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It Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
The Easter services were well at
tended aril day. The congregation was
a little later gathering than usual, but
was a larger one than (or a number
of years. There were many visitors
from SL Joe, and other cities, and ev
eryone expressed their satisfaction
with the day's services. The altar dec
oration was never more beautiful. The
choir did Its best: and the pastor has
never preached a more beautiful ser
mon. Everything was In just the prop
er tune for an Ideal Easter service.
The congregation not only looked
splendid, but seemed to feel the same.
The captains dfd exceedingly well In
gathering up their promises. All were
able to make good reports. Those who
turned over their money to the church
treasury aTe as follows: . James Crews,
IS2.15; Oscar J. W. Scott, 178.65; Sam
uel I. Ia-o. $59.85; Miles Dunn, $43.01;
Howard Harris, $32.20; Geo. Shannon,
$10.00. The penny collection for the
day was $20.90. All of their cards are
not yet In, so that their amounts may
be larger by the next week. Thus far
they have done well Indeed.
Wo hope the bazaar will be able to
bring them up to the standard
The exercises of the Sunday school
were well attended and the small chil
dren did well, but the young ladles, a
few of them at least, were more Inter
ested in their costumes than In mak
ing the programme a success, ...The
appeal for the cause of missions was
made by Prof. Vernon and a collection
of $26.00 was raised for that cause.
Rev. Ransom, of Topeka, was to
have filled the pulpil In the evening,
but the train being Jrrte, did not arrive
In time; but all were pleased to see
him anyway.
A flash Hunt picture of the altar,
with the pastor and wife and his stew
ardess board, was taken Sunday night
The altar has never looked so pretty
Among the visitors at the school
this week were Dr. O. K. Pearsons,
the millionaire philanthropist of Chi
cago, and his wife; and Dr. h G. Jor
dan, of the Baptist Foreign Mission
Board. Dr. Jordan made quite an In
teresting talk to the students in the
Bishop Geo. W. Clinton preached the
Easter sermon at Tuskogee last Sun
day. The school has Just received $10,000,
a legacy from the estate of the late
Jas. H. Danforth, of Boston.
R. K. W.
Trees Without Leave.
There are great forests of leafless
tres in Australia They are Aca
cias, or wattles, as some people call
them, and their being leafless Is sim
ply an adaptation to the dry climate
They have leaves while growing, but
when their growth Is complete they
shed the leaves and breathe through
the little stem that remains, because
moisture Is too precious to them for
the free evaporation that leaves
always cause.
Tortoiie 400 Year, Old.
A tortoise, whoso estimated age Is
400 years and known weight is COO
pounds, making It the largest one
ever reported, has crossed the United
States on a limited tialn en routo
from the Galapagos Islands to the
private zoological garden of the Hon.
Walter Rothschild, in London. In
civilization cabbages are given him In
lieu of the cacti of his native heath.
Kissing Out of Fashion.
The habit of kissing babies Indis
criminately is now very generally con
demned ou sanitary grounds. But the
decline of kissing seems to rest. In
the main, upon the great principles of
etiquette, which are superior, as ev
eryone of Intelligence must admit, to
those of science. In other words, kiss
ing has gone out of fashion. Provi
dence, R. I. Journal.
Doctor, Have to Work Hard.
Swansea. Eng., aa clubs the mem
bers of which pay $1.50 each per year
for medical t-uitmcnt. while their
wives and children are attended free.
To make a decent living from such
club practice . a doctor has to ,ee
about 100 patient, a day.
Doctors Have to Work Hard.
Swansea, Eng., has clubs the mem
bers of which pay $t.C0 each per year
for medical treatment, while their
wives and children are attended free.
To make a decent living from such
club practice a doctor has to see
about 100 patients a day.
"Mr. Dooley'a" Success.
