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II Pays to Advertise In the Rising Son
Rev. Gilbert went to Kansas City
Monday morning on business.
The trustees of the A. M. E. church
have begun their Improvement on the
church and parsonage.
The teachers institute Is held here
and Is conducted by Prof. Green. There
are about fifteen teachers In attend
ance. The temple and tabernacle will be
preach Sunday at which time we ex
pect all the members to be present.
A concert will be given at St. John's
M. E. church on Tuesday for the ben
efit of the church, conducted by Mrs.
Wary Wright. Everybody is Invited to
Mrs. Shelby has left the Ity for Hlg
glnsvllle, and expects to go to Kan
sas City to make that her future home.
Mrs. James Davis of Kansas City was
here visiting her mother and brother
and other relatives.
Al Williams was In Kansas City on
Mr. Bob Brownfiold departed this
life on Tuesday, June 10. He had been
sick for quite a while. He leaves a
clear wife, sister and a number of rel
atlves to mourn his loss. He was
about 35 years old.
Mr. Tom Jenkins shot and killed
Mr. Lum Hayes on Monday evening
about 7 o'clock. He died In a few min
utes after he was shot. The difficulty
between them arose about a can of
beer. He followed Mr, Hayes and shot
him twice, one taking effect In the
In-cast and killed him. The can bus
iness is bod business, and we hope our
young men will take a lesson from
this and quit It. He wns hurried on
Wednesday. Hp leaves a mother and
brothers and sisters to mourn his loss.
last Tuesday was set apart for the
people to go out and clean off their
cemetary. There were only two men
who went and cut weeds and under
growth, and other men sat around the
court house yard from the time those
men went out until the time they came
back. They said they did not have
time. If we have any resect or care
for our dead, I think we ought to show
It. Those men who went out there did
not go because they wanted to go. but
because it was their duty, and we
1hlnk it the duty of every colored man
in the city to go out next Thursday
and clean it off. We hope the ladies
will furnish their dinner. If you have
nny race pride, show it, for that place
is a disgrace to the race.
Mrs. Amanda Graham, Mr. Rooker
Saunders, Mr. Chas. Haywood paid up
their subscriptions to the Rising Son.
We hope others will do the same, es
pecially our yearly subscribers; we
need the money.
The high water kept the Son from
rising, but she will rise now; please
pay up.
Mr. Israel Buries is quite sick.
Mrs. Mary Wilson has been quite 111
but Is now out again.
Mrs. Iiouise Parker Is on the sick
guest of Mrs. Kirk Wilson. She will
probably spend a week or so. We were
unable to learn her name.
The students of Uncoln Institute
have all returned home. They speak
highly of their school.
Mrs. June Porter Is unable to get
around on account of her crippled limb.
Mr. Hunks and Mr. Moppins, who
have been down here several weeks
moving houses, went to Kansas City
Saturday evening. Mr. Moppins un
derstands the business. We wish we
had more such men among us.
I irne oririyn onanyts.
"Well, deareBt," he wrote, "It Is
the old, old story, this story of lore,
the divine music of the heart. It Is
the basis of ail the world's poetry and
Bong; we never grow tired of it or
desire any change In Its main fea
tures. I can come as near describing
my delight In getting your letter as
in describing the fragrance of the
rose or the beauty of a sunset. Each
word you write takes on a new mean
ing as It drops from your pen. There
clusters around the little Incidents of
our acquaintance the sweetest, ten
derest memories. I look I see your
face. I look forward and It is there
it Is entwined In every hope, wrapped
up In every Joy." And now she U
suing him for breach of promise!
Mrs. W. M. Lucas and Mrs. S. K. Green
whose cuts appear above are two of,
the best talent we have. They have
given concerts find have met with
such success that they will tak It up,
hereafter au a profession, and or
larger basis. Mme. Lucas has a very,
rich and beautiful voice; her selection
are of a high character and the ren-i
derlng of them Is superb. Mrs. Green
the accompanied has a fine contralto
voice, which is In perfect accord with,
Mme. Lucas' soprano.
Took our list over and come and see
the Rising Son, 117 West Sixth street.
For Sale:
2119 Highland, f. rooms 11.500
2116 Highland. 5 rooms 1,350
2316 Highland, C rooms 1,375
2208 Grove. 4rooms 1.100
1719 Agnes, 5 rooms 1,300
2333 Agnes. 4 rooms 1,000
How the Vast Sums Are Paid Through
out the Country.
Borne Idea of the vastness of the
funds paid out at the various pension
agencies throughout the country
every three months Is given In a requi
sition Just forwarded by the secretary
of the interior to the secretary of the,
treasury. The requisition calls for an
aggregate of $10,955,000, and Is to be
paid to small armies of veterans from
half a dozen of the agencies durlug
the first week in March. Payments
are made at each agency quarterly,
but for convenience sake the agencies
are divided into three groups, each
group paying off on a different month.
