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It Pays to Advertise In the Rising Gon
Rev. K. Young, pastor of the M. E.
church, preached morning and even
ing. The people who heard him were
well pleased. His family will be here
thla week. . .- : ' . '' -
Baptlilng at the Ind Baptist church
by Iter. Howell Sunday, the 29th. They
have quite a number of converts.
MUs Esther Saunders, ,JMia Wolf
and others are, preparing to give an
entertainment for the benefit of the
church. '?
The pastor's tent entertainment on
the 17th was sr financial success, given
by the ladies of the M. E. church.
Rev. Gilbert was in Kansas City
several days last week.
jfwV, Saturday and returned home Monday.
I A -.Aw. Af QAta1ta la haiA vloltlnff
M Mrs. J. Epps. We were unable to lesTn
f her name.
p. Mrs Robert Douglass' sister is here
visiting and will spend several weeks
in our city.
Mr. Thomas Williams, who went to
Kansas City to have his eyes operated
on, has returned and is getting along
Miss Sallie Taylor, who has been
here visiting her aunts and other rel
atives, returned to Kansas City Thurs
day. She preached for Rev. Caves
while here.
Mrs. Sallle Lee of Iowa is here vis
who la Quite til.
- All of our subscribers forgot me
last week. They made me several
good promises. The paper cannot run
unless we get the money. Please pay
up. We as a race will have to learn
that am enterprise started' among us
must be supported. I heard a colored
man say the other day that the whites
were not pressing the colored people.
I think different There are a great
many of our people who do not care
for themselves, but any colored man
that cares for his race ran feel the
effects of the pressure. We have edu
cated men and women and some
money, and yet they are hindered from
their rights as citizens. Some of these
things are brought about by aur own
actions. Don't forget what we said
last week.
Read the Rising Son.
The Fifth Sunday, March 29th, will
be rally day for the Second Baptist
Sunday school. All are cordially Invit
ed to attend each service, especially
at 8 p. m. At 9:30 a. m., Sunday
school; 11 a. m., special sermon to
Sunday school by Rev. S. W. Bacote.
At 3 p. m. a Bpeclal program will be
rendered by the different Sunday
schools of the city. No collection at
this hour. At 7:30 p. m., servlcse. Col
Located In Rear of Independence and
Tracy Avenues, K. C. Mo.
B. V. P. IT. opened at Its usual hour,
6 o'clock. Pres. F. L Lewis in chair;
lesson. Matt 7:1-5, which was read
and discussed by Supt., pastor mem
We had with us Mr. O. .A. Clay, a
member of the National B. Y. P. IT.
committee, and State B. Y. P. U. or
ganiser for Missouri, and clerk of 2nd
Baptist church, who spoke to us. After
a hot discussion between Bro. Samuel
Pettis. G. A. Clay, and F. L. Lewis, the
following question was answered and
proven by the scriptures by Gertrude
McDonald: "Was Paul at Epphesus
when Appollos was. and If so, did
Paul see Appollos?" While collection
was being taken, choir sang: "Oh,
Thou. God of My Salvation." "Oh,
How Lovely is Zlon." Literary society
will meet next Thursday evening at
8 o'clock, as the revival Is now oft
hands; Monday night, choir meeting
as usual, and Wednesday night regular
prayer services. Collection for tho
day, $14 ami some rents. Pleasant
Green has lost two of its brightest
jewels In the persons of Mrs. Hnttle
.V Archer and daughter Kfftherlne. who
if) have recently left for Oklahoma terrl-
iory. ftatnorin, ou i oo"i
-. lights, and the regular secretary ot
h the B. Y. P. IT.. Is quite a small child,
not over 10 years of age. Mrs. Archer,
one of the members of the church, Is
greatly missed as well as her daugh
ter. Though they have been gone one
week, it seems like several months to
us. We trust their stay will be
pleasant one, and that success will at
tend them In every good work, but
that their stay will not be a long one.
And any day that they should return
Pleasant Gteen will greet them and
aay. welcome welcome,.' thrice wel
come,. :
Every member of our church Should
subscribe for the Rising Son.