Flnloy Peter Dunne, the celebrated
"Mr. Dooley," Is sold to have been
offered $40,000 a year to write ex
clusively for certain American pub
lishers. Only a few years ago he
worked on a Chicago newspaper for
$12 a weck.
Spread of Mormonlsm.
The Rev. John K. Nutting, head of
the Utah GoKpol .mission, told the
Presbyterian Ministers" Association
In New York several days ago that if
Mormonlsm Increased at the rate it
has the last twelve years In another
decade they will control the west of
the United States from Canada to
Concert to Aid Murderers.
A benefit concert for two murderers,
whoso guilt was proved, but whoso
friends wanted funds for a last appeal,
was recently given at Brisbane,
Queensland. After the concert the
father, brothers and sister of the mur
derers (who were brothers) appeared
on the gtage and were applauded.
Dyspepsia In England.
According to Sir James Crichton-
Browne, the modern Englishman is
physically a degenerate, and chiefly
because of dyspeptic troubles. The
growing frequency of appendicitis Is,
he thinks, due to the weakened diges
tive apparatus and Insufficient masti
cation of food.
U. S. Cadets Take Notice.
Up in Oregon the students have
a new method of hazing. In Lano
county they compelled the Initiate to
sit with feet and less in Ice cold
water for an hour. Both lees had to
be amputated. Galveston News.
Pay Large Sums for Wood.
Frauce has nn excess of firewood,
which sells with difficulty, and an In
sufficiency of wood for .manufacture.
Her bill for Imported wood amounts
to $2,0(111,000 a year. England's is
fifty times that sum.
New Version.
The father of twins in Chnnute has
arrived at the conclusion, a local pa
per says, that the reason a doctor Is
called a "stork" at certain times is on
account of the size of his bill. Kan
sas City Star.
The Yankee Still Inventing.
The report of the commissioner of
patents for t!02 shows a total of 49,
4'JO applications for patents, includ
ing designs, and that 27,770 patents,
Including designs were Issued.
The Box Receipts.
"Money may bo tho root of all
evil," said the dramatic author as ho
started another "problem" play, "but
evil is tho root of all money In this
Hue of business."
The Chief Virtue.
Now somebody in asking, "Which
makes the belter husband, puritan or
penitent?" Oh. any old thing, as long
ns It's got a bank account. New York
Luck to Him.
Admiral Kcppel of the British fleet,
aged ninety-three. Is about to he mar
ried. No race suicldo In Great Brit
bill, you will perceive.
Rare Example of Honesty,
The other day a woman in Geneva
lost a pocketbook containing $40,ooo,
It was found and returned by a lamp
Oranges to Be Plentlf jl.
Between 22.000 and 23,000 carloads
of oranges will be shipped from South
ern California this year.
To Push Vegetarian Idea.
St. IjouIs vegetarians are planning to
establish In that city a co-oparatlve
vegetarian restaurant.
for It Reaches More Hobes of Colored People
Special Easter services were ob
served in all the churches Sunday.
The Baptist churches rendered their
programs In the afternoon, while the
M. E. and A. M. E. churches rendered
theirs at night. The Sunday school of
the A. M. E. church gave a unique
entertainment Easter Monday night
for the benefit of the rally and real
ized a nice sum. The church and
Sunday school sent $25.00 to Dr. Parks
as an Easter offering for foreign mis
sions. Mr. Leslie Harris of Lexington spent
Sunday In this city, the guest of
his brother.
Miss Myra Rountree, who has been
teaching near Odessa, has returned
home; Miss Johnson of Sedalia avcom
panying her.
Miss Hallle Q. Brown, the renowned
elocutionist and lecturer, will give a
concert at the A. M. E. church Tues
day April 21st. Miss Brown has trav
eled extensively In this country, and
In Europe reciting before the crowned
heads of the old world and appearing
before the most cultured and critical
audiences of this country. She is a-n
adepf in her profession. Don't miss
this rare treat. It Is an opportunity
of a life time,, .