Following are the figures for March:
Boston. Mass.. $1,840,000; Augusta,
Me., $700,000; Washington, D. C, $1,
910,000; Columbus. Ohio, $3,750,000;
San Francisco, Cal., $1,155,000; De
troit, Mich.. $1,600,000.
Not Usually So Fatal.
A man from Pittsburg was Intro
duced to Representative Littlefleld of
Maine the other day. "I spoke In
Pittsburg last fall." said Littlefleld.
"Yes." replied the Pittsburg man, "I
ran for office there and I was beaten
by only 7.0u0." "Heavens!" said Lit
tleficld. "I am not usually so fatal as
that. I spoke out in Omaha in 1900
for 'Dave' Mercer and they didn't beat
him until 190!."
-..; ( i
for It Reaches More Homes of Colored People than any other Paper
League decided at Its last meeting, to
hold the fourth annual session of the
organization at Nashville, Tennessee,,
during the month of August. 190.1.
The Executive Committe has decided
upon Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day, August 19, 20 and 21, as th
dates for the meeting. i
The Local Negro Business League
of Nashville has already begun niak
ir.g thorough and elaborate prepara-,
tions for the entertainment of the
National body, and there Is every in-
dication that the coming meeting will
be the largest and most important
in the history of the organizations
AND 3, 1903.
To the members of the National Afro-.
American Council, Delegates from.
Local Councils and Affiliated Organl-.
zatlomt, such aa Churches, Colleges,,
Benevolent Societies, Newspapers
and other Race Organizations. i
The Sixth Annual Session of the
National Afro-American Council will
be held nt lxiuisville, Ky.. July 1st,
2d, and 3rd. 1903.
Acting President.
Chairman Executive Com.
General Secretary.
African Traveler Tells of a Remark'
able Performance.
In the Zoological garden at Berlin
may be seen a curious-looking ape. It
Is a member of the species known as
Herr Schilling, an Afrlcnn traveler,
shot it near Kllmandscharo. in Ger
man East Africa, but the animal was
not badly wounded, and he soon suc
ceeded in restoring it to health.
This is the first adult "guereza"
which has ever been seen in captiv
ity In Europe. Three young apes of
a somewhat similar type, whose home
is in Abyssinia, were captured some
time ago, but died very soon alter
they were photographed.
An interesting fact about the "gue
rezas" Is that they hold a regular con
cert in their native woods every night,
which, while not very musical, since
It consists merely of a succession of
growls, produces a startling effect on
those who hear It for the first time.
Was Too Highly Honored.
Senator Cullom was in an elevator
the other day when someone shook
hands with him rather effusively, say
ing: 'How do you do. Senator Fair
banks? I am very glad to see you."
Mr. Cullom did not correct the effu
sive person's error. The latter got out
at the next floor and the Senator con
tinued for another (light. As be
stepped out of the elevator a second
stranger grasped his hand and said
"Why, Senator Proctor, 1 am glad to
see you. How are things progressing
in Vermont?" Stranger No. 2 entered
the cage and Shelby walked away in a
slightly duzed condition. In telling a
friend of the mistaken greetings he
said: "One would have been a good
many, but to be taken for Fairbanks
and Proctor inside of Ave minutes
was really too much."
She Wondered.
They were hanging over the gate to
St. Paul's churchyard during the police
parade. The bands were playing popu
lar melodies. "What do you think
would happen," said she lu a low voice,
"it that band suddenly started to play.
'Please Go 'Way and lx-t Me Sleep?' "
New York Press.
The Clever Photographer.
A German photographer named
Kunwald, when taking a picture of a
lady of doubtful age, places sheets of
celluloid behind the negative and the
printing paper, thus producing a very
softening effect, which hides the dis
crepancies of age.
Thomas Fortune, who was sent to
the Philippines by the President has
returned "chuck full" of Information..
It Is said by good authority that
another exoducis planned from the
south, i
Mr. Robert R. Church, of Memphis.
Tetin., Is the largest teal estate dealer.
of our race, and Is owner of the only
pork and auditorium of Its kind.
Dr. Jas. O. Clayton, connected with
the Pension office at Washington, D.
C died at his home In Springfield,
O . June 4th Colored American.
The following Is a report of some
of the work at Tuaken Industrial In
stitute Tne total number of pieces laun
dered by the young women of our
laundry division during the ye-ir ag
gregated a total oof 15,051 pieces a
week. (10,204 pieces a month, a total
f f .- the school term of 541,836 pieces.
Easy Means by Which a Stout Man
May Make Himself Look Thin.
Men who do not want to look any
fatter in the face than they can help
have an easy means of accomplish
ing their purpose. Not all of them
are aware of the effect that may be
created by the form of a collar or
fa vat.