O. M. W.
The beautiful snow has Its seamy
. It's a cold day when some people get
Ventilation is Rood for crowded
Get together everybody; In union
there Is warmth.
A warm heart may be a great com
fort to many cold bodies.
A cold snap Is not the kind of a
snap the poor are looking for,
High prices and low temperature
Nobody ever froze to death hustling
around to keep somebody else from
These are not tho days and nights
when the motorman earns his bread
by the sweat of his brow.
It is really remarkable how big a
load of cold a very little child of the
streets can stand up under.
This is not a propitious moment to
take up a church collection for the
heathen living in the tropics.
An English sparrow ought to die,
but kill him with a brick; don't let
him starve to death in the snow.
On these slippery pavements give
your horse a chance instead of a lick.
He wasn't born with eteel shoes on.
Though a cat have nine lives, yet
may she give them all up on the
frozen back fence In nights like these.
This is the time when the real econ
omizer will give some poor devil a
quarter to shovel off the snow instead
of doing It himself.
And let us not forget those also
who have to take the street cars night
and morning. They starve not, neith
er do they freeze, yet Solomon in all
his glory was not a ride like one ot
these. W. J. Lampton In New York
It may not be generally known that
. ! at the school located In the southern
part of the city there is a large sew
ing class, composed of all the pupils
of the school and conducted by a num
ber of wealthy white ladles living In
that section of the city. The object
of this class is to better fit our young
people for some of the duties that
fall upon them by and by. Girls at
tending the high school are admitted
and instructed along with pupils of the
grades. MXich Interest Is manifested
In the work by both pupils and teach
ers. Principal Harris Is hopeful that this
may be the means of enrolling so large
a number of pupils that the Board of
Education will build a new school In
stead of the old shack now In use.
The Nebraska Clothing Co. of this
city, under Its present management. Is
realizing a rapid and steady growth
In trade. Its method of business has
always been a source of pleasure to
its many patrons, all ot whom are treat
ed with great courtesy and their wants
receive tho strictest attention.
The big building accupled by the
Jones Dry Goods Co. Is always crowd
ed with anxious buyers. The manage
ment spares neither expense nor pains
in its effort to render comfort to the
buying public.
for It ReaehesMore Homes of Colored People than any other Paper
Bt. Paul Baptist church notes regular
11 o'clock services was well atteuded.
Congregation sang. "Blessed Assur
ance;" read twelfth chapter of Eph.
1:10, lead by the pastor; choir sang,
"There is a city made by God;" prayer
by Deacon J. , Slaughter; pastor
preached a aoul-BtlrrUmfiaermon. t;xt
Acts 16:12. The doors of tho church
were open for the reception of mem
bers by pastor. Choir sang: "Come ye
that love the Lord, and let your Joya
be known." Four souls came forward
end joined by Christian experience.
Sunday school openedat its usual
hour, 1:15, Superintendent Bro. C. Call
way being present but feeling HI; pas
tor officiated; lesson exceedingly Inter
esting; class No. 2, Mrs. J. S. Addison
teacher, is , the banner class. Rev.
Mrs. McAtlen from the East visited our
Sunday school and gave us a good lec
ture. Mrs. Rev. Mc Allen Is one of
the leading ladles of our race. She
also taught class No. 2. The school
was more than pleased with Mrs. Rev.
McAllen's remarks and we trust that
she will give our school another visit.
B. Y. P. U. opened regular hour, 6
p. m.. Miss Omla Jones, president, in
the chair. The union is largely at
tended. Mr. Geo. Clay, the state or
ganlser, visited our B. Y. P. U. and
gave us some good and interesting re
treating re-i "V.
young po- I? J1'?.
marks. We hope that our
heart and work more earnestly than
they ever have before. 7:30 p. m., song
by the congregation, "Am I born to
die?" pastor takes his text, 9th chap
ter of Gen. 1:16; sermon by pastor.
owing to the uail weather we had a
good attendance. May God bless the
Rising Son. A. B.
The Ladles of St. Pancreas Guild
are offering as a prize a handsome
hand embroidered white linen shirt
waift pattern to any lady who saves
the largest amount of her spending
money by Easter. So get a waist by
saving the waste. If you want to know
how this is done, ask Smith, the drug
gist. These savings will ho for the
benefit of St. Augustine church.