The brother of Miss Fannie Bart-
lett Is now visiting her from Nacuez,
Mr. Isaac Jones is very sick, also
Mrs" Vina Chrisman's niece.
Mr. Dixon, grand matron of the
court, accompanied by Mrs. Kitty
Silas of Kivnsas City, attended the
services under the auspices of St.
Venus court on Palm Sunday. She
will make an official visit to the
courts of this city next week.
At the election of officers of St.
Ann's court, Mrs. Fannie Brown was
re-elected matron.
Mrs. Mollie Jenkins is a zealous and
untiring worker In the Sunday school.
It was through her efforts that, such
an excellent program was rendered r.-t
St. Paul's church Easter
Miss Minnie Tucker, who Is teaching
at Ilolden, spent Easter here with
her father. She reports her school In
an excellent condition. It will closo
May 12.
Blanch A. Turner led all the children
of the Sunduv school in the amount of
money brought In to the entertain
ment on Easter Monday night, lb'
was closely followed by Maggie Bush.
All the children must be commended
for their faithfulness, not leaving out
the "Farmer Boy."
And Hoopskirts.
Everything old fashioned seems to
come Unci; in nine. cceii nccpiiiK
the Sabbath holy Mini wearing corlfc.
ktucvv l in is. aii 'iiimiii i.iono.
Will Carry Cotton Free.
It Is oftlcinlly announced that
through the inllucnce of Mr. Chamber
lain, the colonial secretary of Great
Britain, tho West African railways
would give free carnage to cotton lor
two years, and Hint the steamship
romp.ml s were willing to carry the
first l.oon tons of cotton to Liverpool
without ( I arge lor freight.
Mechanical Milker Satisfactory.
The Elgin dairy report fays. In
speaking of the Lawrence-Kennedy
iiniM.ig im.ihii.e, u New Zealand in
vent Inn: "So far as the experience
of users has gone the results nre of
such a satisfactory nature as to Justify
the b'.dlef that at length the mechani
cal milker has arrived."
Only Two Veterans Left.
August Emmett Maxwell Is one ef
tho only two surviving members of
the Confederate Senate. The ethur
Is O. G. Vest of Missouri. Judge
Maxwell, now about to retire, is n
Jurist of renown. Ho was horn In
September b3 years ago at F.dicrton,
Hi, Awful Threat.
Struggling Merchant "If you don't
attend to business better Ml reduce
your Income by one lmlf " Chief Clerk
"Eh? Only yesterday you said you
thought of taking me into partner
ship." Struggling Merchant "That',
what I meauF Stray Stories.
- rcricual Surely.
The Missouri legislator who referred
to fcis opponent In debate as "a noise
wltfc hair on It" must take off his hat
to Senator KKtingcr of the Indiana
Senate for his eloquent description of
Senator Tark as "a whining old whis
kered sanctuary." Verily, it Is only
to the idiom lamb that the legislative
WlnJ is tempered. Louisville Times.
Law Better Than Medicine.
In Berlin the nvorage Income Is
higher in the hrnl I ban In the medi
cal profession. Kilit jei ( u,t of the
barristers and 4.7 per cent of tho med
ical men have Incomes from lC.ono to
20.000 marks (J3.7.".o to $5,000), while
8 per rent of the barristers have In
conies exceeding Jj.ouo.
And Naturally.
A cynical philosopher once said that
the average Inhabitant of England
or any other coentry, for that matter
would feel the loss of his own little
flnqi r more acutely thrn he would the
InHI'igcnce that the whole of China
bad been .destroyed by sumo convul
sion of nature.
No Weights for Age. ' '
The crown price of Slam seems to be
a philosophies) chap, lie says that all
klufs of religion will be welcome to
his j country because tho fittest will
survive. ' A fair field and no favors.
,em. to be alxmt hi, program.
Tper.on, of Advanced Age..