Ths' stout man who wants to 1-j U
as tliiu as ho can," said the haber
dasher's clerk, "ought to wear a tie
of tin' kind Known us a fourinhund.
Preferably It should lie dark in color
and drawn tight. That carries down
the line or the lace ami lengthens It
to a degree that tends to make the
luce look thinner. '
"Another aid to making a man look
thin Is in the height of his collar.
Stout men who waul to look thin
should wear high collars and closed
ones. Any collar that opens In front
mnkes one look stouter under neatly
every circumstance. Such collars are
becoming to the thin nun.
"The fat man should avoid the Kind
of tic that has a horizontal effect. This
will add pounds to bis appearand
in his fac e at least. On tho contrary,
tills cross effect will make the thin
mail look stout."--New York Sun.
" "
How Little One Obtained Absolution
for a Fib.
Little Dorothy Perkins was usually
ft truthrul child. When slie wus not
truthful she was plausible.
Coming in from her walk one morn
ing she Informed her mother Unit she
had seen a lion in the park.
No amount of persuuslou or reason
ing wavered her statement one hair's
breadth. S4i at night, when she slipped
down beside her knee, her mother
said: "Ask God to forgive you for
that fib, Dorothy."
Dorothy hid her face for a minute;
then she looked straight into her
mother's eyes with her own shining
like stars, and said: "I did ask him,
mamma dearest, and he said: Don't
mention it. Miss Perkins. Thai big
dug has often fooled me.' "
Yes. Children Do Lie.
Do children lie? Yes; constantly,
persistently, and universally, says Kin
dergarten Magazine. A child docs not
tell the truth, because he could not.
He docs not know the truth, and his
approximation to the truth Is much
vaguer than ours. And there are cer
tain qualities of bis mind which tnuko
It Inevitable that he should pervrt
the truth. In the llrst place, truth is
synonymous with knowledge. He does
not know what truth Is. In the second
place (and it is the same with us),
children gradually approximate the
truth. They have their Ideas of truth.
In thu third place, the child's imagin
ation drives him oftcu to tell what is
sot true.
ntiui ml wiat.
All of the complimentary terms,
such as accomplished, brilliant, hand
some, charming, gallant, etc., fade in
to insignificance in old age before one
word that conveys more that is com
plimentary; and that word s "pa
tient." Atchison Globe.
The above Is Miss Isaliella 11. Jor-i
dan. the girl evangelist, who Is carry-i
Ing on a revlvtl nt. Allen Chapel this
week. She. was born In Savannah,
Ga., In 1K.N7, but was reared in Jersey,
City, N. J- She has been before the
public for 5 years, and success seems
to he the results of her work every-,
She preached for Hob IngciMoll, the
great Infidel 3 years age, and whciii
she finished, ho is quoted as saying:
"1 have been leading people to believe
that there Is no God. Now I sav there
i.. a God." She will be lu our city.
iivi i Si.nday. ur.d pray and tn.i.'
that 11 harvent of souls will be the,
outcome of her visit. You will miss
a great treat If yen fail to hear her.
Amusing Mistake Made by Australian
Woman Voter.
Female suffrage homeiiines leads to
niuitslug mistakes. A candidate at a
recent election in Australia, white
the women hae voles, tells a stolV
in this ci, mi, ,! i, hi. The const ilucni y
was a seaport town, and one of the
i burning issues before the elector 4 wa
i the question id' berthage tales. A
I woman voter came to linn nnd asked
I whether lie was in favor of imposing
i these berthage tales, bei llllso If he
I was she w 1 111 lit take good care that
; neither her husband nor herself would
j vote for him. A little discussion of
I thi matter revealed the fact thnl the
' woman was under the Impression that
I the quest Ion of berl huge rales related
, (1 ., X ,, halites. That can-
ilidulo now doubts whether tho aver
1 HK,. f,.niale voter Is 110I under a d.'
lusioii. or. perhaps, say, under a
New York Tribune
A vvonaer or science.
The method known as spectrum an
alysis originated in lite discovery of
Fraiinholer that a ray of light decom
posed and split up Into its seven prin
cipal colors, numerous line and thick,
blink and colored lines, the number
of which soon grew to hundreds and
now amounts to thousands. KlrchofT
and Biinseti found (IX.V.n that these
lines have their origin lu the c hemical
components of the binning or shining
substance, ami that curb clement pro
duces particular invariable lines, al
ways appearing in the same place and
spectiiiut sodium, for example, a
light, looiid, ellow line; thallium, a
blue, iiibldium. three green lines, elc.
A Novelist' Old Age.
"I inn H." savs George M'i edit li, the
novclUt, "but I do not feel to be grow
ing old either 111 heart or mind. I
still look on 1 1 1 1 with a vouug man's
eye. I have always hoped I should
not grow old as some do with a pal
sled intellect, living backward, regard
ing other people as anachronisms be
cause they themselves have lived oil
into other times nnd left their sym
pathies behind them with their years."