Between Two Fires.
An American who was accorded an
interview recently with Von Uulow,
the German statesman, found him in
a dejected mood. He was bewailing
the woes of German manufacturers.
The American quoted statistics show.
1ng the value of Germany's exports to
the United States. "Why." said he.
"we import 9.000 tons of toys every
year." "Yes," said Von Ilulow, "but
when the children receive th" toys
they credit them to Santa Claus and
when they are old enough to give us
the credit they don't care for toys."
Typewriting Telegraph Apparatus.
The Steljes typewriting telegraph,
as used by the London police, Is an
apparatus for sending a message sim
ultaneously and In typewriter charac
ters to several places at once. The
battery is a powerful magnet, and the
parts are actuated by springs. The
operator at one end touches the keys
representing the letters and figures,
at. the same time turning a handle
and the message Is received and
printed automatically by all the re
cording Instruments on the circuit.
Lizard-catching In New Orleans.
Nearly half the boys in New Orleans
are catching lizards and making good
pocket money by doing so. The price
started at twenty-five cents a hundred
and the dealers found many boys will
ing to catch them at that figure; but
the price has lately gone up to fifty
cents a hundred. They are wanted by
a San Francisco man who experts to
make the lizards useful by catching
the Insects which are hurting the
fruit in California.
Another Printer in Congress.
Among the now corp ul coniji ess
men is William O. Smith of l'unxLa
tawney, Pa., who at one titii" was a
compositor In the government print
ing office, WathlttBton, where he work
ed several years. Then ho went to
Pennsylvania, became proprietor of a
newspaper, entered politics and has
now worked his way Into a seat In the
house ot representatives.
' V Parrots as Advertiser:.
Ai; London instructor of parrots
makes a specialty of training them
to advertisers. They are taught so
thap,whenever they see anyone enter
a Shop ttiey ssy, "Have you tried So
andribo's 'Milk Porridge?' " or "Hair
Restorer?" or whatever the commo
ditir is. The parrot's cage, bearing a
laNJt advertising the patent commo
dity; stands on tne snop counter, ana
thefctrd "puffs" the article all day
long, fur he has been purposely taught
nothing else. . Some of the mammoth
food.-manufacturing Arms have bought
several of these advertising parrots,
and .lend them out to the shops that
puff ! their particular specialty.
.tHad the Knot Safely Tied.
lr. and Mrs. James Urazls, living
nearly Kingfisher. Ok., were married
three, times in the same day, and prob
ably, hold the record. Then went to
KloyOshur to get married and after
getting a license were united by the
old'rohate Judge, S. E. Sanders. The
grown thought that perhaps it might
be well It J. M. Clraham, Probate judge
elect, should also pertortn the cere
mpajr, so Mr. Grahtm tightened up the
nupfkal knot The bride still had a
lingering doubt as to the legality of
either marriage and the services of a
clergyman were called Into requisi
tion. After the third ceremony Mr.
cA Jirs, Brails went home. ,
High Authority on Art.
Sir Join Charles Robinson, one of
the highest living authorities on art,
la 78. He was born at Nottingham,
and there received his earliest educa
tion. He studied art in Paris and is an
honorary memberof nearly all the
academies of flue arts In Europe. From
1852 to 1869 he was superintendent of
art collections at the South Kenslng
ton museum and originated the system
of loan collections whereby works of
art are circulated through the prov
Itices. From 18X2 to 1891 he was sur
veyor of pictures to the crown.
Peculiarity of the Letter "O."
A Arm which was sued In the West
minster (England) county court re
cently for the price of a sign defended
the case on the ground that the "o"
In their name was smaller than the
other letters. It was proved by
measurement, however, that It was
sixteenth of an inch larger, allowance
having been made tor the fact that
owing to au optical Illusion, the letter
"o" always looks smaller than the
neighboring letters. Judgment was
given for the sign makers.
How "Jos" Cannon Chews Gum.