There are
3.7G2 persons In tho Unit
ed Stales who are over ninety years
old. There are nine who are over 130
years old, and eighty-six who are over
120. All who are o' er 115 are negroes
with the exception of one Indian, who
is 130 years old.
Quarrel Over Marconi.
Marconi has lived to gee two
Italian cities quarreling about their
claims to his fame, lie was horn In
I years In
but spent his schoolboy
Florence, where he was a
very Indifferent and careless student.
Cure for Drunkenness.
The French Gen. I'asserieii suggests
that the soldiers who give way to
drink should be treated as persons
suffering from Illness, ami that they
should be segregated and treated by
the regimental doctors.
Women Win Medical Honors.
The Medical Institute for Women
In St. Petersburg recently gave di
diplomas, after a live years' courso,
to 111 students, iiiucty-thrco of whom
passed their examinations "wit li dis
tinction." Island Makes a Voyage.
An lidiind off the Itusslnn roust at
Cape ItuszklJ Saworol recently left
lis moorings and drifted northward.
The goieinuieul had lo send a steam
er to rescue the Inhabitants.
How About It?
Will the social skies of America bo
: hung with black because the engage
ments id lw adventurous British lord
' lings have been derailed? New York
Mall and Express.
1 New Study Recommended.
Dr Whitman of the Fnlvcrsity of
;Chl'!i-o. one of tin- Cnin;'ie Inslilil
j tlou' ad i ers. tconimetels a biologi
cal fiiriu for the tud of heredity and
Firr.t to Test Chloroform.
Al New lon le W illow s, Lancashire,
England, there has .iiM died Dr. J. W.
Wathins. ami '''. who was Hie llrst
human bell, g subjected to chloroform.
W.i a Soldier at Thirteen.
Willhcn W. Kimball of Oshkosh,
Wis., now liity two years old. enter
ed the union army when thirteen
years old.
Predict Honor for Curzon.
There is talk of giving l-ord Curon
,n extension of bis term of viceroy
of India, an unprecedented honor.
Size of British Colonies.
British colonies are seventy times
as large as the area of tho United
than any other Paper
Quarterly meeting was held at M.
E. church Sunday. Presiding Elder
Smith preached an elegant sermon
Sunday afternoon. Rev. Gllliert and
Ills congregation attended in the after
noon. Mr. Wm. Strentery and Miss Emmn
Davis were united Into matrimony Sat
urday eve. Rev. A. X. Gilbert offici
ated. We hope them a long and happy
life. Miss Davis was rei.Ted here in
Ijcxlngton. and Mr. Stivnter In Kansas.
Miss SuhIc Del any died on the Mil
and wns burled on the loth. She was
sick for nearly ! months. She leaves n
mother, sister ami ten brothers to
mourn her loss. She lived n consist
ent Christian and died Hie same. She
was loved by tdl who knew her.
Rev. II. C. Bruce, Presiding Elder of
Cape Girardeau, was here on flic loth.
Mr. Brooks, of Wnverly. was In tho
city Saturday on business.
Mr. Joe Bowler, of Kansas City, was
here Sunday.
Miss Carter. Mrs. Shelby and Miss
M 1. ...... ......... I.. IJI..vl..... III.. C. ..!.. I
i . ii'tun tint' in iii..iMni iiiv
Mr. Win. Worcoff got. his leg hurt
very bad. Ho is now getting better.
He Is getting about i.-guin.
Mrs. Tlldla Mathews was in Kansas
City Sunday.
Mr. Walter Bowens and Miss Tildia
Parker went to Knnsns City Saturday
anil returned Tuesday,
'II,.. in. Ml,. o,..,.,.l will .-liiu.i st-itnr. I
,U closing exercises. Every one Isi- fro... the Metropolitan band. A
Invite,! to. con,,, down I ' '"'"'; "'.l11'"!"" witness. ,, il,e
Mr. Win. Worcoff and Mr. J. Mai
thews bought out Mr. Joe Rucker's
restaurant. They Invite many friends
In come round and see them.
