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Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
This subject was before the Forum
on last Sunday at 4 p. m. It was dis
cussed at length by Mr. Lewis Woods,
the promoter of the enterprise; Prof.
S. R. Bally, Prof. W. V. Yates and Dr.
M. H. Hey, and others.
Mr. Woods led off In the discussion
by stating that we have a colored pop
ulatlpn of about 40.000 souls, thtrt
there are many secret organizations in
.this vast population of our people,
and outside of their churches, that
we have practically no where to as
semble and consult for our business or
racial Interests. He contended that
there were enough monled men of
the colored race In Kansas City to
organize a business enterprise, build
a "Pantheon" which would be large
enough to accommodate all the lodges
of Kansas City, all of our professional
men. and at the same time have a
racial center. He contended that It
would be a good paying investment
and a beacon light on the shores of
time to our boys and girls. Here we
could have a bank run by colored
men a large wholesale and retail
grocery house where our boys and
some of our girls could get employ
ment and learn to do some thing In
life. He contended that we could de
posit funds for the present In one of
our city banks that with our 40.000
colored population, we are practically
without business men or even s place
to do business. That he was ready
and willing to Invest some money In
an enterprise that had for its object
the doing of something to elevate the
Negro In the business world and hsr"
for Its purpose, push, thrift and ra
cial enterprise.
Prof. Baily spoke at some lengtn
on the subject and thought the objec'
was a good one but that the shares
or stock should be $10.00 Instead of
$1.00. He also advanced the thought
that the colored people should learn
the earning capacity of the dollar.
Prof. Yates spoke, and made a
humorous talk and advanced the Idea
that It was an unfortunate thing, but
nevertheless a fact that In most col
ored enterprises the bottom In some
way or other would get shaky and
some times would drop out of itself,
and "then there we are."
But it remained for Dr. Key to state
that the reason the colored people
would not support the building of ar
"Pantheon" in Kansas City was be
cause the Eureka Drug Company and
the Colored Grocery Company went
under when they should have suc
ceeded. ' It seems that the colored people are
afraid of each other and that those
who have some money ere doubting
the point whether the Negro can do
anything within himself.
It looks to the world as though the
race cannot rise as a whole, aa other
races have done but In the Instance
of the Negro, It Is an Individual ef
O. W. Teeters $202.50
J. H. Crews 109.no
Rev. O. J. W. Scott 107.00
8. J. I-ee 80.51
Miles Dunn 55.00
H. D. Harris 42.02
O. W. Shannon 18.00
Total amount raised from all
sources $040.92
J. H. CREWS. Sec.
Last Sunday's meeting was a very
helnful one.
The concprt given at the Second
Baptist church was a success in every
wuy, and netted the association sixty-one
dollars and seventy cents. The
r-ssociatlon desires to hereby tender
Its hearty thanks to Wp committee
In charge for their zealous and unsel
fish work. The following sn-e the
names of the committee- Mrs. Maria
P. Williams, Miss Victoria E. Overall,
and Mrs. C. E. Cummlngs.
On the night of Thursday, May 7,
Dr. T. 0. T'nthank will deliver a con
fidential medical talk to men only at
the association rooms, .912 E. I?"
street. This talk was to have been
delivered some time aeo. but was post
poned on account of the Inclement
weather. We fool that no voting man
can afford to miss this talk. Try to
le there by eight o'clock.
ifll K JXft-ttAC '
Six Hundred Thousand Dollars Do
nated to Negro Education and
Manual Training.
Never in the history of the United
State of America, since the days of
Frederick Douglas, has a Negro been
so prominently and so constantly be
fore the general public as a race lead
er, as our most estimable Prof. Hook
er T. Washington. For a whole cen
tury he has run the whole ga'mut 01
censure and praise.
Throughout these years and tindpr
most trying circumstances he has in
variably In his sphere and otit of it
been the man of the hour, who takes
criticism meekly and urbanly and
wetvs his honors modestly.
Whether on the lecture platform or
through the preBs enunciating sound
and incisive policies for racial guid
ance; whether the honored guest of
the nation's president, discussing deep
policies of state in their multifaccd
aspects to the Negro race with the
acumen of a Richelieu, or as the most
successful financier of any university
for the black race, always he is Book
er T. Washington, a name synono
mous with modesty, honest y and mor
ality of the highest order.
A man truly worthy of all honors
that can lie bestowed for his unflinch
ing courage and manly devotion to
duty. A man whom adversity bars
never conquered, florid flattery or
discriminating and Just praise tins
npvpr spoiled or caused him to low
er his dignity by braggadocla over
success stupendiious and fame of
achievement which well might urn
the head of most men. Inattentive
to pi'Mse or blame, be has ever stood
calm as fate in the nctiulousity of his
own intellectuality.