Congressman Cannon Is not an ha
bltual gum cheww, but when he does
Indulge his ifitormance is simply as
toundiug. One stick of the stuff lasts
hiTi alMiut a couple of minutes, or tin
V the sweetness has begun to dlsap
rear. Then he throws It away and
takes unotlier. so that the ordinary S
lent package never lasts him more
titan a quarter of an hour. When It M
ill none "Undo J' generally bltiM
off a fresh chew ot tobacco and takr
genuine comfort.
Women Guard Rallroatl Crossings.
in France there are 15.319 worn.)
employed as gatekeepers at the ra 1
road crossings. They get very sruW
py, but the railroads provide each oit
with a house and a small garden patt.h
rent free. These women work everf
day in the year. They may not leava
their posts for a day off, even on 8uu
days and holidays, and their working
days are from fifteen to eighteen hours
Snake Wss Too Greedy.
Noticing a large cobra with a small
portion or a snake tail banging out of
its mouth, a resident of Ceylon killed
the reptile. During Its death struggles
the cobra disgorged three fourths of a
rattle snake. The resident hauled out
the r-st. and, on taking measurements,
round the cobra to be 4 fret X inches
lone, find the rattle K-nake ll bad tried
to i v. ulh.w feet Inches.
Always the Best Way.
A pathetic and instructive story Is
that which James McNally. the fa
mous "green-giMids-taan," tells of his
dreary old age In poverty und Ill-repute
after having spent foolishly $i;oo,
OuO of other people's money. The
straight way is the best way.
A race meeting was held at the M. &
O. hall Wednesday night. In which
several very good Ideas were advanced
tending to advance the negro to a
greater und higher civilization. The
speakers of the evening were Prof.
V. T. Vernon. Rev. O. W. Scott and
Ion. I. F. nrndlty. Prof. Milton Col
lins presided.
The muTrlage of Mr. John Hut lor to
Miss Mammie Hrown was very largely
attended Wednesday night by their
rtends. The marriage took plncc at
the First Haptlst church, corner of
5th and Nebraska Ave., after which u
reception was had at the home, al
ready prepared by the groom. Mr.
Hut lor is a young man of high traini
ng and is well liked by all and Is
nlso an Industrious young man. Miss
Hrown has a host of friends In the
city and is also well liked by all. They
received many handsome presents front
heir friends.
The Adelphla Art club will meet
Wednesday, April 1st, with Mrs. Anna
Kasley. 7lT Oakland ave.
The Sorosis Culture club met with
.Mrs. L, Miner Monday evening.
'ntrolman Hen Foster Is very sick
and not expected to live.
I'reston Anderson, a young man
about 25 years old. dropped dead in a
restaurant on James street Monday
The Ovlatt Shoe Company Is one of
the best and most reliable firms of its
kind in the West. The treatment ac
corded Its patrons Is such Unit it Is a
pleasure always to return. The
store carries thfl best and leading
grades and makes of shoes.
American People Heavy Consumers of
the Succulent Fruit.
The latest estimate places the total
number of apple trees of bearing age
In the United States at something over
two hundred millions. This Is nearly
three trees to every person. These
trees yield more than one hundred
and seventy-five million IiiikIicIh. Not
all these apples are consumed it
home, for In years of full crop more
than three million bushels go abroad.
Yet, the apples kept at home are more
than two bushels for every adult, and
child. We are a nation of apple-eaters.
This tact may not be to our cred
it, however, when wo remember that
a good part of all these apples are
Hen Davis and other kind that a re
fined and cultivated taste would not
choose for Km dessert. Yet probably
hall our people never raise an apple;
and. of the half who do raise them, but
a small percentage, grows for market;
and of those who grow for market,
only a part make, a pnfil from the
business. Vet there is money In ap
ple growing. Country Life In Amer
Unfortunate Meeting Probably Cause
for Family Feud.
When the tall lady In the sealHkln
coat entered the car the short. Jolly
woman who was sitting near the end
Instantly became nil smiles.
It was only a minute before they
were hard at It, telling all about their
Christmas gifts.
"Changing something?" said the tall
one. motioning to a parcel the other
held In her lap.
"Yes." was the reply; "something
some one sent me, don't know who,
and as I don't like It I am going to
change It. Isn't it homely? I never
wear black, anyway," and In a second
she had tin bundle opened and its con
tents exposed to the eyes of her com
panion. The thll lady said never a word for
a full moment. Then with a glance
that would have frozen boiling water,
she remarked, haughtily. ' I sent that
to you."