Mrs. Kirk Wilson paid her suhsciip
H ui up last. week. Also Mr. E. Con
way, one of our old subscribers, paid
up his subscript ion.
The vote for a third-class cily was
carried Tuesday by overwhelming ma-
Jorily. We hope II will be a blessing
to our city.
Don't forget thai our reading room'
is open every night. All are welcome.
The following are sot if the per
sons who will help make Hie program
of tln Sailed concret a great success;
Miss Anna II. Jones. Mrs. S. W. Itacote,
Mr. E. Games. Miss Lulu .lonus, u
quartette of Kansi.s Cily. Kas., young
ladiis under Hie ilirecilon of Miss I'or-ti-r;
the Gate City Mandolin club, di
rection of Miss Coinie Cross; Allen
Chapel Choir and Miss Fraukle Ken
nedy. By special request Mins Victoria
Overall, assisted by Miss R. Reed, will
lender "Nearer My God to Thee," In
All men are cordially Invited to at
tend our Sunday meet lug. L3n lo Viai.
A grand Si.vrct concert will be given
lit the Second Baptist cliurih. I"'l h and
Charlotte streets, for the benefit of
the Y. M. C. A . Thursday. April 23.
nt x p. 111. Admission fifteen cent,.
Come out and help us.
Live Doiled rich.
A Paris newspaper i lutes that M.
Marrelliu Pellet, Hie I i'en h niinb-ier
to Central A nn-iii u. has ili-ci red
close lo Hie l.nl.e of Auiatitlan. ill
(eiateiuala. a nn.ill II' li win li slur
in Hie hid w.ilcr id Hie sprinr- ilose
by. II Is i.ii,,I I bat in tin- 1 ' ! i I i i ' 1 1 1 1 1
Islands thi'ii- ; a Miiruhir lish. whit h.
Ill i' lu.iny oliini.ii. . I li i i , hi -i ia
bulling w.ii- i .
The W.-it-It
Is a laiuii
which w ,1s 1,1,' e
season will lum
iiny of Lawns.
;ir l,n I Hon a law n
w ali red during a ill y
lo lie freiiu 10 ly w ill-
ered in Ibi "la-., will Miller oll'li
times more than if it had iml hi en
watered al all. The hist waleiinc in
duces a Miperiui.il i ool ib vi I . i o 1 1 1 1 1
which inusl be Mippbed I ieipielit ly
wiib water.
Mexico's Big Millionaire.
Pedro Alviiiado. He Mixban lull
lion. in e, who, I wo years ago. was a
penniless peiiii. Is today the most
famous uiiin in our sister republic,
lie keeps $1 mm. nun ulways oil baud
ill tils palace ut Chihuahua and makes
a praeiice i f cariylng ihe sum of
$300,000 in his ve;,l pocket every day.
Even diamonds made of paste
cause a woman to lie stuck up.
In the State.
Located in Rear of Independence and
Tracy Avenues.
Sunday school opened at Its usual
hum. '.IlIIO. Superintendent, being late,
Hev. E. M. Wilson, pastor, opened ser
vices. We had n most excellent lesson,
which was taught by the pastor, lie In
structed the entire congregation from
Hie IJtiartotiies, ami the Cluster Leaf
concerning the resurrection of our
Lord Jesus, which was both interesting
mid Instiiii i Ivc and all seemed gratly
benefitted. Easter eggs Were distribut
ed to the unilielice,
Regular II o'clock service consisted
uf praises, this being the regular
monthly meeting. Congregation sang
a hymn. Choir entered box. and after
tin" con,:regai ion lead "lib chapter of
.Luke, 1-33. led by pastor, sung Blessed
.lesiis. Then praise service begun
i and lasted one hour. Then collection
! was called ami beneillclion was pro-
nounccd. Special services In the alier.
noo'i. The annual sermon of Hie Ma-
sonic lodge was preached at 3:30, by
j Dr. Ewlng of the Vine Si reel Bapllsi
church of Kansas City, Mo.