Now the howling blasts of fierce
criticism has changed to most gentle
breezes and grateful puffs. Fnom the
humblest citizen of the republic to the
most exalted In the person of Presi
dent Roosevelt, all pay tribute to him.
Just tributes to tho man nnd to the
backing of his meritorious idea by
his Indomitable pluck.
Thus a good cause, merit, erntlve
ci.'itacity, anil untiring energy brings
Its ultimate reward success.
From the humble washerwoman
who gave her fifty cents in the sup
port of the school ami In recogni
tion of tho merits anil honesty of its
president, to the many who have giv
en on upward to their thousands of
dollars all deserve nnd get favorable
But possibly none of the supporters
of the school and generous philan
thropists who have contributed to
the maintenance of It since Its in-
- - - ; "" - "mtf-r . .'rm m"m .
for It Reaches More
cipiency, have attracted the wide
attention that Honorable Andrew Car
negie has by his mot--t recent donation,
ever since giving twenty thousand
to the institute's library. The multi
millions that this coliosus of finance
has amassed is proof positive of the
soundness of his judgment on pll
things financial, end when he set the
seal of his approval on Washington's
Institutloii by giving six hundred thou
sand. It. was a tribute to Prof. Wash
ington's honesty and management.
and a safe invest meat for tho bet
terment of Negro citizenship in the
South. An effort to lift him above
the realms of mendacity tha't. he might
give more of his personal time anil
care to the students under him.
Whether It will accomplish the
8?coud of this two-fold object depends
"on the needs of the school and its
reserve funds. The professor is too
used to a strenuous life to cease trav
eling over tho country and making
personal appeals unless cash bala'iice
on tho ledger will meet all future re
quirements. We, as a race of people, feel that
we have a strong friend in Mr. Car
negie, who baa proven himself such,
not by empty words, but in a most
uuhstnntlal manner. Long Mid over
may he be cherished in our hearts by
the race who have ever been grateful
for favors shown, nnd will best show
appreciation for this most princely
munificence of Mr. Carnegie by taking
advantage of increased facilities fur
Industrial and manual training. Dr.
W. C. Com I is.
The World's Population.
During the last seven years the
population of Europe has risen In
round numbers from 21ti,(ii0,uoo to
400,000,000; that of Asia and Africa
has probably Increased a little more
slowly; t'.iat of America has becomi'
more than three and a half times n-
great ns it wan In is:iil. Altogether,
the worlds population Is now about
l.titlO.iniii.OiJU, ami wai M7,oih,iuiu.
Murderer's Heavy Sentence.
One of tho strangest sentences that
has bii-n pronounced In uny court
has just been passed on a man named
Boutin, at the assies of Stolpe, Prus-sin-
In October last I tout in broke
into a farmhouse n Russia ami
killed two women und three children,
besides robbing the place. Bout in
has now been condemned live times
to iliutii, plus Hie years' imprison
ment. The best way to get along with your
! neighbors is not to know any of iliem
Homes of Colored People than any other Paper
FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1903.
The meetings -if last week were
well attended. The class meetings
are being better attended than for
quid a while.
The Young People's Christian En- j
dcavnr Society spent u pleasant even-)
Ing at the church last Wednesday in
a wicinl way. All present enjoyed
tin mselves.
Allen Chapel's choir was remem
bered by the trustees last Saturday
evening. Plenty of Ice cream and'
cake was served and a plor.'sant time 1
had by those who were fortunate!
enough to be present. The choir has
br 11 doing excellent work nnd should ;
bo remembered oftener. Many a I
stttet disposition has been spoiled by I
over work in Allen chapel. I
I Services last Sunday were well at
tended and 1 splendid collection was
given. There Is no reason why this
should not be the banner year for
in'sing money and paying off our
debts. Thus far we are doing excel
lent. We feel Justly proud, for our
first five hundred dollars on the prin
cipal debt is paid, the Interest also,
and when the next one Is due five
months from now we expect to do
the same thing without any trouble.
The members nnd friends i.to doing
their whole duty. Rev. Howard Har
ris preached to us for his last time
for the present, as he leaves for bis
charge In Salinn. Kansas, this week.
No one has ever left Allen Chapei who
was so generally liked by all as Mr.
Hivris. For years he has been snper-ihui.di-til.
of tne Sunday School and
was loved and respected by all.
Through his efforts more young peo
ple have been brought Into the church:
he was possessed with an unusual
amount of patience along that line.
As a trustee he was ever faithful: i.s
a class leader he was second to none,
as his class looked upon him as n
man true to his convictions. We hope
for him a bright future and his place
In Allen Chapel cannot be easily, if
ever filled. He was given a collection
of $10.7.1 to help him on his jour
ney, ns a token of love, from pastor,
members and friends of Allen Chapel.