Re3l Prosperous Farmin'.
Flintier Armour of Chicago lias sold
about 1.j,oimi,(iimi im.s.'icU of his "cor
ner" crop of wheat and makes nliout
(t;pil,ouil p roll I. He will now he aide
to give his wife n new dress, get an
organ for bis homo and perhaps re
paint his wagon. Farming pays in the
Garden City. New York World.
In the State
Grand Master Chinn. of Glasgow,
Mo., was in the city last Saturday on
official ami social business. And on
account of his visit a certain person
was able to be out to the church
Sunday. Come again. Prof.
Invitations are out for the wedding
of Mrs. Patience Parker and Mr. Frank
Scott, on the Siith. Full account of
It will appei.T in next week's edition.
The 2nd Haptist church was rather
successful In their social effort, on
last Sunday. They were able to raise
nearly $r0 and hope by the first of
next month to Increase the amount, to
The True Hi-formers' Club will meet
nl the A. M. E. church next Wednes
day night. All tnctnhers and all who
desire to become members will please
be present.
'Rev. Caldwell and it large delega
tion of his members attended quarter
ly meeting .at Sit. John's A. M. K.
church, Kansas City, last Sunday after
All the churches are preparing for
Faster . Aspeciat program will be
rendered at the A. M. K. church by
tho Sunday school and choir.
St. Venus court will observe Palm
Sunday hi the A. M. E. church. Hev.
Caldwell will preach a special sermon
to the heroines of Jericho. All mem
bers of courts are invited. i
' Tktn't forget th mtlsleai and Mterary
recital nl the A. M. E. church April
1st. under the management of Mrs.
M. Stanton.
Mr. ('has. Lindsay, of I-xington, and
Miss Nannie Sowifll, of Wellington,
were visitors In our city last Monday.
quarterly meeting at. the A. M. E.
church Sunday, March 2nih. Hev. M.
Collins, of Kansas City, will preach at
.1 p. m.
Word was received here that Mrs.
May less, a former resident of this city,
died In Cupc Girardeau last week and
wn-s burled there. It is reported that
the died of heart failure. She was-a
woman of strong character, Christina
liitegrlly and sterling worth. Mrs.
liny less was a member of the A. M. E.
church bore.
Mr. Albert Jones was elected com
mitteeman of the Second ward at the
Republican City convention Saturday
Mrs. Lucy Llllard him moved to Law
rence, Kans., which placo she Intends
to make her future lioni. We wish
her much success In her new home,
thought wo loath to give her up.
Head tho Rising Son.
Head (lie Rising Son.
J. C. C.
The motto of tho Geo. It. IVck !r
Goods Co. is "Satisfaction." This of
itself is an liihplration to a buyer. Mr.
Perk has demonstrated hi great busi
ness worth to the people of Kaunas
City. :md his ability to conduct a huge
Lewis Woods. Rising Son:
Would yon give too the name and
address of the advance i.'gent. of the
lloone Co.? I bine lost it. We had
the company here and enjoyed them
very much. Must have them again.
Yours sincerely,
Dulutli. Minn.
The Publisher's Temptation.
"Why is it." said tho author, "that
a genius Is not truly appreciated until
after he is dead?" The publisher
looked at him with a cold, business
like eye and said: "I've often won
dered myself. I have been tempted
never to accept another manuscript
unless tin- writer could bring a physi
elan's certificate of 111 hetiMh." Wash
ington Sun.
That "Touch of Nature."
T!ie i In. f business of Sii Wllfri-I
l.aiirli-r at Queiiei-. iii-ci-rdu): to Un
reports of those who prcln.d to l.i.ow,
has to do with Mo- di.-irileti en. .1 of
fices. It is a serious Imih--. lor a pre
mier when his swill Iroui-.h h not li;
(IIOIIIl to hold llll IH! Iee till! till!
feeders are trying lo lltru.-l Into it.
Montreal (Ja.ette.
A man may fed like a king, and his
wife like a queen, but the baby is gen-

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