Choir entered choir box mid the or
ganist. Mr. Waller Cminlee, played the
1 limn h while Dr. Ewlng and Hie Grand
I Muster walked down the aisle and met
members of I lie lodge, who w ere
scene, a number being unable o eiiler
the i hiircli. While the Masons were go.
lug through their us'ia! performances,
choir peeled forth In melodious strains
' Wal.e Hie oSng of Jubilee." A most
proloiiiiil sermon was Hu n preached by
llev. Ewing, texl 'Ji'.lh chapter of Si.
Matthew. Llnd verse. Ills illseouio
was excellent and ibiiveied with gn at
pathos. He remarks thai of all Ihe
ways In Hie world Iliere was one chief
way and thai was the best way and Hie
riglil way. lie de.-cribed the conqueror
lu all forms of lit. . tool, up Christ when
he eoiuiueled iblllll. Spnl.e of llilll
win II he Went I III l Hie gulden of Gelll
sellllllle. also .poke of the cup of death.
and willi words and signs applied such
lo Ihose who liiiollged lo Hie older, ill
Mich a way. thai lo vou. who had never
tasted of those Mveel waters nf Ma
sonry II Is beyond your coin pi elieti
sion. lie inbli d that lice Masonry was
l iiM il on God's eiernal word, and thai
anything thai w bii.ieil Iheriou would
slaiul. All enjoyed a rare treat. After
the senium the choir sang "All Ye
Lands. Ilow Low ly Is Zioti, Peace on
Faith." Collection for this service was
II Y. P. I' ope I at lis usual hour,
li in bil k. Preslili'tll I'. L. Lewis p'e
slding. I In account of an extra Ea-ier
piograin Mr. Walter CiiiiiiI ee h i v i d as
organist lur us. Andlenie sang Joy to
ihe World " Alter a t-pciinl pios-.iaiu
was r. leb'icd the I ' n ii m gave ."iu cents
1 1 ir I it'll t ii hi ti I piirpn-es. I'rogiam in-
lelesl illg. crowd bilge.
! i-iilii r sen ices at :'.. On account,
of piaise meeting Ea.-ier sermon was
I -i pi, iied mini s n'ebick. Congrega
tion sang. "Culne Ye Hint Love Hie
I m d " I iiolr i iiti i 'd hole box and
i-a tic a hvniti. Seiniou by pastor. Alier
a reel wonderful miiiioh. and the x
I ' :i o I , n of bird '. gi:s. flowers ami
i .ill.it-. the i -i hi i iii ii n i' hi was ailininis-
lele.l I.V Ihe pll-l I. assisted b li' 'V.
Wil-oii of Macon Cily. Alier Ihe break-
i:ig of bi t lid w had pn
r, iind a-I.eii
God , l.liss the w inc.
S 1 1 ii -i vvi'ie unusually good.
! it ion for Ihe whole day was f.V.:. r..
Mu le by choir. I lisuiissloli.
Easier Monday al K:;',o. n splendid
piomimi was rendered. A line pap r
was I', ad by Mrs. Stewart of Ihe i'H
Ltotn I Li 'i 1st chinch.
II .1. McDonald delivered an ad lic-s
which was timely and insi i U't iv e. A
mo. t cxcellenl solo was sain: by Mr.
Edward Hardy. Recitation by the Miss
is Ellin and Edith Win on. which was
delivered with ability. The remainder
of the pri'giani coiiM-ie, of song ser
vices. We are looking forward lo the
lime when we will have a splendid
church elected, which w ill be an honor
to the cause. We are putting I'ollll "111-
lest aiel most si reiiuous efforts lo do
the same as soon as possible.
G. W. M.

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