His congregation will not find a bet
ter man with whom to work in the
Master's vineyard.
The trustees' collection was very
good nnd some of the capdlns are still
renorting. Thus far they have raised
$010.00. Mr. Teeters and Crens rend
their list of names last night. The
other captains could not read theirs,
as the people grew tired and left be
fore their lists were finished.
Several new members joined Sun
dry morning nnd evening. We are
glad to see this. Our doors nre ul
ways open. Come nnd welcome.
The various clubs will meet ns us
ual This week. They expect to do
some good work in the next few
The recital given by Miss llalie I.
Ilrown at the A. M. E. church was a
rare treat to the large and enthusi
astic, audience which packed the
church on that occasion. Iler rendi
tions are perfect and every one pres
ent was highly enli-iti.ineil by the
luein of elocutionists. The local tal
ent supported tier in an aide manner.
Tho grocery store under the manage
ment of Mr. .1. E. Mason was opened
Saturday week ami from all reports
is doing a splendid business. We
hope every Negri) who Is interested
in the progress of the race will pa
tronize it. for hen we tri.'dv tin re
we live helping ourselves.
Missi s Rii.-a and Kutina Mush petit
Sunday in Lexington visiting friends
and relatives.
The Deaconess Hoard and members
of the A. M. E. church surprised Mr.
.lor mm "Evans and wife with n beau
tiful supply of groceries on April 2"th.
W'uwiir" glad to know I hi.'! by some
th..(igeil are lever forgotten.
Sirs. Sarah Dixon, the Crand Matron
of the ("ou t of Heroines of Perleho.
visited the courts of the i 1 v April Dl.
She gave the courts a very instrucl've
and interrstitrg lecture.
Key. H. II. Triplet!, former pastor
here, spent Sunday nt tending services
at the A. M. E. church, nnd visiting
friends. We were glll to see him.
Come a",ain.
Miss Nnna M. Jones, of Kansns City,
attend' d the recital of Miss Hallle I
Brown. We nre always gWd to see
her in 011 midst, ns her presence gives
ur Inspiration.
Miss C. Ynrnell and Mr. P. Pool
were married in our city last week.
We wish the young couple much Joy
ad happiness.
Mr. and Mrs. Seott. of Hot Springs.
Aik., nre here visiting their mother.
Mrs. Turner.
A baptism il service was held nt the
A. M. E. church last Sunday night
at which time the pastor preached a
special sermon on baptism. Ten were
Rev. .1. D. Barksiiale, of West port,
pessed through the cily last week en
route to Lexington.
Mine. Lucas, the renowned prima
donna, latter known as the "Night
ingale of the 20th Century." will give
a concert at the A. M. 10. church on
May 7th. Come and hear her.
There are a large number on the
sick list, iii'duding M; I. Jones and
wife, Itro. .Ionian Evans, Miss John
son, Mr. John Ross and Mrs. Fisher.
We hope them speedy recovery.
If you want a good meal or a fine
loaf of home-made bread, go to Mrs.
Jackson's restaurant.
We notice a few new faces in the
choir of tho A. M. E. church. We
are pleased to see the interest being
manifested by Its members. The lead
er. Mr. ("has. Hryi.'nt. Is an untiring
worker. He is ntdy assisted by his
most amiable wife.
Mrs. N. H. Oxley. of the True Re
formers, met the club here last Thurs
day night. It will meet again 1n May
:th. V hope ev.'ry member will be
Oh. Spring, the sweetest of nil the
With your beautiful flowers and
birds Mid bees.
And tho lovely sunshine so bright
and clear.
Casting her radiant beauty o'er land
and sens.
All Nature bear witness of thee, gra
cious Spring.
You replenish the earth ns it mother
her child.
What joy Olid gladness i.-ml beauty
you bring,
I low your melodious music our
hearts do Inspire!
Willi your tender motherly nnd mag
ical touch
You opened the eyes of each sleep
ing bud.
The trees III their verdure of green
are flushed.
And the dandelions have put on
their goldeti heads.
Oh. Spring, lovely Spring, thrice wel
come art thou.
Though beautiful was winter, wllh
her mantle of snow.
As It lay like a dei.'d saint, embalmed
in her shroud,
All diamond bedecked by some ar
tistic glow.
Every tree top and twig were cov
ered Willi care
Like a beautiful bible oil tier Wed
ding iiiiirn.
Stood waiting so virtuous, so pure,
and so fait,
To be given away lo the handsome
As the grasses and buds lhal a few
lli.'.VS before
Seemed useless aixl good for naught
tint decay.
Now as vigorous and lovi ly as ever
Is Hot Ihi.-l ;i Ijpe of the Itesilf-
lection day"
So the soul that Is gone to Cod. who
Ami the I, .uly back to its Mo! 101
Shall lis- in the Spring of Cod s grci.1
And be clothed in i,,u mei.l.- of im
lllot:i birth.