France Cares Nothing for Royrlty.
A Brussels correspondent w rites that
the only Interesting point about thu
recent visit of the Duke and Ouchuss
ot Orleans at Brussels is the proof it
affords of the low ebb to which tho
fortunes of thu nivalis! parly have
fallen. The episodes were of a kind
lo make nun philosophize, when ono
remembers that less than ten years
ago the royalist party was still a
practical forrs In French politics.
In the State.
At the meeting of the Hoard of
begents for Lincoln Institute thei
Negro State Normal School, located,
al Jefferson City, the following faculty
ainl teachers were elected: i
President. It. F. Allen. A. It.. A. M.j
l.LD.: Dr. .1. II. Gnrnett. A. LV anl
A. M.. Prof, of Ancient and Modern
languages: Prof. J. Sllone Yates. A..
B. nnd A. M , Prof, of English: Prof.,
G. S. Murray. A. It. md A. M.. Pror..
of Natural Science; Prof. J. T. Moten.,
A. B and A M.. Prof or Mathematics;.
Prof. A. P. Craig. A. B. nnd A. M.,
Supt. of Manual Training Dept.; Prof..
English. Supt. of Agricultural Dept.:
Miss M. E. Grintshnw, Teacher of
Sewing nnd lHimestlc Art; Miss Carry
M. Carney, Teacher of Music: Mis
Burrel. Teacher of Domestic Science;,
Prof. O. M. Shackeirord, A. It., Ass t,
Prof, of Mathematics; Prof. J. Wesley
Daniel, A. It and Ph. D.. Ass t Prof.,
of Natural Science; Prof. Romeo West,
Prof, of Bookkeeping and Business
Course, also Sec'y to Faculty; Mis
Florence Pigeon, nss;'t in Music; Mir..,
L. W. Anthony. Matron for Girls: Mrs.
Imnih Dupcc Matron for Boys: Mr. J.,
Mason. Supt. of Grounds; Mr. .loiinson.
Chief Engineer. ,
Bound to Win.
"Yes." said tho young wife, "Henry
and I hud some words litis morning,
and 1 can't deny that he got the best
of It. I'liat will never do." returned
the i Xiei ii-icei' neighbor. "You can't
afford to start In married life that
way." "I know It," answered tho
young wile. "I've thought it all over,
ami w hen he comes home to night I'm
going to bring him to terms so quick
that he'll hardly know what's hap
pencil flint's right, my dear Show
some spirit What ate oii going to
do?" "I'm going to bring up the sub
ject again ami then cry." - Stray
Claims Part of Scotcti Estate.
Claiming il,'.-., ,'hl Itom the duke of
Sutherland ol three generations ago,
Mt. Ildmund i Hennessey, wile of a
lawyer liiing in Itrookhn. is planning
11 ticht for a part of the states of the
iiikei,im of Sill bet laud in Scotland.
"Mv glial grandmother n-, Mary
Sutherland, gi a ml, laughter of Lord
Rotsay Duffus. mid a niece of the then
duke ot Sutherland." says Mrs Hen
nessey. "She married Michael
Goeghan, an Irish physician, with
whom she came to New York to live.
Later the family went West "
Historic Battle Chests on View.
In the liisb "House of Lords." now
the hoard room of the directors of the
Bank of Ireland, lire nt present 011
view two great wooden (bests strong
ly bound in Iron, which are believed
to bine contained the money with
which King William III paid bin
troops alter the battle of the lloyne.
The chests were discovered III olio
of the bank vaults some Inn,- ago. and
alter having been 1 leai-d of the dust
and dirt of two centuries ate now
decided objects of IntcicM to visitors.
The Workings of Trusts.
An eminent English student of
ccotiomli s. Prof. Smart, regards tho
trusts in Hi Main as. in the main, thu
elimination of the unnecessary tho
unnecessary persons, tin- unnecessary
processes, the ii ii m i "sa i y machinery
of production and dl-t ribut ion. They
mean smaller cost of raw materials,
the dispensing with costly advertise
ments, larger shipments, fewer mid
dlemen and a smaller staff" He ilni'i
in t icier lo the elimiliaiion of unine
essaiy profits.
The Congressional Pun.
"What has the capitol got that you
will never have?" asked Congressman
Fletcher of Minnesota of Congressman
Tawney. "Give it up." said Tawney.
"Two white wings." said Fletcher.
"Pretty fair, pretty fair," admitted
Tawney. "But what has the capitol
got that you give lo a piilicanl s tor of
fice?" "It's loo many for me," replied
the other Minnesota man. "A mar
hlo stair." At this point quits wpm
called. Baltimore Herald.
Work of Volcanoes.
Ths flvs volcano. attlvo last year
otTl''l 10,000 lives.

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