last woman
on earth will be a dressmaker.
n red nose may nut be conclusive
evidence of Inebriety, but It Imposes
upon its possessor the burden of proof.
The average man Is unable to un
derstand why be Is not appreciated or
why be is expecteil to appreciate oth
er men.
Patience formerly roosted on a mon
ument, but at the present writing it
is at the telephone waiting fur the girl
at the exchange to answer.
Count Given Ancient Jewelry.
Three years ago, some gold rings,
chains, nnd a crown decorated with
Jewels were found in the Dresden
Krcuz Kin ho in tho grave of Duko
Albrecbt of Iloistcin, who died iu
Hill. They were claimed by Duko
ErnsI Gunthnr anil the courts have
now acknowledged his tillo to them.
In the State
Rev. J. S. Clark of the M. K. church
has been returned to this city for an
other year. His members and friends
are glad to welcome him again. HA
Is n man of strong Christian character
nnd sterling worth. He has done ex
cellent work for the church and will
be uhle to do mine this year thai)
.Mrs. N. It Oxley of the True He
formers, held a meeting nt Hie A. M. K.
church Tuesday night and organ I .cd a
The Tlllstees Helpers of the A. M. K.
church gave a:i entertainment Thurs
day lllght for the benefit of the trus
tees. It was a success.
Mrs. Emma Chambers, wha has re
cently returned from Japan and the
Philippines, brought home a trunk of
curios nnd ii lie s from the Di li til,
which shi' will exhibit shortly to tin
public. We are glad to note Hint the sick
are all convalescing. We saw Miss
Kft'ic Fisher on tho street, ami she will
soon be able to resume her position
iu the school.
The Second Baptist church Is con
templating remodeling the building,
and a special rally will be held Sun
day fo rlhe purpose of raising money
for the same. All are invited to as
sist , ki this laudable undertaking.
The Macedonia Bnptst church cx-uwta-ti-.YiMwttlp.-iiv
-the new -wUAvii -the
tlrt Sunday In May.
Quarterly meeting at the A. M. E.
church Sunday. March 2!. Hev. M.
Collins or Kansas City will preach at
3 o'clock. All the members and
friends are asked to lie priwnl all
day and make this a glorious meet
ing. Miss Mary Hoard, who has been in
the far west the past two years, was
called home suddenly on account of
the serious illness of her mother, who
Is repotted to be on the road to re
cov cry.
The Misses Sewall of Wellington.
Mo., ipcnl Sunday In town, (he guest
of their aunt. Miss Annie bewail.
Mis. Elizabeth Houulne has I u
confined to her home quite a while on
Hi-count 'of rht -umallsm. Her daugh
ter is also suffering with an attack of
the gi:
.1 ('. C
Rev. Smith, the pastor of the M K (
church was signed In Osciilnsa. Iowa
Hev. Young will take bis place h"fe
He will preach his introdin lory si r
iiioii Sunday.
Rev, stricken Is hero carrying on a
revival, meeting at the Second Bap
list church
Mr. Howard llegwood who dieil at
SI. Paul. Minn., was brought here
March Hth. His funeral was preached
by Rev. Gilbert at Hie A. M. E. church
on Sunday, March IMh He was a
member of the K. P. of Minnesota.
The lodge sent n member with his
body here. Mr. Kripper. As there wan
lio lodge o ft lie order here. Hie friends
i.f the family assisted. He left Lex
ington In IS VI unit went to SI. Louis,
liml fin nithere to St. Paul, where h"
Joined the K. I'.'s. He belonged to the
rnllornii d rank. Mr. Kripper says ho
was a dutiful member. He was loved
by his lodge. He leaves u mother, two
sisters and four brothers ami a host
of other relatives to mourn his loss.
This speak's well for the K. I'.'s. He
was bom In this clly 50 years ago.
We extend our heart felt sympathy to
the family and also to the K I'.'s. lor
the faithful performance of their duly.
Mr. Kripper left Sunday night for his
home by way of St. Louis, lie In one
of the oldest colored K. i'.'s Iu this
Mrs. Harrison Curry is quite iil and
has been for several weeks. We hope
she will soon In- mil ; also Mi Emimi
Smith is iiiile ill.
Mrs. Harriet Arnold Is on the sick
Mr. Griffin Giuliani I- improving.
Mr. Jonleii Hook nilwi il -d for the
Rising Sou. aiso Mi. Mcliiil and Kay
:it t o
j There are some young men in our
i city who are doing things injurious to
our nice, and if you don't quit I will
publish your names. A hint to Hie
wise ought to be sufficient. We ought
to respect our race as well ns we ln
other races.

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