The Irony of Fate.
For international irony it would be
hard to beat the tact that, whereas In
187o France produced 2.1.01)0 tons of
madder, the quantity gradually fell to
a few hundred tons, till now I he trous
ers of Ilie Kri inh Imops are dyed with
an 111 titic. ul n il made in Ceimaay.
.1 ' V
In the State.
I Located in Rear of Independence and
Tracy A venues. I
Sunday school opened nt Its usual
hour. 0.:!i). Services opened by pi.-s-tor.
Rev. E. M. Wilson. Explanation
from Clust:- Leaf by pastor, which
was most excellent, and had a ten
dency to render the lesson exceeding
ly Interesting. Mrs. Lee, of the L'lld
Baptist church was with us, and gave
an explanation of an intertainnient,
"Oxford Affair." which is to lie given
by her at this church mi May 22nd.
Weather pleasant; crowd very good.
The teachers are now putting forth
many efforts to have the pupils be
well lucparel to slaml examinations,
which a.-e givin at the end of each
quarti r.
Regular eleven o'clock services:
singing, praver by ileacon. James
Spaubllug: congregation trad tth
chapter of Id velations. b .l by pastor;
singing; si run in by pastor, text: Rom.
Lt:ll. "Knowing the time, now it is
high time to wake out of sleep " His
subject was "Validity of Time." Choir
entered box. Context; Act 2": "The
will of the Lord be done." He stated
that the perfection of time was one
of the grandest gifts of ini,iklnd. and
that without time there would In con
fusion He lidded that Cod took time
ami mini it he reckoned nil things,
niid without It we could not receive a
blessing. After his most eloquent
and instructive sermon, congregation
sang a hymn.
Doors of the church were opened
for the reception of members; choir
sang. "How firm n foundation;" col
lection was taken; choir si.-ng, "Peine
on Earth."
B. V. P. I', opened at its usual hour.
'I o'clock, president F. L Lewis pre
siding Paper was read by MlsH Lll
lie It. Taylor, and discussed by mem
bers. Secretary's report.
Regular devotional exercises at 7:1.1
led by Itro. Milo strong
Regular services al 7 ."n. Choir en
tiled choir box. iiii, i.-i ,, roiiimaiiil
of the pastor, sang. " hive thy king
dom. Lord." prayer by I ti- . Clark:
congregation i-oud 12th, chapter of
Revelations, led by pastor; choir sang.
"The Mercy Seat." sermon by pastor,
text. Rev 12 C; "And the woman fled
Into the wilderness where she had a
place prepnreil of Coil, that they
should feed her there." His subject
was: "Coil s Care lor His Church "
lie preaihe.1 a grand sermon on the
location of the devil. He said con
clusively that the devil never was nor
never would be III heaven; he added
that it wi.s a place of purity, holiness,
cleanness, and had never been cor
riipud. Alter the scholarly ami tech
nlcril discourse, while the choir sang
"Open the door for the children."
doors of chinch Were opened for the
reception of members. Collection,
choir sang; "Jesus . Saviour. Pilot
Me." Collodion. $21 00.
Recently a grand surprise was given
to pastor Rev. E. M Wilson and a
hi.iiilsi.ine suit was presented him. It
was gien ,y su re! 1 tub. .Ml as
sembled on church meeting night, and
to tin if surpri.-e. flowers, palms
oranges ban. ma-., cake, civam. in the
midst of a table lh.it was set at the
wi stern s.de of the house, was pre-
pi.reu ior rne pastor ami the remain
der of the church lhal did not belong
to the secret club The pulpit was
decorated with palms ami niriinlioiis.
Cwiythiiig was done wllh order. Alt
ir the f.a.-i. the following persons
gave rich (ousts- Mr H J. McDonald.
Mb Pachel D.igb v anil Mrs Ci :
irudc W .McDonald. Tho lia-mUome
black suit which wan given to He
win thy pastor was highly appreciated
And lil-i remarks for his appreciation
wcte grand. The secret club, under
the auspices of Mrs. Molli.. William.
ami Mrs. Mary Herriford spent 110 lit
tle time ami money to tn.vke the af
fair a grand and successful one. "y
rythini: pn.sse, off harmoniously
lr. L"w is I. Thompson and Mr.'.
Tilli" lerefi,ril will be mi, nie, I May
:th by Rev. Scott of A. M. 10. church,
at Mrs. Ier -ford's place of Business
nt l"s Wcsl 1.M1 stl I. They will
mow to their 1 w home at 2:! I!' High
land Ave. 01 the fall.
'I'll 111:1:1 who puts his trust in riches
In ul.! put his 1 li lies In Trusts.

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